Brunette bitch gets cock riding for some money from old guy

Brunette bitch gets cock riding for some money from old guy
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write me comments my first story go easy Enjoy It was my 14th birthday and boy was I horny and my mom was an angle sent from god. She was around 35 and she dressed in a pencil skirt and when she bent down you seen he amazing puffy pussy lips.

I was the luckiest kid ever.

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I lived in a house with a single mother in a collage town the nice thing was it was an all-girls collage. Shit my dream was to get laid by the time I was 15.

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I knew it would never happen. So later that day when I turned into the most turned on teen alive my mom and me drove to out casino detonation where we all ways go. We got the usual queen bed and each got a few rubber in case we got lucky witch I never did and my mom was super horny because he has on a mini skirt and he ass cheeks where hanging out when I walked behind he nice as she noticed me staring and she did some more ass moments witch got my 9 inch cock harder then a rock.

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She left me in the arcade and lucky enough the high school cheer leading team was having a party. My wood would never subside when I look I see ass cheeks and the pubes poking out of the spandex. I was nervous because a little pre-cum came out and a nice wet spot appeared. I gracefully walked back to the room and turned on some nice 18 year old porn and wacked the noodle but I got a quick load off and about two hours later my mom comes back from gambling and looks sad and horny.

I was watching the history channel and she came to sit next to me and we started to talk and she looked me in the eyes Am I a slut? She says to me No I replied. Y would you ever think that? Well tonight I learned that I dress like a whore. In my mind I was thinking hell yeah but I love it. No mom I look nice! To you honey I seen you staring at my ass earlier I started to blush until my face was on fire. So can't a boy look at a nice ass when she sees it?

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God! Well not you mothers.


Mom I've seen you naked in the shower, when you were using your dildo. She got bright red. You are a sly sly little boy. Mom if you ever need anything let me know?

She said thanks honey. Any time mom she fell asleep and I was horny from talking about her naked body so I went it to the bathroom let a load off. I well sleep in the spooning position and thank god my huge wood subsided.

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I dreamed about her naked ass body. She was about 5' 3" and her curves we like none other. He pussy was as pink as a nice premature cunt should look like. I wished that she would just fuck her brains out. I woke up the next morning with a huge wood my mom was in the hot tub and she said get in lets relax so I got in and I said can I ask you a question Honey you can tell me anything.

I'm lost in the whole women's body? I knew everything. Well honey it's not that difficult all you need to do is listen.


Well you basely seen a women naked be fore Well of course but I mean how to fuck a women get my drift. Oh I see well I will show you hand on when we get home, How's that. Ok I guess Well the day took long as hell but we got home 5 hours after that conversation. We walked in to the door and she said lets go up to the room we proceeded and we got to the room I had to piss like a race horse. I got back to the room and she was in the master bathroom and the door flung open and a smoking hot bitch aka my mom.

My dick went up so fast it hit me in the face. She saw the bulge in my pants and she said how big?


9 inches Holy shit? What? That's huge and may I add bigger than your dad's penis. Well we got undressed and seeing her nice pussy makes me Horner then horny.

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I went up to her and she said what do you want to know? Well I just want to fuck. You mean to tell me I've been wasting my time at the fucking casino when we could have fucked? YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS!!!!!! Little asshole. Sorry mom. Well we started to kiss and she wanted to suck a cock for almost 6 years now and she got on her hands a knees and went to town her deepthroted like anything IV ever felt.

She said she wanted my salty sweet goodness and she wanted my cum and she was sucking so hard and fast when I busted in her mouth she was surprised and I thought it went through her head it came out so fast.

She didn't miss a drop and she looked up and said I haven't had that much in my life. She went to the bed and I teased her I kissed her and went and fondled wither her nipples and went to the clit and pasted it and kissed her from head to toe then I went to her amazing pink pussy. I licked her clit until she cam in my mouth 6 times. My dick was hard as a rock again. She was sucking my balls and she looked into my soul and said put this nice juicy cock in my tight pussy. So I got her ready I got her wet and when in for the kill although the condoms where right next to the bed we didn't bother putting it on.

She said I want you to cum in me please I forgot what it feels like I knew she wasn't on the pill and she didn't get her tubes tied so I was fucking her passionately and my balls got huge and he pussy griped my cock so hard that it sucked my cock right in and I can deeeep inside my mom's pussy and I kept going and going I can almost 3 more times my mom was moaning really fast and she was missing some breaths and she said that's enough but I still a little more to get rid of and I pulled out and cam in her mouth and she said it was the best sex she ever had.

As we got done she got up to get something to drink a huge puddle of cum came right out of her pussy I was scared I impregnated her but she said it doesn't matter it was by someone she loved. The next two weeks I was wondering I knocked up my mom. I asked if she was pregnant and said I don't know. So we went to the store and they were all positive…&hellip.

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I knocked up my mom and she want to fuck like that every nine months every teens dream