Amirah Adara Interracial DP and Gangbang

Amirah Adara Interracial DP and Gangbang
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I call you on the phone and without warning starting telling you about how I would like to crawl under your desk, spread your legs apart, and put my mouth right on your pants and breath through your pants and panties.

Your clit would feel the heat from my mouth and while letting my hands tickle the backs of your knees and massaging your legs. All the sudden you are snapped out of the trace of my intoxicating words but the annoying tone of your boss. You say, "I have to go, bye, talk to you later." Hanging up the phone, you get up to help your boss with the female patient. While you are in the room helping with the patient, I walk into the office. No one knows I have am there.

So I take the package I brought with me and set it down and crawl under your desk making sure to keep my legs out of sight.

A few minutes later your boss, you, and the patient walk out of the examining room. You grab the paperwork from your desk, noticing the box but not me. The patient signs and everyone says their goodbyes. You move the chair out concentrating on the box. Sitting down, you scoot toward the computer, still unaware of my presence.

You hear your boss on the phone, calling someone. Wishing you couldn't hear this annoying voice. Your legs are somewhat open and you feel something like heat coming from your pants and through your panties. The heat is starting to really get you as your pussy starts getting wet almost immediately. All the sudden you gasp, a small almost scream, as I look up at you with a huge smile.

Your boss asked you if you are ok. You say, "Yes, I just saw a spider. I am ok." I push your legs apart and I breathe down on your pussy and you get very wet. Then I would move your pant legs up and kiss and nibble the backs of your knees to make you gasp out loud as I do that to the backs of your legs, my hand move up toward your inner thigh.

Evert inch I move up you start to tremble and jump. You're worried about getting caught because you are whimpering your enjoyment of my mouth and fingers. Your boss looks out of his office and asks you some question about a patient, but you have no idea what he wants and "ya sure" is your answer to him.


Thus pissing you off but you don't care today. You know he didn't see me under your desk or my hand that is just inches away from your slightly wet panties.

Your head falls back as I get closer and closer. Just then your boss comes back in the office to ask you the same question, this time you snap out of your trance like state and somehow you know what wants.

You grab the file on the side of your desk and hand it over the counter. He grabs and says something about having to leave for lunch. Just as the grabs the file, my finger slightly moves past your now very wet clit. Your boss walks to the door, locks it, and walks through letting the door shut behind him. As he is walking away you say, "Have a good lunch." And under your breath, you say to yourself, " I know I will." The door no more than shuts and you moan out loud in enjoyment.

My finger had just hit your sensitive clit and moved down to the wet panties that slightly covers and prevent your moist lips from being skin to skin with my very inviting fingers. Your hand starts running through your hair stopping only to slightly pulling on it, making your head drop back on the chair.

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You other hand pulls your shirt up pushing your bra along with it. You start to suck on one and then two of your fingers, imagining a cock in your sweet and hot mouth while you wait for your lover to push you past your first awesome orgasm. I take one of your legs and push it in the air and set it on your desk. I push your pant leg up and begin licking your leg from ankle to the back of your knee again.

Without thought, your hand moves down so you can please yourself, but I stop you. My lips move past your knee to the back of your thighs and as far up and your pants will allow. My hand is now pushing against your crotch and moving in circles over pussy and wet panties.

You're getting so excited you're about to cum right then and there. I sit back down on the floor in front of you and pull your pants down past your knees and taking just one leg out. The look on your face is so sexy, you want me so bad, you want to cum right now.

I put both your legs on your desk, and drag your butt across the smooth chair toward my awaiting mouth. I lick and suck on the insides of your thighs, teasing you more and more. I continue to lick, bite, and suck at your thighs, getting you to gasp for air over and over again. I smile and blow cool air on your wet panties.

You're so wet right now, your panties are soaked down to your butt. My hands move under your shirt, as I play with your nipples; pinching them, rubbing them, making them so hard and sensitive. You want me to stop messing around and put my mouth on your clit. YOU WANT TO CUM RIGHT NOW! But I take continue to take my time. Moving slowing avoiding your crotch, you start to wonder why until I get closer then I back away again.

I blow cool air across your panties and you can feel it, your clit is so sensitive that any touch might cause you to scream and cum violently.

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I then get close to our clit through your panties and breath a hot breath. In the excitement and anticipation of watching me, you almost lose it right there, trying to push your pussy on my mouth, but I managed to hold you back. I pull your shirt up a bit and come up to your breasts, oh how I love to play with them.

The nipples get so hard to my touch. I pinch them and you jump from the pain and the pleasure. My hand brushes against your crotch as I position myself to give your tits better treatment. I suck your nipple so deeply as my fingers play, slightly pinching, and massage your other breast. Taking turns paying special attention to each one over and over. You are so ready to explode right now. All you need is something touching your clit, to rub up against it. You realize through your half closed eyes I still have my pants on, but my dick is hard that you can see it bulging in my pants.

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You want it so bad, so feel it in your hands, to suck it deeply in your mouth. You want to feel the cum shoot inside your wet pussy, to taste that cum inside your mouth. You want that dick NOW… I grab your hair, snapping you out of your thoughts and pull it slightly to side and kiss your neck sucking on it somewhat harshly.

You are almost pushed out of mood, but my dick against your wet panties changes your mind. You love it and your load moan tells me just how much you like it. You want that dick so badly. I kiss you deeply as my fingers from one hand play with hair and the other pinches your right nipple. You gasp into my mouth and begin kissing my back even harder. I stop you from getting to involved in the kiss and drop to my knees fast.

You don't even have a chance to react when I put my mouth over you clit and suck hard on it through your wet panties. You explode into a wonderful physical and emotional orgasm. You scream out your pleasure. Your cum gushes through you and wets your panties even more.

As I continue to suck on your clit, my fingers push your wet panties to the side. Two fingers glide into you so very wet cavern. As I curl my fingers up, aiming for your special spot.

Your back arches up and another orgasm rocks your body. I continue to rub your g-spot with my two fingers. Your legs are spread so wide for me, as I take my other hand and pull your panties out of the way for my mouth and tongue. I lick up and down slowly in time with my fingers. From the tip of your clit, around my moving fingers, to very sensitive butt, the combination of moving fingers and tongue cause you to cum over and over again.

You have wiggled down further in your chair and I take advantage of it. With your wetness on my other hand, I slowly push a finger into your behind and move it opposite of my fingers and tongue.

The sensation hits you again and more wetness gushes out and over my hand. I keep this up for what seems like forever, your body only reacts now as orgasm after orgasm flood through your body. You're about to pass out as each one gets more intense. Your chair is now wet and you are sliding in motion with my tongue and fingers.


Then all the sudden my fingers slowing slide out of you and my tongue moves down to your open pussy and lips. I lick you from butt to clit in one long and slow lick after another. Your back arches again, and you shutter from the sensitivity that now consumes you.

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My tongue settles at your butt and circles around, it moves up to taste the cum that has gushed out of you. The feeling makes you gasp again. My tongue moves back and forth from your pussy to your butt. Then my tongue pushes deep inside you.

It wiggles back and forth, while my mouth forms a intensifying suction around your clit. I lick up, down, side to side, and in circles while I am sucking at you trying to taste every last bit of your wetness.

The feeling sends over the edge again and you grab my head trying to push me deeper inside you. I keep licking and sucking you through your orgasm, as you head rocks back and forth and mine is held tightly against your inner thighs. You finally start calm down asking me to stop, but I keep going until you're about to pass out.

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I suck very hard on your pussy, pulling the wetness from you. I then stand up as you try to steady yourself from the abrupt change. I pull off your wet panties and pants, giving your clit another kick tongue lashing and suck it deeply into my mouth causing you to almost drop to your knees. I pick your left foot up and slid something over it, then the same to the right leg.

You are unaware because of the feeling of my tongue and the consuming excitement it brings you. I slip a new pair of silky panties up your legs stopping just over your knees. I take small towel and wipe your wet thighs and pussy off before sliding the pretty panties over your thighs and onto your lips.

You are still lost in your own thoughts and don't recognize the difference until I position the panties over your excited and exhausted pussy. The panties look sexy and fit you just right. I take your pants and slide them past your feet up your legs to your hips. I stand you up and kissing you deeply.

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You can taste your sweetness on my lips, but you don't care as I hold you up. You're like putty in my hands and you moan from the excitement.

Just then you notice your new panties and the feeling of them rubbing your sensitive clit. The deepness of the kiss and slight vibration on your clit is too much for you and drop completely into my arms.

I continue kissing you deeply as I pinch and rub your nipples, almost sending you into another orgasm. You continue to moan and breathing heavily into my mouth.

When I pull away you look almost disappointed. I take your bra, suck each nipple quickly but deliberately, and fasten your bra into place. I move your breast up so they fit just right into your pretty bra.

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I pull down your shirt and straighten it for you. I reach down and wipe off your wet chair, then stuff the towel into your purse. In the same motion, I grab your very wet panties from the floor and slip them into my pocket. I walk around the desk and pick up a box that I had brought when I first came in. As just sit down from our intense session, your boss walks in.

I say, "Here is that box you have been waiting for" and had it to you. You say in a puzzled fashion, "Thank you?" I say, "You're welcome" and turn and walk out of the office, letting the door shut behind me.