Babe is thrilled to receive a lusty wang for her sucking pleasure

Babe is thrilled to receive a lusty wang for her sucking pleasure
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Byron heard angry footfalls coming down the hallway. Krista was lying on the bed naked from the waist down. Byron opened the window and quietly crept out of the window without making a sound, he put two fingers to his lips making a be quiet sign that only Krista understood "meaning don't tell". As Byron crept way, Joann was in the door way what's going on in hear she said. Krista shrank back under the covers scared out of her mind.

"He told me not to tell" mommy, "he told me not to tell". Who told you not to tell Krista, please tell me? Half crying she said, "he told me not to tell; he's said he would hurt me if I told. Joann said "it was all right you don't have to tell me right now" and she went over to the bed and set down next to her daughter.

It's all right Krista it's over now; he won't ever do that again. However, it was not over by far; Byron could not control his impulses this is something that had been with him sense high school and he could not stop it.

It was like some bad dream "Oh my god that was close" Byron thought to himself "that was fucking to close".

He was heading toward the local bar in Norfolk.

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To drink Him self-away from what had just happened Plagued by his blatant lust for children. Byron stayed in the bar for several hours drinking vodka neat witch was his favorite drink when he did drink witch was quite frequently, he stayed for several hours getting drunk off his ass, he thought to himself " now the trick would be trying to walk home with out falling on my ass".

It was around 9:30 at night the bar tender called him a cab and paid for it both ways. Therefore, he did not have to worry about walking home from the bar. That night around 11 Byron woke up screaming from a nightmare, it was horrible there was a dark cloaked figure with no face and very bone like hands.

It was like the grim reaper coming for me during the night.

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Haunting me with his evil menacing presence was to strong and Byron could not resist. Byron looked around the room reassuring him self that it was just a dream.

Glancing at the clock it was around 11:30 and he finally settled down and went back to sleep. Byron woke up at around 7 am showered and shaved and went to work. "Work now that's an irony" that Byron cared not to talk about.

That day went pretty well I thought it was not that hard packing box's all day. However, Byron longed for something more "young flesh". He was day dreaming again and it was almost quitting time.

"Time to go on the hunt" Byron had decided to go out for the evening. Where he didn't know probably some local hole in the wall bar but he wasn't interested in picking up a lay for the night. What he was interested in was picking up a single mother with an attractive little girl.

This was Byron's goal for the evening it was an achievable plan and he had done it may times before. It was in this manner that he met Joann and finally befriended her and met Krista, "this hot little girl was awesome" Byron thought, and felt him-self getting hard again and forced himself to calm down. It wasn't easy for him and it wasn't easy to control the urges that his body was telling him he needed to satisfy every day.

It was time for Byron to keep his urges in check again. He had fifteen minutes to go until miller time and he could go on the prowl once again.

He had to find some one that wouldn't mind some company for the night but that was not his main goal for the night. He had to find a little girl and stroke her smooth milky white thighs or her round peachy bottom. This was his ultimate goal for the evening to find a single mother and be invited back to her home for the night and possibly get a phone number and befriend a woman with his natural charms. Some time's the urge was their to kill their mothers and keep them all to himself?

However, he physiologically needed the nurturing form the Childs mother. "Due to the abuse he suffered from an early age by his father". "The miserable fuck!" I hope the fucker dies before he's sixty"!

Byron thought to himself. I need a drink hay jerry could you get me a vodka and jerry replied, neat "yes I know you come in hear enough Byron".

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"I guess I do". Byron thought, his days have become pretty much routine. Get up, go to work, and the go out and pick up some hot single mom and go back to her place and meet her child " if it's female " he thought.

It was several hours before the women started coming in at around 5 o'clock he has been hear since around 3:30pm. Time to go to work figuratively of course. "Looking and looking, bingo bogy at 2 o clock.


"Hay jerry could you do me a favor, could you send that hot little momma over their a drink I'm buying". "Sure thing Byron what do you want to send her ", "Byron thought for a moment and come up with a Singapore sling". Byron thought to himself "man she is good looking". After she got the drink that he had bought her, he waited a few minutes and flirted with her. He got up and walked over to her and introduced himself to her he asked what her name was. She was a little apprehensive but figured what the hell she was divorced and he was relatively attractive.

My name is Rachel and yours is. It's Byron. Well Byron have a seat you pegged me pretty well Byron a Singapore sling is my favorite drink. Byron eyes went down to her hands, "no ring she's not married but she cold be either widowed or divorced".

She glanced at him and caught him looking at her hand and she said I'm divorced with two little girls. "To girls" Byron thought jackpot, I want to get to know this woman; and use her to meet her kids" this would be perfectly all right with him two for the price of one. This would be grate but the last time he tried this at Joann's home he had almost been caught.

This scared him to no end it was like that dream that I had last night. They exchanged phone numbers and he set their for a while talking and laughing just getting to know each other. I'll call you sometime, was eight o'clock he had know idea that they had been talking for three hours. He ordered his last drink and he went home. Feeling good about his accomplishment for the evening he could rest well but his conscious had other plans.

He fell into a deep sleep from all the alcohol that he had consumed tonight. When he was fully out the dream began again.

The tall bone figure returned cloaked in black and menacing. The grim reaper was standing at the foot of his bed and he moved up next to Byron. Byron could feel the bone chilling cold of death, and the grim reaper beckoned Byron to join him. Byron's mind did not want to go with him but his body did not listen to him.

As they moved toward the window, the grim reaper lifted his bonelike hand and they were standing in front of Joann's house. Then Byron woke up sharply sweating profusely and he had a chill run through his bones. He was wide-awake for hours, after that dream and went into the kitchen to get a beer out of the fridge. The clock in the kitchen read midnight, but after that vivid dream it felt like three in the morning to him right now.

He was off today and decided to call Rachel this afternoon. First he wanted to call Joann, picked up the phone, and dialed the number when she answered the phone he did not say anything but just listened to her. Joann was frightened by this act and asked who the hell this is! Byron hung up quickly and he was becoming obsessed with Krista he wanted her for himself. It was around one in the morning, and he went back to bed after a few more beers he passed out on the bed.

He woke the next morning with a horrible hangover when the alarm went off it sounded like a hundred freight trains running through his head. Christ he thought I need coffee yes that's what I need so he went back to his kitchen and started the coffee pot. It was around nine in the morning and he wanted to call Rachel right now. Byron dialed the number that she had given him the night before. It began ringing, once, twice, three times and a small little girls voice answered and said hello may I help you.

Byron answered her is your mommy their? Yes she said hold on I would get her for you. Clattering and footsteps is what Byron heard on the other end of the phone. Rachel answered the phone yes may I help you. Byron said oh yes this is Byron the guy that you met last night. Oh yeah Byron sure last nights still a little fuzzy Rachel replied. Byron said yeah I have a hangover from hell, but you make the pain go away. Rachel thought that was sweet just as she was about to tell him what she was thinking he interrupted her.

What about we go out tonight Byron added to his last sentence. Rachel was stunned by Byron's straight forwardness. However, reluctantly said yes, and said that she would meet him at the bar in down town Norfolk at around seven o'clock.

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Rachel said she had something in the oven and had to hang up. Byron said well by and hung up the phone. Byron thought of the little girls voice, she sounded like she was about eleven or so and his mind began to dwell on what she looked like. "Her hot silky smooth white thighs and he thought of his hand moving up her thigh running all the way to her yet developed pussy".

"He imagined putting his finger inside of her". His thoughts shifted again and he was thinking about Krista and needed to find a way to posses her to have her all to him self.

He had to think of a way to get rid of that fucking bitch mother of hers. Byron thought Joann how I could kill her. I could take them out to Charlottesville, to the second home with I rented out a little extra income was always a good thing. I could lock the three of them in the basement up there and no one would ever know that they were in the house. I have to make sure that I do this the right way so that I don't get caught.

Byron would have to think about this for a while, and plan every contingency out, what would happen if this happened; it would take some time and be many a sleepless nights for it to work. That way he could have Krista all to him self the other two were an added bonus. He thought if he planed it out in detail he could get away with it. Killing Joann, Rachel, and taking there kids for him self to fondle their hot sum pious little bodies. He was getting off on just the thought of what he was planning.

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By the time he had realized it. It was noon and he still had so much to do and so little time to do it. Byron felt tired he wanted to sleep and do nothing else for the rest of the day until he met Rachel later that night. Byron wanted to find out what her children were like, and what their names were. He went into the kitchen and removed a cold beer from the refrigerator. The sleeping pills were on the counter next to the water jug.


He took several and downed the pills with a wash of the beer. Byron staggered to the bed and fell across it like a fallen tree. Byron "conscious wanted to torment him some more". He drifted off into the blissful sleep of the drugs and the beer that he had taken them with. The man in the black cloak returned to him in his sleep.

The grim reaper retuned they were standing in front of Joann's house. He gestured towards the front door of her house. Then he waved his bone like hand and they were inside the house. It was neat and clean but when they moved through the shell of the home. Their was blood smeared on the walls of the hall way and the words "he told me not to tell". The grim reaper waved his hand once more; they were standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

The covers on the bed were the shape of a woman but the form was not moving. As they moved closer to the bed, Byron was able to see clearer it was Joann lying in a pool of blood with part of her head on the headboard. Byron woke up with the realization that he could get away with it; the dreams were telling him that he could.

The dreams were torturing his very soul and slowly driving him mad. However Byron did not realize this and continued with his normal routine. Byron was spending all of his time planning what he was thinking about doing which to him seemed perfectly logical "the next step on the road into madness" and Byron was well on his way.

Then he glanced at the clock and it was 6 o clock in the after noon he realized that his date with Rachel was in an hour and he was no where near being ready to go out to meet her and then return to her home possibly to meet her children. Byron was in a panic he had so many things to plan out and a lot of work left to do, "there was not enough time in the day" he thought to himself.

This date if you could call it that, it was more like a chance to meet her two lovely daughters whom he could posses for himself.

This was the first time he had been out sense he had meet Joann. "This is going to be a little scary tonight "but he forced himself to calm down "Think of the reward you get to keep her two luscious daughters all to himself".

This was the voice in his head which was some times cruel and very filled with hate for women this probably went all the way back to his mother.

When he told his mom what daddy was doing to him when she was not around she laughed at him and told him that he was lying and washed his mouth out with soap. This went on for years, and she did nothing to stop it. Witch is probably why he still hates his parents to this day. All of his thoughts were a jumble inside his head he needed time to sort them all out. The nightmares were beginning to affect his every waking moment and he could not stop them from happing.

Byron needed to get ready for his night out with Rachel; he had already showered for the day so he dressed to impress this was the same old routine for him now. It was scary to him that he falls into the routine so quickly after almost getting caught with Krista.

Byron was not about to let that happen again. This time was going to be different this time he had every little detail planed out to nth degree. Byron went over the list in his head," first I will befriend Rachel and get to know her kids. Second he would invite her to go away for the weekend but only one of them would return.

Third the kids would be his all of them and they would go to Charlottesville to the hose witch he would make sure was empty before Byron put his plan into motion".

"It wasn't much of a plan right now he thought but it will be, oh it will be". The plan wasn't fully realized yet but Byron's mind was working overtime on that very thing. Byron was ready for his date if you would call it that what it was more like a lustful obsession with little girls.

He went out going to the bar that they had met in and when he arrived Rachel was waiting for him. Byron thought for a moment to himself " I have to stay with the plan that is in the back of my mind " his conscious would not let him forget it not in a million years. Then he suddenly came back to reality. Rachel was speaking to him and his mind was somewhere else.

He caught himself drifting and said " I m sorry what did you say, I did not catch that last sentence". Rachel repeated what she had said to him " I was saying what do you do for a living ". Byron under stood what she was saying this time and replied that he was into real-estate which was a lie but she did not know him as far as she knew he was just some guy that she had meet one night in a bar.

Some how she inherently trusted him, " little did she know that he was a low life scum bag that was only in it to meet her kids so he could take them form her after he had disposed of her body". It wouldn't be that long before he could act on his obsession with young little girls.

Byron shifted the conversation to her two little girls, "so what are your daughter's names" Byron asked and Rachel said that her children's names were Tracy and Janna. "Their lovely names Byron replied. " "How old are they". He prodded her with out thinking about what he was saying. Rachel was a little timid to answer but she did anyway "there nine and eleven" she had finally told him.

There meals had arrived by this time they ate and drank there way through dinner with some heavy flirting going on in between glances by both Byron and Rachel. Byron could sense that he was going to be asked back to her apartment or house with ever it was. Rachel was loosening up to him and becoming more relaxed around Byron. She had finally said the words that Byron wanted to hear all night "would you like to come back to my place after we are finished with dinner".

"Hell yes I would "Byron thought to himself for a moment but he was thinking "finally I will get to meet her daughters and take them to a place that I could keep them locked away to keep for my own. Bryon responded that would be "all right by him". Rachel was dieing with anticipation to get this guy whom she hardly knew into the sack to test what his love making skills were like. Byron kind of knew what was going to happen next. Therefore, he went along for the ride but all the while he was thinking about Tracy, Janna and Krista.

How he would keep them locked away in the basement of the house in Charlottesville, for his personal pleasure. Thinking of how he could get rid of there mothers so he could keep them all for himself. Rachel and Byron left the restaurant and headed back to Rachel place wherever that was. Any man could see the raw unbidden lust in Rachel's eyes they were longing for good hard sex after they got back to her place. Nevertheless, Rachel's thoughts were of her children right at that instant she would have to wait until she had put them to sleep for the night and then the real fun could commence.

The night was still young Rachel thought and we could have sex all night if he liked. When they reached her three-bed room apartment she put the key in the door and opened it and the baby sitter was asleep on the couch with the kids asleep on either side of her.

Byron thought she couldn't have been more than sixteen or seventeen at the most sponge bob square pants was on nick toons and the baby sitter stirred from her slumber when she herd the door opening. Your home late, still have asleep she got up and grabbed her coat to leave, Rachel paid the girl and she left closing the door behind her. Rachel woke the children for a moment and they got up and shuffled to there rooms.

Byron thought of them lustfully how he could imagine running his hands all over there little bodies, but Rachel had other plans for him this night.

Rachel said "have a seat Byron and make your self-comfortable, now that the kids are asleep its time for the adults to play". "I will be right back; I am going to slip into something more comfortable". Byron's mind began racing "exactly what did she mean by slipping into something more comfortable". However, Byron knew by the look in her eyes what she was thinking.

Although it was only a few minutes that Rachel was gone Byron knew what was going to happen next. Rachel entered the living room of her apartment with a bottle of Champaign in one hand and two glasses in the other. Rachel was wearing a black see through gown and her large breasts heaved beneath the material of the gown. Her nipples began to stiffen as the black gown flowed down her curvy body.

Byron had to force himself under control, but he had no interest in what she was about to do to him or him to her. What he was thinking about to get himself aroused was the thought of laying in bed with both of her kids after her had pleasured himself with the thought of what he was going to do to them and with them.

Rachel eased down beside of him and began to tell him what her intentions truly were. This disgusted Byron and his thoughts drifted back to her hot little girls that were probably fast asleep by now. Rachel poured the two glasses of Champaign and she downed hers in a single swallow. Byron slowly sipped the liquid that was placed in front of him Rachel began speaking but Byron was some where else in his mind, and nodded at the appropriate times shaking his head yes and no as she prompted him to respond to what she was saying.

By this time Byron was like a rock and ready for what ever she intended to do with him but his mind was thinking of the little girls that were sleeping in the other room. Rachel tugged at his belt around his waist and finally managed to loosen it enough to slip her warm hand inside of his pants.


She stroked his member until it was even harder than before, and Rachel commanded that he remove his pants, so Byron obliged her but was thinking to him self "just get it over with already". Rachel intended to take her time with him and enjoy every little second of the first sexual encounter she has had in almost two whole years of pent up sexual depravation.

Which she was planning on releasing all of it on this garbage heap of a man? Rachel was about to do something that she would regret for the rest of her life. When Byron finally got what he wanted out of her, her children so he could take them away form hear and hide them away from the rest of the would and no one would ever find them. Be ready for part 2 it gets even better.