These two are all over each other as they kiss and suck on the bed

These two are all over each other as they kiss and suck on the bed
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"So what do you want to do now? stay here for a few drinks of go back to my place and shaft me silly" she asked ,"let's do the shafting" I answered, and so it was that we made it into the car park and into her MX-5 sports car, top of the range it looked to a untrained eye such as mine, my own car being a rather beat up 8 year old passat I knew very little about cars such as this, "daddy gave me it for my birthday, do you like it"?

in a effort to try and change the subject I replied that I liked her more than the car, a reply that seemed to please her, she leaned into me and kissed me passionately whilst running her hand over the outline of my cock through my jeans in return I slipped my hand under her dress and between her thighs where it met no resistance in fact she opened her legs and raised her buttocks to allow complete accessmy fingers delved passed her panties and into her hot wet hole, first one finger then a second wormed their way into her pussy and I began to work her to a orgasm, alternately working them vigorously into her hole then flicking and massaging her hard clitoris, as her orgasm built she furiously freed my cock from my jeans and pumped it with her hand but she was too late to think of me as seconds later she stiffened and her legs spasmed as she came on my hard working fingers, her pussy flooded my hand with juice and her pussy squeezed so tight on my fingers that I feared for their safety, several minutes passed before she regained control and said "Oh lord I really needed that, let's get home so I can get that cock working", with that she tidied herself, started the car and off we set at breakneck speed.

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Within a few miles it became apparent that she was heading towards the same hotel that we had first metI said nothing yet hoped that I would not be expected to rent a room as it would cost half a week salary of a maintenance electrician such as I, we did not speak a lot in the half hour journey other than her filling me in on her recent break up and how her parents had been quite pleased with her decision, they thought her to young at 22 to settle down, I in turn wondered what they might make of me should we ever meet, a poorly educated manual (though skilled) worker was probably pretty close to the bottom of their wish list for their pretty daughter, still time would tell and for the moment I was more preoccupied by the thought of paying for a room if indeed we were heading to the hotel.

Sure enough we eventually turned into the driveway of the posh hotel where Jenny parked in a staff only area and hopped out "come on Quick I'm gagging for it" she laughed and linked arms with me, leaned into me and kissed my cheek, sniffed and commented on my wearing of Cacharel after shave, "It's all I ever wear now" I said and she replied a simple "Good it so suits you" and hustled me through a back entrance and into the hotel, "Stay here I need to get something" and off she went returning moments later clutching a bottle of Malt whiskey, "I stole it from the bar" is all she said laughing as she hustled me through a passageway to a door which she used a key to open and in we rushed, it was bigger than a normal suite and looked more lived in "home sweet home" she said, I looked around at the decorations and pictures and indeed it was a home not a hotel room, "Grandpa owns the hotel, so I work here helping out whilst not at university, I live here too most of the time" she added matter of fact, I guess my face must have fallen as I realised the full difference in our social standing because she threw herself at me and we kissed again, she broke off and poured us both a large drink of straight malt before she started to undress herself, as I looked at her I felt such a surge of longing as I realised that I was probably already in love with her.

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After she had stripped down to her panties and bra she turned her attention to me removing my clothing item by item until I was completely naked, my cock was semi erect as she slipped of her last items of clothing and led me into the shower where we washed and petted each other much as we had before, however this time there was no phone distractions, eventually she sank to her knees and began to give me oral sex through the torrent of water, cupping my balls and fingering my ass whilst her head bobbed slowly over my cock head, it was the best blowjob I had ever had, she took me all the way to my orgasm finally clamping her lips tightly around my cock head as I shot my sperm into her soft mouth ,even then she continued gently sucking me until I was completely clean, she looked up at me our eyes locked together and I thought "Oh shit, I am so going to get burnt here".

We left the shower and dried each other, then she poured us another drink she asked "was I any good?

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it's the first time I have taken a guy all the way orally", I told her she was the best ever, I took her in my armsled her to the bed then lay side by side, fingering her pussy gently whilst I suckled her nipples and slowly recovered my erection, when I was finally hard again she climbed on top of me lined my cock up with her hole and sank down effortlessly onto me, her pussy felt tight, wet and hot as she worked up and down on my pole gradually taking more and more as she rode me to her orgasm then as before she threw her head back and flooded my balls with her juice as she came however this time after her orgasm she did not immediately climb off but simply rested sitting on my hips with my cock still wedged fully in her pussy, her nipples were erect and hard her breasts were slick with perspiration and her face was slack after her orgasm, I raised my head and suckled again on her nipples as she recovered, slowly I felt her begin to rise and fall again on my cock as she began to ride me again, this time there was more urgency about her and she quickly built up the pace eventually she manoeuvred so she could get onto her feet, squatting over me, then she pounded her pussy onto my cock, gasping and grunting as she raced to her second orgasm, this time however I was racing with her, I felt the sperm rising into my cock, she pounded harder and harder onto me and I thrust harder and harder into her, someone had to give and it was me first "I'm coming, I'm coming now" I said as I felt the sperm shooting up from my balls "Fuckin' shoot it up me, give it to me, fill my pussy with it" she demanded, so that's what I did, several hard spurts were delivered deep into her womb before I felt her pussy contract onto my cock and milk me dry, her facial expression was one of wanton pleasure as she ground her pussy onto my cock our creamy froth washed out of her over my balls as she came again, "Fuck me, Fuck me Hard, fill me up" she uttered as she orgasmed.

It was some time before I recovered enough to take stock of her condition, she was lying on her back her legs akimbo our frothy cum covered her pussy lips and had ran down into the crack of her ass, she and I were still breathing heavily, we were slick with sweat she looked over to me and smiled "any chance of seconds" she asked and laughed "not yet, you have done me in" I replied and we both laughed this time, later we did have seconds, in fact I stayed with her all weekend by the end of which I knew all about her and she knew all about me, and yes I did now know that I was in love with her.

We pretty much spent all the following week together other than when I was working when she would drop me off in the morning and pick me up after my shift was over, then we would eat and make love, sleep and start over again it was a fabulous feeling, she had slept at my humble flat a couple of times and had seemed happy to be there, I knew that at the end of the week she was to return to her university in Glasgow, after that I would probably only see her every second weekend so we made the most of the time we had, I had not met any of her family yet and meeting them had not been mentioned, whether they knew about me or not I never asked as it was a situation that I was more than happy with for the time being.

For the first week or so that she was back at university she called several times a day to remind me to be faithful and to tell me how happy she was and how much she missed me, then one day she didn't call so I tried to call her but got no reply just her voice mail, the next few days it were just the same, still no contact, then I saw our local paper that had the story on the front page telling of the vehicle accident that had taken the life of a prominent businessman's only daughter, she had apparently been coming home at night to surprise someone, when her car was hit by a lorry that had crossed the central reservation she had died instantly they thought.

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I did go to the funeral though no-one other than her two girlfriends knew who I was, I said how sorry I was to her mother and father at their loss whilst trying not to show my own loss, the strange thing was as I passed them by I got a whiff of the Cacharel after shave that her father was wearing, and the tears welled up in my eyes. Jenny was gone.

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