Milf Bobbi and teen Crystal making the most of their sexual minute

Milf Bobbi and teen Crystal making the most of their sexual minute
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I fumble with my keys trying to open the door to the apartment. Exhausted, I manage to unlock the dead bolt and open the door.

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I stumble inside to put my keys on the table and to walk over to the couch to give you a kiss hello. Shuffling towards the bedroom I tune into the advertisements on the TV and try to figure out what you are watching. The distinct click of the TV going off is heard as I sit on the edge of the bed and your light footsteps make their way to the bedroom. You climb onto the bed and kneel behind me, giving me a tight squeeze as you ask me about my day.

I lean back, stopping everything I'm doing to embrace you back and take in the warmth of your body. I begin to rattle of the list of things that happened at work, as I start doing so you gently rest your hands on my shoulders and begin to work out the knots that have been there all day. My talking fades away as I melt in your hands. You bring your lips next to my ear and very softly say that you're going to make it all better.

Starting to kiss just below my left ear on my neck, breathing heavily so I can feel the heat from your mouth, you move your hands off my shoulders and around my chest to hold me tight. I kick off my shoes but with much difficulty, I can't focus on anything else other than your lips and your tongue playing around my ear and jaw.

I manage to get my shoes and socks off just with my feet. As I'm doing so, your hands are fumbling with my pink and white-striped tie. I take the tie off for you and your hands diligently unbutton all of my shirt buttons in one quick swoop. You're nails are now in my chest, lightly scratching and clawing sending shivers down my spine. I lean forward away from you and turn around, pushing you back onto the bed as I lean towards your, kissing you softly.

Wedging my knees between yours, I lie on top of you, stroking your hair with right hand as my left keeps me propped up. Your legs wrap around me, holding me close. I start to move away from your lips, down to your cleavage. As I kiss lower and lower, I unbutton your top. Leaving your bra exposed.

The black lace just asking to be let go from you heaving chest. Your hands clawing for something to grab on, you take hold of my shirt at the collar trying to pull me back up.


I keep going lower and lower kissing as I come upon your naval, you take a deep breath your stomach rises pushing my lips deeper into your skin. My shirt starts to come off, my right hand is unbuttoning your pants while my left is running down from your lips to your chest to your stomach.

I sit back up, look you dead in the eyes and begin to slip your jeans off, I accidently grab your matching black-laced panties. Pulling them part way down, I let go; re adjusting my grip I get a hold of the belt loops on your pants and take them the rest of the way off.

Eyes still locked, you raise an eyebrow to see what my next move is. I sit there for what seems like ages, my hands circling your thighs. I move my hands suddenly to the crease where your thighs meet your hips, pressing and massing the muscles in your legs, your hips begin rocking. I loop my thumbs under the waistband of your panties and start to pull them off, past your thighs, past your knees, and now all the way off.

I move back up so that we're face-to-face, start to kiss you again, gently on your lips, then down to your jaw. I go back across your throat, to your right ear lobe, taking my time. As I do this I unsnap your bra from the front and allow the cups to fall gently to the sides.

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My left hand moves up to cup your breast so gently, making sure not to touch your erect nipple, leaving that for last. My hips grinding into yours, I can feel my pants start to get soaked from your juices.

I move lower, strait to your right breast, kissing and licking all over, ignoring your nipples. Your right hand grabs my hair, while your left is off in the emptiness of our bed. I move over to your left breast, doing the same thing, licking and kissing all over.

Without notice, I suck your nipple into my mouth, flicking it and teasing it with my teeth. You let out a gasp, almost out of breath, you grip my head and push me lower. I start to kiss and lick downward again towards your belly button. I get to your waistline and bring your legs onto my shoulders. Lower and lower I go, all of a sudden there is a shock of electricity through your body, my tongue has just flicked your clit.

This point, I'm no longer holding back, I start to lap way intensely. Your legs lock my head into place, my mouth and tongue working there hardest to try and devour every part of your pussy. I manage to get my left and in between your legs, while my right hand is gripping your left thigh.

I slip one finger into you, feeling for your G spot, never stopping my licking and nibbling. A second finger now plunges deep inside you. That's it, you can't take any more, your body beings to spasm all over, and my head still locked into place doesn't stop licking away. As you finally relax and release me. I bring my head up for air, crawl back up to look you deep into your eyes. Before I know what happened, you push me off onto my back, straddle me and just sit there staring. I don't know what to do, I'm in shock.

You wiggle your hips to position yourself comfortably. Your knees next to my waistline with you sitting over my fly. You feel my semi hard cock beneath you. Eyes locked, you take off your opened blouse and bra.


Grinding on me, eyes still locked intensely. Without even looking your hands unbuckle my belt, sliding it out of every loop of my slacks. You lean forward and start to kiss me, tasting yourself on my lips. Your hands now undoing the button to my pants and unzipping the fly, one click at a time. You ease away from me, I try to follow your lips but you push me back to the bed. I've never seen this side of you before. I stay still, obeying you. You unstraddle me, getting to one side, you being to pull my pants and boxers off at once.

No need to wait and play any games, you know what you want. My cock springs up as soon as the waistband passes the head. You pause for a split second but continue until my pants are all the way off. Gently you grab my cock, stroking it slowly, taking in the feel of its rigidity all because of you.

You lean forward and being to take it all in. Working slowly up and down, making sure that your tongue covers every single part of my now soaking cock.

After a few more minutes you take my dick out of your mouth and grab it with one hand. Continuing stroking oh so slowly, you take your time and being to suck on my balls. This sensation is amazing, there is electricity shooting through my legs, its now my turn to scratch and claw at the bedding. While you suck on my balls and play with my dick, you start to reposition yourself so your legs are an either side of my head.

Alternating between sucking my balls and sucking my cock, you make the decision that you want this to be mutual. Lowering your pussy towards your pussy towards my lips. All that can be heard are the mutual moans and slurping sounds coming from each of us. I'm laying, relaxed as I feel your tongue running over my shaft and across my balls, your hips are grinding your pussy onto my mouth. My hands are gripping your ass cheeks, pulling you harder down onto me so that I can taste as much as I can.

You feel my balls tighten, my legs go stiff. You stop moving, bury my dick in your mouth and quickly start to flick the head of my cock with your tongue. I don't stop licking and eating away, you start to feel that familiar muscle spasm approach. I can't take it any more, I let go and load after load of my hot cum shoots into your mouth, swallowing it in stride, never stopping your assault on my cock with your tongue.

Right as you feel my cock go soft, I take one more nip at your clit and that sends you over the edge. Legs locking, electricity shooting through your spine your pussy spasms at it rocks another orgasm, this one just as hard as the last.

My exhaustion taking over, my head falls back to the bed. I'm light headed, the room is spinning but I feel so relaxed. You sit up next me, look at all the clothes that are everywhere. Tossing them all onto the floor you crawl up to me and lay your head onto my chest, with one leg over mine.

We drift off together into a deep sleep. I wake up a few hours later, not on my own but I feel the bed moving.

Groggily I look around see you hunched over, not sure what is going on I prop myself up onto my elbows to get a better look. But before I can do so, I'm sent back onto my back by an electrical shock, the same feeling I had earlier when you licked my balls.

Where you? You where sucking my cock again, this time, trying to get it hard rather than to get me off. As soon as I register what I am seeing it takes no more effort for my dick to spring back to life. Giving on last good suck as you bring your lips around the head of my dick, you smile at me seductively.

Letting my dick stand on its own, reaching for the sky. You start to straddle me, point my hard cock right up at your hot pussy.

Slowly you lower yourself, trying to tease me but at the same time fighting the urge to just drop down and let me go deep into you. You reach down to line the head of my cock with your opening, I gasp as I feel the warmth on my sensitive tip. You lower more and more, eventually you give up and just drop, taking me to the hilt.

All I can think about is the warm velvety feeling that is enveloping my cock.


We both don't move for several minutes, taking in the sensation. Slowly you start to move up and down, taking in all the sensations. Moving faster and faster, getting up to speed. I start to match your thrusts and rhythm. At this point its no longer sensual and loving, but pure lust. We are going at it, my hands on your hips helping you move up and down, your hands on my chest, using me as leverage. At this point I can tell you're getting tired, so I sit up, staying deep inside you, wrapping my arms around your back.

Gripping you tightly to me, I lean forward and lay you on your back, from this point I start to pound into you, as hard as I could, giving it my all, your legs just bouncing in the air, your finger nails digging in to my back.

Wanting to continue teasing you, I grab both your hands, pin them behind your head and keep going, with out being able to hold to anything the feeling of utter ecstasy over takes you, a sudden rush hits you in your pussy as my dick rubs against your clit and G spot. Bucking, not able to hold on you can get a grasp on this orgasm, it just keeps rolling, and I keep pounding away.

All of a sudden I pull out and flip you over on your knees with your head in the pillows I line myself up behind you. The head of my dick is partially inside your pussy lips, just at your hole. I take a brief moment to hold onto your hips, grabbing on tightly I pull you back towards me.

Taking in my cock all the way to the hilt I bounce my hips to send you the other way but I pull you right back with my hands as soon as the head of my dick is about to fall out of you. This motion continues, at this point there is no more tender sex but lust filled sex. Our animalistic instincts taking over, you bring your self onto your elbows making your back level and strait.

With one hand still on your hips, I put my other one around your chest, cupping your wonderful 38c cup breast, perfectly fitting into my hand. Getting closer and closer to the edge, you sense my motions become labored; slamming you harder onto my dick and slowly moving you away. Realizing that I am getting close you start to move back harder and harder. Right before I climax I try to pull out, thinking im going to let my load out onto your back, you push back, sinking my dick deep into you.

I can't help it any more, the wet velvety sensation of your pussy walls set me off, spurt after spurt of my cum fills your pussy. I slow down, unable to move at the moment. You just stay still, on all fours, taking in the warm feeling of my cum inside you. I fall back, sitting on my feet with my limp dick soaked in a mix of our juices. I'm light headed, not sure of what is going on after that amazing session. You sit up and turn around, facing me, taking your right hand and placing it behind my head, pulling me closer.

The most soft and sensual kiss is experienced by both of us. Jokingly you grab my limp dick with your left hand, give it a couple of tugs and whisper, "care to take a shower baby?" Holding my hand, you lead me into the bathroom.

You lean me against the wall and tell me to stay where I am. Turning on the water, letting it warm up, you come back to me. Resting your body against mine, our naked flesh keeping each other warm.

You head resting against my chest, my arms wrapped around you, we both start to drift off a bit.

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I open my eyes to see the bathroom is filled with steam; you're asleep against me. I lean you back, with both hands holding you firmly. I whisper your name and bring you back from what ever dream you where having. Not convinced you're awake, I kiss you. So softly that you melt back into my arms. I know I have to turn the heat down in the shower but not sure how to do it without letting you fall. I kiss you one more time then move my lips to your ear, kissing a little bit more and then whisper, "wake up, or I'm going to fuck you in the shower while you sleep".

You snap awake, and quickly respond, "maybe that's what I want". Now awake and waiting for what is to come, you stand on your own as I adjust the temperature of the water.

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I step into the shower and turn around to lead you in. After we're both in the shower and the door is close, I bring you close again. Kissing you gingerly, trying to let the warmth of the water warm us back up.

But all you can think about was the thought of having me in the shower. You slowly push me step by step back in the shower until my back is against the wall, kneeling down you look at my dick again. I have no idea how you're going to get it back to fully erect. You take in my dick to your mouth, leaving your hands to grip each ass cheek, working until somehow my cock starts to harden again.

Once you get me up, you stand, look me in the eyes and say "fuck me like you promised". I don't need to be told twice, I spin you around and bend you over.

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Your arms extended and locked against the wall. I position my dick back towards your pussy and let myself in. Pounding away, with no regard as to what you want. After a few minutes you slip yourself off of me and quickly kneel. Begging for me to blow my load onto your face.

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I've never seen you this hungry for my cum, I can't help but be turned on. You suck on my dick right up to the point where I'm about to lose it.

I pull my cock out of your mouth and before I can get one stroke off, I let off several hot loads onto your face and chest. As my orgasm subsides, you lift my cock, licking the underside and my balls. Sending chills and spasms all over me.

Standing up and turning around you lean under the warm stream of the shower and rinse off your face and chest. I grab the body soap and pour it onto my hand. I press up behind you, wrapping my hands around you, soaping your chest and stomach while kissing your neck, right below your ear. You lean back momentarily and take it in then decide we need to hurry and get out of the shower. Washing each other off, we can't help but giggle and laugh as we mess around, teasing and taunting.

Towling off and making our way back to the bed room, we see the that we left behind in our lust filled night. I look at the clock and realize we hadn't had dinner yet. I pick up the phone and order something to be delivered. As you go through your dresser drawers to put something on, I walk up and whisper, "why don't we just stay naked the rest of the night, I love looking at you". We lay in bed until the take out Chinese arrives, staying up the rest of the night eating the large family meal and talking.

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