Black stud gets his face deep inside white girls fur pie

Black stud gets his face deep inside white girls fur pie
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Logan Kane. He was one of Trey's best friends. More importantly, he was the first guy that ever explored the insides of me. I slept all night and was awoken not by my annoying roommate Kayla, but my boyfriend-wannabe, Trey. My eyes fluttered as I heard him. "Lexi, where were you last night?" Trey asked. My eyes opened completely as I reminisced of last night. I rolled over on my side and glanced over to see Kayla, sitting cross-legged on her bed, practically drooling over Trey's golden body.

"Um," I began, thinking on my feet, "I was getting yelled at by Caleb for being out late." White lie. Just so I don't start off the year too slutty. He answered my lame excuse with a questioning look. I rolled over on my flat stomach and shoved my head into my pillow as he sat down on the edge of my bed. "Well don't treat this year like you did last year." Trey said harshly. I quickly sprung up and locked myself in the bathroom.

Last year had been the year I had lost my virginity to Logan, and everyone heard about it. As I washed my hands I decided Trey needed a reality check. I grabbed my pink cell phone and dialed Caleb's number as I brushed my hair and teeth.

"Yeah?" he asked, obviously unaware of who was on the other line. "Hey Caleb, it's Lexi. Can you come to my room real quick?" I asked sweetly. "Lexi, hey, sorry but I can't, I'm busy." he said. "But I need you, really Caleb." I said as sincerely as possible. That's all it took and he was half-way down the hall.

Lucky for me, Camp Verona had no policy on employee relationships. I heard a knock on the door and unlocked the bathroom door, wearing nothing but my hot pink bra and short orange camp shorts. I glanced over to make sure Trey was watching as I opened the door and pulled Caleb in and onto my bed. "Trey, you know Caleb," I said grabbing his hand, "he's not from last year but ." I straddled him and started kissing him intensely.

I could feel the energy coming off of Trey and knew he regretted his earlier statement. I got up and walked over to my door and opened it slightly. Then, I pointed at Trey and then back to the door. He took the hint, but spitefully, and slammed the door. Then I looked at Kayla, whose mouth was to the floor, completely stunned.

"I actually have to go for a meeting now," he said sweetly, and kissed my forehead and grabbed my body tightly, "tonight?" I nodded, as if we had just scheduled a date. He closed my door softly as I turned around to see where Kayla had gone to. She was no where to be found, and as I turned to face the clock, I realized why: it was 6:45, 15 minutes until I had to be with my assigned group.

I looked in the full length mirror and took in my body. The short orange camp shorts with the word "summer" were ironed onto the butt. I rolled the top hem of the shorts down further so I could view more of my stomach. It was toned and flat. Then I faced straight into the mirror to see my shoulder-length blonde hair fall straight onto my body.

With a side-bang covering part of my left eye. I grabbed a tube of pink lip gloss and a small white tank top that left 3 inches of my golden, tanned skin shown before my shorts took over.

I ran lotion over my long legs and put on my socks and shoes. I looked at the clock again - 5 minutes. I ran down the empty hall and down the small flight of stairs. Past the yellow and red groups, until I say Trey and Caleb's tanned bodies waiting for me. I had forgotten all three of us would be working together with Steve, who was Trey's boss. "Lexi," Steve began, "looking good!" He was oblivious to the other two guys who had already privately confirmed the statement.

Again I nodded politely and stepped over to view the group. Our orange group consisted of all 14-16 year old boys and girls. Next year most of them would be in my position: training to be a camp councilor. Two of the boys checked me out, these kids had no clue how out of their league I am. I felt a strong arm across my back and was glad to know it was Caleb's. The girls immediately started gossiping, of course Caleb was a great catch. But as I turned around, I realized they were not gossiping about me and Caleb, but about my ex, Logan Kane.

He was an inch or so taller than me with short brown hair with light blonde hi-lites.

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He was super muscular, he looked like he belonged in an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue. He had this mega-watt smile that could easily get anyone addicted. He rested a hand on my shoulder, completely disregarding Caleb's arm already in place. Trey and Steve had already begun the activity for that hour and the kids' focus was already off me and the obvious drama that was about to unfold.

"Alexia," he whispered in my ear, "get my messages?" Caleb glanced over with a questioning look. I grabbed his arm and walked him over to a somewhat secluded area. I shook my head, "Ex-boyfriend," I said blushing, "don't worry." "I never do," he said calmly as he rubbed my back, "but you are going to have to run up to the store with him." I gave a half-smile and nodded, trying to act as calm and secure as Caleb.

The truth was, Logan had been the only guy that ever turned me down. I dug my nails into my fist and walked over to Logan, who stood with a cocky grin. "Do you have the -" I started to say before he waved a piece of paper with materials we needed to retrieve on it. I looked towards Logan's shiny black 2005 BMW SUV. "I'll drive." he said, walking towards his car, keys in hand. I had been in his car before, when he first got it.

It still smelled the same. We drove in silence and as we approached the local store, he started talking. "Trey and Caleb," he said, his voice sounding like honey followed down by some hard, burning tequila, "nice start Alexia, but I thought I'd taught you better." He got out of the car and shut the door. I followed him out and walked toward the door as I heard the familiar jingle his car made as he locked it.

I pressed my lips together as we went up and down the aisles in silence again, until I finally spoke up. "So you called to leave me a message, or to see if my roommate was a hottie?" Logan laughed, "So I'm that predictable, huh?" I glared over at him, obviously he knew who Kayla was, "So she's not your type?" I asked, knowing the answer.

"No way," he began, grabbing my bare hip, "how about Trey and Caleb?" he laughed and brought my hips to his. "Trey, no. Caleb, yes. Why do you care?" I asked. He licked his lips subtly and whispered, "I think I'm still your type," he began bringing my face up to his and said, "I think your still my type too." He was about to kiss me when I backed away and grabbed the macaroni noodles next to him and dropped them in his basket.

He was pissed, and I knew better than to talk. We checked out and he threw the bagged groceries into his trunk. "Your being a really stupid bitch right now, you know," he began, "keep it up, and I'll make your summer hell." I gave him a hard look and looked out the tinted window of his high priced car until we reached camp.

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As I walked to the back of his car to grab some of the bags, Logan grabbed my wrist and flung me against the trunk. "Go inside and clean up for Caleb, you fucking whore." he yelled. I decided to listen to him and walk back to the cabins. I glanced around to see who heard his words, but I was alone. Instead of going to my room, though, I knocked on Caleb's door. He answered with only a towel around his beautiful body. "Get everything?" he asked. I walked inside and sat on the bed that we had been fucking in the night before.

"Yeah," I began, "Caleb ." I didn't know what to say, but none of that mattered because as my voice trailed off, Logan burst through the door. He gave me another one of his famous cocky grins and then looked over at Caleb.

"What a slut, this one," he began saying nodding over to me, "already in his bed?" Caleb was a calm, laid-back person, and always sweet, especially when it came to me.

"Hey man, thanks for taking the trip for me," he said, "but lay off Lexi." Caleb said. Logan stepped closer in on Caleb and got right up to his ear to say, "believe me buddy, she likes it a lot more when you call her Alexia, especially when your fucking her brains out." he laughed.

Those words combined with Logan's attitude set calm, collected, Caleb off. He swung at Logan, but only grazed his shoulder. Big mistake. Logan came around with one swift, hard, punch to the eye and Caleb was down. Logan walked out as I kneeled down to look at Caleb's damaged face.

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He was bleeding, badly. I rushed to get the nurse, but when we reached Caleb's door, he had a smile on his face. He told the camp nurse that he had tripped out of the shower.

I was confused, and when left alone with Caleb. "I'm sorry. I-I promise nothing happened at the store, he-he's just . crazy." For the first time in along time, I felt as if I had no control. I felt so close to Caleb, and so bad, but for what? He just held me close until the nurse came back and told him he needed stitches and to go to the hospital.

I held onto his body until the second he stepped into the nurse's car. As I walked back into my cabin Logan was waiting by my door. I tried to walk past him, but he slammed my tiny body against the door.

"You like that?" he asked, referring to Caleb, as he grabbed my wrist tightly, "I took care of Kayla," he said and threw me into the nearest women's bathroom. He took both of my wrists into one of his fists and threw my reddened body against the cold, tiled, floor. He pressed his knee onto my legs and his other arm locked the door and held my stomach down.

"You know you want this," he said, pulling out a condom rapper, just as he had when he took my virginity last summer, but this time I had no interest in him.

He pulled down my shorts along with my g-string and his own pants and boxers. He let is knee off my legs, only to part them. I tried to look angry, but I was too scared for that. "What's wrong Alexia?" he asked laughing, "you used to beg for this." He slammed his hard dick into my pussy, it hurt us both because I was so dry, nothing to lubricate the condom, which then broke. He took the hand off my stomach and slapped me.

"What is wrong with you?" It was then that I realized I could still yell, and then that I realized I couldn't let Caleb, or anyone else think I was a helpless whore. I took my legs and wrapped them around his body as he gave me a slight smile.

"I'm taken, I said as I flipped him on his back using only my strong, long legs. Then, as I has seen him do to Caleb, I struck his perfect face with my fist. He kicked my stomach as he got up and I curled into a ball.


I was in pain, but just then someone walked in. Trey. He was smiling. I bit my lower lip as he grabbed my face and covered my lips with duct-tape. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. Trey took off my shirt and bra as Logan regained his composure. Logan then took my wrists and taped them together and over my head. The two worked together perfectly, I knew this was planned. Logan kicked my body over and I was on my stomach. I could hear them talking and then I felt something near my ass.

I twitched and felt it creep over to my ass hole, it was cold and slimy. All the sudden I felt it slam inside my ass hole and start pumping my body. I had no clue whose it was, but someone was painfully fucking me in the ass. Quickly, almost too quickly, they came inside my ass hole and began kicking me over to the other side. Trey's dick was the one who had entered my ass and now Logan was fingering me and putting lube inside my pussy.

Trey smiled at me and took off the tape on my mouth. "Suck it, bitch," he whispered just as Logan entered my pussy, "your ass hole wasn't dirty, don't worry." He laughed and rammed his dick down my throat.

If I didn't suck it, I would probably choke to death on it. I began licking his dick as both guys moaned with pleasure. I could feel the tears stream out of my eyes as Trey came inside my mouth quickly again and placed the tape back on my mouth.

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Trey walked out of the bathroom and patted Logan on the shoulder as he pumped my body. He was rough, pulling my hair and bruising my hips. Finally he jabbed his dick into me one last, painfully hard time as he came. He took his dick out of me and threw away the condom. He then put his clothes back on as if nothing had ever happened.

"That was fun, baby," he moaned into my ear as he took the tape off my mouth and started to take off the tape of my arms, "we should do this again sometime, huh?" he laughed and kissed me before walking out of the bathroom. Leaving me alone and naked. It was true, last year I would have loved the attention, but that was before Caleb. I put on my clothes piece by piece remembering how they had torn them off my body so quickly and mean.

I looked in the mirror and wiped off my tears. As I walked back to my room my lip trembled and I watched the hall, waiting for someone to jump out at me or attack me. Finally I reached the door and entered the dark room. Kayla was gone, Logan was right. I turned on the lights and looked at my body in the full length mirror as I had earlier that morning.

This time all I saw was the torn hem on my orange shorts, and the ripped strap on my white shirt. My hair was wild and my body was bruised. That was when I thought about Caleb. I called down to the nurse's office, too afraid to actually walk there. "Hi, I was wondering it my, um, boss was back?" I asked softly, "Caleb?" "Oh Alexia!" she began, I had known her for years, "I drove Caleb to the hospital." "But is he back?" I asked, my voice breaking up, ready to cry.

"Oh, no, I am picking your boyfriend back up tomorrow afternoon." she said cheerfully.

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My boyfriend? Mine? I hung up the phone and decided to call another number, the hospital's. There was only one community hospital that I could think of so I asked the operator to connect me to it.


"Verona Beach Community Hospital, how may I help you?" "Hi, I'm from Camp Verona and-" "Oh yes," the elderly woman on the other end said, "Hold on and I will transfer you to Caleb's room, Miss. Geary." I wasn't Miss. Geary, the camp nurse, but I was too upset to correct her. Then, I heard his voice.

"Hello?" he said, groggy, obviously awakened by my call. "Caleb?" I said, still scared that someone would burst through my door and rape me, again. "Lexi? Is that you, babe?

he asked, sounding more awake than before. "Yeah, I'm sorry," I said - he called me 'babe'?!, "I just-" I began slowly. "I miss you, Alexia. I can hardly sleep knowing your in the same building as him" he said sweetly.

Try in the same bathroom as him, I wanted to say. But I cared about Caleb, I told him he had nothing to worry about. I wasn't a liar. And I wasn't going to be a whore. "You have no idea how hard tonight has been." I said.

I was done with other guys. "Same here, but I'll see you tomorrow, promise." I took the hint and yawned before confirming him, "promise." And that was it, I hung up my cell and glanced in the mirror. I was still insecure and felt unsafe. I glanced around my room before replacing today's clothes with my pajamas. Then I felt the metal doorknob turn in my hand as I opened my door. I looked around the hall and closed the door behind me. I decided to run down the hall, scared of anyone that could keep up with my long, bruised legs.

Finally I reached the door. I opened it and flicked on the lights. It was empty. Just to make sure, I checked the bathroom, the closet, and under the bed. I lay down in the bed and covered myself with the blankets provided.

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It was then that I remembered tomorrow was my free day. Curled up in a small ball, I finally felt safe. His blankets surrounded me.

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Everything that had to do with Caleb brought security to me, so that is where I fell asleep. When I woke up around 2:00 P.M. he was laying next to me. I planned not to tell him of the events from the night before, but to soak up all the good feelings Caleb made me feel.


I rolled over and was surprised to see him smiling and gazing at me. I smiled and felt my body ache from last night. I pulled my body closer to his until every inch of my body possible was touching him.

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I was done with games and done with other guys. "You look beautiful." he said, simply. Hadn't he seen my bruises? I just smiled and kissed him under his stitches, right under his eye. He grabbed the back of my head and pressed my head to his chest. I ran my fingers against his stomach and took his t-shirt off his body.

I ran my fingers down his bare chest once more and stopped just above his boxers. He then grabbed my hands and kissed them and placed them inside his. He didn't want me for pleasure, he wanted me for me. "I love you, Alexia." he said softly in my ear. I pulled away to look deep into his eyes. "I love you too Cay." I said back. And I meant it.