Amateur wild bound and gagged

Amateur wild bound and gagged
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The Story of Ann This is a story written for and about one of the wonderful women I have met on sites like this, and is somewhat different than my usual writings.

Ann is the girl in this story, she has disabilities, I have seen few stories about this subject anywhere! I have read only one other touching story about someone dealing with a life threatening disability.


I think women with such problems are and can be a source not only for romance, but also for lust, love and yes, even, really hot kinky sex!. Many parents of girls with disabilities and especially young girls are in most cases over protective of their daughters, we have all heard about the many horror stories of these young women who have been taken advantage of. On the other hand if they are sheltered and never allowed to even try for, much less be exposed to some kind of romance or sexual relationship are they really being protected?

I think that they (These Women) want and crave all of the things that we,the ones that take good health for granted, and everyone on this site has done, or written about, so with this in mind lets see just what we can come up with! I love women, big small skinny or full figured, with or without disabilities and see the possibilities in all of them. Love, romance, sex, and kinky sex are what make the world go round.

If they have tits, ass, and a pussy in my opinion they are fair game!, and should have every opportunity to be hit on, and treated as good or bad as any other woman. Ann, the girl in this story, is now in her late 40s.

As a young child she was seriously injured in a horrible accident. That had left her partially paralyzed, she had gone through many surgeries and was later able to walk, but even this was difficult and quite painful she had never been able to play, or do all the things that other children do.

She had never been to a dance or had been part of all the things that most young people do and that so many of her girlfriends had taken for granted. Her parents had sheltered her and had told her that she had to save herself for marriage, but if she was never allowed to date or to experience being with a boy how would she ever get married or even know what it was all about?

She had discovered masturbation and it had become a welcome friend along with her imagination. This was what left her with some sort of hope! She had never seen a penis until she was 20 yrs old! and had only been asked out a few times.

She had briefly spent a short time with a young man, her parents had seen to it that they had no time by themselves. He was in the service and had just been posted to a distant place, they had written to each other while he was away. Their letters had escalated from friendship to romance and then to more detailed and explicit sexual encounters that had left her and him frustrated and wanting!.

When he finally returned she was now 25 yrs old and hardly a child, but still a virgin. All the lustful letters and pent up sexual desires had peaked!

the problem was that both expected her first time to be roses, unfortunately this was not to be the case as when her cherry was finally broken it was an unpleasant an awful experience, and was not pleasurable for either of them, it had scared him so much that he never called or came to see her again, she of course was devastated. It was not long after this that she met her husband to be he had been dating other women, and had been back and forth between her and several others.

She had again thought nothing was ever going to happen, as he had been gone dating another for well over five months. She was quite surprised when not only did he return, it was shortly thereafter that he finally asked her to marry him. He later told her that he, wanted to make certain that she was the one!.

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Their marriage had been wonderful at first, but over the years had become quite dull, and had descended to the point where he very seldom pleasured her and had shown little interest in romance or intimacy, but he insisted that on occasion she still pleasure him by giving him oral satisfaction, she really didn't mind doing so, but wanted him to reciprocate as this was something she very much enjoyed and was one of her favorite things that he had done to her!

Now in her late forties and with a sex life that seemed to be going nowhere she had been trying to think of things that would make him more interested in her, and that might tempt him to be more romantic or at least more physical and suggested they try something non traditional or at least a little more kinky!

He had always loved the look of women's lingerie and had suggested that she go to a new risque boutique that had recently opened in one of the questionable parts of the city, and see if she could find something that she liked, and that might actually tempt him.

At first she was hesitant to go. It was a farther distance than usual, and for her it was always difficult as it was hard for her to get around, he normally would have gone with her.

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But had recently been laid off and had been looking for a new job that required him two be gone several days. It was during this time she decided to throw caution to the wind, and go ! She had taken public transit and then a cab, the driver had said are you sure, you don't want me to wait for you!, and although she was tired and her legs a little sore from all the walking had felt quite giddy about looking at, and trying on a number of the sexy and revealing under garments!

this store offered. She was quite surprised to find a male sales clerk in this establishment, and at first had thought she had entered the wrong place!.

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He assured her that this was not the case and that he or the other male sales person could help her with anything she wanted or needed, and besides he was very hansom! She had been browsing and had come across a display case that had a number of unusual items and had just realized that they were all sex toys!

when he came up behind her she almost jumped as if caught doing some unmentionable thing. as he said, is there something in there that interests you!

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She was now even more embarrassed and her face had turned quite red!. He ignored how uncomfortable she had become and said that he would be happy to demonstrate any of the items, if they interested her!. She was barely able to shake her head no, and had no idea what most of the things in the case did or were even used for?.

She had already picked out a number of Lacy things and asked where she could change, he had escorted her back to a rather large dressing room, he had sensed that she was having difficulty getting around and had offered to help.

Under normal circumstances she would have declined but she was getting tired and her ankle was starting to bother her, so had easily allowed him to help, and besides he was such a good looking young man and he had been looking her over in a way that no other man had ever done. This left her uncomfortable and wondering! Had she missed something?, she felt embarrassed and could not believe that he was looking at her with, "sex in, mind"?.surely she was mistaken as this certainly could not be the case!.

She had purposely worn little under her coat just a thin flimsy dress that buttoned all the way up the front. So that it would make changing into and out of all the sexy lingerie much easier.

She was standing their totally nude with some risque under garments in one hand and was about to sit down when he poked his head in the door and asked, if he could be of any assistance!. She literally jumped out of her skin and had turned beet red in embarrassment as she sat down. He quickly said not to worry that he saw nude women all day long and that it didn't bother him at all, and went on to say, trying to make her feel more at ease.

Going on to say, that after a while most women enjoyed him helping them and this was one of the reasons the shop had done so well and had become so popular. She was still a little embarrassed as he helped her first slip on a bra that forced her nipples up through two large openings. She had nice 38" breasts and her nipples were almost always quite hard and sensitive, he then Keeled down in front of her and helped her slip on a pair of crotchless panties with his nose only inches away from her pubic area oh my!

She trembled and could feel his warm breath, so close!. After both items were on he asked, do you mind!, not knowing just what he meant, hesitated for a moment and said yes! His hands first reached up to her breasts making sure that they fully filled and fit the thin revealing harness of a bra that was surrounding them. He then went directly to her nipples, she let out a short gasp!and held her breath as he twisted and pulled the firm and sensitive tips!.

This was followed by his hands descending to at first the lips of her pussy and pulled them apart quite forcefully she almost fainted, but if this was not enough had started kneading her clit between his thumb and fore finger!!.OMG she had never had anyone not even her husband much less a hansom young strange man, do anything like this!!.!

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She could not help herself or stop this uncontrolled orgasm that shuddered through her loins!!!. She could hardly raise her hands and was undecided as to try and push him away or to allow him to continue tweaking her clit!. This thought was easily answered as she orgasmed once more! She sat down in almost dazed and for several moments could barely hear him say, are you all right ma'am ?

As his fingers never left her clitoris! He finally stopped and allowed her to recover. She was setting there with her eyes half closed with her breathing returning to normal and was quite relaxed when she felt a black velvet hood easily slip over her head! she tried to protest and struggle as her hands were quickly tied she next felt someone, no at least two people pick her up and carry her?


Towards the back and out the door of the boutique. She was at first terrified, but after the first orgasm and certainly the second was in no condition to resist. She was laid down in the back of some sort of vehicle and her wrists were first untied and then along with her legs secured tight. Who ever had tied her was very careful with her sore ankle and had softly rubbed it in just the right place, this had left her on her back and spread wide wearing only this skimpy exotic lingerie.

She at first thought they were kidnappers, but why her?


she now started to protest quite vocally as her senses returned. First saying please don't hurt me!. and then thinking they were going to hold her for some sort of ransom? She heard the two men talking about taking her some where? and then said that she and her husband had little money and that her elderly parents had little more. She was quite startled by what one of them said!, Ann, (how did he know her name?), we did not abduct and kidnap you for money?, thoughts raced through her head, were they going to kill her?, when one of them finally said, think about it?, you are naked and helpless and you cant see who we are, what do you think were going to do with you.we kidnapped you for only one thing!.

To use you as a sex toy, and sexual plaything and we along with quite a number of other men are going to repeatedly sexually use abuse you!.Does the word rape come to mind,and we are really enjoy doing so, and their is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

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Ann heard what he said with her heart pounding, but still could not comprehend the meaning. Her?, her pussy was quite moist from the earlier orgasms and was getting wetter by the minute, as she felt warm soft lips close over her stimulated clitoris and at the same time his hands reached up and started twisting her now even harder nipples as he sucked on her and pulled on them!. OMG me!

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she still could not believe what they, and that other men wanted her?, and just for sex!.Wondering what in the world was going to happen as the doors closed, and the vehicle drove off?. To be continued in part 2

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