April Snow in The Sex Artist

April Snow in The Sex Artist
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Anna was about 15 years old when her innocence shifted to defilement. It was 4 o clock on a Wednesday afternoon when her big sister Lindsey stepped into her room. Shutting the door behind her quietly, she had a predatoral look in her eyes. She was about 18, black hair like Anna, and curvaceous. Lindsey had always taken advantage of Anna's low self-esteem. She would even get her to take the fall for mishaps around the house.

When a picture frame broke, it was Anna. When the iron was left plugged it was Anna. But today would come as a surprise for young Anna.

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Nothing her sister had ever asked her could prepare her for this. Lindsey sat beside her and took her by the hand. "I'm going to ask you to do something pretty weird sweetie.

I want you to know that I love being your big sister, and nothing I would ask of you would be too much for you to handle". Anna gave a hesitant but compliant nod. She looked up to her big sister. When Lindsey went out, Anna would put on her make up and try and imitate her voice.

She wanted that confidence that permeated the room when Lindsey entered. Anna hugged her and said "Anything sis". "Awwww" Lindsey replied. "You're so cute. Ok now listen up. Mom and Dad are gone for about 2 hours and I wanted to try something cool with you that me and the older gals tried the other day".

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Anna's eyes lit up. "REALLY"!! said Anna. "Oh Yeah" she replied." Ok this is going to sound "gross" but I promise we had a lot of fun. "Anna got a curious look in her face. She would not however let it get the best of her. She said Ok excitedly. Lindsey told her to relax and no matter what to stay calm.

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She guided Anna's head down to the pillow, took her by the legs and pulled her further down the mattress aggressively. Anna was shocked and quite disturbed, but she would not disappoint her sister. Lindsey stepped to the side of the bed and to Anna's shock dropped her pants, exposing her perfectly trimmed cunt. She looked at Lindsey with disbelief.

Lindsey with a pleading look in her eyes Anna could not resist, begged her not to freak out. The weird was yet to come.

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So Anna regained her composure and prepared for the unexpected. Lindsey kissed her on the cheek and uttered a most sincere thank you. Anna felt warm on the inside. Lindsey then got on the bed, straddling Anna's body. Anna, with a yelp asked her to wait.

Anna could not see her, but for an instant Lindsey's face grew red with fury. She turned around politely, her ass out for all to see, and asked what was wrong. "Did you really do this with your friends?" she asked. "It just seems very strange". Lindsey gave a slight smile and then sat half naked beside her sister. She explained "Anna have you ever wondered why I don't take you out with my friends".

The 15 year old slowly shook her head yes. "Well let me tell you. You see, young ladies at your age have been deemed not ready to experience some of the things that the girls my age do.

It may be too emotional or too disturbing if the gal isn't mature enough. But there's something different about you. I can have a conversation like this with you and not feel like I'm crossing the line. I'm actually quite at ease right now. Just tell me right now Ann. Am I wrong?" Anna bashfully and with now reddened cheeks said "No".

Lindsey gave her one more kiss but this time passionately on the lips. She put her index finger on Anna's mouth. "No more interruptions?" she asked Anna nodded. Lindsey got back to her feet and hopped up and down slightly making Anna bounce.


Anna giggled nervously and the somewhat tense mood dissipated. After a Hollywood wink, Lindsey resumed her straddle over Anna. "Are you ready"? She asked. Anna gave a thumb up. With that, Lindsey then squatted slowly over Anna's face.

Anna now having gotten this far grew more curious. "What do I do now? " Anna asked. Lindsey in one dominant utterance said LICK.

Anna guided her tongue cautiously to Lindsey's anus. She could see a substantial amount of thin little hairs along the walls of her butt cheeks. The smell sort of reminded her of pickles and spoiled ranch. She grabbed her butt with both hands and forced her tongue into her butthole.

Lindsey let out a cute shriek. She continued licking up and down targeting all of the bitter-sweet soppiness she could locate.


Lindsey started to buck her hips, loving her sister more than ever now. After about 3 min, she decided to initiate a test. "Anna baby" she called. No reply. Anna was completely forgone, licking away without a care in the world. "I have to fart" Lindsey said bashfully. Still no reply. Lindsey shook her head in approval. She leaned forward slightly so her sister wouldn't suffer an instant death.

With a slight shifting of her stomach she relieved herself. With what sounded like a low pitched queef she let the raunchy air float over her sister's face.

"Ewwwww Lindz what did you do?" Anna cried. "I'm sorry honey, I tried to give you a heads up but you were so busy".

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They both began chuckling in joy. "It's ok" Anna said. "It's kinda like one of those things that you shouldn't like but you do"? "Onions much"?

Lindsey replied. "Did you want me to continue?" said Anna. "Uhmm yeah but this time I have a surprise for you. Kind of smells like the last one though. Maybe worst." Lindsey forewarned I'm having fun with you though said the little one .

We haven't been this close in a while Anna said. "That's my trooper". After resuming Lindsey geared up her bowels for further relief.

Anna oblivious to what was about to happen kept at her labor. Suddenly, Anna felt a trickle on her neck. Her big sister was now peeing on her. She felt the warmth drizzling down and around her neck.

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The smell of urine and fecal air coated her face. Along came the lumber. Slowly protruding from Lindsey's posh derriere was a mahogany colored log with an almost artistic distinction between the dunes that covered the surface of Anna's soon to be lunch. Anna opened wide. Lindsey groaned and the sound of her grumbling stomach filled any silence that was in the room. The princess then thrusted her intestines and let it all free flow.

Shit covered the little girl's mouth and nose, and began stinging her eyes.

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Anna's gag reflexes started to kick in, but she held her ground and kept the puke down. On and on it came and the stench seemed to compound. She didn't want to upset her idol so she fought the urge to pass out. Even Lindsey's face became flush. Sweat trickled down her buttcrack, some of it landing in Anna's right eye. Ex-Lax was nothing to fuck with. The room absolutely STANK. After she was done, Lindsey reversed her position and proceeded to smear her essence all over Anna's face and through her hair.

She grabbed her face with both hands and looked her in the eyes longingly. "Thank you so much" she said. Anna smiled with disorient. She guided her little sister to the shower to wash the day off, and afterwards tucked her in for a nap. THE END