Excelente mamada me da esta jeva

Excelente mamada me da esta jeva
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I've been married to my wife Angie for five years. We've always been great together in bed. She is sexually submissive, and I'm an A type personality.

She likes being taken, not being given a choice. She likes it a bit rough and nasty. I've fucked her in public, on my office desk, on the hood of car in a city parking lot. I once fucked her in the back seat of a moving taxi. I treated like I owned her and she loved it she couldn't get enough of it. I've always been dominant over her. I've never been mean or abusive.

Its always been clear to her that she's my property, I'd treat her good in public and like a whore in private.

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Sexually there were no limits. She became my personal fuck toy. I would constantly called her a whore, and told her that she was entertainment for men. She'd get off on dirty talk.

Since we've been married it seems like I've lost the upper hand. I think that I've spoiled her. She doesn't have to work and I buy her what ever she wants. I buy endless amounts of shoes, boots, and clothes, I pay for monthly tanning packages and her gym membership.

I bought her new boobs (36D). I don't mind spending my money on these thing because she puts them to good use. She always dressed to kill she always looks sexy. She has incredible body she's 5'5", 120 lbs, green eyes, long dark hair, and long shapely legs. Her best asset is her ass. She has a perfect bubble butt, round and firm. We still have great sex and lots of it, but she now has the upper hand in the relationship and she knows it.

She's become very spoiled, very demanding. Now I call her sweetheart instead of whore.

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She's forgotten that just a few short years ago she was basicly my sex slave. Now she thinks she's some sort of suburban princess. I needed to figure out a way to put her back in her place. I have to remind her that I own her. She needs to be retrained.


To do that I would need to do something way over the top. Its real simple I had to turn her pussy out. I had to put her in a position were she had no choices. I know her sexual tastes. I know that she's attracted to black guys, I know she never been in a threesome, she never been with another woman, and she never been tied up.

I was going to change all that. I made two phones calls and set things up. I told Angie that on Friday night we were going into the city to meet some old college football buddies. She happily agreed. When Friday came I knew that she would be dressed slutty. She came down the stairs wearing a tiny black halter top trimmed in silver bling, her shortest jean skirt, and her of silver glittery fuck me heels.

When we arrived at the club Derrick, Mike, and Mikes girlfriend Tracey were already there. I introduced Angie to everyone. Angie and Tracey hit it off right away. They both wanted to drink and dance. Tracey is a pretty blonde with an athletic build. After a few hours of watching the girls shake their asses I figured that it was time to leave.

At about 11:30 I told her that we were going to Derricks house to meet up some more friends. She was really drunk at this point and agreed without any questions. Once we arrived at Derricks house we all went into the living room. Angie and I sat on the large couch in the center of the room. I got up from the cough and moved away.

Derrick and Mike quickly sat down on either side of her. They started telling her how hot she looked and how perfect her tits are. I said "don't be rude show them your new tits" Angie giggled and said "I can't do that". On that Derrick and Mike pushed her back on couch.


They pinned her arms under their bodies. She just giggle and said "wait". Derrick and mike each reached up and took hold of halter top. They slowly pulled her top down until her tits became exposed. I could tell by the shocked look on her face that she knew that she was in trouble. Again she said "wait, wait". Derrick moved his mouth down to her nipple.

Mike's mouth quickly found her other nipple. They roughly fondled and sucked her nipples. She moaned and squirmed. She tried to wiggle out of their gripped but they held her firmly. She started to protest. Derrick grabbed her by her face and pulled her mouth towards his. Derrick jammed his tongue down her throat and she shut up. After several minutes of sucking her tits and kissing her.

Derrick motioned towards her skirt. They both took a hold of a corner of her skirt and started pushing it down over her hips.

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A few pushes and her skirt was off. I positioned myself in between her legs. I lifted her legs straight up in the air. I reached down and pulled her panties over her hips, I pulled them up her legs and off. I stepped back and said "she's a whore so treat her like a whore" she gasped. Derrick and mikes pulled her up to a sitting position.

They grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs wide open. Derrick continued kissing her while Mike sucked on her nipples. I could see large black fingers working their way down her body. I could see Large black fingers Sliding in and out of her pussy while other black fingers rubbed and caressed her clit. She moaned and squirmed.

Angie was breathing heavly and moaning uncontrollably. I said "finger her asshole" a black finger slid into her asshole. After several minutes Angie's body began to shake and quiver. She let out a loud moan and her body went limp. Derrick grabbed her by her hair and guided her mouth onto his cock. Soon Mike pulled her head over and stuck his cock in her mouth. For the next several minutes she bobbed back and forth sucking their cocks.

They picked her up and carried over to a large oversized foot stool. They dropped her on the stool and onto her back. Derrick grabbed her thighs and spread them apart. He placed his cock between her pussy lips and started rubbing his cock up and down the length of her pussy. He said "do you want my black cock inside you" she nodded yes. He told her that she would have to beg him for it. She refused to beg but after a few minutes of him rubbing his cock on her pussy she gave in.

"please, I want your black cock inside me, please".

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Derricks cock disappeared inside her pussy. Mike pulled her head towards him and jammed his cock into her mouth. I sat their watching them double team her. Tracey who had until now only been a spectator know stood naked in front of me.

She knelt down between my legs unbutton my pants and took my cock in her mouth. They flipped her off the stool and onto all fours. Derrick fucked her from behind while she sucked Mike's dick. Tracey climbed on my cock and started riding me. Tracey took all my attention for the next several minutes. She rode me until I came.

When I came back to my senses they were double teaming Angie on the couch. She was riding Derrick in the reverse cowgirl position.

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She was straddling him backwards. His chest was pressed against her back as she sat on his lap. Tracey worked her way in between Angie's legs. Angie immediately said "wait I've never". Too late, Derrick wrapped his arms around her body pinning her against him.

She was helpless, Tracey pushed her legs further apart giving us all a great view of his cock in her pussy. Tracey began kissing her thighs and worked her tongue to her clit. Tracey's tongue ravaged her clit while Derrick fucked her hard.

Within minutes Angie moaned and her body quivered as she came again.

Derrick pulled his cock out spun her around and put it in her mouth. He quickly came in her mouth. Mike now pulled Angie on top of him and said "ride me" Angie climbed onto his cock and started bouncing up and down.

Mikes large black hands squized her ass checks and guided her up and down his cock. She rode his cock for several minutes. Mike still had a firm grip on her ass checks he slid one hand down and started fingering her asshole.

Mike was also sucking on her nipples. She moaned louder and louder, she let out a scream and came a third time. Mike rolled her onto her back, threw her legs over his shoulders and fucked her retarded. When he was done with her she slumped to the floor. She laid there exhausted and naked, still wearing her sliver glittery fuck me heels.

After a few minutes she got up and tried to put her clothes on. Derrick picked her up over his shoulder. He said "baby we aint done with you yet." She begged and pleaded "please I'm is so sensitive, I've cum three times. I need a break" we all laughed.

He carried her to a second floor bed room and threw her down on the bed. We used long nylon strap to tie her hands together. Then we tied her hands to the head board. We pulled her down to the edge of the bed. We tied a long strap to each of her ankles and then tied the straps to I bolts that was over the bed. This forced her legs apart and up in the air at a 90 degree angle.


This exposes her pussy and gave easy access to it. Now she was naked, restrained and at our mercy. We got on the bed all around her. Tracey knelt down between her spread legs. She moaned and groaned as several sets of hands wondered all over her body. Tracey ran her tongue down Angie's thigh and into her pussy. Tracey licked her pussy furiously. Tracey went down further and started licking her asshole. This caused Angie to thrash and moan.

She pulled against the straps but she couldn't close her legs. Exhausted and hyper sensitive all she could do was moan. After watching Tracey in action and listening to Angie's moaning everyone became hard again. Derrick moved Tracey away form Angie's pussy. Tracey jumped up and came over to me. When see saw that I was hard again she straddled me and started riding my cock.

Derrick moved in between Angie legs and slid is black cock inside her. Mike was laying on the bed positioned myself to get his dick in her mouth. Tracey took my hand and walked me into another bedroom. We fucked for a long while. I could hear them torture fucking Angie in the next room. I could hear them calling her a whore.

I could hear her moaning. Soon everything went quite. I went back into the bedroom. She was laying on her stomach her hands were still tied the headboard.

She was still naked and still wearing those fucking glittery heels. Derrick lay next to her rubbing her ass checks. I sat down next to her. I said "what do I Own" She wouldn't answer. Derrick smacked her hard on her bare ass. She screamed "my pussy" I said "what are you" she hesitated.

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Derrick smacked her ass again. She answered "I'm a whore". I said "what's your job" she quickly answered "to fuck" -to fuck who- "any one you tell me to" I said "do you like your job" again she quickly answered "I love this job". Derrick and I both laughed.

I asked her "what are you tonight" she answered " I'm entertainment for black men." I said to her "here the big surprise. Were staying here tonight and tomorrow you will be naked all day" she looked at me with absolute shock in her eyes. I said "you will wake up naked, cook breakfast naked, fuck naked and dance naked for us.

I told derrick to keep her in his bed.

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I went back to bed with Tracey and fucked her some more. After a while I could hear Derrick fucking her again. If she liked Friday night we would make Saturday unforgettable. End part one