Young males big cocks sex in movies and bestial gay porn Fighting

Young males big cocks sex in movies and bestial gay porn Fighting
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Fbailey story number 510 Am I Still Attractive My wife came home one day and said that the daughter of our neighbor didn't think that she was attractive any more and that she wanted me to take nude pictures of her and post them to the Internet to get comments.

My wife was all in favor of it and had mentioned to Kay that I take nude pictures of her almost every day, even after forty years of marriage. My neighbor also decided to tell her daughter that I had taken nude pictures of her too when she needed them to send to guys over the Internet that she was corresponding with.

Now my neighbor is seventy years old and a few months back her daughter moved in with all five of her kids after she had left her husband. Now Kay was an attractive woman in her mid forties and just a few inches over five feet tall. According to Kay she weighed one hundred and thirty-five pounds. According to my wife Kay wore a 36-D bra too. So anyway everything was arranged for the very next day.

My wife would take Kay's mother out for the day after the kids went to school and not bring her back until it was time for the kids to come home from school. That way I would have Kay all to myself for seven hours in her house and then as long I needed in my house afterwards.

My wife and my neighbor both told Kay that sex was my payment. I could hardly believe that my neighbor would tell her own daughter that she let me fuck her for taking nude pictures of her. However, on the other hand I had my wife's permission to screw Kay and apparently Kay was in favor of it too. All I had to see was how far Kay would let me go. I had my wife call over and tell Kay not to wear anything tight in the morning so that her skin wouldn't have any marks from a bra, panties, or tight jeans.

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The next morning I was awake early in anticipation. My wife offered me sex so that I wouldn't be too awfully excited when I first got in Kay. I took her up on it and we both knew where my mind was as my harder than usual cock pounded into her well-worn pussy. After years of making love to my wife she liked the new improved feeling between her legs. I hadn't made her orgasm like that in quite some time.

She isn't a screamer but she sure panted hard for breath when it hit her. I pounded her hard as I fired several gobs of hot cum into her pussy. A kiss and a thank you said that she had enjoyed it. I returned her kiss and thank you even though I was saying thank you to letting me fuck Kay and see her naked all day long. As we were dressing my wife told me that Kay's husband was a complete zero, that he lacked any emotions, love for his family, or even any need for sex.

The last three years were very difficult for her. Then my wife said, "Be strong, take command, and she will be all yours for as long as you want her." Holy shit, my wife was giving me a girlfriend. I really do love her. We watched out the window to see the five kids walk by our house on their way to the corner to catch the school bus.

We went out on the front porch to keep watching them. Kay and her mother were also out on their porch and both waved at us. I noticed that Kay was in a light bathrobe. Once the bus went by with the kids waving to their mother we walked over to their house and were invited inside. We all had coffee but Kay put a shot of Irish Whisky in her cup. After drinking that one she had a second cup. I smiled at my wife and she smiled back. We both knew that I was going have a great day.

My wife came over to me and kissed me goodbye. I cupped a breast as she leaned in and then I slipped my hand up under her miniskirt to cup her warm panty-covered pussy. Kay's mother came over to kiss me goodbye. I cupped a breast as she leaned in and then I slipped my hand up under her dress to cup her warm panty-covered pussy. I slipped my finger under her leg opening and into her very wet pussy and up to her clit.

She held there for a full minute until she had an orgasm and then she just smiled at her daughter before she walked away. Her pussy was hot, damp, and in need of a serious fuck.

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I made a mental note to take care of her soon. As the women left Kay said, "I'm scared." I said, "You don't have to do this." Kay then said, "Yes I do." There was a pause while she finished off her second coffee, "I need to do this.

After giving birth to five children and spreading my legs for a lot of men doctors it's not really a problem, I just wonder if I'm still attractive." I tried to reassure her by saying, "I think you're attractive." Kay replied, "You haven't seen me naked. I've got scars, stretch marks, and rolls of fat that I never used to have." She poured a third cup of coffee and added two shots of Irish Whisky then said, "My tits sag, I have a belly, and my ass is flabby too." I smiled and said, "Show me." Kay gulped down that cup of coffee, took a deep breath, and untied the sash of her robe letting it slip off her shoulders, down her arms, and to the floor leaving her standing before me naked.

I looked at her breasts and the sag that age, gravity, and nursing five children can cause. They were larger than I had expected with nice dark areolas and fat hard nipples. I looked at the rounded slightly bulging belly with light colored vertical stretch marks running around it and her pierced belly button. I looked at her hairy bush. It looked pretty wild, a little too bushy, and it was not the same color as the hair on her head. I walked around behind her. Her skin was smooth, she had a couple of those diagonal rolls from her big saggy breasts, and her ass was quite soft with a couple of cute dimples right in the center of her ass cheeks.

Her thighs were pressed tight together as she stood there in a normal stance. Her blonde hair with dark streaks hung halfway down her back. As I walked back around her to the side I looked at her profile. Her forehead, nose, and chin had a soft feminine look to it, her breasts stuck out just about as far as her belly did, and her pussy mound had a nice bulge to it.

I made another trip around her with my camera and recorded everything that I had noticed the first time around plus a few more items. For example her hard nipples were mushroom-shaped. They had a smaller diameter where they connected to her breast and they were flat on the end, whereas my wife's nipples are rounded on the end. When I mentioned the depression to her, Kay said, "Oh my husband used to make me wear 'nipple huggers' with loops that tightened really close around my nipples.

I had to wear them to work. He knew that they irritated me to no end and that it cut off the blood in my nipples keeping them hard all day, kind of like a cock ring did to him during sex. That is when we used to have sex." I asked, "So what else did he do to you?" Kay took a slug right from the whisky bottle and said, "Nothing.

We haven't had sex in several years. He didn't even jerk off but he sure liked to watch me masturbate. He loved to see me sexually frustrated and unsatisfied. Sometimes he would fold a double-ended dildo in half, shove it both my lower holes, and then make me wear a girdle to hold them in place. Then he would take the kids and me to an amusement park or zoo for the day and watch me squirm.

He still wouldn't fuck me." Something in her manor told me that she needed to be controlled, commanded, and punished by a man. I reached out and took a hold of her nipple, I rolled it between my finger and thumb, and then I asked, "Will you be my sex slave?" Kay's eyes flew open, she hung her head low, and she replied, "But I am no longer attractive. That is why my husband threw me out. He didn't want to fuck me any longer…but he wanted to fuck my oldest daughter and I said NO!

He punished me by throwing me out without a cent to my name." I had certainly taken a very good look at her oldest daughter Nickie and found her to be one of the sexiest thirteen-year-olds that I had ever seen.

Her perky breasts, flat tummy, and rounded butt were things of perfection. I could understand why her father wanted to fuck her. I could also see why a mother would want to protect her daughter from that sort of thing. I pinched and twisted the nipple that I was holding. That got her attention. Kay said, "Will you protect my children?" I said, "Yes." Kay said, "In that case I'll be your sex slave." First order of business was to bend her over the kitchen counter and enter her pussy from behind.


She held onto the counter as I poked her. She moaned and cooed with the best of them. She acted like a virgin enjoying her first taste of cock. When her first orgasm hit her it hit her hard. She shook, cried out, and pissed all over the floor as she cum and cum and then her knees buckled and she dropped to her knees releasing my cock from her very nice love tunnel. I let her recover then I made her stand back up in the puddle that she had caused and assume the position again.

That time when she orgasmed I did too, filling her with man cream. That orgasm was more intense because she cried out much louder and shouted, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me all you want.

I'll be your sex slave for ever, just fuck me." After that I had her mop the floor as I took pictures, then we both needed a shower. We dried off then I took about a hundred pictures of Kay nude in every room in the house. She posed in, on, or under everything in that room.

She posed with just about ever kitchen utensil in her pussy, every bottleneck that would fit, and with every vegetable or fruit in the refrigerator that would fit inside her too. Kay loved being told what to do and I let her orgasm as many times as she could. She exhausted herself and asked me if she could take a nap. Instead I had her do a hundred jumping jacks with her big tits flopping all over the place as I took pictures.

I took her out into her backyard and that made her very uncomfortable. She posed wherever I asked but she was frightened the whole time.

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When I told her that we could get out of her backyard she was so relieved, that is until I took her into my backyard for more pictures. You see my backyard is visible from a highway and the truckers sit up high enough to see down into my backyard.

Two truckers honked their horns at her but she didn't take it as a compliment until I told her that they really liked her. Then I made her stand there facing the road and told her to wave at the truckers. She got several more toots on their air horns. When ten truckers had honked at her I let her go into my house. She said that she was never more frightened or more excited in her life. She couldn't believe that they would honk at a woman like her.

I didn't have the heart to tell her that they had honked at her mother last summer too. Truckers will honk at anything with tits.

However, it did a lot for her ego. We started out with sex in my kitchen with her bent over the counter holding on for another rear assault.

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Then I had her pose in every room in my house in the same way that she had in her mother's home. Kay was naked and on her knees giving me a blowjob when her mother and my wife entered. I had told her to keep it up even after they had come in and she did. They told us about their day as I sat in a chair and had Kay sit on my cock facing me.

As she fucked me I listened to the women talk about shopping, eating a nice lunch, and running into some friends to talk too. When Kay cried out my wife giggled, her mother laughed, and Kay said, "I love your cock, I need your cock, I'll be your sex slave forever just keep fucking me." Her mother said, "Don't shut me off just because you have a younger and prettier sex slave now." My wife said, "He better not shut me off either. Sex this morning was fantastic. All he thought about was fucking Kay but his cock was in me and felt so good." I had my wife and Kay's mother undress and then I had the three women pose for pictures together.

My favorite was when my wife lined her nipples up with Kay's nipples, held her close, and kissed her on the lips. I let them get dressed before the kids arrived but I told Kay that she was sleeping in my bed with my wife and I for the next few nights. She just smiled. When the kids arrived home Kay sent the four younger ones off to change their clothes and then had her mother and my wife take them down to the park to play.

Kay asked me to take some pictures of her and her daughter together. I said yes because Nickie looked too good to pass up. She had on the same Catholic uniform as the rest of the kids in the neighborhood but she made it look so much better.

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I took a dozen pictures of them together standing, sitting, and even hugging. When Kay went off in search of her old school uniform from high school Nickie took the opportunity to ask, "Do you want some better pictures of me?" I asked, "What do you have in mind?" With that Nickie sat down in a chair and opened her knees just enough so that I could see her white panties.

After two more pictures she leaned back and threw her legs out just as wide as the living room chair would allow. I smiled when I saw the wet spot that had formed in the crotch of her panties.

I got a lot closer for a really good picture. She just smiled at me. After I took the close-up picture and looked up I saw Kay standing in the doorway smiling at me.

She waited a moment for Nickie to close her legs and then she entered the room wearing her old school uniform. It fit quite snugly but it fit. I took more pictures of them posing together then Kay pushed her daughter out of the way, sat down in the chair, and then she opened her legs up wide for me too.

Nickie smiled knowing that her mother knew. I took both girls into the kitchen, pulled out two chairs placing them side by side, and then I had them sit down. They looked at one another then smiled at me as they opened their legs up. I was treated to two pair of white panties each with a wet spot in the crotch. Then they started an unspoken contest. Nickie untied her tie and removed it then Kay did. Nickie unbuttoned her blouse slowly and Kay kept up with her button for button.

Nickie pulled the shirt out of her skirt, removed it, and tossed it at me. I smiled as mother and daughter posed for me in their white bras. Nickie looked at her mother and stood up before unzipping the side of her skirt.

Kay followed suite. Then the two women posed in their underwear for me. I had to smile when they turned around and they were both wearing thong panties. Nickie never looked prettier. Then Nickie asked, "Did you guys have a nice day together alone?" Kay replied, "Yes, we did but how did you know that we were alone together?" Nickie said, "I hear things.

He was supposed to take nude pictures of you and he was supposed to have sex with you too. Did he?" Kay replied, "Yes, he did." Nickie asked, "Was it good?" Kay replied, "Yes, it was." Nickie asked, "As good as I feel right now?" Kay replied, "A hundred times better." Nickie asked, "Can I pose nude too?" Kay looked at me, I nodded my approval, and then Kay said, "If you want to but it will have to be a big secret.

You can't tell anyone. Do you understand?" Nickie replied, "Yes. Like the secrets Daddy doesn't want me to tell you." Again Kay looked at me and then asked Nickie, "What secrets?" Nickie held her hands over her mouth.

She knew that she had said too much. I stepped in and said, "Okay that's enough. She has secrets and you just asked her to keep more. I think that she is pretty grown up if she has kept them from you for this long." Nickie looked at her feet and said, "It hasn't been all that long." I said, "It's still all right. You should keep your secret until you want to tell someone, especially if it can get someone in trouble.

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You see, if I take nude pictures of you I can go to jail." Nickie said, "Oh I would never tell anyone. I wouldn't want to get you in trouble." Nickie then reached back and unhooked her bra letting it fall off her shoulders and to the floor. She had small perfect breasts with the tiniest hard nipples. Then since Kay had not removed her bra Nickie unhooked it for her and pulled it off exposing her mothers much bigger breasts.

I took pictures of them together before Nickie removed her panties for me. She had a very nice patch of fur between her legs. Nickie then lowered her mother's panties as I took more pictures. Then they posed together totally nude until Nickie said that they had better get dressed before her sisters came back. She took her mother's hand and led her off to a bedroom. I picked up the clothes that had been discarded and placed them in the hallway on a stand.

I kept the panties though and took them home with me. Some time later my wife came home. She had a talk with Nickie and said that her father had molested her.

He had come into her bedroom and felt her up while Nickie pretended to be asleep. He poked his finger up into her pussy and sucked on her nipples. However, she didn't want her mother to know and she didn't want to get her father in any trouble either.

My wife had promised not to tell anyone. I was glad that she had told me though. After the kids were in bed for the night Kay came over wearing her light bathrobe and nothing else. I let her in and started to close the door when I saw Nickie standing there in her short robe.

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I let them both in and my wife took them up to our bedroom. The three women were nude when I entered with my camera. They had already decided that I was not to be in any of the pictures with Nickie.

That way I might not get into any trouble. However, they wanted to be in most of the pictures with her. That was fine with me. I did get in one picture though, at least part of me did. Nickie was under her mother in a sixty-nine when I slipped my cock into her mother's pussy.

My wife took a close-up picture of her expression at seeing me fuck her mother from that distance. My hairy balls and half of my cock were in the picture. Nickie licked her mother clean after sex. Kay wanted to know where she had learned to do it so well. Nickie told her that she had been licking her four sisters for about a year. She liked to lick them after their baths but she also liked to lick the youngest one after she had peed.

It was their secret. Nickie had some interesting desires. My wife took Nickie into our bathroom, had her lie down in the tub, and then she squatted over her as she started to pee. Nickie was introduced to her first golden shower and she liked it.

When my wife was done Kay peed on her own daughter from her breasts to her pussy. I just stood near the bathtub and aimed my stream to at her breasts. Nickie opened her mouth and pointed at it. I let a few drops enter her mouth before I pinched off the flow. She swallowed, looked up at me, and opened her mouth again. I peed in her mouth several times allowing her to either swallow or spit it out. She enjoyed a full bladder of my piss that evening.

Nickie found out that evening that she could ask us or tell us anything, that she could try anything sexual, and that we would not judge her. At her request I finger fucked her and rubbed her clit until she couldn't stand it any longer.

Then she asked my wife and her mother to do it too.

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In the end she said I had given her the most pleasure. Nickie went home and Kay slept in my bed with me in the middle and my wife on the other side of me. As we lay there Kay asked, "Am I still attractive?" I sincerely replied, "Yes, you are still an attractive woman.

I am proud to have you as my one of my sex slaves." Kay took in that statement and then asked, "Who are your other sex slaves?" My wife answered, "Your mother of course but you already knew that.

Myself and probably Nickie too." Kay giggled, "Oh yes, I forgot about my mother.


I think you're right about Nickie she is growing up fast." I just whispered, "Tomorrow I want a three generation picture of naked women. Then I want a picture of all my sex slaves together and nude." Kay whispered, "I think I'd like a nude picture of Mom, me, and my five daughters together every year as they grow up." I said, "Okay." Then I dreamed of the possibilities as I drifted off to sleep.

The End Am I Still Attractive 510