Filthy russian whore gets revenge fucked

Filthy russian whore gets revenge fucked
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This a true story. I met Bobby 2 years ago at the hospital. He is a cop and I am a nurse. At 6'4" he towers over my small 5'3" frame. The other morning he called me after a rough shift. I had just finished my 3 mile run and was about to get in the shower when the phone rang. Bobby sounded upset and wanted to come over. He had never been to my house before. I was surprised yet happy to have his company.

I made us coffee and then took a quick shower. He was sitting on my couch staring off into space when I approached him. I was only in my robe. My damp, blond curly hair spiraling down to my shoulders. On many occasions I had wanted to ask Bobby out myself but I was too embarrassed. Now I had him here in front of me and I was scared. He looked like he needed to be hugged. We talked for awhile about his night and I finally offered him the hug he needed.

When he looked up at me he said " I promise I didn't come here just for this." "I know sweetie." I answered. "But I can help you, if you like." He took my hands and pulled me into his lap.

As our lips touched I felt a fire in my belly I had not felt in a long time. His muscular shoulders flexed as I rubbed my hand across it. I pressed myself into him letting my robe fall open just enough for him to slip his hand around my breast. I began to unbutton his shirt. I have never undressed a cop before.

Once I figured out how to get him out of his bullet proof vest I straddled him on the couch. As we kissed I could feel something growing hard under me. I reached down and began to unbuttoned his pants. I love feeling a cock get hard. He was bulging and needed to be freed. As I helped free his now fully erected cock from his pants I pressed my body into him his cock between us. He asked "Do I need to get a condom?" "No… I take birth control" I smiled.

"are you sure about this?" he asked. Instead of answering him with words I kissed him gently on the lips taking his hand I guided it to between my legs where my clean shaved pussy was dripping wet for him. " What do you think?" I asked in return.


His hand petting my wetness was his silent answer back. I looked down at him and realized just how small my body is compared to him. His wide chest and broad shoulders seemed to continue forever.

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I felt as if I was climbing a mountain. His fingers felt so good inside me. First just one to test then sliding in a second made me moan. Then I felt the head of his cock pressing closer. I wanted him inside me so bad I was shaking.


I sat down allowing him to slowly slide into me. We both moaned with pleasure, I wrapped my hands around his neck as I began to move pushing him deeper inside me until I had all I could take of him. He caressed my breasts as we moved together my nipples were hard from his teasing. For a moment I lost myself in my own pleasures then realizing he was still there I concentrated on his muscular body and how hard it felt to my touch.

I could feel a bead of sweat run down between my breasts. My robe was wide open but I still wore it, his hands moved to my ass. He squeezed my ass and then grabbed me by my hips and began to help me move. Now I had all of him in me and I could feel my clit rub against him as I pushed deep wanting every bit of him.

Looking into his eyes I smiled.

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Then all at once I realized I was going to cum and it was going to be a hard one. I grabbed him by the shoulders, leaned my body into him and that's when my pussy began to pulse with deep pleasure.

I felt the butterflies in my stomach and had to reach for myself to try to gain a little bit of control. I buried my face in his chest for a moment then began to move again. He held me tight and when I looked at him he was smiling. Keeping eye contact we started to move again. He felt so good inside me. I didn't want it to end. Arching away from him I began to move with more meaning.

I looked down and watched his cock move in and out of me. My clit was swollen and his big cock was pushing into me nice and deep. He held me at the waist as I pushed my hands into his chest separating ours bodies.

We were both sweaty.

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Kissing we continued moving I could feel his heart beating in his chest. Pulling me into him he grabbed my hips and began to move me. My heart was racing, I was going to cum again. Grabbing his shoulders, I moaned with pleasure and then again felt the deep throbbing of pleasure as it spread through me causing butterflies in my stomach again. I collapsed on him for a moment and decided we needed to finish this in my bed. I wanted to feel him above me taking me for his wants and needs.

"Come to my bed with me?" I asked.

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He smiled and gladly followed as I led him down my hall into the cool darkness of my room. Finally letting my robe fall off me, I pulled him onto me as I laid down on the bed and he began to search my body with his tongue and hands in the dark. Spreading my legs open he pushed into me again.

It made me suck in my breath it felt so good. Pressing my knees into the bed he began to push into me harder and harder. My breasts began to bounce and I grabbed them. Sensing this he grabbed my hands and moved them above my head holding them for a second. When he released I left them in place. Grabbing my hips he positioned me in a better way and began to push into me deep and slow.

I felt out for him and found his body.

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Searching with my hands I found his hips and urged him to move faster. He obliged for a moment and then slowed down again, teasing me.

I began to rub my clit while he moved inside me.


I pulled him down to me and we kissed I could feel the muscles in his back flexing as he moved over me. He pushed up from me and began to move faster.

Again he pressed my legs down into the bed pushing deep into me. I could feel his muscles tensing up. I began to feel the wonderful throbbing start to grow through me again. Then he pushed in very deep and moaned. I felt his cock throbbing inside me. Feeling for him in the darkness I pulled him down to me. Kissing him thanked him and he thanked me back.

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It was one of the best sexual experiences I had ever had and I told him so. It is the first time I had more than 2 orgasms. I wished I had asked him out 2 years ago. He ended up spending the rest of the day at my house and we have been dating since.