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Nuru massage skyler nicole jojo kiss karter foxx bailey brooke average tits and compilation
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I returned with food in hand, to the sound of giggling. 'What now" and I walked into the bedroom to see Sandy sitting there with Nancy, both watching the TV and talking. "Hey Sandy where you come from?" "My mother's pussy" "Huh" Nancy snorted then rolled over laughing, and Sandy was right behind her… I had been had. "Cute real cute, guess I asked for that one huh" "Yep… the look on your face" laughing.

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"What you doing here, not that I mind, always Happy to see you" "Oh I'm spending the night didn't Amy tell you" still laughing "Nope, guess it sorta slipped her mind" "What mind… Now come here and kiss me" "Glad I brought extra" " I'm hungry " Nancy said, taking the bags from me and began pulling everything out, checking out what I got.

"Sandy you want a burger or a cheeseburger, fries, onion rings?" "I've already ate, and I'm ready for dessert, come here baby" She motioned her finger towards me and pucker up her lips, then batted her eyelids. I knew want she wanted and it wasn't food. I leaned over to her and kissed her deeply as her tongue invaded my mouth. Then I straighten up and said. "Later, I got to eat or I wouldn't be any good to you at all" She looked at me rather funny and stared to complain, when Nancy came to my rescue by saying, "Hold on girl, he's worn out, after Linda and Glenda I'm surprised he's even breathing, you should have seen them, God I'm getting wet just thinking about it" "Oh really, then what about you, are you up for some fun" "After I eat, sure, but I need to eat to, after Susie and me, then uh, he's worn out" "Uh what Susie and you then what?" "Well I tried to have some fun with Bill, but he had, had it and wasn't in any shape for anything, but he did go get us something to eat and I'm gonna eat, you can just wait" " Sounds like I missed out on a lot of fun.

OK then I guess if I have to, I'll wait or. maybe not" And then Sandy just looked at us both and stood up and slowly began to take her clothes off, in sort of a slow strip tease.

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I stuffed a burger in my mouth and watched as I felt my cock begin to push against my jeans yelling 'LET ME OUT, I wanna see' Damn is she beautiful and sexy as all get out. I knew I was in for a great night, may not much sleep, but a great night. Nancy and I sat there and ate as Sandy slowly stripped down to her birthday suite, twisting around and moving her hands hiding her charms, then allowing a peak of this and that, then more dancing and twisting.

Then with a big Dat-Dat, she spread her legs in front of us with her arms straight out to each side. Nancy applauded and I howled.

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Then Sandy dropped down in between my legs and unzipped my pants, reached in to find a rock hard cock jumping out to meet her. "Mmmmm someone glad to see me" I undid the button, opening up the top part of my jeans and Sandy bent over and took me into her hot mouth, I groaned.

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She slid her lips down my shaft until I hit the back of her throat and kind of moaned herself, which vibrated thru my balls. I nearly grabbed her head to shove my prick down her throat, but managed to stop just as I laid my hands on top of her head, and I moaned even louder "Awwww ohh god that's gooood" Sandy moved back up keeping just the tip in her mouth then plunged back down again, my hips jerked up, all on their own, pushing head just into her throat and she gagged slightly.

'Oh shit did it feel good'. After a few repeated thrust of both of us my dick was as hard as steel. She moved up off my cock, straddled my hips and guiding the head of my man flesh to her hot wet love tunnel, began settling her cunt onto my dick. The heat in her opening pussy was delightful almost unbearable as she filled her cunt with my love stick. I watched as her pussy engulfed me and when her slit crushed into my pelvic area, she moaned, "Oh god I needed this… oh Bill you feel so sooo fucking good inside me aaaaahhhhhh" Little Linda and sweet Glenda may have worn me out, but at the moment I was deep inside Sandy and I had to fill her needs and my own lust.

As Sandy fucked me, grinding her pussy into me, my body began to react to her loving sweetness and I started pushing back, driving my dick deeper inside her.

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I was completely inside her, I had to be in her cervix and it felt heavenly. I knew I would be shooting my seed into her womb soon, and as she fucked me. I finally felt that warm tickle in my balls as the sperm built up to point of excruciating pleasure and I groaned, "Ohhh Sandy baby fuck mecum on me, make me fill your tight little pussy with my baby making juice" "Yesss ohh so good oh I'm gonna cum&hellip. Ughhhhhh I'm cummmmminnn " And she coated me with her hot young girl juices, and she kept grinding herself on me, forcing her cum all over my dick and balls, I felt her hot cum run down between the checks of my ass and still she pumped her twat on my shaft, determined to suck the life seed out of my nuts and into her baby making chamber.

As her orgasm passed she on working my cock, as if she had to make me cum inside her, it was her only reason for existing, she had to have my baby growing inside her. "Oh Bill cum in me, fill my pussy with your baby, ooohhh fuck mee cummm in mmme… GIVE ME YOUR BABY… Ooooo it's happening again aweeeee II"MMMM CUMmmmmmmm" And she bath me again with her liquid heat, setting off the fuse in my groin and my balls launched a wave of hot cream up my aching shaft and into her depths, followed by several more smaller shots, but with the same intensive.

My hot cum triggered another orgasm in her little body and her pussy twitched on my dick sucking all I had to give and more into her wanton pit. She fell onto my chest, her chest heaving for air shoving her hard nipples into me, almost hurting but not, so fucking good. And my hips shoved me further up inside her. We laid there slowly returning to the living and normality, when Nancy spoke, "Damn was that something, I think I came with you" Sure enough she had a large wet spot under her, Sandy tried to say something but only mumbled.

I just breathed, feeling Sandy rock hard nipples piercing into my chest and her spasming cunt munching at my dick. We laid there for what seemed forever, I was still inside her hot gooeyness, we kissed and she closed her legs, clamping her pussy harder onto my slowly soften cock, trying to keep inside her and make it hard again or maybe just wanting it to remain inside her as she came down from her erotic cloud.

She spoke, "Bill that was so great, mmmm I love you" "I love you too, Sandy just lie still and let me soak into you" "MMMMMmmmmm" After a time I finally slipped out of her and the flood of our love mix that was trapped inside her flowed out onto me. She rolled off and closed her legs as if trying to keep any more from leaking out of her. I looked at her and she looked at me with love in her eyes, and Nancy looked at both of us and smiled.

Next thing I knew Nancy was licking me clean. "Oh ohhhh you girls are gonna kill me, ooooo" Sandy move up and kissed me as Nancy finished cleaning me, I pulled her up to the other side of me and held both of these lovely nude teenager tight against me.

I kissed one then the other and then settled back saying, "Lets rest a few minutes, please if you two don't mind" "Ok, but not too long, I've only got all night" We all laughed and cuddled together and watched the TV.


I asked if Nancy could pass me another burger. She handed to me and as I tried to get an arm free Sandy took it and began feeding me and talking like a mom to her little baby "Does mommy's big boy want a bite… eat it all up now, so you can be big and strong…epically big… mommy wants some more of her big boy" Nancy giggled and I wolfed down the food, it was either that or have it shoved down my throat, even though not all made it into my mouth and burger was all over me, Sandy laughed and stuck more into my face, smearing it even more.

The more she smeared the harder her and Nancy laughed. Finally I said "enough already" And Sandy said, "Baby needs to be cleaned up now, messy baby" So she and Nancy cleaned me up and I said I needed a beer, Nancy was up like a shot and into the kitchen she went and back.

We all laid back and watched TV for a while, however it was short lived and fun and games cranked back up, Nancy and Sandy got into a 69 and after both climaxed, I slide into Sandy and filled her again, then I ate Nancy wet pussy as she ate my cum out of Sandy, we rested and repeated the munching and fucking again.

We finally fell asleep wrapped around each other. However later I had to get up and go to the john, then Sandy and Nancy joined me in the bathroom, next thing I knew we were in the shower and I had my cock inside Sandy, Nancy went back to bed.

Sandy and I finished our shower and back to bed we went, I fell asleep as soon as my head touched my pillow.

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I was woke up the next morning with Nancy's hot mouth on my dick as I moved, I woke Sandy and she rose up and straddled my face and the fun and games were on. Nancy kept sucking me even thought I tried to push her, and I really didn't try too had to push her off my hard cock, I finally exploded in Nancy's mouth and she took every drop and even sucked harder for more, but she had got it all for the time being.

After I came in Nancy mouth and Sandy flood mine with her sweet nectar.


Nancy rolled over; Sandy moved her head into Nancy's pussy and attacked it like a platoon of marines. My crazed cock was still hard, so I moved in behind Sandy and proceeded to fill her hot tight pussy with my steel spike cock.

I finally shot a hot load into her baby oven and fell back to watch Sandy bring Nancy off for the humpited time and they collapsed into a heap of little girl flesh. I kissed them both and proceed to the kitchen to cook breakfast, after a trip to the restroom. The smell of eggs and bacon brought the girls back to earth and into the bathroom they went. I heard the shower I finished cooking and yelled "Get it while it's hot" and I heard, "WE WERE" and giggling.

I shook my head and carried the food into the bedroom. After breakfast, I filled Sandy's hot tight pussy with my thick cream once again, after which she went to bathroom for a shower, before dressing and going home, Nancy help her wash and with no surprise, they used all the hot water.


I complained kind of, that I wanted to have a shower and now I would have to wait until the water heater, heated the water up. Sandy said, "Oh the poor little thing, is gonna to wait, poor baby" And then sweet little Nancy said, "Oh hush now you big baby and I'll give you a tongue bath". "Oh Yeal&hellip. Oh goodie, mommy gonna give baby a tongue bath" I said in my best baby voice.

So she began licking various parts of my body and Sandy joined in, however after a time it was just Nancy and I. I didn't even know when Sandy had left.

Then I filled Nancy's mouth with a hot load of my man milk again, as I was gorging myself on her little girl honey dripping from her virgin vessel. Did she ever taste good, 'mmmm virgin pussy juice'.

After we both clammed down, I moved from our 69 position, up and kissed her, and then we cuddle up in each other arms and drifted off in a wondrous slumber.

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We woke later, watched TV some, played around munched on each other some, ate, watched more TV, played a little, munched some more, then took a shower together washing the other and, ended the day with another great munch session before going to sleep.

I woke up around two in the morning with Nancy's mouth wrapped around my hard love pole, I just laid there watching her make love to my dick with that hot wet mouth of hers, and when I exploded into her, she drank all my offering and sucked for more.

I pulled her off my cock, rolled her on her back and dove into her snatch with my tongue and proceeded to bring her off in several body humping and moaning orgasms. Once I had my fill of her sweetness, I moved up held her tight to me and drifted back to sleep, before I was too tempted to shove my still rock hard dick into her virgin pussy, weather she wanted it or not.

I had decided that I would wait, until she was ready and wanted me to pop her cherry, and asked me to, before doing so. Although it was getting closer and closer to the point, where my desire for her virginity might over power my conviction. As I drifted off, I thought I heard my cock shout 'Wake up… I want that cherry, wake up damn it … you you asshole"