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Hardcore teen emo gay sex sensational Kyler Moss gets into a humid
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Can we Survive IV Sondra and Teesha did have there way with me, not that I am complaining. They fit right in with the others and caused no conflict. Tracy was manning our radio when a message came in it was from an unknown source and was a blanket message. "Good evening to all Americans still staying free. This is coming from somewhere in The Great State of Texas. The move is on we are working to take back our country.

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The Blue Hats are free game. They are not being replaced So good hunting." We all gathered around the table and I spoke to them all and explained about the radio message. I threw the discussion out on the table allowing anyone to comment. Ebby asked what I thought and they all agreed to do what I thought was the right thing. I chose 6 to go with me, Ebby, Tom, Tracy(our radio man),Tina, Teesha and Sondra. We would take the little mule and two four wheelers. We made sure we were fully supplied with weapons all of our rifles were equipped with our homemade silencers.

Ebby and Sondra were experts with bows, Ebby with crossbow and Sondra with the Compound bow. The rest of the group were excellent shots with pistol and rifle.

Tracy and his brother had developed their own code and stayed in contact the whole trip. It was agreed that when we were a day away from the town there would be radio silence unless opened by our group. Actually we could have made it in a morning but we followed the National forest pathways which made it a full two days Our ATV's and the Little mule were fairly silent.

And the noise they did put out sounded more like a swarm of bees. We left our vehicles for enough away from the town that they wouldn't be spotted. It was nearing sunset as we watched the guards locking the workers(town folk) back into the fenced area. Three guards stood around bored as the fourth locked the gate. He leaned over to lock the gate when he heard a noise.

He lifted his head just in time to see the third guard grab his throat and fall to the ground with a crossbow bolt in his throat. The other two was also on the ground one with a Bolt in his chest and the other with an arrow in the back of his neck.

The fourth guard which was their SGT. held the keys in the air and fell to his knees. The last of the town folk realized what was happening and started to cheer until they saw me with my index finger in front of my lips indicating silence. I opened the gate and ushered the last guard into the compound.

We gave the weapons to the townies. " Keep this one, pointing to the guard, in one of the buildings. I know you want out but give us a little time." I looked at the guard, "How many troops still in town?" "They have been taking our men away to more trouble areas. We are down to about thirty enlisted and 5 officers. We are just jailers." "How often do you report in to Headquarters and how often do they check on the town?" "They did check in by radio daily but there have been a few hot spots.

We are down to about once a week sometime. They haven't sent a patrol to check on us in over a Month. Our last transmission and supply run was 2 weeks ago. Our supplies are getting thin." We locked the Sgt inside with a man to guard him. I talked with the town folk. It seems that over all they had been treated fairly well. I told them for now it was best to stay where they were.

We promised to bring them more weapons. They told us there was nothing they could do. They were on an honor system and til it was changed it would stay the same.

They were locked up at night but the women folk were locked up all the time in the Jail house. The women were used to cook the blue hat's meals. And were kept from harm as long as the rest of the town folk didn't try anything.

I sent Sondra and Teesha to escort the Sgt to our camp where they handcuffed the Sgt to a tree. Tracy was at the camp with our radio. Tracy looked at the Sgt and told him don't waste your time with the old I gotta go to the bathroom gag.gotta go.go in your pants. Besides … He held up the handcuff key and dropped it into Teesha's hand.

Teesha and Sondra trotted back to our agreed meeting place We made our way thru town taking note of where the blue hats were congregating. We discovered the enlisted men's barracks and the officers quarters. Plus the dining hall. They were using Golf Carts to transport guards to the Towers on the town corners and the HQ.

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The Towers only had 1 guard each and the HQ had two. I chuckled when Sondra told me about Tracy's act., He probably had a dozen handcuff keys that is another thing we had scavenged from the jail at home. We Had a whole case of handcuffs that we brought with us. We started with the Towers. Tom was like a monkey and made short work of the tower. The last thing that guard expected was to find a 11 year old kid pointing a pistol with a silencer pointing at him. He dropped his gun as tom told him then hugged the support pole.

Tom cuffed him and and collected his walkie. A little piece of duct tape for as gag. Tom poked a hole in the tape so it was possible to breath through his mouth .just in case.


One Tower at a time, it was so easy. Just one left, the HQ tower.


Ebby had spotted a Veterinary clinic and had an idea she picked the lock and check over things till she found what she was looking for.

A case with a rifle and a pistol and ten darts for larger animals and at least ten more for smaller animals. Ebby loaded a dart in to the rifle. It was air operated and had to be pumped up. She made her way to the roof of the HQ building while Tom was doing his monkey thing and was scampering up the Tower. When he was in position. Ebby waited till they turned and the nearest was facing away from Ebby. She motioned to Tom and stuck up 3 fingers they counted down and Ebby shot the tower guard in the butt.

He dropped and Tom raised up and shot the second guard also in the butt with the dart pistol. Tom crawled in side the tower and handcuffed them to the tower posts and taped their mouths. While this was going on Tina and I made our move on the Jail to our surprise it wasn't guarded. That was good but not so good. that meant no key. We were able to speak to the ladies and found that the duty officer had the key. This messed up my plans I had planned on having the ladies out of there and ready for the blue hats.

Now I had to rethink things. Damn Sondra and Teesha were about to make a move on the Barracks and Ebby and Tom were in place to drop the officers. Then I heard firing. Tina and I started running towards the enlisted men barracks.

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We found Teesha at one entrance with a wound in her left thigh. Sondra was at the other entrance. Tina started taking care of Teesha and I moved around to Sondra. "What happened?" "There was a man up as we entered he fired first. We answered. I don't know how many dead or wounded. We can see the windows so we are sure no one has gotten out." I decided Ebby and Tom would have to handle the officers while we untangled this mess.

"OKAY listen up Drop your guns and come out or the next thing is grenades. You have till the count of five. There was a shot .Oh yes stay away from the windows. My friend is nervous and the next shot will be to kill." I began to count 1), 2), 3). 4).


we all jacked a cartridge into the chamber when someone yelled we are coming out. They were all in there skivies and there was only 7 of them alive and uninjured.

As Ebby and Tom Heard they rushed to the HQ which was also the the Officers Quarters. Tom darted the duty Officer just before the other four burst into the duty area and found them facing a very wicked looking weapon not realizing it was a one shot deal they all surrendered. Tom cuffed them all and sat them on the floor.

I sent Tina to the compound to get the local doctor. He had his hands full once he arrived. By that time we had released the ladies from the jail cells. We moved all the prisoners in to the jail including the ones with minor wounds. The more serious were watched by one of the towns people. I gave the frequency of the Texas station to the Mayor and they began an instant dialog. The Mayor was told that a group of Militia would be sent to help out the town. We also gave the Mayor our frequency in case he needed us.

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We loaded up and headed home. A week later we made a trip to our town and left a message with the flags. Months later people began drifting into town each had my name and a message.

We helped the town start its way to recovery. My group claimed the garden shop and aided people in planting crops. We were back to the barter system and it seemed to work pretty well.

One day an EMT Ambulance arrived in town.

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They sent for me, We had a traveling MD. Which was a welcome sight all our girls, except for the ones that I had deemed off limits because of age, were pregnant. Little by little the US of A fought back and once we retook a town it stayed in our towns. Was elected Mayor without a dissenting vote. I ran the town with an iron fist but fairly. .