Asian amateur homeade sextape getting recorded in real time

Asian amateur homeade sextape getting recorded in real time
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Johannah opened her mouth and let my cum drip into Mildred's open mouth. Mildred had never tasted cum before. Brady and Stacy were on either side of the innocent black woman's body: a tight, hourglass piece of meat that women- and men- were in complete awe of.

Stacy lightly stroked the dark black skin of Mildred's back. Brady gently caressed the wet, strikingly pink pussy between the Cameroonian woman's legs. Both girls nibbled at Mildred's ears, whose hair was pulled back into a tight, afro-bun. I watched, my spent cock now getting hard again, as Mildred let the cum drip onto her tongue and lips.

Johannah was a pro, earlier on her knees in front of me, her face red and sweaty as she took my entire shaft down her throat.

She could feel the tell-tale surges of pre-cum and she backed off, just an inch of my cock in her mouth, as I exploded into her mouth. She held it there just for Mildred, who watched the whole episode in shock and amazement. It was the first time she had ever seen a cock.

Brady and Stacy were both there to give support, holding the virgin goddess and sweetly telling her what I was doing to the blonde slut.


"Taste it, Mildred." I said, stroking my cock until I was fully throbbing again. "Swallow all of the hot cum. You'll like it." The girls nodded in agreement. Mildred tilted her head back and swallowed. Afterwards, she opened her mouth and said "AH!", as if to show us that it was all gone. "It was lovely," she said. "I'd love some more." "With the four of you here," I said, "That shouldn't be a problem." Stacy was the first of the quartet to offer herself to me, her tight little body on all fours on the bed, her ass facing me.

"Give me your cock," she moaned. "Lets show Mildred how we fuck in America." I approached the bed, tugging on my cock. I grabbed Stacy by her hips and rubbed the tip of my rod on her soaking wet cunt. She was athletic and lithe, her olive skin and dark hair belying her Mediterranean roots.

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I entered her slowly and deliberately. Johannah sat on one side of us; Brady and Mildred sat on the other. I stood at the foot of the bed, holding Stacy, and gently went in and out her pussy. She felt so good, so tight, that Stacy hardly had to do anything except moan and accept the girth of my cock. Each time the full eight inches entered her, I could feel the muscles of her tiny pussy grab my rod, as if she was trying to suck my whole body into her. It was obviously a little more than Brady, the tall, dark-haired Texan beauty, could take, and she leaned over and sloppily kissed Stacy as I rammed her from behind.

The sound of my hips hitting Stacy's filled the room. She moaned rythmically and gutterally, the same way she did at the gym where she worked out with her husband everyday.

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I was ready to cum again. "Do you want more cum, Mildred?" I asked, as I increased my fucking. "Oh, yes," she replied. "It was delicious." "Okay," I said. "But this time you'll have to lick it off Ms. Eyres' asshole and pussy." "Oh, my!" she said, feigning disbelief. She looked nervous and excited. With a final push, I pulled out of Stacy's tight pussy and erupted onto her ass crack.

My cum dripped down over her puckered starfish- which I planned on fucking later- and slowly leaked to her dripping, hot wet pussy.

"Get in there," I said, pulling the innocent black girl over to Stacy's ass. "How am I supposed to." Before I could tell her anything, the blonde slut Johannah grabbed Mildred by her afro-bun and shoved the poor girl's face in between Stacy's legs. With two hands, she held Mildred's face in Ms. Eyre's asshole. "Just suck it and eat it, bitch. Eat all that cum up. You know you want it." "You're such a nasty slut, Johannah." I said, smacking her on her huge, delicious ass.

By now Brady had her lips wrapped around my spent cock, slowly bringing me back to life. There was more delicious cum to be had. By the end of this afternoon, Mildred would be soaking in it. Is it possible for a man to cum over and over? To explode a load onto a beautiful woman's face and be so overwhelmed with beauty that his cock can get instantly hard again, continuing the cycle? With these four goddeses: Johannah with her deep blue eyes, long blonde hair and big, inviting ass; Brady with her long, timeless legs and perfect face; the olive-skinned Stacy and her tight athlete's body; and, finally, the stunningly beautiful Mildred, dark as night, her body absolutely perfect, a virgin; with these four goddesses, it was more than possible.

I had already dropped a nasty load in Johannah's mouth, which she shared with Mildred. Now I had exploded all over Stacy's ass and Mildred was soaking it up. And Brady? Well, Brady was now at work on my huge engorged cock, trying to drain me for the third time. It was heaven.

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Johannah held Mildred's head in between Stacy's ass cheeks. Apparently, the black girl was sucking Stacy's pussy madly because the Greek girl's body was quivering uncontrolably and she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

I stared down at Brady's beautiful face, hoop earrings dangling as she worshipped my cock, one long-nailed hand squeezing my shaft, the other hand busy at work between her legs. Johannah was coaching Mildred as she sucked every ounce of my cum off of Stacy's asshole and pussy. I held Brady's head between my hands as I watched and listened to Mildred make Stacy cum over and over.

"That's right," yelled Johannah. "Keep sucking that pussy!" Johannah smacked Mildred hard on her ass. Mildred let out a muffled yelp, but did as she was told and continued searching the small Greek's holes with her tongue. Johannah placed a skillful hand between the black girl's legs and began to rub that stunning pink pussy, a magical gem against the gleaming black skin of her body. I held Brady's head tighter between my hands and began face-fucking her. Spit dripped from her lips as she gagged with every eight inches.

I was ready to cum. Again. Brady had a face that could start wars. She wasn't pretty or cute: she was beautiful. She was the kind of woman that stopped men and women dead in their tracks. She turned heads. She caused men to skip words in sentences. In other words, Brady's face was perfect: high cheek bones, deep big eyes, long dark brown hair and she always, always wore big, hoop earrings that seemed to frame her face perfectly.

In addition, her body was incredible: awesome long legs, a nice, flat stomach, firm tits and an ass that begged to be slapped. The only time she looked more beautiful is when cum was dripping down her face. And I was more than willing to help with that. I pulled out of her mouth, her spit dripping from my rock hard cock. Inches from her face, I began coaxing the cum out of my enraged tool. By now Johannah had turned her attention away from Mildred and Stacy and focused her eyes on me.

"Watch this, bitch," she said to Mildred, pulling her away from Stacy's legs by her cute little afro-bun. Mildred arose, her face glistening with the cum she sucked off Miss Eyre's pussy and asshole and the athletic girls own dripping pussy. Stacy sat up too to watch. What they were about to see would not disappoint.

All the girls shuffled on their knees towards Brady to give her support. The blonde Johannah was on her left.

Mildred was on her right, Stacy nestled up next to her. A single tug and the first stream of cum shot out with the force of a rocket towards Brady's face. She wanted it, but wasn't prepared for the sheer immensity of it and she cringed as it splattered across her face and into her hair.

Two more tugs and I sent loads dripping down her nose and lips. Her beauty was breath-taking. The girls gasped and petted her, telling her how lucky she was. Brady turned to the black girl next to her.

"Kiss me," she said.

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"Kiss me." Mildred- her face already glistening- leaned in and softly planted her big lips onto Brady's lips. Their tongues searched each other's mouths.

My cum dripped from their faces onto their chests, white drops of hot love shining on their smooth skin. Their kisses were deep and hot and soon Mildred was so caught up in the taste of my cum, she attacked Brady's perfect face with her tongue, lapping her up like a cat does milk, licking my cum off of Brady's forehead and nose and cheeks.

She leaned back to take a breath and her black skin was literally a hot, wet mess, her face just dripping in spit, cum and pussy juice. She was ready, She was ready for fat cock, to have that cherry popped. To feel the thickness of my tool buried in her African pussy.

Stacy, Brady and Johannah knew this was coming. They had been preparing for it all day, caught up in their own torrid lust, the opportunity to watch the virginity be stolen away from a woman as beautiful as Mildred was too much to miss. You could feel it in the air.

No words were spoken. Mildred, sweat gleaming on her tight body and cum glistening on her face, leaned back on the bed and spread her legs wide open.

"I'm ready," she said. "Please take me." Each girl leaned down and kissed Mildred on the lips, offering her reassurances, whispering in her ear. I stood at the foot of the bed, stroking my cock, which was rock solid hard again. And waited for the condolences to be offered.

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After they finished, I leaned over and gently stroked Mildred's thick legs. She was still wearing those high-heeled sandals that she loved. "Is she wet enough?" I asked Stacy. Stacy leaned in and rubbed Mildred's pussy with her fingers.

Lifting her hands up to her lips, I could see pussy juice dripping from her finger tips. "I would say so," replied Stacy. The girls helped Mildred shift so I could easily get to her pussy from the foot of the bed. Johannah held the virgin's left leg up, while Stacy and Brady helped hold her right leg apart. The pinkness of her pussy against the stark blackness of her skin was staggering. While Stacy, whom I fucked earlier was a tiny five foot, 105 pound goddess, Mildred was in contrast thicker: her legs were strong and powerful.

She was easily five inches taller and about fifteen pounds more. The beauty of Mildred, besides the fact that she was simply jaw-droppingly beautiful- is that she was always completely unaware of her "hotness". She loved fashion and would come to work in small, tight shirts and tight jeans with those three-inch high heel sandals she loved; or she would clip clop in a mini-skirt business suit in a low-cut blouse that made every man in the office want to fuck her and every woman want to be her.

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But she was also fiercely religious, but failed to see the dichotomy between what she believed in - a chaste life of celibacy- versus what she conveyed- a slutty, confident woman who knew where her power lay.

It wasn't until Brady, Stacy, Johannah, and eventually myself began to convince of how powerful her beauty was- what "hotness" actually meant- that she was convinced that she what she really needed was simple: to be filled with a big, hard cock. And now here she was, surrounded by the girls who made her believe in her hotness, spread open before me.

My smooth, hard cock stood at attention, eight inches of throbbing meat slimy with the saliva of the blonde Johannah and the tall Texan Brady, dripping in the pussy juice of the dark-skinned European Stacy. I could almost feel the heat from her virgin pussy, a pussy I was just inches away from violating, transforming her from an innocent virgin to a dirty whore.

"I'm going to fuck you now, Mildred," I said, inching closer to her pussy. My cock head was now at the entrance of her cunt. The heat was overwhelming. "I'll be gentle." With those words, I eased my eight inch cock into her.

And her life was changed forever. It is hard to put in words how it felt as I penetrated her, as my meat popped her cherry. To describe the tightness of her cunt is beyond description. The look on her face was one of intense pain, but a pleasure that had never been reached before.

The girls consoled her and I moved slowly inside her, although I penetrated her fully and deeply. Her grip on the girls' arms was unbearable, her eyes were closed tight and her teeth were clenched together; but with every thrust she let out a powerful grunt, one mixed with the physical intensity of getting broken for the first time and the incredible pleasure that came with a girl's first orgasm ever beginning to work her body like waves.

And cumming was what she was about to do. I could see the sweat pouring from her body as my cock moved inside her. Her tight stomach and large, firm tits undulated with each thrust and those clenched-teeth moans got greater and greater. The other three girls were getting worked up with her, as if the virgin's orgasm was spreading through them as well.

They encouraged her, telling her to take my cock, to fuck me back, move her hips under my eight inches of steel meat: to cum all over my cock. And with that, Mildred's mouth opened. A huge scream bellowed from deep within her gorgeous body, which was now quivering and shaking uncontrolably.

She moved her hips hard and fast, trying to take as much of me as she could. In the span of minutes, the virgin whose face was covered with the juice of cock and pussy, was now having an orgasm so great that it shook the walls of the room.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she moaned over and over and over. "I can't believe it," she repeated, like a mantra.


"I can't believe it!" As the orgasm left her body, my fucking slowed down and became more rhythmic. The girls congratulated her on such a well-done job.

I carressed her face with my hand, feeling the warmth of the juices on her cheeks. "Mildred," I asked. "Do you want me to cum inside your pussy or do you want me to cum on your face?" She moaned quietly and answered simply: "Don't take your cock out of me.

Please, don't take that cock out of me." She grabbed my hips and pulled herself up to me. "Cum inside me." I leaned in close enough to hear and feel the rhthym and heat of her breath. I kissed he on her lips, even though they were glistening in my own cum; she was too beautiful to resist. I whispered into her ear: "I'm going to cum inside you, Mildred. You'll feel my cock throb and you'll know that I'm going to cum.

"Yes," she whispered. "Let me feel that cock throb." I was a full eight inches in her when my cock began to throb and pulsate. I slowly pulled out and thrust in again, a couple of times. I fired a load deep within her body.

She said nothing but smiled devilishly. The girls congratulated her again. I shuffled up the bed so she could taste her pussy on my spent cock. I rubbed it on her face and she licked, still smiling. "I can't wait to the next time," She said. "I'm a changed woman, I will tell you that." And that, she certainly was.