Sexy young teen gay porn movies His First Dick

Sexy young teen gay porn movies His First Dick
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She was almost naked and sitting waiting for me when I got there. The hotel clerk gave me the key to the room and I ran my hand through my long hair and tried to fix it a little.

The ride on my Harley had left it wind blown beyond simple repair so I left it with the wild look and climbed the stairs to her room. As I opened the door I was stuck by her perfume. Spicy and floral, with a hint of musk. I didn't know what it was but it fit her. Sweet and innocent and a hint of pure sex. Then I saw her and that hint was more of a scream of sex.

Naked except for panties and heels and a big big smile. Jennifer blew me a kiss and then lit a cigarette as I entered the room. Her sexy red lips wrapping around it and sucking as the flame touched the end of it. I could almost feel the heat of the smoke entering her and then she smiled again and blew the smoke back out in a cloud that seemed to halo her. She continued to smile as she uncrossed her sexy legs and ran her fingers down her perfect body.

Those long nails playing across the silk of her panties, I could hear the sound as she teased herself. I closed the door behind me and waited for her to stare back up at me.

She raised and eyebrow and I smiled. My turn. I let my riders coat slip off my shoulders and fall to the floor. Grabbing at my T-shirt I peeled the black fabric away and pulled it off, revealing my chest, hairless and tanned. Watching her watch me I kicked off each boot and then pulled off my socks.

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I shook my head so my hair fell over my shoulders as I undid the buttons to my jeans and pulled them open. She motioned for me to continue but I stopped and waited and smiled. She knew what I wanted to see and she let her head go back and laughed.

Standing she pulled her panties down and kicked them away, spreading her legs slightly so her cock sprang to life. It bobbed up and down a few times as wiggled and then sat back down, spread legged.

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She took another drag of her cigarette and waited for me to show mine now. I pushed my jeans over my hips and let them slide down my legs. I kicked them off and into the corner and stepped towards her, my cock nearly full length as I watched her. I stopped with the head just inches in front of her face and Jennifer looked up at me and smiled.

She knew what I wanted but wanted to make me ask. So I did in my own special way.

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Grabbing her arms I pulled her up and into my embrace. I kissed her hard and deep, our tongues playing and exploring each others mouths. The feel of our nude bodies pressed together was incredible.

I let my right hand play over her back and then grabbed a handful of her ass as my right grabbed her hair and pulled her harder into the kiss. Feeling her hard cock pressed against me and mine against her got me to full length, I wanted her so badly.

As we kissed she moaned and pressed into me and ground her hips against mine. I squeezed her sweet ass so hard I figured I would be leaving a bright red hand print. Her long nails dug into my back in response and almost ripped me open.

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Finally breaking the kiss I pushed her back onto the bed. Now with my cock only inches away from her face I grabbed her hair and pulled her juicy lips onto it. She took me into her mouth and began to suck me as her hands played with my ass, scratching and squeezing me. I let out a low growl and began to fuck her face, watching my cock slide in and out, wet from her kisses. Jennifer could suck cock like no one else.


She took in my full seven and half inches and her chin bumped my balls with each thrust. With wet sloppy sucking sounds she worked my cock so well I finally had to pull out or I would have cum. She smiled at me and knew she had done well as I tried to catch my breath. Licking her lips, she purred for me as she lay back onto the bed.

I knelt down between her legs and grabbed her hard cock. As I slid it between my lips she put her heels on my back and dug them in. The pain was incredibly sexy as I sucked her.


Tasting precum I began to pump the shaft as I sucked the head, wanting to taste more of her. I slide one hand between her legs and began to play with her asshole, sliding two fingers in and finger fucking her using my spit as lube. She began to fuck into my mouth as I fingered her. Moaning and grabbing handfuls of my hair as she did. She arched her back and thrust deep into my mouth as she was getting closer to cumming and then I pulled off.

Oh, the look she gave me could have killed. She was so close. I laughed and continued to finger her ass as she lay back and tried to grab her cock to finish herself off.

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I wouldn't let her though. Standing up I pushed her knees to her tits and lined my cock up with her tight hole and pressed into her. It was a tight fit but then she swallowed me whole and moaned. She pushed her hips against me until my balls slapped her ass cheeks and I was deep in her.

Looking up at me she spoke for the first time. "Fuck me hard baby." She purred in her throaty sexy voice. "Fuck me hard and fill me up.I wanna feel you fill me with your cum." I didn't need any more then that and I was fucking her hard and fast.

Each thrust balls deep into her sweet ass, she screamed each thrust and clamped down tight with her muscles to milk me as I slid back for another slam.

She was tossing her head back and forth as I fucked her, screaming out the most dirty, perverted things she could think of. I was loving it and fucking her harder and harder, her body shaking with each impact.

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I watched those sexy tits bouncing from the force of my fucking until she grabbed them and began to pull on her nipples. She loved to play with them for me as I fucked her. I leaned into her legs and fucked her faster, keeping eye contact as we both groaned and growled at each other.

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I reached around and grabbed her hard cock, still slick from my sucking and began to pump her in time with my thrusts. She started nodding yes over and over as she got to close to cumming. Fucking her with all I had I stroked her until she screamed and blasts of cum covered both of us. I kept milking her until she was dry and then as her ass muscled tightened on my cock, I filled her sweet hole up.

Hot cum shot into her in stream after stream of sex. She moaned and clamped her muscles tight enough to milk me totally dry and then some. Collapsing on top of her we both tried to catch our breath, breathing in ragged gasps for a few minutes.


I rolled off of her and we lay there touching and stroking each others bodies. We started kissing again, this time softer and with more tenderness. She rolled over and scootched her ass against me and I wrapped my arms around her. The world went by outside but in here, time stood still. I nibbled on the back of her neck until she began to drift off to sleep and then I let myself drift as well.

The smell of sex and her perfume and smoke in the smelled so good sex as I finally went to sleep.