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Tiny dick dude cums for handjobs
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Chapter Six The Card Game "Did you enjoy tonight, my dear?" We were sitting on the sofa. I was still nude. My legs were up and lying across Uncle Josh's. His hand was resting on my moss-covered slit as we talked.

Flynn and Sheri had been gone for about ten minutes. Sheri and I had only enjoyed a few short minutes to touch and share a few kisses as I had helped her dress. We made plans to meet again in the near future, as our mutual interest was evident. Flynn had given me an outstanding fuck and for the present my cunnie felt well contented. Uncle however, was giving it an enjoyable rub as we talked. "Yes Uncle, I did. Thank you. Mr. Moore is well hung and knows how to use his masculinity." "That he does.

Carol also has enjoyed his big dong on several occasions." "How about Mrs. Flynn? What is she like?" "Karen? A very handsome woman. She is an excellent fuck, and according to Thea, equally adept in cunt lapping." This brought a smile to my face as Uncle jokingly rebuked me by lightly mashing my pubic lips together.

"So, my dear beautiful niece, would you be interested in having some future.meetings? I would love to see you with different people." The talk immediately brought a flush to my youthful body.

"Ohhh! Uncle! Yes! Whatever you want of me, I will do without hesitation! But the next time, would you…Uh…you know…Uh… strip, and…oh, you know what I mean!" "Are you trying to say would I strip and fuck you in front of some strangers?" I tried to avoid his smiling face by turning away from him. I finally responded a low, "yes." Uncle Josh gently laughed as he slid a finger up my wet channel.

"The next time, you can rest assured, that will happen. Good! So! From this night on, I will promise you more sex and more diversity than even your Mother had!" Circling my Uncles neck, I brought his lips to mine. Our tongues swirled together. My thighs opened up so the stroking hand between them could continue to thrill my soul and body. Yes, this was great. To have youth, money, and plenty of sex.

Life was so good! The next morning I found Auntie sitting in the kitchen. She smiled as I bent down and kissed her. Her face looked to be so content and without worry. Joining her for coffee, we began to talk. I related last evening's adventure. We shared some laughs, and agreement on the sexual process of Mr. Flynn. I then learned that Karen, his wife and Sheri, the daughter, were very highly sexed people. They both liked spontaneous escapades.

By the time she was finished, I knew I had to get associated with them. "Where did you go last night? I never did hear you come in." I asked her. "I just got in a hour ago. Josh was just leaving for the office." She smiled coyly.

"Oh! I just wondered, for Uncle told me you left yesterday afternoon and well…you know I love my Auntie so …oh Auntie! Tell me where you went?" Laughing, she gathered me in her arms. "My dear, sweet niece. Don't worry your wicked Auntie is going to tell you exactly what happened. Let us go and lay down though." "Griffin sent me a message saying that Reilly and he would be in town for two days.

And would I like to join them for lunch at their hotel. They also had an accompanying friend with them by the name of Murphy. Naturally I quickly accepted and appeared at the appointed time. Their dining table was slightly isolated from the other ones and my seat faced away from the room. When I was introduced to Mr. Murphy, my body received a tingle.

The man was absolutely gorgeous. I was seated between Reilly and Griffin and aperitifs were ordered. Oh, yes, they inquired about you and I told them you had a prior appointment we had just raised our glasses in a toast when the two began to fondle my legs. "Sirs! Please! I…Ohh! Noo! Uh! Umm!" I said with a catch in my voice as now both hands were tormenting my crotch. Murphy had a smile on his face as it was evident to him what was going on.

My skirt was lifted and my legs opened to the prying hands. "Ohh! Please! Please stop! Gent… argh! I beg of you!" My cunt was being fingered by not one, but two fingers! "Carol, my darling! You will have to excuse us for our Umm…rudeness. But just the thought of you on that train was too much to forget. Please beautiful lady, go with us so once again we can taste your lushness." "Sirs! I…As…much…Ohh! I…well." "Carol, darling!

Come on! You know you want to go. Think of the fun we can have. Did we not promise that the next time we met, we would continue?" Griffin said as his finger moved out of my tunnel and lightly massaged the edge. "There are three of you and only one of me!" Reilly had let his finger remain inside me and was moving it just enough to keep me at the quick.

"Ahh! How true! But my beautiful lady, you have three exquisite openings! We promise that you will receive no harm, only enjoyment.

I assure that you will experience only pure pleasure." "I…don't know, ohh! Mr.Reilly, sir! Your finger, deeper…yes, yes I will go!" "Excellent! Griff, old boy, bring her off so we can enjoy the rapture of her beautiful face." "No! Please! Wait! Ohh! Yes! Not here! Umm! Yes, yes, deeper Ohhh! The finger buried deep inside me rapidly picked up speed and within scant seconds; I was pushing hard with my hips against the maddening hand between my legs.

The company of the men and their ministrations to my body was too much. My body jerked a few times and my cunnie exploded around the finger inside it. The men politely applauded me. Going to the ladies room, I quickly repaired my self and returned.

We then had an excellent meal over the next hour. During the ride to their hotel, I was treated to the lips of all three and before we entered their room, their kisses and caresses in the elevator had inflamed me with lust. Our clothing was quickly dispensed with and within an hour, each man had mounted me.

A recess was called as drinks were brought to the room. After a brief rest, each man again took turns with me. They enjoyed seemed to enjoy taking me as much as I enjoyed them doing it. For as soon as one had deposited a load up me, another one would take his turn. After everyone was satisfied, at least for the time being, I took a good long bath and upon exiting, I found the men lying down and all were sound asleep except for Murphy.

Waving me over, he removed the towel I had wrapped around me and took me into his arms. I enjoyed cuddling with him and found him to be an excellent kisser. Before long, his substantial cock became rigid enough to enter my slit. He rode me for awhile and then stopped. Swinging around on my body, we enjoyed a sixty-nine. You know how I enjoy the taste of cunt on a good hard cock when I suck on it. This was no exception. His sperm acted like a sleeping pill and we were soon asleep in each other's arms.

The low sounds of people talking awoke me two hours later. The men were sitting at table playing cards and drinking. I got up and just as I was reaching for my slip, Griffin spoke out. "No! Remain nude. We enjoy looking at you." "Oh!

Yes, …Whatever you want." "Come here Carol" Griffin said to me.t. Walking over to him, I was aware of the eyes on me. Standing next to Griffin, he looked me up and down. Reaching out with one hand, he circled my waist and pulled me closer. Bending forward, he sent a shiver up my nude body when he kissed and tongued my navel.

"Straddle me Carol." Stepping across his legs, I sat and faced him. Our lips met and nibbled at each other. His cock began to harden and when it was at its stand, I slipped it inside my warm sheath. His free hand came around and pulled me closer so that his hardness sank deeper inside me. Again out lips melted together. I sucked wildly at his tongue as my hips worked back and forth on his pleasure stick.

Breaking apart, Griffin pitched his cards on the table. "Count me out gents. I need to go enjoy some of this hot ass meat." With that he went under my knees and picked me up. A whimper escaped my pouty lips as he lowered me even more on his cock as he carried me to bed. Lowering me down, he kept my legs wide open as his hips began to speed up.

Oh, the feeling of his cock as it worked me. The smoothness, the hardness! What a joy! Within seconds I came twice before his cock began spurting deep within me. Again our lips met and I knew that a fire had been lit between us. When his soft and flaccid meat slipped out, Griffin turned to his friends.

"Who is next?" He looked down upon my nude form as he spoke. We both knew that at that moment, I had become his to do with as he seen fit. Reilly and Murphy both wanted me and they began to decide whom it would be first. "Why don't both of you take her at the same time?" Griffin asked. "Would that be a problem Carol?" With a glassy eyed look, I shook my head no.

Murphy got behind me. First he eased his cock up my sheath and stroked until his pole was wet. Then with relative ease, he slipped it up my ass cute. Reilly lay in front of me and before starting, cupped and kneaded my tis as our lips fused together. His cock once again filled me with pure satisfaction. The men worked their hips until they were locked in tight. I felt somewhat joyously filled. When their cock heads rubbed against both sides of the thin membrane that separated the two channels, my body felt like it had been electrocuted.

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Naturally I have been taken like this on past occasions and thoroughly enjoyed the position. My tits were pulled and weighted as the two drove into me.

Soon the passion overtook me and I began to jack hammer back and forth wildly. When I felt the twin streams of hot semen enter my body, I almost fainted. Interrupting Auntie, I asked, "I agree with you on that position. It is so nice." Laughing, Auntie stood and stripped her clothes away. Following suit, I then went back and snuggled close to her warmth and softness. Griffin helped me up from the bed and into the bath. He drew me a warm bath and helped me into the sudsy water.

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Next he brought me a whiskey and for close to thirty minutes we talked. Oh, yes! We made some future plans. After soaking, I laid down for about an hour while the men played cards. Rising and feeling refreshed, I circulated among them. Naturally my nude body was touched and prodded. Deciding to retire for the night, Griffin took me to his bed. No one complained, as he was their leader. The morning sun woke us. A hearty breakfast was ordered and we devoured it. Griffin took me in his arms and asked if anyone wanted to take me before they left.

They all professed tiredness and dressed. I circled the neck of each one and kissed him fully as they left. Griffin was naturally the last to leave. He fondled my body fully while I showered kisses on his face and neck. When he left, I wept for a bit, then dressed and came home. " So dear, that is my story. What do you think of your wicked Auntie?" Smothering her face with kisses, I responded, "My Auntie is not wicked. She just enjoys the pleasure of the flesh." I had started down and worked my head between her thighs.

Taking my thumbs, I gently separated her labia lips. Easing my tongue up her slot, I found her channel to be sweet as usual. Pulling back, I thought the only better thing was a spurting cock deep in your mouth. Crawling up and laying on top of her now heavy breathing body, I let her lick her own effusions from my pouty lips.

Chapter Seven The Party A week later, I was sitting on the balcony when Auntie handed me a letter. Not recognizing the handwriting, I was hoping it was from Jay. I had heard nothing since leaving Mexico. Jay was extremely durable, so I was not worried. By the time I had reached the third line my twat was twitching with glee. It was from Flynn!


He was having a "party" and wanted the three of us to attend. When I conveyed this, it was naturally accepted. Flynn's house was magnificent. His grounds were plentiful and afforded him complete privacy. A very attractive housekeeper showed us to our rooms. Mine was spacious and I was invited to relax before the "party" commenced later on in the evening. The Flynn's were not available due to some last minute details, but were expected back within a few hours.

There was still another couple due, so we had sufficient time to take a nap or do as we desired. I was asleep on my stomach when I felt a hand gently shaking my shoulder. "Lie still dear and keep your eyes shut." A soft foreign voice whispered. "Did you have a good nap?" I was asked as the hand moved up and down my naked spine.

Nodding in accordance, I tried to move my head to see who it was that was speaking. All I could see before a sharp slap was administered across my up turned buttocks was what appeared to be the form of a female.

"No, no! You must not peek! Keep your eyes closed!" Doing so, my heart skipped a beat when a soft mask was tied behind my head. Another voice was whispering now. This one I knew, It was Mr. Moore. My heart quickened at the thought of him being able to view my nude form. Slowly I opened my legs to let my purple hued slit become more visible. The slit that so far, only he had made contented.

Yes! He was insinuating his hand between my legs. Opening to him, I moaned when it softly massaged my love lips. Starting to speak only brought me a sharp slap across my thigh. "Shh!" Came his voice as my cunt received firm squeeze. Yelping, I ceased my inquiry and let my inclinations go to the enjoyable ministrations that he was bringing to my body.

I began to moan softly when a slim but long finger went up my cunt. Slowly it explored my insides and my juices began to stir more. Lifting slightly my pert butt, I let it rotate on the maddening finger. Suddenly it exited! The same voice whispers for me to open my mouth as the wet finger enters my mouth. "That's a good little piggy, lick it clean." Another soft laugh responded.

Now there were more voices! Whispers. Yes! Different sounds! Yes! That meant different people. Different eyes, different hands, cocks, cunts, maybe even a sweet butt to lick! Then the sense of someone is moving next to my nude and ready body.

Who was it I wondered? Could they see my cunt? Ohh! I hoped so! Letting my legs open a little more, I could hear others in the room murmuring their approval. "Get on your hands and knees." The voice whispered in my ear. The surrounding voices grew louder when I complied. The bed moved down more on all sides.

My willing body welcomed silently the feel of at least four different hands as they explored every curve and recess I owned. This time I recognized the voice of Mr. Moore as he addressed the mysterious gathering. "Terry my boy, mount her.


She is excellent." The bed moved up again as the hands moved away. This time the mattress dipped behind me as someone named Terry is whispering for me to lie down on my back. Doing as the soft voice tells me, I opened my thighs up more as a slim body goes between them. Soft lips cover mine and again I moan as a tongue enters my open mouth. Yes! Umm! Ohh! My hips are moving as the spongy head of a cock traverses the length of my always-hungry maw.

The sweet kisses and pampering is heaven as I am whispered encouragement. Then suddenly, my lover is gone! Starting to break my vow of silence, my mind registers disbelief at the following words come to my ears. "Mommy, please, wet this for me." The voice asks. Mommy! What is going on? What is he asking his Mother to wet? His…I …no! That is impossible…isn't it? That would be unthinkable! No…I'm—no! What? Who? I can feel someone else sitting close as the mattress sags just a little.

"Certainly dear. But let Mommy jack you a little first. You need to be a little harder. Yes dear, she is beautiful. Umm! Yes! Your cock is perfect now. Now let me wet it for you. A gasp was heard as my mysterious lover sucks in his breath. "Ahh! Yes Mommy, Umm, your mouth feels so good on me, thank you." Oh God! I think! What am I becoming? Mothers! Sons?.

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The bed moves again and I can feel him moving between my legs. Oh God! What do I do? Should I make him stop and leave? Mmm, oh, how sweet his lips are on mine! Ahh! Umm! His cock! It's against my portal. Yes!

I'm going to make him stop no matter how good it feels! This…ahh! is not right. I mean, how old can he be? His mother!

Surely Ahh! Well, right after he stops kissing me. Mmm! That feels so good when his tongue enters me mouth. This has to sto …Umm that feels good! Yes, squeeze, knead, mash! Another kiss and my left breast is cupped.

That's right, let the nipple snap back! For I'm going to make you stop just any minute now. But for now I'm just going to enjoy this a few more minutes…and …Umm! God that feels good! I have got to put a stop to this. Well, another minute or so! Surely another minute, well, perhaps two…three…or more! Yes! His cock is now working up and down my moss -covered slit now.

Who taught this boy, man, or whomever to do this? My hips are dancing with anticipation. Ahh! The cock head is being pushed and enters my passage.

Another push and three inches of it enters me. Another push and I gasp as the air is driven from my heaving body. Stopping and letting me adjust to the hard meat up me, I seek out my mysterious lover's neck and pull his lips to mine.

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Now! Yes! My right tit is now cupped. Umm! Another kiss oh! How sweet! It's too late to stop. Oh well!

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Now the firm hips above me are moving. Reaching up, I feel the smooth body of my lover. His stomach is hard. Hmm! Oh, how I enjoy this! Don't stop!

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Keep me plugged! Keep stroking! Ahh! Here it comes. Yes, oh yes. Sweet, sweet relief Life is good! The cloth is removed from my eyes. I now get to meet my lover. He is beautiful! His body is trim and hairless. Terry is his name. We kiss.

Gently at first then with passion. Once again my tits are cupped and massaged. My hands slip down and hold his buttocks. I hold him tight as his young cock is still inside me and it feels so good as he gently works it back and forth. The wetness is just enough to make the touch even more enjoyable.

Once again he kisses me. I whimper at the touch. Rolling from between my thighs, he holds my hips so his semi hard cock will stay inside. Cupping my buttocks, he pulls me closer and pushes his meat up me as far as possible.

Holding me tight, we kiss, and finally he speaks. "I would like you to meet my Mother, Mrs. Mary Beasely." Coming into my view is a fantastic looking woman. She is dressed in a designer outfit that fits her perfectly. My eyes quickly take her body in and she looks marvelous.

I tell her that. "Thank you. You are also." Her eyes sparkle as she looks me up and down. Especially where her son is mated to my cunt. Sitting next to her son, she leans and kisses him on the cheek, and then smiles at me. "Is he not the most handsome boy you have ever seen?" Putting her hand between our coupled sexes, she flutters back and forth between us.

Her soft caresses add to my total enjoyment. "Yes," I answer with a kiss to his lips. "It would be so easy to fall in love with him." "Hush both of you!" Terry responds, "You are embarrassing me!" "Did you satisfy this beautiful creature?" She asked of him. Her manicured finger- nail is now roaming my cock stuffed cunt. My smile transports my feelings. "I hope so Mommy. Did I Lea?" His hip moved against me and drives his now hardening pego in deeper. Gasping, I kiss his sweet lips, and nod "Yes.

You were excellent and I hope that you will want me again." "Well, I sure that will happen. But for now, you two are expected in the "Game" room." Mary says with a grin. Once again we kiss and Terry pulls his sweet cock out of my wet channel. Mary has not moved and as soon as he rolls toward her, she stops him and in a low voice, "Wait a minute baby, Mommy wants a little taste." Reaching down to take his glistening cock with her hand, Mary kisses the spongy head with true devotion.

Then opening her ruby red lips, she engulfs his cock all the way to his scrotum. Bobbing up and down a few times, she stops and reluctantly releases her hold. Our gaze meet and we both smile at each other. The scene was very sexual to me, as this was the first time I had ever seen a Mother suck her son. I sat up and look for my clothing. Mary shakes her head and replies " Mr. Moore said he wanted both of you to stay nude." Terry takes my hand and leads me out and down a long hallway.

Opening a door, we are greeted by a full-scale orgy in progress. Yes! I thought to myself with glee! This is what I have been wanting. The floor is littered with cushions of all sizes and shapes. I spotted Sheri under a man whom Terry said was his father. I could see he had a good-sized cock and was well versed in using it. I made a mental note to definitely meet him!

Mrs. Moore is on her elbows and knees. A young good looking boy whom Terry says is called Mike, the son of Bill Thomas whom is behind her very attractive butt and is hammering her pretty good. His mother I learn died a few years ago. Oh yeah! Definitely needed to meet him! Karen is between the spread legs of Uncle Josh. Her pouty lips are wrapped around his cock. He spots me and manages a smile. Auntie is being screwed by Mr. Thomas, the widower. The smile on her face tells all.

Damn! What a cock he has! My cunt twitches! Hands on my shoulders turned me around and there stands Mr. Moore! Excited at seeing him, I pressed my nudity up against him as our lips met. "Ha, ha! How is my little cunt doing?" He asks as his hands cup and mould my butt cheeks.

"Great, now that I am here with you." I tell him as my hungry lips nibble at his. Taking me by the arm, he led me to a pillow-strewn floor. My heart jumped, as I knew that once again, I was in for a fantastic fuck. Looking around the room as I went to my back on the pillows, I see Mary has stripped and was guiding her son's sweet cock toward her hairy grout. Twenty minutes later, my body felt like a limp dishrag. Flynn had once again screwed me until I felt like my insides had turned to mush.

So far, he is the only man who can give me this feeling. A feeling of total content, a feeling one rarely has. Cupping my leaking sex, I can feel rivulets of semen seeping from me.

Struggling to my feet, I wobble to the nearest bathroom. A shower and a douche make me feel better. Wrapping a large towel around me, I return to the "Game" room. There is no one around. Then I see Mrs. Moore. She has showered and is in a long thin dress. We kiss and she tells me the others are either cleaning up or in the dining room. Pointing it out, we again kiss and go in separate directions. Auntie Carol spots me and calls for me to sit by her and Uncle Josh. She is totally radiant.

She also has on a long dress like Mrs. Moore. Her eyes are sparkling with a vibrant excitement. Her skin has a rosy hue that normally comes after a sexual work out. For Auntie does put her heart and soul into ever fuck she has.

In fact, everyone seems to be in good condition and spirits. The cuisine is outstanding; rare beef, succulent pork, and fish. This was complimented by an abundance of fine wines and brandy.

After eating, everyone makes their way back to the "Game" room and proceeds to fall asleep. I roll over and let the welcome darkness overtake me. Mr. Thomas had just left from between my outstretched legs where he had just given me another nice easy screw, when Mrs. Moore, or Karen as she preferred to be called, bends down and gave me a long, sweet kiss. While she smoothed my damp hair, she asked if I was interested in accompanying her and Sheri to a spa that was three states away.

She explained that it did wonders for your body. In addition to that, we could go shopping, and take a long deserved rest. I naturally accepted; Life! How sweet!