Fucking flashing big tit in my car

Fucking flashing big tit in my car
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I sat with Jim at one of the outside picnic tables near the lunchroom at our work. We had become friends over the last few months after he started work where I had worked for two years.

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He was a good-looking guy about my age of 21. We had gotten where we either talked sports of women. And when I say women, I mean ones we would like to fuck or ones we had fucked. He was a real ladies man with a lot of notches on his gun handle.

I was a married man but I let him know that my wife was not the only girl I bedded. After some time we felt comfortable enough with each other to start telling some pretty private stuff.

I told him that I had met Helen when I was close to 18 and she was 14, almost 15. After just a few dates, I was finger fucking her and she was jerking me off. A few more dates more and she was sucking me off. Right from the first time I made sure that she let me finish in her mouth. She was a virgin but I had fucked several other girls. I hated condoms so I always pulled out and finished in her mouth. She got to where she looked forward to having her mouth full of my cum.

Almost a year after we started dating, her mother found out that we were having sex but she never told her husband. She just got Helen on the pill. I even fucked her mother one time when I went over to see Helen but she wasn't home.

It was her mother's idea. She had a really sloppy loose cunt. I could hardly feel anything while I was in her but she sure liked it. She insisted that I not wear a condom and that I fill her cunt full of my thick warm cum. Then she sucked me for a long time till she finally got me hard again and I shot my cum down her throat.

I never let her or Helen know that there were still others that I was fucking too. I got one of them pregnant but she didn't want a baby any more than I wanted to be a father, and we sure did not want to get married so she just quietly had the doctor take care of it. I never saw her again after that.

When Helen turned 17 her parents signed off on us getting married. Her folks were pretty well off so they helped us got off to a good start. We both got what we wanted sexually as she was submissive and I was pretty demanding.

It was after we got married that I introduced her to anal, then ass to mouth and then to water sports and being tied up.

At first, she did not like these nastier things that I put her through but she came to like, or at lease tolerate them. There is not much that I have not done to her over the last couple years. It's not a master/slave relationship but she knows that I want what I want and when I want it and she is happy to do anything I tell her to do.

I don't think she knows that I still fuck around sometimes but I wouldn't care if she found out. Lately I have been thinking that I would like to watch her get fucked by another guy. She has never been with anyone but me.

After thinking about it for a while I decided to see if Jim would go for it. He had met Helen a couple of times and commented on what a good-looking gal she is. One day I told him that I wanted to ask another guy to take her, and I asked him if he would like to be that guy.

He looked at me for a minute and then said that if it was OK with me, he would love to be the guy.

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I asked him how big her was and he said a little over six inches. I did not want to take any chances with her having a big cock and deciding that mine was not big enough to keep her happy. I invited him to come over to our house the next night.

I told Helen that Jim was coming over to watch a game with me. I bought three six packs and told Helen to wear something pretty. It was about thirty minutes before Jim was due when she came from the bedroom wearing a flower print dress that she really liked. I admit that she looked really cute in it.

She's only about 5'4" and doesn't weigh more that about 110 pounds. She has really perky just barely C-cup tits with big nipples that get hard any time she gets excited.

She has a small waist and a small tight bottom. Her hair is a light brown, straight and shoulder length. I have her keep her pussy hair shaved clean. I looked at her. "That's not what I had in mind." I went back to the bedroom with her. I picked out a short, tight denim skirt, small lace panties, a thin, stretchy yellow tube top that showed her nipple bumps and a pair of red 3" heels.

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"Wear these." I played with her tits and pinched her nipples while she was changing which just made them stick out more. Jim showed up right on time. Helen enjoys sports too.


She was a cheerleader in high school. We all sat on the couch with Helen between us two guys. After she had gone and gotten us all a couple of beers, she sat there with her head on my shoulder.

I put my hand on her thigh and started moving it up under her skirt. She pushed it away but I pushed her hand away and put mine back. She got the idea and did not try to stop me again. Soon I han a finger inside her panties, rubbing her clit. I could feel her fidget and hear he making little moans. "Suck my cock." She looked at me and shook her head no. I put my hand in her hair and pushed her onto the floor at my feet. "I said, suck my cock." I unzipped my pants and pulled my already hard seven inches out.

With my hand still in her hair, I pulled her face to my prick. Helen was blushing bright red but when her face got to my crotch, her mouth was wide open. For the first little while I used my hand to guide her up and down on my shaft but then I let go and she kept at it. I pulled down her tube top and grabbed a tit.

Soon the other one was in Jim's hand. Helen did not stop.


It had taken months to get Helen to where she could deepthroat without gagging but now she could and now she did. I lasted several minutes before I blew a load in her mouth. I made sure that I was not down her throat when I did it. I told her, just before I filled her mouth not to swallow. When I had given her my last drop, I told her to show it to Jim and then swallow it. She looked at me for a minute and then did it.

Helen pulled her top back up and got back on the couch. I took her hand and put it on the bulge in Jim's pants. "Now, Helen, you've got poor Jim and hot and horny and hard. You're not going to leave him like that, are you?" Get down there and suck him off too." Helen looked at me, "You really want me to suck Jim's cock?" I said that I did and I pushed her to the floor.

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As quickly as she grabbed for his zipper, I guessed that she was really hot to do just what I told her to do and was happy that I had. While she was unzipping him, he undid his belt and snap and lifted his ass off the couch.

Helen pulled his pants down to his ankles. he was rock hard and there was already a pretty good covering of pre-cum on the head of his prick. Helen rushed to get him in her mouth and took him balls deep first thing. Jim tipped his head back and moaned.

"This is going to be great." Helen played with his balls and stroked his shaft with her lips. I could see her throat bulge each time Jim's cock head went down her throat. I was enjoying watching it and I got hard again. I got off the couch, pulled her skirt up to her waist, pulled her lace panties to the side and thrust into her cunt.

I pounded her from the back and drove her harder onto Jim's cock. Dam this girl is tight. I always love sinking my prick into her.

After a couple minutes of banging her I pulled out. "Helen, put Jim on the floor and ride him." She was quick to obey. While Jim was stepping the rest of the way out of his pants, I literally tore the lace panties off Helen's body. Jim lay on the floor with his manhood sticking straight up. Helen wasted no time sliding her soaking wet pussy down over his pole.

She bounced up and down on it like a mad woman. I was afraid that she was going to make him cum right then and i was not ready for that. I pushed her down so her tits were pressed on his chest. She stopped screwing to see what was happening. I got between all of there legs and spit in my hand. I shoved a spit-covered finger into her ass, then two. Helen groaned. Taking my fingers out I lined my prick up to her shit hole and pushed.

My cock had been in there many times so it went in without a lot of effort. Soon Jim and i were both fully buried in Helen's fuck holes. We started fucking her together. With just her thin membrane between our pricks it felt funny feeling the other one fucking into her at the same time as the other. It wasn't long before Helen was in the troughs of a strong orgasm. She screamed and wiggled but we had her pinned tight and we were working hard to get our rocks off. Jim came first and flooded her pussy with a big load.

Helen cried out with pleasure. I wasn't far behind and I filled her other hole to overflowing. Everybody just lay still for a minute. I was on top so I got off first. Then Helen climbed off Jim's softening shaft. "OK Helen, you have two cocks to clean. Get at it." Without complaint, she proceeded to suck the fuck juices off both of our cocks.

We got up and finished our beers. Then Jim dressed and left after giving Helen a kiss and telling her how good he thought the night had been.

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Helen and I went to bed. She cuddled up next to me, kissed me on the cheek and asked me if she had done OK. "Ya Babe, you did great." She kissed my cheek again, but this time she squeezed my cock in her hand. "I'm glad, and I liked it too." We cuddled again and fell to sleep.

A couple days later I heard that there was going to be a spot open for a promotion at work.

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I knew that it was something I would be good at. I started to make a plan about how I would be sure to be the one to get the promotion. My boss is Harold. He is in his fifties, going bald and about sixty pounds overweight. "Harold, how about coming over to my place tomorrow night to watch the game. My wife and I would like to get to know you better." I was sure I would get the promotion after getting him together with Helen. 912