Perverted asian luscious cutie gets teased lingerie japanese

Perverted asian luscious cutie gets teased lingerie japanese
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Chapter two: A stronger love deepens between a father and his daughter. A true story as told to me by a good friend. (All names have been changed to protect privacy) I had just lost control and had had sex with my own daughter.the hottest sex that I had ever had too.

I knew that I should feel bad, but I didn't. Her reaction to everything had put me somewhat at ease, as she met me with equal passion. Still pouring sweat and with my hard but slowly shinking cock was still pressed against her ass, I held her tight around the waist and kissed her ear, "I love you baby" I wispered in her ear.

"I love you too" she replied. I stood up and gave her a hand up from the couch. "I think we both need a shower" she said grinning and looking me right in the eye. Seems like she really did enjoy things as much as I did.

I was so amazed by this beautiful, sexy, sweet and compassionate girl.I'm going to need a cigarette after I get cleaned up. She bent over to grab her clothes then hugged me tight and said, I told you I would get over it. She smiled real big, kissed me hard and went to the bathroom. To be honest, I was in a daze for a bit after that. The fantasy that I thought was impossible had just happened.

And it was way better than I could have imagined. The little bits of her body didn't do justice to her nude.just perfect.little breast that were shaped SO perfect, and a small but very shapely ass.

The taste of her and how she felt as I went down on it felt when I slid inside her and the look on that beautiful face.Yeah, I was pretty well stunned. Not just by that, but by my own emotions and those that Anna was showing. After the initial lust, she was looking at me with what I could swear was the look of a woman feeling more than just passion. I could have sworn that I saw her looking into my eyes with the same love that I was feeling as I drove deep into her wet pussy.


But I figured that I was just projecting how I felt onto her. I understood me faling for her; I'd been falling in love with her for a while now, in more than a fatherly way.

Not because of her looks; looks have always been secondairy to me, but because of the changes in her. She was becoming the sweet girl that I remembered, but now a woman. I didn't think that she would have time enough yet for her to have fallen for me like I had for her. But she did show real love and seemed ok for us to take it to this new level and I was going to be happy about that. Unless she wanted this to be a one time thing.

That thought saddened me, but I would go with whatever she was comfortable with. Next thing I remember, we were on the screened in back porch talking while she smoked. "I know that I should feel bad for what we did, but I don't.

Is that strange?".

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"I don't feel a bit bad either daddy. I love you so much!" she said. Her eyes seemed to shine as she said it. Maybe she was falling for me too? No, couldn't be.I reached out and grabbed her hand.

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I felt so close to her. We talked openly about what we did just a few minutes ago and what we liked most about our encounter as if were the most natural thing in the world. I was so amazed by this wonderful and beautiful person beside me.

Not just pretty, which she is, but a beauty inside that is way too rare in anyone, much less a girl this gorgeous. As we relaxed in the breeze and chatted, I realized that this was not going to be a one time thing. She really was as exited by this as I was! I also realized that I was falling for my own daughter. I saw that my feelings were reflected in her eyes too. I knew that I was seeing more love than she felt, but I knew that she really did love me, at least in some measure the way that I loved her.

At this moment I was more happy than at any time in my life. I really had never felt love this deeply and so strong. Little did I know then, but she really did feel exactly the same.Seeing her as a woman as well as my daughter was new to me, making it kind of difficult to read how she was really feeling and I thought that I was seeing what I wanted to see.

I have never had luck so good as to find something so wonderful. My mind just seemed to have trouble with the whole concept. The more we talked though, the more that things did seem mutual.

Amazing! We were able to act normal around everyone else after our discovery. We didn 't have a chance to be alone again for a few days after that due to our scheduals not meating up. After a few days had gone by we again had a little time without anyone around. The youngest was in school and her brother and my wife were both at work when she stopped by again to do a little laundry. I wasn't going to get my hopes up but I did hope to be intimate with her again. She pulled up and I went to help her bring in her didrty clothes and carry them to the basement.

We chatted the entire time and I was again struck by how close I was feeling to thing complex and wonderful woman. Once her laundry was going we retired to the upstairs and continued our talk.

Not much talk about what happened between us at first, but gradually, we got around to talking about it. Still, neither of us seemed to feel very bad about the situation. We wound up talking on the back porch while she had a smoke and our conversation drifted to what we had shared, and we both seemed to be getting a little excited by remembering what we had done.

I reached out to grabbed her hand and told her flat out that hers was the most pleasantly tasting pussy that I had ever tasted. She grinned real big and said "Thanks! I want to taste you before I go home." I stood up right then and told her "No problem, we can take care of that right now!" as I pulled her to her feat and lead her around the corner to my bedroom. I pulled her in and closed the door. By the time I turned around, she was already on her knees and was reaching for my belt buckle.

Wow! She really did seem to want it as badly as she said that she did! I was very much not used to this! I got my belt undone and my shorts down and as soon as she could see it, my baby girl was grabbing my cock.Just having her have it in her hand was kind of electrifying, but just as I was enjoying how I felt in her hand, she lowered her head and took me into her mouth eagerly.

I had been give head by women who really like sucking dick and were very good at it.but this.I could have cum in seconds, but looking at this beautiful woman who loves me so and that I loved more than anyone before, enjoying making me feel this great was too much. I didn't know it she intended to finish me this way, but suddenly, I had the overwhelming urge to please her too. I reached down and gently brought her to her feat and lay her down on the bed. She had always admired the tie down straps on the bed that my wife likes to get tied down with, so I decided to chain Anna down with it.

Then, after she was securely chained to the bed,I started to kiss her passionaltly; she responded stongly, starting to breath faster. I kissed her neck and she sighs softly, bringing to to an even higher state of arousal.I knew that I wouldn't be able to last with her again this time; she is just too attractive and new to me still. I didi want her to have a nice time also, so I began to kiss my way on down, giving her small but increadibly perfect breasts a good bit of attention on the way, then down past her bellybutton I kissed on down slowly, I could smell her scent as she became aroused.

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No perfume can equal this.I was almost trembling with excitement as I let my tongue slide over the sides of her pussy.

She arched her back as I drew her clit into my mouth and sucked on it. She pulled against the straps and made little noises of pleasure that sent shivers all through me.

I stopped with her clit for a while and slid my tongue as far into her as I could get it and twirled it around. This seemed to catch her off guard and she lifted her ass off of the bed, so I caught that perfect little ass in my hands and really dove in! After she had some of that for a bit, I went back to kissing all around her vulva and all areond to let her cool down a bit.

Then I went back to tongue fucking her for while longer. Damn! I can't get over how wonderful her pussy juices taste!


I could definitly get used to this! All of this started to get to be too much for me, her scent and her obvious enjoyment of what I was doing to her had me more than ready. I kissed my way up her stomach to her breasts and gave then a few seconds of attention and a nibble or two, then grabbed my rock-hard cock and slid it into her dripping wet pussy.

Again, amazing! She just felt so right as I slid into her. She moved with me, matching my movements as if we had been lovers for years, rather than this being only our second encounter. After just a few minutes in this position, I unstrapped her hands and feat so I could feel her arms around me and lift her legs for better depth. This seemed to get her off pretty well as she suddenly tensed up with an orgasm. Oh! It was so hard to hold off blowing my load right then! But I held it off somehow.and I was soon very glad that I did.

She looked up at me and said firmly, "I want to ride you!" and grabbed my armes and heaved me onto my back (with a little help). She climbed onto me and started to aim my dick at her dripping pussy, and slowly lowered herself until she was sitting on my with my eight inch cock buried all the way inside her. Fuck!

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she was so beautiful right then. I ran my hands over her body as she rode me, matching my upthrusts with her slamming her weight down on me and quickly was near another orgasm. I couldn't hold back and more and grabbed her and pinned her to the bed and fucked my daughter furiously until I was on the brink.

"Don't cum in me, I'm not on birth control yet!" I heard right after I let her know, so a few strokes later and I pulled out and came hard! I collapsed beside her and we held each other while we recovered.

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