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Kyra felt alone as she sat on a bench listening to the hustle and bustle of the world on the other side of the wall. She couldn't understand how her father could do this to her, and wait until now to tell her about it. In just four short weeks she is suppose to marry a man she has never laid eyes upon.

Kyra's father came to her last night with the news. He explained to her that since she was two years of age, she had been promised to Gabriel Hunter. Gabriel's family was of good stature, and wealth and would provide nicely for his daughter. She would never want for anything. Kyra's father was wrong. She wanted for everything. She was looking forward to going out and exploring the world. Kyra led a very sheltered life.

She was home schooled, never had any friends. She knew nothing of the world except for what she read in books during her studies. Her whole life has been the confines of her home for 18 years. Now she understands why she was sheltered so. She was promised to another. Kyra's wedding dress was beautiful. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in all her life; and it wasn't even finished. Maggie, the seamstress her father hired to make her dress was amazing. Maggie had chosen a beautiful shade of off white.

The material was so soft, the softest thing Kyra had ever touched in her life. Maggie explained to her it was silk. Maggie took every measurement of Kyra's body.

She explained to Kyra that the dress would fit only her and no one else. Maggie told Kyra she would look like a princess when she was done. "I don't feel like a princess", exclaimed Kyra. I feel like a slave, like in my studies. People sold to the highest bidder. You will feel differently said Maggie, Lord Hunter is a caring and gentle man. On the day she was to be married, Kyra and her father rode in silence to the church. As they pulled up to the entrance, Kyra marveled at its beauty.

Kyra had never before been to a church. This was the Hunter family's way. Kyra's father had no use for church, but made the exception for the wedding of his only child. In the little room set aside for Kyra to get ready in, Maggie was there with her dress. The dress was finished and more beautiful than when she saw it three weeks ago.

As Kyra slipped on her dress, She began to feel sick. She felt as though she would vomit and pass out. When it passed she noticed the tiniest details of her dress. It was a strapless dress with pearl buttons all down the back. The train was at least 5 feet behind her. The waist was tight but not so that she couldn't breathe. It outlined her 5'9 135lbs figure beautifully. Her waist length Auburn hair was piled neatly on her head with wisps of curls framing her face.

She would have looked beautiful if not for the sadness in her deep blue eyes. Her father stepped in, caught his breath, and told her she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen aside from her mother. And that Lord Hunter was a very lucky man.

She tried to smile for her father, as not to disappoint him. Maggie placed the veil on her head and covered her face. She told her it was time. Maggie handed Kyra her bouquet of purple and white roses, slipped her arm around her fathers and started the walk down the aisle. Again she felt dizzy and sick, but concentrated on the inside of the church and how beautiful it was.

As she looked down the isle at the man that was to be her husband for the rest of her life, she found that he was quite handsome. He was tall at least 6'4, broad shoulders, black hair and the most piercing blue eyes she had ever seen. She stood next to Gabriel and took her vows with him. When he lifted her veil to kiss her, his eyes were gentle, and his kiss even gentler. Her knees almost buckled under her when he kissed her.

She felt something she never had felt before, lightning bolts surged through her body, and her stomach came alive with butterflies. She was breathless when the kiss ended.


As they walked down the aisle to a place unknown to her she was thinking of the reaction her body had to Gabriel, how foreign it was to her, and how exciting at the same time. Gabriel was in such awe of the woman he had married. He had only seen pictures of her, and found she was more beautiful in person than any picture he had ever seen. He felt her body respond to his kiss and this excited him.

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But he knew she was sheltered from the world and knew nothing of sex or being a wife. He would be patient with her and let her come to him when she was ready.

He wouldn't force her. They rode to his home in silence. When they arrived Gabriel showed her to her room. He told her that she should pack what she needed for their honeymoon. They would be leaving tomorrow. He kissed her cheek and left. Kyra was confused and grateful at the same time. Gabriel wasn't going to sleep in the same room as her. He was giving her time to adjust to being married. When she looked around the room she found all her things from her parents house here, and a few new things from Gabriel.

She packed what she thought she would need for the trip. Satisfied she had everything, she looked around the room that was to be hers. She noticed it was quite lovely; it was a large room with a fireplace, her own personal bathroom, and sitting area. The furnishings were early American with a beautiful king size sleigh bed.

The room was much more lavish than she was used too. Kyra opened the door to her bedroom to find a long hallway. She slowly walked the hallway to find stairs leading down. She heard voices and followed. She found the servants to be very nice and asked where Gabriel was. They told her he was in his study, fourth door on the left, down the main hallway.

She made her way there, and found the study to be empty. She looked around the study; it was a grand study, with rows of books, a beautiful mahogany desk. Kyra was running her hands over the desk when a voice startled her.

Finding everything ok? Asked Gabriel. Kyra turned and saw her husband. Unlike Kyra, he had changed into jeans and a t-shirt. She noticed he was even more handsome in everyday clothes.

She smiled and said yes, I was actually looking for you. I was wondering if we could talk. Gabriel smiled, yes of course. Kyra and Gabriel talked for hours. Kyra learned that Gabriel was twenty-five and his father had passed away when he was ten, and his mother lived in Paris. She also learned that his father and hers were business associates and that's how they came to be promised to one another.

Gabriel was seven when that happened. Kyra explained she had no idea she was promised to him or anyone until four weeks ago when she turned 18. She explained that her father had kept the world at bay, and she had no knowledge of the world except through her studies. Gabriel walked Kyra to her room. He slipped his arm around Kyra and kissed her goodnight. She had the same reaction as when he kissed her after they were pronounced man and wife.

Her arms slipped around Gabriel's neck and she pulled herself closer to him. Gabriel lifted her into his arms and carried her through the doorway to her room.

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Closing the door behind him, Gabriel set Kyra down. He looked into her eyes, and told her he wouldn't do anything she wasn't ready for. Kyra, her whole body on fire replied, "I'm your wife now, and do with me what you will." And searched for his lips again.

Gabriel had to slow himself down and remember she was a virgin. His hands found the buttons of her wedding dress, and was undoing them, kissing the newly exposed skin, and leaving a trail of fire on Kyra's body.

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The butterflies were doing rounds in her stomach, and her abdomen was on fire from this mans touch. She didn't want him to stop; she needed his touch in the worst way. She felt so alive; she had never felt this alive in all her 18 years. He awoke a hunger in her so deep it scared her. Kyra felt her dress slip from her body, and Gabriel's lips searing every exposed part of her body. Kyra's hands slipped under Gabriel's shirt and felt the soft patch of hair on his chest.

She moved her hands up to remove his shirt, and kissed his nipples feeling him shudder. Gabriel removed the last of the clothing Kyra wore, stood back and gazed upon her beauty. She was breathtaking. Kyra reached up and undid her hair it cascaded around her. Gabriel looked into her eyes and saw only passion and wanting.

Gabriel lifted her onto the bed and stretched out beside her. He ran his hands gently over her body feeling the softness of her skin, the hardness of her nipples, and the wetness between her legs.

Kyra moaned softly at his touch. His hands ran over her abdomen, and reached the soft wet patch of fur between her legs.


Kyra's hips arched up to meet his touch. Gabriel started kissing again, encircling each nipple with his tongue, and leaving a wet trail down her stomach. His tongue met the soft patch; he moved her legs up, kissed and licked the inside of her thigh, slowly moving to her sweet spot. His tongue found what it was searching for, the taste of her sweet juices. His tongue slipped in between the lips of her patch, and ran wild. His tongue moving in and out. Teasing her clitoris. Kyra was moaning and thrashing.

She was in complete ecstasy. Her body did a violent shudder, and she was light headed, dizzy and breathless all at the same time.

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A thin sheen of sweat covered her body. Gabriel couldn't contain himself any longer. Ha had to have this woman that was his wife&hellip. Completely. Gabriel removed the last of his clothes and lay next to Kyra. He kissed her and moved above her. He whispered, "I'll be gentle my beautiful wife". Kyra saw his erection and was scared; she had never seen anything like it before. Gabriel saw the look in her eyes and stopped. He kneeled next to her and took her hand, placed it around the girth of his manhood.

He took her hand and moved it slowly up and down the length of his shaft. He whispered, "See it won't hurt you". He placed his hand behind her head and slowly moved for her mouth to take him in.

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Her mouth slid over his manhood, her tongue massaging every vein on his shaft, tracing the head and taking him completely in. Gabriel moaned. He had to make her stop or he would have cum in her mouth and he wasn't ready to just yet. He positioned himself back over Kyra, gently spread her legs, and entered her to the point of resistance. Moved out and slid in again a little farther. He felt Kyra tense up and he whispered, "relax give into me my sweet bride".

Kyra relaxed and found Gabriel's mouth, their tongues doing the dance of love, when Gabriel broke the barrier between them.

Kyra cried out for a second, and Gabriel stopped moving until the pain subsided. Kissing her face and neck until she was on fire again. Gabriel slowly started to move again, and Kyra was meeting him with every stroke. She was moaning and clawing at his back, which turned him on even more. He wanted her to cum on his manhood, he needed to feel her hot juices on him, wanted to feel the pulsating muscles of her womanhood.

Kyra screamed as the violent shudder took complete control of her body. Gabriel felt her explode, he could no longer hold back. He exploded his seed inside in violent spurts. He was lost in ecstasy as was she. She clawed deeply into his back drawing blood, as they collapsed in each other's arms. Gabriel kissing her sweat soaked lips he whispered tomorrow I'll show something else you have never seen. The world.