Sexy bi cuties fucking in a club at construction company party

Sexy bi cuties fucking in a club at construction company party
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As always, your comments are much appreciated. Also, please take time to vote. Just a very few negatives drops my stories into obscurity. Thanks. Now on with the show. Angela motioned for me to come closer.

When I did she pulled me to her and kissed me with an open mouth. Our tongues joined sharing the wetness that was all over my lips. She tasted her own cum and I swear she loved it. "Now fuck me," she said. I rolled over onto Angela. This was my first time as well as hers so we were both a bit awkward. She open her legs allowing me to position myself between them. I was ready. "Wait, " Angela said.

"Kiss me as you put it in." I leaned forward letting our lips brush softly against each other. The head of my dick slipped into her velvet pussy. Suddenly we began to kiss with urgent passion. I didn't have to think about what to do next. Nature took over. The entire length of my solid cock slid into my sister while our tongues entwined. We moaned in unison. I froze in place for a moment allowing Angela to accept my cock all the way until I felt her hips begin to move up and down. I wasn't fucking her, she was fucking me.

With the knowledge that my beautiful sister had taken all of me into her and was comfortable I began to fuck her in ernest. We fit. That's the only way I could describe it. It was as if we were made for each other. When I would plunge in, she would lift her hips to meet me. I craned my neck to suck her tit and she lifted it to meet my mouth. She held my balls in her hand while my middle finger probed her asshole. "Oh, that feels really good," she said. "Put it in deeper." I let my finger slip all the way into her ass right up to my knuckle and she came.

Angela's pussy gripped my cock while her ass grabbed my finger. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out. It was a silent scream that was meant for only me to hear.

I was getting close to my own orgasm. "Can you come again?" She nodded violently. "Just tell me when." Now I began to fuck Angel's tight pussy with all I had.


Each time I plunged into her she met me with equal force. My balls hung loosely and slapped her ass each time I fucked into her. It was time. "I'm gonna cum," I nearly screamed. I felt it boiling up into my dick, hoping that I hadn't warned her to late. Angela wrapped her legs around me and pulled my head down to within a half inch of hers. "Fill my cunt with your cum," she said just before putting her tongue into my mouth.

That was all I needed to hear. I pushed into my sister as the first stream of my cum splashed. The second stream was just as violent. I felt Angela tighten her legs around me and shudder. She was cumming, too. My hot cum was filling her pussy to overflowing while her own juices were running out onto both of our legs. We came for what seemed like an eternity until I was completely drained.

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I lay on top of her letting her finish her orgasm with little after shocks following the earthquake we had just experienced. As I rolled off Angela opened her eyes. They were not eyes of passion, but eyes of fear. I looked to where She was transfixed. "Get your clothes on and come back to the house," Aunt Millie said.

"Supper's just about ready." She turned and stepped back into the woods. "Oh shit! Oh shit.!" Angela began to cry. I wanted to say something that would calm her down, but I knew she was right. Oh shit was an understatement. We began to dress even though we were both still a wet, sticky mess. And Angela continued crying. I felt like crying too.

The woods that had seemed so beautiful a few hours earlier now stood in stark contrast as we made our way back to Aunt Millie's. Before long we were standing in the front yard.

A voice came from inside.

"Don't just stand there, come in." I took a deep breath, grabbed my sister's hand and walked in the house. "Go wash up. We're having pizza for supper," Aunt Millie said with a smile. For a moment I thought perhaps she hadn't seen what Angela and I were doing. But, of course she did. She told us to get dressed and come home.

We went to wash up. The pizza was good, but the conversation was not. In fact, there was no conversation until after we had finished eating. "So, how was it?" Aunt Millie said. Angela stared at her plate. "Fine," I said.

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"We like pizza." ""That's good, but I was talking about your fuck!" Angela burst into tears again. "Was it that bad?" Aunt Millie asked. "It looked pretty good from where I was standing.

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You must have enjoyed it Honey. Your pussy was leaking everywhere." Finally, Angela looked up from her plate. She turned to me for an answer, but I had none. Why weren't we getting chastised? Why wasn't she calling our Mom or the police or somebody? "Aunt Millie was smiling at us. "Well now, you know things have to change around here." "I know," I said. "We're sorry for what happened, Aunt Millie. We won't do it again." Aunt Millie was still smiling. "To start with you can stop calling me Aunt Millie." Angela started crying again.

"Does this mean you are disowning us?" I asked. She laughed out loud. "No, not at all. If we are going to have a sexual relationship I don't want to be addressed as the old aunt." I looked toward my sister who had stopped crying. We were both puzzled. "Let me explain it in simple terms.

I live here alone. You come to visit and go off into the woods for a roll and I'm not invited. So from now on we all sleep in one bed and when there is sex going on I'll be in the middle of it.

Now Angela, go wash your face while your brother and I clear the table.

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Come right back when you're finished." When the table was cleared and Angela came back into the room, Millie said, "Okay. You two had your fun earlier so now it's my turn." She stood up and began to take her clothes off. After all that happened I couldn't believe my dick was starting to move around in my pants. Millie took her shirt off, then unsnapped her jeans and let them fall to the floor.

She kicked them off while reaching behind herself and unhooking her bra. She was older than Angela and so her tits weren't as firm, but what they lacked in firmness they made up for in size. They hung like a pair of heavy melons with huge aureolas and hard nipples. Without a word she hooked her fingers in her panties and hauled them down, kicking them aside.


She looked at me. "I want you to eat my pussy while your sister sucks my tits." She climbed up and laid on the table. Before I could focus on what was happening my sister took one of Millie's tits and sucked the nipple deep into her mouth. What could I do but slide between Millie's legs and start licking her pussy. When I did her ass came off the table and she let out a long overdue moan. Angela got into a position where she could pull Millie's massive tits together and get both nipples into her mouth at the same time.

I continued to lick Millie's pussy lips while sticking my middle finger into her hole. Millie kept pulling my head, trying to get me up closer to her clit, but I held my ground not wanting to get her off quite yet. She was moaning and gasping and sometimes almost sobbing as my sister and I worked her over.

Her pussy was spitting her juices at me faster than I could lick them up. And then something remarkable happened. My sister let go of Millie's tits and slid down next to me. She pulled my head from Millie's sopping pussy and kissed me on my wet lips, then pushed my head back to Millie's cunt. But this time as I began to lick and suck, Angela joined me. We placed our tongues on either side of Millie's clit and began to French kiss each other with that big hard clit getting caught in the middle.

Millie was electrified. We could hardly keep her in one place so we could suck and chew her clit. I looked up to see that she now held her tits together and was sucking both her nipples the way Angela had been.

Angela stopped sucking for a moment and said to me, "Clit hickey." I knew immediately what she meant. We got our lips in position on each side of our Aunt's big clit and began giving it a double hickey.

Millie went wild. She bucked and thrashed around while still sucking her own nipples. On impulse I stuck my middle finger into Millie's ass at the same moment Angela let her finger graze the tip of Millie's clit. That was all it took.

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Millie let out a scream and bucked her pussy upward. Angela and I went with her, not allowing our lips to slip from the hickeys we were giving or letting our fingers fall away. Millie began to spray her warm pussy juice into our faces.

I sucked and swallowed as much as I could, but I think my sister swallowed more. We held on. Finally, Millie began to relax and pushed us away.

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She was gasping for breath. My sister, in a state of total excitement pulled her pants down and jammed two fingers into her pussy. Not to be outdone I dropped my pants and began to jerk off. Within thirty seconds I felt my cum rise to the surface. I was barely able to get to my sister before I shot a huge stream that covered her hand and most of her pussy. She let out a guttural groan as her own orgasm overtook her. We collapsed at our Aunt's feet.

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