Horny milf Diamond Foxxx and nasty teen Abby Cross FFM threeway

Horny milf Diamond Foxxx and nasty teen Abby Cross FFM threeway
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my kinky life- part 1 It all started the summer of '74 as i was nearing my birthday, I had already discovered i was bi and had regularly sucked my best friend and fucked a boy a year younger whom I knew from our milk delivery job which many teen boys in 70's did prior to school. My best friend and i were roleplaying in my granny's house which is how we started suckin and the milk boy was a one off in his house one rainy summer day lol we were bored and I suggested we wanked over his dads porn mags these were geman hardcore and well thumbed but we saw a pic of a woman getting an anal pounding and I said I would do that to him for a laugh but he agreed so i lubed him with johnson's baby lotion its the best we could find needless to say i fucked him hard then a year after this I had my first pussy a school chum's sister was the object of my carnal desires she was a little chubby with decent sized mounds of tit flesh and an almost hairless pussy I fucked her and shot my load over her stomach and fucked her for a few months before i went out with another girl like most teens from any country or generation sex and hormones rule their lives But one day my life was to change I witnessed 2 dogs fucking in the street and saw how big the dogs cock was when he eventually was free so i thought i would see if my families dog was equally hung or if like humans they vary i was a curious boy what can i say.

I learnt later in life that even some small dogs are well hung so much like humans can be, I sport a nice 7" myself and have had my share of pussy in my 56 years on this planet .more about that as we travel through time of my life so it became a weekly thing every saturday when my parents went shopping leaving my bro, my sis and I to fend for ourselfs under the gaze of my bro who at 18 mth older than me was busy with his own stuff and my sis would be outside playing she was younger so was happy with a doll to keep her amused for hours.

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At first I just wanked him and then progressed to sucking him taking a while to get used to the metallic taste of his come I was surprised at the watery come from him compared to boy spunk its more watery and hotter than boys as well ,but i came to enjoy him coming in my mouth I loved the colours on his angry cock blue/red/purple and his knot was small as he was only a corgi, my love affair with his cock only faded when i left to join the Army at 16 and a half though i gave him some fun when I was home on leave the first couple of years ,then i had the news he had died in '79 I wont deny I sobbed like a baby when I got the news and for the next 4-5 yrs i had to abstain from any sexual practice that would get me court martialed that being k9 and bisexuality I was doing great with both until I was posted to Northern Ireland during the troubles and found my sense of humour wasnt appreciated by my sergeant major who asked "who knew anything about horses" ,I came to attention and said I did he asked what ,"I said they have a leg at each corner " report to stables on monday morning he barked at me myself sent to work at a riding stables for off duty soldiers and their families to learn how to ride a horse ,so there I was being sent to work with horses and sent on courses for horse management and riding skills and being paid to do them .I loved the army I was at the stables for around 3 month when i was being left to work on my own every 3rd monday at last a chance to explore another animal as I had 9 yrs ago with my dog I used to watch the geldings piss and stare at their huge cocks but the officer who ran the stables had a stallion thoroughbred which he rode in national hunt races he had brought him to the stables for a winter rest it was my turn for monday alone at work so I thought about how i was going to hold his huge cock and decided to just go for it, he was quite chilled as i rubbed his flanks getting ever closer to his cock as he pissed good job i had my wellingtons on i felt it twitch as I touched him so I wrapped my hand around his hardening cock I gave him a what I thought was a good wank but never got him to come so I left him till i was next working my alone monday I also took the opportunity to finger one of the mares but was afraid to try fucking her as i was scared of being caught or being injured as i had heard horse's suck u in and u cant get out until they relax (remember this was '84 pre internet so no way of finding out) I later found out that was a myth but ive never had opportunity to try a mare since.

I was in heaven I had a great job and a chance to explore more sexual acts with horses and I was fucking a local woman who was cheating on her husband, she was on camp to attend the disco or meat market as we lovingly called it that helped to keep my balls empty but i fingered mares regularly and held the stallions cock when i could .One monday as i was fingering the mare I heard the metal door open and close I stopped and listened then went to see who had entered the stables I was surprised when I found out who had dropped in it was my sergeant major,s daughter but I didnt know that at the time she was slim with pert tits I eyed her up and down and she asked if i was enjoying myself i replied yes and I will keep checking you out whenever I want ,so we had some good banter and sexual innuendo's were flying about so I made my move and started kissing her she responded quickly and we started to get into it and hands were everywhere so I led her to the hay store and quickly moved some bales so we couldn't be seen if anyone else was visiting then got back to the task in hand fucking this young filly we both stripped and I laid her down and positioned myself onto her then fed my leaking cock into her wet pussy we both went for it no nice steady rythm where I would take my time to come thus ensuring the girl would come before me she wanted to come her way and that was fucking me hard as i was pounding her we both started to come though she waited till I came and that brought on her orgasm then we cleaned up and went to the office for a cup of coffee and she wanted juice from the vending machine we had put in ,anyway we started to talk and I asked why she was there she said she didn't realise we wern't open on a monday she had wanted a ride ,"you have just had one don't be greedy" I said with a grin she said she was on a study period for school but by the time i found out who her dad was I was already on my way back to civvy street (Slight jump back in time about 6 mth) I had gotten a pup to help keep the rats and mice down in the stables and was prolific in his pest control role but it was as an outlet for my kink that i loved him for I had fallen back into the role of k9 lover he lived there at the stables bedding down with the horses and I never left him behind when i returned home for good he always enjoyed any playtime we had ,usually when out rabbiting he would get a wank through the next 20 yrs i was barely without a k9 companion or 3 as i had lurchers and terriers for hunting plus sandy whom I brought back from Ireland he lived till he was 14 and died in his sleep again I mourned a great friend but marriage and children put a bit of a curb on my k9 life as it was hard to find time alone even hunting someone would be with me most times but not always and when i did get time alone with my pack it was exciting.

I never revealed to anyone that I was bi nor kinky and had a pretty vanilla sex life apart from a year that we tried swinging which suddenly stopped with no explanation so back to vanilla it was I endured it only by a string of affairs and one night stands of which im not proud and I divorced in 2007 which is where i will start the second installment.my kinky life part 2.

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