Female Mob Boss Helps You Work Off Your Debt

Female Mob Boss Helps You Work Off Your Debt
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The Pendant Chapter Two The next day at school was kind of weird.


Bobby kept looking at me like he wanted to say something but didn't. I kept expecting him to ask me what happened to the Pendant but he never said anything. After school I was looking forward to using the Pendant again. When I got home I decided to do it in bed this time as the floor had been too uncomfortable. I locked the door, retrieved it from my hiding place, got naked, and lay on the bed.

I looked down and saw I was already hard anticipating the fun I was planning. It occurred to me to start off with an old fashioned jerk off so my cock would get some action. I started stroking my pole up and down remembering how hot it had been to play with tits and a pussy. Before my dream had been to cop a feel but having unlimited access to a hot body was way better.

I was stroking fast and feeling close by this point. I started remembering the feel of running soapy hands over tits and it set me off. My first spurt went high and almost reached my neck.

The rest trailed down my chest with the last pooling in my belly button. I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling as my erection started to go down.

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I was done for the moment but what about her? I grabbed the Pendant and put the chain over my head. The inscribed disk came to rest on my cum covered chest. There was the usual shimmer and suddenly it was resting between two tits. My cock wasn't just down but was gone.

The cum was still there though so I rubbed it into my tits. Wet cum on the nipples felt really good and I kept rubbing them alternately with my left hand while my right slipped down to my pussy. I rubbed it and found myself already excited with the clit sticking up. I used some of my cum to lubricate my clit and began rubbing it. Soon I was able to dip down lower for fresh lubrication.

Keeping my clit wet definitely made the feeling better and whenever it started to dry my rubbing would become uncomfortable.

Apparently my cum as a male had carried over because this felt like the second cum yesterday. In no time at all my hips were straining up and right after that my whole body shook with the orgasm. I continued to rub lightly as aftershocks made me pant and moan. After relaxing for a minute I started rubbing my clit again and in no time I was going at it again. I suddenly wondered what would happened if I changed while aroused. I slowed down rubbing my clit and used both hands to lift the Pendant off my neck thinking I could always put it back on.

When the shimmering cleared my lovely tits were gone but I also had an erection.

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I began stroking it and the feeling was like I was half way to cumming again. I pumped away, not holding back, until I was again spurting.

Surprisingly I came just as far and as much as my first time.

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This was way cool. It was like having a reset for masturbation. Change to her, get hot, and then I could wank off again. I grabbed the Pendant and changed back to a girl again. My pleasure button was still hard and I dipped my finger into my hole to wet it, rolled it around a few times, and returned to diddling my clit.


I came again hard. I thought about switching again but I was too far gone rubbing that spot and cumming again and again. Finally I was panting so hard I felt like I was going to pass out and I was sore from raising my hips off the bed.

I forced myself to stop and lay there getting my breath back. Looking at the clock I realized I better get moving before my mom arrived home. It would be difficult to explain what a naked teen girl was doing in my bed. I grabbed some clean clothes and headed for the shower. I was cutting it close as I heard her come in just after I closed the door.

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I went ahead and bathed as a girl. It was just too hot to pass up.

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After drying off I spend a moment looking at myself in the mirror. I tried a few poses imitating those hand on hip licking lips shots that are so hot. It was harder than it looked but watching myself in the mirror I was able to see what was hot and what looked awkward. Finally I tried some really risqué positions like bending over and looking back at the mirror. I gradually realized I was getting myself turned on again and my mother was in the house.

I wondered if I could make any money taking pictures of myself; probably not with all the porn out there on the internet. I took off the pendant and got dressed. With it concealed in a towel I returned to my room and carefully hid it again. My bed smelled of sex so I changed the sheets. As I did I wondered what other fun things I could discover about the Pendant.

I also worried about what Bobby would finally say. Would he want it back? Should I tell him how hot it was? I guess it all depended on his attitude. Mike had been totally freaked. I had seen it as an opportunity. What did Bobby think?

What would Bobby look like with the Pendant on? He had an older sister and she was hot.


I tried not to be obvious about it but couldn't help staring when she was around. If Bobby was as hot would be get naked and let me see? If I told him how hot it was to cum as a girl would he let me watch? There were definite possibilities but it all depended on Bobby's attitude. Maybe tomorrow I should talk to him about the Pendant. He was such a wimp he might never bring it up.

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I could start slow; just tell him I had it and that I had used it. If he acted interested then I could tell him how it was seeing the female me naked. If he liked than then maybe I could tell him more.