Chick needs to comply with old teacher lustful demands

Chick needs to comply with old teacher lustful demands
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Part of the reorganization of my work on this site. THE SAGA OF OLE' (as in old) HOSS AND PETTY ANNE (Including Marvin and a Little Girl on a Bus) OLE HOSS GOES TO TOWN: "Giddy up, you ole #&*@#+!

Cayuse, I want to get to town before the end of my three day furlough and still in good enough shape to have some fun!" The old cowboy and old horse (named Ambler because of his habit of making slow progress unless called upon for a quick dash) proceeded at a rather slow pace up and over the glorified cow path that was called a road.

It was steep in sections, flat in others and abruptly stopped in several places that had to be ridin' around in stinging brush, because of landslides and washouts. There were ruts from wagons on the way, but it was hard to imagine how the wagons got past the bad spots. Probably with a lot of grit and guile, he surmised. He had been out on the range for two years, with nothing but fellow smelly and hairy riders for company.

The horses and cattle actually smelled better than his fellow cowboys. And while the food was excellent at the base ranch, due to their having Chinese cooks, it was terrible out on the range with a cook appropriately named 'Grubby.' Also, Hoss's clothing was beginning to look rather shabby. He kept his shooting irons and rigging in pristine shape, however. Never knew when he would be called upon to use the former and used the other every day.

Eventually he came up over a rise in the path and saw as pretty a mountain valley as you would ever want to see, with a dingy and ugly unnamed town in the middle.

Miners and homesteaders don't care much about what their town looks like. They have enough to contend with in their own desperate lives. All the town has to do is provide for their needs.

And this one had for several decades. It is going into eclipse now, since the mines are in the process of playing out and the surrounding valleys are being filled with 'poor folk' who will remain that way for another generation or two. One good thing out of all of this is that with the depression of the economy of the town, all of the prices were also depressed.

Like the whiskey, lodging and women, which were of primary interest to Hoss. Sure he had been sent in for needed supplies, as much as he could haul back on his saddle and a donkey to be purchased.

But, the owner of the ranch knew that a one day round trip would stretch out to three days at least for Hoss to enjoy other more personal provisions for himself. Upon entering the dingy town, he noticed that it was falling into disrepair rather rapidly from his visit just three years ago. Paint was chipping, loose boards were unrepaired and even the sidewalks were giving in in places. There were very few people on the streets, but that was to be expected on a Tuesday, and would actually work out well for him.

Less competition for his meager funds and time worn self. He figured that the first chore in order would be to wash down the trail dust at the familiar salon to his previous visits. Not, that there had actually been any dust on his journey. But, the forms had to be respected, so he hitched his horse up to the hitching post and ambled in with his trail worn body through the swinging doors and up to the bar. He didn't notice anyone in the saloon, except for a little bit of a girl, who was all painted up as a hussy.

She didn't actually look old enough to even be in here, but as my Daddy used to say when I got my height and 'interests,' you sit the girl in a chair and if her feet reach the floor, she is ole enough. If her feet don't reach the floor and you fancy her anyways, you just cut some off of the legs and it will work out anyway. She sashayed up to him and asked what he wanted.

Of course, she knew what he really wanted, but he contained himself and asked if the barkeep was available so that he could begin his town visit with a shot of whiskey. She informed him that the barkeep was going to be gone for several hours on this slow day so that he could stand in a long line to see the only real doctor in a hundred miles and get his monthly dose of DR. SALAMANDER'S CURE-ALL POTION. But, that he trusted her to serve any drinks that were desired and collect the funds for them, since she was his niece and lover.

She poured him a drink and he engaged her in conversation as he sipped it. He supposed that she was one of those kind of 'open gals' who would talk about anything and everything with no heed for propriety nor privacy. A welcome companion after the years with silent cows and fellow riders who were secretive about everything about their selves, especially their real names.

As she rattled on, she also measured him up to see if she would welcome his advances. That actually was a foregone conclusion, since there was very little traffic in the middle of the week and especially in the early afternoon.

And she had to make her quota for the barkeep, or there would be 'hell to play.' Which would be felt mainly on her backside and perhaps up in it, too. After his listening to her narration of all of her personal life and family, he gently inquired as to how she felt about her working here? She paused a minute and then offered, "Ma is all for it, and Pa is 'agin' it, because of what the preacher man says on Sundays.

I am 18 now and can make my own choices about this, but ma says that it will prepare me for my future as some man's wife. ('That is if any man would want to marry me or even just take me in as private whore,' she murmured to herself.) "What was that, I didn't quite get what you said there," he inquired? 'Oh, never mind. Ma said that I would learn tricks to play with men that would delight any man who might show a permanent interest in me, and guarantee his continued interest for the rest of my life, if I didn't become too lazy to continue to serve his needs and wants." "Sounds like your ma has a particularly sharp and practical mind!" "Well, women have to, you know.

The men live in fantasy world with their dreams, plans and desires while working their lives away at horrible jobs to take care of their women and children. The women are the ones who teach civilization, proper manners and hold the whole thing together while dragging their children around, nursing their babies and servicing their husbands at night. Not an easy course for either, but the one that moves the human family into a better future, we hope." "My, My, what a high thinker you are." "We women have to be if we and our youngin's are to survive." "Just so," answered Hoss in a respectful and thoughtful low voice.

"At that she looked up to him and asked, " Well, is that all you are interested in now, or would you like to come with me upstairs to inspect my room?" "And me?" She added. "Yes, I think that I would like that.

I have twenty dollars for you if that will be okay." "I usually get only ten because of my relative inexperience, but for you I will give you the whole works and more for your generosity. Twenty will get barkeep off of my back for the whole day." "And anything that I further make after giving you a great time, will go to help my parents last on the farm until the crops come in and the herd builds up. When that comes about, I can retire back to the farm and hope that some ignorant young man comes along and takes me home.

Wouldn't mind if he married me, too. And he doesn't really have to be all that young as long as he is serviceable, if you know what I mean." "I do believe that I do." With that they walked hand in hand up the great staircase to her smallish but comfortable room. As they proceeded down the hallway, she asked Hoss to take the two buckets of heated water off of the stoves and bring them with them to her room.

He knew what that was for and was excited to get his first heated bath in a couple of years. Rivers and streams were okay, but tended to be very chilly up here in the mountains.

She opened the door for both of them, since she had the key and they gathered themselves into the crowded room. It had a very large bed and an iron bathtub in the middle of a rug not far away from it. She invited him to remove his clothing while she poured in the buckets and adjusted the temperature with cool water buckets also available in the room.

Ole Hoss wasn't particularly modest. He had grown up in a family of eleven with five sisters, he being in the middle.

So, he wasn't new to being naked in front of a woman. Though he had never married or even had a long term relationship, he had had a number of experiences with the ladies and felt comfortable with them. Petty Anne, was graciously making sure that he felt verrry comfortable in her room and with her.

With the water all warmed up and ready, Hoss moved his tall and lanky body into the water to his immediate pleasure. Nothing like a warm bath with an attendant woman present.

And she also, got a straight razor, which unnerved Hoss a bit, until she took some of the water and lathered up her shaving mug to give him a very needed shave. She did leave his mustache and goatee in place though, just as a regularly grazed pasture instead of a corn field in full height. After then washing his hair and face, she took another wash cloth and worked over his whole body. He felt like he had died and gone to heaven as she lingered on his back with the soap, and warm water.

Then to top it off, she gave close attention to his intimate 'possibles,' to their responsive delight. When she figured that she had spurred him on enough, she clued him into standing up so that she could dry him off and also admire the result of her attentions. The response of his private member was obvious. After drying him off and toweling off his head of hair, she guided him to the bed and motioned for him to take his place on top of the comforter with his face up.

Then as he gazed appreciatively at her, she removed her gussied up plain shift to reveal nothing underneath, but her young womanly body, in all of its glory.

Small but pert breasts, a long and willowy body, a private area at the junction of her legs which was mysteriously missing the usual fur, and long tapering legs down to tiny, tiny feet. Though she wasn't facially beautiful, no guy would be embarrassed to have her on his arm, and especially in his bed.

With that, she leaned over to gently kiss Hoss's lips and gently caress his face with her tiny hands. It is at moments like this that all of what we have to do to get to a moment like this is truly worth it. LIfe is worth this! He smiled up to her and her to him and she joined him on the bed and cuddled up to him for a few minutes.

Then she noticed his member retreating so, she reversed her body position and moved to be over him. This caused her mouth to be right at his member, which she promptly took into her mouth. With appreciation of this loving action, he raised his head to lick and kiss her womanly privates. Both were getting very excited about the sensations that each was causing the other. As they each got mouthfuls of the productions of the other, their bodies heated up and suffused with redness in many appropriate areas.

When she got it that he was excited to the max, she switched around and mounted him with her pussy penetrated by his engorged member. The sensations then began to circle back and forth and round and round between them, followed very quickly with a resounding climax for each.

And this time her climax was real, to her profound joy. After a few minutes to come down and relax, she moved again to his side, pulled up a light blanket over them and instructed him to sleep for a bit. She would explain what was next after that. They laid in each other's arms for about an hour. When Hoss awoke he momentarily panicked at her absence, but then noticed her over at her cold box, removing a pitcher of milk, some cheese and evidently some recently baked crackers.

She poured two good sized glasses of milk and brought the rest to the bed to share with Hoss. She had a gleaming smile on her face as she portioned out the goodies between them. Hoss's face was sober, but with an undercurrent of remaining desire and no little fear of rejection of further intimacies. After their partaking of the lovely afternoon lunch, she remarked to him, "Sorry Hoss, that was much quicker than you probably wanted, but I did it on purpose so that the exaggerated first desire of immediate pleasure would be drained off and that we could partake of further passions as I promised you.

Hoss was so excited that he asked Petty to bring his satchel over and he gave her another $20 dollar gold piece. Petty Anne was very much impressed about this, since she was well aware of the limitations of her looks. But, she realized that Ole Hoss wasn't bound by that, he could and did look under the surface to experience the real her and appreciated the privilege. So, she hugged him in appreciation and nudged him over to continue their interrupted playing.

They took each other into their arms and fervently kissed and caressed each other's bodies. Her hands remained for the present on his head and neck, his strayed down to her delightfully full bottom and he massaged and squeezed the two hemispheres as she moaned in appreciation. As things developed, he became emboldened and let a finger stray to the cleft that marked this territory.

It pursued a course up and down that feminine valley and then lingered at her back door entry point. He awaited her response to this, and got nothing but continued attentions to his face and lips and a slight moaning on her part.

After a continuation of their attentions to each other, she instructed him to raise up off of the bed so that she could make some adjustments to their play. She took two of the pillows and stacked them on the bed by the open side of the room. She then looked back at his expectant face and sweetly said, "You know what you want Hoss. So, now take it. Just gently, please." With that he kneeled down to admire and worship her ass and its entry port. He asked her to hold the cheeks as far apart as she could and she reached back with her hands to comply with that request.

He then kissed and licked all around the portal and finished off with using his moistened finger to probe and pump in and out in it.

He paused then to read her reactions and she responded with, "That isn't all, my love, is it?" So he using some lard positioned on the stand near the bed applied some to her entry and some on his probing member and proceeded to enter her very slowly and deliberately.

Petty Anne, was having no trouble with the incursion. Her rectum and lower bowels easily admitted Hoss's generous but not huge member, despite the fact that it was totally engorged. He proceeded right in to full depth within her and then let them both rest up for a bit to allow her body to adjust to his presence in her. After a bit he began shallow and slow pumping into her, and with her loud encouragements worked his way up to full scale and energetic pounding into her innards.

She got real excited, but it was him that completely dumped his remain-ing cum up into her backside and then collapsed onto his back on the bed. She cuddled him so very affectionately and when he came back to his senses began to talk in low undertones, with a lot of warmth in her voice.

"You were just wonderful Hoss. I haven't enjoyed myself this much in some time. If you want, you can spend the night with me after my afternoon and evening dates. Just come back at midnight." "I will do that Petty Anne if I would be welcome." "Oh you will be welcome enough, for sure. I can guarantee that!" With that he dressed and went to take care of the ranch owner's business.

They would have his supplies ready and loaded upon an ass, when he was ready to go. He wasn't sure that he wanted to ever go at this time, though. He spent the afternoon and early evening, drinking with his new found buddies (at another open saloon) that had come in and then played some cards at which he made a little money, some of which he planned to share with Petty Anne, if she came through and welcomed him back as she had said that she would.

At the stroke of midnight, he showed up again at her saloon and she waved him up the stairs while she warded off a couple of guys who fancied her.

He could make out from her sayin' to them, "Another time boys and you can each share my goodies, or perhaps do so together. You can argue that out between you, I have other things to take care of tonight." The two guys were too busy arguing over this offer to even bother watching her leave them and proceeded up the stairs where Hoss was already waiting outside her door. She hurried to get them inside before the damn fools downstairs realized that they had been abandoned for the present for her to share her sexy charms with another man.

With clothes flying everywhere they joined together on the bed and with no preliminaries proceeded to join their bodies together in lustful desire. His member fit right into her with no delay, which he ignored the probable reason for, and they simply pounded each other into submission and a generous climax with all of the usual evidences thereof. With passion's heat satisfied they lay back under the covers and gently whispered into each other's ears.

"You probably wonder how I got the name, Petty Anne. I wasn't born with it, I was named Anne Marie, but I was so argumentative and demanding about things that I began to be called Petty and then Petty Anne. I sort of like it, how about you?" "By any name, Anne, you are a wondrous woman.

In fact, I will have a very hard time leaving tomorrow with the pack train going back home, even as necessary as those supplies are." "I sensed that about you Hoss, and I will miss you terribly. But, I am committed to taking care of my parents for the next year until they can get the farm on an even footing for their benefit and the remaining children at home.

But, if you are patient and come back in a year from now, I will welcome you back into my arms and bed and we can then talk about how we would like to proceed from there." "What a wonderful hope that is Petty. I agree and will be back then, if I am still alive and kicking." "Oh, I will make that well worth your while, if you do so.

And my parents have plenty of room on the farm for us to build our own little home to share and fill with our own kids. Dad could use the help when things get on an even keel, and eventually the younger ones can take up the slack in helping him as you grow older." "You mean older and worthless, don't you?

After all I am already 35 years old." "I don't expect you to ever be worthless, I will make sure of that. Besides we have a family to build and I don't want just one or two! I am still young and fruitful and will be so when you come back, if you will still want me after a year of working here." "Of course, I will. This working here is just preparation for your added happiness in my arms and the arms of your children later when we can be together." With no few tears in her eyes and being more than a little choked up too, she took him again into her arms and settled back to a very affectionate and sensual night together, raising their hopes for their future together.

They spent the rest of the night entwined with one another with his member firmly held in her pussy crack and his head laid between her breasts. In the late morning afterward, as he led a couple of asses with the supplies, she stood on the porch of the saloon and waved at him as he moved on to disappear in the distance. He took with him a generous helping of the cheese and crackers for his lunch on the way.

Benefits of wooing a farmer's daughter. With him gone out of sight, she moved back into the saloon to carry on with her profession and pondered on the thought, 'You know that galoot might actually come back! What do I do then? Well, if he actually does come back and wants me, I just might give myself to him just as I raised his hopes for." And she smiled as she started to move to address the two guys still sitting at the same table as the previous night. Evidently they had remained there all night, even in the darkness of the saloon being closed.

'What determination!' she thought. And, 'I wonder if they are going to do me together or apart?' As she moved towards them to find out she jingled the two gold pieces that Hoss had added to her in the morning upon leaving Ole Hoss Returns to Town: When Hoss returned to the ranch, the owner/manager was very happy about his manner of acquiring the supplies for the ranch. He had used the ranch's money wisely and brought everything back in fine shape. In appreciation, Boss man gave him a couple of days to rest from the journey and then promptly put him back to work.

Life goals are often delayed or even prevented by unexpected events. His being the broken legs that he got on the Spring Drive, when Ambler his horse threw him because of stepping in to a prairie dog hole with him falling under steers on the move. He could have easily died from a stomping and even from the injuries that he did get, but western toughness and a healthy body enabled him to survive this. He was bedridden for months while all of the bones healed into workable condition.

The doctor from the ugly little city traveled all the way to set them properly. As he packed to leave to go back to his practice, he reflected on his pride over the job that he had done with Hoss and his expectation of Hoss being able to return to town someday. When he got back to town, he simply forgot to tell Petty Anne anything about Hoss's condition.

In the meantime, the owner had Hoss work with his hands while in bed, repairing riding equipment, shooting irons and any other equipment that they could get up on the bed without disturbing his healing legs. He carried Hoss full on the payroll too for the duration as he was a top hand and they were very hard to find or develop.

A year later found Hoss back on the range on a new horse named Racer and carrying his load of responsibilities near at the level as before. It would probably take another year for everything to get back into his previous level of health. In the meantime, he fantasized about his Petty Anne and how things would be when he got back to town, hoping that the doctor would let her know why he wasn't coming back after a year like he had promised.

Once when he was out on the trail at a trail camp and trying to down Grubby's hot tar drink that he insinuated actually was coffee, a fellow trail hand began to relate an experience that he had had recently in the little ugly town.

He said that he had met a sporting young lady named, Pretty, and went into some detail on his experience with her. Some of the details seemed to mesh with what Hoss had experienced with Petty Anne. Could these two ladies be the same person? When Hoss slyly inquired for some details of the lady's appearance, some of them fit and some didn't and so Hoss remained unsure of the relationship of his story and the person of his love, Petty Anne.

Finally, two and a half years after his original trip, Boss sent Hoss back to town for more supplies. Other riders had done this service while Hoss was healing up from his broken legs. They had heard (and reported to the Boss) that the trail to the city was much improved as the town had grown in importance somewhat with the farms around producing food stuffs and the remaining mining ores for shipping.

So, to allow a larger load for the ranch and to give Ole Hoss a gentler ride, they let him take the brand new wagon. Ole Hoss being a person who was always prepared, brought his new steed, Racer, along tied to the back of the wagon just in case. He also brought his new rifles with him to ward off the bandits that occasionally accosted travelers on the road and even sometimes killed them.

One of them was a specially prepared rifle with an unusually long range of accurate aim. Just the appearance of it on a person was enough to discourage bandits from bothering them. So, Hoss had it right out in sight, which the bandits would interpret as him being terminally stupid or very dangerous with its use.

Since Hoss was still alive, they would lean towards him being very dangerous. He made the trip in good order without any unpleasant interludes and found himself on the same rise looking at the same ugly little city in the midst of a very fine looking valley. He sighed at his concern about what kind of response he would get from Petty after his extra eighteen month delay in getting back. But, he sucked up his courage and proceeded on to move into the town. This time he parked the wagon by the side of the general store ready for loading, just before leaving, and walked his wagon team and personal steed to the stables at the end of the city street.

They would be taken very good care of there. He then moved to the Chinese Laundry, which was reopened in town and availed himself of the bathing facilities there, with the young daughters of the owners taking the job of washing off the trail dust, real and imagined, before his appearance before Petty.

He also availed himself of a new set of clothes, appropriate to a western city man for his appearance before her. His hair and beard remained the same, to be taken care of by Petty, he hoped.

Now spiffed up, he proceeded down the street to the saloon that Petty had worked at on his previous trip to there. As he progressed down the street, he couldn't but help noticing that the street, sidewalks and buildings were in a much better condition than before. There weren't all that many people out and about, but the ones that were looked much more prosperous than before. It occurred to Hoss that this could be bad for his budget, with his rivals being more prosperous.

More money, higher prices, an age old rule. When he looked into the swinging saloon doors, he could see a relatively low level of business, but much higher than in his previous trip. As he entered through them he at first didn't notice Petty Anne.

But, his continued perusal finally settled on an elegant gal in the corner discussing something with three guys. She looked up and didn't recognize him at first either. But, when he moved to the bar and asked for a drink from the bartender, who was a different person than who had been there before, she finally made the connection of this citified dressed person with the Ole Hoss that she had known two and a half years ago. She left the three guys standing in surprise as she moved over to the other end of the bar to properly greet Hoss.

She gathered him into her arms and he responded to this with his arms around her and general pandemonium arose with the other bar patrons as they excitedly kissed. When the kissing halted and the shouting quieted down, Petty gathered up Hoss and led him to a private corner table reserved for her. "Hoss, you ole' devil, how are you? I have missed you all this time that you have been gone. And a little disappointed at you not returning as you said that you would." Her eyes remained fixed upon him as he prepared to excuse such unfeeling conduct.

"I'm sorry Petty, I was gravely hurt out on the trail and it took most of year before I could even walk right. The town doctor came to set my broken bones. I was hopeful that he would tell you what had happened." "Oh, Hoss, I didn't hear a single thing about it from him or anyone else, either. I am so sorry to have thought so badly of you over this." "It's alright Miss Petty, I felt really bad that I couldn't keep my promise to you to return after a year." With this his head sagged down with his shoulders drooped, and she thought that she could hear a little sigh in his breath.

"Hoss, life happens and there is no use in grieving over spilt milk as my granny used to say. We just need to pick up what we can and move on with it." With this Hoss looked up hopefully to whatever might now happen between him and Petty.

"Hoss, why don't you leave here and find some things to occupy your time until I will be ready to give you my full attention at ten o'clock. Then come back and we can spend some time together and talk about things privately." "Okay, Miss Petty, I will." And he did. This time he lost half of his considerable hoard of funds, but had a great time doing it with his newly met town friends. And they had nothing but positive things to say about Mrs.

Snyder as she was now known for her new status. Evidently her uncle, the old letch, had died leaving the saloon to Petty. And she had gone into business with a fury. She was very responsible with her money. She first fixed up the saloon to attract more travelers and a wider range of locals. And then she had hired girls, some local to take care of the new and old customers, so that she didn't have to do so herself unless she wanted to, and so that she could concentrate on her business affairs.

She was prospering so well, that she owned half of the town and had loaned monies to the rest so that the town could spiff itself up. She had loaned money to the local community church under the instruction to not bring in some 'fire and brimstone' preacher that would interfere with her businesses. And they found a very proper, but accommodating, young preacher from a liberal Baptist church from the South as a pastor. He brought his wife and children with him and fit in immediately with his helpful manner, modest living expenses and tolerance of the local scene including Petty's business affairs.

Thus fortified with these revelations, Hoss made it back to her saloon and wondered what he could possibly add to her already full life. She was being very successful, and had all of the men that she could desire. What place could he find in that life? When he reentered her saloon, the guys and girls looked around to him and watched as Mrs. Snyder took his arm and led him up the grand staircase to her rooms. She occupied a third of the upstairs now, with the rest subdivided into small cribs for the working girls.

The same two wood stoves with heated water were still in the same place in the hallway, though. And she again asked him to bring two of them with them into her study. It was well decorated and had no bed, just a very fancy couch with a high back.

She now removed her outer dress to show her fancy undies and then asked him to unfurl his clothes as she now put it. While he was busy with that she dumped the two heated buckets of water and added from the cool ones she kept on hand in her study to again get the proper temperature in the iron bathtub.

No use scalding him before he had served his purpose, she smiled in her heart about. He entered the water and settled back to enjoy her attentions. She moved right on to trimming his hair and his beard to being like what she remembered from his previous very pleasant visit.

This time he didn't flinch at the appearance of the straight razor, or at least not as much as the first time. And he enjoyed her practical and affectionate attentions.

After finishing washing and rinsing him off, she asked him to stand and she then uncovered her breasts and serviced his member. She gently handled it in her search for sensual excitement, stroked it while it was still wet and then took it into her mouth to first gently and then with wild abandon to bring him off into her mouth.

With his long absence from being with a woman, it took no time at all, and she showed him his production in her mouth and then swallowed it to his deeply felt pleasure. She then covered the couch with a blanket and invited him to take a place on it so that they could converse about' matters of mutual interest,' as she put it. He was still naked, but she laid one of her shawls over his shoulders. She removed all of the undies that remained on her and sat next to him in that manner.

"Hoss, I know that you have many questions about things between us, but I want you to know that I very much value you as a friend and lover. As a token of that, I am asking for no contribution from you this time. And probably never will again. As you can see I don't need your money anymore, just your friendship and perhaps,………,more." "My dear Petty", he choked out, "I don't know what I could add to your life, you seem to have it all. And without any help of mine." "Not entirely true, Hoss.

I took the extra funds that you gave me that day and put them into the bank. I added to that total with extra funds as I earned them. When a building or property became available at reduced rates, I bought them up and then rented them out.

The new sheriff, who is the brother of our new pastor is a 'dear' friend of mine, so I had no difficulty in having my rents collected. And then the barkeep, my lecherous uncle, suddenly died leaving the saloon to me as his only living relative.

Yes, I know that I told you about my family living nearby, but I will cover that latter. When the smoke cleared, I owned half of the town and the other half owes me on loans, on generous terms but enforced payments. I have invested much into the town and am very stable here. I have also squirreled funds in another city under an assumed name, so if things should ever go badly here, I will have another stake to start elsewhere with.

And the girls that work here with the guys or not, do actually help their families in the valley to get ahead to self-sufficiency. Many of them hang on afterwards anyway because they actually prefer the guys who come here to those who might marry, beat and over produce children on them." "Wow, the little girl that I met not so long ago has really grown up and become a substantial lady. I am truly impressed Petty. But, I wonder what I could possibly add to that situation." "Well, here is how it is, my dear Hoss, in all of my times renting out my body, I have met a lot of guys &hellip.some of them very nice.

But, no one like you. You were so very respectful to a self-professed whore and so very gentle and accommodating in our love making. Even though I lied to you about having a family nearby, actually my uncle (Mr. Snyder) brought me out west with a promise of marriage which never worked out, I came to think very seriously about you when you left. You know, don't you, that all of the proposals of us being together and having a life together were just puffing you up in appreciation for your donations to my welfare and in hope of more.

It is all part of an act that we prostitutes use to help to sponsor a feeling of guilt and generosity in the men we bed. It works very well, too.

But, sometimes, just sometimes, rarely at that, we might actually spend time and our body with a man who pleases and intrigues us enough to take another look at things between them and us.

You, my dear Hoss, are one of those." Hoss, just sat there dumbfounded at what he had just heard. Of course it all fit together with what he had actually experienced with this lovely young woman, and fit up to what he knew about pro's matters. But, even so he had been really fooled this time and was more than a bit hurt by her admissions. Petty recognized the turmoil in Hoss's heart and decided to do something to deaden those concerns, so she lowered herself to the floor on her knees and then again took his member into her mouth.

Not to bring him off again that way, but to pave the way for what was to follow. She kept her eyes on his face as she worked over his cock with much spittle and more energy. When it got up to full mast, she indicated for him to stand up.

She then indicated the lard jar and when he noticed it, she took her place on the couch, with her head pointing towards the window on the street, her hands bracing her on the back of the couch, her ass elevated to his cock's height and her knees spread widely apart on the seat of the couch. He took the cue and proceeded to use his tongue and lips to stimulate up her pussy and rear entry. She responded with shimmying of her hips and thrusting back on his face as he licked and probed her two lower orifices.

Finally she barked at him, "Now Hoss, Now!" So, he moved up to engage his member with her pussy and began to thrust into her with a surplus of energy. The 'cum' from her body plus the lard on his cock, allowed him to ease his way into her rear entry and he probed to the deepest that he could. She sighed and then turned to smile at him. With this he began to thrust and retract from her anal tunnel with energy and rhythm.

She joined into the rhythm herself and they soon each came to their joint pleasure and satisfaction. They then unengaged their bodies and laid back on the couch with her on top and them belly to belly. They rested for a bit and then: "That was mighty fine, Mr. Hoss. As good, or better, than I can remember." "I truly favor you too, Miss Petty and always will." "Then you are probably wondering how you might fit into my life then.

While you were gone and especially since you were gone so long, I began to reassess what you might mean to me. And I came to the conclusion that whatever I felt for you, I wanted you in some kind of permanent place in my life, if you wanted it." "Well, Miss petty, that is all well and good and very tempting, but I have been a man of the field, not the city, and you seem to have everything your way here, so what could I add?" "Well, Mr.

Outdoors, how many years will you be able to continue with this, especially after your injuries to your legs? And as to what you can add to my life, if you want it we can marry and you can give me what I have refused to give to any other man, the privilege of making babies on me.

It just isn't worth having it all as you have said, without having someone to share it with and someone else to leave it to." "I see, Miss Petty. But how about the other guys? How will they take it? Would they leave us alone to our happiness?" "Oh, I see now! A little jealousy rears its head!" Hoss bows his head at this. "They will treat me as I instruct them to. I have the power in this town. And I will have to have enough freedom with you to do what I need to do to keep my key men in their place and of continued help to me and us?

You will truly own me except for that and in recognition of your sacrifice in this matter, you will have free access to any of the girls that you fancy in any way that you want!" "Wow, this is a lot to consider, My Love. I will ponder it and let you know." "Don't wait too long, my dear Hoss. I have other options if you falter or refuse me." Hoss got very angry with that statement from her and stormed out of her study while throwing his clothes back on.

No one bothered to look as he stormed out of the saloon and were very quiet as she returned to the saloons main hall where Miss Petty pondered the damage done to their relationship. 'Not too bad' she thought to herself. 'He will fret over it and then come to his senses and be with me for the rest of our lives.' The next morning she got a report from one of her gals that he was loading the wagon for the return trip to the ranch. 'Oh, Oh, have I overdone it,' she worried.

But she walked out in her best finery to the end of the street and waved at him, when he passed by. He looked over to her and nodded, nothing else. But, when he got to the ridge on the road before disappearing over it, he turned around, shouted wildly and waved his hat around in the air. And then resettled on the wagon for his trip to the ranch. She knew then that he would be back, and permanently. The pastor would marry them, they would have a boy and a girl and would live together for the rest of their lives.

She felt very assured of this. HOSS AND PETTY ANNE: It was six months later that Hoss made it back to see Petty Anne. In the meantime he had sent written messages to her to forestall her losing patience with him and taking on someone else instead.

Return messages by other hands doing the supplies run with the wagon, reassured Ole Hoss of her continued interest and patience for things to work out. In his discussions with his Boss, his desire to take up with and remain with Petty Anne was featured. The Boss let him know that he would greatly miss his very able hands working for him and the good lead he showed among his fellow wranglers.

And it didn't hurt that he was well liked by them all except for Grubby who chaffed under Hoss's displeasure. Hoss had mentioned to Boss that the valley of Petty had a growing cattle herd presence on small farms and ranches. So, Boss suggested that Hoss might be useful as an agent for the Flying Bat Ranch, and help group those small herds with his larger one for an efficiency of numbers to all of their benefit.

And if he could break himself off from his passion of Miss Petty for a short time each year, perhaps he could still come back for the trail drive, he now being the trail boss, with its much reduced risk of injury. Hoss responded to those very attractive offers with that he would discuss this all with Miss Petty and get back to him as soon as possible.

Boss said that he would keep the offer open until the time for the round-up and drive. Hoss told him that he was very thankful for that. Boss, said: "No problem, I hate to lose you to anyone, but this will guarantee the best of you still is in my service!" With that, Hoss rounded up his few possessions and rode with the other driver on the next supply run. He could hardly contain himself at the prospect of seeing and being with Petty Anne.

When they came over the hill on approach to the ugly little city, its appearance was very different. Evidently a shipment of paint had made its way to this little burg and had been liberally applied to all of the buildings contained in it. Also, there was a new sign next to the road leading down the hill that identified the village now as SNYDERVILLE. An honor to the barkeep who had helped to hold the town together until it could rise again and also to his niece, sort of wife and now Town Grand Lady who figured so prominently in the town's current prosperity and future prospects.

'Wow!' thought Hoss. After leaving his horse at the stable, the accompanying fellow dropped Hoss off at the saloon on his way to the general store, and Hoss with no other preparations moved into the saloon with his only carrying bag to see what his future would be like.

As he scanned the interior again, Petty wasn't in sight, so he found a seat to await her and pondered on their future. About an hour later, she came down the Grand Stairway with a gentleman in her arm and a smile on her face. This was like a slap into his face even though he knew all along how she made her fortune. But, then they shook hands and he doffed his hat as he left and Hoss was left wondering what this was all about. She then noticed Hoss sitting and perusing the scene.

She guessed what might be going through Hoss's mind with her recent interaction with the Sheriff. No need to rub it in with an admission of a very pleasant intimate time with him to guarantee her legal status in town and her continued prosperity with his help to guarantee payment of rents that she had due. That had to be continued even if she and Hoss became a couple. But, there was no need to rub his face in it. So, she moved purposely over to properly greet Hoss and took him by the hand to return to her upstairs abode which now included the whole upper floor.

The cribs had been moved out to a new building to the rear of the saloon for their privacy, it was said. As they settled in her new greeting room, they had time to silently feast their eyes upon one and another. He was still the ruggedly handsome man of the range to her and she was still the little bit of a pretty girl to him.

Though she was now presented in a more fashionable manner. Finally, she addressed him, "Well Ole' Hoss, how are you doing now and with what purpose did you come to see me this time?" "Miss Petty, I have come to see if you are serious about us being together and if it will all work out." "Hoss, I am very glad that you have come and we can work together to produce some kind of relationship that works for us both.

I suspect that we will never completely agree on some things, so how we handle our core differences will tell a lot about how we will be able to share our happiness's." "A fitting challenge, Miss Petty. It is alright for me to call you that isn't it, since that is how I first met you?

Even though you go by Mrs. Snyder professionally in all of you other enterprises." "That would be fine Hoss, as it separates my two main ways of life.

Perhaps someday I can add another moniker to that group, if it becomes available," she added with a very sly grin. "That is always possible, Petty. Let's see how things go." "That would be fine, Hoss. By-the-way, I have an extra bedroom up here that you can take up residence in while we work things out.

It has a separate entry and key, which I will give to you so that you can enter and leave at will. It has a common door with my bedroom which has a lock on each side. Whenever they are both unlocked, that means that the way is open either way for us to have some personal time together.

Sorry, but this is necessary until we determine what our future might be and act on it." "Fair enough, and Miss Petty, could you rent to me a small office on the main street as my previous ranch boss wants me to professionally represent his interests here. We are thinking of gathering saleable cattle here and grouping them with his herd for transit to market. And he has also asked that I act as trail boss on those ventures, to guarantee their success and also my health at that job's much reduced risk." "Hoss, that is a wonderful idea.

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I keeps you engaged with your former boss, your long time profession and keeps you busy when I am busy. I am sure that one of the gals in my employ who doesn't want to be intimate with the guys in the saloon would be grateful to hold down the fort for you at the office each day for a reasonable salary, and maybe when I am otherwise engaged take care of you, too" "She would need to be able to read and write and do numbers well.

There wouldn't be a lot of work for her at first, just as you say, holding down the fort. As to the other, I won't turn down pleasant interplay, but my main focus will always be on you, and I think that we should not rub each other's faces in any other interests of ours." "Well said, Hoss. I think that we are moving on in our mutual accommodations very well already. And yes, my main focus will always be you, too. And since my money will be yours to use also, I think that our funds can cover her salary easily.

And because of our relationship there will be no rent due from you. But, please keep that under your hat so as not to cause any disruption in my arrangements with others." "Understood!" "Now, my Hoss, can you busy yourself this afternoon in finding an appropriate office for yourself, making sure that it has facilities available and a backroom for other activities, for the rest of your day? I have other business to tend to. At eight we can meet up and go to the new Chinese Restaurant for dinner and then enjoy an evening in, if you like." "Yes Dear, that works for me." So, he lightly kissed and hugged her and then he moved on to find a workable center for his business interests in this town.

Among the tasks that she set for the rest of the day was searching among her girls for those that might serve him well in his little beginning enterprise, which she felt had a very good chance to grow for him.

She wanted one of the prettiest girls available, to serve his other interests also. She wasn't a bit afraid that some kind of rivalry might arise. She was totally confident in Hoss's love of her and devotion to them being together. Its just that this small sacrifice on her part would well balance out his and her business interests and 'other' activities to guarantee their successes. She knew that several had attended grammar school before their coming to this valley, so she foresaw no problem in finding a gal that would be able to handle that end of the arrangement.

And she would send several gals for Hoss to choose among to find his main gal and spare-time one, since the office would be manned from 8 to 5, 7 days a week. On Sundays starting at noon, if she wanted to attend church.

And she made sure that the prospective girls were aware of their other duties to keep him happy, too. Since Hoss is such a gentle and nice guy, this would probably be no problem. And she would make it clearly known to them of the limits on their working relationship with Hoss. That despite this accommodation of hers, that he strictly belonged to her, even if she was lending him out to the girl. Hoss was so excited by how things were going already.

Petty was being very thoughtful of him, and taking things business like and step by step, which would surely move things on a very positive movement to their joint happiness and successes, he figured. Hoss very quickly found just the right office for himself. As he studied what he would like to do to rearrange its interior, he noticed one of Petty's girls walking by the open window. He rushed out to call her back and then arranged for her to take a message to Petty that he had found his office.

With that Petty messaged a local carpenter who was very skilled and dependable to make himself available to rework the chosen premises to Hoss's desires and to also bring one of the local painters to arrange for painting the interior as soon as it was ready for that. When the carpenter arrived and heard what Hoss had in mind, he excused himself to bring the needed materials and tools to the site.

He had no fear of payment from anyone in this town or anyone in relationship with Miss Petty. Everyone in town knew of the risk involved with any unpaid debts. The next day after the office was ready and was awaiting for a lady to be installed as the office receptionist, management aide, lover and anything else that Hoss could think of, he hired a couple of unemployed cowboys to take a message to the local ranches and farms that might be interested in shipping cattle together with the Flying Bat Ranch, that he would be holding a meeting with explanations the next Saturday evening.

There was a good turnout at the meeting, at least twenty of the local farmers and ranchers showed up. So, he proceeded to explain what was involved. The local production of beef had been only for local consumption up to this time.

But for them to advance in their valley's development, they would have to start increasing their production to have excess animals to ship for very much needed ready cash. Hoss, who had a great deal of experience in these kinds of endeavors, introduced himself as a recognizable newly settled citizen.

Probably at least some of the men that he was addressing, knew of his intimate activities with their own daughters and some of their working wives, too. But, none of them seemed very fixed on that now. They really needed the service that Hoss was representing to work to their advantages.

"Now gentlemen, can we please have order now so that I can present the plan for cattle from the valley?" The hubbub quieted down and Hoss continued, "As you know, The Flying Bat Ranch located some miles out of town ships cattle to market in Cheyenne's trail head almost every year. Since I have moved into your community, he is offering me to broker an arrangement to add your disposable cattle populations as part of his herd to benefit from the advantages of a mass shipping.

Each of you would be credited with the number of cattle that you supply and share in the final dispensation of funds at the trail head after all expenses are paid off. We will need each of you shipping cattle to provide one cowboy to aid in the effort and they will be paid for the drive in addition to whatever you pay them.

We need drovers and wranglers along with cook's helpers. The drive from the beginning of the Flying Bats Ranch to the trailhead is about 500 miles with the winding around the various valleys and mountains. It will take about 40 days with needed rests on the way for the men and cattle. We don't want them to lose much weight, either the guys or the cows (said with a big smile.) There will be loses on the way and they will be ducted from the sales volume and prorated among all of the providers per their contributions.

These losses have been as high as 50 %, but for us it is expected to be less than 20%. If each of you in the valley provides 25 head, that would be 500 head added to The F.B.R's 1500, giving a total to start of 2000. If we get there with only a 20% loss and a selling price of 35 per head (could be as high as 40) that would produce a total take of 56,000.

After subtracting for on-trail expenses and the worker's pay, that should leave about 54000 to divvy up per cow left of those rounded up. So this would amount to about 30 per cow delivered and therefore a profit of 675 per customer who provided 25 head (worth about $10,000 in buying power today.)" After looking over the crowd, which seemed to be rather pleased with this explanation, he saw no problems, but still remarked for all of them to hear, "Any questions?" One bright fellow lifted up his voice and yelled, "Is the Ranch going to cover some drinks for us at Mrs.

Snyder's tonight?" Hoss smiled and said that that could be arranged. As they left rather rapidly before Hoss could change his mind (Hoss sent one of the girls as a runner to inform Petty.) Hoss knew that Petty was going to be busy until late tonight and so he pondered on which of these farmers and ranchers were going to unknown to them supply heifers to his bed that evening.

As Hoss was wondering what to do next the next day, another one of Petty's young gals came and instructed Hoss to come to the back of the saloon to the cribs that morning, since one of the prospects for his office was arranged for him to interview for the possibility of working for him in the office and the other duties, too.

These duties had been explained to her. The ones offering to interview with him, knew what was expected and since they were glad at the prospect of leaving the saloon for a more respectable employment, they would pull out all stops to be the one chosen.

Hoss stopped at a street vendor for a small lunch and then proceeded to the cribs for another adventure in his acclimating himself to this town. When he got to the cribs, there was a lineup of eight girls, all beautiful, young, slim and very excited for the opportunity. Hoss had brought a tablet with him, and so as he perused the assemblage, he ripped the first page up and numbered the squares two through nine. And instructed the second girl in line to pass out the slips to the other girls in order of their being in the line.

Then he instructed that same number two girl that she could pull up a chair and wait for the next interview. He noted that each one could take up to an hour, which was a clue to the gals as to what else was going to be necessary to pass this examination and get the job. The other girls were excused to go about their business and would be cued to come back by girls who had finished their interviews.

No decision would be made until he saw all of the girls, and any who changed their minds needed to still appear to him, so that no shenanigans were pulled on them as to their opportunity for the job too. So the other girls wandered off with their slips of numbered papers in their hands, their hopes somewhat dampened but still hopeful. And as he took the first interviewee inside, the second one took up her place on the chair outside to await her chance, [and to secretly listen in to whatever was going on inside to assuage her curiosity and also to enhance her own chances by knowing what the other girls were doing so that she could raise the stakes in her interview.] When they sat down in the crowded crib, though it only had a bed, he wrote the first girl's name on the first page, leaving plenty of room for him to make notes when they were done.

Her name was Molly, or at least that was the name she was working with. Many in the West used false names to protect their reputations where they came from, from abuse of their home territory names and from them being connected to their often disreputable actions out West. In this case her real first name really was Molly. In questioning her, he found out that she had travelled west with her older brother to see if there was a place for them out there.

He got killed in a silly dispute over a gal and left her alone to fend for herself. Neither she nor her family could (or more accurately maybe, would) help her to come back home. And the boy that she had left behind, was now pursuing another more available local girl for his interests. Hoss, asked her to do some writing on the tablet under her name and also to do some sums there to show her abilities. She wrote beautifully and did her sums quite well. He then asked her how much she wanted this job and what she would do to prove that.

She replied that it was very important to her, since she wanted to gather together enough money to return back home to try to rally her relationship with her previous boyfriend and family.

She felt that there was nothing for her out west with her brother deceased and no prospects for her future evident. Hoss thanked her for coming and dismissed her to see the next gal. When she had left and before the next girl came in, he wrote on the tablet that she was unsuitable, because her heart really wasn't in the west and training her for the job would be wasted if she moved and left the area. She was attractive and personable, but with a boyfriend back home that she still favored, it seemed unlikely that she would serve the other purpose very well either, no matter what she had told Petty.

The next girl smiled to herself and felt confident that she could do much better. When she came in and seated herself, she didn't wait for any questions, but was very forward in relating her history and name. Her name for local use was, Merry. And she came from the South and had come out on her own to escape an attempt on her to force her to marry a very unsuitable older man.

Even though the opportunities out West were somewhat limited for a single girl, she had made the best of things by working for Petty and wasn't at all intimidated by any sexual responsibilities. In fact, she was one of Petty's most productive girls and had several regulars.

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None of which were interested in marrying her, though, even though she would have agreed to a proposal of marriage from any among several of them. She showed rudimentary skills at writing and sums. She was a bit brash and forward. Also, when the conversation began to wane, she sensed that and immediately removed all of her clothing and engaged Hoss in some very creative intimacies, the most outstanding of which was her upside down with her shoulders on the floor and her legs up in the air spread for Hoss to plunge down into her with his engorged member while she egged him on in the most rude language imaginable.

He soon emptied himself into her elevated pussy, feeling well about it and her acting like she had gotten ultimate salvation at his hands. So, he thanked her for the interview and instructed her to go and page number four, as number three was already assumed to be on the way at the cuing of number one.

While he was preparing to greet number three, he posted his notes under her name and added the thoughts that she was not business oriented in her speech and had limited skills.

Number three was welcomed into his temporary office in the cribs and volunteered that her name was 'Red' after the color of her hair. She was just a bit of a thing, barely eighteen, slight of build, not shy but respectfully calm and very alert. She was borne to a local family, who would be very encouraged by her moving on to a more socially respectable profession. They had never given her any grief over her current position, which was very often on her back with some strange man's member enthusiastically pounding into her womanly baby orifice.

If the truth was known, she enjoyed this and all that went with it very much. But, since she was painfully plain in looks, her escape from the 'stranger's' bed was very uncertain.

She really wanted this job and would do anything she could to secure it. After showing her proficiency in writing skills and rudimentary mathematical abilities (which could be enhanced thought Hoss) she didn't wait for any more discussions and a possible dismissal, but moved immediately to loosen Hoss's pants and took his member right into her mouth and began to minister to it with a great deal of gusto.

Hoss was taken back at first, but soon got into his own enthusiasm at her performance. To even things out he moved her to his side and after lifting her skirts and removing her petticoat, he addressed her privates with his own enthusiasm. Which was mainly expressed though his lips and tongue to her most sensitive personal tissues. She had in the past not experienced this very often and was mesmerized by his skills in this.

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Soon, she was bucking up with her still clothed bottom to meet his tongue and her face began to flush even redder than normal. Her freckles stood out in darker color and she began snorting through her nose. With that, Hoss moved her up on the bed, lifted her cute little butt and directly entered her with his totally engorged member.

That got her even more excited and she began to not only buck up to him, but to shimmy and shake in between which caused her to cum wildly and then for him to explode high into her private womanly chamber.

With this having happened, she again lowered herself to her knees and took his 'cock' as she deemed it now into her mouth to use her lips and her tongue to completely clean it off. She then allowed him to take one of the available tissues on hand to wipe and clean her privates and then to raise the cloth up to his nose to savor the smell. With this she threw herself into his arms and kissed him wildly.

As she left, he noted on his tablet under her name that she was the one and all that he needed was to find the part-timer. And he found her at number eight, a lovely part black girl (Fancy), who was nicely rounded, surprisingly well educated and very willing to please him. Her interview prominently featured her taking his member between her ample breasts for stimulation of each, her taking his head to nurse on her like a little child, which she already had one of and then allowing him with her obvious enthusiasm to plow right into her 'pussy' as she put it to empty himself soundly.

She also offered to return that night to play with him some more, to secure her place, you know. He demurred on that with the expectation of being with Petty, but admonished her that that might be available when she wasn't working in these cribs on another night. She smiled at that. These western guys seemed to not hold it against her at all that she was partly colored.

One of the reasons for her coming out to this land, that she had heard such good things about from others. With this, he did very brief interviews with the remaining girls and bypassed any further intimacies with them to their chagrin and advised all of the girls that he was passing over, that they would be kept in mind for any positions that later came into being, if his enterprise flourished, which it truly did.

Later that evening, he and Petty got together and he gave her an expurgated version of the interviews, which she actually knew of all the details of through the girls themselves who were again interviewed by her upon their leaving Hoss. They had a very pleasant dinner at the Chinaman's and then walked close together to her apartment over the saloon to have loving intimate time together.

For this evening, she toned things down a little to leave him expectant of further intimate adventures and also in respect to his busy afternoon. So, they confined themselves to him cuddling up to her back and leaving his member ensconced between her upper thighs against her pussy (a term that he had begun to love) and with his hands gently holding and massaging her breasts, he lightly rubbed his cock to her loving place until they soundly went to sleep.

As she went under to her own sleep, she smiled at how Hoss was progressing so well in his own enterprise, which would do much to assuage his ego in relationship to her successes and her assignations to support them. After a couple of months of arrangements of his business affairs (which included Red moving into the back of the office making her more available to Hoss,) he rode out one day to confer with Boss about their arrangements and his decisions.

He was going to agree to the Boss's offers and had some more suggestions to make. The ranch had always been poor in the offering of fresh produce and fruits to the hands. And though they had plenty of milk, they herded cows you know, they had only the basest of cheeses and other dairy products to show for it due to a lack a facilities, lack of expertise among the men and the time to devote to them.

So, Hoss mentioned that there were several farms in the valley that produced extra dairy products including a variety of tasty cheeses and produce, that they couldn't sell all of in the limited local market. So, if the ranch and he could come to an agreement on a price that would work for each, he could make arrangements for them to be especially protected in transit with an ice box cooled by the abundant ice found even in the summer from the tall hills around them.

This worked out so well, that Hoss hired a black hand that was known to Fancy (and had been much abused by the cowboys, many of whom were from the Old South) to drive a highly modified wagon that he bought and he used the local carpenters to fix it up. It would do things like: ship local produce, fruits and cheeses to not only his former ranch, but to other ranches in the extended area. It could also be used to ship mail, packages and other supplies that the ranch might need for a small markup.

This kept the black man very busy, and allowed him to live in town, with Fancy. Fancy was now fully employed by Hoss's business and Flagon knew better than to interfere with whatever it took to keep that going. So, Fancy was having the time of her life with a multi-colored and vibrant lover duo. The other girls who had interviewed were also invited to join the enterprise as it rapidly grew.

And Hoss was very busy not only with his business matters, but also with the intimate expectations of the girls that worked for him.

And he still had Petty to take care of. They were so busy in keeping their time together and their assignations going, along with their each of their businesses, that they had started to get too busy for each other. So they conferred together and decided to trim things down a lot to make sure that they had time and energy for each other. So to officially install their new intimate relationship together, they decided to take the decisive step of getting married, because Petty was now at the advanced age of 24 and was feeling the siren call of motherhood calling out to her hormonal influences on her body and psyche.

She gave up everyone but the sheriff, he gave up all but Red, who didn't want to be with anyone else anyway. He had fathered children on Red, Fancy and others, but Petty was still childless, not because of any attempt to forestall it, but just at her body's apparent hormonal rebellion against her adventuresome life style.

Appropriately, she became pregnant on their honeymoon night. The whole town celebrated it when it became known because that indicated a continuation of her and Hoss's influence into the future through at least one child.

The family and town made sure that the boy named Mark, but called 'Beano' because of his lifelong love of cooked beans, was not spoiled in any way. He knew that he was welcome in any home there, but had to carry his own weight of family responsibilities. With the beginning of a family, Hoss and Petty decided that they would have to separate their in-town activities with their family life.

So, they built a house (Which grew as the family grew.) an eighth of a mile out behind the saloon partly up one of the surrounding hills, a straight shot past the cribs right up to the back door of her 'business center.' Her 'saloon girls,' in rotation, would each spend a day watching over the family while Hoss and Petty went about their professions.

The kids (until they were self-supporting adults) were never allowed in town, but had every amenity known to families for their time. The 'girls' were not paid anything for their service in this manner except free meals for the day, but did have the fun of being with a very nice bunch of kids and at least they wouldn't have to be on their stomachs or bellies and have some stranger's member up their pussy or ass for one day.

About the time that Petty became pregnant, Red expressed a desire to become a teacher to the children of the valley. All of the families with children came together and decided to send her to a two year teacher's college.

A family took care of her children and she graduated on time. When she returned there was a brand spanking new school house for her to teach in. And it had an apartment in the rear, so that she could live there with her children rent free. The valley each year took up a collection to make sure that she had the proper materials for teaching the children and a very generous payment for her services.

She did well, because her money was no good for any but the most expensive purchases at any of the local businesses. Even at the Chinaman's since his children and Fancy's too were also welcome at the valley school. With Red's change of profession, Hoss now hired a new gal to be his main office girl. He did take up with her for a couple of months to cement her to the job (and plug in another heir.) The job should have gone to Fancy, and he really wanted to do that, but even in those relatively calm racial times in the West, a person had to be very careful of what they did in their business.

So, to make it up to Fancy, he appointed her as the lead over the gals that worked in the shipping department for the wagons that Flagon drove. It was less publicly obvious, which made it more publicly acceptable, and kept Fancy and Flagon together even more of the time.

After all, Fancy was very well thought of in the community. Neither Fancy nor Red ever gave up Hoss as their lover, despite any agreements between him and Petty. Also, Petty kept one unacknowledged lover, too. (the preacher) She had several children by Hoss, as he made several also on his two lovers. No one paid any attention to this and things went well into all of their futures. Hoss and Petty: Their Legacy: Twenty years later, some things were the same, some different. The Flying Bat Ranch was being very prosperous due to a railroad spur that came into one side and became a regional cattle shipping point.

No more need for cattle drives, just gather them up and ship them out. Of course the other ranches and Snyder Valley had small drives to the Ranch, but not like the old days. The town was stably prosperous. There were few opportunities to improve their lot as the local resources were tapped to the max.

But, no one was complaining about that. Life was very good there and would continue to be so for a long time. Petty, now Mrs. Hoss Miller, still dominated the local scene and Hoss himself had achieved a very prominent business place and prosperity in his own right, too. Hoss had prospered in other ways also. He had fathered five children on Fancy, six on Red and ten on Petty, even with a late start with her age at 24. Also, he had planted fertile seed in many of the girls that had worked for him.

No one in the valley felt any the worse about him for those productions. Sort of went with the territory in those days. Hoss and Petty's oldest son, 'Beano' (actual name Mark) had grown up to be a very attractive and responsible man. He had made himself handy around the town since his youth (because of his responsible nature he was the one exception to the not allowed in town family rule), had helped in the family business for the years of his education and had worked for the Boss during spring drives even in his school years and then in the last of the Flying Bat Ranch's final drives as they moved to be a rail shipping center.

Boss thought of him just as highly as he did Hoss, if not a bit more so. And wouldn't you know it, Beano married Boss's youngest daughter, the prettiest girl in the territory. Beano never showed the wild sexual traits of his father. He was a one woman man and produced three very fine children on her and spent the rest of his life helping to raise them. He also advanced to show overseership of the Ranch in the Boss's later days, and was handed the top control of the family businesses, too.

So, he incorporated the bunch and hired really good men to help him manage all of this. Hoss and Petty were very proud of his maturity.

Beano became such a powerful force in the territory, that he was nominated to be one of its first senators to the national Senate upon the establishing of statehood. He turned it down for the time being, but in later years served in the Senate for four terms. However, with ten children there are bound to be differing stories. With Petty's and Hoss's many affairs, their children couldn't help to know about a lot of it.

No one else made anything about it, but some of the children were quite disturbed over it all. Petty and Hoss never lied to their children, but of course didn't share all with them either. Most of the children fared well. They got their educations, a couple actually went and graduated from college, and then melded into the family enterprises.

Some of them to high level positions, some to much more modest ones, usually in proportion to their abilities and drive. But, one disgruntled daughter turned out to be a sexual dynamo, a force of nature. Her name was Sally Marie Miller, but she was everywhere in the valley and beyond know as Sally the Whore.

It was alright for her parents to 'cat' around, but she bore the brunt of whatever latent resentment that had been submerged over the years over her parents affairs and added a mess of them to herself. She didn't last in school, because of her outside interests, as it were. And by age twenty had been involved with almost every man young and old in the valley that would uncover their dick for her.

She even seduced Flagon, who by then was in his fourth decade of life, but still had his prodigious member. It was at the family reunion picnic in her twentieth year that she found herself with Flagon getting the supplies ready for the picnic early in the morning. No one else had arrived yet and she was wearing a really slutty dress, loose, easily flouncing and with nothing underneath. Flagon was trying to ignore the obvious temptation before him.

Even though Master Hoss had fathered five children on his beloved, he had after all fathered six on her himself. So, at least in that he held an edge over him. But, to use Hoss's daughter would possibly open a great amount of difficulties for him, many of the worse with Fancy. There was still an hour before the early arrivers would come and they were done with the preparations, so they together took a break in the labors. Sally sat across from Flagon with her dress elevated and her private womanhood in plain view to the befuddled man.

Was she really offering what he thought that she was offering? There is her reputation of that he was well aware. But, seducing a black man, a senior citizen to her, is that her purpose. Or could this just be another way to get back at her parents for their excesses?

With that he stood up and approached her with a kindly admonition in mind, but she forestalled that by taking him into her arms and soundly kissing him, with a lot of tongue action. He was well experienced with love making with Fancy and knew many of the tricks. After all, Fancy had been a practicing whore at one time. And a very good one from local reports.

But, being seduced by a tiny, brazen white girl was a very different proposition. He started to back up and tripped over his own feet and landed on his back. With that Sally pounced on him and began a full body hugging and kissing attack. He didn't want to hurt this girl so he gave a very weak defense of himself. She interpreted that as acquiescence on his part and furthered her sexual attack of him.

She reached down inside of his trousers and took his member into her hands and began to stimulate it. This froze Flagon in place and with his member's rising, so did the blood in his system to a level of sexual alert that completely turned his upper mind off.

He now rolled her over and lifted her dress. Sally was loving this. He moved his mouth to her love region and began to lick and suck on the hyper sensitive tissues there.

Sally was now beginning to also lose herself into their little physical drama too. His probing tongue entered her baby port and this resulted in a gush of her womanly cum into his mouth and all over his face. In the meantime his member had risen to full staff. In response to her initiation of this he said, "Well, you asked for this and here it comes!" With that he plunged into her sopping pussy, not showing any care about her at all. And she now realized that this was no cowering boy on top of her, but a real man, a stud at the planting of her field.

After a very brief time, he unloaded a gushing load to her baby making zone and pumped it home with additional force to emphasize the point. She laid there with her body quivering in response to his manly attack and her body's climaxing response to it. And that is how they found them, when Fancy and Red entered the tent to further prepare for the picnic. Fancy and Red were at first stunned by what they saw and then Fancy got really mad at Flagon and took out a slicing knife to work over Flagon with.

With this, Sally called out to her, "please don't hurt Flagon. This was almost all my own fault, I seduced him, and you know Miss Fancy that when a young girl throws herself at a grown man, it is very hard to not catch her, especially if she insists." With that Fancy stomped out of the tent and ran to the nearby creek to wash her face with the cool water there and to give herself time to calm herself down and reorder her mind and heart.

As she looked back, she could see Flagon sitting at one of the tables in absolute misery. With tears in his eyes over what he had been a party to. 'Oh well, she thought in regard to her very loving and up to then faithful husband, I just have to go over and help relieve his heart. After all, I have done worse and continue to do so! The least that I can do is ease his heart before the children arrive." And she proceeded purposely to him and took him into her arms to comfort him, as she looked daggers at Sally over his sobbing shoulders.

Sally left the valley that night and moved on to San Francisco with some money from her Dad. He regularly sent funds to her account there so that she would have the ability to make her own choices as to her life. She gravitated to the sordid side of the city and became well known as a stripper and part time call girl. She always seemed happy with her choice of life. She had gotten a son from Flagon too with her little adventure, and he became a respected basketball player at U.C.L.A.

in the pre John Wooden days. With Petty in her late forties and Hoss in his fifties, you would think that they would have slowed down their intimate adventures with themselves and others, but not so.

Not even with the public furor over Sally's assumed abuse of Flagon. They each kept their favorite lovers, though supposedly he only seeing Red and she only seeing the Sheriff. But, the Sheriff had passed on a couple of years ago, in an on the job accident involving the crash of one of the newfangled motor cars. So, Fancy stayed busy with the preacher until the congregation go tired of the poor sexual example he was setting for the younger members of his flock.

With that, the valley pensioned him off and sent him back to where he came from with his remaining young children and wife in tow. She had never minded his activities with Petty, because first of all it helped to guarantee his position and second of all it put the burden of regular satisfaction of his 'dick' on Petty and not her. She already had five children and that was enough. If he wanted to make a few on Miss Petty, that was fine.

Though he never did. So, Miss Petty found solace in some of the younger guys, including one of Flagon's sons, hopefully one that Flagon had made and not one of Hoss's plantings in Fancy.

Hoss continued as before with Red. She simply adored him and fervently welcomed whenever he came to call. Her pussy was always warmed up for his cock.

And every desk in the school had felt their combined sexual aroused weight. Amazingly, few in the area knew of this relationship. Not even the children. And Hoss continued to service her until his death, after which she never wore anything but black in his memory.

Hoss also continued with his assignations with young willing girls from his businesses. There were always plenty to play with, since they knew that it was a greased path to success, if they were otherwise qualified for advancement. So, after about a week since the picnic travesty, he invited Gertie, a young native girl who worked in his accounting department to join him and Petty Anne in a little late night tete a-tete. She was glad to comply since good positons for native women were rare in those days and depended on the gratitude of the man boss to rely on it.

And every woman knows how to secure that. Miss Petty was thrilled at the prospect. Even with her many sensual adventures, she had had little experience of sensuality with other females. So, when Gertie showed up at the door in full Native American finery, she was enthusiastically welcomed into the suite. And after a brief friendly conversation, they all removed themselves to Petty's bedroom.

Petty Anne asked Hoss and Gertie, if she could take Gertie's clothing off and they both agreed. So, Petty proceeded to remove each article with a sensual touch and deep regard for the eighteen year old girl's tribal heritage. Gertie was very moved by this and her willowy and lightly brown body was flushed lightly red when she became full naked.

The had her lay down on the bed and Petty moved to her womanly sex region for her play and Hoss confined his initial activity to the girl's face, mouth, neck and titties.

Petty's mouth and tongue first were active down one leg and then up to her warming pussy and then down the other leg and back up to a now foaming pair of naturally furred pussy lips. She gently pulled the lips apart and then moved her tongue up and down her girlish slit.

They didn't know if she was a virgin and so treated her as one, working hard to elevate her desire to the point that she would demand Hoss's taking of her. That took awhile, so Hoss used the time to doff his clothing and allowed Gertie to service his member in preparation of its coming important work. She used her mouth surprisingly well and voila, he was ready soon enough.

With that, Miss Petty moved up to the top half of Gertie to give it its pleasurable activities, with Petty now naked too. While that resumed, Hoss came to be in position for the coming denouement with his knees firmly on the bed between Gertie's widely spread legs. While Petty kissed and sucked on everything available to her on Gertie's upper half, Hoss was busy fitting his member into the young girl's very tight orifice.

At the last moment, he remembered the towel and moved it under the girl's butt just in case. With that in place he rubbed the head of his member up and down the girls wide open slit and then fit the head in the obviously ready baby port.

There was a lot of lubrication already, so he pushed up to the now obvious hymen. With that, he looked up to Gertie for her permission to change her life and Gertie enthusiastically nodded yes, so Hoss plowed right through the thin blockage and firmly moved his member right up to the end of her vagina. The girl winced a bit at that and then relaxed with him still deep in her body. She couldn't help it, she reached up to Hoss and gathered him down to her mouth to lovingly kiss him for the honor that he was doing for her now.

Petty was truly moved by this scene right before her, and hoped that Hoss would bless her with a son just like him to reward the young girl's loving attitude. After a few minutes, he then began the earnest plowing of the field, with first gentle and then firmer plunging into the girl's bodily depths. Gertie was moving on to her climax, when Hoss suddenly unleashed a tidal wave of cum into her love port. At least that is how it felt to her.

Some of it leaked out around his dick and Petty moved down to clean that up with her eager tongue. Then Hoss mounted up and pushed his dick as strongly as he could muster into Gertie's love channel and she swore that she could feel the cum and seed entering up into her baby making chamber, her womb. And whether she actually felt it or not, she was right, Hoss had bred her right there in front of Petty, his beloved wife, with her avid assistance. With that they all three fell to the bed and gathered themselves together in a love knot to sleep the night away.

In the morning Gertie, lovingly hugged and kissed Hoss as he remained asleep and then made her way out of the apartment to get ready for work. That day, Hoss invited the head of personnel for his many enterprises and asked that some kind of promotion be found for Gertie that would give her a substantial increase of pay. All that he asked was that it be something that Gertie could handle. They easily accomplished that. And Gertie became a regular one time a month bedmate to Hoss and Petty right up to the son's birth.

When she saw it was a son, she named it Henry, which was Hoss's true given name.


The years moved on and most everyone that Hoss and Petty Anne had known personally had moved on, the societal polite way of saying that they were deceased. Hoss lived on to his late eighties and Petty into her nineties. They took a lot of pride in how all of their progeny fared. Even the secret ones got unexpected educational or on-the-job training opportunities from unknown to them sources.

Gertie eventually married a tribal leader and herself became a member of its governing council mainly on her own merits, but also due to her powerful outside of the tribe connections. Henry as a half-breed was still welcomed into the tribe and later married a fellow full blooded tribal member and then proceeded to try to make up a tribe of his own from her belly.

Like father, like son, I guess. The family corporation still exists and is still very viable. And it continues to be controlled for the family and their neighbors by lineal descendants of Hoss and Miss Petty to this day. THE LITTLE GIRL ON THE BUS: The now older man, Marvin, has taken to riding the buses around town instead of fraying his nerves dealing with daytime traffic, and especially night time darkened streets. He can still drive, but finds the buses as much more convenient and at his age economical, too.

Though he is unusually hale and hearty for his age, he does have some age related physical issues and so uses a cane and is careful where he sits to protect his hips from undue strain from getting up and sitting down.

So, when he rides the bus, he takes the center-facing seats in the front of the bus whenever possible. And he has noticed how very considerate many people are, when he stands waiting for one of them to become available, and they graciously surrender a place on that seat for him.

He always thanks them for this sacrifice and they usually smile and nod to him in return. Marvin, had ridden the bus in the past sporadically, but was now becoming a regular passenger. This allowed him to become tuned into who the regular riders were. And there was the usual array of personages that he regularly noticed. A bully boy teen, who lightly pushed his way around. A 'milf' type middle-aged lady who might be a nurse. A couple of older (than him) ladies who always rode together and were busy in their own world of conversations.

A young woman, who looked at him speculatively, but surreptitiously from under her ever present sun glasses. And a little approximately ten year old girl, probably a student in some private school from here manner of dress, who always sat in the same seat in the front of the bus right next to where Marvin usually sat.

This could have been for her safety. Sitting up by the driver, you know. Also it provided her with easy access and egress at her stops. Since she was obviously a regular, she didn't pay much attention to me upon my inaugural ridings of the bus. But, as she became more used to seeing me, she began to take note. There was a measuring manner to her assessing my presence on the bus. And, of course, I was under scrutiny by the other regular riders too, especially the speculative young woman.

As the rides multiplied over the next few weeks, Marvin could tell that the young girl wanted to inquire of him about something, but just couldn't think of a way to broach the subject. And there was the normal reticence of her age group, no doubt magnified by the admonition of her parents, "Don't talk to strangers!" But, good heart and deep abiding curiosity overpowers even such sound advice in time.

And so after a number of abortive attempts, she finally got out the inquiry, "Are some kind of cowboy, Mister?" I and the others in earshot smiled at that inquiry from the impressionable young girl.

"No, I am not," I gently and respectfully answered the young girl's question, "but I do sort of dress like one though, don't I?" She quickly nodded to me, evidently still obedient to her parent's command to 'not talk to strangers.' But, there was still a questioning expression on her face as she scanned over my manner of dress.

I regularly wear a black Clint Eastwood type of hat, washed out jeans, a unstarched patterned business type of shirt, a western patterned type of bandana tied western style around my neck and black athletic shoes. That with my older demeanor and clean shaved, but with a mustache and goatee beard completes the picture. I tend to be very garrulous in manner and am comfortable with conversing to anyone about anything that would be socially acceptable to their interest and place in my current circumstances.

I was a very chatty grocery clerk for years and then followed that up with being a very chatty and story-telling cabbie for a decade more. I even talked to anyone who would respond in grocery lines as I awaited having my groceries and almost always, after an initial shock on the recipient's awareness, got positive and interesting replies.

But, I was holding back with this young girl. I didn't want to startle or scare her and I wanted to respect whatever instructions that her parents were giving here. I raised children myself and chaffed when other good-meaning people tried to undercut my and my wife's standards of conduct for our kids.

So, I had no intentions of interfering with her parent's control of things, though I didn't know them or what they might be enforcing for their daughter. But, since she rode the bus each day, and I did several times a week, I decided to lighten the mood between us since she was evidently so curious about me.

So, I offered to serialize a story that I had recently produced. In an expurgated version, of course, appropriate to her age. "Would you like to hear a cowboy story, young lady?" At this the other persons about perked up, too, to see what I would share with this young girl.

Still being obedient to her parents, she nodded 'yes.' Interestingly, from that time forward, by an unknown enforcement, that particular front seat was reserved for him when he rode the bus, and the young girl continued to sit in the front facing first seat right next to him.

The rest of the interested passengers, would organize themselves in the immediate area with regard to each one's ability to hear him. Even the driver made attempts to not be as noisy about his work as usual, since he was only eight feet away from Marvin with his back to him and very curious about these stories, too. So, Marvin began his story to the young girl, whom he later learned was named Jennie. "There was an old cowboy, age 38 being considered old for that time, who had worked out on the range for several years, alone and in company of other lonely trail hands.

They had a terrible cook, who fed them food that they could barely eat and some kind of thick black syrupy drink that he called coffee. At least it was hot and wet for them." With this the little girl smiled in appreciation and his other audience seemed to be enthralled. So, He continued, "This old cowboy, named Hoss and usually called Ole' Hoss, had been working for the Boss, who owned and managed the ranch for several years, and Hoss was known to be an honest and dependable man.

So, the Boss decided to send Hoss to town for a couple of days of fun and to gather a manner of supplies for the ranch that they couldn't make or grow for themselves.

It would be most of a day's ride and would be somewhat dangerous of a trip." With that Jennies's stop came up and she nodded to Marvin and jumped off of the bus. The rest of his audience were curious as to when he would continue the story that they didn't want to miss and so he remarked for them all to hear, "I ride on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's" So the audience talked amongst themselves and designated a couple of them to keep track of the story for those who would not be able to ride on each of those days.

And so grew the reputation of the 'story bus.' And its ridership increase dramatically over time. The next time that Jennie and Marvin were on the bus together, he continued the story for her after noting her expectant eyes, "So, Ole Hoss stated out with his very experienced horse, Ambler. The horse was named that because unless there was an obvious emergency or it was spurred into spirited action during work, it just took its time in going anywhere.

And even though Hoss was in some kind of hurry to get to town, but respectful of the horse's feelings, he just let it proceed at its own pace, which was, of course, ambling. At that pace, it would take a good part of the day to get to town, but the time taken would ensure that they would not take any unnecessary chances (the adult riders recognized a life lesson there being passed on by Marvin) and any risks could be met without rushing in to them (with this Jennie also recognized what was going on and smiled in response, nodding to Marvin.) The road to town, and it was actually an old cow path and maybe deer path too, was narrow and barely passable in places due to fallen trees, landslides and washouts from gushing streams from the melting snows in this high land.

But, despite having to divert into very prickly brush at times, Hoss continued to make progress toward the town of his destination. Finally, he came over a rise and could see the as of yet unnamed valley and the ugly dingy little town in its middle.

This used to be a mining town, but the mines were playing out and so the surrounding area was being taken over by small ranchers and smaller homesteaders who lived in an uneasy peace due to the cross purposes of each of their operations. Hoss now moved toward town at an increased pace, since even Ambler was feeling excitement at their coming encounters………" With that, he cut off the narrative and waited a response from Jennie, since her stop was still several stops away.

Finally, her frustration overpowered parental authority and she in a slightly exasperated voice asked, "Is that all, Mr. Martin for today?" Marvin smiled and replied, "Yes, young lady, enough for today. The adults here will get writer's cramp if I go on any further today!" With that, he got a great big smile from Jennie………and the adults too.

The next time Marvin rode the bus, he noticed a public address microphone mounted at his assigned place on the bus, evidently a gift from the driver, though no mention of that fact was ever pronounced. And when Marvin continued on with his story of Hoss, the sound carried even to the far back of this long bus. Also he noticed a somewhat reduced noise level in the bus's operation. He didn't know what could have caused that.

Also, he noticed the appearance of recording appliances among the adult crown. That was okay as far as he was concerned. Prevented a number cases of writer's cramp, he surmised. But, with Jennie's nod, Marvin picked up the story of Hoss's trip to the town at the leaving off place, with him and Ambler, his horse, moving at an accelerated pace towards the town. "As Marvin and Ambler moved towards the town, Marvin noticed the increased dilapidated state of the town.

Most of the big mining companies had already moved out and the businesses that remained among the closed up ones, just evidently didn't care about the state of their town. Marvin pulled up to the town's only still operating saloon and tied up Ambler to the remaining functional hitching post outside.

With that he moved up to the swinging doors and peered into the low level light to make out what might be going on.

Practically nothing from what he could tell with his eyes, nose and ears. So, he entered and saw nobody at the bar, but a shortish, slim and rather underdressed young lady. Her plain shift was gussied up with some needle point and bows with ribbons, but not all that stylish or even proper for a well brought up young woman.

She was pretty, though. And she approached Hoss, evidently measuring him for what he might need and what she might be able to supply to him. "Is the barkeep in? " he inquired. "No, he has went off to stand in a long line at the doctor's to get his monthly supply of his patent medicine for his 'Rheumatiz,'" she replied. "Oh darn," Hoss replied, "I was counting on having a drink to begin my time her in town. It has been a long time since I have had a drink without trail dust on it and in the company of a pretty lady, either." Petty, the young lady, smiled at the nice compliment that he had just passed on to her.

"Well, I think that I can take care of that for you," she offered.

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And she did." With that came another of Marvin's 'cliff-hanger' endings, which they were now becoming used to. Without too much groaning, either. This carried on for the next four years and then one day; Jennie, who was now in high school, passed a note to him from her parents. He paused his storytelling for the moment and read the note in front of Jennie. Mr. Martin, the note began, we Jennie's parents and would like to invite you to a teatime or coffee time at the TEAHOUSE or the nearest STARBUCKS to you, to discuss a topic of mutual interest.

Please note your acceptance or hopefully not your rejection on this note and return it to Jennie. With that Marvin wrote on the back with a pen that he kept in place of his pocket just for such rare uses, "I accept." And then continued the story of Hoss and Petty for his audience of the day.

The bus had long past been repainted on its turn and since the bus line often decorated the buses in interesting motifs, had repainted and decorated this bus inside and out with a thoroughly Western flavor.

It was one of the most favorite busses in the city. And the company had even installed recording equipment that played back Martin's latest offerings on his days off of riding and replayed the whole scenario in serialized form on other times that he wasn't in the bus.

It had even gotten notice on the local T.V. channel. The next time that he saw Jennie, there was another note with the time and place left open for Marvin to fill in. He noted a time and place and returned it back to Jennie, before beginning the latest episode of his story. When they finally met at the TEAHOUSE, even though he didn't usually drink tea, they appeared as an early forties couple, fine looking and very engaged with each other.

Just the kind of parents he would have ordered up for Jennie, if he had any choice in the matter. And she, Marion as she introduced herself with Mark her husband, began the discussion as Martin was settled in seated across from them at a very antique iron table with an equally antique tea service with hot tea preordered by the parents, began her address to him "Mr. Martin, we have noted your wonderful stories that you have told our daughter about Hoss, working in a lot of the conditions and 'color' of the Old West.

As you probably know, she has been recording them ever since the third episode and playing them back for our family much to our family's continued delight.

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One of the side benefits of this all is that she has taken much more interest in her studies because of the interest in learning that you have spurred in her and the much more relaxed nature of her bus rides to school that you have produced. We sincerely thank you for that! We understand that she is much more open and conversational with you, with the continued attentions that you have given her.

And as a product of that, she has now announced to us that she wants to see you at times other than on the bus. She has heard of your trips to the State Fair and some of the movies that you see, which are well within her interest zone. We are concerned about this request on her part, no lack of respect to you intended, and have desired to meet with you to discuss it.

Martin mulled all of this over in his mind as he sipped his tea, which turned out to be very pleasing. Then he looked up and addressed his little Jennie's very concerned parents, "I raised children myself and can understand how you would feel with this assertion being placed before you." With this the parents relaxed a bit, but remained very focused on what was to be said.

ENDING NUMBER ONE "I am an older man, living alone, self-sufficient and very interested in people and life. I love to tell my stories to appreciative audiences and have never desired to gain any financial or other gain from them. The telling of them helps to relieve my loneliness very much.

I do much of my entertaining alone, but prefer very much to have an appreciative 'partner in fun.'" "I have been very romantically involved in the past," with this they understood he meant sexually involved, "but am without a partner at this time.

I don't anticipate this to be of any matter between Jennie and I, but I didn't want you two to be horrified either if anything did happen between us." The now very engaged with the discussion couple looked between themselves and after a silent interchange, Jennie's mother again began, "Well, Mr.

Martin, we appreciate your startling degree of honesty. And in respect to that we have some things to share with you. Our family is part of a 'nudist' group and Jennie has been raised in its influence since birth. She had her virginity taken a few years ago by a dear friend," Martin understood the undercurrent here and interpreted that as her father, "but she has had little other sexual experiences. Just often nudity at our gatherings. So, we would appreciate it if you could wait for another couple of years until she is eighteen and old enough to make up her own mind about things, to make up her mind as to what intimate contact she might want with you." Martin again took his time to sort this all out and make some reasonable and honest determinations in his response to their honest and sincere revelations.

"I am a man after all and not totally immune to hormonal influences. I will be discreet and careful about whatever happens between Jennie and I, but I can't promise to never have anything to occur of that nature until she is eighteen for sure." Marion and Mark looked at each other confident that their daughter wouldn't throw herself at Martin and that he wouldn't make a pronounced effort to seduce her.

With that she said, "That is good enough for us, Mr. Martin, and so we will allow Jennie, at first, limited time with you off of the bus and in public." Things progressed in small steps from that time on, with continued storytelling on the bus and several fair, walking and movie dates between them. Nothing extravagant in behavior between them.

Just hand holding, hugs and little kisses in the dark of the movie house. Just like any grandfather and child might share in, to the public eye.

Marion had her own avenues of observation in place and nothing that was happening was of any concern by her or her husband. But, after a couple of months, when her time was basically unlimited on a Saturday, she asked of Marvin if they could go to his condo. She was very curious about it. He was just a bit suspicious about what this curiosity might include but acquiesced to her request and they caught a cab to his pad to avoid being seen by any of their fellow bus passengers or drivers.

When they got there, after looking briefly around to satisfy her basic curiosity and to also enable her to carry out her plans, she asked Marvin if she could take a shower to remove the stains from her clothing from the spilled drink at the movie that they had just seen. He looked at her with hooded eyes, wondering what he intended next, but saw no good reason to refuse her. And as she was undressed, she passed her clothing out to him through a partially open door and accepted a bathrobe for when she got out of the shower.

After a few minutes of hearing running water, Jennie shouted out, "Marvin, can you come in and show me how to operate the shower controls?" With a wise expression on her face, she welcomed Marvin's assistance and ogling of her natural gifts from God and then smiled with his rapid leaving of her shower.

Marvin found a football game to watch as he awaited Jennies' coming out to be with him. He anticipated her wearing the bath robe as they awaited the finishing of the laundering of her clothes. He had noted the very expensive and sexy panties that she had been wearing as he loaded all of the clothes into the washer and put it on gentle wash. However, when Jennie came out she had neglected to put on the robe and came in nude to seat herself right next to Marvin.

When Marvin came back to his senses, she remarked, "Oh that is all right Marvin, I and my family dress like this around the house all of the time." 'Well, okay,' Marvin thought to himself and gathered Jennie up into his arms to watch the T.V.

with him. However, she had other ideas as to how they would spend their time. As Marvin tried to keep himself focused on the T.V. game, Jennie began to reach around and into his clothing trying to temp him away from that. Pretty soon, he just gave up and plunged right into intimacies with a sixteen year old girl. His hands began to caress all of the lovely curves on her. And then reached up to cup her dear little titties. His fingers surrounded them and then squeezed them very gently. He heard ohs and ahs from Jennie over this.

When his mouth moved up to them, she began to moan with the attention she was getting to them. He moved to center his lips on her nips and to gently suck on them. After a very short time, he started to get a mouthful of teen girl's milk. When he looked up to her questioningly, she whispered into his ear, "I have a baby at home that daddy gave me." With that statement, all the brakes were off and Marvin threw off his clothing, carried Jennie into his bedroom and proceeded to give her the fucking of a lifetime.

She just loved it and wildly responded to every move that Marvin made. She made sure that Marvin's first burst was directly into her heavenly chamber with his cock in full penetration. She even maneuvered her body so that his cock penetrated right past the cervix into her womb for the emptying. And she had him continue to pump his member up into her until she was satisfied that his DNA gift had penetrated as far up the Birth process as possible.

While he was getting his breath back, she moved wildly over his body kissing, rubbing and caressing his every sexy spot. And she thought that he was a very sexy man for his age. When he was rested up, she started the process of raising his equipment for further service to her. It was accomplished with him on his back and her stooped over while positioned between his splayed out legs.

A lot of saliva and head and tongue action soon had him hard as a rock again. So, with that she turned her back to Marvin, with him now his side and grabbed his cock through his legs and guided it right into her anal entry port. There was a slight pain upon entry, but that soon lessened to being insignificant to the pleasure that this was causing her.

He entered right up her back side to full penetration due to the training that she had received from her mom and dad and fellow nudists starting when she could barely crawl. With his member fully entered and her ass totally relaxed at the penetration, she guided him to at first gently piston in her, but eventually with her head on the bed surface and her ass in the air to deeply pound her ass and rectum.

He soon emptied another load into her and she gently laid him down on his back and using her mouth cleaned all evidence of what they had just done from his body. Then she pulled a sheet over them and molded her body against his for an extended nap. When she got home that night, her mother checked her out and recognized the evidence of what had happened and what was likely to result from it.

So, she called Marvin on the phone and sternly invited him to come to their home A.S.A.P. Marvin made an exception to his rule of not driving after dark and got there in twenty minutes. To his surprise, Jennie's parents didn't seem all that upset about things and after a few brief comments sent him up to Jennie's room.

Jennie, of course knew what this was all about, and was splayed out naked on the top of her comforter on the bed and using her fingers encouraged Marvin to join her there. Marvin's big brain turned off at this enticing sight and while throwing his clothes off, joined her on the bed and soon after joined his member to her love socket.

After, giving enough time for this to happen, her parents came through the bed-room door and drew up chairs to watch the action. Her father took a few pictures of the action, centering on Marvin's dick in his daughter's pussy and then with a few selfies of he and his wife sharing in the action. Both of them were naked by then. And when Marvin had emptied himself again into their daughter, they moved in to have father now in daughter and Marvin into mother. By this time Marvin was totally gone as to any sense and was also deeply frightened as to what this would mean for him.

When they all came back to their senses and they allowed Marvin back into their daughter's pussy again, Mark explained that all of this was so they would have an edge, if Marvin ever mishandled their daughter or refused to own up to any children that he made on her. Marvin assured them they had nothing to worry about on that matter.

They invited him to join their nudist group, Marvin declined that; but agreed to join their family on Saturday or any other nights he was invited to for family nakedness fun. On these he had free access to Jennie, her mother and any other female that was present. He became very popular due to his advanced knowledge of sexual matters and proceeded to impregnate Jennie three times and her mother twice with other odd successes with others over the years.

Jennie eventually graduated from business school and then split her time between her parents place and Marvin's. They never got tired of each other and very much enjoyed working their own kids into their naked fun. When Marvin passed away a couple of decades later, he left a sizeable bequest to Jennie and the children, with only a modest one for his previous kids. Jennie was very happy about this, continued to work, kept on with the nudist activities and never legally married.

When her dear mother passed on, she lived as wife to her dad until he died and then with her oldest son and his wife as a sort of concubine to them both until her death. ENDING NUMBER TWO "I am and older man, as you can see, living in a very generic condo, in spare but comfortable surroundings.

I love to tell stories, both on paper and vocally. It has been my pleasure to share some of my stories on the bus. I very much look forward to each trip to do so. And your daughter has been such a fine audience, and by so very encouraging to me. The others on the bus seem to enjoy them, too." "Yes, we have heard all about them and have even heard ones that Jennie recorded for our enjoyment and analysis as to whether they are appropriate for a young girl of her age. We are very appreciative how you have toned down the stories to a level of general acceptance and see no harm in them.

In fact, those stories of yours have helped build a fire in her heart to learn and be able to write something herself. Her grades, which were already quite good have elevated to a very high level because of your lighting this fire under her.

Probably not your purpose, but a good result anyway." "I had no idea, she was always very appreciative of themthough." "Just so, however now as she is now sixteen, she has begun to show another level of interest in you. She has approached us to give permission for her to see you socially on times other than on the bus. For going to events, movies, walking and such.

We have no doubt about your honor or your intentions, but we are very concerned about this, with her at a very impressionable age, you know." "Yes, I can understand that, I raised children also, including a daughter.

There is an age at which their curiosity about everything overpowers any good sense and judgement that they have." Mark and Marion looked at each other with knowing glances and then Mark continued, "It is so good that you realize all of this. And we realize that just because you are of advanced age, your heart is not dead and unreachable to a young woman either. Maybe more so." "Yes, that is true.

I have been without female intimate attentions for some time and miss them very much. And I know for fact that, if a young woman throws herself at a man, especially a more mature one, it would be very hard for him to not 'catch' her, so to speak." "Yes, just as we think also, and this despite every honorable intention that you quite evidently manifest!" Marion picked up the conversation now, "So, what we are proposing Mr.

Martin is that you change your riding times on the bus from now on. Even an hour would make it likely to miss Jennie's trips. She would still be able to hear your stories recorded by the bus's sound system and not lose touch with your beloved stories about Hoss and Petty Anne.

But, she would be moved out of temptation's way, so to speak." "I can see the logic in that, and the truth is that it would not be that difficult at all. But, I can see the possibility of trouble brewing when she realizes what has been done to her and I and why.

She is not stupid you know. She will eventually get it, or someone will let her know about it." "Yes, that is one concern of ours. And frankly we don't know what to do about that." "I guess we will have to deal with whatever comes about, I certainly don't want to be any risk to Jennie's continued development as a woman and her future." "Yes, we know that.

And will communicate with you, if the need happens to be." "Here is my email site for that purpose and I will monitor it for any messages from you." "Thank you for your understanding attitude, Mt. Martin. If there was any real equity in this world, you would be fifty years younger and we would be gladly inviting such an honorable man to having dinner with her and us." "I hope that you find such a man someday." "We do too. And thank you Mr. Martin for meeting with us." "You are welcome." And with that they separated and each went their own way.

Well, as you can guess, it didn't work out that way. When Marvin disappeared from the bus during her rides, her alert status was immediately set off. She inquired around and different people put different pieces together for her, when she assembled them together, she was furious at being not trusted and manipu-lated in that way.

She knew for a fact that Marvin would never initiate that kind of treatment of her. She knew without any intrusion on her mind about sexual matters, that he needed her to complete his life. He had lost his wife in a tragic divorce and his children with her. The grandchildren had been cut off from him over it, too. He had never made any profession of total innocence in that terrible eventuality, but from the evidence of his heart over four years, she knew that it couldn't have been all his fault at all.

She decided to take matters into her hands and with the determination only a sixteen year old girl can muster up she secretly followed him home one day and noted the address and door that he used. Then she made up a plan to reinitiate the relationship she had with Marvin in such a way that he would not be able to deflect her determinations in the matter.

She didn't care how old Marvin was, it was his very young heart that so powerfully appealed to her. An older body was a cheap price to pay to keep that young heart aligned with hers. So, she picked a day when she was supposed to go to the mall for an all-day shopping trip with seven of her girlfriends and then dropped them there with the lie that she was off to be with a certain school boy that she had a crush on.

This is something that they would certainly approve of and so let her go with no notice taken, and after all six of seven girls, the number was large enough that no one not specifically looking for Jennie would ever notice her absence.

She then caught another bus that travelled a parallel route and then transferred to another that crossed thru his neighborhood to get near to his condo.

Neither of those drivers knew her. She moved up to the condo, noticing that his vehicle was in place. This was not a guarantee that he was home, but it was very likely, since he said that he usually didn't leave the condo, except when he rode the bus.

Jennie was still a virgin at this time, but not completely inexperienced in matters of sex. Her father, whom she had taken pictures of with a hidden camera for her future needs, had been lightly using her for years. And her mother, whom was prominent in those same pictures for her contributions to the sex scenes with her husband. She now intended to use them to deflect any opposition to her relationship with Marvin, if that came up. But, now she was focused on Marvin.

She knew that he was quite the honorable man and would try to honor the evident agreement that he had made with her parents to stay out of her life. She had prepared herself before leaving her house to make that fail.

She had bathed, done up her hair, used makeup to highlight her eyes, spritzed herself with perfume and sparkles in all of her sexy places, taken her birth control pill (Not that she wouldn't want to have a baby with Marvin, just not now, until things worked themselves out.) and had put on the sexiest clothing she could find on surreptitious visits to sex shops and steamy ladies stores.

They were all hidden underneath a full length close fitting coat, that velcroed up the front. Only thing visible were her tennie shoes, which she intended to change out of just before she knocked on the door.

She walked up the two flights of stairs to the third floor, paused in the stairway vestibule to change her shoes and purposely moved to his door for the coming denouement. She rapped on the door, and he opened it to a sense of wonder at her appearance, like he had just won some kind of first prize in a sex sweepstakes and then was stunned to realize that this sexy vision of loveliness was actually his Jennie.

He was paralyzed in place not knowing what to do. He didn't want to break his promises to her parents, but there was no way he was going to say, "No" to this awesome magnet for his heart and dick. She gently asked in her most adult like voice, "Marvin will you let me in, please?" He meekly moved aside for her to enter, and as she did she loosened the coat and threw it of in an indefinite direction.

She then used her overpowering appearance to move forward and engage Marvin in immediately aggressive kissing and hugging on her part. The white flag on conscience then very closely afterward went up. And he surrendered into being first an active participant of this scene and then to being an active submissive. She dragged him into his bedroom and stood him next to the bed as she loosened his pants and freed his cock. When it appeared she didn't even hesitate, she didn't want to lose her advantage and have Marvin collapse into a guilt ridden withdrawal.

When his dick was sufficiently engorged, she helped him remove his lower clothing and then laid back on the bed with her split crotch panties open for his view and her pussy in full lubrication. With that she sternly ordered Marvin to proceed to enter her right away.

And so he obediently plunged right into that gorgeous pussy with all of his might. And he proceeded directly to his climax as she intended for him to do. Actual play and her climax would come later. After a very brief minutes of all-out cock in pussy attack, he came profusely into her lovely belly and groaned with the effort to have his at-home cock leave its new abode. And with that he rolled over onto the bed next to her to first get his breath and senses back and then to contemplate the damage to his life that these few minutes of monumental pleasure might entail.

Jennies was going to not allow this to short circuit her planned events, so she took off her split crotch panties, wiped up the overflow from her pussy with them and then placed them on to Marvin's upturned face with the wet gusset directly over his mouth and nose. With this he was roused to a semblance of consciousness and began to address Jennie's sexual needs. Jennie excused herself for an unneeded trip to the bathroom and used the time to secretly place a video camera to from this time on, record what happened in here between her and Marvin.

She intended to show a lot of initiation on her part, too, so that if things went wrong, Marvin wouldn't get all of the blame. But, she had made plans for things to not go wrong at all. She had no intention of being hitched to Marvin's star for the rest of his life, too bad but there were just too many years between them. But, she didn't want to lose him from being in her life, either. And she especially didn't want her parents to be interfering with her love life from now on.

With the videos that she had, all three of them would reluctantly, but faithfully do her bidding from now on. ENDING NUMBER THREE "I am and older man, as you can see, living in a very generic condo, in spare but comfortable surroundings.

I love to tell stories, both on paper and vocally. It has been my pleasure to share some of my stories on the bus. I very much look forward to each trip to do so. And your daughter has been such a fine audience, and so very encouraging to me. The others on the bus seem to enjoy them, too." "Yes, we have heard all about them and have even heard ones that Jennie recorded for our enjoyment and analysis as to whether they are appropriate for a young girl of her age.

We are very appreciative how you have toned down the stories to a level of general acceptance and see no harm in them. In fact, those stories of yours have helped build a fire in her heart to learn and be able to write something herself. Her grades, which were already quite good have elevated to a very high level because of your lighting this fire under her. Probably not your purpose, but a good result anyway." "I had no idea, but she was always very appreciative of themthough." "Just so, however now as she is now sixteen, she has begun to show another level of interest in you.

She has approached us to give permission for her to see you socially at times other than on the bus. For going to events, movies, walking and such. We have no doubt about your honor or your intentions, but we are very concerned about this, with her at a very impressionable age, you know." "I am sorry, I had no idea of me having this effect on her. I just thought that she liked to pass the time away on the bus by listening to my stories.

She actually has said almost nothing to me over the last four years. It took some time before I even found out her first name, and it was someone else that supplied it to me.

I have avoided learning her last name or anything else about her, though." "Yes, we thought as much. We are accusing you of nothing.

We are just trying to find a way to manage this youthful fancy of hers without hurting her or even you in the process." "I can well imagine that. I helped raise three children with one of them a daughter, so I am well acquainted with those issues. One thing though, it is not helpful to under estimate the power of a youthful 'fancy' as you put it.

Young love is in every way just as powerful as the adult equivalent, though not as enduring since it comes to them with little ability to manage it by them." "So we understand. And it for this reason we desire to nip this fixation in the nub." "I would be interested on how you plan to do that. In my experience we found that we just needed to fill up her time and make sure that she knew that we loved and trusted her and how very disappointed we would be if she transgressed on family standards." "Sounds like what we had in mind, but what we felt like we needed to do now is address what you would be willing to do about this." "Well, I am sorry, but I see no need for me to do anything.

I did not seek your daughter's attention, nor do I feel like I need to disrupt my life to address something that is your worry and perhaps overblown at that." "We were afraid that you might see it like that." "Oh, Really! You present a family problem to me and then expect me to rearrange my life to salvage your fears.

Why don't you just take her to school yourself if you feel that my presence in her life is some kind of danger to her. Or if that is not possible, you could change her bus routes to avoid me. It would probably only add an extra ten minutes to her ride each day. And she could no doubt twiddle her thumbs for an extra ten minutes a day without much of a trauma to her." "Now we don't like this attitude you are using on us." "Lady, you haven't seen a real attitude yet.

And if you make any trouble for me, any trouble at all with the authorities or the bus company, I will come at both of you with the full force of my lawyers, and you won't have much to stand onbecause there has never been anything improper in my attitude or behavior since I first met her.

Also, you need to talk to your clergyman or health professional before you seriously disrupt her life. This relationship between her and I could be a lot more important than your fears for her are. Just a suggestion." "Well, that is one that we will pursue.

Good bye, Mr. Martin." "I hope that you can address these possibly serious fears, and do so without messing around in several innocent people's lives." 'Okay, sir.

We will take that under advisement." The next time that I saw Jennie, she before I started the latest episode of 'Hoss and Petty,' whispered into my ear that she would like to see me off of the bus someday. I turned my head and secretly wiped a tear from my eye, then turned my face back to her, and seriously told her, "I am honored with your good wishes, Jennie. But, that would be improper on our parts. Let's just continue as we always have and enjoy our sharing of my stories." She looked a little hurt, but then smiled and nodded to me.

I never heard from her parents again, and things remained as they had between me and the dear little Jennie, until she graduated from the college nearby to her private school. Then she passed on to my dusty memory for precious storage. ENDING NUMBER FOUR "I am and older man, as you can see, living in a very generic condo, in spare but comfortable surroundings.

I love to tell stories, both on paper and vocally. It has been my pleasure to share some of my stories on the bus. I very much look forward to each trip to do so. And your daughter has been such a fine audience, and so very encouraging to me. The others on the bus seem to enjoy them, too." "Yes, we have heard all about them and have even heard ones that Jennie recorded for our enjoyment and analysis as to whether they are appropriate for a young girl of her age.

We are very appreciative how you have toned down the stories to a level of general acceptance and see no harm in them. In fact, those stories of yours have helped build a fire in her heart to learn and be able to write something herself.

Her grades, which were already quite good have elevated to a very high level because of your lighting this fire under her. Probably not your purpose, but a good result anyway." "I had no idea, but she was always very appreciative of them, though." "You never know whose life you touch, when a person does noticeable good or bad. But, that is not what we are here to discuss with you today.

Jennie has always been a smallish girl, you evidently took her for ten when you first met. She was actually twelve then. But, she has always been very bright, too. Lately we have noticed some slippage in her grades and took her to the doctor to see if something organic was the cause. We got really bad news about her health. She has a benign, but deadly tumor in her brain.

Benign means that it is not cancerous, but that doesn't prevent it from being very deadly. There is nothing that can be done now, since it is so totally intertwined with her brain mass. The prognosis is that she has six to twelve months to live.

Only the last month or so of her life will be unpleasant for her, and it will be very bad. In the meantime, we are living with her under conditions as usual, and she doesn't know. We, her parents, are concerned that she fill in these last days with as many of the things that she would have enjoyed in her life as possible.

We are hoping that you can fill in one of the items on the 'bucket list,' as it were. We had you investigated by a local firm that specializes in that. They have reported on you in the following: 'Mr.

Marvin Martin is a relative new comer to Big City. He has a generic condo that he owns and is making payments on. He is retired from careers in the grocery business and taxi business with very respectable records in each. He has a comfortable retirement income and is very financially responsible. His health is stable, with no apparent current problems unusual for his age.

He has been very active socially with a variety of women and is well reported on by them as being a very fine gentleman and lover. His driving is now limited to daytimes, except in emergencies, he usually rides the bus to everywhere he goes. He does light walking three times a week to maintain his body.' As you can see, you are well reported on.

One of the things that my husband and I are concerned about is that Jennie will never live long enough to find a proper mate and marry. So, she would miss out on a very important and pleasurable part of life. She is a virgin with very little if any experience in affections or sex with a male.

And shy, as you know, to boot. So, what we are proposing is that you move in on her with our blessing and give her at least a taste of what she would otherwise miss out on because of a premature demise. And yes, we know that this is wildly out of the usual, but we just want Jennie to go to eternal sleep with at least an idea of most of what life gives and takes." With that the couple: sit back, watch Marvin and await a response on his part.

Marvin is stunned to say the least. He has always socially loved the little girl who is so attentive and appreciative of his fondly related stories.

But, though he is very impressed by her female attributes, he has never considered her a candidate for his intimate attentions. After all, she was twelve and looked like ten when he first met her and is now only sixteen years of age. It takes some time for him to process this in his mind…&hellip.and heart. The parents are patient with him, since they know that this is a totally original thought to him.

They are not stupid. They know that most males are drawn in admiration of females that they admire. It isn't just looks, but also hormones and pheromones at work. But, they also know the reticence that older men have about younger women that they might desire. Society and the law can make it very difficult for a male who steps out of the norm in these kinds of situations. Finally, Marvin looks up to them kind of helpless, not knowing what to do.

"Shouldn't this part of her life be sponsored to be with a young man more her age?' "We thought of that, but there just isn't the time to build up a relationship with a younger man with her, and besides you are a much more worthy and deserving fellow for her. You already have a very warm and respectful relationship with her, and with no ulterior motives in place." So, the parents offer to have him over for dinner, so that Jennie can see him in another situation besides those in the bus and let nature systematically have its way.

Even though she doesn't know of her life's peril, her body knows and will make a last ditch effort to reproduce its kind. This should play into her parents plan very well and, grease the rails, as it were, for Marvin, too. On the appointed night, Marion helped Jennie to prepare herself for the dinner. Assisting her in her bath, which she hadn't done in years, helping put up her hair in a more adult style and applying makeup and lipstick to give her a more striking and grownup look.

They then just before Marvin arrived, dressed her in her most adult manner with her big girl bra and sexy panties underneath. Jennie couldn't help wondering what all of the fuss was about. Yes, she dearly loved in a social fashion, the older man who told the most wonderful stories on the bus, but 'wasn't this a bit overdone,' she thought. Marion prepared a wonderful meal, farmed the other kids out for the evening and seated her husband at the opposite end of the table from Marvin, with her and Jennie also opposite and between them and also facing each other.

The conversation was somewhat sporadic as each worked out their nervousness and shyness. It usually centered on Marvin's wonderful stories, and Jennie's many interests. After a while Jennie got her mojo on and started to regale all at the table with her own little tales of the events in her life. Marvin also sparked up with this. He being truly interested in this little girl he was proposed to seduce.

When the meal was over, they watched the late news and then Marvin made his excuses and prepared to leave for the night. The parents wanting to make sure to let Jennie know of his acceptability to the family accompanied him to the door for him to leave.

Mike grabbed his hand and vigorously shook it. Marion stepped right up to him and took him into her arms and kissed him soundly on the cheek. Then they looked at Jennie to see her response. She got the message and stepped up to Marvin, stretched herself up to her maximum height and grabbed herself to his body and soundly kissed him right on the mouth. The parents let her know that they were pleased. And Jennie was happy to make the other three so satisfied with her.

When she excused herself and before her siblings arrived home, she hugged her parents and proceeded to her bedroom to ponder on what was behind all of this fuss that she experienced together with them and Marvin, tonight.


Jennie, being very bright, started to put the pieced of evidence together and came to a conclusion. Her parents were throwing her up to Marvin. For what purpose?

Well with the beauty treatment before his arrival, it can only mean one thing. Sex, that great mystery of which she knew little and had experienced almost nothing. Now why in the world would otherwise sound and reasonable parents do that? There must be some kind of emergency involved. She needed to look into that. It must be medical, she carefully worked out. Well, Sally her friend had a doctor for a father, and so she would quietly check this out with him.

She cornered Sally at school the next school day and asked if she could come over and discuss a matter of deep concern with her. Jennie had noticed this morning, that Marvin was even more gentle and considerate of her on the bus ride and more heartfelt in his story telling. Even the other riders were murmuring over it. So, before egressing the bus she had made an obvious show of her taking Marvin's hand and caressing it.

Marvin reddened in embarrassment, the other riders just smiled in approval. When she got to Sally's home, it turned out that she wasn't home yet, but her father was. When he asked what her purpose in visiting was, she asked to come in and tell him. He stood for a minute considering that and then opened the door to let her in.

"Dr. Home, I came to talk with Sally about a situation with me and my parents. No, don't worry, things are fine with us. But, something happened last night that has me wondering what is going on. I don't want to get into the particulars, but it appears by what they are lately doing, that the think that I am in some kind of medical danger. Could you help me find out?" "Well, Miss Blandon, it is not unusual for parents to keep such things from their children.

But, you appear old enough to know the truth. Who is your Doctor and I will sound him out as to whether he would like at least a brief deion of whatever serious prognosis is particular to you. And since you are sixteen, this can be done without your parent's knowledge according to the law, just like you getting birth control without their knowledge or approval.

You are in birth control aren't you? It is a very wise step to take at your age.

Outdoor sex party with some unbelievable

Things can happen without any plan at all, and a baby is a lot of responsibility for a girl with a future like you." "My doctor, is Doctor Welling and no I am not on birth control, because I am a virgin and intend to remain one until my marriage. But, yes I know that things unexpectantly can happen, so I will take that step soon." "Good for you, young lady.

If your regular doctor balks at giving you that preion, just come back to me and I will fill it in for you. Now you can leave and I will find out what there is to be found out about your health." With that, because she had no other business with Sally, who was not a dear friend, she left and made her way home, with the excuse that she stopped by D.Q.

for a much needed Oreo Shake. On the following Friday, Sally approached her at the end of lunch and passed a note to her.

It instructed her to come to her house, her father had news for her. So, on Saturday afternoon when she was supposed to be going to the City Library for research on her next term paper, she instead went to Sally's house.

When she got there her Doctor father gently guided her to sit in the most comfortable chair in the house and proceeded to directly advise her of what he had found out. Jennie's regular doctor had agreed that the girl was old enough to know the truth and authorized Sally's dad to pass it on to her.

She has a benign tumor in her head, it was announced to her.

The prognosis was very bad, but not certain. If things deteriorated as expected, she would be gone in six to twelve months. With that, Jennie collapsed into sobbing and shudders. Both Sally and her father gathered her up and took her to the couch to comfort her. It took some time, but she eventually got emotional control over herself and could listen to his admonitions.

"Jennie, this prognosis is based on sound medical science, but it is not a sure death sentence. The body is marvelous and things can unexpectedly happen in the meantime. But, in any case, I recommend that you live a calm and full life while you can, keeping an optimistic hope of what is to come." "Thank you Doctor Home, I will do my best. And thank you so much for your helping me find out what is going on. I think that I will pass on the birth control for the present, unless I get better." "Here is the preion, in case you change your mind, young lady.

And may God bless your life, however long it lasts," he fervently shared with her as he hugged her tight and accompanied her to the door. With that, she rode a bus to a quiet park to sit and to contemplate on her status and decide what she would do about it, while calmly watching the waves as they neared the beach and licked up to the rocks along the shore. Among the thoughts that were on her brain were some very humorous impressions of her parents.

'You mean that they actually were trying to connect her up with a man in his seventies for sex.' She thought? The nerve! And yet, when she calmly considered it, it made a lot of sense.

Many of her fellow girl students had told her of the joys of sex with much older men. They were so very grateful for a young girl's attentions, were very knowlegible of sexual techniques, were in to making sure that the girl got her fun too, tended to be gentle in their approach to intercourse and best of all had money to treat them to recreational fun and to even share for the girl's secret needs.

So, she reconsidered all of this. After all she had known Marvin for more than four years. He was such an interesting older man. Told such cool stories and was very gentle and protective of her. The other girls had shared with her that the guys were almost entirely guided by their eyes. They primarily looked for big tits, blonde hair and an available pussy. Whereas girls are not just interested in looks; 'matter of fact' sometimes a respectful manner, a well-developed sense of humor and some ready cash could very easily trump handsomeness.

Mark and Marion, didn't know about any of this fulminating on Jennie's part. So, they proceeded with their plans for her and Marvin. They were a little concerned about how things went on with the family dinner.

Jennie hadn't shown that much interest in Marvin, until the striking hug and kiss as he left. That gave them a lot of hope in their little intrigue. They contacted Marvin through his email and inquired as to whether he would be free to join them and Jennie for a movie date on Tuesday evening. Since it was midweek, there would not be such a big crowd. And the movie that they chose was the new hot and romantic flick, FIFTY SHADES DARKER. If that wasn't inspirational to their daughter, they didn't know what would be, except outright porno, which they didn't think that she was ready for yet.

So, on the assigned evening, Marvin showed up at their home as requested (so that the couple could sit together in the back seat on the way.) 'You have to be kidding,' Jeanie smiled to herself.

But, she graciously joined him in the back seat as they left the babysitter and the other kids behind. On the way, Mike turned up the rear view mirror for the couple in the backseat's privacy. They were satisfied to only hold hands and cuddle together, though.

When they took their seats, they sat up as high as they could and thankfully there was no one behind them. They arranged the seats as Marion, Mike, Marvin and Jennie, from right to left. As the movie started, Mike was very busy with his wife and had no time to monitor what Marvin and his daughter were doing. Mike very quickly had his hand down his wife's panties, tickling all of his dear things there. She had her hands, both of them, inside of his shorts doing the same.

The turned and fervently kissed every few minutes during the slow times in the movie. Marvin, taking the cue of the parents, moved his left hand to place in on Jennies's lap. And he turned to try to kiss her to see what her attitude would be during the movie. Jennie had been to movies many times with her parents when they went to see more adult fare than permitted to her younger siblings. And she knew what they were doing and why. She had even sneaked a peak at one of their pornos a few times.

So, when Marvin's hand moved to her lap, she tucked it inside of her yoga pants that she was wearing for the movies that night.

He then could feel her silky panties and the shapes of her nether treasures. She in turn first moved her left hand to his lap and progressively moved it to more and more intimate contact, until it was surrounding Marvin's now engorged member.

By that time, Marvin's hand was probing her now wetted slit with a slicked up and curious finger. A few minutes later, the parents informed Marvin that they were going down to use the facilities and order more goodies. Marvin read their intentions very well. And as soon as they disappeared around the corner on their way out, Marvin looked around and saw no one paying any attention to them from below and no one around them at all from above.

So, he moved Jennie up on to his lap, with her yoga pants lowered and fed his cock up into between her pussy lips without entering her. He knew that she was a virgin and so was saving the remedy for that for another time. So, for the present he would be satisfied with the fun of plowing her slit while fingering her clit to the sexiest movie that he had seen in some time. She was obviously enjoying it, since she was flexing her hips forwards and backwards to magnify the sensations that she was getting, and she was getting plenty.

She came on him, just before her parents returned. She just had time to kneel in the front of the seats and welcome his cumming gift to her, too. Right in to her mouth and watered down by the Coke that she had bought before seating themselves. After that, she smiled at the darkly handsome Marvin in the theater and lightly kissed him on the mouth, sharing a bit of his gift to her right back to him.

On the way back home, they were silent and very 'huggy.' Marvin gave her the soundest kiss yet, as they parted for the night. Jennie could tell that her parents were very concerned that things moved along rather rapidly, so for that very Friday night to her very little surprisethey arranged something else for the age mismatched couple. They arranged for the couple to make an overnight trip to Twilight City to the south and enjoy a stage show that Jennie had wanted to see for some time.

By the plan, the couple would be going down unaccompanied, and the school was notified of the show that she was going to see, so instead of an unexcused absence on her school record, she got extra credit for seeing the show (And hopefully being fucked, too. Though they wouldn't know about that.) The way it was set up they could remain in the city for the whole weekend if they were so motivated. From the family dinner experience, Jennie now knew how to dress to honor a beau that she had serious interest in, so she pulled out all stops in preparation for her trip to Twilight City, the show, dinner and her 'feeding' herself to Marvin afterwards.

After a delightful time at dinner and the show, they took their prearranged room at the nearest hotel. It was not posh, but more than adequate, since the only furnishings and scenery that they would be interest in would be each other. The front desk hardly even noticed anything unusual about the couple. Evidently this type of thing was common in their usual clientele. They each had an overnight bag with just the essentials. While Jennie used the bathroom, Marvin prepared the T.V.

with an inspirational romantic porno for her viewing pleasure. He also ran just the right temperature water into the built in aerating giant tub within the room. She got real excited about that, but not as much as the giant bed and Marvin's expectant looks promoted. She knew that it was now or never to surrender something that she had had and treasured since her birth. There was a towel on the surface of the comforter for the expected bleeding and so she undressed slowly and sexily for his viewing pleasure and then mounted the bed and took her place on the towel.

He whispered to her that they would get directly on to the purpose of this and save most of the playing far after she was made a full woman. She nodded at this and he proceeded to get her pussy ready for its new status by his kissing, caressing her and also by his immediate attentions to her pussy area. After her obvious evidence of excitement in the form of leaking girl cum from her love portal, he moved on to rub his member up and down her private slit, much to her pleasure.

'My God,' she thought to herself, 'I had no idea that this would be this much fun and feel so good, too!' He then progressed to fitting the head of his cock up to and then into her ready pussy, right up to her hymen. She was one of those few girls who took his penetration with very little discomfort.

In fact she was showing definite evidence of accepting and enjoying this very much. And her hymen was very fragile and so gave in to his penetration of it with little pain at all.

It did give off enough newly womanized blood however to be present on the 'honeymoon' towel. And he availed himself orally to enjoy some of that, too. This action by him totally overpowered any remaining resistance that Jennie felt and then for the rest of the evening until they fell asleep exhausted, she tried to perform with him everything that they saw on the porno tape.

Just as he had intended. When they awoke in the morning, they decided together to remain for the weekend. She called her parents about it and they could barely contain their happiness at the idea. So, the couple spent the whole weekend in bed with only trips downstairs to avail themselves of the free breakfasts and lunches.

They read no newspapers and engaged no others in conversation. They were totally into each other. And she had no residual pain from the deflowering, because of the fragile nature of her official girlhood guardian. A few weeks after returning from the trip, it became obvious that she was pregnant. The parents were happy, of course. But, also concerned about how this would affect her body's fight with the tumor. At the midway point of her pregnancy, it became obvious that the tumor had retracted somewhat and shrunken a little.

Not enough to be removed with the possible danger to the unborn child, but giving enough hope that some kind of miracle operation after delivery might actually cure or at least forestall the inevitable for a goodly amount of time. This along with all of the loving attention that she was getting from Marvin greatly enhanced her happiness of bringing in a love baby with Marvin into the world.

She now was for all intents and purposes living with Marvin, but still attending school. They still appeared on the bus regularly and Marvin continued with the saga of Hoss and Miss Petty there. On the days, usually only two a week, when she appeared at her parent's home, they spent most of their time simply holding her in their arms and enjoying the blooming body of their daughter and soon to be mother. She was so much happier with Marvin and staying at his home than she could have ever imagined.

He was so attentive to her and considerate. And his lovemaking with her was a total revelation to her. Despite all of the stories that she had received from her contemporaries, and some of them very glowing at that, they had simply not even touched the pure joy of loving intimacies.

And late on in the pregnancy, they had moved on to anal intercourse to protect the growing baby in her tummy. She found that she, after a time for initiation, came to appreciate the very different sensations that it produced, too. When the time for delivery came about, everyone was expectant of the new life that would be delivered and also hoped that the existing one of Jennie could be preserved while passing on life to the new one.

However, it was not to be. She died in childbirth, giving every iota of her strength to pass on the precious life coming from her body.

Everyone was very happy with the baby, but devastated by the loss of such a dear and loved young woman. Marvin was just inconsolable in his misery at the loss of probably his last chance at a continued love. He had a near miss at performing suicide over it. But, he rallied because of the young life, who would need his help as well as her parents to get off to a good start in life. Marvin continued the storytelling on the bus for the rest of his active life.

And the seat next to him was always empty as a memorial to the dear young girl who formerly sat there and wondered at his stories on her way to school, until in his last days of riding, their young daughter took her place to wonder at his stories of Hoss the cowboy and his lady love, Miss Petty. ENDING NUMBER FIVE "I am and older man, as you can see, living in a very generic condo, in spare but comfortable surroundings. I love to tell stories, both on paper and vocally.

It has been my pleasure to share some of my stories on the bus. I very much look forward to each trip to do so. And your daughter has been such a fine audience, and so very encouraging to me.

The others on the bus seem to enjoy them, too." "Yes, we have heard all about them and have even heard ones that Jennie recorded for our enjoyment and analysis as to whether they are appropriate for a young girl of her age. We are very appreciative how you have toned down the stories to a level of general acceptance and see no harm in them. In fact, those stories of yours have helped build a fire in her heart to learn and be able to write something herself.

Her grades, which were already quite good have elevated to a very high level because of your lighting this fire under her. Probably not your purpose, but a good result anyway." "I had no idea, but she was always very appreciative of them, though." "What my husband I had in mind when we asked for this meeting with you was a disturbing report we got from our daughter.

She has grown very fond of you and your stories over the years and she has reported to us that you seem to be going into some kind of decline lately. You aren't as positively mooded in your story telling and you seem to slur over the words sometimes and lose your place in your stories, too. She and we were wondering if we could be of some service to you as you deal with whatever health issues are plaguing you." "Well, I don't know.

I am aware that I am not as sharp as I have been, but I didn't know that that was so obvious to my listening public," this came with a bright smile. Jennie's folks smiled at that too. "As fond of me as Jennie seems to be, she can't cure me from getting old and what that all means. But, I highly value her interest in me and her gratitude for my stories on the bus." "What our little girl, who is now sixteen by the way, came up with was that you could continue to write your wonderful stories and when you seem to falter in telling them, she could switch places with you and carry on for you.

She is taking SPEECH in high school and this would help her in her public speaking skills. And she has heard your voice inflections for years and has practiced them here at home in front of us while speaking along with tapes of your story telling. She has it down just right. I think that you will be amazed and delighted with her take on your voice style." "I don't want to embarrass her by requiring a try out, for something so mundane, so I will give her a chance the next time we ride together.

Most of my story telling is off the cuff, as it were. But, there is nothing to say that I couldn't write them down at home, instead of doing the 'as I think of it' on the bus. I can print it up in larger letters to make it easier on her. Yes, I think that that would work." "I am sure that it will, and I think that she would be very pleased to render this service for you. Just be very patient at first, because she does tend to be very nervous and shy when she first starts to talk." "Yes, I will remember that." So, the next time on the bus, Marvin started the story as usual, "Sally, one of the daughters of Hoss and Petty was very resentful of her parent's way of life.

And so she decided to embarrass them with a very public action of hers. Neither Hoss nor Petty had a prejudice bone in their body, but the valley had attracted some people from the Old South and they had brought their racial prejudices with them. Though they were generally silent about it." At this point in the middle of the story, he stalled on purpose and then passed the paper over to Jennie. She started at first with a choked and nervous voice, "Sally found her chance to cause some trouble in the preparations for the community picnic.

She and Flagon, a colored man, were there early to help set things up and she began to flount herself to him&hellip." but after a couple of lines of dialog, she was really with it, with Marvin's humor and storytelling intact. The bus crowd gave them both a standing ovation, with the driver swinging his free had wildly behind him in his own form of appreciation. So after that she rescued Marvin whenever he needed it and eventually she was doing most of the reading and finally all of it as Marvin got even more frail.

About the same time that Jennie got married and moved away, Marvin was moved to a care facility for closer monitoring. He no longer rode the bus, and since no one else felt able to continue with the story telling, the next time the bus went in for refurbishing, any sign of the 'story bus' disappeared.

The crowds thinned out to the normal riders and the noise level returned to the previous amplitude. The only thing left to remind people of what had gone on before, besides their memories of his stories, was a prominent plaque that would be noticed upon entering the bus at the front that noted the most popular rider that the bus line had ever had. And whenever Jennie came back to town to visit her folks, she always came to see Marvin as long as he lived and brought her own children to meet her favorite story telling cowboy friend from her youth.

NOTE: I think that I like number 5 the best. And it conveniently leads into the next story, too. LIFE AT THE OLD FOLKS HOME: Yeah, I know that that term is not in vogue anymore. Now to make everyone feel better, the call it a 'limited care facility.' Like that will make the inmates; oh, socially correct as patients; a difference to them.

What makes the real difference is how a person who has no choice but to be there is treated by the staff and fellow residents. Not long after Jennie left town, his frail health was even more risky when he had a slight stroke. It was a total surprise to his friends and doctor. His family had turned their back on him years ago. Probably just waiting for the old gaffer to pass on as it is now designated, so that they can divvy up his possessions and get back on with their own lives.

Some of them were going to get surprises in the will, he smiled when he thought of it. Anyway a brief stay in the hospital was followed by an extended one at Melody Acres Rest Home.

The facilities weren't half bad. And at least they were sparkling clean. But, the staff was made up of a lot of people who wished they were elsewhere led by a head nurse who was a failure at her last posting and a resident doctor that was grossly under paid, at least by the standards compared with his private practice. So, to say that the staff was neglectful and distracted is grossly optimistic of them. They were just plain mean, stubborn and very controlling.

The controlling was explained by them to be for the resident's comfort and security. The truth was that it was for the staff's convenience. They felt little need to worry about any pleasure that the residents may desire, after all they were all going to die soon enough. No need to waste any time on making them happy, even in small ways. To be fair, there were dedicated workers there who were considerate and very kind to the residents.

But their positive efforts and helpful attitude were well watered down by the malingerers and mean spirited. Of course Marvin had heard about all of this just like most other people. So, while he was in the hospital awaiting transfer, he called his lawyer to come to see him with specific papers in hand for him to sign. There might not be another chance to do this because those facilities are noted for limiting access to the residents. Especially access to those who might actually be able to help them.

So, the lawyer rushed to the hospital and arrived just thirty minutes before his transfer would occur and got the papers signed that would guarantee his access to Marvin anytime either he or Marvin wanted it. And it authorized a policeman or security professional to be paid to accompany the lawyer and to enforce the agreements.

It also authorized the calling in of an outside unaffiliated doctor to allow Marvin to leave the facility, to either go home if he was medically sound enough to do so, or to another facility if this one proved to be unsuitable to him.

With that the ambulance arrived and Marvin was moved to his new 'temporary' home. Since his care was being paid mostly by insurance and public funds, he was put into a room with four fellow residents. One guy lightly snored, but mostly the arrangement was better than could be expected.

And they all played cribbage, pinochle, hearts, spades and bridge. Checkers and chess weren't unknown to them, either, so that would produce a lot of fun for them. The meals were generic, but quit eatable. The nursing care was rough house, but professional. The social entertainment was near nonexistent. And visiting hours very inconvenient for anyone who might actually want to come to see one here. Jennie complained about this the first time she came to see Marvin and bullied her way through a very ineffective effort to keep her out.

Stubbornness, fiery eyes and evident physical abilities of coping with opposition tends to have the day. Even when you are a wee bit of a lady, like Jennie was. After her very welcome and affectionate visit, Marvin palmed one of his lawyer's business cards into her hand and nodded at her when she felt it. She winked back and left directly out the door without acknowledging anyone who tried to engage her.

Two days later in early afternoon, his lawyer, Mr. Pierce, and a very official looking State Patrol officer arrived to converse with Marvin. They were told by the professional staff, that he wasn't available for a visit. The Patrol Officer glared at the representative and remarked, "Oh yes he is!" And the two of them walked right by the attempted blockage and found themselves at Marvin's room.

The other three guys scattered to lame assumed other responsibilities. The Stater took guard at the door and Mr. Pierce entered to confer with his client. Twenty minutes later a local sheriff's deputy arrived to challenge the intrusion at the behest of the management. The Stater glared at him, showed him the authorizing documents and then dismissed the flustered deputy with, "Don't you have important work elsewhere?" Evidently the deputy decided that he did, and he shook his head at the management office as he left the premises.

Mr. Pierce wanted to know what was going on, so Marvin filled him in. He wanted to do something about it, but wasn't sure what. With this Mr. Pierce began to inform him of some events that had happened without Marvin's knowledge. It seemed that on Marvin's regular story telling times on the bus, that a local D.J. had had a professional sound engineer record the stories right from Marvin's and later also Jennie's mouths. With tranions of the first episodes and great sound engineering, they have reconstructed the whole series.

A neighboring radio station employee had heard some of the excerpts and recommended them to his boss. Then the boss was collared by his regional manager and the ball was set in motion for national syndication.

The major T.V. companies caught wind of this and began the process of developing it for a continuing show on one of the networks. They were in fierce competition among themselves over this. One of the networks won the competition and a limited series with the option of continuance was produced. Up to this time, everyone had just skipped over the matter of who this intellectual property belonged to in the first place.

But, some intern lawyer with the network asked the question and a whole firestorm of blame giving broke out. Then cooler heads prevailed and somehow it got back to Mr. Pierce as to what was going on. He immediately hired a national attorney versed in this kind of matter and the network who felt just terrible about this, mostly due to the terrible publicity and also expensive lawsuits that could result, were more than gracious in offering to heal the oversight.

So, the national attorney, Mr. Pierce and Marvin himself became very affluent over it, and the promise was that the money would continue to be flooding in to them for many years to come. A very large settlement on the past violation of Marvin's rights was already in his bank account. The bank had been very cooperative in transferring the funds to Marvin's credit, even though he had no knowledge of it. So, this explained the day's delay in him coming to help Marvin as Marvin had requested.

But, now Marvin had to process this monumental surprise in quick time to allow Mr. Pierce to proceed as usual. He asked Mr.

Pierce to sit on this for a time, while he saw how things proceeded at this institution. But that he would pass messages on to him regularly and if he didn't hear from him in over a week, to come immediately to his rescue.

With that the lawyer and the Stater met with the staff on hand and warned them against any retaliation to be taken on Mr. Martin's insistence on accessibility of his legal advisor. The staff at first were very careful of any interactions with Marvin. Marvin did nothing to ask for preferential treatment, but did keep a record of what was going on, good and bad. In this facility, the managers separated the male and female residents to opposite wings.

They did this even with committed couples and married ones, too. This is extremely cruel to couples who had lived and slept together for decades. And especially in their old age with reduced capacities and mental states, to have that last manner of support and pleasure removed is just too cruel to contemplate.

But this was done by the facility's staff for some imagined benefit to the overall atmosphere in the home. What it really did was multiply the latent sense of hopelessness and dire expectations in even more of the residents than would be otherwise be manifest.

This came to a boil with Marvin when a widow in the women's wing was discove-red as being in the continued process of sexually pleasing any of the male inhabitants or even staff that needed or even just desired her favors.

Her bedroom was a single because of her financial standing and she also had a very protective lawyer in tow. So, her room had a lock on the door, that worked either on the outside or inside for privacy.

When the staff discovered this, they tried to circumvent her access to the guys. This all boiled over before Marvin had even arrived and the after effects of that disturbance were still being felt when Marvin settled in. Not only were the male and female residents in opposite ends of the facility, but except for dining together they had almost no interchanges permitted at all. Marvin caught on to this right away.

On the third night after the layer's visit, late at night the door to his room squeaked as it was opened by a person unknown. Could this be the staff checking up to see if the guys were relieving themselves of sexual stress? He wondered if this was the case. Both if the guys were 'wanking off' and if one of the staff was peeking a look to cause some kind of trouble for them. But, to his surprise it was a definitely female figure and she was progressing around the room for some purpose, stopping at each bed.

There was little noise involved and he wasn't assured of what this was all about until his blanket was moved back and his pajamas were lowed and he experienced one of the truest blessings a man ever gets. A professional quality blow job. After the initial shock of the pursuing of this unexpected service, he settled in to enjoy the process. He rarely ejaculated at his age, but this lady was unsatisfied until he shot his cannon into her mouth and she swallowed it with no hesitation at all.

She then moved up to his face and gave him a semen flavored French kiss to top off the evening. With that he fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of busty ladies with generous mouths. The next morning, the other three roommates just winked at him and said absolutely nothing about it.

And they then marched off to the reasonably eatable breakfast that awaited their night time accentuated hunger. When they seated themselves a lady from the opposite floor joined them at the six person table, with only the five of them and joined in the convivial morning's conversation.

About halfway through the breakfast experience, she looked over at Marvin and inquired with a smiley expression, Mr. Martin, "Did you have a good night's sleep and ……&hellip.did you feel refreshed this morning?" With that he got the message and smiled back at her and acknowledged the question and the obvious answer with a nod of his head to her. She 'returned serve' with a similar nod back at him. And he then studied the extremely attractive seventy five year old lady dining with them.

What a looker, even at this age, he thought. He determined that he would definitely pursue further adventures with her. That night, when it was very quiet with the reduced night staff and the napping nurse's trainee at the nurse's station, Marvin walked purposely into the ladies' wing to scout out Mrs. Walker in her room. When he got there, she was alert with her reading lamp on. She looked up and remarked, "I wondered if you would make it tonight." With that she opened the covers to welcome Marvin in to the vicinity of her still lovely body.

She then whispered that they needed to be very quiet, and then she turned off the night lite to produce an absolute black atmosphere in the room. Soon after his arrival, she pushed him under the blankets and he saw through the material a white spot of a searching flashlight proceeding across it.

Evidently their secret was secure and so they left and then Emma locked the door. With the door locked, she turned on the reading lamp to its lowest setting and then bent over and began lightly kissing Marvin's face and mouth.

He avidly returned her enthusiasm and began to use his hands on her small breasts and down her belly to her nether regions. As his fingers began to walk across her pussy, she began to purr and when his attention centered on her clit she soon climaxed. He now whispered into her ears that it was too soon after his treatments for stroke for him to climax. She whispered back, "That is okay Marvin, we have a lot of other fun to be had." And they spent the rest of the night until they both fell to sleep in various oral activities including licking each other's anal regions.

Even with no climax and ejaculation, Marvin was wonderfully pleased with their fun. He slept later than expected and was caught on his way out of Emma's room. The staff member that caught him scolded, "Mr. Martin, how do you dare molest Mrs. Walker? We should turn you over to the law for this!" But they contained their trumped up outrage, by only accompanying him back to his room and sternly charging him to remain there.

Breakfast would be delivered to him there, they told him. Later in the morning, the chief of staff visited Marvin alone and severely scolded him for the trumped up charges that they were mustering up to him. Evidently they expected Marvin to shrink in terror at their disapproval. Didn't happen, though. And instead when their windy tirade paused, Marvin intercepted any further vocal attack with, "My dear sir, I am a man, not a child. I am twice your age and evidently more advanced than you in knowledge of people's basic rights.

If you dare to bring any charges against me for my free expression of welcomed intimate contact with Mrs. Walker, I will have my lawyers bring the full force of the law upon you and this institution. Now get out of my room, until I ask to see you again!" With that the manager in chief consulted the company's lawyers who gave him the bad news.

Marvin was absolutely correct, unless they could come up with medical reasons for their rules. And they would have to pass a board of medical review on those reasons. And if a medical person unjustifiably interferes with a patient's freedom, the law will not protect him from legal redress.

Patients are persons not lab rats, subject to medical or business generated whims. When Mr. Pierce came again to see Marvin, and again with his Stater by his side, the staff now knew to leave well enough alone.

In conference between them, Marvin inquired as to how much financial resources he had available. Enough to do almost anything that he wanted was the reply. So, Marvin instructed Mr. Pierce to draw up papers to sue the facility and its parent company for dereliction of duty and any other charges that the legal team could think of. This was to in the end force the company to sell the facility to him at a severe discount rather than suffer huge legal expenses and an expected large settlement.

Mr. Pierce smiled at the prospect of such a fun legal exercise and promised to carry out Marvin's wishes. And the facility abandoned the effort to have Marvin deemed mentally unfit. And they knew that if even a breath of this effort got out, that the result would be catastrophe for the company owning the facility and any responsible staff that helped generate that effort. From that point forward, the staff left him alone and allowed Mrs.

Walker to suck off and fuck anybody that she wanted to do so to. Including Marvin and his three roommates, who could have kissed Marvin if all of them weren't so determinately heterosexual. Visiting night was an emotional and physical delight to all of them, even enjoying the sounds of each other getting their cocks rung out.

When the legal fight was determined, it worked out just as Marvin had hoped, the company was forced to sell the facility at a much reduced price to Marvin and a consortium that included Mr. Pierce, Edna, Marcus and several others. Mr. Pierce as the Chairman of the board of the Corporation that resulted, led a worldwide search for a C.E.O. that would manage this enterprise in the manner that was practical and respected the resident's legal and medical rights.

They found one in Sweden, who spoke just enough English to not get in the way of the facility running smoothly. The facility was progressively remodeled for a more patient friendly atmosphere. As older residents passed on their rooms were remodeled to fit the living desires of the remaining residents and new comers.

No longer were long committed couples, including married ones put in separate wings and denied access to each other. They were put into joint rooms and the medical staff was required to put them into the same bed any time that they desired it.

Mrs. Walker decided to join with the four guys in Marvin's room into a much larger room accommodating the five of them, with any 'musical chair' beds that they wanted to play. Emma was delighted with this, and so were the guys. When Jennie came to visit, she immediately recognized what was going on and had a very happy laugh with the guys and Mrs.

Walker. As part of the new entertainment program. Marvin had sound recordings of his previous story-telling played and when they ran out, he continued with the stories himself, with help from Jennie when she visited and with other speech students from the nearby community college when she wasn't. Marvin never left the facility. His health was somewhat rescued, and he eventually was allowed to climax in sex if he was able.

With Mrs. Walker's continued efforts towards that, he did succeed a few times, which were duly celebrated by Mrs. Walker, his four roommates and anyone else that felt like it. His home was sold and his meager belongings brought to his shared room in the facility. His life there was very good indeed with the new staff and company in charge. It became very popular and increased in size many times.


It became world famous for its successes and its pattern of patient care. Eventually, even an old war horse like Marvin had to give in to time. When he passed, there was a genuine sense of sorrow in the facility felt by the residents and staff alike. The corporation was made nonprofit and any excess income was invested right back into the facility or donated to worthy causes. It eventually was renamed the MARVIN MARTIN CARE AND ADVANCED AGE RESIDENTIAL FACILITY.

Another worthy memorial to the cowboy story telling troubadour of Big City's bus line.