Amazing twinks Chris fulfills his bareback fantasies

Amazing twinks Chris fulfills his bareback fantasies
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This is a revised story of the first three-some The bbq was a spur of the moment decision, as Luke and Leanne couldn't decide if they should go out to a restaurant and have a night drinking around the bars and clubs in Newcastle or should they stay at home, invite some people round and have a bbq.

They invited quite a few of their friends however a lot of people had already made plans for that night and couldn't make it, however Michelle, James and Paula had said they will come over. Luke and Leanne went round the local shops to get some meat from the butcher, fresh fruit and veg from the grocer and plenty of alcohol from the local off license. Later on that afternoon the weather still held out, the sun was shining brightly in the sky with not a cloud insight.

A few doors down one family were having a party, and the music wasn't too bad but was quite loud. It was about 1530 and the guests were going to come round at about 4ish.

Luke decided to start the bbq, whilst Leanne started to prepare the meat in the kitchen. Luke and Leanne lived in an upper flat with stairs leading down from the kitchen back door to their quite spacious back yard. The yard was surrounded by walls 10foot high but the sun was in abundance lighting the yard up.

The backyard had a bbq in it, a table for the food for the bbq and two old sofa's one was a three seater and the other was a small two seater, which were left in the flat by previous tenants.

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Before too long Paula arrived, she was wearing tight denim jeans, a light yellow summery top, and sandals. As Leanne opened the door she couldn't help but notice Paula wasn't wearing a bra as Paula's nipples were standing to attention trying to pierce her top.

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Paula said "hi, I've brought some alcohol, for the party but unfortunately I have to go home later on and won't be able to stop the night." "That's ok Leanne said, please come in Luke's out in the backyard trying to keep the bbq going." As Paula went up the stairs first Leanne followed closely behind, watching Paula's pert bottom move with every step she took going up the stairs.

As Paula walked down the stairs to the backyard, she said hello to Luke who returned the pleasantry. Luke took a swig out of his can of larger. Leanne's phone chimed as she got a text, the text was from Michelle cancelling. The disappointment was clear to see on Leanne's face as she made the announcement from the backdoor. Luke smiled at Paula and said "well it'll just have to be the three of us." Leanne brought down some of the kebab's she had made on skewers and placed them on the table and sat down on the sofa, Leanne turned to Paula and said "please take a seat, are you sure you won't have a drink." Paula smiled and said "I honestly can't I have the car." "Ok" said Leanne "not to worry." After Luke had placed the meat on the bbq he turned round and seen Paula sitting on the middle cushion of the three seater with Leanne sitting next to her.

Paula patted the spare cushion to her left and said "come on Luke don't be bashful." Luke sat down and no sooner did he do that Paula said, "Well since it is just the three of us, if you don't object would you like to fuck." Luke nearly choked on his lager and looked across at the look on Leanne's face and said "sorry did you just say what I think you said?" Paula just nodded her head and without warning took her top of to show her tanned 34c chest.

Before Luke was able to look at Leanne, Leanne casually lent her head forward and secured her mouth around Paula's right nipple whilst moving her hand teasingly to Paula's hot warm crotch and started to rub, Paula's pussy through her jeans.

Paula moaned with pleasure and Luke failed to notice his rock hard erection pushing against his jeans, but Paula noticed. Paula turned round to Luke and looked him in the face and started to stroke his cock whilst seductively licking her lips.

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Leanne took her head away and said "I think we should carry this on in the bedroom." Paula didn't stop to put her shirt on as she ran up the stairs and into the bedroom. Before Luke got up Leanne said "This is ok but you are not to kiss her, do you understand?" Luke nodded his head to which Leanne ran up the stairs closely followed by Luke.

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Paula was waiting in the living area topless, with a grin that could only mean one thing. Leanne said, through that door there and pointed across the hall way.


As Paula opened the door, Leanne pushed her onto the bed. As Paula turned over she couldn't take off her jeans quick enough. Leanne started to strip and knelt on her knees and started to engorge on Paula's hot wet hairy pussy. Luke also entered and dropped his trousers.

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Luke's hard on sprung out and Paula looked up and said bring him over hear I'll suck it dry. Luke knelt to the side of Paula's head with his knees sinking slightly into the mattress, Paula took hold of his cock, wrapped her mouth around the bulging, throbbing head started to slowly suck and lick. Leanne still lapped up as much of Paula's juices as her tongue would allow, listening to the muffled moans of Paula as she sucked on Luke's cock.

Leanne started to finger Paula's pussy and was easily able to finger her with three fingers, whilst dropping down her own hand and rubbing her own pussy. Luke was close to Cumming but thought best not, as he didn't know how long this three some would last for. Luke took his cock out of Paula's youthful mouth, and Leanne stood up taking her fingers out of Paula's pussy, and started to suck Paula's juices off her fingers.

After licking her fingers clean Leanne then said "right Paula, you lie with your legs hanging off the side of the bed as we're going to have a 69." Luke stepped to the side and starts to wank his throbbing erection whilst Leanne lowered her moist pussy into Paula's mouth.

Paula starts to lick and suck frantically. Leanne turned to Luke and said, "I want you to fuck her up her tight arse then as you about to cum I want to suck you off until you cum down my throat." Luke positioned himself behind Paula and started to tongue, her arsehole.

Paula started to moan with pleasure and increased her tongue stroked around Leanne's clit. Luke now satisfied that Paula's arse was lubed enough he started too firmly but slowly guide his cock deep into Paula's tight arse. Luke start to pump his cock in and out of Paula's hot arse he could feel her hips rock as Leanne was rubbing her clit.

Leanne was looking up whilst licking Paula's clit, and was getting even more aroused by watching Luke's balls bang off Paula's pussy. Leanne started to moan and very quickly was bringing herself to orgasm; Paula found this a massive turn on and started to cum simultaneously. They both brought themselves to orgasm. Luke was very close and pulled his cock out of Paula's gaping arse.

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As he did this Leanne moved Paula out the way and sat up, as Leanne started to suck the end of his cock, Paula watched and then started to lick her juices off his shaft. Luke pulled his cock out of Leanne's mouth and cum all over their faces.