Brooklyn chase pleasant problems with my teacher

Brooklyn chase pleasant problems with my teacher
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I pulled into the driveway not entirely sure what to expect. We'd chatted for hours online, but never met face to face save for several webcam talks. Now, to serve dinner as a submissive for her and her seemed like a big step. I was both excited and nervous, triple checking the address to be sure I had the right house. Eleven Townline road, the mailbox confirmed my suspicions. I looked around, there was a beast up Wrangler in the driveway along with a newer Intrepid.

Jessica's, my soon to be mistress, and her friend Lindsey's. Her parents were off enjoying a cruise in some warmer locale.

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I stepped out of the car and grabbed the packages. There were two grocery bags, containing the requisite ingredients for the dinner I'd be making, and a backpack full of dirtier things. I paused for a moment, looking at the front of the house. It was a grayish brown ranch, fairly cookie cutter with windows on either side of the front door.

There were stone steps leading up to is and a dilapidated sidewalk. The yard itself carried no decorations, there was a telephone pole near the road on the opposite side as the driveway, but that was all. Growing more nervous by the second, I walked slowly up the path to the door. Setting the bags down, I knocked heavily. I could see shapes stirring around inside and heard the thud of footsteps.

Sure enough, a few seconds later the door opened. "Hey, you must be Alex," she said with a smile. She was tall, an inch taller than me at 5'11" and slim without being gaunt. Her body had an alluring shapeliness to it, even at her height. She brushed a long strand of brown hair over her shoulder, looking at me expectantly. "Yes Mistress," I replied, diverting my eyes and giving a little bow.

"Excellent," she said with a grin and invited me in. I stepped off to the side and ditched my shoes in the appropriate pile. To the right was a spacious living room complete with an L-shaped sectional couch and large recliner. The television blared quietly in the far right corner as the room's only occupant turned to look at me.

"It's him?" Lindsey asked, eyeing me head to toe. "Niiice," she remarked grinning. I suddenly felt like I was under a microscope as the two women made no pretenses of getting a good long look at me. Lindsey, a contrast to Jessica was a bit shorter and stockier, but while she had some extra weight, it came at the advantage of a bosom that was far more filled out than Jessica's B-cups. Jessica unzipped my backpack and peered inside smiling at its contents. Satisfied, she set it aside, looking at me once more.

"So." she started, a smile playing across her lips. "So." I echoed. Lindsey had turned completely and was giving me her undivided attention. I began to turn red, knowing what was coming next. "So you're a little overdressed," Jessica said with a malicious grin. "Once you get the socks off, you can start with the shirt." I slipped my socks into my shoes off to the side, then pulled my long sleeved T-shirt over my head.

Being late February it had been a bit chilly outside, though the weather was slowly warming as the days passed. She held out her arm and I handed it over. "That one too," she said, as I started relieveing myself of my short sleeve.

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"Niiice," Lindsey said at my bare torso, still watching from the couch. "Now the good stuff," Jessica continued, pointing at my jeans. I hesitated for a moment before loosening the button. My cock had started to rise to the embarrassment of the situation. Red faced, I was turned on nonetheless. I unzipped the jeans and lowered them slowly, placing those in her hands as well.

My cock, while not fully hard, was making itself obvious against the fabric of the boxers.


"Only one thing left," Jessica continued, looking downwards. I stood there, turning redder by the moment. "Come on now," she urged. Reluctantly, I parted with the boxers too, sliding them slowly down my legs, around my ankles and standing to place them in her hands. "No covering," she scolded as my arms had wandered too far in front of me. "Yes Mistress," I answered, moving them to my sides, and then holding my wrist behind my back, affording her an unobstructed view.

She grinned as my cock was still slowly making it's way upwards to its full seven inch length. "Be right back," she said, walking down the hallway to my left with my clothes.


"No covering," she reminded me, disappearing. "Looks like you're enjoying yourself," Lindsey remarked, as my cock was now pointing straight up. "Yes Mistress," I answered quietly. "Well we have a fun night for you," Lindsey said with a laugh as Jessica returned. "Better get started," Jessica said, staring me up and down before smirking at my hard cock. I grabbed the bags and headed straight back into the kitchen. There was a large opening in the wall so that you could see most of it from the living room.

Jessica sat down on the couch, but the two of them had no shame in stealing glances towards my nude form. The meal was to be relatively simple, baked chicken with stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes. I prepped the chicken and slid it in the oven before turning my attention to the side dishes. None of the three were terribly hard to make, but keeping them all going at the same time got a bit tricky.

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I got out the necessary ingredients and begun preparing the various pots. Before long, I was waiting for each to come to a boil, while checking on the chicken. Jessica came into the room to check on my progress. I didn't notice her approach until she slapped me on the ass, causing both me and my dick to jump. "Thought I'd put this on now," she informed me, sliding a black collar around my neck and padlocking it shut in the back.

Eblazoned in white letters against the dark leather, it read "Slave." "Perfect," she said, surveying her work. "Just one more thing," she linked a long black leash to the D-ring on the front of the collar and secured it to the stove. I could still open and close it, but aside from that I wasn't afforded much movement. "Awesome," she remarked before leaving me to cook once more. Diverting my attention back and forth, I was able to quickly finish the sides, leaving the burners on low while waiting for the chicken.

With about five minutes to go, the two girls joined me, taking seats at opposite ends of the table. They watched me work in silence, stifling the occasional giggle at my disadvantage.

When the timer went off, Jessica allowed me to untie the leash and bring it to the table. I set up bowls at the center for each of the dishes and set plates and silverware for the two of them. "Well, we don't need your assistance to eat," Jessica remarked, grabbing the leash while Lindsey laughed.

I thought she was leading me into another area of the house. Imagine my surprise when she began to open the front door. I hesitated for a moment. Still being winter, it had grown dark early, and her street wasn't terribly busy, but there was still the chance that someone might see me.

I paused just short of the threshold. Before I could voice my objections, she gave a sharp tug, sending me stumbling onto the stoop. She led me out into the front yard, while I tried to shield myself. Everything looked deserted, but that didn't stop my eyes from darting about. "No covering, or you'll regret it," she warned. Submissively, I let my hands fall to my sides. She led me all the way out to the phone pole, holding a chair from the porch in the other hand.

Setting it next to it, she climbed atop it and tied my leash to a metal protrusion about eight feet up. "I better not see you cover anything," she said, taking the chair and walking inside. Frantically I looked around, there was still thankfully no one about, but I was humiliated at the prospect of being naked in public. I tried to reach the end of leash, but I couldn't It was padlocked to the collar, so no hope there either. Resigned to my fate, I simply stood, awaiting her return. It wasn't overly cold, but there was a brisk wind and the temperature couldn't have topped fifty.

Within a few minutes, my cock had gone completely soft and begun to shrink. I shivered slightly, but the temperature hadn't become too much of a bother yet. After a few moments, my heart leapt, there was a slim older woman in her mid forties jogging off in the distance.

I prayed she wouldn't turn down Jessica's road. TO my dismay, that's exactly what she did, seeming to pick up the pace.

I stood there tensing as she drew closer and closer. At first I thought she'd go right by without giving a second glance. With her dark sunglasses on, and ipod blaring, I'd hoped she wouldn't even notice me.

My hopes proved to be in vain as she came to an abrupt halt, turned the music off and peered over her sunglasses at me.

"What have we here?" she crowed, the corners of her lips upturning. Mortified, I started to turn, then remembered Jessica's orders. I couldn't tell if she was watching from the house or not. I'd have to assume she was or suffer the consequences. I stood still as she drew closer, her eyes riveted below. "Too bad it's so cold out," she said clicking her tongue. She ran a hand lightly up my inner thigh, stopping when she just barely brushed my balls. Despite the cold, it caused a definite reaction as my dick began to grow once more.

"Ooh, that's better," she said, running her hand up further.


She grasped my balls, rolling them lightly between her fingers. "Let's see if we can get you hard for me." She slid her fingers up, grasping my shaft once it was long enough, softly squeezing and stroking.

Her warm hands did much to fight the cold, breathing life into my cock. After a few moments of running her hands up and down, she had me rock hard. "That's more like it," she purred, surveying her handiwork and tracing the outline with her fingers. Behind me, I heard the front door slam. I tried to turn, but the woman had grasped my cock tightly, affording no movement. "Hi Ms. Moran," Jessica called from behind me. I could hear her dragging the chair behind her.

"Yours darling?" Ms. Moran asked, still holding tightly, but looking me in the eye and grinning. "Mmhmm," Jessica answered, stepping up to undo the leash. "Very nice," Ms. Moran answered, affording me a few short strokes before finally letting me go. "You'll have to let me borrow sometime," she said, reinserting her headphones. "Sure," Jessica said grinning, tugging me back inside. I stumbled across the doorstep again, thankful to be back within the warmth of the house. "Dinner was pretty good," she said, "that's why you're being let back in so soon.

Glad you enjoyed Ms. Moran," she said, nodding towards my still erect cock. Lindsey was still sitting at the kitchen table when I walked in.

"Oooh, bring him closer," she said, eyeing my hard-on. Jessica walked me over and handed the leash to Lindsey. Lindsey took the opportunity to tug me close so that I was standing right in front of her.

She gave my cock a good long look, "can I touch?" she asked Jessica. "Sure, she remarked, settling back into her seat, nibbling on the remainder of her chicken." Lindsey spun me around and yanked sharply so that I fell backwards and was laying across her lap on my back before I knew it.

She had me slide so my cock was nearly centered between her legs. "Perfect," she said while Jessica looked on in amusement. She wrapped her hand around it, less gently than Ms. Moran had and started working it. It was rougher, but no less arousing, in fact, the girl clearly knew what she was doing. After watching me shudder in pleasure for a few minutes she stopped abruptly.

"Aww, too bad," she cooed, helping me back to my feet. "Now go to the dishes," she gave me a hard swat on the ass as I walked off. I cleared the table and disposed of the bones. Jessica didn't tie me to anything this time, simply watched along with Lindsey while I finished up. After drying things and put them away I spun to face them. "Ah bummer," Jessica said, looking at my partially soft cock. "Let's change that," Lindsey offered with a malicious smile.

Together they grabbed my leash and led me into the living room where the TV still hummed.

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Lindsey cleared off the coffee table while Jessica gave my ass another squeeze. "Lay down," she commanded after a few moments. I complied, my cock starting to swell again.

The table was wide enough to accommodate me, and just long enough so that it ran from my shoulders to halfway between my waist and knees. Jessica brought my backpack over, pulling out a few other choice items.

Within a few minutes, she had my ankles bound to the legs of the table. She sat uncomfortably on my stomach while she worked on my wrists, restraining those too, and then extending them above my head and roping them to the other two legs of the table.

I tested my bonds, but they afforded little to know movement. "How's that?" Jessica asked Lindsey. "Hmm," the larger girl hummed, before standing and walking around behind the couch. She returned with several large phonebooks. Together they lifted the table and stacked them beneath so that the end near my legs was raised. I was looking up and my now fully erect cock. "Perfect," Lindsey exclaimed as they slid the table close so that they could both reach me from the couch.

"He has a nice looking dick," she said, running her fingers around it. My body trembled at her touch. Jessica had ordered that I not cum for a few days so I'd be more inclined to be aroused while serving her and Lindsey. The order was having its intended effect as I was about ready to burst. "When was the last time you came?" Jessica asked me. "Three days ago Mistress," I said, gasping a little as Lindsey's hand continued to explore.

"Poor guy, you like what Lindsey is doing to you?" "Yes Mistress," I answered breathily as Lindsey's hand had wrapped itself around me. "Here use this," Jessica suggested, handing over a small bottle. Lindsey poured some of the contents on my, lubing up my cock before assaulting me with her hand once more.

Her tight powerful strokes had me biting my lip in pleasure. She was very practiced running her hand up and down my entire shaft. I was starting to get close in just a few short minutes. "Mmm," I moaned, starting to thrust into her strokes. Jessica gave me a sharp clap on the thigh. "No cumming," she ordered me. "Not unless I say." "Mmph," I groaned. That was going to be difficult.

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"So mean," Lindsey said with a laugh, but I noticed she didn't slow down. In fact, after a few moments her pace increased dramatically. I could feel things start to build with me. "No cumming," she echoed, knowing full well what her hand was doing. "So close," I whispered, trying hard to fight off the rising orgasm. "Only a few more minutes," she cooed, continuing to stroke away. I bit my lip hard, trying to hold on. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, she gave one last hard stroke and remove her hand.

I let out a long sigh as my still sensitive dick twitched on my stomach. "I'll give you a minute to recover, then we start again. "Oh god," I moaned, shifting in place. "It won't be easy," she said with a laugh. It seemed like the reprieve was over in seconds as before I knew it, her hand was back on me. She didn't start slow like before, knowing she already had me wound up. "Jesus," I yelped as her hands worked fast and found all the right spots.

"Oh god, close already," I breathed, trying to hold back a moan. "Good," she said, "no cumming bitch." She continued to stroke away at me, while my breaths drew more ragged, and my moans grew louder.

Jessica looked on, her smile widening with each minute of torture. "Tell me when you're close," Lindsey ordered, increasing her pace. It was only a few seconds later when I cried, "Oh god, I'm about to cum Mistress." "No you're not," she said, stopping immediately and slapping my balls just hard enough to get my attention, but not enough to hurt. I groaned. If my cock was twitching before, it was absolutely throbbing now. It still glistened from the lube, and Lindsey added still more.

"One minute," she reminded. I clamped my eyes shut, bracing myself. She continued to torture me, bring me just to the edge before stopping and giving me the briefest of rests.

After nearly an hour, I was gasping for breath and she could barely touch me for a few seconds before I could feel an orgasm coming on. "Hmm, should we let him cum?" Lindsey asked. "Please," I begged, panting on the table.

"Oh you want to do you?" Jessica taunted. "Yes Mistress, Please." "Hmm, well you can, but you have to agree to something without knowing what it is. Say yes, and then you can cum. Say no and we're done for the night." My cock was ready to burst, I was dying for release. "Yes Mistress, please," I whispered. "Are you sure?" she teased. "Yes mistress, I agree." "Excellent," she said with an evil grin, rising and leaving the room for a few moments.

When she returned she placed a small piece of acryllic on the couch where I could see along with a padlock and set of keys. It was a chastity device. "Here's how this is going to work," she explained. "You have five minutes. If she gets you off before that time is up, this little thing goes on, and I keep the keys. If you can hold out, you get to enjoy her mouth tonight. "Go ahead," she urged Lindsey.

Lindsey grinned maliciously and started in quickly again. Her hand worked hard and fast, hitting the sensitive spot right beneath my head. I tried to hold off as long as possible, thinking of other things, biting my lip, but it was no use, she was too good. Her hands knew exactly where to go and how firm to squeeze. About a minute and a half in, I started shooting.

The orgasm lasted several seconds as I shot stream after stream onto my stomach. A few were so powerful that they hit me in the face, stretching over my chin and lips. "Perfect," Jessica said with a sense of satisfaction as she watched my cock slowly deflate. Lindsey cleaned off the cum that was still on my dick, but left what was on my stomach and face.

She grinned as she readied the device. I tried to struggle against the ropes but between being out in the cold earlier and the past hour, I didn't have much strength in me. I felt Jessica tighten the cock ring around my dick and balls until it was snug, then slide the acrylic sheath over my dick. She snapped them together and fastened the padlock, completing the ensemble. The tube held my cock downward, providing almost no room for growth.

I wouldn't even be able to get remotely hard. "I'll be keeping these," Jessica said, dangling the keys in front of me and walking off. When she returned, they were no longer in her hands. Lindsey was admiring the device, grinning widely. "Alright, it's time for you to go," Jessica said, slicing me free and shoving me towards the door. "But." I started to protest. She held up a pair of cuffs. "Don't make me." With only my socks, shoes, keys and wallet, she shoved me outside covered in my own cum.

"I'll tell you when to come back," she yelled, slamming the door behind me.

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