Hot oral sex at the club toilet

Hot oral sex at the club toilet
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ill begin this story as stating my name which is Dominick but my female name is Jessica. im 18 years old, i was turning 17 when this happened tho.

blue eyes, blonde hair, beautiful curves for a male. since i was born i knew i was to be female but god made me a male but that didn't stop me from being a female. it was my 17th birthday, alot of my friends were over, mostly girls as i was trying to pick out their feminine ways.

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we were having a blast, talking gossip, about hot guys, didn't eat not chocolate cake tho too sweet =D, watched movies, basically do whatever a teen girl would do. All my family was at the party of course, well not exactly my aunt maria didn't show up, shes the type to not show up at a relatives birthday party. At aprox 12:00 in th mourning everybody left leaving me and my best friend alone in the house.

We were used to staying in the house alone cuz we had sleepovers like everyday. We talked about some more gossip, and i brought up the subject of where my aunt could have been. last time we had to celebrate a birthday in the family, we found my aunt in the bedroom naked and all drenched in sweat. not even 5 mins later the phone rings. i picked up the phone and my aunt was on the other side, she excused herself that she couldn't make it, i noticed she was breathing hard and long.

she told me to go over her house tomorrow cuz she was gonna give me my birthday present.


the next mourning i woke up with a huge headache. had a bowl a cereal and went upstairs to change. i wanted to look special for a change, because my aunt would usually have hot guys in her house and I've always wanted to look pretty.

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i took my favorite pair of pink socks with flowers on them, a sexy pink thong which fit me perfectly even tho i had a cock in the way, i also put on a blue and silver push up bra, black tights which would shot off my curves, my big butt, and my thong, also whore a pink t shirt which was tight all arround to show off my breasts.

i was on my way to her house, as i arrived there i saw a car parked in the driveway i didnt usually see.

i rang the doorbell and she answered the door. aunt maria was a gorgeous woman, she had everything I've always wanted, she knew i was in the tranvestite trend and was gay cuz she spotted me at the gym changing in the girls locker room with another guy.

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she then let me in and i saw 2 other men standing in the living room which i never seen before. she let me to her room and we talked over there. she told me she was sorry that she couldn't make it to the party and i guessed why but of course she told me a lie, she told me she had to go to the clinic but obviously she was having sex. she brought out a big box and told me to open it, it was supposed to be my birthday present, i opened it with alot of excitement but only to find her old underwears, bras, other clothes, and her two favorite sex toys a vibrator, and a big sex machine.

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she laughed so hard she alsmot fell, i got up shot it to the floor and told her off. she got mad and smaked me in the face. i didnt want to start a fight with her but i knew she would call those guys up and she did.

She ordered those big guys to put me to the floor and they did and binded my legs and hands soon my mouth.

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she whispered in my ear not to cry but that i was gonna go for a wild day. they brought me to this place where all i saw were men and women starring at me i knew most of them they were my aunts friends, she then ordered the 2 guys to strip me down i tried to fight them off but i was binded.

i was now naked in a room of at least 20 people. soon those 2 big guys came again and hanged me up from my feet and hands in the air. my aunt then told me that i was gonna feel wat if would be like to get fucked in the ass.

she brought out the big sex machine and put it right near me. the machine was about the size of a big keyboard had 2 dildos attached to it and had a built in vibrator.

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the crowd then yelled give her a double penetration. i was scared i never got that. as i saw those dildos approach i tried letting out a scream but i couldn't. the dildos inserted my ass both at the same time.

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and one came right in my mouth. the people were laughing and just starring at me poor Jessica in pain with 2 dildos ramming my ass and one going down my throat.

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i was on the verge of collapsing, when my aunt turned the machine off and let me breath. but then she ordered the guys to let me go down and to make me go on all fours in a bathtub. she had the people line up and one by one all the guys came and i had to suck all there cocks while one was fucking me in the ass.

i was in so much pain, and one by one they would cum in a cup and leave it there, after all the men had past 5 cups were filled and i had to drink it all which i did and it was awful.


after it was the womens turn, of course they couldnt cum sperm but they each were given a choice of either shit on me or piss on me as you can imagine they all chose to shit on me. after all was done, they left me there to gag in cum and shit running down my throat.