Stories force gay piss sex Come join this phat group of fun loving

Stories force gay piss sex Come join this phat group of fun loving
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I swallowed the warm sticky spunk and held onto Hassan's cock until it was flaccid. He sighed several times and remained motionless with his eyes closed. With gentle motions I rolled the softening meat around my mouth. Every so often his thigh twitched. "That was amazing." He whispered at last. I hummed into his groin. "I can't believe I let you do it again. Glad I did though." I let his cock slip from my lips and flop over his balls.

"So am I." He reached between his legs, ruffled my hair and smiled. "You're addictive, faggot." "Does that mean I get a fuck next time?" "Maybe." "You said that the last three times." I was gagging for Hassan to ram his fat dick up me.

Then I'd be able to tell Nev that I'd succeeded in turning him, if only a little. Hassan wasn't aware of this of course. He didn't even know Nev was in on the whole thing. "Please?" He stood up causing the loose pile of wood he was balanced on to wobble. "We'll see faggot. I'm still not into boys." I remained kneeling on the cold concrete watching his tuck himself away. "You've sucked me off Has. That says something." He snorted and made for the exit, a portion of wall that had collapsed some time ago.

He paused before stepping out and turned to me.


His mouth opened and closed twice, but he decided not to say what he was thinking. Instead he said he'd text soon and left. I sat on the hard floor ignoring the stones digging into my ass and stared at the mouldy ceiling.

The old pill box was a little known feature in the town, but kids found it. Kids like me. It was our secret sex den, which the growing pile of used condoms strewn in the corners attested to. It was a grotty place, but it was my only escape. No one knew I came here, least of all my sister, boyfriend, or girlfriend. I sighed, took a deep breath, and struggled into my jeans. I was getting cold but I wasn't ready to leave yet.

I wanted to stay out the house as long as possible and aside from my shifts at the coffee shop, which had grown in quantity and length, (more money being a nice side effect), this was my only real escape.

Well, this and Nev. I didn't even visit the woods anymore because Cody went there so much more now that it wasn't so secret. I pulled on my sweatshirt and sighed again. It had been two months since I returned to Jenny's, and found out that she'd sucked my own sister into her domain, and that my boyfriend was her cousin. They'd been in it the whole time, aside from a drawn out fight, and had conspired to return me to what I considered ownership. Sure I'd gone in willingly and considering the mess I'd made of everything it was the only home I had left.

And I did have to admit to myself that I got plenty of fucking. The real upside was regular sex and nights together with my sister but it still pained me when I watched her and Jenny at it. Giggling startled me from my reverie and I saw a boy and a girl climbing through the gap in the wall. They looked disappointed when they saw me. I held up my hand a stood. I was leaving. They watched me pass and went about their business out of sight. They looked young, just eighteen I guessed, and were probably just starting out.

I considered spying on them, then realised that what I know, and do, it wouldn't be very titillating. I took a slow walk home. Closing the front door I stripped as house rules demanded. I knew there was no one at home as the little yellow flag just inside the door wasn't raised.

It was a stupid system but Jenny put it in place, and it stays. I pulled open my drawer from the small cabinet to the left of the front door, and extracted my home 'uniform'. We all had a drawer and specified clothing, or not, to wear.

Each week one of us decided what everyone would wear for the rest of the week. At first we'd all been conservative but when Jenny's turn came she went all out. From that point on it enforced humiliation and near nakedness. The only hard rule for me was my collar, pink leather with four metal loops around it and FAGGOT printed on it in silver letters.

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The others always included it. To be fair Cody always had to wear a ball stretcher, also pink leather and with a short lead attached. The difference was he loved it, I did not. I think it was the girls enforcing their domination over us boys. After the collar came the panties. As it was Chloe's turn to dress us she'd chosen what she always did, her own used underwear.

She loved me in her panties and hot pants. So did Jenny. For half a month I was wearing girl's panties, used or fresh. I held up the yellow French knickers with white frills around the edges, took a sniff and smiled. Despite all the time that had passed and the amount of sex we'd had, my sister's still aroused me in ways no one else could and her scent dug up powerful feelings. I pulled them on. The final item was a pair of thigh high white socks with pink hearts attached to the outer top.

I knew I looked fucking stupid, and the humiliation was indeed strong. The others loved it. I climbed the stairs and went to the kitchen to make a drink. Then I slumped in front of the TV to relax before they returned and the ritual fucking commenced. * * * I lay in bed staring into the dark. It hadn't been fucking after all.

I'd been the urinal for an alcohol filled evening. I swallowed a lot of piss. I kind of enjoyed it, but not as much as the card evening with Nev and Hassan. Highlight: Chloe and I had a sixty nine to a climax, her on top. Low light was a drunk Cody telling me once again that he loved me. Once upon a time that was a wonderful thing to hear. Since admitting what a traitor he was and selling me back to Jenny, (in so many words), I'd lost any chance of love for him.

It was pure lust for his body now, and even that was waning. In truth I'd always hesitated when he declared his love, so something must have always been holding me back. Did I know then and just blinded myself? Intermittent flashes from my phone told me I had another message and I knew it was from Jason.

Since I kissed him then fled, he'd been trying to get hold of me. I had ignored every single text and call but two months on he wasn't giving up. I was running out of resolve. I hadn't had the balls to block him, and now I was weakening. I fled because I was a coward and now I wasn't facing him for the same reason. His messages followed similar themes; 'speak to me mate', 'don't worry Tom, lets talk', 'ur a gud kisser lol'.

Voicemails followed the same pattern, adding that he was never going to give up. Cody shifted beside me and I was brought back to the here and now.

His deep, steady breathing told me he was asleep. The duvet was ruffled around his waist and I could just make out his beautiful torso. My cock twitched but then the memories of finding out he was related to Jenny came flooding back and it stopped. Judging by his lack of awareness of my loss of attraction to him, I decided I was a good actor.

Something to be remembered. The door creaked and I looked over. From the hazy light reflected around the hallway I made out the silhouette of Chloe peering in.

"Tommy?" It was the faintest of whispers, more a distant hum on a light breeze. With incredible care I rolled off the bed, careful not to pull at the duvet, and padded from the room. Chloe backed out and beckoned me to the downstairs entrance hallway. We knew which stairs groaned and missed them. At the bottom Chloe flung her arms around me and we kissed like we were long lost lovers. She was aggressive and needy and I gave in to her, loving every second of her embrace.

We held these silent liaisons as often as possible, which is to say, not very. After my musings tonight I felt an extra urgency. She pulled back. Before I could drop to my knees and taste her, she did so, taking my erection into her throat. I had come only once last night, as a result of my sister, and suffered the frustration of the others having multiple orgasms. That frustration was released quickly and within minutes I'd filled my sister's mouth with cum. She stood and kissed me again and we shared the salty goo.

After swallowing we held onto each other for ages, lost in the touch of each other's bodies. I know this was not how siblings were supposed to be, but we'd broken that barrier and travelled a long way beyond. "We should go back." I whispered at last. She pulled back and grabbed my wrist. "No, wait." I stared at her. In the light filtering through the frosted glass of the front door I looked at her.

She was so beautiful to me. Then I saw the collar, black, almost certainly her SLUT one. We didn't have to wear our uniforms to bed, but Jenny sometimes made Chloe keep her collar on.

I suspected it was so she could chain her up somewhere overnight but Chloe never confirmed, or denied, this. That was about to change. "What's up sis?" She paused and looked down. When she returned her gaze to me I could see tears building. "You were right Tommy." I stared in confusion. "What about?" "Jenny." I held my breath. I could see she was still weighing up whether to tell me, but the pressure proved too much. She needed to tell someone, and I was the closest to her.

What the fuck had Jenny done to my sister?

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When she told me, she blurted it out in one constant stream. "She wants me to be in a video with a friend of hers and toys and its outside with people watching and I don't want to 'cos I saw what she videoed you doing and I'm scared Tommy, I don't wanna be in a video!" I grabbed her and pulled her back in to a hug.

It was supposed to be a comforting hug, but I got a rush just from her warmth and the press of her breasts against me. I felt guilty. "Don't do it then." I whispered, kissing her ear. "She's forcing me Tommy. I can't say no." "You can sis. You're letting her push you. I know.


I did." The pictures and videos Jenny had made of me were always in my mind. Even now I was scared she would release them and my world really would come crashing down.

I couldn't let Jenny do that to my sister. "Tommy, she has that video of us. She says she'll put it on the net." I thought about it for a second or two. "She didn't when I left did she?" "That's because she still had me." I conceded the point. "Do you know where she keeps them?" Chloe nodded against my shoulder. "I know where the USB sticks are, but I can't get them." "Why?" "She usually closes her door and they are kept in a drawer with noisy stuff like bangles and keys, in a locked box.

I can't go in and get them" "Can't you get them when you're staying in there with her? "Tommy!" She pulled back and held me at arm's length staring at me. "How can I?" "What do you mean?" "You don't know?" I shook my head, but suspected.

"Tommy she keeps my collar locked to her belt at night. My face is in her pussy all night!" I was confused. "You're not locked now. Get them now." "Yeh, she didn't lock it properly. Second time. I'm scared in case she catches me, and anyway where would I keep them?

She'd know instantly it was me. We'd have to get them when we could leave straight away." I nodded and cupped her face. "I need to think sis, but I won't let her make this video. She'd own you then." "What about the online one?" "Let me think." I repeated. I pulled her back to me and held her tightly. "I'll think of something." We cuddled for a few more minutes before creeping upstairs. We kissed each other and parted for our rooms. I thought of her having to bury her face between Jenny's thighs all night and, despite myself, felt a twinge of jealousy.

I rolled into bed making as little movement as possible, but sleep wouldn't come. What the hell was I going to do? * * * Jenny and Chloe watched Cody and I shower, Jenny commanding various sexual activity throughout. For his part, Cody enjoyed every second, his customary smile in place that looked like he found the world amusing.

I used to find it endearing but now it seemed to taunt me. We took in turns to finish on each other's asses and lick it off, after which Jenny led Chloe crawling on all fours from the bathroom.

A jolt of fear shot though me at the thought Jenny had overheard us the previous evening. Cody and I dried each other. Before going to get dressed Cody pushed me up against the bathroom wall and crushed himself into me, gripping my ass with a powerful clutch. "I'm so pleased… you came… back baby…" He said between kisses. "I… love… you." Despite myself, Cody's hot body turned me on.

I tempered a reply laced with lust. "I pleased… too… Cody." He held my hand while we returned to the bedroom. I glanced into the lounge in the way past and saw Jenny in her arm chair, legs over the arm rests, and Chloe eating her to climax.

I sighed. This was before eight in the morning and this is what we had become. Jenny's harem; a hyper-sexualised group of early twenty-somethings who live to suck, fuck, lick and experiment with evermore extreme sexual activities.

Jenny hadn't changed, she'd just reigned herself in until she regained control. I knew her. She was becoming complacent again, and the proof was her push to turn Chloe into her own personal porn star. My resolve hardened even if I was no closer to an idea. Uniforms were only required in the mornings at the weekend, and only if we weren't working. After fighting off Cody's groping hands I dressed and hurried from the room. I found Chloe waiting on her knees outside the closed bathroom door.

A sound of pissing could be heard the other side. I rushed over and knelt beside her. "You okay?" I whispered. "Yeh." "Chloe, did she hear anything?" At her confused look I clarified, "Last night?" She shook her head. "No. She was asleep when I went back in." "Sure?" "Yeh. Out like a zombie." "What's the morning oral about?" "Tommy!" She said, surprised, then realised she needed to keep her voice down. "I lick her out at least once a day, this isn't unusual." "And the crawling?" "How often have you seen me crawling?" I thought about it.

"All the time." She nodded. "And waiting here?" "Ready to lick her pussy clean. She did it for me yesterday, didn't you notice?" "Cody was fucking me." Okay, so nothing unusual. I was being paranoid. "Do you enjoy it?" "Yeh." She smiled.

"Shame it's her though." I kissed her and crept away. Halfway down the stairs I heard Jenny call to her 'bitch', and glimpsed through the railings as Chloe crawled into the bathroom, tongue out. My day at work was long and boring. I spent the morning shift with Ben, the self-styled hipster who, while friendly enough, saw the world 'ironically' and meant I couldn't spend more than a couple of hours in his presence.

I could however spend the entire day, and night given the chance, with Mattie. A Goth by dress but she seemed too happy to live like one. She was again wearing a lower cut top, something she'd taken to in recent weeks, and I found it hard to avoid staring at her chest.

She also allowed her natural hair colour to conquer the black and purple dye and she was even prettier for it. The facial metal remained. "Oi." She punched my arm and failed to hide a grin. I shook my head and looked sheepish. "Sorry Mattie. I… I'm such a sexist pig." Her breasts though, flawless pale globes pushing out her top.

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I'd been caught. I was lucky she and I were, if not friends, then acquaintances.

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I could lose my job for that. "If you're going to look, don't do it when I'm talking to you." I nodded. She'd been telling me about her weekend drinking with friends and I'd been avoiding talking about mine. How you slip sucking cock, constant fucking and dressing in women's underwear into polite small talk?

"I just chilled really. Boring I'm afraid. Money and all…" In response to her asking about my weekend, I'd answered in the blandest way possible. 'Oh I fucked my sister, had sex with a violent ex con, sucked off his friend because I'm trying to turn him bi, ate a mars bar from my boyfriend's ass, and led my ex-girlfriend turn me into a sissy for her own delight'.

It wouldn't really go down well. "I don't believe you." She said with a wink, then turned to serve a customer. "You can look at my ass now." I did. * I returned home after work, dressed in my uniform, and found Cody waiting in the lounge. He wore a leather chest harness and black stockings with lace tops. He held a black belt. I stripped and gave my ass to him, first the pain, then the pleasure. I thought about what Mattie would say about it, then enjoyed the fuck.

Jenny didn't come home so I spent the night with Chloe. Sex was slow and deep and long, and we bathed in each other's warm sweat afterwards. We cuddled until we dried and cooled which was long enough for me to become erect again. She sat got on top and sucked me off. I rubbed her wetness all over my face before delving into the most beautiful pussy I'd even had. My heart always beat faster when I was eating my sister, she was the only girl that did that to me.

Again we didn't wash when finished. Both of us preferred to enjoy our scents. Hugging tightly, we fingered each other's asses in gentle rhythm. "I love you so much sis." I whispered. "I love you too Tommy." Moments later I felt her shuddering and wetness on my shoulder. I pulled back, removing my finger. She grabbed my wrist and forced my hand back to her ass.

I complied. "What's wrong?" "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Tommy." "What? What about?" "I made you come back here, to her. I shouldn't have. I've fucked it all up haven't I?" "No sis.

No." With my free hand I stroked her hair. "I fucked things up some time ago. This is just the result. If I'd never met Jenny then we wouldn't be here." "But we'd also never be together like this." She sniffed.

"Yeh, true. Everything has a silver lining." She hugged me closer. "She's pretty awesome though." I nodded. "Yeh. Awesome and evil. You fell for her as well then?" "Yeh. Now I know better, but I enjoy her body so much." "Me too. Perfect body and filthy as hell. Dangerous combination." I wanted to pull my finger from her ass and give her a proper hug, but I knew she wouldn't let me.

We were two peas in a pod, once we discovered the delights of anal stimulation, there was no going back. Chloe in particular couldn't leave hers alone. Proof that it's in the genes I guess.

"So you're a lesbian then?" She thought about it before answering. "Mostly." She continued after I dug my knuckles into her shoulder. "I love pussy and being with a girl. I'd prefer a girlfriend. But if a really fit guy came along then yeh, I'd let him do me." I swallowed. This felt like a conversation leading to a termination but she cut that thought short. "Then there's you. I couldn't live without you Tommy.

In me." I moved my lips to hers and we lay there kissing while the sun dropped and the darkness flooded the land. How does one square this circle?

* * * Several days went by, all spent at work or dressed like a fool, and I was no closer to finding a solution to Chloe's video problem.

I was in constant stress, like I was descending through the ocean and the pressure was increasing by the minute forcing my skull ever smaller. One day I would implode. I cared less about myself than my sister. I was resigned to being owned by Jenny now and in truth, there were many less enjoyable situations in which to find oneself.

I had a roof and food, loads of sex and a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Nev contacted me during this time. I'd scratched work and thus I found myself in his bed, (well, Barry's spare bed), on Friday morning, with a full day of fucking ahead.

I kissed up his hairless skin, still marvelling at the smoothness of it. He lay there on his back, legs apart, while I worked up his legs into his groin. He smelled lemon from his shower.

I knew soon he would smell masculine and I'd be back here, balls in my mouth while he recovered. Nev didn't fuck, he made love. He took me deep and slow, forcing me to feel every millimetre of his cock, unable to touch his body after he'd bound my wrists to the bed head. He held my legs apart with his immense strength and owned my body. He was the only guy who had me like this. Everyone else fucked, nailed, or pounded.

Men doing what they thought manly men should do, pure animal penetration. I love it of course, but I found I loved this more. After ages of relentless pleasure he pulled out and staggered to my head where he straddled me and pushed his meat into my mouth.

I took it and sucked and was rewarded with a huge mouthful of creamy spunk. Nev cried out then groaned for an extended period while I sucked every drop from him and licked him clean. "That was a big load." I said grinning up at him while he untied my wrists. "Yeh, 'aven't 'ad it in a while." He rolled me on my side and climbed in behind me. Nev liked to spoon. His hug was firm but not tight. "Missed ya actually son." I sighed. I was doing a lot of that recently.

The joy left me and I deflated. Nev noticed. "What's up son?" "Nothing." I replied. He tried several times to coax it out of me but I remained silent on the subject. The pressure built. He gave up after a while and turned to other things. He told me about some deal he was working on and cackled with laughter. "Sound like a fukin businessman don't I?" It wasn't really a 'deal'. He'd threatened a corrupt councilman into signing over some land.

Then this guy had threatened to go to the police, after which Nev felt the need to visit him at his house. "Won't be givin me no more trouble." I shuddered, remembering I was laying in the grip of a violent ex prisoner, and wondered how I got myself into these things. When would he turn on me? I dismissed the thought. It could be anytime or never. Just give him your ass and keep him happy. It would be easy, I enjoyed Nev having me. The story and memories of violence perked him up and I felt him harden against my lower back.

I wiggled my ass against him. "Yeh son, you're hot ain't ya?" He leaned round and kissed me, fondling my cock. I hadn't come and was ready for anything. Then a thought occurred. "Do you think Has will come round if I text him?" Nev looked at my first in surprise, then with a grin. He nodded and untied my wrists. "Try it." The reply from Hassan came within moments and I knew I had him, I just needed to be careful. This would be the first time Hassan did anything with me in Nev's presence.

When he found out I was at Barry's he knew Nev was with me and said no, but I detected it was a wary no, not an outright one. Several messages later and he agreeded I could suck him off while Nev fucked me, but he wasn't going naked. I agreed, knowing I'd get his clothes off in the first five minutes. "Hey faggot." He said as he barged into the room.

He paused and more formally greeted Nev. "Hi Nev." Nev nodded, laying naked on the bed. I saw Hassan try to avert his eyes but he couldn't quite manage it. I decided to give him something else to look at and leaped off the bed at him, hugging him, then dropping to my knees.

I felt his bulge and realised he probably had a semi all the way over. He didn't stop me pulling his jeans and boxers off. His fat meat came to attention and my mouth watered. I licked from base to tip, then pinched his foreskin between my lips and pulled. He wasn't getting the full treatment yet however.

Nev wanted it done just right. I stood and tried to pull off his jumper. "No." "Come on Has." I grabbed his hand and placed it on my cock. He gripped it and slid along it a couple of times, before letting go. "I'm not gay!" He cried, but didn't move. "No one says you are Has." Said Nev from the bed and it struck me how Nev only pronounced his 'H's when saying Hassan's name. An odd thing to notice given the circumstances I'll grant you, but there it is.

Nev continued, "But ya want some of this boy, so why not just give in. Girls will come later." "You're trying to turn me aren't you?" "Don't be so fukin dumb Has. Lose yer jumper." Hassan stared at him and I felt a crackle in the air, but it passed as he relented.

I helped it over his head and stood back to admire his chest. It was quite stunning. His dark Asian skin was covered in a matt of black hair surrounding big dark nipples. I lunged forward and sucked on one, eliciting a yelp and then a groan of joy. His hair was soft like a cat and I ran my fingers though it enjoying the silky sensation and defined muscles. Reaching down I felt his cock pumping.

He was ready. After suckling on his other nipple I moved back into the bed. Nev was behind me and started grinding his groin into my ass. I was becoming dizzy with lust and my problems receded into the distance.

Excitement built. This was what I had been working on Hassan for so long for, and I was keen to see what Nev had in mind. First though I knew we had to get him comfortable, and that involved me sucking him. He stepped to the edge of the bed and I took him in my mouth, all eight inches of rock hard fatness. He forced it into my throat and I welcomed it in, his soft public hair tickled my nose and eyes.

At the same time, Nev parted my cheeks, spat on my hole, (his favourite lubricant), and thrust inside me. "Fuck 'is mouth." Commanded Nev, and then both commenced pumping me. Nev wasn't going to make love this time, it was a rare occasion and Hassan needed to see masculine sex, lest he get put off. The two men synced their rhythm and I was stuffed front and back. I slurped against Hassan's cock every time he withdrew it and after a time dribble escaped my lips, only to be forced back in with his thrust.

I couldn't move nor add to the movement, I had to remain still while they pumped me in unison. I groaned and hummed against Hassan's cock as Nev drove his meat deep into me and prodded my prostrate. The bed squeaked and rattled. The floor under Hassan creaked with his shifting weight, and behind me the head rail clanked into the wall beating out the rhythm of my pleasure.

Nev left it long enough to allow Hassan to get caught up in the moment and lose his reluctance to the situation. He pulled out and patted my ass, his sign to roll over. The sudden loss of warmth and suction caused Hassan to groan. Good. I rolled over and spun around. My ass was now open to Hassan. He was staring but didn't move forward. "Nah ya don't Has." Said Nev, pushed him aside and climbed on the bed.

"Get over 'is 'ead." Hassan didn't pause. He jumped on the bed and wobbled to my head. He turned to face Nev and got to his knees. His big heavy balls appeared in front of my eyes, the soft fur a neat cocoon surrounding them. I jerked as Nev pushed back inside me, my head bobbing up and down with his motion. I returned my attention to his balls. I'd played with his cock so often, but rarely had I enjoyed these puppies. I wondered why not, then strained my neck to lick them.

Hassan felt the touch and lowered himself onto my face. I sucked and licked the fat globes while he stroked himself. Minutes later Hassan shifted position and tried to force his cock down into my mouth, but I prevented him by taking a fold of scrotum in my mouth and letting him feel my teeth. He relented. It hadn't gone unnoticed, and Nev patted my thigh three times. I looked down my body at him. He winked and sucked his cheeks in. I hoped I understood what he wanted.

I felt him soften his fucking so my head didn't bob about so much. I reached up to Hassan's hips and pulled him down further onto my face. This gave me more of his balls. It was clear he didn't know what was coming as he allowed me to work each testicle into my mouth. When I had them both in I closed my lips and sucked, rolling them around in my mouth as much as I could.

It wasn't much. My mouth was full. That's when Nev pushed further into me and I knew he was leaning forward. With a sudden jerk Hassan tried to pull away, but I closed my teeth just enough for him to feel them and he knew he was trapped.

He had no choice but to let Nev suck his dick. "Shit no Nev!" He tried to protest. There was no answer, just an intermittent slurping sound. Nev found a rhythm that allowed him to pummel me and suck Hassan. I murmured and moaned into Hassan's balls and from above, Hassan forgot his protesting and let himself go. I felt his hips buck under the oral onslaught and I knew he'd submitted.

I held onto his balls for a few more minutes then decided to try and drive even wilder. I released one ball at a time, letting them slip from my lips and clinging onto his hair until they too escaped. Then using my elbows to brace against the bed I pushed back a little, further under Hassan. Now his furry ass was above me. I squeezed my arms between his legs, parted his ass with my thumbs, and drove my tongue into his tight hole. He wailed above me, jerked as if to get away, then relaxed when he felt the sensation of his sphincter being licked.

"Oh my god!" He cried. I knew Nev would be smiling into Hassan's cock. He had what he wanted. Hassan had allowed himself to be taken by men. There was no going back from here. There never is. He was bi now, and just had to accept it. It might take time, but he would, if secretly. I knew the feeling well and pushed my tongue in harder.

I wanted him to have the most amazing time that he would always remember, and if like me, would jerk off to. It didn't take long for him to cum, and with a wail like a girl he spewed his seed into Nev's mouth. Nev wasn't ready and it splattered onto my chest. Nev grunted, swallowed what he had, and returned for the remainder.

I felt his ass loosen as he came down from the orgasmic high, and I knew we had him when he remained on my face. He wanted my tongue in his ass even after coming.

Moments later Nev grunted several times and slammed into me hard enough to push me up the bed. I slipped out of Hassan's ass and he climbed off me, but remained on the bed staring at my body. "Touch me!" I pleaded with him, eyes half closed with the slowing pounding from Nev. "Please!" Hassan reached out, paused, then gave in and gripped my cock, stroking slow.

"Harder Has, harder!" He complied and wanked me off. Now I knew how he masturbated himself; hard and fast. I came in minutes with Nev's semi still half in me. I clenched my ass as I shot strings of jizz over myself and forced Nev out. I giggled as the final adrenalin dissolved in my system and became soft. Hassan didn't let go of me. We remained like this for minutes, Nev and I sharing a wink and Hassan staring at out genitals.

He was the one to move first. He slumped back on the bed resting on his hands. "Shit." He whispered. Nev looked at me and tilted his head. 'five minutes' he mouthed, and left the room. I turned to Hassan. "You okay?" He shook his head and looked down at himself. "I can't believe I just did that." "Awesome huh?" I grinned.

He looked at me, then my body, then his, and then back to me. "Yeh." He nodded as though affirming it to himself.

"It was." I reached over and cupped his balls. I saw some jellified cum on the head of his cock and leaned down to lick it off. He didn't stop me. His cock twitched at my touch. "You're hot." I said as I sat back up. He said nothing for a bit before leaning forward. "Never had my ass licked." Then a thought seemed to occur. "Nev." "What about him?" I asked after a period of silence.

"He… he never said about, doing that with me." I shrugged. "No idea." "Shit. I don't wanna be his boyfriend." I saw a bit of panic set in. I'd need to make sure Nev wasn't too pushy. "I doubt he is looking for that Has." I patted his thigh. "It probably just seemed the thing to do. You know, in the moment." Hassan looked doubtful but it seemed to assuage his fear a little.

"How about I try to find out?" "Yeh. Cheers. But you know, discrete like yeh?" I nodded as Nev came back in the room. "Right Has, 'op it. I'm 'avin time with the boy." Hassan was quick to leap from the bed and dress. I watched him hide his sexy hairy body, then went over just before he made to leave. I hugged him and whispered in his ear. "You're faggot is available any time you want to practice or try something new.

I'll find out about Nev." Then I kissed him, and for the first time he didn't pull away. Then he was gone and I was on the bed with Nev working me into another lustful mess. * * * For the first time ever my sister came into the coffee shop. It was quiet for a Saturday but the heavy rain had just finished and I expected the hordes to descend any minute. She had been caught in the rain and her pink tshirt was wet.

It hadn't gone see through but it did cling to her body, and without a bra her erect nipples were available for everyone to see. I suspected she may have been enjoying the attention.

I greeted her with a little surprise, careful not to stare at my own sister's chest in public, and turned to make her coffee. Mattie was my co-worker that day and this coincidence led to a startling discovery.

In the polished chrome of the machine I saw Mattie. I had to concentrate and took several seconds to make sure, but there she was, staring at Chloe's breasts. I turned to Chloe to check the angle. Yes. She had been looking at her boobs. I turned back to the machine and then spun around in a show of forgetting something. Mattie flicked her gaze away to the ceiling finding something invisible to occupy her interest.

At first this made no sense, not because I didn't believe Mattie could be a lesbian, but because I'd never seen her looking at any other girl in that way, especially not so overtly. The cup overflowed with milk and I switched back to the task at hand. I cleaned up and took the coffee to a corner table.

Chloe followed. There I found the reason for her first visit to the coffee shop; she was worried about the video. Jenny had mentioned it again and said how she thought she had found a cameraman. "She said he would need paying, and as we didn't have a lot of money, we'd both have to make sure he left happy." She looked glum. I reassured her, but not very well. I told her I would find a way out, but admitted to struggling. I felt I was having a positive effect but as she sipped her drink it became apparent that she was becoming distracted.

She kept glancing over my shoulder and several times I had to repeat myself. When the coffee was finished she moved to leave, then sat back down. "Oh yeah, Jason came round earlier.

Said you two really should talk." "Oh." After a pause I collected her china and stood. "Just passing the message on Tommy." She rose and I watched her leave. Before exiting she glanced back over her shoulder at Mattie, who flashed a shy smile and went back to her vigorous cleaning of the counter. I pondered this new information as the shop started to fill with customers. * * * I was Jenny's pussy eater that evening, and gave her four orgasms.

Despite everything I found it wonderful being back between her perfect thighs and licking her smooth lips. Time flew past. After Jenny had come for a second time we relaxed, her in the chair, me between her legs, enjoying the cries of ecstasy from Cody's bedroom as he fucked Chloe in the ass. I knew it was her ass from the guttural grunts. Vaginal penetration always produced whimpers from her. Moments after Chloe went silent Jenny tugged on the lead attached to my collar and I delved back in, tasting her slippery wetness.

I had come to think of the chair as her throne. From it she commanded us, even Cody. Sometimes she might watch us perform acts on each other, but in most cases someone would be eating her cunt, or less often these days, her ass. "Ahhhh…" She sighed after the fourth time.

Her thighs trembled and I planted soft kisses on them feeling the silky skin. There were worse things to be forced to do I decided, even if the frustration of my own lack of orgasm annoyed me. After a few moments basking in the afterglow she commanded me. "I need to piss Tommy." I moved back between her thighs and pressed my open lips up against her labia, parting them in the process. The hot stream filled my mouth and I took rapid gulps to avoid spilling any.

The humiliation excited me and my cock bounced around. After licking her clean she slid off the chair and onto my lap. She wiggled herself into position and slid down onto my cock. "It's been a while baby." She whispered as she moved up and down in a slow deliberate rhythm.

I nodded and closed my eyes. God she felt good. Her pert little breasts brushed up against my chest and when our nipples rubbed together we both sighed as jolts of electric pleasure shot through us. Her expert technique worked me into a fast frenzy and minutes later I was whimpering to be allowed to come.

She slowed, edging me until I could stand it no more. I cried out and thrust my groin into her, using the floor as extra leverage. She tried to pull away but I grabbed her hips and forced her down on me.

She relented and gave her pussy to me. I emptied myself into her and relaxed down onto her chest, my face between her breasts.

She stroked my hair. "Miss that?" I nodded against her but didn't pull back. "Me too Tommy baby. Welcome home to your fuck slut." We held onto each other for a while before Jenny stood and padded into the bedroom. She returned wearing pink hot pants with 'lil princess' printed on the groin in white script, and carrying a second pair for me.

I slipped them on and she snuggled down on the floor with me. I stroked her thighs and she caressed my balls though the Lycra. I broke the silence first. "Why did you get so vile?" I felt her shrug against me, a pause, then she answered. "I didn't mean to. I got bored." "Bored of having seven guys at your beck and call?" Another shrug.

"Perhaps that was it. Especially Will. He was such a sissy." "I can't believe it." I shook my head. "He was such an alpha when he was fucking me." "Yeh. That took a lot of training. In the end he just gave up." Another round of silence was again broken by me.

"You don't have to be this way." "How do you want me to be?" She snapped, softening her outburst by slipping her hand in my hot pants and gripping my cock.

"Like all the other boring girls out there? The one's you would leave after a night or two?" I shrugged. "No Tommy. I'm into a lot of nasty shit. I love it. And I like to be in control. This is how it has to be." "You don't have to be in control." I mumbled. She barked a laugh. "Ha! Yes I do. Can you imagine if any of you had the power? Will perhaps?

You Tommy? Fuck no, none of you were a challenge so I had to be the dominant one. You all had a good life until you became ungrateful." "Fuck off!" Anger flashed through me. "You were going to make me have sex with an animal. A fucking animal! Not only is it disgusting, it's illegal." She considered the point before answering. "Yeh well, it was a bit far. I wasn't even into it.

I only thought I'd do it because I could." "Well you couldn't. I left." "Yep. Biggest mistake you ever made baby. But you're back now." She slipped her hand from my tight shorts and put it round my shoulders. "Don't make Chloe be in a video." It was an obvious plea, but I had to try. She turned to me. "Thinking of your sister while fucking me huh?" She seemed to be teasing but I knew better. "No Jenny. Thinking of you while fucking you. Now I'm thinking of Chloe.

Please don't force her to make a video." "Why?" I was incredulous. "She doesn't want to!" "I don't hear her complaining when we eat each other to orgasm Tommy." "That's private." "Gotta make some money somehow." "But… with my sister?

Please no!" "So what are you offering in return?" The question floored me and I realised she had already planned this. I'd been played. Again. I sighed and pondered, but it didn't take long.

Any hopes I had for something else had gone when I returned to this house and Chloe had become ensnared in Jenny's web. "Me." I said. "Use me." "What? You mean use you in a video instead of Chloe?" I nodded. "Yes." "Or I could just use you both of course." She murmured.

I was about to snap back but held myself. I realised she was trying to ensure I would follow through. "What else will you do?" "Just me Jen. Destroy the video of her and I, then let her go.

If you do that, I'll do what you want." A smile played at the corner of her lips. "Anything I want?" "Within the law, yes." "Hmmm." She put a finger to her lips. "A submissive gay boy has a bigger niche audience than just another slut being fucked." I smarted at her calling my sister a slut but held myself in check. "Let's see. You make a video of whatever I want first, then I'll destroy the one of your sister." Now I had to hold my ground. "No." A raised eyebrow and an unpleasant look.

"No?" "Destroy anything with my sister on it first. You have enough videos and pictures of me already." "True." Her glare softened. "But you're going into this with your eyes open. I want a video of you getting fucked by ten random strangers in a public toilet, then licking their cum out the piss tray." I opened my mouth to reply but she stayed me with a raised finger.

"While being pissed on." I knew once this video was made the others would come thick and fast, and each would be more extreme than the last. I had to hide my excitement despite losing my free will and life if I did it. It was clear she didn't know about me in the woods, and I had already decided that I would protect my sister. I was also resigned to my family eventually finding out, and would simply ignore them, as I did with Jason.

"Deal." She smiled. It was at once predatory and satisfied. She stood and rolled her hot pants down. Using the ball of her left foot she pushed it against my shoulder until I lay on my back on the floor, then straddled me and lowered her ass onto my face. "I want to feel your tongue deep inside me baby." My mouth watered. Even though I'd surrendered myself to save my sister, there were definite positives in the deal. * * * I awoke to a dreary, overcast day.

She'd forgotten to draw the curtains when putting me to bed. I tried to move then remembered the cuffs holding me to the bed posts. Her pungent scent was all I could smell. I tried to use my tongue to shift the crotch of her panties to one side but she'd pulled them on too tight.

Besides, I liked it and didn't try too hard. I shifted up the bed to give my stretched arms some respite and realised I had a hard on pointing at the ceiling.

I also needed a piss. After licking her ass she'd taken me into her bedroom and fucked me senseless with her big strap-on, the one she'd had made from a cast of Trey's cock and like the real thing, it had taken me a few minutes pain before I could relax and take the girth. She was relentless, and only stopped when she was too tired to continue.

Then she'd pushed a butt plug in me and ridden me on my back, straddling my face when I'd come so I was forced to suck my spunk from her sloppy pussy. She didn't lay next to me or cuddle for a bit. She didn't need to, she had me now. She'd bound my wrists and attached them to the bed, pulled her used panties over my head so I could see though the legs, and attached my collar to my neck. After covering me to my nipples with a duvet she'd left. That duvet had been pushed to one side sometime during the night and now I realised I was open to the chilly room.

I shivered and stared at the ceiling counting the cracks. After a while Chloe peeked around the door and seeing I was awake, came in. "Hey Tommy." She climbed on the bed next to me and lay her arm across my chest, propping her head up with her other hand.

I looked down her body. She wore a tiny boob tube and her flannel shorts. My erection bounced. "Hey sis." "Jenny said you had some good news, and you were to tell me before I let you out." The hope in her face said all that needed to be said; she no longer had to do the video. I nodded as much as I could. "No video." She beamed at me and stoked my chest.

My cock flailed around. "How did you do it?" "Doesn't matter sis." I said and smiled at her. "Jen will also destroy the one of us." That elicited an even bigger smile and my heart ached at her beauty and erotic allure. She looked me down and back up, then pulled the panties from my face. She leaned down and kissed me then pulled back, a naughty look on her face.

"You really should smell of me, not her." She said and pulled off her boob tube allowing her big breasts to swing free. Her nipples were erect and I wanted so much to suck on them, but she had other ideas. I watched her struggle out of her shorts and got a brief glimpse of heaven before she pulled them over my head. I couldn't see anything through the soft material and it was a form of torture not being able to see my sister naked.

That torture was turned to bliss when she mounted me and fucked me slowly, teasing every second out of me. "Oh Tommy I love you." She breathed and increased her rhythm, slapping down onto my hips and forcing me deep into her.

She came fast, whinnying like a pony, but she didn't stop and I realised she would get two orgasms out of me. The thought nearly made me shoot early but I controlled myself and allowed her to ride me like a bucking bronco.

Every so often she'd come down so hard the butt plug jabbed further into my ass and increased my excitement even further. I wished it was a cock. By the time we both came we were crying out as though in pain, wailing each other's names and begging for more. She collapsed down onto me, both of us gulping down air, the thin film of sweat we had built up now a chilly covering. She pushed up her shorts over my head and found my lips.

We kissed with passion and neediness, her holding my head and me desperate to wrap my arms around her, the frustration adding to the intensity. After a good twenty minutes she moved to untie my hands. "No." Cody's voice commanded from the door. "Don't untie him." Chloe spun her head and I looked over her shoulder. He must have been standing there watching I realised. How long? Chloe looked back at me with a raised eyebrow, then turned back to him.

"Why?" "I want a go." His grin was salacious. "And I have a surprise." Chloe shrugged and rolled off me. "Wait." I said. "I need a piss." "Don't untie him." Repeated Cody. He moved further into the room and I saw he wore only a pair of green briefs.

His perfect body on show, and his genitals hugged by the tiny material was a hot sight and even though I'd just ejaculated I felt the stirrings of arousal once more. "But…" I began to protest when Chloe put a finger to my lips and smiled.

Then she moved down me until her face was above my dick. With a final look at me, a wink and a nod, she took my flaccid meat into her mouth and waited.

I couldn't stop the flow and hadn't realised how much I needed to release. She gulped it down like an expert and remained licking the tip as I squeezed out the final dribbles.

"Yummy." She said and bounced naked from the room. Cody watched her ass before turning back to me. He leaped on the bed and moved up to sit on my chest.

He started to untie my right wrist. "I thought you wanted me tied up?" I asked. He glanced at me before returning his attention to the bindings. "I do. Just need you in a different position." My wrist was moved to the middle rail and refastened. He repeated this with my left one. "There. On your front bitch." I wriggled a turn until I was face down. "Ass up, knees wide." He commanded. I obeyed. My ass was screaming out for cock and he knew it. I heard fumbling and then his briefs were pulled over my head, the third lot of underwear this morning.

This time they covered my eyes more than my nose leaving my mouth free, but I could still smell his masculine scent. "Come in bro." He called and I started. Who was he bringing in? I heard the door rub on the carpet, then again as it closed. There was the ominous click of the key in the lock. Some movement and whispering, I couldn't make out what was said, and then I felt the butt plug plucked from me making me wince as it caught, and cold lube being pushed into my hole.

Cody or his friend used several fingers and I realised my ass must be gaping from the fat rubber that had been there all night. Cody climbed under me, squeezing between my legs and shuffling up on his elbows. He kissed me when his face was under mine.

"Keep your mouth open." He whispered when he pulled back a little. I did so, and got rewarded with a ball gag in my mouth. I shook my head to try and stop him but it was too late.

He'd got the strap around my head and buckled before I had a chance to stop him. Not that I could have done much in my tied position. "Now then fuck hole, let's use you properly, just as you're always so desperate for." The soft Cody I knew wasn't present. Instead he sounded commanding, but with my arms stretched over his shoulders and tied to the bed railings, I couldn't stop him.

Part of me was wary, concerned about what he was going to do, but a larger part of me begged for it to happen whatever it was, and the fact I couldn't stop it drove intense arousal. Just like the woods when he made me suck his balls while he got fucked, I was helpless and horny. Maybe he was right, maybe I did need to serve. Perhaps that's why I was so quick to give in to Jenny.

He bucked his hips and slipped inside me tearing my thoughts back to the moment. My gaping ass making entry easy. I now realised how relaxed I was as had I barely felt it.

But the surprise was still to come, and the bed bounced as the stranger got in position behind me. It dawned on me what Cody had planned just seconds before it happened.

The stranger forced himself inside me. I squealed as my hole was stretched further by an impressive sized cock, but the pain passed and I grinned to myself as I was double penetrated. The boys raped me. Although I was perfectly willing, there was no other way to describe it. I was tied to the bed and two cocks thrust inside me with the force of a fucking machine. Within minutes they were both panting, the stranger behind me more so. I revelled in the nastiness of it.

The use of my ass as a fuck toy, being tied and unable to prevent my hole being stretched and abused. "" I moaned into the ball gag in time to their rhythm. "mmmmMM!" A slap stung my ass. "Like that don't ya bitch?" "Mmmm!" I nodded. A tiny part of my brain processed that voice and found it familiar, but it was drowned out by the excitement of the moment. All I could concentrate on was the feeling in my ass and the power they had over me. The sensation was more incredible than anything I had done before.

Visions flashed through my mind; going down on Will for the first time, Jenny fucking me with her strap on, getting nailed in the woods. They were all swamped by this moment. I was aware of a distant but growing realisation. Jenny didn't trap me, I allowed myself to be trapped, again and again. I sought it out, and when I got there I lost myself in it, and I was losing myself again. I knew that next time would have to be harder, more extreme to get the same sensation.

I was addicted to sex and being used as a toy. "Oh fucking hell!" Cried Cody. He had lost himself as well, and he licked my face to prove it.

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"Mmmm…mmmm" I hummed, and was rewarded with another stinging slap. "Shit bro!" He said and slapped me again. Cody spat on my face. I was bouncing on their cock as far as the bindings would let me. I couldn't get them both deep enough and wanted to beg for more.

The stranger rammed harder but Cody couldn't get the angle from under me and I couldn't sit down. Cody reached under me and pinched my nipples. My whole body was on fire and I wondered if this was how girls felt as their orgasm burned higher. The snapping at my ass and Cody pulling and hurting my nipples were registered as pure pleasure, even though I knew I would hurt like hell after. They fed a feedback loop that drove me insane with lust. Something had to give, and I growled against the gag as I came on Cody, firing shot after shot that caught between our stomachs and smeared across us.

I hadn't been touched aside from a gentle rubbing from Cody's movements. "Oh fuck!" Shouted stranger. "Oh fuck…fuck… ARRGH!" I felt him pump his spunk into my ass, slamming home five times and jerking me with such force I moved up the bed. Cody rushed to shift with me and a final bucking of his hips he too ejaculated with a cry, but he slipped out of me and shot his load over my ass cheeks and strangers balls. We all collapsed onto each other panting and sweating.

Stranger crushed me between him and Cody as he lay on my back. He remained in me, fully hard and I realised how big he was. I wiggled my ass at him and he responded by pushing in deep. Cody grunted beneath me and the stranger relented. We lay there for several minutes before Cody reached behind my head and untied the gag. My non-aroused brain regained some resources and my jaw worked side to side to relieve the ache. Wait. Bro? "Cody," I whispered. "Bro?" I felt him nod under me. I froze.

A memory string had been plucked and I waited while the vibration travelled to my recollection. Fuck. The policeman from the woods! I moved my head closer to where I thought Cody was and ended up head butting him.

He shifted and I moved my lips to his ear. "The policeman?" "Yes." He replied at full volume. "Tommy, meet Brayden." Brayden responded by pushing his erection into me again.

Now I knew why he was lasting and remembered the length of time he pummelled Cody. "Why does he call you bro?" I asked, not bothering to whisper this time. "That's what brothers do." He pulled his underwear off my head. I blinked at the sudden light then looked at him. He gave me an evil grin. "I told you it was more common than you knew." My head spun and I stared at my bound wrists. Was everyone at it?

Jenny, Cody, Brayden. Then of course me and Chloe. What fucking life had I crafted? I looked back down. "I didn't even know you had a brother." Cody snorted. "You didn't even know Jenny and I were cousins." "But." I didn't know what to say. It was a surprise, but an erotic one. I'd watched Brayden nailing Cody twice, and then he'd had me. Now they'd both had me at once. "But… brother and cousin?" Cody laughed and behind me I heard Brayden sniggering along.

"We're a very close family." Said Brayden. His English accent didn't accord with Cody's mild twang. I didn't want to know, but I did. So I asked. "How close?" They both laughed, but Cody answered. "Mommy, daddy, Jenny's parents. We're all into each other." "Holy fuck! How? I… how didn't I know this?" Another laugh.

"Oh fuck Tommy. I love you but you are the most self-centred person I know. You asked me once in the car why he call me bro," I remembered the moment after the second time in the woods. I had been shocked at a sudden flare of anger. "All it took to stop you asking was one shout. You never asked again." My mouth flapped like a fish. I wanted to ask so much, to tell them I didn't believe them, but nothing came out. "You'll meet daddy." I looked at Cody.

"Yeh, he's seen your videos. Like's you." "Fuck bro, I'm desperate here." Brayden whined, and I realised his cock was still hard. "Do him." Said Cody, and Brayden pounded me again. I knew he had staying power, but he'd come already. It didn't seem to slow him down, and for fifteen minutes I was pummelled while Cody cuddled me with arms and legs.

* * * I watched Chloe enter the lounge and drooled. Uniform was my choice this week and I'd come up with blinding ideas. She wore a sleeveless crop top that exposed the underside of her breasts, a pair of pink cotton panties with white lace edging, and white ankle socks with pink lace edging. The twist was Cody and I had been using the crop top as a wank rag for the previous week. It was screwed up, stained and crusty.

I wanted to fuck her right then, but my bindings held me fast to Jenny's chair, wrists behind my head and legs apart over the arms. She knelt down in front of me, forced her face into my ass, and sucked Cody's cum from my hole. I closed my eyes and smiled, enjoying my sister's tongue. Cody was recovering on the sofa, back in his uniform, a pair of Jenny's black lace French knickers.

The bastard had the body to pull them off. He was panting and caressing his sore cock. Jenny had forced him to swallow a Viagra pill that morning and after five times on me he was beginning to feel it.

I could take more, but I don't think he had any more in him. Jenny sat on the floor with her back to the window. This was my genius idea. She was allowed to wear anything small as long as the three of us had soaked it with piss first.

I could smell her from where I was bound. I'd upped the ante on the uniform rule and they all knew it. I realised I was going to regret it, but I couldn't help myself. Chloe pulled back and showed me Cody's cum in her mouth before swallowing. Then she grinned and winked. "Right then, all done." Said Jenny and stood. We all knew she was pissed off at her uniform, (well first she was pissed on, then she was pissed off), but she was forced by her own rules to wear it.

She was shivering from the tiny wet vest and panties she wore, yellowed by the urine. She wandered from the room and we heard the shower start. "Thank god!" Gasped Cody, and left to do whatever he felt he needed to. Soothing cream at a guess. Chloe waited for him to leave and stood. She pulled the crusty crop top off and lay it over my face. "I'll be back in a moment." I heard her pad from the room. For several minutes I closed my eyes and took in the sweet musky smell of Cody's and my dried spunk.

When she returned she flung the cum rag away and I saw she was fully dressed in jeans and a wool jumper. I cocked an eyebrow at her, and she sat on the chair between my legs. "Before I untie you, we need to talk." That was never a good sentence in my opinion but I remained silent. "You know what about." She continued. "No sis." I shook my head.

She lay a hand on my thigh and my cock jumped. "You have to speak to Jason." My cock wilted. "Come on Tommy, you've known him since you were kids. I doubt he'd hate you just because of a kiss." "Fuck sis, it was&hellip. I fucking jumped him." "So?" I didn't have an answer and after a moment of silence she continued. "He's been trying to get in touch Tommy. It doesn't sound like he never wants to see you again." "It's fucking embarrassing Chloe." The withering stare she gave me said everything, but she pointed out the obvious anyway.

"You dress in girls clothes, drink piss, fuck your own sister and get fucked by many men while begging for more. Kissing Jason is the least embarrassing thing you do." I had to concede the point.

Perhaps I was being a little silly. Fuck it. "Okay, I'll speak to him." "Great!" She leaped from the seat. "He's waiting for you at his place." "You fucking set it up?" I asked, annoyed and surprised in equal measure. "Yup." She set about untying me.

"Bumped into him outside your coffee shop the other day. He begged me to help." "Chloe…" I started. "Don't say it bro." She finished freeing my wrists and jumped out the way before I could grab her and yank her jeans down.

"You need to do this and I'm just making it happen." She reached into her back pocket and threw her panties at me.

"Wear them for luck." I held them to my nose and made a show of sniffing them. Her scent did what it always did to me, and my cock flailed around in my lap. She watched it and I could have sworn she was about to kneel down, then shook her head and left the room. "Don't fuck it up!" She called up the stairs before slamming the front door behind her. I sighed.

I couldn't go in my current state so I wanked into my hand, licked up my cum, and showered. Her panties were a mistake. I maintained a semi all the way to Jason's. * * * "Finally!" He stood to one side and I entered, avoiding looking at him or his body. I knew at that instant this was a massive mistake.

He wore only a pair of runner's shorts and I fought the desire to jump him again, or drop to my knees. "Go through to the lounge Tom, I'll be there in a sec." I complied and sat in the middle of the sofa so he'd have to sit in the easy chair opposite. The room was warmer than it usually was and it made it stuffy. When he entered his dress attempt didn't help my attraction.

He'd thrown on a see through black mesh basketball vest with the arms open down to the waist. Worse, he sat on the sofa next to me. Our thighs touched. I wanted to reach into his vest and stroke his chest. "I'm glad you came round Tom. Really." I nodded and mumbled a 'me too'. "Tom." He put his arm around my shoulder. My cock twitched. "Can't you even look at me?" I shook my head. "I'm a fucking retard.

I'm so fucking sorry!" I continued to stare at the floor. The silence extended for several minutes and I began to fidget. "Why did you do it?" He asked in a whisper. I shrugged and felt the weight of his arm. "I mean you obviously wanted to, but why?" I shrugged again. I wanted to remain silent but something snapped.

For close to three months I'd ignored the one person I had always counted on, a friend from childhood. Now I was about to ignore the one chance to get him back and I knew we'd drift apart even if we patched it up. My life was a mess and I was a sex addict. It all boiled up into a moment which I needed to release.

I needed to tell someone who hadn't had their ass on my face. "I love you Jas." She stared at me looking puzzled. "But you're straight aren't you? I don't…" I cut him off and it poured out. "Jenny turned me onto guys and cock. I've become very bi, and fell for you. Two fucking years I've been staring at your body and fighting the urge to jump you. I couldn't stand it when you were acting with me because of that prick Atticus you know.

All I wanted was to cuddle you and kiss you and for you to be in me. I'm a fucking fag Jason and I'm sorry it'll ruin us." Once finished I took a deep breath and realised my forehead was covered in a film of sweat. He remained silent for a long time but didn't remove his arm from me. I wondered what was going through his head.

"It won't ruin us Tom." I snorted a derisory laugh. "No?" I stood and glared down at him. Everything that had built up was in freefall now. I couldn't believe he was so calm, like I'd broken a vase. I'd just told him I wanted him to fuck me. I needed him to see the intensity of my feelings and the impossible situation I was in.

I wanted him to be angry, and I did something stupid. I confessed. "I'm a fucking freak Jas! I touched you up while you slept do you know that? I'm so sick I basically assaulted my best friend because I can't control myself." My sweating extended down the back of my neck. He relaxed back against the sofa and placed both hands in his lap. His demeanour was infuriating me. I couldn't work out why he wasn't hitting me.

"Did you enjoy it?" I stared at him. "What?" "Did you enjoy touching me?" "What the fuck?" I was gobsmacked. "What's that got to do with it? I groped you while you slept Jas. While you were asleep. Unconscious. I touched you up." "I get that. Did you enjoy it?" My mouth did an impression of a fish before I clammed up.

What could I say to that? What the fuck was going on?

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"Until I thought you might wake up yeh." I folded my arms as a physical full stop. He nodded and looked down into his lap. I thought his anger was at last building but when he returned his gaze to me he seemed to be smiling, like he had a secret.

"You really are an idiot aren't you?" Again I froze, unsure how to answer. At least he was insulting me. "Yes." I agreed at last. "And you really don't have any idea do you?" "About what?" I spat it out like a petulant child. "That's what really pisses me off Tom." He said and stood. Now he looked upset. I stood my ground. "That you can claim to be my best friend but have no idea about me. Then one little drunken thing happens and you run away instead of coming to talk to me about it." "I… what do you mean no idea?" I was confused.

This wasn't going the way I'd thought it would. I had prepared for a beating. "When was the last time I had a girlfriend Tom?" He paused for effect but I knew he wasn't asking me a question. "Sixteen Tom. Nearly ten years ago. Didn't you ever wonder why?" I shook my head. I hadn't considered it. I was far too involved with my own lack of decent women and besides, every time I asked he shut me down. I said so. "Fuck's sake Tom.

You're a fucking egocentric twat!" First Cody, then Jenny and now Jason accusing me of being self-centred. I realised I must be. It wasn't a pretty feeling and it sunk into my stomach like acid.

Either the situation or the heat of the room was causing me to flush. Or both. I felt hot. "…ove you so much I'd knock you on your ass." "What?" I did a double take and stared at him.

I'd been preoccupied with my thoughts and missed the first part of what he said. I guess that proved my selfish aspect. "I said, you fucking cretin, that if I didn't love you so much I'd knock you on your ass." You could have cut the silence that followed with a knife.

I stared at him, disbelieving what I'd heard and he glared right back at me, challenging me to say something. I was the one who capitulated. "What? You mean… like friends?" I was blabbering but couldn't force out a full sentence.

"No Tom, like a boy of fifteen who finally admits to himself that he's gay and is deeply in love with his best friend Tom." He sighed and seemed to relax and expand all at once. I realised he'd been carrying this secret around with him for ten years and I felt disgusted with myself. Then I realised what that meant, and hope and lust barged disgust out the way.

"And… and… now?" He smiled a weary smile. "Do you know how long I've been waiting to say this?" "Ten years?" I whispered.

He nodded. "I love you Tom." Fuckity fuck bandits. I leaped at him and wrapped my arms around him, finding his lips with mine but instead of reciprocating he pushed me away.

"Wha…what?" I gasped. Surely he couldn't be that cruel? He was making it up! Humiliation flushed through me adding to my temperature. "How could you not know? I mean really not know?" "I… don't know." I was too relieved to string words together and took a breath. "I thought you might have turned before you met Jenny.

You were acting so secret and weird I thought you'd found another boy. I was so upset when you said her name." "I don't remember." "Then," he continued. "When you said you wanted to try it with a guy but you weren't sure I was so angry that another guy was getting you instead of me." I remembered how he'd reacted in his room.

I hadn't put the pieces together. "I'm sorry." "Fuck Tom don't be sorry. You're just an imbecile. There were countless times. By then you were so into yourself that you didn't even pick up the blinding obvious signals at the gigs. I spent ages winding up that Atticus to believe he had a chance with me, just to get you." My eyes watered.

"That was so hard for me to hold back Jas. You have no idea. I wanted to give myself to you!" "You should have done you stupid tit wank." I lunged at him again and once more he pushed me away. "Tom. I've just told you my deepest secret." He took a step back. "But I can't be with you unless you open up to me." "But you want to be with me?" I asked, desperation quite obvious.

"Only if I can trust you Tom. Will you trust me?" "I…I…" Oh fuck what was I going to do? He couldn't know everything so I thought about letting him know about Cody, or perhaps the six guys at most.

That was out the window with his next words. "I need to trust you Tom. I've just told you a secret that only my parents and I know, and if you'd been a real best friend, you would have worked it out.

You've just told me you're a sex addict and you touched me up while I slept. I need to know everything Tom." "I… I can't Jas. It's too… I'm… I'm a fuck up." At that instant I was desperate to divulge everything, to just unload the mess that was my life but I was certain he'd be disgusted and throw me out.

Just when I was so close to him, I was about to ruin it forever. "You must. Or we can't see each other again. Ever." He moved away toward the easy chair, and slumped down with his arms crossed. I stared at him, then the floor, and then back at him. He was resolute. I collapsed to the floor and sat cross legged, hunched over myself like the plug had been pulled and I'd been drained of all energy and self-respect. I snorted. How much self-respect could a fuck toy have? I'd been pummelled by so many strangers I'd lost count and swallowed so much semen I could be a donor vault.

I felt a tear at my eye. It rolled over my cheek and its cooling effect reminded me how hot I was. A single solitary drop of water falling to its doom. As was I. It wasn't worth it any longer, the secrets and lies. Sex was good and smooth thighs and pussy were wonderful distractions, but I was lost in others control and it would only get worse. Fuck it! My parents were going to find out anyway soon and I had no one else left.

Gebunden wird Asian Babe lang und hart gefickt

I took a deep breath and began my story. * He sat in silence, as he had throughout, and gazed at the ceiling. It was impossible for me to tell what he was thinking but the worst permutations were running through my mind on a loop. I kept looking at him then back at the floor via a deep inspection of the back of my hands. My ass and knees ached from the length of time in the same position. "You know it won't save her." The sudden break in silence made me jump.

"She promised." As I replied I knew I was deluding myself. Jason shook his head. "I had my suspicions of course." I was confused. Did he mean my sister and me? I was about to ask but he continued.

"I thought she was up to something. You changed too quickly. I just didn't realise quite what she was doing." I understood what he was saying and shrugged. "It was always there though, liking men. You know that right?" I nodded my agreement. "We could have had something then?" "Probably." He snorted a laugh. "Fuck Tom. Fuck. Your own sister." I hung my head and mumbled. "She made me feel like no one else could." "Hardly surprising Tom." He said, and sat up straight in the chair.

"You'd detached yourself from any feelings when you had sex, then had to get them from somewhere. You're close to your sister and after Jenny tricked you, bam, there was your substitute." I look up incredulous.

"A psychologist now are you? What a load of shit. We were both horny and did something we shouldn't. We're both sex addicts. Bam, there's the real reason." He shrugged. "I'm trying to find ways we can explain away your incest Tom." "And what about the vast quantity of cock?" "You discovered you were a bottom and went for it.

I have no problem with that. Your own sister though, I have issues with." "You… you don't care about all the fucks I had?" "Tom," He leaned forward. "I'm gay. I get the cock addiction. Do you think I've been celibate all these years? Although in my case of course it's an ass addiction." "I…I&hellip.guess." "I spend a lot of time in the clubs and saunas Tom.

Fucking guys. Although I would draw the line at the woods. Bit rotten if you ask me." "You're a top?" Even now, at my lowest most humiliating point, hope sprung eternal. I was still thinking with my cock. He grinned and sat back in the chair.

"Yes. Very. And before you ask, I always fantasised about you being a little bottom bitch." My cock twitched but the feeling dissipated when he continued. "What are we going to do about your sister and Jenny?" "Oh fuck Jas I don't know!

What a fucking mess." I was about to tear up when it hit me. "We?" He smiled a weary smile and shook his head slowly. "I'm that much in love with you Tom. I'm probably going to regret this but, yes, we." Once again tears welled up and my vision went blurry.

I nearly fainted with relief that I wasn't going to be destroyed and even better, Jason loved me. If I hadn't been sitting I would have collapsed. "Jason…" "And let's get one thing clear." He stood and moved right in front of me. I craned my neck to look up at him. "If you want to be with me there are rules." "Anything!" I panted and tried to stand.

He put a foot on my shoulder and pushed me back down. "You turn your sex addiction on me. No one else." "Yes. Yes!" "I fucking mean it Tom. No more Jenny or Cody, no more sex with your sister, and the random strangers stop. Understood?" I nodded so hard I gave myself a headache.

"Yes. Anything." "No Tom, don't just agree. That's what got you into this mess in the first place. I mean it. No more. I have plenty of friends and safe places we can get you cock, and me obviously. But the shit stops. We will be a couple, and you will come to me for all your sex needs, no ifs and no buts. One transgression, and we're finished." I was about to agree but stopped myself. This was Jason, not a random in the woods or a slave to Jenny. This was my last chance.

He was asking me to be his and that he would look after me. I needed this to mean something. I got to my knees and wiped my eyes.

"I swear Jason, I will be yours." "You'll come to me with needs and fantasies." I gulped. He noticed and added; "I won't judge. I don't promise to indulge you every time, but I won't judge, just don't ask for anything illegal or dangerous." "Are…you sure?" "Tom.

You've just told me you've been fucking your own sister. I could have thrown you out then. I didn't. I won't judge okay?" I nodded and smiled. "I promise Jason.

I swear it." He stared at me for several seconds before retreating back to the chair. I watched in astonishment as he pulled his see through vest over his head and flung it away.

Next went the shorts revealing a pair of tiny orange briefs with a yellow waistband. I couldn't tear my eyes from his bulge and I watched it move as he hardened, constricted by the tight fabric.

His left hand came down and cupped himself. "You want this Tom?" "Fuck yes!" I crawled forward but stopped at his command.

"Stop!" He smiled. "Wait until I allow you Tom." I nodded, my eyes remaining glued to his groin but I lost sight of it when he turned away from me. "I believe you've seen this." He said and hooking his thumbs into the waistband he pushed the briefs over is ass.

"Oh Christ Jas!" I gulped. His ass was as perfect as I remembered from my nocturnal visit. The memory of creeping into his room and the gentle touch of my lips to his smooth skin flashed through my mind and caused my heart to race. Now I was sweating for a different reason. "Come and kiss it Tom." I needed no further encouragement and crawled forward. I took one last gaze before planting my lips firmly on his left buttock. I held them there, feeling the warmth against my face.

I parted my lips and allowed my tongue to caress him, tracing a path from the top of his thigh to the small of his back. I was becoming lost in the moment and the familiar feeling of drunk like dizziness was spreading through my mind. I moved to his right cheek and repeated, kissing in toward his crack. I didn't get to pull his cheeks apart and delve into his hole as a hand came round and pushed at my forehead.

"My little bitch kissing my ass." He whispered. "Any time Jas." I replied. "And you really, on pain of death, make your promise to me?" I stared at his bubble ass while replying, and knew I meant it this time.

My life was a mess. In a couple of short years I'd descended into a sex addiction that was threatening to end everything normal. I'd been ravaged by a domineering bitch and turned into a cock slave. I'd even dragged my sister in. And here was my best friend giving me a way out. I snorted a puff of air in amusement at the situation; if I hadn't succumbed to Jenny and let her turn me into a fag, I'd never have fallen for, much less admitted, being in love with Jason.

No, I meant it this time. "I swear on anything you want me to swear on Jason, including my own life. I want you so bad it hurts, and I need to get out of this fuck up. I love you Jason, and I promise to always come to you. I won't fuck this up." I desperation may have been clear but I didn't care. I watched with lust fuelled desire as Jason pushed his briefs further and allowed them to drop to the floor. "Pick them up." He commanded. I did as asked. "I've been running in them today.

Sniff them." I remained speechless for seconds before bringing them to my face and taking a deep breath. His masculine, pungent odour enveloped me and I took several more breaths, swimming in the manly scent. I realised I'd closed my eyes when I heard the armchair creak. I opened them to see him sat there, legs over them arms and his perfect cock pointing at the ceiling.

He caressed his balls and I noticed they filled his hand. My own cock twitched and fought to escape the confines of my underwear. "Pull them over your face." Whispered Jason. I didn't hesitate and pulled the waistband to the back of my neck, rolling it up under my nose in anticipation of having a big mouthful. His sweaty balls permeated every breath I took. "Jenny turned you into a real little slut didn't she?" I nodded. "I'm sorry. Yes." I looked down at the floor, humiliation overcoming my lust for his cock.

"Good." I stared back up at him. "Good?" His salacious grin was enhanced by having to stare past his erection. "There is loads of stuff I've always wanted to try." "I do anything you want Jas." That was old Tom speaking, but I had the feeling that he wouldn't mind this time.

"Others have said that and it's always a lie, but I believe you. And no doubt you'll introduce me to some stuff as well!" "I will." "Suck me bitch." He said it so softly I had to wait a few seconds for my brain to process it.

Everything about this seemed to be a perfect moment, as though my life had been building here. Fist I had to enjoy cock, then I had to be addicted, then I had to submit and become a slut aroused by being dominated, then I had to fall for Jason, and here they had come together.

As I moved into position Jason shifted his thighs to my shoulders. The movement brushed the briefs and they popped up over my eyes blocking my vision. I didn't care, at either shoulder a powerful leg, soft with fur, tickled my skin.

I leaned left and my lips found the firm muscle of a thigh, hairy yet soft. I reached up around his leg with one hand and felt his hard cock pointing at the ceiling. It was warm and to touch it felt like stroking silk over leather. It was perfect. I'd waited my whole life for this moment and here it was! I rose up on my knees, leaned forward and… …I froze.

My heard beat like a jackhammer and my head swam. I'd been here before! And then it hit me and I nearly laughed. My dream really had come true! Had I been fantasising about Jason or having premonitions?

It wasn't a dark room, the briefs were blocking the light but it was hot and Jason smelled masculine and sweaty. This WAS my moment. It was an unusual deja-vue feeling, the knowledge that I'd been here before even though I knew I hadn't. I took one last deep breath and kissed up his thigh until I touched his balls. They were big and heavy, covered in the same soft fur as his thigh.

I licked at them, then sucked each one in turn, taking it into my mouth and running my tongue all around it. Jason let out little whimpers above me and it excited me even more. One last movement and I was at his cock, rock solid and thick with arousal. I licked from base to tip and enjoyed it bouncing and hitting me in the face. Again and again I licked it like a lollipop until Jason's hands came down to the back of my head and pushed my face down onto him. It was hardly force, but the feeling of being controlled was amazing and I submitted to his desires and took him deep into my throat.

He let out a loud groan and I realised he was relishing this moment as much as I was and I was determined to give him the best blow job he'd ever had. I shifted position to give myself a little more height and swallowed him whole. His swollen head jammed into my throat and blocked all air but I'd prepared and constricted my throat muscles. Jason whimpered. I made swallowing motions allowing me to take him deeper, just millimetres, but it made all the difference and Jason cried out.

"Oh fuck!" I pulled back with incredible suction and Jason's hips bucked forward following my mouth. I had to lean back further than I would have and Jason obviously felt I was going to release him as his legs crossed over behind my head and prevented my movement. He needn't have worried. When I reached his head I stopped, ran my tongue in a rough circle around his helmet, and gobbled back down on him, sucking in a lungful of air as I went which allowed me to fill my throat once more.

"Fucking hell Tom!" I repeated the movements with increasing speed, each time pulling back far enough to nip my lips at his piss slit before jamming him deep into throat.

Each time Jason's hips jerked and I knew I was bringing him to a quick climax. After several more swallows I knew he had built too far and he wanted to prolong the delicious agony. He gripped my hair and forced me down onto his cock and held me there. My throat muscles squeezed his head but when I went to pull back I couldn't. I began to gag and I knew it was a mistake.

Jason would be getting even more pleasure from my throat movements. "Holy shit! Fuck, FUCK!" When he let me go I pulled back fast taking huge gulps of air. My eyes watered and I knew I was red with restricted breath. Strings of spit dribbled from my lips and down his shaft.

I took one look through blurred vision at the ecstasy on his face and gulped him back down, and once more he held me in place. This time I was ready and throat fucked him for nearly twenty seconds before being allowed up for air. He gave me seconds to recover my breath and once more impaled himself into my throat. The sheer power he had over me using just his magnificent cock was incredible and I found myself becoming addicted with just this first time.

I'd never been gagged before and wondered why, surely every top would want this domination over their bitch? My own cock screamed for release from my clothes and to my amazement I felt myself building to a climax of my own. "Jesus fucking Chris Tom!" Jason shouted as he once more blocked my airway. "They made you an incredible cock sucker." The feeling of warmth and satisfaction at his compliment flushed through me and increased my arousal. I was pleasing Jason!

I was incredible at sucking cock! All I wanted was for him to be pleasured and now I was accomplishing it. It felt like heaven. I submitted further, giving Jason total control and trusting he wouldn't go too far.

He felt me relax and loosened his grip of my hair. I pulled back keeping suction high and when I reached his engorged head he thrust me back down, and I released myself to his power. Again and again he fucked my throat, pushing my head down and forcing himself deeper by thrusting his hips forward at the same time. Twice he went too far and I gagged and coughed against his cock and when I did he released me, allowed me to swallow and catch my breath, then pushed me back down.

I loved every second of it, even the times where he held me just a little too long. I forced myself to take him as deep as I could despite the warning signs of pain. My mouth was his fuck toy and I wanted him to use me. I needed him to use me. There was no warning of his ejaculation. In all other blow jobs my hand would be involved and I would feel his balls tighten or it shooting up his shaft. This time I had no warning. "AHH! Shi.Fu. AHHH!" He yelled at the same time he pumped a huge quantity of creamy spunk into my mouth, my only saving grace was it was on a pull back.

The salty goo first hit my throat and I gagged at the unexpected intrusion as I was about to suck in breath. The motion spat it out over his cock just as he fired his second shot which landed on my tongue. I recovered fast and closed my lips around his head, sucking to increase his feeling but raising my tongue to block more throat shots. Three more ejaculations hit the underside of my tongue and filled my lower mouth.

I lowered my tongue into the pool of semen and felt it squidge out and move into my cheeks. More cum oozed from his slit but slower and I sucked gently like drinking from a teat. I was delighted with his taste, thick and creamy with a light bitterness.

It would make it just a little easier to take him several times a day, although I knew even if I hated it at first, I'd force myself to love it one way or the other. "Oh wow… Oh fuck me Tom… Shitting Fuck!" He was panting and I watched his head collapse back against the chair. He laughed. "Holy crap!" His praise took my excitement beyond the point of no return and I felt myself ooze an ejaculation of my own into my underwear.

It wasn't powerful but I closed my eyes and groaned, giving myself seconds to enjoy the unexpected touchless climax before returning to the object of my desire. Starting as low as possible without him filling my throat, I licked around his cock cleaning up any cum, my lips maintaining a tight seal to prevent the load in my mouth escaping.

When I reached his head I tilted my head up and opened my mouth. He looked down and his eyes went wide. "Oh god!" He sounded like he'd never seen a boy's mouth full of cum before. "Fucking hell Tom, you're incredible." I closed my mouth and grinned, making a show of swallowing and enjoying the light burning sensation.

Then I returned to his cock, now semi soft, and with a gentle touch I licked him clean. He parted his legs, returning them to the arm rests, and watched me work. He didn't know what to do with his hands and ended up clasping them behind his head. It gave him an exciting air of arrogance.

Inside I jumped around in glee. I'd pleased the guy I loved. I mean, really pleased him. The satisfaction on his face was obvious.

I couldn't stop staring at him while I licked. He cock was flaccid when I pinched his foreskin with my lips and allowed it to flop down over his balls. He groaned and looked down at me.

I smiled up at him. I adored him even more now than before. He was going to be my world. "Tom…" he started to speak but I shushed him, blew him a kiss, and moved underneath his balls, kissing them with a light touch. I pushed his legs wider and higher up the armrests exposing his asshole. While his buttocks were smooth his crack was covered in the same neat soft fur as his balls and thighs. This was unexpected as almost every guy I'd eaten had been smooth.

I looked at his anus pulsating in anticipation, surrounded by strips of dark hair. It was still beautiful and I was desperate to probe him, hair or no. I moved in and ran my tongue across one side of hole, then the other.

The hair seemed to part for me and as I circled in, he whimpered once more. "Tom… I'm top!" It came out as a panting whisper.

He wanted me to lick him but to remind me I wouldn't be fucking him. "Jason, I'm yours," I whispered back. "I'll do anything you want. I ask only you enjoy me." I didn't know where that came from but it was the truth. "Oh Tom." "I love you. I'm yours." I didn't wait for a reply. I pushed my lips against either side of his hole and pushed my tongue against him. Working in tiny circles I added pressure until he relented and the tip of my tongue entered his sphincter.

"Ohhhhhhh…" I worked at him, alternating between circling his anus and pushing in. Within minutes I could get a whole centimetre of my tongue in and writhed it around, spit dribbling down and giving more lubrication. I pushed my face further between his ass cheeks and got suction with my lips. Now I could suck and lick and took him to heaven. * He remained in the chair, legs wide over the arm rests.

I sat on the floor leaning back on my arms admiring his body. My cock was once more hard and I'd hooked my shorts and underwear under my balls allowing it to roam free.

My own jellified cum was cold against my thighs. "Was it good?" I whispered. He laughed aloud. "Christ Tom! That was the best BJ I've ever had." "No, seriously Jason." "I am being serious Tom. The… fucking…best." I beamed at him, feeling like the top of the world. He heaped praise on praise and I nearly orgasmed again. "And you eat ass like a porn star. Incredible." "A good porn star I hope." He ignored my question and continued.

"I once had this guy the spa who begged me to sit on his face. Hard I mean. Like a chair. And he actually opened me up with his tongue. Every guy I had since was always compared to him." The silence extended for several seconds and I was about to fill it with a desperate sounding request for praise. I wanted so much to be the one he wanted.

I needn't have worried. "You just beat him." Jason shifted his gaze from the ceiling above him to me. "By a country mile." I was lightheaded, dizzy. All I wanted to do was please him, to taste that body.

He was making me feel like a god. "You're just saying that." I said, a meek and obvious plea for praise. "No Tom, no." He slipped from the chair and crawled on top of me.

I moved my hands lay on the floor. His bodyweight came down on top of me, his hands either side of my head. "No I'm not Tom. Whatever Jenny did to you, it's made you an amazing cock sucker and rimmer.

I'm dying to find out what else you do." "Anything." "No Tom, don't say that, you don't mean it." I locked eyes making me cross eyed.

"I fucked my own sister and let random strangers rape me Jason. If I am to be with you, which I want so much, I WILL do anything you want." He stared at me.

I could see he was trying to work out whether I was telling the truth but there was something else there. Hope? It seemed that he wanted it to be true, but couldn't quite bring himself to believe it.

I decided to push. "I mean it Jason. You said I was to come to you with my fantasies and you'd do your best to fulfil them, that I wasn't to go to anyone else." "Yes. Go on…" "Well, in return I'll do whatever I can bring myself to do to you or for you.

And you must know by now I do a lot." I leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips. "I'm serious Jas, I won't judge you either.

Use me Jas." He sat up, straddling me with his ass on my groin and my cock pushed between his ass cheeks. He sighed. "I'm a top Tom, and by no means innocent, but I'm not experienced. Ever since I was young I have urges, fantasies that I want to try." He caressed my chest under my tshirt as he spoke.

"I tried to suggest them a couple of times and was met with disgust. I haven't tried since." I couldn't believe my luck. My one true fantasy guy was telling me he was a filthy fuck as well. Was everyone like this?

Did we all have secret desires we desperately wanted to act out, but constrained as we were by our lives and choices, forever destined only to dream? Were we all so repressed? In my journey from a bored straight teen to a self-confessed cock addicted slut, it seemed everyone I met was a sex fiend. Instead, I now realised that the majority must be hiding these lustful dreams. It would explain the amount of men seeking anonymous sex in woodlands. I vowed that Jason would not be repressed any longer.

I'd explored myself, but he hadn't. Jason was my love, and I WOULD do anything for him. "Jason," I put my hands on his thighs feeling the powerful muscles beneath his warm skin. "I swore to you I would come to you for my needs. Now you need to swear to me. I promise you I will not judge, and I promise also that I will do almost anything for you or to you to please you.

Like you I don't promise to do them all, but I bet I do more than you will. Any fantasy you have, PLEASE tell me." His body betrayed him before he spoke. I watched his cock rise up to full hardness. My mouth watered and my ass twitched. "Chris Tom. It's hard. I don't want to scare you away." This wasn't like Jason, he was always in control. I decided to take the lead.

"Can I tell you what I want to do with you as much as possible?" Jason nodded. "Okay, here goes." I took a deep breath. This could make or break the situation. "Cuddling and kissing obviously. Sucking and fucking too. I'll swallow any amount of cum you like. I'll drink your piss. I want to lick your sweaty balls clean after you run. I'll sniff your underwear whenever you like, and wear anything you want, including girls panties.

I'll let anyone you want fuck me, two cocks at once if it pleases you, or use vegetables on me. You can tie me up and rape me, beat me, drip candle wax on me. I want to go camping with you and take only one sleeping bag. I'd let an entire rugby team fuck me if you wanted to watch. You get the idea?" I had been flicking my attention between his eyes and his cock. I knew at least some of what I said had excited him. I needed to know what but he stared at me. He seemed hypnotised.

"Jas?" I squeezed his thighs. He blinked and smiled at me.

"Be my boyfriend Tom?" I froze. I beamed until it hurt my face. I laughed. "YES! Yes, yes, yes, YES!" He stood and bent down. Grabbing my shorts and underwear he yanked them down my legs. I raised my ass to assist and after pulling them off he brought my boxers to his nose and sniffed.

"Nice." I stared him through blurry vision and bit my lower lip. I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. He threw them to one side and kicked my legs apart, kneeling between them. He grabbed my thighs and pushed them back towards my shoulders. "I hope you never say no to me Tom." "I won't." I whispered, my heart thudding in anticipation.

He spat three times on my ass, then after shuffling forwards, rammed himself inside me. "AAARGH!" I cried out with sudden and searing pain. I hadn't been ready. "What? Tom?

Did I hurt you? Shall I stop?" He sounded panicked. "DON'T FUCKING STOP!" I shocked him but to his credit he began thrusting rather than freezing. "Deeper!" I begged. "Harder!" In mere moments he was using his entire length, penetrating me with force.

His thighs slapped against my ass and I juddered across the carpet. I'd have had burns if I hadn't been wearing a tshirt. His grunting and panting grew in volume and intensity as he ploughed me, and in return I whimpered and groaned. My whole body was on fire. Despite all the gay experiences I'd had, none came close to this and I realised he may have been right; emotion had been taken out of the equation.

All I had cared about was new experiences and ever more extreme physical sensations. Now I felt tears at my eyes and for once they was not pain induced. "Turn over… bitch." Panted Jason. The moment he slipped from my hole I spun around, spreading my legs wide and pushing my ass up as high as it would go. He entered me with a powerful thrust. This time there was no pain, only unbelievable pleasure of both being used like a piece of fuck meat and being loved all at once.

I pushed my face to the floor when Jason put his hands on my back and applied pressure, and I knew how much he was enjoying it when he cried out. "Oh fuuuuuuck! Shit Tom… shit… shit!" He stopped pumping. I felt him moving around and I chanced a look along the floor. He'd stood and squatted down. Now he nailed me like a jack hammer, using his bodyweight and powerful legs to increase force and speed, ploughing down into me.

"FUCK! Jas! Oh fuck I love you!" "Fuckin…love…you…too." Such was his force that my knees began to hurt within moments. I wiggled my ass to try and give them some respite but it served only to encourage Jason who responded with a powerful thrust that made me grunt. I stretched my hands along the floor beyond my head and pressed my chest to the carpet.

"Oh yeh… ah fuck yeh!" he panted. The room was filled with the slapping sound of skin on skin, panting and grunting, and the unmistakable scent of sweaty masculine sex. I could live here forever.

"Ooh…" I whinnied. "Ahhh Jas… fuck… ooooh… is my hole good Jas?" "Fuck yeh bitch. Fucking amazing." "Fuck me Jas!" "Fucking nasty little fag aren't you?" "Yes Jas, yes. Your nasty fag!" He got back down to his knees. He re-entered me and leaned forwards over my ass, putting an arm around my belly.

I rose back up onto my hands and he wrapped his arms around me, one around my chest, the other grasping at my cock. He hammered me for a few moments before I sensed the unmistakable increase in intensity that accompanies the build up to final release.

His hands flew to my neck and he gripped me, not tight enough to strangle, but sufficient to impede my breathing a little. He wanted to ensure I knew who was boss. I grunted and heaved air through my restricted throat but made no move to stop him. "I'm gonna come in you Tom!" He cried.

"Oh god, yeh…yeh… I'm coming!" I felt his load shoot into me, a warm feeling spread throughout my guts and a warmer and more intense sensation flooded my mind and soul. "Oh fucking hell!" He pumped again and again, slamming home and pausing to enjoy the ejaculation before thrusting again, every time pushing up against my prostrate sending shivers of excitement through me. He held onto my throat. "Nnnmmmh Uh." Jason was holding too tight now and I struggled to breathe.

The noises coming from me told him so and he released me. I gulped air. "FUCK!. Oh… fuck Jas!" "Oh god Tom. Fuck. You're an amazing bitch." The excitement increased with the knowledge that he was enjoying me even as he slowed his assault to a stop. He came to rest on my back panting like he'd been on a run. "Oh wow baby." He whispered and cuddled me tight. I wanted so much to tell him I loved him again but I felt silence was the best option.

I took the opportunity to regain my breath and I couldn't get the incredible feeling out of my mind that Jason strangling me, even pretending, had somehow increased me arousal.

I needed to come. We remained in the same position for several minutes while Jason calmed down. When I felt the time was right I wiggled underneath him.

He took the cue and rolled off me, his flaccid cock slipping from me. I collapsed to the floor and rolled over. He saw I was still hard and moved his head into position. * It had taken me mere seconds to fill his mouth and after making a show of enjoying my spunk he led me to his bed. I lay there cuddling up to him, the duvet covering our legs but not much else. His house was still hot. We'd lain in silence for a while reflecting on our first fuck but now Jason had decided to approach our future, and the most obvious starting point was Jenny.

"So what are we going to do?" "I've no idea. I can't see a way out." Just being with Jason was not going to be a solution. Jenny would still control me and she'd dangle my sister over my head at my every refusal. I needed to keep Chloe safe, and both of us knew it. I'd committed to performing in videos for Jenny, and I doubted she'd let me out of that contract. Then there was Cody. "There has to be something Tom." Jason rolled onto his side to face me, our lips inches apart.

"Anything. Did she ever release a secret to you?" "Well, she fucks Cody, he's her cousin." "Bloody hell is everyone at it?" I laughed. "That's what I said. I can't use it though, her whole family are at it with each other." "You're kidding?" "Nope. It's not something that gives us any leverage." "Bugger." I nodded against his forehead and racked my brains to try and discover something I'd learned in my time with them both that I'd squirreled away and forgotten about.

Nothing came. The more I thought about it the more I realised it was impossible as it would need to work on both of them. A tiny spark in my brain fired. "We don't have to sort them both, just Jenny." Despite not having any idea what to do, it seemed like my problem had just halved. "Why?" "Cody essentially does whatever she says. We just need to fix her." "Okay, but how?" My momentary rush of optimism burst like a soap bubble.

"I don't know." We lay there in silence once more, both considering the conundrum. Jenny had me sown up.

She'd dominated me for so long and got me into so many compromising situations, with proof, that any attempt to extract myself was doomed. If I cared less about my own life and left her to release whatever she wanted anyway, she'd wreck my sister. Whatever we did, it would have to be seen to be her decision. So how do we make her want to abandon everything she'd spent two years investing her time and energy in creating and owning?

I said this to Jason. He agreed it was a problem. "But we're not going to think of something now. So let's shower and go and celebrate us yes?" "Celebrate?" "Yeh." He winked at me and flashed an evil grin. "I'll text Atticus and see if he wants to watch us snogging again." I snorted a laugh and followed him to the bathroom. * The evening had been a lot of fun and we were pretty drunk when we got back to Jason's. Atticus had nearly exploded when Jason put his hand down my jeans, a pair he'd loaned me to go out in along with underwear and tshirt.

I doubted the snooty wretch would be trying to pull Jason again. We also saw several people we knew, and came out. No one cared. They'd enjoyed a beer with us and mentioned meeting up again soon as it had been too long. I was surprised at the lack of shock or disgust. I had expected to have to deal with some hostility but there wasn't a hint of it.

Stripping to return to Jason's bed had made me horny and I fiddled with myself while he used the toilet.I'd left my phone on his bedside cabinet before we'd gone out and decided to check it. Scrolling through a bunch of messages I lost my arousal and my cock turned flaccid fast. As he entered the room Jason saw the look on my face and knew something was up. "What?" I didn't reply, but handed him the phone. After a few moments reading he looked at me and sighed. "This isn't going to be easy." He sounded deflated.

We'd both lost the desire to fuck. I took the phone back and re-read Jenny's messages. She was demanding to know where I was as she needed my ass. Her plan had been to let her dad have a go on me. Anger flashed and I threw the phone across the room. It clattered to the floor and I was thankful that once Jason checked it, we found it undamaged.

"Calm it Tom." He climbed into the bed and ran his hands over my torso. "I can't." The nerve of the bitch! She was now so sure of herself that she felt safe commanding me over SMS, a medium I could save for proof. Then I barked a laugh. "What?" Asked Jason. I shook my head, a sour smile playing at my lips. "It says something when I get angrier about how she commands me than the fact she's giving me to her own dad as a fuck toy." Jason cuddled up to me. "We have to stop this." "Yeh." I disentangled myself from him and crawled from the bed.

"But not tonight." "You can't." "I have to Jas. Give us some time." I picked up his briefs I wore to the pub. "Mind?" He shook his head and I put his underwear and jeans back on.

I wore my own tshirt. "I want you to stay." The tone in his voice showed he knew I wasn't going to. I flung myself onto him and we hugged. "I desperately want to Jas, I really do." I could almost have cried. "But she'll do something vile if I don't go." Jason nodded into my neck. We remained hugging for several minutes before I kissed him and left in silence.

I broke my heart and newfound emotional arousal to leave my beloved naked in bed pining for me, but I had no choice. I sent a message to Jenny as I left his house letting her know I was coming back for use. * * * He was a chubby monster covered in thick black hair. The size of his cock matched his wobbly body and I screwed my eyes shut and wailed as he entered me and caused several minutes of pain.

It wasn't as though I had a choice but the change in me from before Jason and I had got to together was immense. Whereas before I would relish being used in such a fashion, and take some extra pleasure in a dirty fat old man abusing me, this time I wanted it over with quickly. It was difficult to understand the sudden alteration but there was no hiding the fact it was there.

I'd arrived to find Jenny, Cody and her dad in the lounge, naked, fooling around and chatting. I'd been given my orders and set about stripping and strapping myself to the armchair while they verbally abused me. That's when I first realised the change within me had been so profound; I'd have got off on the humiliation before.

Now it was, well, humiliating. My cock refused to harden even when buckling the collar around my neck. Jenny had to fasten the wrist restraints. Now I was bound to the chair, ropes keeping the cuffs in place.

My ankles hung over the edge of the seat where a rope wrapped under the chair and back up to keep my legs apart. My collar was pulled down by another rope so that my neck rested on the top of the backrest cushion, and my wrists were tied to the back of the collar, elbows pointing to the wall.

At least it was comfortable. "Oh daddy!" I wailed. Another order from Jenny. Behind me he grunted and panted, his hands roamed across my body and I recoiled at his touch. I found it hard to understand how such a beautiful girl could come from such a grotty guy. He slapped my ass. "Nasty 'lil bitch ain't ya." "Ahhh, yes daddy!" He sounded common and he reminded me of someone.

I groaned for him and wiggled my ass. I wanted it to be over and to run back to Jason and let him cuddle me. How had it come to this? How was I going to get out of it?

I knew Jenny would be planning my first video and I had very little time. I wanted to cry. "Ah yeh bitch! Ah fuck yea!" The gorilla unloaded himself inside me with a thumping thrust that pushed me forwards and tightened the collar around my neck. My cock twitched for the first time and I felt shame at enjoying the moment even when I wanted out. A fat guy just came in me. The small jolt of arousal was enough to start the process and I grew fully hard.

He went soft fast and slipped from me. "Ah look kids, the 'lil bitch enjoyed it." Something about the way he dropped his letters. "Always does daddy." Replied Jenny. "My turn." Said Cody, and I felt him climb onto the chair seat and push inside me. "Good boy." Said the gorilla. "I like 'im Jen." 'Im, not him. "I'm glad daddy.

I hoped you would." Over the slapping of Cody pounding me, a far more enjoyable fuck than daddy, I heard what can only be described as someone trying to suck up an oil slick.

I guessed daddy and Jenny were kissing. "Sorry baby." Cody whispered to me. I didn't reply, and attempted to find a scintilla of pleasure from the situation. It was evident he wasn't at all sorry when he came in me after just a few minutes. He'd obviously been enjoying watching the fat man fuck me and got to a stage where he just needed finishing off.

"Oh shit Tommy!" He panted after collapsing on my back. "Naw, I'm gonna fuck you girl." Said daddy, a response to something Jenny had said. A light flashed in my brain. Jenny giggled. "Yeh, but I want pussy eaten as well." "Use the bitch, that's what he's 'ere for ain't it?" I froze solid and stared at the wall ahead of me, but I wasn't seeing the paint.

There's a moment in life when a seeming overwhelming problem that's crushing you into submission or despair, or usually both, becomes so intense that it consumes all your thoughts. Sometimes these problems are long term and chip away at you, a death by a thousand cuts, and the only way you know you've hit bottom is when you crack.

Others hit you hard and fast and threaten to engulf you like a tidal wave. At these times only two paths are open to you; you do something stupid or terminal causing great heartache to yourself or loved ones, or your brain gets so desperate that it finds possible solutions in the most unlikely areas. A leap of logic that overlooks vast flaws in critical thinking searching in vain for any way out. Different people react in different ways.

I giggled. Then I grinned so hard my cheeks hurt. Jenny began untying me but ignored my little outburst. She was too busy telling her fat daddy what she would let him do to her in bed later. It was rotten, but I couldn't lose my grin. My world had just shown me the tiniest suggestion of an idea, a sliver of light shone through the slightest of cracks in the door.

I felt lighter, like I was floating from the chair. "On the floor bitch." Commanded Jenny. She wasn't even looking at me. "On your back. Daddy wants another go." I bounded off the chair and slipped to the floor, lying on the rough carpet that my knees knew so well. I spread my legs and pulled my thighs of my chest. "Please daddy!" I wailed like a little girl. I knew he liked it. "Please fuck me daddy. I need your cock in me!" "Ah yea you 'lil whore ha ha!" He wobbled over on his knees and struggled to push his semi-erect cock into me.

"Oh daddy, I'm so tight for you. Hurt me daddy!" I had the measure of the man after one fuck. At the mention of hurting someone he became fully hard and thrust into me. I yelped but I was putting it on, he no longer hurt me, either physically or mentally. I took his cock like the pro I was and enjoyed the feeling. It was going to be my last with this fat cunt. Jenny shot me an odd look. I knew she was wondering why I looked so serene. I gave her a big grin and licked my lips.

I was ready for her pussy and I was going to enjoy my last time with her. Those soft, smooth lips were lowered onto my mouth and my tongue darted out to probe her moist skin.

Above me I knew they would be kissing but it would be playing on Jenny's mind. What made me so calm and happy all of a sudden? After a few minutes she'd raise herself up to let her daddy finger her, then come back down for more tongue moments later. Several times she did this and each time I saw the hairy blob pumping away at me, but all I could see was the soft black hair and sexy dark skin of Hassan, while in my ass was not Jenny's father, but the loving attention of Nev.

I swallowed a mouthful of spit and pussy juice and grinned into Jenny's thighs. The world held light once more…