Busty bbws dress up as nuns and fuck each other

Busty bbws dress up as nuns and fuck each other
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After discovering a disturbing yet erotic story on her laptop, twenty-one-year old student nurse Emma Davis had somehow been drawn to its author, the enigmatic and mysterious Dr Strangelust. When a brief correspondence snowballed into a hypnotic online chat, the sexy redhead found herself completely at the doctor's whim. Her working week split between study and spending time on the hospital wards, the less-than-thrilling prospect of a seminar on 'The changing face of the NHS' lay ahead.

Thankful in one way to Dr Strangelust for a new and potentially thrilling outlet outside of work, Emma was looking forward to her day with a mixture of trepidation and suppressed desire. As directed, she searched deep in the unchartered territory of the wardrobe for the tightest-fitting top and shortest skirt. The former came in the shape of a sheer blouse that bordered on see-through and barely reached across the expanse of bosom to button up.

A real battle to slot the discs in their holes, Emma was forced to hold her breath painfully. When finally she'd threaded the buttons and was forced to exhale. a pair of ample breasts was pushed outward, causing the buttons to strain to breaking point. A gaping cleft in the middle revealed the lacy bra Emma assumed it was in order to wear.

The Good Doctor would surely approve, seeing as it was a size too small, the cups digging painfully at a top heavy bosom that looked ready to spill out at the first opportunity. Emma pulled at the straps beneath her collarbone with a pair of thumbs, but could attain little in the way of comfort. However, she was anxious to persevere to fulfil the dare.

The skirt was a pleated little number from her schooldays in green and brown vertical stripes that stopped dangerously at mid thigh, in line with his wish. Obscenely short, her bare pussy was given little cover. Turning in profile to the mirror, she gasped upon looking aside into the reflection.

Was that really the same sensible young redhead of a fortnight ago grinning lustfully back? To complete the slutty look, Emma passed over the usual comfortable and sensible flat-heeled pumps for a pair of three-inch heels recently purchased on a whim.

With a wraparound strap that criss-crossed up the ankle and lower leg, the sexy redhead tottered dangerously out of the bedroom. Taking each stair tentatively, anxious not to topple over, it took twice the usual time to clear the two flights to the ground floor. Thankfully, as ever, a mug of steaming tea, courtesy of Rick, was waiting in the kitchen.

Memories of the previous night to the fore, in the cold light of morning they avoided one another's glances. Yet worse was to follow immediately upon encountering Kara in the hall, awkward looks exchanged. Kara's quickly turned to incredulity upon noticing the strange attire on her normally conservative housemate. It prompted Emma, in a rare moment of lucidity, to consider somewhat seriously taking a long coat for the journey in.

"Bye," announced Kara, heading off. As she sat down in the sitting room to sip the tea, skirt riding up her thighs, Emma's phone beeped with upon receiving a text. In a side pocket, the throb reverberated to the borders of her bare pussy. ~I hope you're dressed as I requested. Have you left the house yet?~ the text enquired. ~Yes I am and no, but I'm due to leave for the bus shortly~ she replied.

~Excellent. Ensure to show off as much as possible. Give your fellow passengers a real show. And, Emma, should somebody try to touch you, you're to make no attempt to stop them. In fact, I want you do all you can to encourage them~ Emma gasped That was surely asking a bit too much, she considered, yet the urge to resist barely registered in the rational part of her normally keen brain.

In fact, she felt more suggestible than ever. ~I will. I'm leaving now, okay~ Gulping down the rest of the brew, Emma stood in readiness. With the bitter sunlight pressing hotly at the frosted glass of the front door, she considered wearing an overcoat would doubtless draw more attention to her than not.

So in a bold move, she elected to leave it behind. Immediately stepping outside in the mild air, a warm tingly sensation throbbed between her legs. It was just as well that she was panty-less for, before she was even the other side of the gate, her pussy was soaking wet. As she clattered along in the unaccustomed heels, the very act of walking that way stimulated her pussy lips and clit discernibly. A deep sigh of satisfaction spilling from a full pair of glossy lips, in a perverse way the air brushing her exposed pussy felt most liberating.

And when a light breeze blew up, causing the little skirt raise to the waist exposing her crotch, she very nearly came hard. The expression on the face of the middle-aged passer-by was priceless. Were it not for the fact that the bus was due any moment, she'd have chased back and begged him to ravish her in the bushes.

Oh gosh, how much she craved cock! Yet the euphoria, like the English weather, was somewhat changeable and every so often the adrenaline levels would dip, leaving Emma miserable like a junkie craving a fix. At the same time, momentarily she was regretful of the illicit thoughts that underpinned her dirty little mind.

Reaching the bus stop as another gust blew up, she shivered, hands rubbing arms up and down animatedly. Colder out than she'd first contemplated, a pair of large erect nipples pointed ahead accusingly. With a mainly male crowd having gathered, Emma blushed and tried to avoid their leers. Thankfully, the wait was not a lengthy one, the big red double-decker arriving two minutes later.

The auburn haired beauty joined the middle of the procession of city gents, migrant labourers and restaurant attendants that kept the Square Mile of London abuzz. Climbing aboard in a strange kind of semi-daze, she noticed the lower deck was crammed, with standing room only. Towed along almost unwillingly by the bodily convoy, the stairs proved a slow ascent.

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It occurred to Emma, as she looked straight ahead at the pinstriped backside in front, that whoever was behind her would be enjoying a similar view, only of her bum. His quick breath warmed the back of her thighs and exposed lower curves of a peachy bum. Just the thought of his staring up at her arse caused Emma's pussy to throb and lurid thoughts to hijack her brain once more. Now, if she were to arch and push her bottom outwards, she could trap his nose between the cleft.

At that moment the phone in her thigh pocket oscillated as it received a fresh text. The waves pulsed to her pussy like an aftershock, inducing a warm wet feeling. As the procession ground to a halt with Emma stuck halfway up the stairs, the skirt shifted. She gasped as a pair of rough hands took hold of her buns, kneading purposefully. Emma wanted to cry out to make him stop, but her mouth was dry and rasping, no sound emerging.

Breathing in fits and starts, there was no escape, trapped and at his mercy. His palms made smooth full circles, squeezing manfully. Oh my God, she thought, this surely can't be happening to me, the discomfort turning quickly to liquid pleasure the more the squeezing came. Eyes closed and resigned to her fate, she wallowed in the sublime feeling, lips vibrating gently. Her moans upped an octave and her pussy started to drip. But then, as soon as it started, the fondling stopped and she jumped as the plump orbs were slapped hard, leaving two pink handprints.

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Yet, what followed caused Emma to issue a silent scream, as the skirt was pushed up and her buttocks eased apart. The feeling was warm and wet, a tongue extending to lap between her thighs. It nestled in the folds, pressing higher. She had to stifle the urge to cry out as full-on velveteen strokes trailed the length of the moist pussy crack and back, her whole body going into spasm.

Up ahead, no one was moving, leaving her trapped and at his whim. Yet the tortuous pleasure didn't end there. The pretty redhead almost fainted as the tapered tip left a smouldering pussy to press at her anal ring. A volley of eager flicks at the puckered brown knot sent her crazy, body going limp. Hands moving to the front of her thighs for support, he pushed the tongue right inside the anal cavity.

Bunching a fist in her mouth to stifle the moans, Emma came hard. And then, as soon as the ordeal began, it stopped. The person in front disappeared up and around the corner and the redhead was towed along. Glancing back over her shoulder, no one was behind. A perplexed look, could she just have imagined that? Skipping along, she took a place on one of the long seats near the back that face into the aisle.

Removing the mobile phone, she read the text whilst, at the same time, receiving unsubtle leers from two migrant workers with handlebar moustaches that sat opposite. ~What are you doing now, Emma?~ read the message. ~I'm on the bus~ ~Good. Make sure everyone sees what a naughty little slut you are~ ~I will. Oh I will~ Emma's legs eased slowly apart until the skirt tightened on her outer thighs then rode upwards. Soon she could feel the air brush her pussy but dared not look down, frightened of what she might see.

The pair of men opposite grinned salaciously as a moist crack was partially revealed, and quickly the fronts of their jeans were bulging appreciatively. Wiggling her shoulders, Emma tried to attain a degree of comfort from a bra that was severely constricting her tits.

Yet the movement merely caused the aroused nipples to chafe painfully against the lacy material, sending a shockwave directly to her loins. Pussylips pouting, a single dewy droplet of cunt juice began a slow and leisurely trail down Emma's inner thigh. It tickled the flesh as it trickled, eliciting a guttural sigh. When she could take no more, reaching down Emma extended a finger and scooped it up, bringing the wet tip to a puckered pair of lips. Dipping in the digit seductively, she fingered the mouth hole, sucking longingly and tasting herself as she granted the horny pair a delicious show.

Yet, as the bus ran over a pot hole, jerking Emma back to her senses, almost immediately the rational part of her brain kicked in.

As the sense of euphoria ebbed, she blushed profusely, clamping her thighs tightly together and glancing away, embarrassed and regretful. She wanted the seat to open and swallow her up. "Damn you, doctor," she said hoarsely beneath her breath. A thankfully a short journey to the training college, Emma sprung up swiftly.

Smack in the centre of London, it was many other passengers' stop too, the exit as painfully slow as the entrance. Not only that, one of the Poles had managed to wedge in right behind her. All along the upper aisle and down the stairs, his hands were animated, teeth scoring her soft neck as he mumbled in an indistinguishable brogue. And this time, it was only too real. Emma tried to shrug him off but was prevented from doing so by the unwitting city gent directly in front.

As her earlobe was nibbled and her arse patted, she wanted to scream out for help, but no words came. Wriggling to try to shrug off the attention, the phone throbbed. It was as if the Good Doctor was intent on reminding her of the strict terms of the dare. Emma grimaced as a hard thick bulge rubbed against her soft arse roughly and, growing bolder, his dirty hands mauled her breasts.

In a final act of indignity, one hand glided down the flat plane of her belly and under the skirt. Finding the moist pink slit, two thick calloused fingers probed her malleable vagina.

"Dirty English Slut," he whispered in her ear, prominent whiskers scratching her soft cheek. Emma whimpered as the fingers slid into a soaking wet cunt. He pushed until they were fully buried then went about fingering her repearedly, stopping only when she finally shook free upon reaching the door of the bus.

Fleeing tearfully, she cut an oblique path through the throngs of 9am workers, determined to lose the two pursuers and stopping only when absolutely sure they'd gone. Breathless, her breasts heaved and threatened to spill out of the precariously held cups.

Feeling a vibration, reaching into her pocket, she took out the phone, verbally berating the doctor. ~Where are you now?~ the message read. ~I'm just going to the seminar~ ~Good.

Be sure to sit at the front and show your slutty little self off properly~ No, her logical brain screamed, before it was overcome by unknown forces. ~Oh I will~ she replied subserviently. The atrium at the training college was full of fellow budding nurses, both male and female, and Emma nodded sheepishly to a few familiar faces, her unaccustomed apparel raising odd looks. Deciding against a cup of coffee, she headed straight into the lecture hall to join those that were already seated and waiting.

Mainly congregated at the back where doubtless they could fall asleep unnoticed, Emma did the opposite, taking a place in the front row as directed by the Good Doctor. Only when the hall began to fill did it occur to the chestnut beauty that a modesty board prevented the juicy delights between her thighs from being revealed.

Disappointed, she glanced at the programme: first up was a Dr Stephanie Rosenbaum. Yawn. Eyes travelling down the itinerary, a pair of brown pupils expanded and her breath quickened as Emma noticed that the second speaker was a Dr Thomas Strange. "Dr Strange.oh my God," she said under her breath. "Surely not?" Her mind distracted, Dr Rosenbaum's subsequent talk went completely over Emma's head. At the end, as the other attendees filed out for the coffee break, Emma happened to notice that the modesty board from one of the seats in front of the lectern happened to be missing.

With a gleeful sigh, she swapped places. She was anxious to find out about the next speaker. Fifteen minutes later, with the lecture hell full once more of student medics, the door opened. Emma held her breath for the entrance of Dr Thomas Strange, pussy fizzing away merrily. A tall, navy blue suited man in his late forties came in, offering a hearty good morning. Emma's heart skipped a beat and she was forced to hold a palm to her mouth.

It was him. Of that she was sure, her recollection for faces one of the keenest attributes in her armoury. This was the man whose photograph she'd seen the night before. He was not in America or Australia but right here in London and right here before her very eyes. Emma could barely believe this mad twist of fate.

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Taking a position behind the lectern, the medic looked up and seemingly straight ahead into Emma's eyes. She swallowed hard, fanning her face furiously with the programme. Was this him? Could it possibly be the same man? The odds had to be millions to one. She'd seen his image only briefly, but was pretty sure this was the very same man that had her under his control. The fact her phone had been silent for nearly two hours - and remained so seemed to speak for itself. As their eyes met, the speaker's face screwed up and he ran a finger nervously around his collar.

Emma too felt uncomfortable, shuffling on the bench.

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Could he be thinking the same thing? Did he perhaps recognise her? In the flesh, he was so much more alluring than in the picture, rugged and manly, exuding power and Emma knew she wanted him. The confused nurse found her thighs slipping apart almost of their own accord. Dr Strange looked down momentarily to her waist, clearly visible, before glancing away. As with the previous speaker, her brain in turmoil, Emma digested little of what was said.

Occasionally she'd let a hand drop idly to her pussy, rubbing the slick lips, before lucidity kicked in and prompted a swift curtail. To his utmost credit, Dr Strange carried on with true professionalism, nothing more than the odd verbal stumble betraying him as he caught Emma's eye and her pink slit. The lecture ended with a round of applause though Emma was busily sucking a juicy set of fingers. Determined to find out for sure, when lunch came around, Emma rushed out to hail a black cab.

His picture had to be somewhere on her hard drive, if she could find it. She gave the sweaty middle-aged cabbie a good show, jiggling her painfully enclosed tits and crossing and uncrossing her legs like a Sharon Stone wannabe. Horny as hell, her offer to pay the cabfare 'in kind' gained a favourable response and he found a layby nearby.

The blowjob lasted less than two minutes, following which Emma sat up to wipe the remains of his semen from her lips with a backhand. "Will you lick my pussy please?" she enquired, hoisting the front of the skirt to expose a delicious little crack.

However, having blown his hot load down her throat, the cabbie was in no mood to return the favour, shooing her out. Emma alighted, deeply unsatisfied and desperate for relief. Placing the key in the lock, she'd forgotten the purpose of the journey home and why she was here.

As she took to the stairs, voices rang out from Jess' room. The door ajar, the scene that greeted the redhead took her by complete surprise. The cute slim brunette Jess was laid back on the bed, hands behind her head, griping the bedstead. Her lover David was on one side, the other male housemate Rick on the other. All three were naked and both guys were stroking Jess tenderly, tracing fingers longingly over her pert breasts. Emma had shake her head and look twice. Apart from the drunken evening of Rick's birthday, there was nothing to suggest Jess had sluttish tendencies.

Moreover, David seemed so strait-laced and unadventurous, the typical missionary man. And as for Rick, God knows how he'd managed to get in on the act. Perhaps Dr Strangelust had worked his strange wiles upon the whole house. An empty bottle of vodka stood on the dresser by way of partial explanation. At that moment, Emma recalled Jess' fantasy, an MMF threesome. Incredibly it was being realised before her very eyes. Lifting the front of the skirt, Emma plucked at a pussy that remained in a constant state of arousal.

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As the trio became cosier, her juices started to gush. After five minutes of tender stroking, Jess climbed onto all fours, gesturing the nerdy Rick around to the front. He did so unquestioningly, doubtless unable to believe his luck. First there'd been last night's the floor show from Emma and Kara and now he was participating in a red hot threesome! Pursing her lips, Jess took his semi-hard cock in her hand, tongue extending to lick all over the tip.

At the same time, David moved behind and slid an erect cock deep into his girlfriend's pussy, spit-roasting the girl between he and Rick.

Jess cooed, adoring the dual attention and moaning lustfully between slurps of Rick's cock. Under her expert oral attention, soon Rick was slant-eyed.

Squeezing his balls, she sucked purposefully, administering an adept cock suck. A minute later, Rick's geeky face contorted as a thick load of creamy cum was dumped in Jess' wanton mouth. Smiling, she swallowed hungrily, ensuring to lick up all the excess. Behind her, David was still working away methodically, cock pistoning in and out. In the doorway, Emma too was working away hard, three fingers embedded deep in her cunt. As Rick turned he caught her eye. "Maybe it's time to fulfil David's fantasy," he mused.

Two more pairs of eyes turned to see Emma masturbating furiously in the doorway. "Oh God, yesssssss," enthused David, spotting Emma. When Jess assented with a naughty smile, Emma slipped tentatively inside the bedroom. A change of positions required, David laid back flat, inviting girlfriend Jess to straddle his upstanding cock. She climbed on, knees buried in the bed, and loweredgradually. Emma watched intently as the hard shaft disappeared up a lovely pussy that was covered with a downy growth of hair.

Tossing her head back, Jess groaned, palming a pair of excited nipples eagerly as she rotated her hips and started to work her cunt up and down. Without needing to be invited, the horny Emma climbed over onto David's face.


Holding her buttocks apart, she eased down, cuntlips grazing his nose. Jockeying for position, she sat above his mouth, feeling the first stirring of renewed lust as a thick tongue snaked upward, grazing her underside. Facing one another, Jess leaned over and whispered breathlessly in Emma's ear: "What's happening to us, Emma? We're all turning into nymphomaniacs." "I know," she replied with a giggle.

"Good, isn't it?" "Yesssssss," Jess conceded as she moved her lips to kiss Emma gingerly whilst moving up and down on David's thick shaft. "See you guys soon," announced the departing Rick with a grin. As the door shut, Emma wiggled a sexy bum to get David's raised tongue nearer to her swollen clit. With ardour he pushed upward, splitting the moist pink folds with the pointy tip, Emma's soft buttocks splayed either side.

Anxious for instant satisfaction to get a morning's worth of pent-up frustration out of her system, Emma began to bounce up and down and from side to side repeatedly on David's face. Leaning back across to Jess, she kissed her housemate with passion, tongue sliding through the other girl's lips.

Emma squealed with delight as she tasted Rick's semen on Jess' tongue. Jess too received an unexpected bonus: the cabbie's spunk on Emma's breath. Reaching over, they played with one another's breasts purposefully, each trying to outdo her housemate with ever harder pinching and twisting until nipples throbbed painfully. The combination of her initial fingering and David's slippery tongue in overdrive, focused solely on her distended clit, brought Emma to a swift and crashing climax.

Leaking obscenely, she mashed her cunt into his face, trying to prolong the orgasm. David ran his tongue around the slick cuntlips, savouring the nectar. Climbing off and satisfied - for now at least - Emma watched momentarily as Jess lay down flat to her lover's chest, tongue darting across his lips and chin to lick clean the musky pool of cunt juice left behind by her redheaded housemate.

Smiling wistfully, Emma left them to it, a series of screams echoing around the lofty house to mark their orgasms as she took a well-earned sojourn. Waking up with a jolt, Emma wondered at first whether what had happened in Jess' room was real or a dream. The craving between her legs in remission, that had been no dream. It was then that it dawned upon her why she was back at the house at lunchtime: to check her computer's hard drive for Dr Strangelust's photo.

Time having moved on alarmingly and no great expert where computers were concerned, Emma was soon floundering and was forced to abandon the quest to get back to central London for the afternoon's two lectures. Another cab was almost inevitably followed by another lustful blowjob, leading Emma to wonder whether she needed to renew her travel card next time around. At this rate she could practically guarantee free transportation around the capital!

Changing seats for a second time, this time she secreted at the back, out of harm's way. Oddly, there'd been no further word from Dr Strangelust despite several hours having elapsed. A few rows ahead, she bit her lip upon observing a familiar figure. Dr Thomas Strange had elected to stay around to listen to the afternoon's speakers. This could be interesting, she thought, the flighty redhead regretful at having been distracted at home and unable to find out for sure that it was him.

Yet it had to be him, didn't it, Dr Strange / Dr Strangelust, it was too much of a coincidence.

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Almost as a big a coincidence as the two of them being in the same room. Momentarily their eyes met, and this time he returned the look. "Come on doctor, don't be shy," she mouthed under her breath, growing in confidence. "Lost your bottle, have you?" Emma felt strangely empowered and oddly in control of the situation.

As was the case in the morning, however, barely a word of the lecture permeated her addled brain. When the final talk came to an end, she looked over to see where Thomas Strange was heading. He glanced around nervously in her direction before making for the bar with Emma in pursuit. "Dr Strange." she began, before realising she didn't really know what to add.

"Oh hello," he replied a little reticently. "Can I, um, buy you a drink?" Emma accepted the offer with a seductive smile that prompted the medic to take a tentative step back. Nothing like the controlling force behind the comfort of the computer screen, clearly he was rattled.

Emma imagined lots of men were like that: pretending to be dominant studs online but hopeless wimps in the real world. Nonetheless, she was drawn to him and felt an overwhelming urge to fuck the guy's brains out.

Given that it was he that had planted the seed in the first place, it was only fair and reasonable to see it through to an inevitable conclusion.


No desire for small talk, Emma leaned in closely to retain his attention and make crystal clear her intentions. Dr Strange, on the other hand, desperately seemed to seek an escape route. Unsubtly she let him look down the front of the blouse, unbuttoned to the middle moments earlier to allow her huge tits some air. Her desire off the scale, Emma had to have or him, or surely she'd die. Holding a finger to his lips, she stated: "Look, I want you and you want me, so let's stop messing about." Head clearing momentarily, Emma was amazed by the words that came from her mouth and so too, it seemed, was he, lost for words, a stuttering wreck as once more her wantonness flared up.

As she cornered him, running a knee up his thigh and her hands over his chest whilst trying desperately to kiss him, the medic protested meekly: "Look, this is all a big mistake.I'm married." Emma eased back, sneering.

"Oh, it's stopped being a game now huh?" she spat accusingly. "A game? I.I." he stammered. Emma's lip curled. For the first time in days she felt empowered, a cross between Xena and Woman Woman. If, as seemed likely, his bravado had disappeared and he wasn't now going to fuck her after all, she'd gladly settle for the next best thing: his total humiliation. Already their scene had attracted several furtive eyes in the bar, other student nurses stopping to glance over discreetly.

"Look I don't know what you're talking about," Dr Strange protested, a look of genuine fright on his face. "Oh really, you pathetic little specimen?" By God she felt in control. Turning to the onlookers, she stated boldly: "This dirty old man has been sending me the most vile and disgusting e-mails and texts. He's nothing short of a pervert." A collective gasp ran around the room and anyone that hadn't been eavesdropping previously now stopped what they were doing and gazed over.

"I'm not and I've done no such thing," the doctor contested. Emma looked him deep in the eyes, before turning back to her audience.

"And it was this man that made me dress like this." With that she lifted the skirt, revealing her bare pussy. Observing eyes almost popped out of heads as silence fell. Emma turned to the accused, still holding the hem. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?" "I-I swear I-I've never met her before in my life," he argued fervently, reputation on the verge of total meltdown. "And as for sending text messages, here you can check my phone," he pleaded, tossing it down on a nearby table as a rumble ran around the bar like something from a courtroom drama scene.

"I think maybe you should leave, Emma," suggested a male student nurse Emma knew vaguely, who'd taken it upon himself to act as peace broker. "If what you say is true, you should phone the police." Head clearing momentarily, suddenly Emma looked down, wondering why she was in the middle of a bar exposing her pussy to all and sundry.

The past few minutes had been a complete blur. Then it all came flooding back like a bad dream and she looked around the faces all trained on her.


At that moment, as if to diffuse the tension, the phone in her pocket bleeped, a fresh text having arrived. Glancing over, she saw the doctor's phone sat idly on the table, his hands still outstretched in sustained protest. Emma hoped to God it was someone else, her heart plunging as she reached into the pocket and read the text miserably: ~So, how has my little slut's day been?~ Emma whimpered before fleeing amid a flood of embarrassed tears.

From down the hall she could hear the doctor still protesting his innocence. Oh what a complete and utter mess she'd made.

Thumbing in the text, she stumbled outside into the cool early evening air: ~Fuck off and leave me alone whoever you are~ Emma tottered blindly, the elevated heels doing little to aid her cause. Bleep went the phone. ~You don't mean that, Emma. Think about your wanton little pussy. You want cock and you want it now~ "Nooooooo," she screamed aloud, among weary commuters who issued uncomprehending looks.

~You want cock, Emma~ he repeated in text, trying to get back inside her head. "Nooooooo." Yesssssss, her treacherous pussy screamed back, itching uncontrollably. Kicking off the heels, she ran off, desperately trying to fight the urges. Yet undeniably she had to have sex, and she had to have it now. It was such an overwhelming craving the nurse was tempted to drag a random stranger off the street. But she fought and fought it until it hurt physically, her brain denying her body's yearning for release.

It was a wonder she made it back on the bus to home unscathed. Inside, the first person she came across was Rick, in the sitting room watching TV.

"Don't say a word," she stated, tugging at his jogging bottoms. "Emma!" "Give it to me, Rick," she begged the nerdish lad whoin her state of extreme arousal, resembled a stud.

Yet Rick was no stud, and anything but prepared. In frustration Emma slapped the flaccid cock between her palms, anxious to work some life into it. She was panting with lust, her pussy like a furnace. "Do something, you fucker!" she screamed. "Feel my tits, squeeze them!" Rick hesitated. "Do it!" she shrieked. Reaching over gingerly, Rick placed his palms on her tits and squeezed.

They compressed in his hands through the top and contricting bra. "Oh fuck yes," Emma hissed as they jiggled. Gripping the taut edges of the tight blouse, Rick tore it apart, sending the buttons popping like tiddlywinks. Emma's breasts heaved in the snug confines of the bra. Reaching for his head, she pushed it down into the cleavage. Shaking from side to side and vibrating his lips, Rick's head was buried in titflesh.

At last Emma was in rapture, squealing delightedly, the merest touch from another person as precious as a fix to a junkie. As they bounced, the fleshy orbs spilled out, resting atop the lacy cups. Having at last worked Rick into a state of arousal with her hand, Emma wasted no time climbing on top, knees either side of his, tits in his face.

Dipping from the buttocks, the nipples trailed over his mouth as Rick tried to capture one between his lips. With relish, the slutty redhead plunged downward, feeding the bloated cock head into her needy crack, enveloping it in tight wetness.

Pushing down purposefully, she impaled the shaft. It stretched the lips and the blunt tip touched her cervix. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Rick!" she begged. "Use me as your sex slave! Do anything you want to me!" Rick exhaled as she arched and began to manipulate his stiff cock with her clenched pussy.

Slow at first, as her juices gathered, Emma upped the tempo until she was riding the shaft as if her life depended upon it, tits jiggling wildly. Craving a release from the pent-up sexual tension conferred upon her by Dr Strangelust and which threatened to paralyze her unless it was satiated, she was aflame with lust.

Up and down she bobbed, begging Rick to move with her, to shove his cock into her cunt deeper and harder. Mashing her tits into his face as an incentive, she entreated: "Come on Rick, you know it's what you want. Make me your dirty little sex slave, cum in me like never before. Ohhhhhhh, give it to me you nasty fucker!" she panted, continuing to ride until frustration got the better of her.

"This is no good," she complained bitterly. "I need it deeper. Give it to me deeper you filthy bastard!" Backing off the couch and escorting the bemused lad with her, Emma laid on the carpet, knees pulled back.

Holding the backs of her thighs to stretch her cunt crack wide, she urged him to fuck her till it hurt. Under Emma's urgent cajoling, Rick shuffled over on his knees. Taking a huge breath he slid his cock into the moist slit in one easy motion. It stretched the lovely cunt and caused an impassioned sigh to fall from her lips. "Now fuck me like you mean it," she commanded, lost totally to sexual desire. Rick obeyed, not that he had much choice, buttocks pumping animatedly as he slammed the blunt head so deep it threatened to bust through her womb wall.

"Yes, yes, yes," Emma enthused in Meg Ryan style, hands banging the carpet either side. "Oh fuck yesssssss," she hissed as her pussy began to react to the unerring attention.

"Don't stop now, you cunt!" she ordered, as Rick slowed momentarily to wipe a backhand across his glazed brow. Reaching around as she rocked on her back, Emma gripped his buttocks tightly, fingernails digging in like barbs. "Fuck meeeeeee!" she screeched. Summoning up every ounce of youthful vigour, Rick tried to put out of his head the fear that his cock might dislocate if he went any harder.

Eyes slanting, he slammed in and out frenziedly, thighs slapping her buttocks repeatedly. As her arousal grew and grew, Emma's cunt slopped and squelched under the fervent pounding, screams of lust reverberating in the rafters.

Unable to hold back any longer and, fearful of future virility, Rick exploded inside her, jettisoning a thick wad of seed that cascaded up into her womb.

"Yesssssss," he enthused as the load flooded in. "Nooooooo," she countered, holding his buttocks to keep him in her. "Oh God no, not yet, don't stop now you stupid fucker." Rick, however, was spent, wriggling free and collapsing in a heap on the carpet. Her desires at critical, Emma fled naked up the first flights of stairs to Kara's room, banging urgently. "Kara, oh God Kara, I neeeeeeed you." Yet frustratingly the room was dark and silent.

Pirouetting, she sprinted up the second flight, rattling first at Jess then David's door to no avail. Rick, it seemed, was the only housemate home at that moment, yet as as much use as a eunuch. "Arrggh," she moaned before deciding the only solution was to take matters into her own hands. Clenching her hand into a shape that resembled a swan's head, Emma fed it into her pussy, marvelling as the fingers disappeared gradually. Oh that felt so good. A little snug around the ball of the thumb, a gentle push and the whole hand disappeared up to the wrist, her cunt stretching to accommodate the entry.

Eagerly she moved it about inside, fisting herself purposefully, until finally the overdue orgasm came. And oh was it ever worth waiting for, the sexual equivalent of a coronary. Her body spasmed uncontrollably. She lay panting for the next ten minutes. Downstairs, a slam of the heavy front door suggested Rick wasn't hanging around to risk seconds.

Just as well for, as the euphoria wore off, so did her desperation for sex, leaving Emma in a woeful and ailing state like a bout of the flu. Right now the miserable nurse needed to be alone. But was she ever alone? At that moment her phone bleeped. "Fuck you doctor," she screeched out loud. Nonetheless she felt compelled to look. The text message read as if the past few hours had never happened. ~Emma, I'm having difficulty finishing the story and I need your help~ In all that had gone on, Emma had almost forgotten the story which, when all said and done, had been primarily responsible for her slide into depravity.

She continued reading: ~I'm torn between a happy ending and a nasty one. I want you to decide. Should I spare my Emma? It's up to you~ ~Just leave me alone~ she typed, considering throwing the phone out of the window. But he carried on regardless. ~Ending one: there never was a Max. It was the husband that invented him as a way of getting Emma back.~ Hmm, interesting idea, Emma conceded, her guard dropping. And deep down, she wanted to know.

She'd always had an overwhelming urge to see Emma get what was coming to her. The bitch deserved it. The doctor's text continued: ~Ending two: Max is real and comes back and brutally rapes Emma.~ Despite Rick's seed in her womb and her own pussy juices still sticky inside her, Emma could feel her pussy start to tingle once more.

"No," she mouthed aloud, trying desperately to fight it.

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"I can't go on like this." ~I don't want any more part in your sordid fantasy~ she argued. ~Now leave me alone~ At that moment the phone rang. It actually rang: no text this time. She glanced down, eyes bulging, palms moist.

It was the Good Doctor's number. For the first time since all of this began Dr Strangelust was actually calling her! "Oh my God," she gasped, thumb hovering over the accept button. Closing her eyes, she pushed. "Um, hello." "Hi, Emma," spoke a voice she recognised. Her jaw dropped. "Oh my God, you're Dr Strangelust?" "Yes, sorry." "But why.how?" The speaker paused, gathering up a breath.

"It was me that planted the story on your laptop in the first place. Kara let me use it after her. And why? Simply because I wanted you and couldn't think of any other way of having you. I've wanted you since I first set eyes on you." Emma blushed, then felt the anger rise.

Suddenly everything fell into place. Only now did she recall picking up the mail off the mat one day, early in their time together. One of the letters was addressed to R Strange.

She'd queried it with Kara. That was Rick, the other girl had clarified, an appropriate surname for one so strange they concurred. Both women had giggled. After that, Emma gave it no further thought. "I knew you preferred older men," Rick continued. "So that picture I sent was my dad, Tom." "Oh." Oh indeed. If it was any consolation for Emma, Rick had a lot of explaining to do to his unwitting father very soon. "I'm really sorry Emma. I've been, erm. putting stuff in your tea for the past few weeks, nothing harmful." "You call mind altering drugs nothing harmful!

I supposed you drugged the others too huh, the way they've been acting?" "Yes I had to, but nothing permanent will happen to any of you, you have my word. In fact, you should be okay now. Look, I'm really sorry, but it's over now, I promise. I've achieved what I set out to do." "To find yourself a sex slave?" "Yes." In actual fact, despite the unsavoury nature of Rick's manipulations of his housemates, no one could really have too many complaints. Kara had aired her exhibitionist fantasies, Jess and David had enjoyed their respective threesomes and Rick had made Emma his sex slave.

As things stood, everyone but Emma's fantasy had been granted. Which was probably just as well. Now, with her mind returning to a semblance of normality, she reflected upon the fantasy, shuddering. "Make Emma's a happy ending," she suggested.

"In the story?" "Yes." "But wouldn't that turn my readers against me? Don't you think 99% of them want to see her get what's coming?" "Probably, but it's a nasty, cruel fantasy." Having come full circle, the idea of a stranger raping her, even in fantasy, was totally abhorrent to Emma. In fact it made her physically sick. --- Outside the tall gothic house, brothers Jim and Joe Masters chanced upon the front door that, in Rick's hasty departure, hadn't been shut properly.

"Bingo! Hope there's plenty of cash around," observed one of the petty thieves.

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"This is a nurses' home," his brother offered. "If not, we'll just have to take it in kind. "Nurses huh? Mmm fuck yeah. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Joe asked excitedly "Yeah," Jim grinned, his calloused fingers appraising the cold sharp edge of the keen blade.

"Let's go and get us some hot nurse action." Inside the house, the lone figure of Emma Davis reflected on the end of an eventful week.

Only for Emma it wasn't over by far. The End