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Sorry for any typos. Chapter 4 The night was an unusually noisy one from sirens blaring in the background as cops sped throughout the city to answer vandalism and assault calls. Every night, it seemed like the city was becoming more and more chaotic and the people were becoming more extreme with their views, taking it upon themselves to do what they saw needed to be done, even violently.

Already, pillars of smoke were wafting from two burning buildings. One was a Planned Parenthood that had been set ablaze by some crazed pro-lifers, and the other was a community center where an anti-Obama right-wing rally was being held, before some young democrats through in some fireworks and… it got out of hand. Baltoh sat on the roof of a van in a dark street, devoid of lights or people.

On the ground nearby lay the ashen remains of the slain Gargoyle. He was digging his clawed thumb into his hand, cursing through barred teeth as he tried to use the pain to clear his mind of his confusing thoughts and feelings for Selene and stay focused on the mission at hand. 'Why? Why am I feeling this way about her? Never in my life have I ever felt anything but hatred, anything but the resolve to fight and slay evil, so why is it that being here in this city and being around her muzzles my will and leaves me unable to fight at my prime?

I should have been able to kill Abaddon and that other Demon with a snap of my fingers, Michael should have been nothing more than an annoying fly, and even with their powers hidden, tracking down my prey should have only taken one or two or three days at most. Why? Why am I so distracted? I was born of hatred, but why does every thought of her extinguish the flames in my soul?' He held out his hand, letting the blood trickle from the wound in his palm and drip on the street.

Unhindered by the pain in his hand, the thoughts of Selene continued to swirl through his mind, leaving him just as confused as before.

Baltoh suddenly perked his head up as a strange sensation zipped through his mind. It wasn't an upsurge in Demon energy or the power of an Angel… it was something else… It was Selene; he could sense something through the feather he had given her.

It was meant to tell him if she was in danger so that he could find her and help her, but in all honesty, that had just been a guess, as he had never used one of his feathers that way.

But he was sensing something now, heavy physical activity and a cascade of thoughts running through her mind. If she had been attacked again, then the strain on her body and mind would easily mimic this, and after how Rimmon had tried to kill her, there was an undeniable chance that something was wrong. Spreading his wings, Baltoh jumped into the air and began to fly, dismounting with so much strength and creating such a powerful shockwave that all of the cars in the street began beeping wildly.

Soaring across the sky, he mentally honed in on her position, tracking his own energy signature in the feather he had given her. Whatever was going on, it was happening in her apartment.


Had Abaddon or the Gargoyles attacked her at her home? Was someone breaking into her apartment? "Angel Art: Crusading Canter!" In a low flash, he disappeared as his speed instantly increased to the point where he was invisible. Baltoh landed on Selene's fire escape and became intangible, passing through the window. Completely undetectable to any human, he stepped into her bedroom without the slightest physical disturbance.

Baltoh looked around and instantly felt all the blood rush from his body and pool in his cock. Lying in her bed was Selene, completely naked and far from being asleep.

Her right had was busy stroking the noticeably-wet lips of her pussy while she was using her left hand to squeeze and massage her breasts, which bounced and rolled with every euphoric gasp she gave.

He purse was on the pillow next to her and she was brushing her face against the feather sown on the front like a cat against a furniture corner. With each trace of the moist lips that she made with her fingers, Selene would give a soft coo of arousal and stretched. "Baltoh… Baltoh…" she murmured. He stood like a statue, completely transfixed and hypnotized by the scene being forever printed in his memory. Watching Selene pleasure herself while rubbing the feather against her face left Baltoh more confused and aroused than ever before in his life.


Just the first five seconds of looking at her had given him an erection that would put a human to shame. Selene's soft coos turned into a gentle moan as she moved from just stroking the lips of her pussy to full insertion of her fingers.

Moving her fingers in and out of her snatch, Selene writhed and stretched with her whole body trembling in arousal.

With her left hand, she began squeezing her breasts more aggressively and pinching her nipples, which were already erect from her horniness. Suddenly, she began to work her fingers faster and with more energy, sending ripples through her well toned frame as she fucked herself with greater speed. Her moans quickly began to increase in shrillness and volume and she even moved her left hand from her soft breasts to the edge of the bed, holding on for dear life.

Finally, Selene bit down on her pillow and moaned in ecstatic glee as she climaxed, soaking her hand in her orgasmic juices. She arched her back, fingering herself wildly as the throes of euphoria flooded her ebony body. Baltoh's breathing was heavy as he watched her finally become calm and relaxed, while his rock-hard cock remained stronger than ever before.

Just as he thought she was going to fall asleep, Selene did something that made the hybrid's jaw drop. With a tired smile on her face, she removed her fingers from wet pussy and held them over her face. Reaching up with her tongue, she wrapped her lips around her fingers, sucking away the oils from her body. Baltoh could not stop a grunt from escaping as he felt pre-cum ooze from the head of his cock. While Selene licked her fingers clean of her succulent juices, she reached into her bedside table and pulled out a red dildo, almost the size of a cucumber, but not as large as Baltoh's throbbing erection.

Rolling over onto her stomach, she got on her hands and knees and supported herself with one arm while she gently prodded the lips of her slit with the dildo.

Watching Selene tease herself while she brushed her lips sensually against the feather sown onto her purse, Baltoh lost control and pulled out his cock. Due to him being originally born as a Demon (a primal creature driven by animalistic instinct along with the malice of the past lives that made it), he was quite well-endowed but without any of the cactus-like ridges of a Demon, due to his Archangel body.

Being careful not to knick himself with his claws, he began stroking his erect phallus and rubbing away the strain that had built up in his body. It was a good thing that he was undetectable to mortals, as every movement of his hand made him grunt in relief. 'Damn that feels good; it's no wonder why humans do it.' Selene gave a gasping moan as she spread her legs and pushed the dildo into her swollen cunt, biting her lip as it filled her.

Slowly moving her hand back and forth, she probed her insides with the sex toy over and over again, moaning softly and panting as she prodded each hot wet corner. Baltoh was biting down on his tongue as he furiously stroked his cock to the sight of Selene penetrating herself with the dildo. "Come on baby, fuck me harder," Selene murmured to herself as she picked up speed, ramming the dildo into her cunt with renewed vigor.

She moved her hand faster and faster, wildly fucking herself while she had her face pressed against her purse like a pillow, kissing the feather that Baltoh had given her. He walked over to the foot of the bed, still stroking his cock as he gazed at Selene's flawless ass and the dildo being plunged into her cunt. He could barely contain himself, all of his confusion had been pushed aside, and now there was only sexual desire.

Suddenly, she removed the dildo and put it in her mouth, sucking on it with relish as she savored the taste of her own essence. Putting the dildo down, she reached under her bed and retrieved several pillows, as well as a silk scarf from her bedside table. Anxious to get back to pleasuring herself, she stacked all the pillows against the headboard of the bed and wrapped the middle of the scarf around the dildo.

Working quickly, she set the dildo against the pillow at the front of the pile, while tying both ends of the scarf to the sides of the headboard tightly, so that the stack of pillows was secure and the protruding dildo would not come free. Using the stack of pillows to create room for her legs between her and the headboard, she turned around and leaned back, inserting the dildo back into her cunt.

With the toy now stationary, she got back on her hands and knees and began leaning back and forth quickly, forcing the dildo deep into her body. "Oh yes, baby, just like that," she groaned as she rammed her ass against the dildo over and over again. Watching Selene's bountiful breasts swing and bounce each time she forced the toy into her swollen pussy, Baltoh could feel an orgasm welling in his cock, the first in his life.

Picking up speed, he stroked his cock as fast as he could while Selene threw herself against the dildo again and again, fucking herself wildly like a nymphomaniac. Finally, Selene gave a loud moan as she had her final orgasm of the night and Baltoh nearly fell over as stream after stream of semen sprayed from the head of his cock and soaked the foot of her bed. With the two of them breathing heavily, Baltoh stepped back and Selene dismounted the dildo.

Turning around, she took apart the makeshift apparatus and put the toy and silk scarf back in her bedside table and the extra pillows under her bed. To Baltoh's relief, she didn't touch any of the semen that had landed on the foot of her bed, and just lied down underneath the covers and closed her eyes. Dizzy from his first ejaculation, Baltoh leaned back with his head in his hands.

She had done all that for him, that erotic display had all been to the thought of him, and he had basically mirrored it to the thought of her.

'What is happening to me?' Abaddon crouched over an Ouija Board in the bell tower of the Riverside Church, made from the skin from a woman's back with the numbers and letters written in blood, and the disk for communication had been carved from the cranium of her unborn child.

Both had been a very delicious snack. The Demon held his hand over the medium and black lightning began to stream from his palm. "Lord Tenebrous, I bring updates on our mission.

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Rimmon proved ineffective against Baltoh and my strength is no better. The test summon was a success, though as mentioned, Rimmon met his end. I cannot proceed to the next stage with Baltoh around, as he will hunt me down and kill me before any action can be completed. I seek new orders." Moving in erratic and spastic jerks, the disk began to shift across the Ouija Board, spelling out the reply. "Initiate Gargoyle spawning initiative and use them as decoys while more Demons are summoned.

We can only open up one more doorway before you are cut off permanently, make it count," the disk spelled out. "Another thing, Baltoh seems to be involved with a human woman, as he has been seen making frequent stops to the dwelling of one Selene Kurland. His powers are unfocused and he appears distracted. Do you have any orders or suggestions?" Again the disk began to move. "Continue to monitor her, but do not try to attack her. She is keeping him confused, so killing her would do nothing but focus his mind back on you, not to mention it would trigger his rage." "Yes My Lord, and I already know how to create some Gargoyle reinforcements…" Baltoh hung upside down like a monkey from the fire escape of an office building.

As usual, his mind was completely focused on Selene, but this time, the thoughts and emotions he was feeling were at their strongest. Every time he blinked, the entire scene of that beautiful woman pleasuring herself with his feather pressed against flashed before his eyes.

He already had a throbbing erection as he thought back to it, and in the deep confines of his mind, he felt heavy regret for not revealing himself that night, for not being open about his presence while he watched Selene, and letting the events of the night roll on their own accord. "Why am I feeling this way? How is this even possible? I was born of hatred, but these emotions… How can it be that I am feeling them?" he whispered to himself, desperately trying to understand this mental metamorphosis.

The way he saw it, he had two choices: he could either confront Selene and his confusing feelings, or he could stay away from her, finish the mission, and never speak to her again. But as much as he wished for this confusion to end and the very thought of speaking to her about this made him sick with nervousness, he knew that there was no way he could just leave her, not physically or emotionally.

He had to figure this out, or it would haunt him for the rest of eternity. As he reached out with his mind to try and find the feather he had given Selene, a loud commotion began to build in the background, drawing his attention. Selene and Molly were sitting out in the sun at table in front of a cafe restaurant. Both were drinking iced coffees, and while Molly was having a plain salad, Selene had decided to go with the mushroom soup for the first time.

They often came here for lunch, and the conversation they were having was of the usual subjects, but it suddenly took a turn that shook Selene with surprise. "Has something been wrong? You seem so distracted and aloof lately. You appear to be daydreaming more than an ADD kid in math class," her friend remarked.

Selene smiled and blushed. "Do you ever get those schoolgirl crushes that you used to have when you were a kid?" "All the time. But now that I'm an adult, I've stopped writing love letters that I never mail and now just put fresh batteries in my vibrator," she said casually, making Selene choke on her soup.

"Oh my god, I can't believe you said that!" she exclaimed, laughing so hard that she could barely breathe. "Well talking about being a kid brought out my inner child, and my inner child wanted to see if I could get you to shoot soup out our nose like milk.

Right now, my inner child and I are high-fiving in success," Molly bragged as she skewered several lettuce leaves with her fork and dipped them in a puddle of salad dressing.

"So what's this guy's name?" Selene hesitated before answering, knowing that this could be dangerous.

She would never betray Baltoh's trust in her and spill his secret, but there was just something about him that she had to tell someone. "Baltoh." "Oh, foreign!" Molly remarked with growing interest. "You could say that…" Selene shrugged, realizing that she would have to choose her words carefully.

"So what's he like?" "Well he… he's kind of… How can I explain this? He has a very narrow emotional range but I think he's starting to grow and warm up, and he's incredibly intelligent," Selene described, trying to summarize her understanding of the hybrid. "So what, does he have Asperger's or something?" "No, he just kind of grew up in a troubled home.

But he is really handsome and without a doubt, he's the most amazing and interesting guy you'll ever meet." "What's so interesting about him?" "Unfortunately, I cannot tell you that, it's not my place to say." "Then why did you bring him up if you weren't going to answer all of my questions?! Do you have any idea how desperate I am to find out now?!" "Sorry, I just wanted to tell somebody about him.

I just don't know what to do, because I'm not sure how long he'll stay here and I don't really know how to talk to him about this." Before Molly could give her advice, a chorus of shouts coming from the next street cut her off. Everyone on the sidewalk turned in the direction of the sound, which had slowly been growing over time but was now impossible to ignore, especially with the police sirens blaring.

"What the hell is going on?" Molly asked to no one specifically. "I have no idea, but I'm rather curious," Selene said as she picked up her purse and rushed across the street.

"Selene, wait! I can't move quickly in heels!" Molly called, chasing after her friend. Cutting through an alley, the two women crossed over to the next street, where a full-on battle between the police and a horde of Occupy protestors was being waged. Tear gas filled the air and nothing could be heard but the endless shouts of fury and the sounds of protest signs striking riot shields.

Already, the anarchist rioters that naturally orbited around any and every protest group were robbing the buildings along the street as well as just in the area, using the excitement as a cover for their crimes. Every second that passed brought more riot cops and even more protestors. With transparent riot shields and black Kevlar suits, the officers were more than safe against the protestors; but it was the numbers that were forming a problem.

The line of cops was three-men-deep, but the protestors numbered over a hundred, all pushing and shoving each other in one direction. Those at the front of the swarm beat their signs and fists against the officers' shields, desperately trying to break through and last as long as they could before being forced to retreat, due to the pain of being maced and the injuries inflicted by the officer's clubs.

With bleeding faces and broken fingers, those that were unable to fight any longer tried to squeeze between the two tectonic plates that were the cops and protestors, all the while getting beaten and soaked with pepper spray. Many never made it out, and were forced to the ground where they fought to not get crushed to death.

Every few minutes, a cop behind the barrier would hurl a teargas canister into the crowd, while bricks and garbage were hurled in reply. Selene and Molly stood in the alley, neither one courageous enough to jump into the fray and get the shit beaten out of them. This was a full-blown riot, and it wouldn't be long until Molotov Cocktails would start flying. Pondering what to do, the women were shocked as a young man, barely 19, was thrown from the mob of protestors and into the alley with a bleeding head wound.

"Oh my god, are you alright?" Selene said with worry, crouching down beside him with tissues from her purse and helping wipe the blood off his unshaven face. The man did not respond, only shook his head from side to side dizzily.

"What happened?" Molly asked. "Some kids… were sitting on a bench when some asshole… with a badge walked up to them," he began, constantly swallowing to clear his throat and regain his mental bearings. "They were just sitting there, waiting for the bus, and he accused them of illegal protest. The fat fuck pulled out his mace can… and nearly emptied the whole thing into these teenagers' faces!

One girl was scream… screaming in pain, and when her boyfriend jumped up to punch the cop, he got tased for almost half a minute, and that bastard laughed while he did it.

Nobody wanted to get involved because they were scared… but when he threw the kids down onto the street and dislocated one kid's shoulders while handcuffing him, that's when the fight started, and it's all been growing ever since…" "Get out of here, go to the hospital." Selene said sadly, pulling the man to his feet. He nodded his head and staggered off, leaving the two women alone on the sidelines of the battle.

"Geez, I've seen it get pretty crazy, but I've never seen it like this." Molly gasped with worry. Selene looked at the battle going on not twelve feet away and clutched herself tightly. 'Baltoh, you had better get here soon, because I have a bad feeling about this…' Perched on a nearby street lamp like an eagle, inaudible and invisible to human eyes, Abaddon watched Selene and licked his lips. He wished he had been given orders to attack her, because he knew that she would be a fantastic fuck, not to mention a delicious meal.

Alas, he was ordered to monitor only, so fantasies would have to suffice, until he could sample her properly. Looking down at the protestors slamming themselves against the shields of the riot police like Persians against Greeks, he breathed in the tear gas like it was the smell of a sweet flower and basked in his self-gratification.

He had been the one possessing the cop that started the riot, and the results were better than he dared dream. "Now for the last ingredient of the recipe…" he said gleefully to himself as he pressed his palms together. Taking a deep breath, he expanded his lungs to their maximum size and volume, saturating it with his malevolent energy, while making sure that Baltoh would not be able to sense the activity. Once the air in his lungs was evil enough, he exhaled, releasing a black cloud into the horde of people, with them completely unaware and unable to see it.

Abaddon watched with a grin as the black fumes rolled wildly above the crowd, shaken not by movements in the air, but by the anger and rage that every person was practically hemorrhaging in the fray. "Demon Art: Gargoyle Epidemic," he cast, praying that the spell would work quickly enough. Baltoh was already on route, having picked up Abaddon's power levels the second he raised them to utter the spell.

Flying about the city, he watched in amazement as it seemed like everyone out in the streets began swarming in one direction, like ants all racing to their queen. "Abaddon, what the hell are you doing?!" he muttered as he doubled his speed. There were well over two hundred people now fighting in this street alone, granting Abaddon enough anger and pain to spawn at least fifteen Gargoyles.

The protestors, the police, and the rioters continued to battle, completely ignorant of what was happening right above their heads. Catching the negative energy billowing like smoke from a tire fire, the black mist that Abaddon had released was grouping into separate clouds and condensing.

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In each bowling ball-sized cloud, indistinguishable flesh could be seen taking form and growing, like the development of the unborn Antichrist but fast-forwarded. Suspended in the air and having reached the size of human infants, the hovering Gargoyles snarled and jerked wildly as their fangs, claws, and wings began to grow. Standing in the alley, Selene felt a very cold shiver crawl up her spine, as if someone was breathing on the back of her neck while touching her bare skin with an ice cube.

She wrapped arms around her stomach, suddenly nauseous and filled with dread. She did not know what was going on, but whatever it was, it was evil, it was powerful, and it was close. "Selene, is something wrong?" Molly asked, seeing that Selene looked like she was about to faint. "Yes, something is wrong, something is very wrong…" she whispered under her breath, which was actually fogging as it passed her lips. "Damn it, it seems that is as large as they are going to get.

If I wait any longer, that traitor will butcher them," Abaddon cursed, looking at the child-sized Gargoyles with one eye and spotting the approaching Baltoh with the other. Stretching his tail like a spider creating a line of silk, Abaddon reached out with the barbed tendril and wrapped it around each puny Gargoyle.

With his eyes locked on the Demon and his creations, Baltoh shot down like an eagle towards a fish just below the surface of a river. "Demon Art: Shade Shimmer!" Abaddon desperately called, having less than a second before Baltoh reached him.

Moving so fast that not even Baltoh's eyes could follow him, Abaddon disappeared, pulling the Gargoyles with him. The frustrated hybrid only had enough time to deliver a body-splitting kick to the Gargoyle at the very end, ripping it in half and splattering Gargoyle blood in all directions.

In the time it took for Baltoh to realize that Abaddon had escaped, stop himself after delivering the kick, and try to figure out the direction in which the Demon was flying, Abaddon had already gone far enough with momentum alone to reach the edge of the city and had ended the spell to keep his power hidden. With his whole body shaking, Baltoh looked up and released a demonic roar like that of lion, howling in frustration.

That beastly call was so great in volume that almost every window within a half-kilometer radius shattered from the shockwave, though not a single living creature could even hear it.

Baltoh hadn't been this furious since Rimmon tried to attack Selene, and the fact that Abaddon had achieved his goal of gaining reinforcements and got away with it was the source of his rage. He was used to Demons running away before he finished them off, they quickly realized to flee for their lives once the vast difference in strength became apparent.

In Hell, well over half of every Demon fight resulted in his prey managing to escape, but this time was different, as for every day that Abaddon and his comrades roamed free in the human world, lives were being lost. "Damn it! Every time I almost have him, and every time he escapes before I dig my claws into his heart! How could I let him get away?! I'LL FIND YOU ABADDON! I'LL FIND YOU!" he thundered, causing his energy to flood outwards like a spent fuel rod accidently coming out of its cooling tank.

All the people below him were knocked off their feet by the hurricane winds that the surge of power was creating and the sky above him was instantly clogged with storm clouds.

Clinging to the side of the building next to her, Selene tried to fight the unstoppable winds pummeling everyone in the street.

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"Baltoh…" she murmured softly while Molly tried to keep her skirt from flying up. "Enough of this madness!

You are causing just as much destruction as they are, and you must be destroyed!" Michael shouted as he swooped down towards Baltoh with his broadsword raised, having finally reached the scene.

Baltoh looked up at the intruder and released an animalistic snarl, barring his fangs. Holding his hand down low, he materialized his sword and delivered an uppercut slash as Michael brought his executioner's cleave. The two swords clashed with a rainbow of sparks, but with ease, Baltoh's sword cut through Michael's like a table saw through cardboard.

Baltoh slashed Michael upwards across the chest, inflicting a wound that would be fatal to any human, and launching the Archangel like a golf ball with blood pouring from his mouth. With Michael incapacitated and no other interruptions, Baltoh finally calmed down, allowing the hurricane wind his energy was causing to cease.

Below him, people were running away, fed up with getting maced, beaten, tear gassed, peppered with broken glass from Baltoh's roar, and knocked off their feet by the sudden and unexplainable gale that swept through the street on an otherwise still day.

Even the riot cops were retreating after what had just happened. Picking up a familiar scent on the air, Baltoh turned and gazed down at Selene in the alley.

The beautiful woman was looking around desperately, straining her eyes to try and find Baltoh. He had to speak with her, but later, when they would have privacy and time.

Abaddon stood over a litter of Demons, all grouped together and feasting on a pile of freshly slain corpses in the living room of a house on the outskirts of the city. All the furniture had been smashed to pieces, the windows covered, and the doors locked, giving the beasts the solitude they needed while they grew and matured.

With each bite they took, their muscles grew in size and strength, and their monstrous facial characteristics became sharper and more distinguishable. "That's right my children, feed, feed and become strong.

I need you to be as mighty as possible if you are to act as the martyrs for the end of days." He then turned around to face a beautiful nineteen-year-old girl with long blond hair. She was in the corner, sobbing in terror as she watched the beasts feed without making themselves invisible. "Now for MY meal…" Baltoh sat in an easy chair in Selene's apartment with his fingers tented, waiting in the dark for Selene to come home. While his body was still, his mind was buzzing as he tried to pick the words he would use when he spoke to her.

Never in his life had he been so confused and so nervous, and all at the thought and presence of a mere human. The clicking of a key being inserted into the door sent Baltoh's heart beating wildly in anticipation, working so hard that it felt like it was slamming his chest as the door opened. Selene tiredly stepped inside, not even seeing Baltoh as she took off her coat and dropped her purse on the nearby kitchen counter. With a deep sigh, she leaned against the island table with her head in her hands, breathing deeply.

"Selene…" The calling of her name spun Selene around with wide eyes and she stared at Baltoh, trying to catch her breath at the sight of him. "Baltoh…" she gasped. The hybrid got up and retracted his wings into his body as he walked over to her. "Is now a bad time? I need to talk to you but I won't do it if you're worried about something else, I don't want to weigh you down with my issues," he mumbled as he stood next to her, leaning against the island table.

She almost seemed taken back by the question. "No, of course not! I just… I was just trying to process what happened today in the street between the cops and the protestors, it's all over the news as the biggest clash in the Occupy history." She then smiled and gave a soft laugh.

"But I bet you already know about that. I'm pretty sure you were there when it happened." Baltoh's lips twisted as he tried to smile. "Selene, what I need to talk to you about, it's not about my mission, Demons, Angels, or anything like that… it's about you, and what you've done to me since I got here." He said. Selene paled as she tried not to imagine the worst-case scenario of what he would say.

Baltoh leaned against the table, unable to meet her gaze.


"Selene, I was born of hatred. I first came into existence as a Demon that was born from the rage and pain of heroes that suffered for eons in Hell, and I have lived my entire life for the single purpose of fighting and slaying evil.

But you… whenever I look at you or think about you… it's like stepping out of a raging inferno and into a waterfall. I feel all my anger melt away and I lose the will to fight for anything other than you." Selene gasped at his words and tried to think up a response.

"Not in my entire existence have I ever been so confused as I am now; I cannot fight, I cannot hunt, and I cannot think, because you occupy every thought that enters my mind. Ever since I saved you and found you, trying to keep my mind focused on anything but you has been like trying to swim out of a maelstrom. If I am to ever complete my mission and perhaps ever find solace, I need to solve this confusion once and for all, and I need the answer to this question; even if I cannot properly describe how I feel about you, do you feel the same way about me?" Selene licked her lips first with a look of uncertainty, then with a small smile.

"Yes, I know how you feel, and I feel the same way about you." The spoken words struck Baltoh like a cold breath of air and he stared at her almost in awe. With her smile small but tender, Selene wrapped her hands around Baltoh's. "I don't know how to explain it either. I've known you for only a week and I've spoken to you only a few times, but my heart and my body ache for you.

I haven't developed feelings like this for someone this quickly since I was a little girl, but I have never met a man who completed me as much as you do. We are like two halves of a Swiss watch, so many specific gears and mechanism that we can only be built with all of our own pieces and no one else's. True individuality is impossible in this world, but I know with my heart and soul that you are the only one who can possibly complete me." They both stood up straight and faced each other with Selene's hands on Baltoh's chest and his arms wrapped around her waist.

"I've always searched for the amazing and the interesting things in the world, and you are practically divine in your uniqueness. Being with you is like looking into the very heart of the universe. My feelings for you are only equaled by my lust, as I know that you can satisfy every need I'll ever have.

I want to be with you, I want to know the mystery that is you, and I want to help you with all of the hatred in your heart." "Selene, you are the one person who has made me love instead of hate, and I now know what I want as well. I don't understand how it's possible for me to feel this way, but I do understand that I want to be with you forever." He said, holding her close.

Selene reached up and gently brushed her soft fingers against his cheek, making the hybrid shiver. "While you may have been born of rage, I think there is one thing that you hate just as much as you hate evil, and that is the thought of being alone." Moving slowly, they both leaned forward and pressed their lips together, kissing for several seconds. As the embrace continued, Selene slipped her tongue between Baltoh's limps, nearly making him jerk in surprise but also hum in joy at the softness and taste of her tongue in his mouth.

Deciding to mirror her action, he sent his own tongue into Selene's mouth, shocking her and making her end the kiss, leaving his long forked tongue hanging in the air like a snake in mid-strike.

"What?" Baltoh asked, retracting the body part left over from his Demon birth. Selene giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

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"I just can't wait for you to put that tongue to work," she said tenderly before resuming the kiss. After almost a minute of their lips joining like two waves and separating, the kiss was ended, and Selene took Baltoh's hand and led him into her dark bedroom.

Inside, the only source of illumination was Baltoh's burning halo, casting dancing shadows upon every surface. Lying back on the bed, Selene looked up with a coy smile as Baltoh stood over her and pulled off his clothes, revealing the numerous scars that pocked his muscles and the two horns hidden beneath his hood.

Pulling off his pants, he caught Selene gazing at his semi-hard phallus with a mix of fear and awe. Right now, Selene was wondering if it would hurt and if this was one challenge that would beat her. With his tail flicking like that of a cat on the hunt, he held himself over her, kissing her passionately.

With their lips locked, he reached up to undo the buttons of her white blouse. "Be careful with those claws," Selene whispered as he kissed her neck.

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Baltoh smiled and slowly brought his hand up, cutting through the button threads on her blouse with the claw on his index finger, exposing her firm breasts, barely held in by her lace bra. Selene grasped the piece of lingerie before Baltoh could take a claw to it, letting her tits spring free like airbags.

"Beautiful," said Baltoh, in the greatest mood of his life. Selene laid her head back and purred in sexual exhilaration as she felt Baltoh squeeze and massage the melon-sized mounds of flesh, physically inspecting every centimeter of soft skin, while of course being careful not to accidently knick them with his razor-sharp talons.

"Oh yes baby, just like that," she moaned as she felt Baltoh's forked tongue trace her areolas and his lips wrap around her erect nipples. He moved back and forth between her bountiful tits, wrapping his long tongue around them like a boa constrictor, licking every spot of exposed skin.

Sucking on her nipples like a finger-trap around a digit, he pulled on her breasts, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings to the point that Selene was nearly chewing off her lower lip in jubilation. "Oh god, you're driving me crazy!" she groaned with her hand stroking the lips of her wet snatch.

Remembering back to his human past lives in terms of the moves of intimacy, Baltoh decided to move on. Lowering his head, he dragged his forked tongue down her flat belly, tickling her as he licked her naval. Knowing what was coming next and absolutely desperate for it, Selene stopped him to remove her skirt and moist thong. With her knees on his shoulders, Baltoh held his head just above the soft wet lips of her pussy, which carried the faint scent of the soap from her last shower.

"Please do it, I'm begging you," Selene gasped as she squeezed her breasts. Baltoh smiled and held out his tongue, giving a quick lick that nearly made Selene jerk. He licked again, plugging his long snake-long tongue in between the lips like an appliance cord into a wall socket, sampling the sweet slightly-fruity taste of her juicy insides.

He pressed his lips against the gate of paradise, slurping on Selene's pussy like he was trapped in a peach and could only use his mouth to escape. Selene could not contain her moans as she felt Baltoh get the hang of orally pleasuring her, making her entire lower body shake from the bliss. Her calls doubled in volume as he fully inserted his tongue into her pussy, licking her farthest depths of her soft interior and mixing his saliva with her juices.

Selene basically had to bite down on her pillow to keep from screaming in sexual hysteria as Baltoh's long wet tongue quivered and probed better than any vibrator and his lips massaged and tickled the opening. She had her hand on the back of his head, pushing his face deeper into her sweet cunt and holding onto his horns like handlebars, while he savored the indescribable taste and slurped up her juices like a marathon-runner desperately trying to get every last drop out of his water bottle.

"Oh Baltoh, I'm cumming!" she howled as she arched her back like a gymnast. Baltoh immediately felt an upsurge in the amount and taste of the juices that flooded her cunt hungrily lapped it all up, feasting on the taste of her orgasm. The climax lasted for almost half a minute, finishing with Selene as limp as a ragdoll on the bed with her breathing heavy and her eyes rolling around as if she was delirious.

"Best orgasm of my life…" She was only able to mutter. Baltoh smiled and held himself over her, kissing her passionately until she was fully revitalized.

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"Try not to split me in half," she teased, kissing him back. Baltoh did not respond, only smiled and gave the quick exhale of a laugh.

Using his clawed hands very carefully, he grasped the shaft of his cock and slowly guided it to her gates of paradise, pressing the head against the moist, soft lips. Wrapping his tail around the bed in tense anticipation, Baltoh slowly pushed his erect dick into Selene, instantly causing her to dig her nails into his back and cry out. "Oh god!" she hollered as he slowly pushed it in, centimeter by centimeter, stretching her until she thought that he was actually going to split her in half.

Baltoh gritted his teeth at the incredible tightness of her pussy, but after more than two minutes for slowly forcing it in like a Hummer into a tight parking spot, it was finally all the way in.

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Upon its full insertion, Baltoh looked back and realized that his wings had released themselves and were draped over he and Selene. Beneath him, she actually felt like she couldn't breath, as she could have sworn the head of Baltoh's cock was prodding the bottom of her heart.

"Not quite as romantic as I had hoped," Baltoh said sheepishly, seeing the expression on her face. "No… it's ok. I've just never had anyone that big, and it will take a bit of time to get used to it. But remember when I said that I knew that you would be able to satisfy my every need?

You just further proved it." "I'll try to be gentle." Moving as slowly as possible, he slowly pulled out of her, with Selene trembling at the sudden mass removal.

Leaving only the head inside, he gave her a minute to brace herself for the next insertion. Trying not to harm her, Baltoh slowly pushed himself back into her wet pussy, using her juices as lubricant.

Selene groaned at the confusing mix of unpleasant stretching of her snatch and the blissful and literal sensation of sexual filling.

Having buried his cock all the way, Baltoh again pulled it out, causing Selene to purr in pleasure. Taking a risk, he pushed his dick into her swollen cunt in a single stroke, making her moan at the top of her lungs from the deep penetration. It was obvious she had become accustomed to the size, so Baltoh decided that it was finally time to really move.

Taking the right position above her, he began working the shaft in and out of her in long, steady strokes, making her moan and cry in bliss.

Now that he could finally move at a fair speed, Baltoh let his body continue on autopilot while he mentally processed the different feelings that his cock was experiencing, from the soaking wetness to the indescribable softness of each bump, ridge, and fold in her pussy. Finally used to his cock completely stuffing her, Selene no longer felt any pain and was now moaning like an opera singer as he plunged into her over and over and continued to dig her fingers into his back.

As Baltoh's speed increased, he held himself higher above her as if in mid-pushup, silencing her moans as he kissed her and relishing the feeling of her pointing nipples moving against his chest like figure skaters on ice. Changing position, he sat up on his heels and grabbed Selene's thighs, using them to hang onto her as he doubled his speed. With each powerful thrust into his lover, Baltoh licked and chewed on his lips as he watched her tits bounce and roll wildly. No longer able to claw at Baltoh's back in ecstasy, Selene was now holding onto her headboard as if an earthquake of biblical proportions was rocking the building, and her moans of euphoria were replaced with a deep gasping call as the head of his cock slammed her insides like the tip of a jackhammer.

Behind him, Baltoh's wings were stretching and waving like flags and his tail was writhing like a beheaded snake on the floor, almost to point that Jake the cat was waging a mental war on whether to stay on the bookshelf or pounce on the jerking tail and play with it. "Baltoh… darling… I think… I think I'm going to…" Selene desperately panted, trying to speak through the mind-jarring penetrations. She didn't need to finish speaking, as the subconscious movement of her hands to her breasts told Baltoh everything he needed to know.

The longer that he was working, the more he could feel his Demon side being energized.

Specifically, it was his Demon sex-drive that was now set to maximum, and he was desperate to go further. Reaching out and leaning forward, he grasped her hands and crossed them against the headboard above her head, pinning her there with his face just inches from hers, all the while continuing to fuck her like a machine. Selene suddenly gained a very ravenous and excited look on her face as she felt the change in Baltoh's personality, sensing his dominant side taking control and gaining the desire to both fight it and submit to it.

She raised her head and started kissing him almost angrily, tugging on his lower lip with her teeth with a feline-like growl of pleasure. "Come on baby, I'm so close to cumming, fuck me harder!" "Yes my love," he said before giving one last sweep of her soft mouth with his tongue.

Moving his hands to her hips, Baltoh picked her up and rolled her over onto all fours, all without pulling out of her.

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Sitting up on his knees, he tightened his hold on her slender waist and began hammering her at practically inhuman speeds, slamming her cunt so hard and so fast that it was almost brutal. Trying to stay up with her arms straight, Selene felt like she was being hammered with such raw power that she was going to vomit.

She could have sworn a sex machine was fucking her with a forearm at the end. "Oh yes darling, just like that, you're so good!" she hollered in rapture as he took her like a stallion. Behind her, Baltoh was gazing at the ripples passing through her toned body and listening to the orgasmic clapping sound of her perfectly-sculpted ass and firm thighs slapping against his legs and the base of his cock.

The noise was so deep and satisfying, it itself was worthy of being masturbated to. Anyone who heard that sound would instantly know what was going on and how well it was going. Watching her round ass bounce and ripple while basically skewered on his dick, Baltoh wished he could also get an underside view and gaze upon her breasts, which were swinging like the round punching bags that boxers practiced on.

Selene was so close to having an orgasm that it was driving her crazier than a hundred mosquito bites, and Baltoh as well could feel the ultimate climax welling inside him.

Finally, the two lovers each experienced bone-shaking vibrations pulsing through their bodies as their orgasms overcame them. Selene released a jubilated shriek that could shatter glass as her pussy became flooded with juices and Baltoh looked up and gave lion-like roar as he shot jet after jet of semen into Selene, filling her up to the point that streams of slime were spilling out past his cock. Completely limp and exhausted, Selene collapsed onto her stomach, with her vagina as a gaping semen-filled crater.

Baltoh was in the same state. Even after fighting in battles that lasted for months without pause, having sex for just an hour had completely wiped him out. He lied down beside Selene, desperately trying to catch his breath. Holding her close, he wrapped his arm and wings around her while kissing her neck. "Without a doubt, that was the greatest sex of my life," she purred tiredly. "Being that was my first time, I can in all honesty say the same," Baltoh replied, relishing the very scent of her hair as pressed his lips against the back of her ear.

"Is this what love feels like?" Selene rolled over and smiled. "Yes, it is," she whispered before giving him a single kiss. There lips slowly parted and they closed their eyes, wrapped in Baltoh's wings like a blanket. Little did they realize, that outside, New York was a torched warzone.