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Michelle POV: The night before Heath's Birthday I walk into a nice hotel room looking over the ocean. Mom always picked such nice rooms. During the flight Travis and I talked quietly about what we would do.

Neither of us had forgiven Heath for being the prized child. Tyrone had talked us into getting into our accounts and giving him money to invest plus live the good life. Man that was a mistake as Travis was left with about 90k and I had a little more than 200k left. Tyrone kept apologizing for his bad decisions and that he would get us back to where my father left us.

We went out for dinner and then headed back to the hotel to get some sleep. We shared one room. Travis slept on the couch and mom and I took the beds. I faded into slumber wondering what we would do when mom saw Heath again and how we would explain things having both in the same room and make both sides think we were telling the truth when the both sides could defend themselves.

I drift to sleep and see a figure that I hadn't seen in years.its my daddy one of the few man I loved with my entire being. The only other two was Travis and the brat that we were here for.Heath, well I did love him at one time I suppose.

We are on a beach or by a lake.somewhere that there is sand. I run to him and go to hug him, but he steps aside and I fall flat on my face. I sit up and look at myself.I am about 10 or so again. I look at him through teary eyes. " Why daddy? I love you and have missed having your love." I say as my father looks at me and then says something that shocks me " Michelle I love you, but if I could I wouldn't have anything to do with you." He says as his words shock me for two reasons The first is he always called me baby girl and the second he always loved me no matter what I did.

" What have I done to cause you to say that and not call me baby girl?" I ask starting to cry About that time I see a little boy that I recognize. It's Heath and he is about 5. He walks past me and goes into the water. I look at him and start to shout like I would in the past " Heathie stay by me because you can't swim baby." I stop thinking what did I just say? Why would I care if he can swim or not. Heath walks into the water farther and farther it goes up to his little knees, then his waist followed by his shoulders and then past his head.

I scream as I start to run, but it feels like my legs are stone. I look at my father as he watched his son walk into the water and hasn't popped up yet. " Daddy please go get Heathie,please he can't swim. Go save my baby." I plead to my father who just stares as I continue to plead for him to go save him Finally my dad looks at me and says something that stops my heart. " Why do you even care Michelle?

Travis and you wanted him gone so damn much. His love for you was so much and you wanted him gone. Well your baby brother was just following through with your desires." He tells me as about that time my legs feel light again as I go running into the water and dive swimming towards where Heathie would be As I look for my brother who I once felt was my own child.

A song comes to my head that I have been listening to over and over again as of late. I keep going to the river to pray 'Cause I need something that can wash all the pain And at most I'm sleeping all these demons away But your ghost, the ghost of you It keeps me awake Each time that I think you go I turn around and you're creeping in And I let you under my skin 'Cause I love living in the sin Boy you never told me True love was going to hurt True pain I don't deserve Truth is that I never learn I look and look but don't see him.

I resurface and don't see my brother on the sand. I dive again,'please God let me save him' I go deeper and deeper. I see him and his eyes are shut but something is wrong.he has chains all around him. I tug on the chains but they don't bulge. I keep trying as my chest starts to burn from the lack of oxygen, but my love for the little boy that stole my heart when he was born drove me. I see 3 shadows descending on me and I look up to see it's sharks. They separate me from Heathie.

They each grab a chain and drag him deeper into the dark abyss. I can't continue as I resurface to see my dad with his son by his side. I swim to shore and fall to my knees. " Heathie your ok baby boy" I say as I try to look into his face, but its blank,no mouth or nose and where are his bright blue eyes that showed his love for me?

continuing I say " Heathie baby talk to me.talk to your Shellie." My brother starts to fade and disappears. I look at my father and he has a look of anger and disappointment. " You got your wish Michelle.

Heath is out of your life for good. No take backs, no do overs. HE'S GONE ARE YOU HAPPY!!" My father says with such anger I scream to no one in particular. " HEATHIE DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE LEAVE ME!" I yell until I feel something shake me.

I'm awakened by my mother and Travis who have worried looks on their faces. " Michelle sweetie are you ok?" Asks my mother with concern I don't know how I tell her I watched my brother die so I come up with some stupid excuse. " You remember when I got that awful haircut and coloring and I was picked on for two weeks. Well I just dreamed about that again, but no matter what I did my hair always returned to that." I say as I hear Travis laugh " Yeah you had a cute face, but your hair was hideous." He says as I punched him in his leg making him fall to the ground " Ass, no matter if its ugly you always tell your mother and sisters they are the most beautiful women in the world." I tell him as my mom sighs " You know Heath walked up to you while you were crying so bad and said you were ugly that he returned to his backpack and grabbed a pair of scissors and cut his own hair." My mom says as Travis laughed again " Yeah it so messed up that he had to get a crew cut so it looked somewhat normal." He says as I start to cry remembering his words to me after that " Look Shellie now your prettier than me." As I remember those words Travis goes back to the couch and crashes Mom looks at me and asks the question that I knew was coming.

" What was your dream really about Michelle?" She asks as I look at her and start to try to bullshit her when she stops me to only continue " Your father came to you didn't he?" I stopped and that's when mom tells me about her dream and the one years ago so vividly that I swear it was a movie.

I then tell mom mine. Mom looks at me. " Michelle I know Heath is ok a mother just knows these things. You'll see our bright blue eyed baby boy will be just fine." I smile knowing mom is right Heath is strong and wouldn't do something stupid.I just hope he doesn't as my dream was a nightmare.

================================================================== I wake up to feeling hugs and kisses on my lips. My eyes open to see two beautiful women kissing me as they hold me snuggling up to me. I smile as my arm's wrap each one pulling them close to me.

I feel their nude soft bodies next to me. Both look into my eyes with smiles of their own. " Good morning baby, Happy Birthday my love." Jasmine and Diamond say in unison as I smile placing my hand on their asses " Thank you both so much." I say as each giggle before I feel hands slide down my chest, abs, then to my manhood " How about a birthday blow job for our birthday boy?" Jasmine asks as I chuckle " Sorry darlin it's still a bit sensitive from you both riding me as if you both were trying to get impregnated." I state as both of them laugh " Well what if we were darling?

Our sons and daughter are old enough to have sisters aren't they?" Diamond asks me as I nod with a smile " True, but they are just now getting use to each other." I say as they both squeeze my shaft " Baby your right, but we want another baby each. You do want a big family don't you?" Jasmine asks as I think of her question I look at both of them and see they are serious. I ponder on my beautiful Latina's question. Yes I want a big family, but wonder if these two really want one as big as I do.

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Although I also lay here thinking of those in the house already. My god parents, those that I claim as my family, all four kids that sleep in Lil Greg and Dakota's room. I smile as I watch Diamond start fondling my balls as Jasmine slowly strokes my shaft. " Yes I want a big family, but how many kids are you two wanting?" I answer as they look at me with a serious expression " Well baby Diamond and I have talked seriously about this and we decided on 6 kids each." Jasmine says as I see Diamond nod " Wow 12 kids in all yeah that would be a big family.

So that leaves just ten more." I state as both my ladies nod " Yep and the sooner we conceive the sooner they are born." Diamond says as I see the desire in their eyes " Well tell you both what." I say as they nod looking at me intently before I continue " Let me rest today and tonight we will play all you two want." Jasmine and Diamond both look at me with wide eyes and big grins as I get covered by two very naked ladies.

I laugh as each one kisses my face showing love and passion. After all the love is shown we get up, as well as dressed before we head to the kids room to wake up another birthday boy. Once in the kids room we notice they are all up and playing with giggles. Karen notices me as I stand at the foot of the bed. She stands up on the bed coming at me with a big smile. Once to me Karen places her arms around me giving me a kiss on my cheek as I lean down. " Happy Birthday Daddy." Karen says as I pick her up " Thank you baby girl." I tell her as my sons and nephew come over to reach up to me " HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!" They all say even lil Heath " Thanks guys, now how about we go down and have breakfast." I say getting smiles and nods Jasmine picks up Dakota as Diamond picks up Lil Greg.

I grab Lil Heath before we leave their bedroom making our way down to the kitchen to cook breakfast. As we get in the doorway of the kitchen I am shocked to see everyone up around 8:30 a.m. " HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATH AND LIL HEATH!" They all say in unison as my nephew and I get bombarded with hugs and kisses on the cheeks of our faces It's Hannah who surprises me with a tight hug and a kiss on my lips.

After the kiss she looks up at me with those beautiful brown eyes giving me a smile with a wink. She breaks the hug going back to helping Jack fix breakfast. I let Lil Heath and Karen down as they both go giving hugs to everyone in the room. I take my seat as everyone starts talking about what they have planned for my nephew and I. My mind is still on Hannah's kiss as I see her talking to both Jasmine and Diamond while smiling at me.

I don't know what to think as I shrug it off for now to enjoy my birthday with those that are my family, and those that I am getting to know again. ================================================================ Ellie's POV: Around 1 p.m. that day What a two weeks it's been. Everyone seems to be getting along as Heath made it clear that no one was going to stay in a hotel room since he had plenty of room for us all. As I sit in my lounge chair I look around to see everyone talking and with the occasional laugh.

Jack and Adam are talking to Chris. Tiffany and Selena are talking to Jasmine, Diamond, and Hannah about clothes, babies, and the kids. Faye is getting to know Verna, Kiko, and I as she told us straight up that she took Heath in as her son as us god mother's did years and years ago. The kids are with their daddy and uncle as he reads to them just inside in the living room. As Mike, Jack, Nate, and Ricky grill lunch and Adam talks to his sister's, Tiffany, and Selena.

I hear a voice coming from the side of the house. It deeply sounds familiar as I hear it again. Verna and Kiko look at me as Faye seems to be confused. " Ellie, what is wrong hun?" Faye asks as I look at the side gate " Is anyone back here?" The familiar female voice asks I stand up hoping my ears are playing tricks on me as Verna, Kiko, and Faye follow suit.

We watch the gate open to only see a old familiar face. It's Maggie, but how as the letter that we all have read said she was dead. Was it a trick to hurt Heath? Was she coming to tell him face to face she just wanted to torment him with wrong and hateful words. Maggie sees us all as I notice Michelle and Travis right behind her. They come on in as Faye tells Jasmine we have guest that she doesn't know. I look to see Jasmine looking at the three that just stepped into the back yard.

As I look at Maggie I hear Travis say something very rude. " Wow look at the sexy bitches. I wonder if they come with the house." Travis says looking at the three I took in as my daughters I turn to see Jasmine, Diamond, and Hannah looking at him with shocked expressions. It's at that moment Diamond steps over to him looking up looking in his eyes. " What did you say you prick?" She says as he has a smirk on his face " I said I wondered if you and the other sluts come with the house as my brother Trey and I would have fun taking you from behind." Travis says catching the guys attention At that moment Diamond goes to slap him only to be shoved backward by him.

She lands on her ass which catches Jacks attention. I watch as Jack moves quick planting Travis against the wall that is the fence. They look eye to eye as Jack lifts Travis up with one hand around Travis's throat.

" You just made the wrong mistake pal. If you still want your balls attached I'd apologize to my sister." Jack says as Travis looks at him wide eyed " You wouldn't asshole." Travis says as Adam steps up with a knife " He may not but I will as no one insults our sister's without some pain." Adam says as I hear a bark It's at that time Batman comes running out making his way past us all to bite Travis in his lower left leg.

" AARRGHHHHH!" Travis screams as Jack lets him down " BATMAN RELEASE!" Adam says as I watch the dog let go as Travis sits on his ass in tears Maggie and Michelle just watch in worry as Travis sits on the ground holding the front of his leg.

It's at that moment Jack and Adam help Travis up to only slam him against the strong fence that Heath told us he built. Travis lets out a gasp as Mike my husband stands up in front of the man he once thought as a son.

" Travis if I was you I would do as my new sons say, or you can just leave as your attitude just frankly sucks." Mike says as Travis goes wide eyed " No as they are only good for one thing and that is a good fuck." Travis says as Jasmine shoves Mike out of the way " Listen you bastard and listen good.

This is my man's house and your not invited. I don't know your punk ass and don't want to know it." She says before Diamond has Jasmine move out of the way before bringing her knee up between his legs " Get him the fuck off our property." Diamond says as Jack and Adam nod We watch them take a very hurt Travis out of the back yard. Maggie and Michelle stand there watching on with what looks like fear.

I watch as Verna and Kiko step up to Maggie who looks scared of what is going to happen. That is when I see them slap her each taking a cheek.

Maggie is stunned that her old closets friends at one time would treat her badly. " Why are you slapping me? I haven't done anything to either of you." Maggie asks as I have them move to explain " Oh you haven't?" I ask getting a shook head as she massages both sides of her face before I continue " THEN WHAT DO YOU CALL LEAVING YOUR SON BEHIND?

WHAT DO YOU CALL SENDING HIM LETTERS SAYING YOU NEVER WANTED HIM? WHAT OF THE HURT AND PAIN ALL THESE YEARS?" She looks at me dumbfounded as I feel my hand form a fist before I snap hitting her in the stomach then the face as she goes down. Maggie goes down to her knees holding her stomach as Michelle goes to her. " STOP IT PLEASE IT'S MY!" Is all Michelle says as I shove her out of the way before continuing my assault I have Maggie on her back laying into her punch after punch, hit after hit as she cries trying to cover her face.

I don't know how long I am doing this until Faye pulls me off Maggie. " Ellie stop your going to kill her. Who the hell is she any way?" She asks as I turn to look in her eyes " She is Heath's mother, or was at one point in time." I state as Faye turns to see Verna and Kiko nod Faye lets me go before looking at Maggie as I saw her eyes grow with anger.

Faye then gets over as to help Maggie up to only slap her hard a few times. =================================================================== I heard some yelling as I read to the kids. I closed the book telling them let's go out to see what is going on. They each nodded as I stood letting Lil Greg and Dakota down on the floor. We all make our way out the back door to see the everyone standing as I see momma Faye hitting someone.

I get a glance at the woman to see it's my mother. My eyes go wide as I also see my sister Michelle being held by Diamond and Hannah. I look to see those that are my brothers and god fathers gone.

My heart is racing as my mind can't get over it my mother and sister are here. I feel my body get heavy as I go to my knees. It's at that moment I hear my kids asking if I am ok as my eyes close before I hit the ground face first. =================================================================== Jasmine's POV: I am standing here watching momma Faye hit on Heath's mother.

She has been wanting to tell her a few things, but I guess the anger these past few years took over. It's at that moment I feel a few tugs on my shorts only to look and see both my sons looking up at me with concern. " What are you two doing out here? Isn't your daddy reading to you all?' I ask as they shake their heads " Daddy taking a nap by the pool." Dakota says as I turn to see my man face down " HEATH!" I scream running over to him " OH GOD HEATH!" I hear Diamond scream as I turn to see everyone turn to look " SOMEONE GO GET JACK AND ADAM HURRY!" I yell as Hannah nods running out of the back yard Diamond and I try to get Heath on his back.

Once we do I place my hand on his chest to only feel his heart beating faintly. I feel my stomach become a knot as I hear running. I turn to see my brothers coming to help. " Get back Adam and I will handle this. Chris go to Adam's car and get his medical first aid kit." Jack says as I see Chris nod before running back out of the backyard Diamond helps me up and over to the others who look in horror. I feel arms around me as I turn my head to see it's Diamond.

I turn in her arms as tears come to me. She holds me tight with tears of her own. I look over to see Faye, Ellie, Kiko, and Verna all hoping that my brothers get their son back.

Mike, Nate, and Ricky are behind them watching with tears. I see the young woman help Heath's mom up. They both look over past my new mothers and fathers who have taken me in as their own a few days after they arrived. It's at that moment I see the two that are Heath's family stand watching on, but it's what the young woman says that catches Diamond and I off guard.

" Don't worry mom he is just faking it." She says with some sarcasm Before I can say anything Hannah has her up against the wooden fence. Diamond and I watch as the young woman's eyes go wide. " Look bitch he isn't faking. He tried suicide years ago emptying bottle after bottle of pain pills and sleep aides.

The dosage goofed up his heart and someone up above must of been watching over him, because Adam and Jack were able to get him to a hospital and he was saved. He can't have any kind of stress or drama around him." Hannah says as Heath's mom looks over at her son " Oh god no not my son.

Not my loving son." She says going to her knees At that moment Ellie, Verna, and Kiko go to her with care. They comfort her for some reason as I look to see the young woman look at Heath with eyes that only earlier showed no love, but now does.

She struggles to get Hannah's hand off her neck. " LET ME GO HE CAN'T. HE CAN'T DIE NOT NOW. PLEASE LET ME GO I HAVE.I HAVE TO SAVE HIM." She says before Hannah lets her go We watch as she shoves us out of the way to get to Heath.

She stumbles a few times as she gets over to where Heath is laying motionless. I watch as she gets on her knees to place Heath's head in her lap. " Heath wake up it's your Shellie. Come on baby brother wake up." She says as I finally know who she is I see Adam and Jack look at her with some concern as they both look at me.

I nod as they keep at what they are doing as Michelle keeps up with her words coaxing her brother to wake up and return to the family that loves him so much.

" Come on Heathie wake up. We all need you baby as we all love you. I am so sorry for all that I did to you. I was so fucking wrong in my actions. I love you baby brother please wake up." She says with tears caressing his face " His heart beat is getting stronger keep it up." Adam says as she nods at him " Heathie remember when we we're kids and you would always be jealous of another guy being with me. You would always say my Shellie. Well baby brother I was jealous of you too.

I am so sorry for thinking you were hogging mom for yourself. I was wrong in believing that. Come on Heath wake up." She says as Heath starts to move " Shellie?" He says as we all watch and listen with relief " Yes it's your Shellie.

Come on open your eyes baby brother." She says as he raises his right arm to only place his right hand on her cheek " Shellie, my.my Shellie?" He says with what sounds like with tears " Yes it's me my baby brother." Michelle says as she leans over to kiss his cheek We all go over to see him as Jack and Adam help him sit up.

He looks around at all of us before smiling to only pass out again. " Wait Heath don't leave me." Michelle says in tears " No he is ok just overwhelmed. He needs rest and a lot of it." Jack says as Michelle moves so Chris can get behind the man he calls his brother After they get him up Chris volunteers to carry Heath up to bed.

Adam and Jack help get their brother up on their new brother's right shoulder. We all watch as Chris and Jack take Heath in the house as Michelle who is still on her knees speaks. " What have I done?" She asks getting our attention " What do you mean Michelle?" Ellie asks as Michelle looks up at her " I wrote the letters. I wrote the one about mom being dead." Michelle says that makes everyone look at her with shock As I stand there hearing those words the next thing I see is at Adam's hands as he picks her up to only throw her into the pool.

He jumps in and starts being violent going against his character. He grabs the back of her head to only submerge her face into the pool trying to drown her. We all watch in horror as he becomes something he isn't. He brings her up to only see the fear in her eyes. " HOW DOES IT FEEL BITCH?! THIS IS WHAT MY BROTHER FELT BECAUSE OF YOUR INFERIORITY COMPLEX !" He yells out submerging her face back into the water Mike, Nate, and Ricky jump into the water making their way to him.

Each of them trying to get him to stop. After they succeed Adam gets out as Mike and Nate help a coughing Michelle out of the pool. Diamond and Hannah rush to Adam before they speak.

" ABS STOP IT! THIS ISN'T YOU HUN!" They both say in unison " But Heath. I can't lose any of you. Without you I go back to that dark place.I don't want to go back." He says with tears After that moment Adam stands not far from Michelle as she is on her knees coughing up water before she turns to look up at him. " I thought you were a nice guy at spring break that one year." She states catching his attention I look at Adam's expression to see he is shocked at her statement.

He shakes his head looking at her with wide eyes. " If I knew who the fuck you were I swear I'd of fucking killed you then you fucking cunt of a goddamn whore ." He says catching her off guard as I walk up to him SLAP " ADAM RYAN ROLLINS WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE AROUND THE KIDS!" I yell saying to him only to see tears " Sorry Jazzy." He tells me as the kids all go to him " Uncle Adam you wouldn't do that to us would you?" Karen asks as he gets down on one knee " No little ones as I love you MOST of all.

I am sorry you witnessed what I just did." He says holding them all to him After a few moments I turn to see Ellie, Verna, Kiko, and Faye help Heath's mom up in which she is scared at first. " Adam can you come over and doctor our old friend?" Ellie asks as I see Adam let the kids go to stand He makes his way to his first aide kit then over to the woman that the mother's were hitting on just moments earlier. I go over to them wanting answers.

" So what the hell is going on?" I ask as Ellie turns to me " Jasmine hun you heard what Michelle confessed to. Maggie is just as much as a victim as Heath is." Ellie says as I see the other's nod " I can't believe this.my own kids betrayed me and my son and would do something this horrible." Maggie says looking at Michelle " Maggie whatever the reason she is still your daughter." Kiko says as Maggie keeps glaring at a hurt Michelle Adam cleans the blood off Maggie's face before adding band aids to her cuts.

Michelle stands up going to her mother. She kneels down placing her head in Maggie's lap. Her tears fall on Maggie's jeans while we watch Maggie show tears. " I am so sorry mother for hurting you. I am so sorry for hurting Heath.

Tyrone, Trey, and Keisha kept drilling into Travis and I that Heath was your favorite. Please forgive me one day." Michelle says as tears fall from Maggie's eyes " So all those letters I received from my baby boy were you and Travis's handy work as to get me against him?" She asks as Michelle nods her head before continuing " And the letters I sent were never received to him?" " No as Travis intercepted them only to send those we wrote instead." Michelle answers as the truth finally comes out " Michelle that was a really cold thing to do." Verna says as Michelle raises her head to look at her " I know and I am truly sorry." Michelle says as Maggie looks at her daughter " GO GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!" Maggie says loudly making everyone go wide eyed " Mom please don't." Michelle says as Maggie slaps her " GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!

YOU HURT ME AND YOUR BROTHER BECAUSE SOME BASTARD TALKED YOU INTO IT! GO GET AS OF RIGHT NOW I HAVE NO DAUGHTER EXCEPT MAYBE THOSE MY SON THINKS OF AS SISTERS!" Maggie states loudly as I see Hannah, Selena, and Tiffany all look at her " Momma please you don't mean it." Michelle says with tears and a look of fear on her face " Yes I do now leave me alone." Maggie says as she kicks Michelle away " Maggie calm down hun I know your mad, but she." Faye says as Maggie shakes her head " I don't know who you are, but she hurt me and my son.

She can go back home with Travis as of right now they both disgust me." Maggie says as Michelle slowly gets up and leaves crying going down to the beach " Maggie what are you thinking?

She is your daughter as well as Heath's sister. Don't you think she is hurting as well at seeing Heath have a stroke?" Ellie says as Maggie looks up at her with tears " You think I don't know that.

This whole thing hurts knowing she had a hand in this. And on a day I wanted to get back in my son's life it had to be on his birthday." She says as Ellie, Kiko, Verna, and Faye go and comfort her The guys let them have a moment as Jack and Chris come back out saying Heath is resting. Diamond and I fill them in on what was found out. They both can't believe it until Ellie confirms it. Jack goes back to cooking only to give Batman two hotdogs for his bravery against Travis. I get with Hannah, Selena, Diamond, and Tiffany to talk about Heath.

As we talk I watch as the kids go over to their grandparent's and Maggie. =================================================================== Adam's POV: I am making my way to the beach to find the woman at one time I found to be the most beautiful in my heart. I see her sitting in the sand next to the water, As I get closer I hear her sobs and saying she wished that things were like when she was little. I feel truth in those words, but was she being sincere. As I get a few steps behind her I let out a sigh before I speak.

" Was there any truth in those words you told me those years back at spring break? Or were they all lies?" I ask as she turns to see me standing behind her " They were truths Adam as I still want us to have a future together." She tells me looking at the waves I sit down beside her with my arms on my knees. We both look straight ahead sitting in silence until I speak again. " Michelle I want to believe you, but you hurt my brother in so many ways.

How am I to believe that cute older woman wanted to be with me?" I state asking her truthfully " Adam I do want to be with you. I want to prove it in anyway I can. Look there hasn't been a day that I haven't thought of you. I found my heart ache for that night in the club. That night we talked of love and a future with children in the house.

Oh god Adam tell me what I must do to prove my words to be true?" Michelle pleads to me for answers " Michelle I don't know how you can except be yourself. Be the sister you were all those years ago to Heath. The one he spoke of when he was a little boy. Then and only then we can be what we talked about a few years ago." I tell her as Michelle nods with a small smile After that Michelle tells me everything about Tyrone, Trey and Travis.

She also tells me about Keisha who had left years ago to who knows where. It's a nice talk with no bad words said just calm and peaceful ones. ================================================================ Maggie's POV: Night Before Heath Wakes Up I stand in the doorway of my son's room.My baby hasn't woke up yet and I pray that he does.

I love him.why would my other kids hurt him like this? Adam brought the little bitch back. She has quietly sat in a corner and only speaks when spoken to.which isn't much. I watch as Jasmine and Diamond check on him and talk to him. The kids have all climbed into bed hugging my son as he sleeps. I have a granddaughter from Tiffany, and grandsons from Jasmine and Diamond.

They are all so cute. My son's children have inherited his beautiful blue eyes. I walk in and Karen pops her head up,'Are you going to hurt my daddy?' I shake my head, 'No I accidently hurt him years ago and only want to make it right.' The kids all yawn as the mothers take them to their own room and tuck them in. I go to my room that Jasmine picked out for me. ================================================================ Michelle's POV: First night in her brothers home Adam brought me back into the house and has vouched for me.

I know that no one trusts me but I will show them my love for Heath is just as strong.NO ITS STRONGER THAN THEIRS'. I lay on the floor in the living room as my mind floats back to years ago and I cry myself to sleep knowing that my baby was hurt so bad and I was a main contributer to his pain.I dream that night not of Adam or the past but a past of what if Heath would have stayed. Tiffany and he would have married, Karen would have grown up knowing her daddy and him knowing her.

Mom,Travis, Heath and I would have been there for her birth.I'd have gotten to play auntie sooner.

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I cry wishing I would have been a better sister. I wake up feeling like smeone put a weight on my chest. I open my eyes and Karen is on my chest as I feel more bodies. I look and Lil Greg and Dakota are curled up on my right side and Heath on my left.

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They all decided to use me as a pillow. I smile to myself as I think to myself,'Daddy I wish you were here because I know you'd want to be in this same spot. I fade back into slumber having sweet dreams of what my future will hold having my newest family members in it.

=============================================================== Travis's POV: That night I am sitting here on the edge of the hotel bed that my mother and sister slept in.

I think of what happened at my oh so sweet brother's house. How I was treated like a thief in the night. How dare those fuckers treat me like that. Especially that fucking dog biting me. I think for a moment of going back and kill it's fucking ass.


I get my phone out to dial a number. I wait for the person to answer as I rub my leg when I hear his voice. " Hello son what's up?" Tyrone says as I smile " Hey I need your help things didn't go right as planned. The brat is still alive as mom and Michelle are still at his house." I exclaim as I can feel his tone change " So the prick still kicking huh will that will change give me a few days.

Trey and I will be there to help get rid of the problem." Tyrone tells me as we talk for a few more minutes before hanging up As I sit here I smile knowing my goody two shoes of a brother was about to get his. I think of those three beautiful girls and think of all that Trey and I could do to them.

I chuckle with those thoughts of sodomising them making them our little sluts to trade to some of Tyrone's buddies for the night once they are broken. As I lay back on the bed my mind drifts off to sleep. ===================================================================== I wake up and see Tiffany in bed with me.

My mind tries to figure out why, but becomes blank as I can't remember the past couple of weeks. I quietly and slowly get out of bed.this has to be a dream.


I walk towards the twin's room. I see some doors are closed that shouldn't be.I open the first and there are Chris and Selena. I walk to the next.it's Mike and Ellie, then the next.Nate and Kiko, next and its Verna and Ricky.

I start to freak out wondering why are all those I left are here? I walk to the next.it's Maggie.my mother. I walk quickly to the boy's room and open the door, but the boys aren't there. I freak out and run to the stairs taking them three at a time. I enter the kitchen and see Jazzy and Diamond. I run to them and ask about the boys. Jazzy feels my heart racing. I hear a lot of footsteps coming down the stairs. I guess all the commotion I made brought the family from upstairs down along with Jack,Adam,Faye and Hannah.

I refuse to calm down as Jazzy moves her finger to her lips and quietly tells me to follow her. She takes me to the living room and there is Michelle on the ground with all four kids sleeping on her.

I just stand there looking at them all. Karen is laying on top of my sister, Dakota and Lil Greg are on her right as Lil Heath is on her left. I watch as Dakota wakes up to look up at me with a smile. He gets up and comes to me. It's at that moment the other three wake up to only do the same.

Each one asks if I am ok. I give them a look of confusion as Jazzy and Diamond fill me in on what all has happened. That is when I start to remember everything of the past few weeks. I guess my seizure goofed up my memory a bit as I pick my boys up as Karen and Lil Heath follow me to the kitchen leaving Michelle alone on the floor with confusion.

Once in the kitchen I sit in my chair as Jazzy and Diamond go get me a cup of coffee. Everyone comes in acknowleding me as my mother comes over to give me a hug in which I shrug off.

She looks at me hurt before Ellie takes her to get some coffee. My mind is still in a state of cautiousness as to what to think of her. Even with all that Jasmine and Diamond told me I still am having it hard coming to terms with her being a victim of my siblings and their hurtful ways. After breakfast I'm sitting here watching the kids play. Karen asks her Uncle Chris if he can take them down to the beach.

He says sure as I start to get up, but my body fails me. Chris looks at me with concern. " Bro take it easy. I got the rugrats. You just need to relax okay? For all of our sakes." He tells me before he walks to me and hugs me like he did years ago when we were as tight as how Adam,Jack and I are. I feel tears fall as he looks at me continuing " I lost you three times bro.twice could have been permanant. I don't want to imagine not being able to talk to you." " I've been told I'm stubborn." I say as he smiles He takes the kids down to the beach.

Its a couple minutes later I close my eyes and here my dad's voice,'Heath you need to go down to the water son. You need to see this.' I open my eyes as I try to stand again but my legs give. Its Michelle who catches me. I try again and can stand, but am wobbly. Jazz and Diamond both ask where I'm going. To the beach I answer. Michelle pipes in,'I'll take him down girls. Don't worry' I look at her and glare,'I'M FINE MICHELLE. I'M A BIG BOY REMEMBER?' She looks at me with a little hurt at my words and tone.

I walk to the door and stumble again and she repeats her actions. Jazz tells me to allow Michelle to help me as she and the other ladies had some guidelines to discuss. I start to object but the eyes of all the women told me it would be like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest and i was legless.

Michelle helps me to the beach to my chagrin and I see my two boys standing there listening to my daughter talk. As we get closer I hear something that I swear I heard and did years earlier ======================================================================== Karen's POV: I ask Uncle Chris to take all four of us kids to the beach. He says sure and we get ready and go to the water. I had this idea but I don't know how happy Dakota and Gregie are going to be to do it.

As we get to the water we play for a couple minutes before I call my brothers to me. They both run up to me and give me hugs. I love them so much.and I hope they don't hate me for my idea. " Gregie,Kota take those pacies and throw them into the water for the baby sharkies. Your big boys and don't need them anymore." I tell them and they look at me like I took the last cookie They both tell me,'NO!' I try talking to them a little more.

They still fight me. I look at them and ask one last time and they still won't. I walk to them and grab both of the pacies from their mouths and toss them as far as I can. I turn around and see them both start to cry. I hug them and they push me away. Its Gregie that talks first,'Hate you Karen.' Dakota looks at me,'Yeah hate you Sissy.' I take them both into my arms and hug them, giving them kisses on the cheeks.

"No you don't. You love me with all your hearts just as I love you the same.

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And you don't need those pacies anymore as you have Heathie and me to love you. I'll always love and protect my baby brothers and maybe one day sisters." I say as it's at that time I look over and see daddy crying with the lady they call Michelle. ===================================================================== I'm taken back to that scene when I was younger at the lake and Michelle telling me the same.

Michelle looks at me with tears in her eyes. " Remember when you did that Heathie at the lake." My sister asks as I nod with tears in my eyes " Yes Michelle I do.that was when mom,Travis and you still loved me.or I thought you did." I look into Michelle's eyes and the dam bursts " Heathie you listen to me and you listen good.WE HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU.AND ALWAYS WILL.

I know Travis and I screwed up, but mom was innocent as we lied to her. She NEVER stopped wondering about you. I hope that one day I can prove to you how much I STILL LOVE YOU HEATHIE. Please tell me I have a shot to get you back into my life." She finishs and looks at me with those eyes that one showed nothing but love for me.and they looked like they returned, but I was still hesitant " Maybe one day Michelle.

You hurt me so bad I don't know if I can trust you ever again." I tell her as Michelle nods as she kisses my cheek " As long as it takes Heathie.Momma Shellie will wait." She tells me as we cry looking at one another as my kids run to me to comfort me I hug them with all my might,'I love you kids.

Just know that you make my life worth living.' They all four smile before we take them back in for the rest of the morning. The day goes by with everyone starting to get along better. My mother is getting reaquainted with her old friends as she makes a new one in Faye who is showing to be protective of me.

Michelle is trying to make friends with Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and reaquaint herself with Tiffany and Selena.

It's around 5 p.m. that I notice my mother make her way outside the back door. I get up to follow her to find out what is wrong. She goes out the back gate that goes to the beach. I follow hoping she isn't going to do what I did weeks ago.

She walks to the waters edge to only look out upon the horizon. I come up behind her placing my arms around her as she places her hands on mine. " I am so sorry for all that your sister and brother have done to you. If I only had known I." She says until I turn her around to face me " Mom neither of us knew. If this never happened I wouldn't be who I am today." I tell her seeing some hurt in her eyes " Yes.

but I would of still had my son. I have missed you so much Heath. I missed my bright blue eyed baby boy." She tells me with tears before she continues " And the way those four ladies in there talk you already have enough mothers." I look in her eyes and see pain, but also love that she had for me years ago. " Mom yes they are like mothers to me, but YOU gave me life not them. I always wanted my mother back and here you are.

Let's not dwell on the past as it is. Let's look at the now and future as I don't want to lose you again, and for my eyes well they not that bright anymore as you can see." I say as she looks straight into them " Maybe they are not now, but I plan to make them like they once were." She tells me as I chuckle " Well with you and everyone trying they should be back bright in a few months." I say as she smiles up at me " Well I bet I will make them shine sooner." She says with tears as we pull each other in for a tighter hug as she continues " I love you Heath so very much." " I love you mom as I have never stopped." I say as we look into each others eyes We talk for a little longer until the kids come out followed by Batman.

Once to us they start asking if we are alright. I smile nodding before I get down to one knee as my mother gets on her knees to sit on her feet. " Daddy who is she as we are confused." Karen asks as I turn to see my mother showing tears " Well baby girl you know how Grammy Verna is to you?" I ask as my daughter nods before I smile and continue " Well this is my mother your grammy Maggie." Karen and my son's look at her before looking back at me.

Dakota looks at the sand before moving to his grandmother. I watch as Lil Greg follows his brother. They each show her love as she sits in the sand with tears taking them in her arms. Karen and Lil Heath follow as her tears start to flow. " Grammy Maggie we love you." Karen says as each of them place their arms around her " I love you too honey. And you three have your father's eyes." She says as Dakota looks at her " I only have one grammy." He says as she giggles " Sorry baby boy Grammy forgot." My mother says before looking at me continuing " You sure about this Heath baby?" " Yes mother as they are your grandkids except Lil Heath." I say as she shakes her head " Heath honey he is also my grandbaby as Ellie, Verna, Kiko, and I accepted each other's kids." She tells me as I smile At that moment Batman joins in tackling them all onto the sand making the kids giggle.

" Off boy, get off me and my grandbabies." Mom says as I stand to get him off them Once he is off the kids get up to only help their new grammy up. She looks at Batman who gives her a odd look. " So I take it your a grandbaby too?" She asks as he pantswaiting for his turn at getting love " Yeah you might say that mom. He's like another son we never had." I say chuckling as she pats his head We get up after some more talking to only make our way back to the house to join the rest of the family.

===================================================================== Michelle's POV: Four days later I am standing on the beach holding Lil Greg as Tyrone, Travis, and Trey surround me after showing up demanding Mom and I to leave with them. I grabbed Lil Greg from mom and ran down to the beach to get away from them to only be followed. " Travis grab the kid, Trey grab your bitch of a sister." Tyrone says as my eye's go wide as my nephew cries " Don't you even try to take my baby boy from me." I say as Travis comes to me " Give him here I promise he won't be harmed." Travis tells me as I am being protective hoping Heath and the others come out " No you can't have him." I say as Travis shakes his head coming at me I struggle to keep Lil Greg in my arms as Travis finally snatches him from me.

" NO GIVE HIM BACK TO ME!" I yell as I feel hands grab my arms " No you whore and that is what you will be once we get home. Trey hold her as I take a look at her tits." Tyrone says coming towards me " DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME! TRAVIS HELP ME PLEASE!" I yell pleading for my own brother to help me " Tyrone what the hell are you doing man?" Travis asks holding a weeping Lil Greg " Don't worry I am not going to hurt her jeez, but she needs to learn her place." Tyrone says as I feel a slap to my face " Do it dad knock her out so I can have some fun." Trey says as his words shock me " Ok son in a minute.

Travis take the lil brat and throw him in the water. That way he won't steal your mother or sister away like your brother did years ago." Tyrone says as my eyes go wide " NO TRAVIS DON'T HE IS YOUR!" I try to say yelling until I feel a hit across my head knocking me out ==================================================================== ?????? POV: At that moment not far down the beach My sister and I hear a woman yell.

We look up to see her hit in the head to only be let go falling to the ground. " Those Bastards come on sis lets go help her and the kid." My sister tells me as she stands up running for them " NICOLE!" I yell as I get up running after her I watch as she goes for the guy who is holding the kid that cries reaching for the woman who lays in the sand.

As I catch up to my older sister I see anger on her face. She is so much like our father and mothers it's unreal. Once we get to them she takles the guy as I catch the little kid who is crying. " Auntie Michelle help me." He says as I hold him " Don't worry kid no one is going to hurt you." I tell him as I see my sister pounding on the guy that held this baby boy " Give the brat to me you bitch." I hear as I turn back to see the other two men coming towards me " I don't think so motherfucker.

What kind of man hits a woman then tries to hurt a kid?" I ask as they get closer " The kind that will slash your throat. Hand him." The older man says but doesn't finish as I see a blurred figure tackle him down as another tackles the younger one down I turn to see a lot of people running down the beach to help. A Latina woman and a few others come to me fast. Once to me she reaches for the little boy who in returns does the same to her.

I hand him to her as I see four others crowd her comforting the kid. I turn to see my sister pounding away at the guy she tackled only to hear her cursing at him. I watch a man come to pull her off the guy as she is still swinging. " Let me go the fucker needs to be set in his place." My sister says as I hear the young guy speak " I think he knows Nicole." He says surprising her and I My sister stops struggling as he lets her go.

I see her turn to see who he is, and that is when her eyes go wide. " It's you Adam is it really you?" She asks as he nods but speaks " Actually it's Jack sorry I lied to you." He says as my sister looks before she laughs " I kind of lied to you as Nicole is my middle name.

My first name is Sierra." She says as he smiles " Guys I think it's bad timing for reaquainting yourselves as they are fighting." I say as they both look at the scene in front of us I turn to see a guy checking on the woman that got knocked out.

" Michelle wake up darlin. Please wake up Michelle." He says as she starts to come around " Adam." She says softly with tears " Yes it's me are you ok?" He asks with some tears " Yes." She answers before sitting up fast continuing " Lil Greg where is he?" " He is safe, sis has him you just relax." He says looking over at the violence that is still happening The woman looks before she turns to look at everyone.

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" MOM STOP HEATH BEFORE HIS HEART STOPS!" She says making me confused I watch as a woman that looks to be the older version of the woman in the sand runs to the first guy I saw. She gets to him trying all she can to get him off the older man. " HEATH STOP PLEASE I CAN'T LOSE YOU! HEATH STOP DAMMIT!" She yells as he turns to see her before turning back around see the carnage he had done He stands up to only be pushed back by her and three kids one being a little girl.

" Daddy stop we need you." She says as I see two ladies get the other guy off the young guy " CHRIS STOP I NEED YOU BABY! YOU DONE YOUR DAMAGE!" The asian woman says as he complies in her request I watch as the two are brought back down to reality. I watch as the tall red head goes to the one named Michelle. He gets to one knee to check on her. " Shellie you ok?" He asks as she nods but shows a surprised expression " You.you called me Shellie?" She says asking as he nods " You tried to save my son your nephew.

That shows you love this family and my kids." He says as I see her start to cry " I do love them and OUR family. Please Heathie forgive me and let me be your sister again." She says making me feel they had a bad moment in life " I do Sis just give me a little more time ok." He says as she nods " YOU IDIOT SHE IS JUST ACTING!" The older man that hit Michelle says I watch as the man called Heath stands up turning towards the older man.

He starts towards him to only be stopped by his mother. " No Heath he isn't worth it. Let the bastard go." She says as he turns to see everyone nod " Oh I will go, but this is not over." The older man says after getting up to help the younger man up As they leave Heath turns to the first guy walking over to him. I watch as he helps him up to only knock him back down. Heath leans over before speaking. " How could you Bubby? Leave and don't come back. You almost killed MY SON!" Heath says with anger as Travis starts to cry "You called me Bubby.its been years since you called me that.

Wait you said your son." Travis says surprise as Heath snaps " Yes Travis he is your nephew.well by blood any how. As far as I'm concerned your dead to me.You have hurt me and this family Travis. As of right now stay away from my kids as I don't want them to know their uncle as he once was." Heath says as he walks away as Travis speaks " Please Champ give me a second chance." Travis says pleading as Heath stops and speaks " Twice Bubby.twice" Heath picks up Lil Greg and heads to the two new guests.

Michelle and Maggie go check on Travis as he speaks " What does twice mean Michelle? And what's wrong with his eyes?" Michelle starts to cry as she explains " His first year of college he tried to OD on pills and then he received the letter about mom and he tried again.

And his eyes show the pain he is in Buddy that we caused" Michelle says as Travis looks down " What have I done to Champ? And then if I listened to Tyrone I'd on killed my own nephew." He says with tears as Maggie cries " Travis you have to make it right you know that." Travis nods while thinking to himself,Don't worry Champ I'll be the same big brother you always looked up to.

Heath says makes his way to Sierra and I as he continued " I want to thank you both for saving my oldest son. How about staying at my family home while your in town?" Sierra and I looked at each other then at Heath.

" That would be great as I want to talk to Jack more." Sierra says as Jack blushes " Oh you wouldn't happen to be Nicole?" He asks getting a nod before turning to me with a smile as he continued " And you must be Mandy?" " Yes how did you know?" I ask as Jack starts blushing again " Well my brother can't stop talking about how he met two beautiful ladies that he hoped to see again one day.

So I take it you are those two beautiful ladies." Heath asks as My sister and I giggle " Yeah that is us. So he talked about us huh?" I ask as Heath nodded as Jack blushed a third time ===================================================================== It's been three hours since the incident on the beach.

We are getting to know the two that saved my son and sister. I find them pretty cool as does Jack as he is showing them compassion. I chuckle as I know what he wants, but I know he isn't going to just jump into it. Jasmine, Diamond, Tiffany, and Hannah by no surprise are taking care of me. Adam has Michelle sitting with him on the floor making sure she doesn't pass out from a head injury. It's about 4 p.m. when there comes a knock on the door. Faye gets up from by my mother to answer the door.

It's a few minutes later that she walks back in the living room followed by a familiar face. I smile as Jasmine, and Diamond get up as we all make our way to her. Hugs are given as the boy's squeeze in to get hugs from their aunt. After all the hugs Kaye stays standing having a expression that makes me confused. " Heath and my family I have a confession to make. I just hope that you will forgive me for my misleading you." She says as we watch her undo some clips in her hair, takes some contacts out We all sit there either surprised or confused.

It's only a moment later I hear Michelle speak. " It's you." My sister says in a surprised state To Be Continued.Forgiveness finds it's way, Tyrone and Trey hide to attend to their wounds