Amateur redhead rough xxx Who would ever think that a cash machine

Amateur redhead rough xxx Who would ever think that a cash machine
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Josie opened her eyes whilst their lips met, it was a strange sensation, hesitant and sensual. His eyes were closed, his long dark lashes fluttering as he concentrated on his task. Me, I'm that task. Josie felt her chest expand in a rush.

He likes me. She closed her eyes, content to experiment. His kisses didn't stay soft and gentle for long. Harry licked her crevices, feeling the moist insides of her mouth with his tongue, then he broke away and kissed her neck, one hand massaging a breast, the other attempting to undo buttons. He gave up, kissed her quickly on the lips and slid a hand up the inside the material to the lace of her bra. He flicked a finger over her nipple, kissed her hard on her nape and reclaimed her mouth.

He was breathing pretty hard. Josie liked that he was aroused and she wanted to be naked with him, he seemed so intent, so focused. She wondered if it had been some time since his last fuck. Discretion prevented her from asking. Instead, she undid a button on his jeans and plunged her hand into his warm crotch. The reward was mesmerising. He was big and hard. AND he wore boxers. Josie smiled as he kissed the exact point her cleavage commenced and worked his way up to her collarbone with slick kisses.

In a moment of weakness, Harry did something telling. He cupped her face in both his hands and looked into her eyes. He made her feel as though her irises were the centre of his universe. Josie blinked, unsure.

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She squeezed his ample pole, in the palm of the hand she had wedged down his pants and he tilted his head back and rolled his eyes. Bingo. "I see you like that", she purred.

"Oh Honey, you have no idea." "Oh I think I do." She murmured the words against the warmth of his lips. Helpfully, Harry undid the zipper of his jeans, giving her freedom to flex her fingers. "Thank you." She started to cautiously stroke his warm, hard cock, working out what he liked. He shivered and shook, Josie found it fascinating to watch. She wondered if he might cum very quickly if she continued.

Harry read her mind. "I have a surprise." "You do?" "Yeah", he smiled his heart-melting, lopsided grin. "Can you take your pants off?" Josie laughed aloud. "Maybe later?" "O.K, maybe you're right.

Where is your fridge?" "Behind you" He sauntered over to the fridge with his backpack and Josie watched, intrigued. He glanced back. "You can't look." She busied herself finding a suitable album for their mood, leafing through her vinyl until Harry came to stand beside her.

In an intimate gesture, he played with the skin on her lower back whilst she selected something good. Josie placed the needle on the track and faced him, gyrating her hips. She raised her hands above her head and danced, writhing her delicate fingers. Harry, opportunist, tugged her thin shirt up, over her breasts so she could easily slip out of it.

Josie watched his face. Her breasts were probably her best feature and today, her ample rack was nestled in her best bra. Josie smiled privately, 'just in case' had become 'thank-fucking-god'. Her black, lacy number cupped her ample, pale, fleshy mounds perfectly. He looked impressed. She let her hands fall down to her sides, a little bit shy now she was semi-clothed.

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He's standing in front of you with his fly undone. Josie laughed. She couldn't help it. Harry looked down. "I forgot I was semi dressed." "We got distracted." "Yeah. Oh man, you have the most amazing body". Josie beamed. Harry ran his big, broad, warm hands up and down the length of her back. He was so close his heat radiated.

She stretched towards him, feeling her way in the strange immediacy. "And you, smell. Awesome." Josie said softly. She nearly died from the intensity of the moment, very nearly melting off into the atmosphere. Harry smelt like apples, something else, illicit to her senses and very male, tobacco. Harry unhooked her bra and placed it behind her on the stereo.

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Josie gasped, forcing herself to not to reach out and cover up. Her pert breasts bounced into view. He cupped them, then ran his hands under them, moulding his palms to her rib cage. Tenderly he turned her body away from him, continuing to explore her flesh and the creamy warmth.

Josie looked out the window, seeing nothing. It was too hard to concentrate on the real world, she couldn't ignore all the sensations ripping through her body, mocked any attempt.

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His touch was firm and sensual. She found herself looking down at his hands as he cupped her fullness, she bucked her arse into the bulge behind her. He kissed her bare shoulder, burning a line of small kisses to her ear. "I'm so hot for you. I think I'll break if we don't fuck." Josie turned, enchanted. She kissed him on the mouth, slurping his bottom lip playfully into her mouth, tracing the inside curve of his gums with her tongue.

Swirling around in circles on his hot inside, she pushed him to the floor, sitting on him, her legs either side of his hips.

Together they unsheathed his chest. She ran her hands appreciatively over him. Clearly, he worked out. Harry was virtually hairless and his arms and torso were nicely defined. Josie ran her tongue along his breast bone, dipped into his navel and wriggled him out of his jeans.

"Oh, My." Josie grabbed his cock and licked all of it, over and over until the whole thing was covered in a fine sheen of saliva. She ran her tongue down his length and eyed him through her lashes. Harry looked back at her in disbelief. She smiled with his cock in her mouth and it bounced beneath her touch. She decided he liked that.


Josie tickled his balls, he liked that too. She bobbed and sucked, feeling him grow even harder. He grabbed blindly at her, seemingly trying to get her to stop. Josie relented. She massaged his impressive cock with her thumb and a few of her fingers. "Should I stop?" Her lips felt rubbery. She made her eyes wide with faux innocence. Harry's breath came out in a whoosh.

"Ah", was all he got out. His voice was husky. "You know." Josie hopped up, feeling playful. She popped the button and zipper of her pants. "For a guy who's older than me, you seem easy to please." Her eyes twinkled. Bravely, she turned away from him and dropped her jeans to the floor. Her pink and black knickers came into view. She loved them, they had a keyhole at the back that tied with a ribbon, giving the impression that her bottom was succulent cleavage, ready for unwrapping.

Trying out her best nymph impression, Josie slipped out of her jeans. "You like these?" She turned back towards him and snapped the elastic at her hips. He looked up in amazement, the picture of masculine confusion, red faced and breathing heavily. His eyes were saucers of lust. She loved every second of it.

"You overwhelm me, Sweetheart." Harry told her, in his thickest Irish drawl. She crawled back to sitting atop him once more, his cock throbbing between them, through the cotton of his boxers and the satin of her knickers.

She clenched her thighs and rose and fell over his impressive mound. "Do you have a condom?" His man-meat was like steel beneath the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Her pussy juice soaked into the material of her knickers and the room began to smell like her, like sex. Harry ran his hands up her thighs.

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"I don't Sweetheart. I never thought it would get this far". Her face twisted in dismay. Harry eased her off his lap. "We can do other things." With his boxers sticking straight out like a tent in front of him, Harry padded over to the fridge. He took out a box and came back. She didn't get a chance to see what it was, he obscured her view and kissed her on the mouth. "You look lovely like that, all swollen and ready for me." Josie blushed and self consciously brought a finger to her lips.

He kissed it and then her mouth once more. Harry fondled her amply breasts, his fingers making there way towards her soft centre.

She moaned, leaning into his touch, willing him to ease the torturous tension. Harry ran a thumb over the sensitive little nub of her hyper-alert clitoris, through her knickers. "Oah!" She squeaked, hoping he wouldn't stop. He didn't. Harry patiently rubbed a friendly finger around her secret parts, then two fingers, as she twitched and thrust her pussy towards his ministrations.

He brought a pussy-juice coated finger to his lips and sucked. Josie thought she had never seen anything so erotic. Her vision was clouded, her mind reeled, her insides ached for fulfilment.

She kissed his mouth, sloppy with need. Josie groped at her knickers and managed to struggle out of them. She felt for his crotch, searching for reassuring hardness. As his fingers worked their wicked way around her sopping peach she tried in vain to direct his throbbing member towards her folds.

Though Harry kissed her passionately and deftly played sweet music on her clit, he wouldn't let her find relief. "I." Josie was flushed with the need to cum. "I want you to fuck me." Her eyes were glazed, her lips blood-red with lust and her cheeks flushed. Though she had no idea, Harry thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

She became dimly aware of a rustling as Harry fidgeted with a package. In the back of her mind she hoped it was actually a prophylactic wrapper, but her brain was a bit addled to articulate her concern.

He stopped touching her. Josie sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, making a noise like a disappointed kitten. Harry watched her, his cock throbbing. He wanted to surprise her and yet his desperation was nearly at fever pitch too.

Josie dropped a hand to her own pussy, intent on relieving some of the ache, even if Harry had stopped. He batted her hand away, taking her chin in his hands. Just before he kissed her, Harry noted that her eyes were black with lust, the green of her irises had disappeared.

He ran the long, narrow ice block provocatively up her inner thigh. Josie shivered with shock. She mumbled at the feel of ice on her skin but her words were lost in their embrace. Harry pulled away to check.

"Is this ok?" He asked thickly. Josie wasn't sure what she was agreeing too and she started to nod. She felt an icy pole insert itself between her thighs and she came, in crashing waves over his hand and the glace as he rubbed it on her clit and then disappeared it into her sopping pussy. Seconds later he abandoned his ploy. It was Josie who interrupted him, demanding more.

She pushed him down so he was beneath her on the floor. She held his stiff, aching pole in her hands and directed it at her wet centre, unable to wait a single moment longer. She sank thoughtfully onto his meat and sighed like an angel as he filled her.

Barely allowing him time to register the strange mixture of cold and hot, Josie rose up on her knees and sank back down, again. Once fully impaled, this time she ground her hips into him, feeling his substantial penis moving within her, grinding her clit onto his abdomen.

It was too much, Harry's world was spinning, his seed was bursting to get out. He steadied her hips and looked at her pleadingly. "Go slow." His desperate expression spoke volumes. "Go slow. You're a goddess." Josie did her best. She ceased to grind like a woman possessed. Rising up once more, she stroked. Her eyes rolled her pussy starting to quake. It's never felt this good before. Harry rubbed her breasts, distracting her from her task.

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He seized the moment, rolling the two of them, his cock still buried deep but on top of her this time. He didn't stroke.

He withdrew. Josie clawed at him, trying to get him to fill her once more. Harry avoided her hands. He slid down on the carpet and cupped her lovely, fleshy bottom in his hands.

Josie bent her head and stared at him in amazement, a question in her eyes. Needing no encouragement, Harry buried his head. It was an amazing sensation. Harry thought she tasted like sunshine, her juice dribbling down his chin as he lapped. He was aware too, of his painfully rigid cock pressing into the carpet beneath him.

Josie leaned back on her elbows and spread her thighs in appreciation, offering more of her sweetness to the deft, well practised strokes of his tongue.

He licked and teased, he buried his tongue deep in her slit and playfully shook his head. The feelings were delightful beyond measure. Before long Josie felt a gargantuan orgasm brewing in her pussy. He rubbed his pinkie on her sphincter and Josie erupted, cooing and grabbing at his arms. She wanted him to stop licking her, to stop playing her like an instrument with his expert touch and tongue. Her pussy throbbed for bigger things and she succeeded in pulling him up on top of her, revelling in his weight as he covered her body with his.

His pussy-coated face came very close to hers. "Do you mind?" "Mind what?" Josie's mind was a haze of longing.

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"I taste like you." "Kiss me, fool" Josie shot at him, echoing her own throw-away line from earlier. An earlier, that felt like a lifetime ago. He lowered his head and kissed her, an embrace that was at once tender and searingly hot. His tongue darted in and out of her mouth, asking her to surrender. Josie didn't need to be coaxed. Her thighs fell open and she felt the weight of his cock sliding inside her wet centre.

Her breasts rubbed against the wall of his chest, his unrelenting kiss stealing her breath. "Oooh." "You feel so good." Harry stayed very close, his face millimetres from hers. He thrust into her with a lusty intensity that seemed to shake them both. He established a rhythm and whereas Josie might have closed her eyes at the amazing sensations he unleashed inside her, his expression demanded she keep her eyes open, fixed on his. He pumped into her sopping pussy, more and more firmly.

"ooOHh." Her muscles clenched around him. Josie's fingers clawed at his back. His blue eyes captivated her and ultimately, as his pace intensified to fever pitch, it was his gaze that drove her to orgasm.

He watched in awe as she started to cum, quivering inside and out. His face shone with pride at his achievement. She felt like his woman. Her amazing, mind-numbing. seemingly-endless orgasm was their triumph. Josie didn't question the sensations ripping through her, not then, she just felt. She was a ball of feeling and light. Harry exploded inside her and she gasped, shocked. As if reality came roaring back into their little universe, Harry withdrew like a hot poker, leaking out the rest of his load onto the softness of her belly.

Harry was heaving and sweating into her. Josie couldn't help it, she laughed.

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His eyes had a wary look, he seemed scared, apprehensive. "Don't worry" she wrapped arms around her exhausted lover. "You won't be a daddy, I'll take the morning after pill." Harry collapsed, relieved and a little ashamed at his lack of restraint.

Their lack of restraint.


His big arms encircled her waist and he rested his head on her stomach, oblivious to his own sticky discharge still drying on her skin.

Josie grinned, playfully stroking his hair. Her universe felt different. "You big, dirty boy." She giggled. Harry kissed her side.