BLACKED Cheated on my boyfriend with black neighbor

BLACKED Cheated on my boyfriend with black neighbor
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Late at night I lay in bed touching myself Thinks about how I had a huge crush on my 8th Grade Math Teacher Mr. Kain who was 5'11 dark blond hair and light blue eyes. Myself just 12 with long blond hair hazel eyes 5'4 and how it all started It all started at summer school Where Mr. Kain was my teacher, at first I hated him I don't know why I just did but slowly that hate turned in to a crush.

With the feeling of love in my heart I started answering every question he asked and saying random things that popped into my head as I talked.

I never told my friends because I felt like a freak to have feeling for my teacher. I had Mr. Kain as my Math teacher with school started one day he was talking about how he has a friend who's last name was head. Being in love I raised my hand and told him my older cousin's last name is head. Mr. Kain faintly blushed as the whole class busted into laughter. I didn't get the joke at the timelater I would On a Friday as the last bell rang I dashed out of my class trying to get to my locker load up the ton of homework I had then try and catch the bus just before it left.

Due to the weight of my backpack I just miss the bus. I stood just outside the building wanting to cry not knowing how to get home. "Hey Jessa, whats wrong?" I heard a familiar voice say. I looked to my right to see Mr. Kain and his signature sweet smile. "I missed my bus, and I don't know how to get home." I said trying not to cry.

Mr. Kain looked away and scratch his cheek. 'Well if you don't mind I can give you a ride home." My heart skipped a beat, it felt to good to be true. With a loss of words I just nodded with a giant smile on my face. We get in his car and drive off to my house.

The travel time is normal 15 minutes at most but due to the mix of joy in my heart and awkward feeling in the air the drive seemed like hours. I just looked down at my overloaded book bag on the floor, my hands in my lap as I glance at him quickly feeling myself blush a bright red. " your getting better in math." he said trying to kill the silence, I just nodded and bit my low lip scared at want random thing I might say.

Mr. Kain glanced at me then stop at the red light.

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I felt myself losing control as my fingers dug in my jeans, but I couldn't hold it back any more. "Mr. Kain I love you!" I shouted with joy, he just pressed the gas as the light turned green.

I was surprised he wasn't in shock or something. He soon pulled over on a vacant road and looked at me. "Jessa I know but I'm your teacher besides and its just a crush.

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Watch the feeling will pass and you'll crush on a boy your age next." I could feel my heart breaking into a million pieces. I hide my eyes behind my bangs trying not to cry. "I'm sorry JessaI'm not trying to hurt you its just." I looked up at him tears sliding down my bright red cheeks "I'm ugly, I'll never get a boyfriend nor my first kiss." I sobbed as Mr. Kain looked at me with sad but genital eyes "it …Just.I.I." he just looked down and let out a loud sigh.

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I was in shock what happen next, he lean over and presses his strong soft lips against mine. His right hand cupped my cheek gently crest it. His tongue slowly found it way in my mouth an d began a war with mine. I felt like I could fly as we mixed spit. He pulled back he eyes still have a sad tone to them, his hand still on my cheek. "Your far from ugly plus now you can't say you won't get your first kiss." He gave me his signature smilebut in a flash is was gown and he was looking down "I'm sorry Jessa, I didn't mean to do that, I would never take advantage of you, but I you only see me as a creepy teacher now." I don't know what I was feeling all I know is that it hurt from the words he was saying.

I placed my hand on his, it shook as he looked up at me surprised as my face leaned closer to his. "Mr. Kain, I love you and your kisses." I whispered as I kissed him trying to put all my love in that one kiss.

At first I felt nothing then his lips pressed back. In a flash he had me pressed against my seat and the seat laying all the way back. He kiss my jaw line my nail bitten fingers in his back.

I had never had a sexual thought about him but feeling myself get wet I was starting to. His hand slowly worked their way under and up my shirt to crest my A36 breast. I moaned in his ear and unconsciously I started grinding my body against his.

I could feel something hard and getting harder in his pants. As Mr. Kain worked his way down to the sweet spot on my neck I rubbed the hard rod in his pants. He let out a loud grunt on my neck then pulled up my shirt and started to suck on my breast.

I wiggled and moaned due to the mix of a tickle and pleasure feeling. One of his hands move down under my pants to feel how wet I was. I gasp as one of his fingers barley entered me. I'm able to only fit two of mine but for some reason one of his fingers was a lot.

"Mr. Kain, Please." I moaned arching my back. Mr. Kain stopped and looked at me then slowly moved down pulling my pants and underwear down. He spread my legs then my pussy lip, peering in for some reason. Seeing him do that I was getting embarrassed.

"Jessa your still a virgin?" He said in awed tone. I nodded hoping that wasn't a bad thing. Mr. Kain just smiled pulling my pants and underwear up and pulling my shirt down.

He got back into the driver seat and looked at me. "Do you think it would be OK for you to spend the night?" he asked. At first I gave him a confused looked but soon I got it and ask for his cell phone. I called my mother and told her I was going to spend the night at my friends Sanny's house and I might stay one or two nights depending on if her mother had to work. My mother was worried if she should bring over some clothes but I just told her I wear some of Sanny's old clothes if I needed to.

With that I hanged up and gave the phone back. Mr. Kain just smiled as he turned the car on and drove to his place. When we got therewe went straight to his bedroom I t is was a giant bed. He laying me down softly kissing me as my arms wrap around his neck. I could feel his hot cock get harder as he pressed his body against me.

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I moaned his name as I became wet again. I some how get my hand in his pants and stroke his gait cock.

It was so thick my thumb and fingers were an inch away from each other. I could tale how long he was but it felt long. Mr. Kain removes my shirtsucking and lightly nipping my nipples. I scream and arched my body in to his. He granted and start humping me. "Mr. Kain please" I moan begging to be touch even just a little bit between my legs. Slowly he kisses down my body removes my pants and underwear inch by inch covering all my skin in kiss and nips.

Finally my legs are free of garment he gently spreads my legs licking my soaking wet pussy, his tongue hitting my clit repetitively then circle my hole then back to my clit.

His hand rubbing my inner thighs. I could here the slurping and moaning coming from down there making me even wetter. I could feel myself have this build up feeling like I was going to pee. I tried to hold it in afraid that is might gross Mr.

Kain out but he kept hitting all the right spots making it hard to hold. Soon is was to much As I screammy toes curled, as I squirted warm liquid on Mr. Mr. Kain's face. He looked up me shocked, at first I thought he would ask me why I peed on him but he just smiles and moved back up to kiss me deeply on my lips. "GOD, I didn't know you where a squirted." He whisper as one of his fingers began to enter my hole.

My teeth grind, and my knees locked at the pain. "Mr.

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Kain" I whimpered, he just stroked my hair trying to sooth me. My face buried in his chest my hands on his shoulders gripping tight. He tried to have his figure go it more but I screamed his name loud tears starting to show.

With a sigh of failure Mr. Kain roles over to lay on the bed besides me, taking off his shirt because he was sweating so bad. I felt so bad Mr. Kain couldn't even get a finger in me, I felt I owed him something. I get on top of him my hole resting above his cock.

I kiss him and start grinding against him as my hands try to undo his pants. Becoming frustrated Mr.

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Kain removes his pants and boxer for me. In front of my wet pussy was a 8 inch long cock that was hard as a rock. Looking at it I felt my mouth get wet, at that age I didn't even know you could suck a cock but without thinking I placed that monster in my mouth and started sucking it. Mr. Kain head tossed back as I heard him moan, his hand petting my head as I bob my head up and down. I could only fit 5 inches in my mouth so the other 3 inches one hand stoked as the other massaged his balls.

He breath became raged as his fingers gripped the cover tight. Seeing how good this made him feel I move faster as fast as I could. Mr. Kain Watch his hand petting my hair moving down to my breast and rubbing it.


I moaned into his cock then I feel him tense up. 'I'm cumming" He said raspy. I didn't understand what he meant but then I felt something come from his cock that was liquid and a salty taste. I swallowed some but the rest ran out of my mouth and down my chest. Mr. Kain smiled breathing heavy 'God you suck like a pro. I bet you suck a ton of cocks" I shook my head No.

embarrassed by glad I made him so happy. Mr. Kain laid me back down on my back french kissing me roughly as he grind his body even harder that before against mine. One finger on my clit being rough on it, all the different feeling I couldn't help but moan wanting something more.

"OH Mr. Kain Please Please Mr. Kain" "please what.?" He teased as one of his hands held my hands above my head and the other pinched and twist my nipples. His hard grinding motion became rougher making me wet as he slowly hardening cock hit my clit.

I bit my lip trying to think of a word to put his cock in my hole. "FUCK ME!" I screamed wanting it so bad. "Please Mr. Kain fuck me please I need it so bad" Mr. Kain smirked as he slowly pushes his cock in my hole.

I watched it waiting for the pain but all I felt was a pinch like pain from my hymen and saw little blood. Mr. Kain bit his low lip loving how tight I was. The slow thrusting pace soon speed up pl a jolt of pleasure shot up my spine. I screamed hi name wanting more and more still. Mr. Kain had my hips clutch in his hands as he thrust harder into me.

I could feel The hard cock in me get even hard while fucking me. Mr Kain suddenly picked me up took me in his kitchen and placed me on my stomach, bent over the counter island. My feet just skimmed the floor as my hands reached to the other side barley able to grip the edge. My Kain thrust n in and out of me not holding back I could feel his ab brush my butt even so often and feel my juices slide down my legs.

I scream and moan Mr. Kain's name as he said mine and how tight I was under his breath. His hands moved from my hips to chestI could feel his cock about to bust as it stretch my hole. He gave one last shove and came in me I could feel it slid down my legs as Mr. Mr. Kain laid lightly on top of me both of us breathing heavy. "" I gasp surprised how great my first time was opposite of what I heard at school.

"Just Wait Jessa it only get better and we'll have more fun soon as we catch our breath." He said hugging and snuggling against my back. I couldn't wait, I want to do anything and everything with Mr. Mr. Kain no matter what.

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___________________________________________________________________________________ To be continued? . ( maybe a part 2 in you answer questions below?) Tell me how I did for my first Sex-fiction, also what do you want Mr. Kain and Jessa to do?


Where? Any thing else?