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(This is the third part of "A Year Of Darkness"; read the first two parts to fully grasp the story.) "I stood up and looked into the sky, Damon was out there somewhere, somewhere far. I was going to find him, and then kill him. I wanted vengeance for Devon.

That was exactly what I set on doing." -------------------------------------- I turned around to Russell and Jamie, a look of determination on my face, a feeling of darkness spread throughout my body, I took a heavy breath, and fell to my knees; a mixture of red and black smoke flew out of my mouth, a giant demon, stood majestically in front of me.

"Forest, your soul is getting darker, and darker, which is making me stronger, I might soon have enough power to do something great for you, but." the demon paused. "You must kill Damon, until then.the war will never end" the demon said "How do I you won't stab me in the back like Damon did?" I asked angrily, blood was running out of my nose. "I am part of you, I can't otherwise I'll die" the demon said. With that he went back to smoke and into my mouth. I got back up and wiped the blood off of my mouth and under my nose.

The darkness I felt was overwhelming, I could feel it running through my veins and pumping from my heart. Later that night, I was in bed, again came that screeching throughout my skull, it was much stronger than before, everything started to blur, and go into a hazy picture.

*FLASHBACK* It was on ground zero, but everything was in color, it shows Damon, heavily damaged, limping around a rock, making sure the coast was clear. "Dammit! the kid killed my beasts, and that took my powers, how do I get home now?" He said to himself. The picture faded to black.

*END OF FLASHBACK* Was Damon there? How strong is he without his powers? What was the demon talking about earlier?

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These questions were unanswered for now. Russell and the rest of the Sorrowed had built a village of homes and other buildings. I walked over to Russell, I had questions that I needed answered, he seemed to know the most. "What is Ground Zero?" I asked "It was once a quiet, peaceful village, everyone got along in harmony." Russell paused "The Bled raided and killed everyone, murderously raping women and children, they tortured everyone with brutal intentions, took over the village, making any survivors their slaves" Russell paused again "When King Martin sacrificed his life, everything on the planet was destroyed, except for Ground Zero, making Ground Zero the only place on the planet that could sustain life.

After any living people died off in that area, it was named a battlefield for any war on other planets" Russell finished. "Why was it all grey the last time we were there?" I asked "Everyone see's Ground Zero differently, I see it with dull color" Russell replied "My dream." I paused "The dream I had last night showed it in all colors, like earth used to have" I added "Dream?!

Before it started, did it have a screeching go through your head?" Russell asked wide-eyed. "Yeah, its done that every time I've had one of those dreams" I replied "Forest, your getting much stronger, faster than I had expected" Russell said. "The darker and angrier you get, the stronger your demon gets, it seems almost to the point that you can have flashbacks when you touch or think about something" "Much like your ancestor King Martin, he had found the inner power of his demon, and became the strongest of the Sorrowed, eventually making him king.

It's extremely rare to have that ability, but I think you do have that connection" Russell said "I'm related to King Martin?

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I saw him in one of my dreams, he sent The Sorrowed to Ground Zero when The Bled invaded it. Thats all it showed though." I said. "No, you are not related to him, you are the reincarnation of him, sent to re-fulfill the prophecy on a new planet, it will happen for years to come, again and again." Russell said "I'll leave it at that, it is quite a bit to register" Russell said walking off Beau flew me around all night, we landed in the middle of nowhere, I sat and thought for hours on end, letting everything Russell had said register into my brain.

This was a world of pure mystery, nothing could ever be found out without adding more questions to it. I looked into the midnight sky, dead stars flashed their former beauty, one star in particular, shone the brightest, brightening the darkness around me. It flashed when I looked upon it., there was something majestic, and heavenly about it, that contrasted my dark soul.

I went home at the beginning of sunrise, I flew home in the golden glory of the sun, my hair blowing back into the wind, letting the clean air of the sky, wash the dead skin off of my face.

I landed in front of my house, and walked inside. Jamie was laying naked on the bed, sleeping, with no covers. I laid on the bed next to Jamie. My hand ran down her toned stomach, feeling the ridges in her abs, I moved under her breast, and wrapped my hand around it, and gave it a gentle squeeze, my tounge lightly touched the peak of her nipple, and went downwards like a whirlpool, then gave it a gentle bite.

My other hand gently locked onto her other breast, I massaged her breasts gently, moving them in circular motions, my fingers poked into her breasts as if I were kneading play-doh. My teeth bit into her neck, gently. That woke sleeping beauty up. She stretched. "Forest, what are you doing?" Jamie asked "Nothing" I said with a sly smile I moved down to her pussy, which was already wet. I laid my flat tounge against her pussy lips and licked upwards, causing Jamie to shudder, I bit down onto her clit and finger fucked her soaking wet pussy, as my jaw was locked on her clit I gave it small licks, while I continued to fuck her with my finger, it sent her into overdrive.

Her pussy contracted around my finger, her back arched, and her juices blasted around my finger, out of her pussy, and soaked the sheets. After her orgasm, I jumped on top of her and rammed my cock in, I let loose and pounded her tiny frame relentlessly, taking out my anger on her pussy. I thrusted at the speed of lightening, savagely fucking her pussy, sooner than later I pumped my cum into her womb.

I passed out on the spot I woke up that same afternoon, feeling satisfied, walking outside I looked into the sky, it was, for once, cloudless. The suns reflection shone in the sky with a light pinkish color. Kids were sliding down Beau's tail. "Have a good sleep, baby?" Jamie asked "Yeah, I definitely needed that" I replied flipping the hair out of my face "Daddy! Daddy! Russell wants you!" My 7 year old daughter Emily yelled I went to Russell's hand built apartment, it stood tall and proud, greatly finished with granite stairs leading to his doorway, I knocked on the door; I waited, the door opened.

"You wanted me?" I asked "Yeah, come in" Russell replied "I have some shit to show you" he added We walked into a bedroom, which I presumed was his, he pulled out a staff, and a book of some type.

I followed him back into the living room. Where we sat on a couch. "These are pictures of the king, his wife, and kids" Russell said "This is a staff the king used, it supposed to have unforetold powers to those who have accessed the inner demons power" Russell added I opened the picture book, the king looked almost exactly the same as me, except way taller and more ripped, I flipped to the next page, and saw his wife, she was a clone copy of Jamie, the kids were the same way.

Russell was right.the prophecy is repeating itself, the proof was all there, I looked and looked, everything added up, nothing was out of place. "Here take the staff, let's see what happens" Russell said I took the staff in hand, it was solid gold, there was a clear bulb at the top, with the staff in my grip, the bulb filled with black and red smoke.

The power was scary, I walked outside, blood poored out of my mouth and nose like a waterfall. I felt the black blood take over my body, pumping out of my heart and into my veins, it felt great, the darkness took me over, my veins popped out, trying to tear itself out of my skin. Russell tried to pull the staff away "Forest! Give me the staff!" Russell yelled "HAHAHA!! I'LL NEVER GIVE UP THIS POWER!!!" I yelled in a guttural growl I smashed the staff into the ground, wind blew, causing sand to gust, sand and dirt blew into a spiral-like tornado.

Russell fell to the ground, I blacked out, the last thing I remember was my face smacking into the ground. I woke up the next morning, with a headache, and without a shirt.

Russell walked in, my memory vague of what happened, Russell had a scar under his eye. "The power of the staff is too strong for you, for right now at least" Russell said "But at least we know the connection is there" he added I got up, and took a shower, I got ready for the day, and walked into the kitchen, Jamie looked distressed, she was talking to another girl that lived in the area. "Forest, please tell me you know where Tristen is?" Jamie asked "No clue, why?" I asked "We can't find him anywhere" Jamie said I ran outside, and called Tristen's name countless times, I got no reply from anything or anyone.

Russell flew towards me, running as fast as he could. "Look at this" Russell said out of breath Russell gave me a polaroid picture, it was a picture of Damon holding Tristen by his neck and hair, Damon was smiling, I was going to hunt him down and kill him even if it was the last thing I would ever do. "I'm going to kill him" I said "Forest, keep your cool, we'll get Tristen back" Russell replied I walked back to my house, Jamie broke down.

Damon had crossed the line, I wasn't just going to kill him, I was going to murder him, and let him suffer as he dies. I walked back outside only to fall to my knees, the red and black smoke blew out of my mouth; the demon had come to visit again, I would soon find out his reasonings. "You have reached my inner power!


You can now fully use and control The Kings Staff!" The demon said "Great, but what is your name? What are you?" I asked "Just call me Mammon; I am the father of contention, the serpent, the creator of all lies.the Devil himself" Mammon said with an evil chuckle "I must be going, Forest" Mammon said as he faded and went back into my mouth. I let out a gasp of breath, I got up and caught my breath, I found myself walking towards Russell's home, my heart beating faster, sweat on my palms, my body could sense the darkness of the staff.

I walked inside and grabbed the staff, and then walked back outside. The orb again filled with black and red smoke, the black blood spread throughout my veins and body, the darkness took over, it felt so evil, so dead, like the depths of hell.

I transformed into my Sorrowed beast, wind gusted, dirt flew, sand smashed into the houses. I was consumed by my inner demons powers. I went back to my human form, still holding the staff. I walked back to the main center of the village. Where I met back up with Russell.

He looked at the staff, then me. "So I see your powerful enough to control the staff" Russell said "Whatever, I'm after two things, my son, and Damon" I replied "I'm going to catch the fucker, and make him hurt" I added "Forest, you must control yourself, or your going to die!

You don't know what kind of powers Damon contains!" Russell said grabbing onto my shoulder. "GET OFF OF ME" I said, the staff blew a gust of air against Russell, blowing him into a nearby house. "No one will get in the way of me, otherwise I'll kill them" "Don't tell me its not worth fighting for." I added walking off into the sunlight. I got onto Beau, and flew into the middle of the sky, a storm came, rain, snow, hail, thunder, and lightening, spread throughout the sky.

I pointed my staff into the sky, a portal opened, Beau and I flew through, and landed on the grounds of Ground Zero. "Damon!" I yelled No reply "Damon!

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I know your here" I yelled again "Haha, great job Forest, it would take a king to know that I was here" Damon said as he walked out of his shelter "I am the king, and I'm here to kill you" I replied with my hair blowing in the wind "Not if you want your son" Damon replied with an evil smile "You fucker" I said "In order to get your son back.you'll need to kill me" Damon said "Let's begin" Damon said, With that Damon ran at me, I vanished and popped up in another spot, much like he had.

I hit my staff over his head, and he fell to the floor, I summoned a flame with my staff, and directed it at him, the flame blew hitting him in random spots. I pulled Damon up with the staff, he stood there burnt, feet off the ground, limp as if he were dead, I walked up to him.

The darkness in my soul filled with vengeance. "It's my turn.to make you feel the pain I've went through, to make you feel what its like to lose everything that was close to you" I said "Hehe, you haven't seen shit" Damon replied A gust of air blew me into a barricade, Damon walked over and kicked me in the throat, I gasped for any air that would come into my lungs. "Now that your here, I can take some of your powers, and reclaim what's mine!" Damon yelled into the oblivion.

"That will never happen" I replied getting back up "Destiny doesn't have it lined up that way" I added "With the power you hold, Forest, I can change Destiny's path to my exact wanting" "But only the rightful king can control Destiny, and that's why I'm not going to kill you" Damon said "You may not kill him, but I'm going to kill you" an enchanting female voice said Just then two white beams of light flew and blasted Damon into a massive rock, after the smoke faded, he was on the floor, holes scattered around his clothes.

"Finish him off" the voice said as she walked out of a cloud I walked over to Damon and stared at his damaged body, something I've wanted to see for forever, I smashed my boot onto Damon's left wrist, smashing every bone and joint, I did the same to his fingers, then his right wrist and fingers. I moved down to his ankles, and broke both of them, as well as his feet.

I smashed the staff onto his left knee cap, breaking it, and then the same to his right knee cap. I smashed his ribcage into pieces, I stepped onto his throat, and dug my boot in deeper, breaking every single thing in his throat. I left him gasping for air; he died soon after. I walked over to the woman, her hair was a platinum blonde almost on the verge of grey.

She wore a long, white, wedding-like dress, that fit tightly on her slim waist, and cupped her large breasts well. "Where is my son?" I asked angrily "I've already sent him home for you" she replied "Who are you?" I asked "I am Destiny, in person of course" "Now that Damon is dead, and you have your full powers, you can control Destiny, but of course you need to take the virginity of it" Destiny added "How do I do that?" I asked "Your looking at it" she said with a smile With that, my clothes vanished off of my body, Destiny pushed me onto my back, and jerked my cock to the full hardness of 9 inches, she licked the head, and went around it in a circular motion, the pleasure was so different from anything I had ever felt.

Her lips wrapped gently around my thick cock, she started her suction, and licking my head, that was inside of her mouth. Her mouth could only get halfway down my cock, so she continued with her up and down motions.

Her head pulled off of my cock, she wrapped her tits around my cock and pushed them up and down, while still giving the head a lick each time it appeared from the crevice of her breasts She stood over me with her legs wide open, she slowly knelt down over my cock, my head touched her pussy lips.

She slowly slid my cock into her until my cock hit a block; her cherry. She slipped and her pussy ate my whole cock, balls deep, she squeaked, and then raised herself a little.

Her wet pussy slid up and down on my cock, her pussy contracted around my dick countless times, I soon blew my load into her majestic pussy, she slid off and sucked my cock clean.draining it of any cum that was left. Unknowingly, my clothes reappeared on me.

"You now own your destiny, you can change anything along the line of it, the path will be carved with your true intentions" Destiny said "Will I ever see you again?" I asked "That depends on destiny, and how you choose the way it goes" Destiny replied "There will be some surprises, some losses, among many things you will now be able to change in the future" she added "Goodbye Forest, I hope to see you again sometime soon" Destiny said She faded away into a cloud of white smoke.

I sat down and thought, how can I control destiny? How can I change it? I for sure did not know. I stared at the dead body of Damon, laying there lifeless on the dirt-ridden ground, limp as a dead plant. I felt the darkness swarm around me. The feeling of obtained vengeance running mercilessly throughout my dark soul.

Beau and I flew thru the portal back to earth, we landed; rain, wind blew throughout the dark sky, the wind trying to blow the hair off of my head.

The village was as quiet as it was empty, I stood in the front of my house. I fell to my knees, the black and red smoke came out of my mouth again, the demon had formed itself, the majestic, serpent-like monster stood before me, for more words of wisdom.

"You have completed the prophecy, as the reincarnation of the king. You now have control of your own destiny, as well as everyone else's" "An excellent achievement for an excellent king, but you must not be selfish while controlling destiny, as you will be effecting everyone else's as well" "For now I must go, but I will speak with you tomorrow" "Goodbye, and goodnight, my fellow king" Mammon said as he faded and went back into my mouth.

The rain had now faded but the wind continued, I was still drenched with water, dripping down my body, cooling the heat that was radiating off of my body. I walked inside my house and put the staff away, the overwhelming darkness went away immediately. the dripping sound of water hitting the tiled floor, food was on the table wrapped in tin-foil, Jamie usually did this if I was out late.

I ate dinner and walked into bedroom to find Tristen sleeping in Jamie's arms.

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I walked into the kitchen and lit a cigarette, I usually didn't smoke in the house but I did anyways, Emily, my youngest child, and daughter came into the room; she sat down on a chair across from me. "Daddy, what were you doin'?" Emily asked "I was fighting mean and evil bad guys" I replied making a playful, and evil face "Why are you up so late?" I asked "I don't know, can you come sleep with me?" Emily replied "Sure baby, just let me change, so I don't get your bed all wet" I said Emily ran off giggling to her room, I went into my room and stripped, then changed into a pair of loose mesh shorts; I headed off to Emily's room, Jamie stopped me.

"Forest, where are you going?" Jamie asked "Emily wants me to sleep with her, and I guess my spot is taken here" I replied "Goodnight, baby" I added as I walked off. I walked into Emily's room, and plopped onto her bed, worn out from the days events, Emily rested her head on my arm, my hand was gripped onto her tiny fist; she was just like Jamie in so many ways. We both soon fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning, carefully slipping away from Emily's tight grip on me, I took a shower. I walked outside with a cup of coffee, and had my usual morning-cigarette. Without falling to my knees this time, black and red smoke came out, people were stuck, frozen, not moving an inch.

Time was frozen when the demon expelled itself from my body. "I need you to go to the Lake Of Forever, I can help you with something huge" Mammon said "What do I need to get?"I replied "Just a jar full of the water from the lake" Mammon said "Beau will know where to take you, once you complete this task, I will return" Mammon added as he faded and went back into my mouth.

With that I went over to Russell's.


"Hey, Russell I'm sorry about what happened with the staff and all that" I said "It's ok, Forest, but the darkness of the staff and your anger don't mix well, it never has, and it never will" Russell replied "Anger?! It was vengeance! That fucker Damon caused Devon to die, and he has the fucking audacity to try to kidnap and kill my son? The fucker deserved to die, just like my fucking parents" I yelled angrily "I don't disagree with you Forest, he took the things that were closest to you, by doing that, he used your anger to bring you in and almost kill you, he used your anger as a weapon for himself" "The vengeance in your soul is what saved you, as well as Destiny, after you earned control of your destiny, the prophecy was completed, but the prophecy will never be completed, because as long as you live, the prophecy will keep on adding to itself." Russell said "I need to go to Lake Of Forever, to retrieve a jar of the lakes water to give to Mammon" I said.

"I wonder why he needs it" Russell replied "What is it supposed to do?" I asked "This is just a rumor but, the lakes purity fixes anything if the intentions are correct, I've never actually seen living proof" Russell replied Later that day.

I told Jamie and my kids I would be going away for awhile, although Jamie knew, she kept the real information away from the kids. I walked outside to find Beau ready to take off, I got on, with staff in hand, we flew off, I traveled for hours, seeing nothing, nothing at all, after hours upon hours of flying; I flew upon a village, smaller than the current one I was living in, I landed to see if there was a space I could stay at overnight.

I walked to someone that was outside. "Hey, I was just wondering if you had an extra room I could stay in for tonight?" I asked "Haha, just another begg-" the man paused when he turned around to look at me "Ki-king Martin?

Is that really you?" The man asked in surprise "No, I'm Colton Black, a reincarnation of him, sent in to fulfill the prophecy, before and after that, is a story I really don't feel like explaining" "I'm just looking for a place to stay and sleep, as I'm on the way to the Lake Of Forever" I said "Well, Mr. Black, there is always one room open for royalty, your welcome to take it for tonight, and even on your way back if you want" the man said "Just call me Forest, and how did you know who---what I was?" I asked "Forest, I worked with the king in an alternate dimension" he replied "Anyways, my name is Griffith, and if there is anything you need just contact me, let me take you to your room, my king" Griffith added Griffith took me to my room where I passed out from sheer exhaustion, it was the best I had slept in weeks, with all these things going on.

The next morning, I woke up, they had made a breakfast just for me and the rest of the village, I soon left, getting groped by random people along the pathway of the exit. "Fly Beau!" I yelled We flew off into the sunrise, again I spent hours flying, it felt like the trip was endless; Beau and I stopped every once in a while for him to get some water.

We finally arrived at the Lake Of Forever, the water was the brightest and clearest blue I had ever seen, everything was solid green, as far as the eye could see, it was so full of life; I guess thats why they had it guarded with the sacred monks. I jumped off of Beau as we landed, the staff sending vibrations throughout my body, I walked towards the orange-clad monks.

I bowed forwards as a sign of hello, and much respect. "How may I help such a young man?" The monk asked "I need some of the lakes water" I replied "We just don't give away thy sacred water to just any person, thou persons soul has to be pure, for thy waters to activate" the monk replied. "I was sent by Mammon, all I need is a jar" I said "My child, I feel purity, as well as good intentions, but darkness consumes you" the monk replied "The darkness has always been there, I just couldn't help it, my parents, Damon, Devon's death" I paused "The darkness is there and It always will be" I added "That is all I needed to hear, get yourself the water" the monk replied With that I got the water and left, I flew two days straight, just wanting to get home, to see my children and wife.

and ultimately to see what Mammon wanted with the water; I arrived home during the afternoon.

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I walked into the bed room to see Jamie naked and masturbating. "Hey, baby, come help me with this" Jamie said slyly. I laid down in front of Jamie, my tounge darted towards her pussy and into her lips, I licked up and down, side to side. Roughly enforcing her upcoming orgasm.

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"AHHH FUCK! SHIT! FUCK!" Jamie yelled Her pussy blasted juices everywhere, a majority splashing my face and some parts of my hair. I stripped my clothes and let my cock enter her pussy, I pistioned into her like an engine running at full boar. I pulled out and came all over her stomach and tits "Someone's been holding back" Jamie's said "It's been 3 days, and I can't jack off on top of a dragon" I replied with a chuckle. I fell asleep holding Jamie, her being one of the brighter memories throughout my life, along with my kids.

I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I sat outside all morning waiting for Mammon to appear, cigarette after cigarette, coffee and more coffee, in the afternoon, Mammon appeared, once again, he came out of my mouth.

"Must you come out of my mouth every time? It just gets irritating" I said "Yes, let's just say its the cleanest exit" Mammon said "Here's the water" I said Mammon transported me to Devon's gravestone, where he dug a small hole and poured the water into it, then he covered the covered the hole again.

"Come back here in two days, we will continue the ritual then" Mammon said.he faded away and back into my mouth. Two days later. I sat outside all day, again, waiting for Mammon, there was a white ball glowing above Devon's grave now. Mammon appeared, and stood in front of her grave.

"Devon! You have died for the right reasons! You sacrificed your life for the wrong reasons, and for that reason, i will bring you back" "By the father of all truths, I summon the soul and the human body of Devon to be reformed and revived back to life in her human form" Mammon yelled The ball grew, and a cloud of mist surrounded the grave yard, the ball opened and a portal formed, a black shadowy figure slowly walked out, I couldn't see until the smoke cleared; it was Devon!

She was really back! I cautiously walked up to her, just to be safe. "Devon?" I asked "Yeah, what's going on?" Devon replied questioningly "Mammon brought you back to life" I replied Devon walked out of the cloud finally, she saw me and ran towards me, she hugged me, her grip on me was tight, like she thought I was a dead family member that never died.

"I felt horrible, you shouldn't have died because of me" I said still in her grip. "No, I did it because your like family to me, something I never had either" Devon replied I walked over to Mammon, with a smile on my face, something I hadn't done in weeks. "My king, I didn't do this, you did, because your intentions were pure, and that's what you truly meant, I just did the work to bring her back for you" Mammon said "No need to be so modest, I couldn't have done any of the things I have done so far without you" I replied "I will be going now, I will return when I am needed" Mammon said as he returned into my body.

"Let's go home" I said to Devon We flew back to my house, Devon gripped my stomach tightly, the sun was on its way down, it was like a scene from a generic romance movie with mystical creatures and shit. We soon arrived home. Jamie was talking to Russell when I walked up to them with Devon, they looked at me then Devon, they had an shocked look on their faces. "Oh my god, is this what Mammon wanted the water for?" Russell asked "Yeah, in simple terms" I replied Jamie gave a hug to Devon, Russell just stood there doing nothing, I got my vengeance for Devon, by killing Damon, I thought everything was done, and that I could live a peaceful life again, but fate had something else in mind, something huge.

"Like father, like son; I guess" a man said.

I turned around, and my happiness was shattered into a million pieces. ------------------------------------- I'm not sure if I should continue with this, thoughts?


Thank you for the positive feedback, and any constructive critique! .:TheAvengedMartyr:.