Indian Aunty SHowing Big Boobs Opening Blouse

Indian Aunty SHowing Big Boobs Opening Blouse
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Linda Linda was my daughter-in-law's good friend from SCUBA Club. We had known each other socially for several years when she called up and came over to talk with me. She was 38, bright, good looking, and pretty shapely.

Since I was 65, I had never given dating her a thought. We had some coffee, then she broached the topic she came to explore. Basically, she said that she was young and single and needed some money for a new car and that I was older and single and seemed to have a lot of money. Additionally she thought that I might be somewhat attracted to her and that she was certainly attracted to me, and that we might make some sort of arrangement where she would provide me with sex and I would provide her with money.

"You mean like I would pay you $500 to be my love slave for the weekend?" "Exactly that idea I had in mind." You could have knocked me over with a feather, but I tried not to show it. I pulled a $100 bill out of my pocket and threw it on the coffee table. "There is for discussing a few more details, some rules of the road as it were, and a little bit of show and tell tonight." She smiled me a big one and said, "Great!" "First rule is that since I'm paying I get to call the shots.

Second rule is that I don't do anything to injure you. Any hurting of you is purely for the pleasure of both of us." "I like that! You probably have never known that about me." "I don't know anything about you sexually, but I'm about to find out". "Third rule is that whenever you want something sexually from me, you tell me.

I might get so I can read your mind, but let's not count on it!" So I looked her over sitting there on the couch. She had on a khaki knit top, fairly tight over a reasonably tight pair of jeans." I'm going to have you get out of some of those clothes for me.


I figure that's covered by the Franklin. If I decide to touch you tonight, that Franklin will be joined by another." She blushed a pretty serious scarlet. I decided to rub it in a little. "You are after all a prostitute now, my whore as it were, aren't you?" "Yes, I'm now your whore.

You are paying me for sex, for the use of my body for your pleasure." She blushed deeply at this. "So take off your shirt and let me see what your taste in bras is." She pulled the shirt over her head forthwith and stood in her white bra, her arms at her side. Her breasts were probably going to be smaller that I thought, but they looked firmer than I would have guessed.

"The bra looks pretty tight", I said, "Do you like tight bras?" She was blushing again. "yes", she said, I like my breasts firmly cupped, or bouncing free.

When you cup them with your hands later, I'll probably ask you to squeeze them harder. Is that too much information for now?" "No, it's perfect. I like that this is a conversation." There was silence as I looked her over. The scrutiny caused more blushing. "I like your blushing", I said, "It tells me that you are not so used to being so honestly appraised for your sexual use. And I do intend to use you sexually. I'll want to come in and on your body, and I'll want to watch you come. I'll want to see you in your ecstacy".

I could tell she was pretty turned on now. " You can slip your jeans off now". She did. Her panties were of a lime color, and lacy. They were somewhat sheer, so that I could see the shadow of her bush through them. She had a pretty full bush, it looked like.

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They too were pretty tight. I asked her to come closer which she did. I bent over to look directly into how they fit her bush and crotch. The shape of her pussy lips showed through.

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I leaned back and gazed into her eyes. She did not shrink from my gaze. "Are you still alright with what we're doing here?" "Very alright. I'm quite turned on by it" "I see your panties are slightly wet in the crotch." "Yes.

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I can't say I've ever been just stared at by a man in quite this way when I was in a bra and panties. I like it. Naked would be even more exciting, if you should ever want me naked." "I assure you I will" "The longer I stand here, the kinkier I feel." "Very interesting. I think I'll leave you in that position a while longer, then." I walked around her, eyeing her body in underwear. She looked good. Eminently fuckable! "I'll eventually want to fuck you. Are you alright with that?" "Yes," she breathed huskily.

"What would you like me to do right now?" I asked suddenly. She took a sharp intake of breath. "Truthfully?" "Of course, truthfully. I'm not paying for untruthfulness here.

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" She was now breathing hard, "I feel very strange. I've never felt like this. I feel kind of kinky" "Marvelous!! So what do you want me to do- other than ogle your sexy body. I could do that for a long time." "You've made my panties wet. I feel like a bad girl." "What should be done to bad girls?" She barely whispered, "They should be spanked." "Do you want me to spank you then?" A barely audible, "yes". "You will have to say that loud enough so I can hear it." "Yes, you should spank me!" That was loud enough.

I was quite hard by now. I knew this was going to be the hardest spanking I ever gave. And I hoped I could make her come from it. I took out another hundred and laid it on the table with the other money.

"Since you are my whore tonight I need to pay you. Is that adequate?" "Yes! What do you want me to do now?" "Nothing. What is going to be done, I'm going to do to you. I've paid you for this and I'm in charge. Your job is to take it. Have you ever been spanked before?" A couple of times by timid boyfriends- not very hard." "Well, I'm not a timid boyfriend, I'm your John.

This will be harder than you've ever had it before. And after I've spanked you, I'm going to fuck you as hard as I can." With that I went over and roughly pulled her panties clear down to her ankles.

She gasped. "We can't have those on while I'm spanking you. Now bend over and grab the arms of that chair." She did so, and I delivered a resounding slap to her right cheek; then one to her left cheek. Then alternating cheeks I delivered about 10 spanks to each.

Toward the end she was gasping as I smacked her. I stopped and rubbed her reddening bottom. "Oh God!" "Does that hurt?" I asked. "yes, it does, but I can take more." "Spread your legs a bit, so I can see your pussy." She did, and her pussy lips looked damp with excitement.

I began to smack her bottom some more, faster now, and harder. She began to cry out with each smack. Her bottom was a delicious red now. I stopped a bit and rubbed her ass cheeks.

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She moaned. "Can you take some more? I asked. She thought about it a few seconds, then "Yes, I can, and want some more. It's turning me on." "How so?" "My pussy is tingling, as well as my breasts. My nipples are hurting for attention." 'They'll get it in due time" I said and resume my hard slaps to her bottom. She cried out as I continued, and began moaning. I could feel her build toward a climax, so I kept the slaps up a few more minutes then stopped and had her stand up and turn around.

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She spread her legs so I could see her juices running down her legs. She was very hot, and breathing hard. I walked up to her and looked at her nipples. She moaned and asked what I was going to do now. "I think you know, Linda" I said. "I'm going to hurt your nipples the same as I've hurt your ass. She gasped again and her hands came up and massaged her breasts. I let her do it and watched. She was quite turned on, and close to coming.

"Put your hands at your sides," I ordered. She did, looking both scared and excited. I reached up and pinched her left nipple pretty hard. She moaned, but not enough for my taste. So I reached up and grabbed her right nipple between my thumb and index finger and squeezed hard. She cried out and I twisted it about half way around. "Oh God! Do that to the other one" I did and she cried out again. I grabbed both nipples in my hands now and began to vigorously shake them up and down, harder.

"Oh shit, you're going to make me come", she cried out. "Touch your pussy then. Help yourself to an orgasm. I want to watch." She reached her right hand into her snatch and began to rub her clit and soaking lips vigorously as I continued pinching and twisting her nipples.

She came thunderously, crying out and falling to her knees. I was hard as a rock, and began to take off my pants. As she came up from her orgasm, she watched me strip, and smiled appreciatively as my cock came into view. "lie down now. I'm going to fuck you mercilessly- and spread those legs of yours so I can see your hot pussy".

I spread my copious precum over my cock, got down between her wide-spread legs, and entered her hard. She was wet as hell and I went all the way to the hilt. She cried out and thrust her hips against me. I pulled back then slammed into her again, then again. Over and over I drilled her wet pussy. She thrashed around beneath me trying to get me deeper. The she came and her pussy got wetter than ever.

I kept fucking her hard, building to my own climax. I held off as long as I could, then let go shot after shot of sperm deep inside of her. The warm come took her to another climax. And we rested, my cock softening and sliding out of her. Her vagina gaped open. "Sorry, that's all I can give you tonight", I said.


"I think that's all I Can take. You are one hell of a lover", she said. We had a drink, then got dressed. I gave her another hundred and we were both happy. We made another date for the following Friday night, and kissed each other adieu at the front door, agreeing that our arrangement was working out just fine.