Adorable brunette Skylar Knight found muscled guy for sex games

Adorable brunette Skylar Knight found muscled guy for sex games
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Joseph was so energized and excited. He could hardly believe this was happening. He couldn't even have every imagined being in a nice hotel room like this in bed with a young woman who could have been a model. Just the smoothness of her skin and the shape of her body was feminine perfection. By some standards her breasts could have been a little bigger but what they lacked in size was made up by their perky firmness and the beauty of her pink nipples and areolas.

Their day together was like no day he had experienced in a long time. When she was happy and smiling it seemed like she could light up the world during a full eclipse and her energy was magnetic drawing him to her. He felt like he was in a dream, she was returning his kisses, giggling when he kissed her nose and chin, letting out sighs and moans as he kissed her by her ear, neck and even on her shoulder and every time his eyes found hers he could see that same brightness and smile that he had seen at the amusement park.

She lifted her hips when he moved to remove her panties and despite what felt to him so incredibly awkward and seemed to take forever when he struggled to push his own boxer shorts down white trying to keep the sheet up and not accidentally kneel on her leg did not seem to draw a negative reaction from her. Once he had them off he leaned down and gave her a kiss and felt her lips open and he kissed her deeply and moved his legs between hers nudging her legs to open now that they were both naked.

This was it, the moment he had fantasized about the last few nights when they had shared the bed. This felt so different then any of the times with the lot lizards or with the woman looking for a man to support them financially while they stayed at home spending the hard earned money he worked for.

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This was the first time he felt not only a physical but an emotional attraction to the woman he was in bed with since his wife had passed. He didn't understand how such a young beautiful woman would want an old trucker like him but she responded to him all day at the amusement park holding hands and stealing kisses like two young lovers.

This was the moment of romance novels and romantic movies. He raised his hips up getting himself in position to share the most intimate physical exchange two people could share and positioned his arms just under hers so he could look into her eyes and kiss her incredibly soft and moist mouth. Just as he was about to penetrate her flower his eyes looked to her eyes but they weren't looking back at his eyes. They were looking off what seemed just past his left ear.

He lifted his right hand and stroked her left cheek with his thumb but her eyes remained fixed. He lowered his lips to her cheek and then softly whispered in her ear, "I've been waiting so long to meet someone like you." After he whispered this he lifted his head back up and looked in her eyes but they were still in a blank stare. His cock was raging hard, he wanted nothing more then to plunge into the pedals of the flower of the beautiful girl he was in bed with and for a moment he thought of closing his eyes and doing so.

But he needed her to want it as much as he did so he asked softly, "Sammi are you ready?" She laid there motionless, her eyes staring up at the ceiling. "Sammi" he said a bit louder and lowered his body onto her but positioned his cock on top of her pubic mound.

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He stroked her hair softly and pushed it out of her face, "Sammi, where are you? What did he do to you?" He carefully moved his body off from on top of her and lowered down beside her. He kissed her lips and noticed the moment his mouth made contact with hers she opened her lips so he kissed for a moment and then stopped, "Are you okay?" But she still didn't answer. Finally he took hold of her shoulder shaking her just a bit, "Sammi, are you okay, you're scaring me.

." To his relief her eyes stopped staring straight ahead and looked at him. "Yeah, I'm fine" she answered but her voice was shaky and he noticed she was trembling a little.

He carefully pulled her slightly on his chest and stroked her hair, "You're safe Sammi, I'm not going to let anyone hurt you. You're safe!" She felt confused and didn't really understand but she could feel her mind was confused it was like she had just been in the bar with Roger and his 'friends" yet she knew she was here in the nice hotel room in bed with Joseph. She kissed his cheek softly and quietly said, "Thank you." Joseph's cock was still hard but slowly was softening.

Something horrible had happened to the young woman and his heart went out to her. Not having achieved his desired bliss he realized he needed to relieve his bladder, "I'm just going to step to the boy's room a moment." She lifted her head and arm off him letting him step to the restroom and he found his boxers on the way.

As she lay there alone the events of earlier slowly filled her mind and she realized she probably hurt the first man to ever treat her with respect.

When he came back from the rest room her face was red, covered in tears and her eyes puffy. He quickly got into bed and pulled her to him and asked, "Sammi what's wrong." She was sobbing a bit so it took her a moment to pull herself together enough to explain but she finally said, "I'm so sorry.

. I really wanted.


. . To, you know. . With you. . I mean. . To do it with you." Softly he said, "Shhh It's okay I understand. You didn't do anything wrong. You have nothing to apologize for." He pulled her to his chest and began to stroke her hair again holding her as she sobbed a bit harder in his arms, "It's okay Sammi.

It's okay. I understand and you're safe with me." He held her and let her cry. He could feel the pain in her cries and felt so relieved that he had notice that she wasn't there with him earlier, at least not mentally and while a bit sexually frustrated he was glad he realized something was wrong. He continued to hold her and she quieted down and the room got quiet and he was tired enough from the adventures of the day and eventually drifted off to sleep.

Sammi's mind had cleared enough she remembered the wonderful day they had together and the times they had gotten close to having sex and she knew it was what he wanted and she had wanted it too. She hated the flashbacks and the powerful memories of the things that had been done to her. While she heard him begin to snore she was happy he felt okay to sleep she was ashamed of what had happened. And partly she was afraid to go to sleep scared her mind would go back to the bar with the men who had done horrible things to her like she was just an object for their use.

Eventually and out of exhaustion she drifted off to sleep. When her eyes opened the next morning her mind woke in panic unsure where she was and who she was with, the thought of being with Roger terrified her but as her eyes darted around it took her mind a few minutes to recognize the nice hotel room that Joseph had rented for the evening and she was able to relax a bit.

But almost immediately she felt tremendous guilt for what had happened last night and even anger at herself for letting her mind fill with the flashback. She listened to the breathing of the so kind truck driver who not only picked her up on the side of the road but helped her get away from the horror of her past.

This amazing man who was so kind, providing her meals and friendship with both him and his loyal companion Ol'Jack. She couldn't help giggle yet feel a bit of guilt knowing the poor dog was locked in the bathroom.

It was at that moment that she made the decision to make up for what had happened the previous night and she very slowly and carefully moved her head down Joseph's chest and onto his stomach.

Then very carefully she lifted her top arm, her left, and carefully felt on Joseph's boxers for his manhood. She was relieved when she realized it was already stiff. She carefully worked his cock out of the opening of the fly on the front of the boxers and once she had it out she carefully moved her head lower until she could reach his cock with her mouth. As quietly as she could she pushed her puckered warm lips to the tip of his cock and gave it a silent kiss, determine to fight against any flashback she was resolute in her will to keep her mind here in the present with Joseph.

She let her lips part and every so carefully slid them down the sides of the head of his cock. Once her lips had reached the base of the head of his cock for just a moment she tightened her lips letting them lightly squeeze around the base of his cockhead. It was at that moment that she felt Joseph stir, his consciousness realizing that this wasn't a pleasant dream but a real physical sensation. With her lips still tight at the base of his head she ever so slowly slid her tongue around the head in a circle three times.

After the third circle she pushed her tongue to the opening of the head pressing lightly into the delicate hole. She heard a soft pleasurable moan from Joseph and was pretty confident he was awake. She then exhaled fully through her nose and began to suck with her mouth and as she did she slowly took more of the cock into her mouth giving him the sensation that suction alone was pulling his cock deeper into her mouth.

Once again she used the muscles in her lips to squeeze firmly on the cock as she seemed to suck it deeper into her mouth. Joseph let out a loud sigh of pleasure. He was shocked how her mouth just continued to move farther and farther down his cock her lips tight around the shaft as she seemed to suck it deeper. Finally the suction stopped and she needed a moment to breath through her nose but after a few quick breaths her tongue once agains swirled around and around his cock. With each circle of her tongue she used more pressure with her tongue to push it one direction then the other and then once again sucked fully using her lips.

Again Joseph moaned this time much louder as it felt amazing and not having had but a few blow jobs from lot lizards who were just in a hurry to get him off he almost slipped over the point of no return but did his best to resist the erotic sensations. His chivalrous nature came to his mind and he said, "Sammi, you know you don't have to do this?" He was relieved when he felt her nod, that letting him know she heard his question and was there with him mentally.

She also took a moment and rubbed her hand from his cock up over his pubic bone onto his stomach and all the way as far as she could reach on his chest and then softly scratched wth her fingernails back down.

That immediately brought another moan. Finally she started to move her mouth up and down on his shaft at first the grip with her lips not tight letting it slide easier but not in a way that would help him cum. She moved her other hand between his legs and gently begin rubbing with her fingertips carefully on his balls and even extremely lightly let her nails graze across his nut sack.

To his amazement on the next in-stroke she forced her mouth to take his entire shaft into her mouth and held there and sucked firmly once again drawing a deep moan from him. It was very obvious to Joseph this wasn't the first time she had done this. It made him wonder if she didn't look younger then she really was.

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It felt so incredible he couldn't help but push his hips up with an intense desire to be deeper. She then slowly pulled her mouth towards the tip keeping her lips tight pulling towards the head.

She actually pulled her mouth off the tip and kissed down the side of the shaft and then licked and kissed on the balls. She gently pulled the balls into her mouth and rubbed them with her tongue.

Suddenly she moved her mouth off of his balls and back to the tip of his cock and pushed down onto his cock keeping her lips tight. She then moved her head up and down quickly and hard feeling incredible to Joseph.

Just as he thought he was about to blow she pulled most of the way off and just help the head in her lips and sucked there and swirled her tongue around his cockhead again. She then once again pushed down hard on it taking it fully into her mouth till his entire shaft was in her mouth. He groaned and felt her pull back to where only the head was in her mouth then back down as her fingernails scraped lightly on his balls.

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It felt incredible and he let out a slow moan. But she didn't stop there, she moved her head up and down quickly sliding along the shaft as far as she could taking it as deep as she could.

Over and over she moved her head up and down on his cock occasionally pressing her tongue against it, occasionally scratching the ball sack lightly with her fingernails and using her mouth to suck firmly on the up strokes and tightening her lips to hold it really tight. It had been quite a while since Joseph had done anything like this with a woman and this wasn't any woman this was young, beautiful Sammi.

He finally knew he was going to explode and as a warning he patted her head a few times and even said, "Going to." Which was all he could get out but the young beautiful woman didn't pull off his cock instead she took it deeper and he shot load after load into her amazing mouth.

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He grunted and groaned with pleasure and was amazed as her mouth stayed on his cock until he was completely soft. He also felt delighted when she moved her head up, kissed his cheek and laid her head on his chest. He stroked her hair and said, "Thank you. You know you didn't have to do that." "I know. But I felt bad about last night and I probably wanted to do it more then you did" she said very softly.

He let out a chuckle and said, "I doubt that!" But she just smiled up at him and kissed his chin and softly rubbed his chest. Suddenly they both heard scratching on the bathroom door and a whimper. Pretty sure she had more energy then Joseph she got up from the bed, pulling the blanket off the top of the bed but leaving Joseph the sheet she went to the bathroom door opening it and walked inside, "Ohhhh poor baby were you locked in here all night with no attention" Joseph heard her fawning all over his dog, "You poor baby.

We love you, yes we do" she said as she pet and scratched the dog. Finally, while leaving that bathroom door partly open she used the toilet. Once she had and washed her hands she asked Joseph, "Want me to take him out?" While she was waiting for him to answer she put on her panties from the previous night, sweat pants and a t-shirt. "You don't want me to go too" he asked? She giggled and teased, "You look like you need to relax a little longer. Ol'Jack will take good care of me." "Sure if you don't mind but keep that ol'boy out of trouble" he chuckled.

"We'll be just fine, won't we boy" she said in a baby voice petting both sides of the dogs face and then got his leash and went out of the hotel room door. Joseph laid on the bed a few more minutes then decided he too needed to use the bathroom so he got up and went into the bathroom to use the toilet. Once he was finished and had washed his hands his curiosity got the better of him and he walked to the closed hotel room curtain.

When he first opened the curtain it was very bright outside and took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust. But after they did he looked around and realized he could see just a part of the grass partition towards the back of the parking lot.

For a few minutes he didn't see anything but the green grass but after a couple minutes there came Ol'Jack into view and then his young hitchhiker. He just stood there and watched them and she let him walk and do his business but also would pet and play with him and that gave Joseph a chuckle. She certainly was more energetic then he was. Only a few minutes later she returned with Ol'Jack to the hotel room.

Joseph had almost decided to take a shower but decided to wait for her return he was glad he did because she didn't take her hotel key with her. He opened the door for her greeting her with a kiss and his dog let out a muffled bark which made them both laugh.

"Does someone want his own kiss" she asked the dog and kneeled down to pet him and let him lick her face. Joseph just shook his head thinking how much she was spoiling his dog. Want to get cleaned up and then grab some breakfast" he asked? "Definitely" she answered! Joseph let her go first knowing women usually took longer getting ready then men. When she opened the bathroom door after taking her shower he stood up and met her just outside the bathroom door giving her a hug and a kiss loving how she looked wrapped in only a towel.

He wanted to fool around more but he knew it had to be approaching check out time for the hotel. He took his turn in the shower while she used the blow dryer on her hair. They both got dressed and he surprised her giving her a big military green duffle bag. "What's this for" she asked? "Well you have more things now so I wanted you to have a bag to carry your things in, that little backpack of yours doesn't carry much" he replied "Are you sure" she said looking at him.

"Positive" he replied and gave her a kiss. He took their things and they headed down the elevator. Joseph checked out with the hotel front desk and they headed to the truck. He drove to a local diner that he knew had breakfast food he liked. They got a table and ordered food and settled into their seats. At the breakfast table Joseph was pretty quiet as he built up to ask the question her really needed to know the answer to.

Finally after they had both eaten most of their food he took a deep breath and asked, "So Sammi as you know I have a load contracted to take back East and I very much hope you plan on accompanying me." They were both silent for a couple minutes and then he watched as her eyes started to puff up with tears. She took a deep breath and tried to compose herself before answering, "Joseph I don't think I'd better do that.

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I ran away from home and I don't know if anyone is looking for me." She had to wipe and blow her nose then continued, "I'm scared I've already stayed with you too long and the last thing in the world I would want to do would be to get you into trouble.

My mother's boyfriend has gotten to know some bad people and I ran away because I was pretty sure something bad was going to happen to me anyway." They sat there quiet a few minutes while she sipped water then continued, "But I'm afraid that some of those bad people might be looking for me and might cause you trouble you don't need." "Sammi, I'm a big boy and can take pretty good care of myself and carry protection so you don't need to worry about that" he said confidently.

She set her hand on his, "I think I really need to ride with a few other people so if they find one they don't find them all. I know you need to do your job and take a load East so I should go another direction and ride with a few other drivers." He took a deep breath thinking about her words and if he should argue but he decided to respect her decision.

"Okay do you mind riding along while I pick up my load? "Sure that's fine" she said trying to look positive but a few tears still escaped from her eyes. He took care of the check and they headed back out to the truck. Joseph stopped at the fuel depot before leaving and went into the convenient store to take care of the bill. He seemed to be taking a while so Sammi put Ol'Jack on a leash and took him to the grass for a break. She pet and cried with him a bit telling the dog, "I'm going to miss you so much.

You'd better take good care of Joseph for me." The dog seemed to sense her emotion and just stood still next to her letting her hug his neck and pet him and occasionally licked her face. Joseph walked up to the two and asked, "Ready?" She nodded and walked back to the truck lifting the dog back up and then climbing in herself. Joseph got into the cab started up the truck and put it into gear heading to his pickup location. While he was talking to the customer and having the trailer loaded she searched the cab and found paper and a pen and wrote out a page, folded it and put it into her backpack.

Just as she pushed the page into her backpack Joseph got back into the truck and started it up, "Let's get some lunch" he stated and found a nearby chain restaurant with good street parking in the back. After they ordered he surprised her pulling out a map. He showed her on the map where they were and then he showed her on the map just under 100 miles further Southwest where several highways and interstates intersected, "There's a truck stop right here where you could potentially go in multiple directions." "I have to ask one more time, are you sure you don't want to stay with me" he asked?

"If something happened to you.or Ol'Jack I'd never forgive myself. I'd rather stay with you, but I should stay with my original plan, okay" she said with a determined look in her eyes.

"On that note, if I drop you here there are multiple directions you could go so if someone somehow managed to track that you came this far it would be difficult to determine which way you went next. What do you think" he asked? "It's better then any idea I would have come up with but aren't you headed in the opposite direction" she asked? He replied with a mischievous smile, "Well if something happened to you because I left you here I'd never forgive myself." Then he added, "It's not too far out of the way and would cover your tracks and besides I always build extra time in my quote for a delivery so it shouldn't set me too far back.

Plus if you are determined to keep going West I won't take no for an answer. So do we have a deal?" He asked offering his hand to shake. "Deal" she replied and shook his hand. "Here you can keep this map I have several of them" he said folding then handing her the map. Just then the server brought their food and they kept to small talk both feeling emotional about the idea of going separate directions.

It wasn't long before they finished eating and needed to hit the road and before long they were back in the truck headed to the intersection of the highways he had shown her. As he got closer to the drop off point he asked, "Now I guess I don't have to remind you how dangerous hitchhiking is, do I? So be picky and if your instincts tell you not to accept a ride, trust them and decline and wait for another. "Yes sir, I promise" she replied but her stomach did feel nervous.

He navigated to an older fuel depot he knew of that had not upgraded to newer security equipment. He pulled to the edge of the lot near grass but before turning off the engine or getting out he said, "Sammi, I'm going to give you a couple things I need to give you or I'll worry about you and you can't say no or I can't drop you off.

Is that okay?" She looked down looking a little unsure but then nodded. He pulled out a small plastic shopping bag and set it on his lap. He reached in the bag and pulled out two plastic packages. "These are two, what they call in the movies burner phones. They are low tech without GPS. They are both in their package and have not been turned on.

One has a Dallas Texas phone number and the other has a Chicago Illinois number. If you get into trouble and you need me to come get you, you can just open the packaging, take out the phone and call or text me and I'll come get you as fast as I can. Again, you promised, there's no discussion, they're not expensive and I'll feel better knowing you'll have them." He reached into the sleeper and pulled the duffle bag forward he had given her then continued, "Here, under the handle, I have written 14 numbers.

The first two mean nothing and the last two mean nothing. The middle ten numbers are my cell phone number. Okay?" She nodded looking at him a bit surprised. But then he added, "Here is my card. This also has my cell phone number on it but I also wanted it in a less obvious place in case you run into trouble.

Okay?" "Okay" she agreed. He rubbed his hand over his head pushing back his hair nervously then added, "You might want to memorize it too. No one can easily take away something you memorize." She giggled but added, "Yes sir" and rolled her eyes. "One last thing" he said, "I want you to take some extra cash" as he said this he held out $300 in twenty dollar bills.

This time she protested, "Joseph, no. You've given me way too much already.

You work hard for your money, it's too much. Please no!" She held up her hands protesting. "Okay" he said giving in on this putting away the money, "Ready to walk Ol'Jack?" She nodded starting to feel emotional. They both got out of the truck, he let her hold the leash and get the dog out of the truck. They walked into the grassy area and like he did at the amusement park he held her hand. Neither of them said much and they walked around longer then was necessary. Eventually she asked, "Can I put him back in the truck." Joseph of course agreed.

He walked around to the other side of the cab got in and pulled the duffle bag out of the sleeper. For a few minutes she sat on the pavement petting the dog but also crying and then weeping on him. Joseph left her alone with the dog a few minutes before coming around to the passenger side again with the duffle. Poor Sammi was sobbing and holding around the dog's neck and petting and scratching him behind the ears.

Finally, while she still had the strength she got up off the pavement opened the passenger door and lifted the dog into the truck.


She unhooked the leash and curled it up placing it where Joseph normally kept it. She grabbed her backpack tucked the page she had written under the leash and then and pulled her backpack out of the truck.

Like a father figure Joseph started giving her instructions where she could walk to get to whichever highway she wanted to take. She started tearing up again and struggled to hear everything he was saying. Finally after he had given her every word of advice he thought he should give her he bent down to her giving her a hug.

Joseph struggled to hold his emotions not wanting to show her weakness and make it harder for her to leave.

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Sammi couldn't keep her emotions in check. She cried like a baby and hugged him hard. This was much harder then she thought and she hoped she wasn't making a mistake.

But Roger always managed to do things beyond anything she could imagine and she couldn't help worry he was trying to locate her.

Eventually Joseph kissed her lips softly and stroked her hair trying to calm her. Then they hugged again.

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After a long hug he let go knowing if he didn't let go soon he would pick her up and put her back into the truck. He then moved behind her and pointed off in one direction, "If you walk that way you can get onto several of the highways now promise you'll be careful, okay? She nodded and he helped her pull the backpack on her back and then lift the duffle bag over her shoulder.

She tried to pull herself together tears still rolling down her face, "See you later, okay" she asked and started walking in the direction he had pointed. Sammi wanted so badly to turn around and walk back. She couldn't even let herself look back out of fear shed start running in that direction.

She kept walking slowly getting further and further from the truck, but not far enough that when Joseph started the engine she didn't recognize its sound and for a moment she stopped walking fighting against turning on her heels and running full speed back.

But she heard the breaks release and the sound of the engine moving and that gave her the strength to start walking again.