After the gentle fellatio filthy bitch receives a passionate sex

After the gentle fellatio filthy bitch receives a passionate sex
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We didn't have much time left. She would be here any minute. "Are you done setting up the cam yet Joe?" my fiance Marie yelled up the stairs.

"Almost there babe." I was quickly setting up a spycam in the closet directly across from the open bathroom door. My 19 year old niece Leanne who would be staying with us for a few weeks this summer had a nasty habit of leaving doors open. She once admitted to me that she didn't bother shutting doors because she knew we respected her privacy, an oxymoron if ever there was one.

Nonetheless, my fiance and I were hoping to exploit that trust in the coming days.

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"Get down here hun. She's pulling up right now." I quickly finished positioning the cam as fast as my pervy hands could manage, then tumbled down the stairs just in time to greet Leanne as she walked through the front door without so much as a knock. "Oh! H-hi guys," she said with a startled expression. I suspected she was surprised to find us waiting in the doorway for her. She had a nasty habit of not knocking, something else Marie and I hoped to exploit soon.

I reached to take Leanne's bags for her. As she bent over to lift her bags up to me, I got a cock-hardening glimpse down her top. As Leanne headed for the living room to make herself at home (no invitation needed), Marie gave me a playful wink.

I just raised an eyebrow in silent response. We couldn't wait. Later that day, we had lunch. When I started washing the dishes, Leanne headed upstairs without a word. When I heard the sound of the shower echoing down the stairs through the open bathroom, I looked at Leanne who quickly set the laptop on the table in response. Just as I was finishing the last dish, my fiance and I turned to watch the show. Leanne had naturally left the door wide open as usual. She was already half undressed, lowering her black shorts to her ankles, giving us a full view of her petite, lightly tanned ass.

I couldn't help but notice how limber she was. She had pushed her shorts all the way to the floor without so much as bending a knee.

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As I watched intently as my brother's daughter climbed into our shower, I felt Marie slip her hand down onto my incestuous package. As Marie began kissing my neck and massaging my cock to full mast, I saw Leanne pull a bottle of shampoo out of her bag of bathroom supplies. She hesitantly looked at the bottle in her hands, frowned slightly, then pushed the bottle back into the bag and zipped it up. What happened next made my fiance groan with excitement.

"Uncle Joe, can you bring me a bottle of shampoo?! I forgot to pack mine!" Shit, this was going better than planned. "Go get her tiger," Marie said into my ear. I jumped up and headed for the stairs. I pulled a bottle of shampoo down from the closet which had been in plain view of the open bathroom door, another good indication. As I turned to face the bathroom, I let out a low groan. I could see the distorted form of my niece's naked body through our curtain.

I stepped into the bathroom and knocked on the door frame. "Housekeeping," I teased. She turned and peered around the shower curtain, pushing it aside more than necessary, giving me a full view of her right breast and nipple.

"Thanks uncle Joe. You're a fucking lifesaver." "My pleasure," I said, trying fruitlessly not to stare at her exposed right tit.

As I turned to leave, she called to me suddenly. "Have you and aunt Marie fucked yet?" "Come again?" "Anytime," she giggled. While my brain tried to catch up with the significance of her teasing remark, she went on. "I know you guys aren't married yet," she said while squirting shampoo into her hand, "but I wouldn't have figured you guys for prudes." "What brought this on?" "Just a thought, that's all.

Nothing more, really." "Intriguing. So what's this thought of yours?" "Well.


I don't think my boyfriend likes fucking me. Maybe I'm just a shitty lay?" "I doubt it," I blurted without thinking.

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"I mean- um." "Hehe. Thanks uncle Joe. I appreciate that, but I think it's because my tits are too small." "I'm sure they're beautiful." "No, not that." "What then?" "Well he said he likes to titfuck. He's it's one of his biggest fetishes. But my titties are too small to press his cock between. Can you hand me a towel for my eyes?" "Sure thing," I said reaching under the sink, "but can't he just cum on your tits?" I was WAY too fucking comfortable with this conversation, all things considered.

"You mean give me a pearl necklace? He loves doing that with me, don't get me wrong, but he says it's just not the same. Aren't there any sexy fetishes that involve girls with small tits uncle Joe?" "Hun, I think that's a fetish in and of itself." "You know what I mean." "Well not that I can think of, unless he likes lolitas." "Do you like lolitas uncle Joe?" "Come again?" "Of course uncle Joe," (again with the teasing), "but.

I mean Marie has big tits. She's definitely not a lolita. Does that take away the fun for you?" I was keenly aware that Marie was listening. "Well, I admit I like lolitas, but." she turned off the water and began drying off behind the curtain ".but I like big tits too. There's nothing wrong with liking both, in my book." "I wish Mike liked lolitas as much as you do uncle Joe.

Do you think I could be a good lolita for Mike?" "Sure, I don't see why not." "Really?! I'm not too tall?" "You've got the perfect body type for being a lolita, Leanne. Any guy would be lucky to fuck a lolita as beautiful as you." She stepped out of the shower just then, barely covering anything with the towel she held to her chest with one hand, both tits clearly visible on either side of her hand, and ran up and kissed me on the cheek.


"Thanks uncle Joe. I'm glad someone thinks I'm fuckable, even if he doesn't." As she rushed and bent over to grab her bag and head for the guest bedroom at the end of the hall, I got the full showcase of her body from many wonderful angles.

As she stepped into the bedroom and dropped the towel in front of the ever-open door, it took all I had to walk downstairs. "That was interesting!" Marie said enthusiastically as I met her in the kitchen. "Interesting isn't even close to being the right word hun." Later that night, Marie and I were lying in bed, whispering about what we hoped to do with Leanne, when we heard whimpering and moaning in the guest bedroom.

"That's more like it. I thought she'd never start," Marie exclaimed suddenly. Without hesitation, Marie rolled over to the nightstand by the bed and produced some fuzzy handcuffs and a condom and threw the blankets and sheets to the floor. "Let's see how quiet we can be," Marie said with a devilish grin. Anytime I had Marie in cuffs, it became hard to keep her quiet.

If I was the one in cuffs, it was downright impossible. (It's kinda hard to cover my wife's mouth with my hands cuffed to the headboard, ya know?) "Who's wearing them?" I pleaded. "Me. I want you to cover my mouth as you fuck the shit out of me with your niece getting herself off next door." Foregoing my sexual inhibitions and higher moral functions, I slipped on the condom, handcuffed Marie to the bed, and lifted her ass up, readying her for our favorite position.

With Marie's hands restricted, I bent her legs up to her ears, and slipped my shaft down into her anxious pussy, feeling her muscles gripping my cock tightly inside. With my first thrust, I had to place my hand over Marie's mouth to stifle her squealing. Plowing the length of my shaft all the way down, my head pressing her cervix, I began fucking my fiance with my incestuous meat as my niece's ecstasy echoed in the hall, undoubtedly emanating through the ever-open door.

As Marie approached her climax, I picked up my thrusting speed, readying my own load. Just as I was preparing to make my final thrust before pouring my load into the condom that I wished wasn't there, I heard a noise over my shoulder. As I shoved my shaft into Marie's fleshy depths, taking my hand off her mouth to maintain my balance, I turned suddenly to see Leanne in the doorway, her hand furiously rubbing her fleshy folds beneath her partially open bathrobe.

I lost my balance, falling forward onto Marie as she let out a ear-splitting squeal that could wake the neighbors, my load pouring into the condom buried in Marie's pussy as my eyes stayed momentarily fixed on my niece's climaxing body, her lithe lolita frame squirming in my bedroom doorway. Leanne abruptly realized she had been seen. Try as she may to run, her own well-timed climax made it impossible for her to flee. Instead, suddenly caught off guard, she tumbled backwards in the doorway with a sudden thump, her legs numb from her still-diminishing climax.

Without thinking, I got up and ran for the doorway to make sure she was okay.

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Instead, I was greeted by the sight of my niece sprawled out spread eagle, gently convulsing on the hallway floor, her head tilted back with her eyes shut, too focused on the moment to notice my presence.

"Y-you okay Lea?" "I'm-I'm fine. I'm okay. Oh God, am I okay." I couldn't help but admire how she was handling the situation. "Need help?" I asked, forgetting where we all were at the moment.

"Sure, give me a hand. My ass is fucking killing me. Um, uncle Joe?" "Yeah," I asked, completely oblivious as I pulled her up off the ground. "Your cock is pointing right at me." "Oh shit!" I said, trying to move behind the door.

"You really do like lolitas, huh?" she teased, failing to close her robe. "Um." I had no idea how the fuck to reply to that. "Hey aunt Marie?" Leanne proclaimed, stepping into the bedroom, me shifting around to stay behind the door, "I'm really sorry for ruining your guy's orgasm." My fiance, not missing a beat just smiled.

"It's okay, Leanne. You didn't ruin anything. I've never come that hard before, not even in that position." "Um, glad I could help, but." "But what?" I asked, my curiosity getting the best of me again. "What was it that I did that made it better for you guys?" I turned to my fiance, pleading with my eyes for her to take control of the situation before we lose our chance.

"Well, I've never come with a lolita masturbating in the room before while your uncle is shoving his cock into me like we were doing." "But I wasn't actually in the room." "We can fix that if you like." I was so damn sure Marie had gone too far with that one.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, I thought to myself.


"Can I come in then?" Fuck yes! "Of course sweatpea. Make yourself comfortable." Leanne stepped into the room daintily. Summoning what little courage I had left, I shut the door, exposing myself to my niece's back, leaving the door slightly ajar.

"So what can we do for you Lea?" my wife cooly asked. "This isn't my first threesome guys. Just so you know." "I suspected as much," I curtly responded, sounding far more confident than I actually was. "Come over here sweaty and tell me what you'd like to do." Leanne did as she was asked and crawled up onto our bed, sitting on her knees between Marie's open legs.

"I-I'd like to. Do you guys have a strap on?" "In the bottom drawer, hun" my wife said, nodding towards the table by the bed. Lea reached in and pulled out a moderately sized, bright lime green strap on dildo. "Why do you guys have a strap on?" "This isn't our first threesome either hun." Next thing I know, Leanne is sitting on Marie's lap with the dildo already deep in her ass, her hands handcuffed to the bed behind both their heads. As I position myself between my niece's legs, my niece peering deeply into my eyes with a similar look coming from my fiance's face behind Leanne's head, I suddenly take a moment to appreciate the astronomically low odds of the situation.

"Wait. Take the condom off. I'm on the pill anyway." I take the cum-filled condom off. Leanne beckons to me. I hand her the condom, and she empties its contents into her mouth, turns her head, and slowly spits my jizz into my fiances beckoning mouth.

They swap my sperm a few times, before Leanne spits it down the front of her exposed abdomen, unable to wipe her face with her hands bound behind her head. I finally place my spunk coated, incestuous cock between the legs of my brother's 19 year old daughter, and slowly ease my shaft into her petite, lolita body, her young pussy gripping every inch of my cock.

As I begin thrusting into my niece's beautiful, young snatch, Marie begins thrusting the strap on deep into Lea's asshole, Lea responding by moving and bouncing her petite body along with our motions, squealing and moaning like a horny, cock-starved slut. I lean forward over my niece's body, lifting her flexible legs up to her ears, and begin pounding my cock as hard and fast as I can.

As Lea's pussy keeps squeezing and clenching my cock, it becomes hard to hold back. "Fuck me uncle Joe! I want your fucking cum! I want your fucking cum inside my pussy!" "Don't disappoint her Joe. Can't you see how badly she wants? She's begging you for it. Come on baby, give your niece all of your fucking cum. Fill her pussy with with your fucking cum!" "Fuck yeah, I'm gonna fill my niece's pussy with my cum.

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Fuck! I'm cumming!" With five deep thrusts, I plow my cock deep into my niece's pussy, painting her vaginal walls with me whitewash, a stream of cum issuing from my cock with each thrust.

I feel all three of us shudder as I stop to catch my breath, finally collapsing beside Marie and Leanne. "I think. the three of us. are going to have a great fucking summer." Lea turns her head to face me and smiles from ear to ear. "I can't wait uncle. God, I can't fucking wait." To be continued.