Schlanke schwarze Schönheit Modelle nackt in frechen Video Chat

Schlanke schwarze Schönheit Modelle nackt in frechen Video Chat
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A Young Black Freshman Wins a Bet, But Looses in the End! Koby was the perfect name for a young man looking for sexual adventure, at barely 21 and in his first year at the local Jr College was the only young man on the School Cheer leading Team! Being a young black male had given his male school chums all sorts of unflattering things to comment on, as to his manliness!

However being around a bunch of young white college girls that were still in puberty and interested in experimenting with sex and especially interracial sex. Had easily given way to a number of opportunities where he could enjoy the sexual pleasure's that these young women were eager to provide!

He had taken a bet from the girls on the team. Being a strong fearless young man he had always done wild and crazy things, and had won every bet he had ever taken. Thinking this latest one would be no different! The bet was that he had to go to the Rusty Duck a notorious lesbian and bisexual hang out that had a reputation for the meanest Bull Dyke's and Mistress's one could imagine.

He was to act like a young submissive male bottom and kiss the meanest of these women right on the lips. The bet entailed only two things, one it had to be on Saturday night the busiest time, and two he had to do it wearing only his skimpiest Jockey briefs!. He thought this could be easily done, and that he could convince any of these nasty dominating woman, that he indeed could be a male pull toy and was interested in easily submitting to them.

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The thought for him being sexually submissive to older dominant women, was quite appealing. He and his cheer leading girlfriends had already done a lot of playing and they had experimented on him with girlish glee, but now the thought of doing this had somehow become strangely exciting.

The girls had in the past, on several occasions smuggled him into the girls dorm. Then had striped him naked and held him down while each had their way with him! He had this beautify shaped black cock that would get hard instantly and these young women loved to tempt him. He had been sucked off, ridden hard and was made to suck and pleasure them orally as each had taken turns rubbing their sweet wet pink young pussies all over his face! He being young and strong could have pushed them away, but what would you have done, as he let them do what ever they wanted with him, letting them think they were in charge!

For Koby this bet might become one of the biggest mistakes of his young life!.Or would it?. He had gone to the Rusty Duck wearing only a coat, several of his cheer leading girl friends had a gone earlier so that they would be set to take pictures and verify that he had indeed kissed one of these powerful and abusive women.

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The trouble started when the girls arrived, they were immediately out of place, as they set down in one of the booths. These older women had their own table and when they were there most everyone steered clear especially on Saturday night! All six of these big mean looking women had gotten up from there table and several of them had set down in the booth alongside of the girls.

The next thing that happened was, they were forcefully starting to manhandle these young girls and had easily had them half undressed and were starting to have fun with them. Holding one down, while the other had very sadistically stuck her fingers in this girls pussy and was seeing just how much painful abuse she could cause while asking her just what in the hell they were doing in the Rusty Duck!. These girls under pain and threats had immediately confessed what Koby was planning to do, and that he was a young black stud.

All six of these women were taking turns abusing these young girls first by holding them down and putting numerous bite marks all over there breasts, thighs bottoms, and pussy's as well as painfully pulling and pinching on their nipples, and clits!

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One of them produced a long sharp three cornered needle used to pierce a woman's goodies and was playfully poking on one of the girls beautiful unblemished nipples saying, I think we should pierce them don't you?. This last comment had left the girls terrified. Then they relented, and said okay you can stay and take all the pictures you want, but when Koby shows up just set there and keep your mouths shut!.

This, was what was waiting for Koby when he showed up that evening, he was quite excited about winning his latest bet, and when he walked in, had no idea what was about to happen. You had to give him credit, as he was very bold and sure of himself to walk right up to their table with his coat unbuttoned showing his briefs that were already bulging, as even the the regulars steered clear of this table when these six mean women were present.

Once a young couple had mistaken this bar for a rather risque night spot, and the husband had left his wife, setting at the bar dressed to the nines with her goodies hanging out, while he had gone to move their car, upon returning had found his wife totally nude laying on one of these tables being held down by all six of them who were enjoying and amusing themselves with whatever sexual perversion they could think of to do to her naked helpless body!

Her young husband had objected and the result was that neither had left the bar whole as both were brutally ass fucked with strap ons in front of the usual Saturday night crowd!


For them this was a rather dreadful experience that neither had wanted to repeat. Koby at 21 was a handsome young man not a big guy about 165 lbs, but with a very masculine physique, he had done a lot of wild things and was certainly not a virgin but what was going to happen would far exceed what ever his kinky young mind could conceive?

All six of these women were real tough ones that liked fucking with both men and women and had just been talking about where, they were going to get some new sweet unused pussy or a hard young cock as if they were a bunch of hardened bisexual whores!. But now with the realization of some young chocolate dick this seemed to be even more appealing. These gals ranged in age from mid 30s to the oldest one at 45, who was the most dominant one, her name was Blaze, she had auburn hair stood well over 6' had 40" tits had an exceptional body ,and at one time she had been a very attractive woman, but now was quite hard, as she had served time in a maximum security women's prison for brutalizing both young men and women!.

This, was the woman that Koby had picked out to kiss! Blaze after scaring the shit out of the young women had decided to play along with this little game and see just how far Koby would go in trying to pull off this charade, in order to win the bet!. He had after getting right in her face said to Blaze, I hear you are looking for a new bottom and I want to be the one you are looking for!

As he took a quick glance at his girlfriends setting in the booth. Blaze said. playing along yes I am, and you just might be the one I am looking for as she removed his coat leaving him standing there in only his white bulging jockey shorts! Blaze then grabbed one of Koby's hands and started leading him around to several other tables and showing him off to a number of her lesbians and bisexual friends.

Introducing him to each of them and offering him up to dance or anything else they might want to do with him. As the music started one very tough looking babe grabbed Koby and pulled him tight crushing her breasts against his bare muscled chest as he was dragged to, and then danced around the floor! This person after a few moments had both of her hands down inside of Koby's jockey shorts and one was painfully and easily squeezing her "fingernails" into his bottom, and the other was doing the same to big black balls!

In a matter of minutes her sharp fingernails had cut through his Jockey's that had left them laying on the dance floor! This had brought the Saturday night crowd to a fever pitch as they clapped and whistled as it left his big black dick wagging around as they danced! Blaze was laughing her ass off as Koby was trying to look and pretend, that these sharp fingernails were a normal thing.


He was quite surprised at the sexual feelings this had aroused, and this had made his dick harder than ever leaving his jockey's wet with pre cum! Blaze no longer watching had cut in, and was dancing and doing the leading quite expertly all over the floor, as they danced a crowd had gathered to watch them.

This big attractive woman and a naked handsome young black man. He was the only male in the bar wearing nothing.

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Blaze loved this fact and at first had started kissing Koby very soft almost lovingly. Then it had become more forceful as the dance went on, Koby had been wondering why his cheer leading girlfriends had not taken any pictures, as they had obviously kissed enough times to have easily won the bet?


Blaze continued to kiss Koby harder and deeper, and he was kissing back so as not to tip Blaze off that this was only a bet, and was even starting to somehow perversely enjoy himself. He had not noticed at first that Blaze was wearing no bra as she expertly danced him around the floor. She had allowed her unbuttoned shirt to easily reveal her big beautiful breasts as they became totally exposed! She danced topless with her bare boobs almost smothering him for several songs!

He now enjoying himself was still wondering why the girls had not taken any pictures and that how was he going to get out of the place and back to his car wearing nothing after the pictures had been taken?. Koby did not have long to wait as the last song came to an end Blaze had easily picked him up.

and with one hand had grabbed a hold of his rock hard cock! At the same time she was holding both of his arms behind his back with the other as she slowly carried him back to their table. Koby easily let it happen and was not trying to get free, at all until as he was unceremoniously dropped on the table. Blaze had pulled her fingers free of his dick and was licking the precum from them like it was some sort of tasty honey!. Koby was still wondering why ? No pictures had been taken, when several of these bisexual women began holding his arms and then his legs.

He was wondering, and squirming around was trying to get free when Blaze set down at the end of the table and expertly gorged his hard dick into her mouth! Deep throating him all the way to his balls, in her best impression of Linda Lovelace!. This shocked him at first, but this hard women was so far past being an expert at doing such a thing, that Koby instantly had blown his more than ready cum load, that just kept ejaculating!

He had never experienced anything so pleasurably stimulating, this had caused him almost immediately to go limp and then offering no more resistance what so ever!. The sharp three cornered needle that had been used to threatened the girls earlier had now been produced again, and one of these women was using her lighter to warm it while the other women were holding one of Koby's nipple's!

This woman with no warning instantly pierced his nipple, at first because the needle was so sharp it had caused little pain, but now that a big gold ring had been inserted and crimped the pain was smoldering!

He tried to break free as they did the exact same to his other nipple had he not been so drained from his incredible all consuming blow job it would have been much more painful. The woman who had pierced him was now playfully pulling on this hardware, that painfully stretched his now very sore nipples. Blaze was again sucking most expertly on Koby's now very hard and sensitive dick!

This in turn produced another forceful ejaculation and left him trembling with incredible mixed feelings of pain and pleasure!. The women that were holding his arms had spread his legs even wider so that Blaze after her sucking could easily take a very sharp curved piercing needle and was poking around just under the helmet head of his swollen cock! Trying to find the most perfect spot.!

He could not move as these strong women held him in a vise like grip! His eyes got very big and he started to protest NO!.

His nipples were bad enough but not this! It was to late, Blaze had easily sliced the sharp needle up under the bottom of his big black penis head and out through the tip of this tender male flesh, blood had spurted out for several moment each time Koby's heart pounded!

He groaned in agony as Blaze expertly inserted another gold ring and permanently crimped it!. Koby was protesting and trying to convince Blaze to stop. something that was already done and that could now,no longer be reversed. The girls were taking pictures as Blaze and the other two women were painfully pulling Koby up, almost off the table by just his three rings and at the same time were posing with a smile for the camera while holding onto the rings, as she displayed her handy work.

Then Koby had been turned over leaving his bare bottom vulnerably exposed. Blaze and her friends were warming up a small branding iron that said "Property of Blaze' it was taking several lighters to make it a dull red when Blaze easily seared it onto one of Koby's buttocks.

The pain from this as well as his nipples an cock head left him helplessly struggling in resigned agony. Koby was being held down and his bare branded ass was being forcefully held up, as this was happening, Blaze had unzipped her black leather pants and had produced an enormously realistic looking large strap on Dildo followed by some slick em and talked to it saying oh! Baby! Have I got something good for you!

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As if this cock was the real thing!. Koby was just beginning to overcome the piercing and branding when this enormous cock was brutally plunged into his asshole!.

The previous pain and abuse now paled in comparison to the penetration this gigantic copy of a male organ. He could almost feel it starting to rip his ass and spinster muscle!.

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Just when he thought he could take no more Blaze really started pumping and jamming it into him, the pain and pleasure was so great that Koby almost passed out as one of the other bitch's sucked on his sore pierced cock, as he just laid there in a used helpless haze.

Oh, it hurt like hell and he could do nothing but take this painful pounding, wondering if it would ever stop!. Again he was vaguely aware that the girls were taking even more pictures as this enormous imitation cock was literally raping his asshole!.

Quite a crowd that had gathered to watch this brutal event unfold and run its course. Blaze was really enjoying how much she had been brutally tormenting this young black male as most of the crowd continued to urge her on. Just when he could take no more Blaze had pulled out leaving his ass hole with a empty hollow feeling that was quickly followed with a numbing and lingering painful sense of foreboding.

Blaze had given him a couple of really good smacks on his bare buttocks as he was turned loose and the girls took several more pictures of the brand on his bottom as he was helped up.

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Blaze said, rather sarcastically, my name is forever burned onto your butt! You are mine, and I expect you back here next Saturday.

laughing as she said the words.for exactly the same thing or worse!. As the girls were leaving the Rusty Duck they were helping Koby across the parking lot, he was totally nude, with gold rings pierced and crimped to his nipples, the end of his dick, and had a very sore bottom and well stretched ass hole, had said to the girls well at least I won the bet!.