Test driving perky teen assistant wannabe

Test driving perky teen assistant wannabe
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After settling in at the Burrow upon his arrival Harry`s best summer began. Harry was sharing a room with his best friend Ron and they were having fun flying with brooms in the backyard, playing chess and even taking care of the garden was something Harry enjoyed being able to do so together with friends. But he had discovered something even more fun to do. Being under stress the entire time while staying with the Dursleys Harry`s puberty really just hit him when he came to stay with the Weasleys.

Harry had noticed his body to be starting to change from the end of his first year on.

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He had grown quite a bit and more and more often he had also noticed special parts of him growing from time to time. He had felt quite uncomfortable with his spontaneous erections during the last weeks at Hogwarts as he always had to try to hide them when they hit him.

Harry had had the terror of being caught with a hardon in his pants especially when sitting in class and the lesson coming to an end. When he knew he had to get up soon and leave the classroom while he had an erection Harry became very skittish and uneasy. And in his despair, he tried to align his boner with his stomach by strapping it between his belly and his shorts with a swift hand movement into his pants while getting up.

He had acquired a confidence of being able to hide his problem but had not yet found a way to resolve it. After Ron, Fred and George had rescued him from his room in Privet Drive Harry had been able to relax and enjoy the holidays more and more. And with this the erections returned.

But just like at Hogwarts they came in the most unfortunate situations. One morning a few days after his arrival it had hit him during breakfast. He had tried to get rid of it and moved around uneasily on his stool but the hard secret in his pants had stayed.

And therefor he had had to get up, bent over slightly and turning fast away from the others when they had all finished and started to wrap up. He had not been sure whether he had been able to conceal it especially because Percy had sat next to him and had just turned toward him when Harry hat turned his pelvis into his direction.

In his fer of being caught his erection had shrunk immediately but he had excused himself with wanting to check on Hedwig and had hurried up the stairs anyways. Ron followed him shortly after.

"Do you have any Owlcookies left, Ron? I want to feed Hedwig a little treat so she forgives for being locked up all summer." "Maybe ask Percy. I think he has a whole load of them for his new owl so that she flies faster.", Ron replied not being very fond of his brother.

"Does he write that many letters?", Harry asked. "I don`t know what he is doing but he has spent most of the last weeks alone in his room and his new owl has come and gone basically none stop directly to his window.", Ron answered and directed his attention to the newest reports about the quidditch premier league. And so Harry made his way down the stairs again, passing the bathroom where he could hear water running and either Fred or George loudly singing while obviously taking a shower.

Harry then arrived at Percy`s room knocked shortly and then opened the door. But what he saw when he entered the room almost made him run straight out again from surprise. There was Percy, lying on his bed, completely naked with a picture in his one hand and his hard penis in the other. "Harry!", screamed Percy in total shock. "What… what are you…", stumbled Harry totally bewildered from the view. "Close the door, will you?", Percy groaned while trying to cover his erect penis with his hands.

Harry stepped into the room and closed the door, still flabbergast by the completely exposed Percy lying on the bed. Harry could suddenly feel the tingling sensation he had gotten to know over the recent weeks and felt arousal sweep through his body.

"What are you doing there, Percy?", Harry asked again looking at the naked Boy in front of him in sheer fascination. "Well, what does it look like?", Percy snapped, "I`m wanking my hard on!".


"Is that how you make it go away?", Harry asked now getting the feeling of solving a pressuring mystery that had been haunting him over the last weeks. "Of course, it is! Didn`t you know that?", Percy replied now in a softer tone realising that his brothers best friend actually had no clue about what was going on. "No, I didn`t.", Harry answered looking down at his socks in shame.

"Nobody ever told me about my hard ons. I don`t know what to do about it." "Do you want me to show you?", Percy asked, now in a very kind and brotherly way. Harry only nodded and stepped a little closer to Percy`s bed.

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Percy noticeably relaxed now and leaned back against the pillows he had stuffed against the wall at the head of his bead. He also took his hands of his privates and Harry could now, for the first time, see a naked body, other than his. Percy was good looking. Obviously ginger like the rest of his family, a sharp face with a now kind smile on it.

His body was lean, not very trained bud simply slim. He had long legs and between those legs was his penis.

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It was engulfed in a bush of red pubic hair and it lay, semi erect, on Percy`s flat stomach. Percy put one arm behind his head to give himself some more comfort and stroked over his penis with the other. "This is my cock.", Percy started to explain to Harry, "And just below that are my balls. These are the parts that are really nice to touch and to stroke. And if you do that long enough it will start to feel really good and then comes the climax." "What is that climax?", Harry asked now feeling really dumb being shown these things about the male body.

"That you will see, Harry.", Percy smiled. Percy now touched his balls and squeezed them a little, rubbing them afterwards and squeezing them again. His hand then wandered up again to his now again stiffening cock and started to move his thumb and index finger along it`s shaft.

Harry could feel an increasingly strong tingeling in his groins as he watched Percy touching himself. He could also feel his hard cock pressing against his jeans. Percy watched Harry standing in front of his bed, how he was looking at him nervously and then also noticed the bulge in Harry`s pants.

Percy could tell that Harry was aroused and so went for the next step. "Why don`t you get undressed, Harry, and then I show you how you can touch yourself?" Now Harry felt uneasy. He had never undressed in front of anybody. But Percy was looking at him that expectantly that he felt he had no other choice. And in his state of arousal he was willing to go on an adventure. And so he first pulled his shirt over his head and dropping it on the ground. Then he opened the button and the zip of his jeans.

He quickly shoved them down his legs and stepped out of them removing his socks at the same time. Now all that was left were his briefs that he was wearing. One could clearly see Harry`s erection pushing through the fabric.

Harry hesitated and Percy noticed that. "Come here Harry. Sit next to me.", and Percy moved over on his bed making space for Harry to lie next to him. Percy had one hand on his prick now, stroking it slowly, while his other hand was now on his balls and squeezing them carefully.

Harry slid onto the bed next to Percy feeling the heat that was coming from the body next to him. "Now get it out, Harry.", Percy encouraged him and so Harry pushed down his underwear as well but did so slowly and trying to hide his hard cock at first. But then he had to lean back again and there was no way he could hide his boner from Percy.

It was standing up straight, the tip of his cock glistering in the light from the moisture on it.

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"Put your hand on it and start moving it up and down just like this", Percy instructed him and showed Harry how to move his hand with his own cock. And Harry followed Percy`s example and touched his penis with two fingers first moving his foreskin up and down. Immediately he felt the sensation setting in. It was hardly describeable but Harry instantly knew what he had been looking for.


He soft moan escaped his mouth which Percy heard of course. "Yeah, there you go Harry!", he grinned over looking at Harry stroking his cock for the first time. Percy now put his entire hand around his cock and started to speed up his movements a little. He also started to moan a little and closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation. Harry looked over to the older boy next to him and copied his movements.

He put his hand around his hard cock and started to move it faster and felt how this made it feel even better. He put his other hand on his balls and pressed them together just as Percy had done. It felt, good, it felt really good. "How do you like it?", Percy asked in a whisper tone opening his eyes again and looking over at Harry. "Hm, it feels good!", Harry murmured and his movements began to speed up just as Percy`s had.

Harry`s breathing became louder and he looked down at his hand and his hart penis. He was awestruck what feelings he could arise for himself just through his hand. He looked over at Percy`s cock again and saw that he was now using his entire hand instead of just two fingers.

Harry copied this technique and immediately enjoyed the difference. This was what he had been looking for ever since his first erection. He felt his penis now hard and heavy in his hand and enjoyed the sensation of stroking it and especially the feelings that he was evoking himself.

Harry noticed that Percy was moaning more and more and felt Percy`s body tensing up next to him. Percy`s hand was now wildly stroking his cock and his face was caught in an expression of tension and joy. And then something happened that caught Harry by surprise. With one final loud and extensive moan a liquid shot out of Percy`s cock and landed on his belly. There were three shots of that white liquid and Percy relaxed when the liquid had come out of him.

Percy stroked his cock a few more times and let his head drop back into the cushion. Harry`s body instantly reacted to Percy`s show and Harry felt that he could not stop his motions now, in fact he felt the deep urge to speed up and so he did.

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Harry could feel his lower body tensing up and as he stretched his legs and back, closed his eyes and wave of unknown feelings ran through his body and with a loud moan Harry shot his first load onto his stomach. Harry was now flat on his back, gasping for air and stunned be the sensations he had just lived through.

Harry opened his eyes and could now see Percy grinning while sitting next to him. "Welcome to your sex life, Harry!"