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Peek Down Blouse on Hidden Cam
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It has been a few years since I have wrote anything so bare with me and all constructive criticism is appreciated, I noticed a few wizard like stories out there but none really fleshed out or what my fantasy was so I decided to do some writing as well as leaving some room for some fun. You are warned that this story does have some elements such as non-consensual sex and some teen sex. If any of this bothers you then look elsewhere for your kicks, the story is a bit wordy but gets really good, enjoy!!

My inheritance, to move unseen As the light hit my eyes I dreaded having to leave the comfort of my bed, its warmth hugging me and beckoning me to stay awhile longer. It was a cold morning to be sure and as I looked around lazily, I glanced my alarm clock and saw 7:45, at the sight of such little time to be ready for school I leapt from my bed. As the cool November air in my house hit my body, and morning wood, I felt my 5'11 frame shiver from my head full of forehead length brown hair, down my flat stomach, past my quickly shrinking 7 inch cock, and ending with the curling of my toes.

I always had problems sleeping through my alarm as our house had a wooden heater and if not tended by someone regularly through the night it would die out and leave our house to the mercy of the colder months.

As I threw some clothes on and grabbed my keys I passed my parents room, though more my mothers to be exact as my father, Robert, had apparently found better things to do in life than support us many years ago. My mother was already gone no doubt starting another double shift at the factory just to put food on the table and attempt to give me a better chance at life than she was given as she always told me.

As I went downstairs I passed a few pictures, one of the more recent ones showed me and my mother, Paula, at the beach. I had a shit eating grin on as I had never been and we almost never took vacations, my mothers 5'1 slender frame was hidden under a sun dress and you could see many lines on her face with a forced half smile all brought on by years of hard labor and misfortune.

I flew out the door and immediately hit the ground as I tripped over something. When I looked back I saw a package on the porch, upon inspection it was addressed to me with no return address. I had no time as it was so I stuffed it into my backpack and jumped into my piece of crap 92 blazer and hit the gas like no other.

As I pulled into the school parking lot and looked for my assigned spot I noticed a 2014 mustang in my spot, typical of the most popular guy in school to park the car his rich ass parents got him in my spot. I eventually found a free parking spot at the far end of the parking lot ensuring I would in fact be late for first period. As I slowly opened the door to my first class I saw my bitch of a teacher at the front writing something on the board.

She was wearing a typical business outfit consisting of a pencil skirt hugging her large flared hips and nice ass which has caused me many a boner in class, and a matching blue blouse with a few too many buttons undone. I always had the suspicion she wore these things on purpose just to be the tease she is.

As I made my way quietly to my seat I locked eyes with the very person who took my spot, a typical pretty boy named Brent. As he noticed me he yelled "nice of you to join us Brian, a bit late I think." Then in the annoying flat voice I heard Ms.Grail say "Mr.Connor can you explain to me what better things you found to do than attend my class." I started to say that my spot had been taken by Brent but she interrupted me saying that school parking spots were for those who came on time like Brent.

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Take a seat and I will see you after school for detention. I didn't bother to argue my point as it was futile. As I sat threw the class I remembered the package that I could attribute my bruised knee to. I pulled it out of my bag as quietly as I could while I sat in my corner in the back of the class.


It had no marking of note other than being addressed to me with the only mistake being that me and my mother had changed our last name to her original after her divorce went through. I opened the wrapped package slowly as to make as little noise as possible. After the brown wrapping was aside what lay before me was a white box that said "your inheritance." I opened the box and I saw an envelope with my name on it, again with the wrong last name.

I opened the envelope and started to read it, is said "to whomever it may concern, on behalf of the late Robert Dreary, I his lawyer was put in charge of executing his will.

As his last dying wish the deceased Robert Dreary left what he considered his greatest possession, a book with no writing on it and a lock with no keyhole. Mr.

Dreary stated that this would be no problem for a true heir in his line." As I put the letter back in the envelope I pulled out a book no bigger than my hand, brown and apparently old. I attempted to find a way to open it but to no avail, I thought little of the book as I wanted nothing to do with my father and was glad to hear he had died hoping he had suffered as my mother and I had. At that moment the bell sounded and I got my things together feeling rather sluggish as I didn't have time for breakfast, as I walked out the door Ms.

Grail stated that I should not forget to be here by 3:10 at the latest for detention. My next period was slow as none of my friends shared classes with me this semester much to my distaste. Finally lunch had come and after waiting in line for my food I located the table that my group was seated at.

Upon my arrival I was greeted with half hearted hellos and what ups. I could tell that none of us were having good day so we all ate in silence. After finishing my lunch the bell rang for third period and soon after that fourth.

I dreaded having to spend time after school with that bitch when I could be home playing league on the computer I had to work all summer to afford. Finally the 3 o'clock bell rang and I made my way slowly to detention until I glanced at my phone and saw it was 3:08 and I took off running to not be late. I arrived at the door at 3:11 and walked in to immediately hear Ms. Grail say "nice of you to join us Mr. Connor, now we can push your stay to 4 o'clock." Again not even attempting to explain my way out of it I moved to my seat in the back not noticing until I sat that there was another person put at the mercy of the bitch.

It was none other than one of the hottest girls in my class Stacy Caldwell. Suddenly this did not seem like it would be such a bad time with some eye candy. She sat in the front row and I started to admire her body, her slender 16 year old frame, her full breasts complimented by the pink halter top she wore.

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I notice she was wearing jeggings, no doubt the reason she had detention as it was against dress code, which hugged her firm looking ass in a never ending embrace. I also saw that her pink thong was riding up her hips clearly visible and it made me hard as a rock. At that time I heard Ms. Grail say "how about instead of admiring Ms.

Caldwell and her lack of modesty that you do some reading or school work or I will give you some extra credit homework." At that point Stacy pulled her shirt down and ended my show as I scowled at Ms. Grail and reached into my bag and pulled out the first thing that I could grab which happened to be my fathers useless book. My first thought was that it may be worth something as I inspected the front and back finding no way to open it.

I brushed the dust of the front and as I ran my finger down the spine it shocked me as I cursed at it and Ms. Grail stated that if I didn't want to stay longer I should watch my language. Then as I put my finger at the top of the spine again and ran it down to the bottom the latch fell open and I jumped. I then opened the book and it read in a language I didn't seem to recognize with one solitary word in English, "FINGER" and a circle below it.

Putting two and two together and feeling rather silly for following a books orders I placed my finger in the circle and felt a shock similar to earlier as the words on the page started to become clear and English, I quickly removed my finger and jumped once more eliciting another and final warning to remain quiet.

After regaining my composure I again placed my finger on the circle and watched as all the words became familiar shapes and letters and it read "As one passes another takes its place. You are now in possession of the Krono family book of spells and incantations, before you can utilize this book rules must be laid forth.

First and foremost if you should accept the rules and responsibilities of the Krono family about to be set before you then 16 years after your eldest child is born yoi will pass from this world into the next. If this is understood then next you must understand that the Krono family is an old and powerful institution but not the oldest or most powerful.

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As a heir to their magic you must be discreet in all activities as the eldest of another line may seek to kill and consume yours. While similarly you may choose to seek and consume others at the cost of your life force but will strengthen future heirs. Your powers are however limited, true love may never be imposed with magic, and although time can be stopped momentarily by powerful heirs it can not be rewound or changed so choose your actions wisely. If this is understood then lift your finger and turn the page to let your journey begin." As I lifted my finger I was not completely convinced I was not just being messed with and turned the page, as I did my palm felt as though it were on fire and I cried out before it subsided.

Ms. Grail then stating that she was at the end of her rope and wasn't going to get stuck here all night on my account then she said that she would see me tomorrow for another hour of quality time. Not giving two shits what she had to say I inspected my still hot palm to find an odd marking consisting if several k's. I read the first page which was filled with a letter from my father himself.

The page read "My dearest son, I am glad that you decided to take on this great burden, I wish I could be there to help you through the coming changes but such is the life of the eldest of each generation. The day you were born was both the happiest and saddest day of my life as it started a clock of my own mortality.

Know that I loved you and your mother with all my heart and that I am sorry for leaving but there were so many things I wished to do with my limited time. Follow the rules and live a better life than I did." Finally understanding but not forgiving why my father left I turned the page once more finding the index.

I them turned to the section that read "Basic Spells and Incantations" the first one stated that the spell could manipulate small objects and move them at the casters will. After learning the pronunciation I looked across the room at Stacy and muttered the word and her pen tolled off the desk much to my surprise. She then bent down to get it giving me a great view of her ass in her jeggings and making her shirt ride up once more showing off her thong again.

I was instantly hard at the sight, reading on through a few more useless and basic spells like conjuring food or water I found a simple short term sleep spell which stated that the sleep lasted no longer than 30 minutes.

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Seeing it was roughly 3:20 I practiced the pronunciation and looked at Ms. Grail before muttering a bit more complicated a spell and seeing her eyes look heavy and she lay her head down on the table and sleep. Ms. Grails action drew the attention of Stacy as she scoffed and stated she was out of here before she woke up.

At that time I turned my attention to her and with lust muttered the phrase for sleep and saw her pass out herself. Not believing my luck I got up from my seat and made my way down to where Stacy slept. When I reached her I cautiously nudged her and then more confidently pushed her back and her seemingly lifeless body hung back on the school seat giving me a great view of her bust.

Throwing caution to the wind I stepped forward and placed my hands on her shirt and bra covered mounds, admiring how they felt but soon getting bored of the barriers between me and my prize.

As I struggled to get the skin tight shirt off and then the push up bra I was dumbstruck by one of the few but by far the greatest pair of tits I had ever seen. I looked at the bra and found them to be 36C, as I placed a hand on the milky flesh of her tit I was ready to blow a load in my pants, I felt her soft skin and hardening pink perfect nipples. I knelt down and took one into my mouth admiring what appeared to be a taste of honey no doubt in the lotion she covered herself in.

Again I was soon bored with just groping her and as I pulled her out of the seat and laid her flat on her stomach across the desk which was bolted to the floor so could support her without overturning.

I pulled down her jeggings and thong at the same time to find more of the intoxicating milky white flesh that covered her perfect ass as I grabbed and slapped at it. I then turned her over and spread her legs as I dived into the deepest parts of her pink folds, it was amazing how she tasted, I would never have believed she was a slut if I had tasted her sooner, she was fresh and the aroma was intense.

As I fingered her I couldn't believe how tight she was though she was no virgin. Wanting to only get my rocks off I cursed for not having protection as who knows who this slut slept with, eyeing her purse on the floor I rummaged and found a condom and figured it was meant to be.

I yanked my jeans down and slid the condom over my rock hard 7 inches and prepared for lift off.


I entered her slowly to admire the supreme feeling of her tightness, if I hadn't jacked off the night before I would have came right there. I slowly built up speed feeling the best pussy I have ever had and tried to steady her as her limp body moved with my thrusts. I then threw her legs over my shoulders and really started to pound her with everything I had, as I was kicking and bucking about I knocked her purse over and birth control spilled out.

Hoping I wasn't making a mistake I pulled out and ripped the condom from my dick wanting to feel her bareback. I was in heaven, her warmth and wetness was immense. I didn't think I could last lkng with such great pleasure and came after a few short thrusts burying myself as deep as I could, rope after rope came out as I was washed over with wave after wave of pleasure.

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After I was able to stand without shaking legs I pulled my pants up and used her thong to clean up any extra that was pouring out. I then started to redress her leaving her thong off and placing it covered in my cum and the condom in her purse. After placing her back in her seat I looked at the clock in the wall and wished I had more time to explore her or revenge fuck Ms. Grails. I sat back down and laid my head down mocking sleep while watching the 2 women, Stacy was the first to awake and the look of shock on her was enormous.

She picked up her things and ran from the room as quickly as she could. As she lay there with his head down Ms. Grail started to come to so I looked down and as soon as she became coherent she yelled at me saying nobody sleeps in her class and that I will look forward to seeing her an extra hour each day for the rest of the week.

When I tried to explain that she had been sleeping she refused such a absurd notion. After she was done yelling I looked down at my book and located the index. I turned through the pages rapidly and stopped at the section "Moderate spells and incantations: world modification" the first section was labeled "to move unseen." This spell allows the caster to bend light around himself and appear invisible, note this does not work on any object only the caster.

At 4 I packed up and headed outside the room, as I passed she said see you tomorrow Mr. Connor. I went directly to the bathroom and flipped back to the page as I cast the spell I felt weak, it was obviously beyond my current skill and had taken from my life force.

As I started to feel normal again I looked down at my hands and saw nothing, after more inspection I saw that my clothes were still visible. I read on in the spell and it stated that it only lasted an hour. I then stripped and prepared to go have a little fun, I wanted that bitch to be awake and know what was going on when I fucked the shit out of her.

I headed back to the class knowing I would have no trouble overpowering her small frame as I moved unseen…………to be continued? Any constructive criticism is welcome, I haven't wrote in a few years but if it gets good reviews I will write another