Rachel steele stacie starr country retreat

Rachel steele stacie starr country retreat
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"You do realize this for the girls volleyball team, right?" "I do, I just need some after school thing to do, so I thought I would try this out." "Mmm hmm," the coach said. He was sitting in his office, listening to a sophomore high school student explain that he wanted to be the new towel boy for his team.

At first thought he was going to deny his request, but he sat and thought, "Well, there are no other applicants, and there's no reason why the girls can't keep their privacy, still." He looked at the boy again, and answered, "All right, come by at 3:30 tomorrow after school, and I will introduce you to the team." "Alright," Alex replied, happily. He just needed something to keep him at school, as he was not very happy with his living conditions, so he liked the idea of this easy job.

The next day, after school, Alex met the coach outside of the girls locker room. "Well I told them you would be coming in, they know your a guy, but I assured that their privacy would not be violated as long as they get out before you come in, whatever time we set for that, understand?" The coach said, with a mildly strict tone.

"Yeah," Alex said, nodding his head, trying to get the coach to trust him.


The coach knocked twice and walking in with Alex behind him. Alex was trying not to look all over, he wanted to seem professional. He looked ahead and saw all the girls, fully clothed, in some sort of line facing them.

"All right, this is Alex, he's the new towel boy for you all, as I mentioned to you during practice today. He will help me out dispensing water during practice, and will do the laundry for the uniforms." His job was not the standard 'towel boy' job, but it was the title that was given.

Alex was surprised by the lack of reply, as they all seemed very uncomfortable. "So who here knows Alex already?" Seven of the 12 players rose their hands. "Good, well then you know that this will be pretty straight forward." The next day was the first day for Alex. There had been a lot of talk about it, but no one knew quite how to judge it as Alex was not extremely close to anybody, just fairly pleasant to everyone.

The girls and him had been told that they are to leave, into the showers, while he goes into where the lockers are, and pick up the laundry.

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The way that the locker room was set up no one in the locker section could see into the shower section, much like how a public restrooms walls are set up, so that from the door you cannot see anything. He walked in at 5:15, looked throughout and confirmed that everyone was in the showers. He picked up the clothes, and left the locker room for the day. This is same thing reoccured for a few days.

One day, though, he walked in and noticed a girl in the right side of the locker room section, with one leg in her pants, and the other one out. Being a gentleman Alex looked away and said, "Sorry, my bad, just umm come out and tell me when you are done," his heart was pounding, he did not want to lose this job. "Go ahead and pick up, it's no big deal" "Oh, ok," Alex said relieved.

He went in and started picking up uniforms, and could not resist peaking at the girl. She was wearing black, tight boy shorts, letting him see her very firm ass. Soon she got dressed, and he finished and left. An accident happened again, only two days later. He walked in, and caught the same girl, except she was just standing, talking, in her panties. Alex did not think much of it, and continued until he noticed she was talking to three other girls, two of which were dressed the same.

They had a shocked look on their faces, but did not react otherwise, assuming it was not big deal by the first girls reaction. Alex could not believe his luck, and felt extremely powerful as one of the girls was in his english class.

There was something about being in a position where he could see something that was completely inappropriate if it was anywhere else. He started getting anxious, hoping he would catch girls again. Every day he looked at the girl he caught, that was in his english class. Her name was Rachel, 32B cup, 5' 4" and had Alex drooling.


One afternoon he decided to stretch out his visit in the locker room. The girls started walking in, all in plain white towels, and stopped when they noticed him. "Oh sorry, guys, my bad," he lied, as he continued to pick up, pretending to hurry. "Thats ok," one of the girls said, in a friendly tone.

They stood there, watching him finish, and undressed after Alex left. He was excited now, and his only plan was just to repeat his recent encounter.

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He did so three times in one week, and as he hoped, the girls became less uncomfortable. They started to bring their bra and panties into the shower area, and come out with them on while he was there. This continued for two weeks, with him having full conversations with the girls as they finished dressing. One day, after the two week mark of this attitude one of the girls forgot to bring her bra or panties in to the showers.

She did not want to make a big deal of it, and so she just walked in, in front of Alex, and started getting dressed. Alex knew he had to look down, not react, and if he any luck he could get other girls to adopt this fashion.

The girls admired this reaction, and so within a week half of them were patrolling the locker room topless. "God, Sarah, I hate my boobs!" "They're fine, gosh Jess!

Here, Alex!" Alex looked over to the two topless 17 year olds. "Come tell Jessica that her boobs look good!" Sarah demanded, playfully.


"Yeah those are really nice, Alex said, staring them down." "They're not, like, firm enough, though," Jessica then took Alex's right hand and put it on her left breast. "What do you think?" "They feel great, are you kidding me?" Alex said, trying to hide his tone of excitement.

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He put his other hand on her other boob. Jessica must appreciated his comments, because the next day she came out completely nude. Alex could not keep his eyes from staring this time, but luckily Jessica took it as a compliment.

Soon enough all the girls were walking around completely nude, with Alex staring at them all, comparing shaved to unshaven, trimmed shapes, and other things.

"So, Alex, what do you prefer, shaved or unshaven?" One of the girls asked one day.

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"I prefer either shaven or neatly trimmed, but I can't complain," Alex answered, while brushing his hand over the girls medium sized bush. "Ha! So do you do anything down their, yourself?" She asked, pointing to his groin with her eyes. "No, actually I never thought about it." By now five girls had joined the conversation, and they were shocked when they heard what he said.

Soon they were calling everyone together, and decided to show him how. Alex nervously pulled down his shorts and boxers; the naked 16, 17, and 18 year olds helped. Two grabbed each arm, with one pushing him from behind, into the showers. They were all giggling, and Alex was having fun as he watched them all delicately handle his cock and balls, stretching and pulling in directions to make the razor work better.

Soon this groping got the girls excited, and they started stroking.


Alex could not believe his eyes, he had 12 girls from his school nude, in the shower, stroking his cock and massaging his balls. He looked around the shower and took it all in, how lucky he had been for the last 2, 3 weeks. Something got his attention, and he looked down as he saw himself cum on the three girls who were kneeling in front of him.

They replied negatively, playfully teasing him for his action. He could tell this could go somewhere further.