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Gorgeous brunette spanks and whips babe
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SOLVING THE MYSTERIUS DEATH OF JAZZMINE: In a very busy office, the Twilight City FBI Station, a youngish looking agent moves up to the door of his dreaded superior, A.I.C.

Homer Blandings. Frederick (Freddie) Jansen had only met him in person once before and that was when he reported for duty as a transferred agent from FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

to this 'field office.' This business is not unusual because of the typical office workload which is sufficient to keep one of them three times as large very busy. And after all they didn't travel in the same social circles, the unofficial 'glass ceiling' between heads of offices and their underlings being fully enforced here.

Agent Freddie is always immaculately dressed and quaffed. But, this day, knowing he was going to meet 'The Homer,' he had taken especially great care of himself, he had even been to a styling salon the previous day to have himself 'man-scapped.' No used taking any chances against himself not surviving this interview.

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At least his body wouldn't be in embarrassing condition if his parents had to 'view the body.' But, Freddie was calm and at peace with himself to come under the scrutiny of the reported most demanding A.I.C.

in the 'company.' And so as he passed through the solid but generic door into the A.I.C's inner sanctum, he produced a serious but upbeat manner to his face. The A.I.C.

noticed and under his hand hid a humorous smirk at the young agent's efforts to look in control. After all he well remembered similar occasions in his early days 'in the firm' and Agent Freddie was not fooling anyone, least of all him.

To move things along on his very busy schedule for the day, he waved Freddie to the chair in front of his desk that was made to be the most uncomfortable possible. It did as much as possible to pierce through the assumed by them to be toughened veneer of young agents, and also helped show the sexy upper legs of the females to their embarrassment. After all when this chair was built and installed, there were no active female agents in 'the firm.' And it was the females that chose to wear garments that became very revealing with little efforts at all.

Anyway, with Freddie squirming in the chair, Homer took up his eyes and directly to them started his intended assignment hearing. The nature of the meeting did a lot to calm Freddie down, but Freddie was thinking, if only this chair wasn't an office torture appliance.

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But, then the meeting really began. "Agent Jansen, you are being assigned to a 'cold case' from about thirty years ago. I am going to relate to you now from official records of a number of government and private sources a number of facts (?) related to the case.

You are to take none of them at face value. You will be given the materials and records that they are based on, and there are private assets in the area that can help you sort through them. But, beware of cross purposes of them, too. Here are some of the facts and issues involved: In the nineteen sixties the sixteen year old daughter of one of the richest women in Big City, was murdered and thrown into a trash bin. She had run away from home and been living on the streets due to some kind of personal conflict at home.

During her time on the streets, she had a personal relationship with a well-known taxi driver in town, Marcus Margolis. And reports are that he was deeply in love with her and took the murder very badly, showing a form of P.D.S. in his manner for a couple of years afterward, despite other things that took up his attentions. Marcus was the object of the biggest trial in Big City in many years, with him being accused of molesting another young girl, which led her to defensively stab him in asserted fear for herself.

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It just so happened that Marcus had a voice recorder on him and it proved beyond a doubt that he was innocent of any wrong doing in the case. His defense was paid for by Brenda's (Jazzmine's) mother and Marcus and Edna later married. The father of Brenda seems to have fallen through the cracks in this account, and the step-father was thought to be the reason that Brenda fled from her home. During a flurry of deaths and disappearances of rumored personages involved in Brenda's death including two mayors, the step-father himself was asserted to have been killed in an automobile accident.

However, a mysterious Mr. X, showed up at the office of a sleazy P.I. and entangled him into the lives of several of the suspects and their connections to the all of the suspect deaths. Mr. X was never formerly identified, but some in the community felt that he was actually the step-father living disguised in the town and trying to make-up for his part in the girl's death.

Incidentally, the sleazy detective was known as, THE DICKSTER. Amazingly, this private detective advanced greatly in his prowess during this case and eventually his agency, The Sterling Security Agency (and related titles) became the go-to private agency for the town, state and federal governments because of their skills and absolute honesty in anything that they reported.

You will be working with the retired owner, Mr. Sterling as your local contact. You will have to verify anything that he says, of course. But, whatever it is, you can take initial cognizance of it, because he is sharp. Another individual evidently involved was a local small time pimp named, Tyrone, who evidently tried to recruit the very attractive and skilled sex worker, Brenda, into his growing circle.

It is thought by our analysts that he is probably the one that actually killed her at the instigation of her other antagonistic elements. Now this Tyrone, himself disappeared after trying to continue controlling a sex massage therapist in the biggest condo community in the city. But, among the security elements at call for this place were the famous Bash Brothers, even well-known all the way back to D.C. They have worked as a local adjunct to our work on cases in their area of the country and done very well in them, too.

They are really 'rough customers,' but very honest in their dealings. They often take up the slack for what official bodies can't do. Very well reported on, unofficially of course, by all of the governmental officials in the area. When you begin to diagram this case in a rented office in Big City, it should be kept secret from all, but possibly Mr.

Sterling. The diagram to begin with will probably take up two full 4 by 8 chalkboards and a couple of boxes of chalk. It will grow from that. And to add to the fun, there are some really strange side issues involved that might require us to actually find a Mulder and Scully to help you sort through those issues, too. But, your main aim is to find out if Tyrone really did kill Miss Brenda, and if we can prove it.

Also, to identify any other loose ends pertaining to this small town tragedy, that seems to have produced a pall over this formerly friendly and well-mannered town. You will be in charge of the operation, reporting only to me. And I have two agents named to assist you.

To keep us from sex discrimination charges, they will take turns manning the office while you and the other are busy in the field. Because of the interest of a federal judge, you will have subpoena powers and almost any kind of search warrant that you can think of.

Her name is Blossom and she had a practice in that town for many years. It is still in operation, now separated from her with one of her protégés in charge. The judge and her previous practice are also very trustworthy sources of information on this case.

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So, use them! I will expect weekly reports from you, daily if things heat up. You are dismissed." From the personal account of Agent Freddie Jansen on the MURDER OF JAZZMINE CASE: When I got back to my office to set-up my absence from current cases in my in-basket (which were all reassigned with me expected to be gone for some time,) I found two agents even younger than me sitting in my comfortable chairs staring up to me.

On my desk were two files, one on each of them, and I asked that they take the rest of the day off and seal up any cases that they were involved in because the one that we were assigned to was going to probably be the longest of duration of any that we would ever have.

And so with expectant eyes, they rose up and left the office in a hurry, each. When I glanced over the files I found that the male was: Jason Tierney, an exmarine, six foot four in height and two twenty-five in weight and a master of several martial arts. Oh well, at least no one would be successful in trying to wrench any paper clips from him, except for: Margaret (Marge) Polink, an ex Army paratrooper with a degree in C.S.I.

and no slacker in the martial arts, either. She was on the picture referenced as being five foot ten and one hundred sixty five pounds. She had them very well distributed, from what I could see on the picture. And both had very high fitness reports on them as to their service so far in 'the firm.' Well, it might be fun to see them argue and fight over a couple of paper clips, after all.

I spent that night before our exodus up north to begin to organize the beginning interviews for our foray into the mysteries of Big City. Mostly I would take the higher degree of notorious males, and Marge would take such females. I would use Jason to fill in on the others and do a lot of the online searches for any tidbit that might help in the investigation.

The three of us drove up in the morning, with Jason driving. We had a Suburban Van, the only vehicle at our disposal big enough to carry all of the boxes of info that we already had. There would be no extra vehicles, we would use taxis to get around when we couldn't use the van, because we were going to be just too busy to bother with the care and fueling of additional vehicles.

Another thing arranged was that we were going to be housed in a three bedroom condo, to keep us together comparing notes as we went along. An unannounced side-issue was that Marge was going to take care of the two men's intimate needs, too, so that any kind of local dating drama would be avoided.

She had signed on for this, since it gave her a giant leg up in the office, if she materially helped to solve this case. The 'glass ceiling' to women was still faintly in evidence, so any help for her would be appreciated.

Besides, she was pretty, sexy, unattached and seemed to like us guys very much. It would actually take care of all three of us, and it was going to be no continual sex orgy, because we would be very busy in our investigative efforts. She let us know that each offering would have to last us a week, so she made sure for us to know that we needed to bring our best efforts for each sleepover. Boy, Employee Relations, sure got this one right! And Jason was selected for her attentions on our first night in residence.

Since a Mr. Marty Jensen (no relation) was a very interested and influential member of the town, he housed us in his condo complex in two condos, with conjoining doors and a total of six bedrooms.

This allowed us to each have a private office and bedroom. Each had internet connections, with top flight computer setups and connections. No T.V. connections, though. With this, Marge indicated that we might have to expect more traffic with her as she had to give up her favorite T.V.

shows. Jason and I looked at each other and braced up for that, each in his own way. I settled in to find a store that sold 5 Hour by the case. That first day, we got all of the file cases into the condo, and things arranged in each of our offices. Our personal computers were going to be connected to a server that would forward all of our traffic to the field office in Twilight City and from there also back to the Master Computer Annex at D.C.

Headquarters after filtering out any trivial data not needed for the investigation. Since, I had been the recipient of very good data from that source and some very bad data also, I had taken into my mind a scene in the basement of the FBI national headquarters as there being some kind of giant industrial washing machine, with some decorative electronics mounted around the outside and the visible swirl of index cards showing through the faceplate, with some minor official stopping the motion every fifteen minutes or so, with him picking up the particular card that floated out to his attention.

And then him throwing it into a nearby waste basket and him then making up some kind of fanciful note of evidence that was actually the one that was passed on to the awaiting agents. I am sure that I am wrong on this, but you never know. All of the information that we would gather would be rated in four categories: A1: Very high reliability with evidence, B1: High reliability from known reliable sources, but no current evidence in hand; C1: questionable evidence from unknown reliability sources and D1: rumors.

When it was forwarded to the FBI Super Computer (washing machine?) it would be sorted out by the coding and then entered to be oriented to likelihood of pertinence to the case, with preliminary conclusions included. We would dutifully read it, and then go back to our own conclusions to work with. Eventually the two would meet,…usually.

We would start with the A1 evidence first as it would help us to sort out the maze of relationships to start the serious analyzing of what they had to move on. I took on Marcus to start, and Marge took Edna, Brenda's mother as her first interview. She planned for it to take all day, as I did with mine.

Jason was going to start his investigations (after spending the day organizing our chalk board of relationships, and evidence records) that night with Marge the object of his attentions.

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He expected this to last all night, and it nearly did, according to the voices and noises that I heard from two rooms away. She had already informed me that I would be of the next night as she wanted to get an early start on all of her responsibilities in regard to our little operation. The next morning, when the two previous night's lovers showed up to the eggs, bacon and hash browns with orange juice breakfast that I had prepared, they had the typical first morning after the first night's greatly enjoyed intimacies smirk on each of their lips.

I just smiled at them and directed them to their plates. To again avoid any sex discrimination issues, I made sure that the portions on Marge's and Jason's plates were equal. She cut through the 'Gordian Knot' and rearranged things to be appropriate to each of their diets.

I glared at them when they made a move on my portions, but they had the sense to leave them well enough alone. She said that she did appreciate my efforts at equality and to make sure that it continued, that she would portion out the meals from then on.

I remarked that that was fine, but I would deal with my own, and she answered, "Yes, Sir," with a very appropriate smile on her face. I had made an appointment to meet with Marcus, the taxi driver, before I even left from Twilight City for this case. And since it was his day off, he made himself available for the whole day, if needed.

Actually he was driving limousine service now in his retirement, so there was no real sacrifice on his part. As we sat in his car at an empty parking lot on the waterfront, I sorted out my questions and first asked him to give me an account of his relationship with Brenda.

He informed me that we could save a lot of time, because many of the accounts that I would be interested in had already been recorded by his friend Marvin, sort of like his Watson to his stories. He said that they were not only very entertaining, but scrupulously accurate, too. So, I added that to my 'to download list.' This account in was in his taxi story, THE RUNAWAY.

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And he added that his situation with the stabbing girl was covered in the book of his taxi adventures. Also, his relationship with Edna was covered in it. So, with this all noted, I asked what he knew about Brenda's life before her running away. And he noted that he only knew what Edna had told him and that I should talk to her about it to get it straight as it happened. He did note that his relationship with Edna started after she bailed him out of jail on the minor girl's filed assault charge.

And after the trial that they became an item to eventually marry. I asked him about the divorce, and he remarked that it was only a convenience to the separate parts of their lives, since they were still happily living together. He mentioned where I could access the accounts that he had mentioned and we were done in only ninety minutes, instead of the hours that I had anticipated.

So, I traveled past the courthouse and put in a request for the trial records of the trial of Marcus, even though it seemed to be a satellite issue to the main ones that I was pursuing. But, I was already getting the idea that there were a whole lot of issues and relationships involved in the simple death of a sixteen year old girl. I then returned to the condo and began to access the records referred to and the ones printed out at the courthouse.

Most of these accounts cross referenced rather easily and at the end of the day, after I had collated in the notes of Marge also, from her interview with Edna, I cross-indexed it all and gave the various factors the proper ratings and sent them off to the FBI washing machine, excuse me I mean the FBI Super Computer. We were all very tired that night and so Marge moved into my bed and we entered upon a very generic, but restorative intimacy. She was very good natured about it all and the type of woman that just seems to fit in the arms of any man that she desires.

I got that privilege that night, and after an extended 69 session (including a very nice assertion about my oral capabilities), she moved to her back and accepted me up into her sacred land. She was very religious actually, and took this kind of connection very seriously. So, when I finally came up into her, she grabbed me down to her breasts on my chest and her lips wildly active on mine and I just seemed to melt into her. I was seriously thinking at that moment to have myself sewn to her for the rest of my life, but better sense for the moment took over and we comforted each other through the night in entangled arms and legs.

In the morning this time, it was Jason that had breakfast ready. I am not sure, but I don't think that cottage cheese, wine cooler and pumpkin pie with whipping crème has ever been on my breakfast menu before, but there was no doubt about it being good, And Marge and he played nice with the portions, too.

This third day of the working of the case found Jason going to interview the Bash Brothers. It was a considerable favor to us to even talk with us, because they were known as being super secretive.

They helped to confirm some of the data that we had already received from other sources with sparkling clarity of voice. But, they clammed up about the eventuality of Tyrone. They said that that would have to be obtained by another source. The other source for my day was Richard Sterling, formerly called THE DICKSTER.

He was playing with his kids at his out of town place and seemed to be having the time of his life with five of them surrounding him.

Some of the kids of Marty and others from the condo community were there, too. With Opal (Marty's lover) also helping out with them.

He had ceded his position at the Sterling agency a number of years ago to his wife, the beauteous Candy. She being the mother of this brood with another on the way. She loved running the company, and since Richard was so good about the kids, she was determined to give him all of them that he could ever want.

Besides, her being pregnant allowed her with it in evidence to send out her agents on some of the cases that she wanted nothing to do with in person. She, of course, never did say anything about this to Richard. Sometimes ignorance IS bliss, especially when it is initiated by someone that loves you to pieces.

With Opal and another young woman settling the younger ones down to their naps and the older ones to their studies, Richard walked with me to a private corner of his five acre estate and let me ask the questions that I needed answers to.

He answered many of them too. With some of them, he referred me to the stories of the site previously referred to by Marcus, and noted the following ones: On Tyrone's history-The stories of the Mt. Beaver Condo Community; the story of Tracey found within it, and the Dickster story of the Missing House. On Marcus' trial, he referred me to the Taxi stories of Marcus, about the middle of the book.

He asserted that within the made up stories, the facts about Marcus and Tyrone were actually true. I thanked him for his help and notified him that he might become a welcome guest to our little office, when we had the relationships mapping all accounted for. He said that he would enjoy that. When Jason and I returned to the condo, Marge got busy collating all of the data that we had received today with ratings and then sent it on to the Washing Machine.

Not as additives, but with the whole mess collated together as one unit each time, adding new data to the already sent out mass. We got the message back that evening, that the Washing Machine had evidently spit out the index card that had Tyrone's name on it and some kind of computer somewhere in that office assigned it a seventy-three percent assumption of Tyrone's guilt in murdering Brenda at the behest of the mayor and crime syndicate members of Big City at the time.

They asserted that all we had to do was find a direct connection between Tyrone and Brenda and the case was trial ready. There would be a trial if even all of the people were dead, to give closure to Edna, if nothing else. Also, to put a closure on a long sore point in their case suspended files. So, I invited Richard, Candy, Blossom and Edna up to the condo to stay as long as it took to get the connection.

They each brought sleeping bags and we began at eight in the morning to review and more accurately line up the relationships between the individuals involved. The lines made the whole group of chalk boards look just like one giant spider web.


However one thing was missing. The direct connection between Brenda and Tyrone. From the information, the C.S.I. people even found the body of Tyrone, with no marker for God's sake, and with the autopsy done with a panel of the three best forensic minds in the state, nothing new was added to the wall relationship map. His case was closed, though. So that was a plus.

With us all tired and horny, we mixed it up and Edna came to bed with me. She absolutely adores anal, and I never get enough so it was a great night with me.


She even let me stay up into her while we slept the night away. I was beginning to wonder if I could get enough pull from solving this case to have my own office up here, probably a satellite office of the one in Twilight City. Richard took on Marge, to her delight. Richard might be the world authority on fun sex. Women just love him, his dick size probably doesn't hurt either. And Jason had to comfort himself with the gorgeous and five month pregnant Candy. What a happy condo we had that night.

Since she was still nursing, she shared that with all of us men, too. One of the gals, too. But, that is one secret that I will keep. In the morning, the swarm of us gathered at the breakfast table with a dozen different boxes of dry cereal, a gallon jug of fresh orange juice and two pounds of fried bacon to feed ourselves with, no arguments or complaints were heard.

We also came to the conclusion that the best source left was to find some of the other girls that were on those streets at the same time as Brenda was. They would be in the late forties or early fifties and so with the passing of time, the interest of the authorities was going to be mostly nonexistent. Totally nonexistent as far as we were concerned.

And so Candy, through the current Red Knight (King Pin Pimp of Maple Grove way community), got some of the names of them, the real ones and the FBI Washing Machine gave us current addresses on several of them.

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I sent out Marge and Candy to interview them, as I thought reasonably that fellow women, and especially since Candy was a known former practice of their arts, we would get better information that way.

And since they were granted total immunity, they came up with evidence in pictures of Tyrone talking with Brenda while on the streets. This was all that was needed by the FBI and so the case was tried and with a half-hearted effort on Tyrone's behalf, he was convicted by the judge's decision.

Judge Blossom, that was. Marcus took the resolution very hard. He had really loved Jazzmine, as he knew her and had been carrying a torch for her over the years. This was even though he had to a large degree moved on with both his former wife, Peggy and Edna taking him in hand to comfort and love him.

So, Edna took him up to a very remote cabin in the mountains and they stayed for a fortnight, just comforting each other, talking about Jazzmine and taking in the beautiful scenery. No sex this time, until on the seventh night, Jazzmine appeared to them over their bed, whether it was real or not, they never knew, but she told them that she was at ease with this latest closure and would not be appearing to them again.

But, that they would feel her in their hearts often, especially when they made love. So, that night, so inspired they did make love and they both felt Jazzmine in them as they came to their climaxes and their hearts were healed and life was good from then on.

I didn't get to have my satellite office up in Big City, but…&hellip. once a month, I would take myself, Jason and his new wife Marge up to catch up on things in this renewing burg.

It was like a dark cloud had been removed from the city's sky. It was reported that there was actually more sunny days for years after this each year. I hadn't married so far, but several years later, Richard passed away, and Candy spoke up for me at twenty years younger than her and claimed me in matrimony to be raised along with her other children. She had passed on the active management of the agency to others, so she had plenty of opportunities to RAISE ME UP, from then on.

Hehehehehe! I worked as an agent-at-large and helped out at the Sterling Agency too.