Superb blonde lesbian gets sweet pink cunt fist fucked

Superb blonde lesbian gets sweet pink cunt fist fucked
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Part 3: The following days blended together into a nonstop sex romp. If I wasn't having sex with Ashley, I was sodomizing Jill. We always fucked in Ashley's bed, Jill getting off on her daughter's scent with Ashley's panties stuffed into her mouth as a gag. Whenever she could, Jill would listen in on Ashley and me screwing, standing on the other side of the door and touching herself. The door would be slightly open, a crack just wide enough for her to see me empty myself into her daughter.

Whenever I would spend the night, I would wait for Ashley to fall asleep, then go into Jill's room and let her suck me off.

She would finger her pussy while she rolled my cock in her mouth, savoring the taste of her daughter on me. I had a sexy girl and her milf addicted to my cock, but the question was how could I get them together? Jill wouldn't hesitate to go in on a threesome, but Ashley was another story. Somehow I had to get her to be ok with having sex in front of and with her mom. If nothing worked, I could always just rape her and have Jill join in.

Jill might be into that idea. But hopefully it wouldn't come to that and I could bend Ashley willingly. I found myself pondering the situation as Ashley and I were having an afternoon romp. Jill was home, and as mentioned before, she was on the other side of Ashley's bedroom door, her fingers buried up to the knuckle in her velvet sleeve.

I had Ashley on all fours, ramming her from behind, her screams of bliss bouncing off the walls. 'Let's see, how can I do this? Now would probably be the best time to try and manipulate her, at least lay the foundations. Now Jill is just like her, so if I'm lucky, she'll have the same affinity for incestuous desires. I just have to plant them and help them grow.' "Yes!

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Harder! Deeper! Fuck my pussy!" Ashley screamed. "I love how much you moan when we fuck, how loud you get. I bet your mom can hear us." "What?" "She can probably hear us right now, begging for my cock, hear her little girl turning into a ravenous cum slut." Just like with Jill, I could feel her tightening up on me, telling me I had struck a nerve.

My words were arousing her and her body was reacting. Out in the hall, Jill bit her lip and the strokes of her fingers increased in speed. She knew I was saying this not just to Ashley, but to her as well.

"She knows you're getting fucked like a dirty whore, getting mounted like an animal. Does it turn you on?" "Shut up!" I grabbed her arms and pulled them back, gripping her wrists like handlebars as I fucked her. With each slam, her tits bounced beautifully. "She might as well be watching us right now. Imagine her sitting in the corner, her eyes on you, watching you getting fucked. You're so shameless, getting turned on my your mom watching you have sex." "Zach, cut it out!" "You're getting wetter, I can feel it." I lied back, pulling her on top of me, her body heaving as she bounced on my cock like a mechanical bull.


"Can you feel her watching you? She's probably as horny as you are. She would be sitting in the corner, touching herself to the sound of your moans." Ashley stopped moaning, panting instead with her eyes on the corner where Jill would be. Against her will, she was beginning to imagine her mom sitting there, massaging her full breasts with one hand while her other strayed south.

"She can see your tits jiggling, your erect clitoris, your pussy wrapping around my cock. Put on a show for her, let your mom see your slutty side. She can watch you get fucked and you can watch her finger herself." Outside, Jill was on her knees with her hand between her legs, fighting the urge to come into the room and lick the sweat from her daughter's stomach. She was so close. "Oh god, I'm going to cum!" Ashley cried out, bouncing like a super ball.

"Tell Jill you're cumming. Let her hear you cum." "Zach, stop!" "Fine." I stopped my thrusts, just like with Jill. "Say it and I'll let you cum!" "Ok, I'll say it!" I resumed moving, immediately pushing her over the boundary. "Mom, I'm cumming! Zach is making me cum! His cock feels so good, mom!" she moaned as she squirted like a water pistol.

'Me too, baby! I'm cumming too!' Jill thought, soaking the carpet beneath her with the waterfall between her legs. Ashley collapsed and fell on her side. I hadn't had an orgasm of my own so I just wanted to fire off a quick round.

Leaning over her head, I started masturbating, using the wetness from her pussy as lubricant. I soon ejaculated, painting her face with my seed. 'Just a little longer and my dream will come true.' More days passed, Jill continuing to watch from the sidelines as I fucked her daughter, until it was her turn to get pounded.

Whenever Ashley and I had sex, I would try to manipulate her like before. I would tell her that her mom could hear her, tell her to imagine Jill was watching, have her visualize her mom masturbating to the sight of Ashley getting mounted.

Funny that that's exactly what her mom was doing, even if Ashley didn't know it. I even convinced her to have sex in her mom's bed.

The more I worked her, the easier it became to make her cum. I would tell her to put on a show for Jill and she would spray like a fountain. Every day, my goal of a threesome got closer and closer. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and Jill was lying on her back on the kitchen table as I ravaged her soft pussy. The lips of her cunt gave off the sound of gum being chewed as I would pull my cock out and force it back in. "Oh fuck yeah! Fuck my wet pussy! Fuck my sloppy wet pussy with your big cock!" she whined.

"Zach?! MOM?!" we heard the shrill voice scream. We looked at the front door and saw Ashley, wearing her waitress outfit. She was supposed to have the morning shift, but apparently she came home early.

She was staring at us with her mouth hanging open and tears rolling down her cheeks. She ran to her room and slammed the door shut with a deafening crash. "Ashley, wait!" I said as I grabbed my pants and pulled them on. "Baby, hold on!" Jill said as she put on a bathrobe. We rushed to her locked bedroom door. Inside, we could hear Ashley screaming in rage and destroying everything in her path.

"Ashley, come on. Can we please talk?" I asked as I knocked on the door. "Talk about what?! You were fucking my mom!" "Baby, it's not what you think." Jill said. "My boyfriend was cheating on me with my fucking whore of a mother! I know what I saw!" We waited outside the door for almost an hour as Ashley released her rage on everything in her room. "Ashley, if you won't come out, will you at least let us in? We just want to talk," I eventually asked. After several minutes, we heard the door unlock and we stood up.

Jill and I opened the door and stepped inside. The ground was covered in wreckage, the walls had been stripped bare of pictures and posters, and Ashley was sitting on the bed with her face in her hands. We sat down next to her and held her close. "How long? How long have you two been doing this?" Ashley asked in sorrow and anger. "A couple weeks. I'm so sorry, sweetheart, it was all a huge mistake," Jill said as she put her hand on Ashley's knee. Something caught my attention when her hand touched her knee.

Ashley squirmed at her touch, but not away from her. Had she truly been mad, she would have jerked back, but her legs just clamped together as if she was trying to suppress a reaction. Was… Was she aroused? 'Now's the time.' Deciding to experiment, I mimicked her mom and placed my hand on her other knee, but taking it one step forward, I slowly moved my hand up and down her thigh.

Ashley continued to squirm, and she had her arms crossed against her stomach. I could tell that she was trying to fight the urge to touch her full breasts or her moistening pussy. 'I knew it. She's not angry with us for screwing, she's angry with herself for watching us and enjoying it! It just like when I figured out that Jill was hot for her, she's angry at herself that seeing me pound her mom makes her horny.' Jill and I locked eyes and I motioned to Ashley while raising my eyebrows.

Jill gave a small smile and licked her lips. She turned to Ashley. "Baby, I'm so sorry, I couldn't help myself. I've seen the two of you have sex and it just made me so hot." "What?" "At first I would just listen to the two you, then I started spying. Watching your breasts bounce as you rode his dick made my own nipples hard…" She began to open her bathrobe, exposing her round full breasts to her daughter. "And watching you rub your pussy as he hammered you made me so wet." She fully opened her robe and exposed her cunt, glistening in arousal.

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Ashley was in disbelief as she looked at her naked mother, and I knew that she was almost as horny as I was. Her ability to hide it was beginning to fail. "Did… did you feel the same way as you watched us? Did you want to touch my body?" Jill asked as she picked up her daughter's hand and placed it on her left tit. Ashley stirred and tried to pull away, but Jill forced her hand to squeeze her breast, making her massage it with her fingers and rub her nipple with her palm. "Mom, this is a little too weird," Ashley panted.

We all knew it was a lie. "Come on, I know you like it," Jill said softly as she leaned forward and pressed her lips against Ashley's. Her daughter resisted for only a moment before kissing her mom back.

I couldn't believe my luck as I watched the two blondes make out, softly at first, but then with more passion. As they started to feel each other with their hands I decided to back off and give them time to get… acquainted. With my rock-hard cock in my hand, I watched as mother and daughter began to French kiss each other, licking the inside of each other's mouth and sucking on each other's tongues.

Their lips became shiny and wet as they savored the taste of each other's saliva. Jill unbuttoned Ashley's waitress blouse and pulled it away, leaving her in just her bra. "Show me those beautiful titties," Jill groaned. With a coy grin, Ashley pulled off her bra, revealing her round bouncing boobs. They looked just like her mother's but had their own unique size and dimensions. "Lovely!" Jill said as she licked her lips. Her daughter moaned in ecstasy as her mother began massaging the plump mounds of flesh, squeezing them like they were stress-relievers and tweaking her nipples as if she was adjusting a radio.

"I've spent so many hours rubbing my sloppy wet pussy while imagining my lips around your sweet nipples," Jill said as she held Ashley's left boob with both hands. Slowly and gently, she reached out with her tongue and dragged it across the soft flesh of her tit, just a few inches from the nipple.

Ashley moaned as her mom began licking her round boobs, teasingly avoiding the nipple. Finally, she closed her lips around the areola and sucked like a vacuum. Ashley released a high-pitched moan like the ringing of wind chimes as her mother sucked on one nipple and pinched the other. I resisted the urge to shoot my load, as Jill would switch between Ashley's titties, using her lips and tongue to play with the erect nipples and tease her daughter. Ashley finally moved back to the headboard of the bed and Jill suspended herself over her daughter.

She held herself up with one hand and squeezed her tits as Ashley pulled off her skirt and revealed her panties, which were stained by her wetness. Jill pulled off her daughter's panties, revealing the soft lips, dripping with arousal. "Lick my pussy, Mom. Make me cum onto your tongue," Ashley said as she massaged herself.

"Not yet, baby, first suck on my titties like you used to," Jill moaned as she held her massive jugs up to her daughter's face. Ashley playfully squeezed the milf's breasts, massaging them and pinching the nipples like her mother had done to her. Finally, Ashley raised her head and began sucking on her mom's tits and lapping her nipples with her tongue. Jill moaned in bliss as Ashley sucked on her skin with gusto and buried her face between the two fleshy mounds.

Both mother and daughter thinking alike, Jill began rubbing her daughter's pussy and Ashley began rubbing her mom's. Both women moaned as their pussies became wetter and softer, countless drops of pussy juice staining the blankets on the bed as the lips became more and more amendable and would ripple with every slap of their fingers.

The girls moaned with ecstasy, but Ashley's moan was stifled by her mom's full firm tits smothering her face with one of the nipples always in her mouth. After several minutes, both women separated and began licking the other's pussy juice off of their fingers. Jill moved back to her daughter with her head between her legs. "I've wanted to do this for so long," she hummed as she spread the lips of her daughter's pussy and sent her tongue deep into Ashley's wet insides.

Ashley moaned as her mom drank up her pussy juice and explored every corner of her hot cunt. As I watched, I wasn't sure whether I should focus on Jill licking her daughter's pussy, or the milf sticking her ass in the air. I just wanted to jump onto the bed, force my cock into her pussy, and hammer her so hard that she would scream into her daughter's cunt. But I fought the urge. I wanted to see how far they would go on their own.

Ashley released an extra loud moan as she had her first lesbian orgasm, and soaked her mom with her pussy juice.

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Jill moved up on top of her daughter and kneeled over her with her head between her knees. "Lick it, baby, send your tongue up into your mother's soft cunt," Jill purred as she squeezed her tits. Ashley grabbed her mom's ass with both hands and forced her Jill to sit on her face. The milf moaned in bliss, for Ashley didn't just eat her pussy, she fucking DEVOURED it.

I had to bend my neck so I could see Ashley, her chin and lower lip just barely showing under her mom's ass as she sent her tongue deep into Jill's womanhood. Jill moaned like an opera singer as Ashley worked her middle finger into her mother's backdoor, fucking her ass faster than I ever could with my cock. She was forcing her fingers into her tight anus so fast that her hand was a blur, and I started to wonder if it was actually hurting Jill.

After only a few minutes, Jill had a gushing orgasm and sprayed pussy juice onto her daughter's face and Ashley drank it all up. Jill got off of Ashley, and as if the two family members were telepathic, their legs interlocked and they began to grind their pussies. They moved like mirror images, slamming their clams together over and over again, letting their lips rub together in a sloppy wet kiss.


Both mother and daughter moaned and squeezed each other's tits, and the longer they scissored, the wetter they became. Foamy drops were spraying from their joined lips, soaking the bed with their combined juices. I honestly couldn't believe what I was watching.

After both cumming at the same time, the two women separated and lay side by side. With Ashley's right leg wrapped around Jill's left, the mother and daughter rubbed each other's pussies while giving a mix of a moan and a whine. They writhed and gyrated their hips, at the mercy of each other's toying.

Finally, I rushed over and forced my cock into Jill's pussy and fucked her faster and harder than ever before, unable to hold back any longer. Jill moaned at the top of her lungs and squeezed the blankets of the bed until the veins in her wrists bulged.

"Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me until I cum!" she hollered. I turned to Ashley. "How do you like watching me fuck your mom?" "It makes me so horny. Fuck my mom, fuck her hard and fill her with cum!" she moaned as she sucked on her fingers and rubbed her pussy.

As I hammered Jill's cunt, Ashley masturbated to the sight. I would swing my pelvis so that I could slam her cunt with my full strength and my cock would dive into her and then swerve up, allowing it to plow into every corner. As I picked up speed, Jill had orgasm after orgasm that soaked my lap. After watching the lesbian incest, my ability to hold back an orgasm was already hindered. I let slip a single stream of cum, just enough to cause it to overflow from her stretched out pussy.

Drunk on arousal and desperate to indulge every desire I had, I pulled out my cock and then forced it up her ass so fast and hard that she screamed. With my cock lubricated by her pussy juice and my sperm, I was able to fuck her without hesitation.

To stifle her mom's moans and whines, Ashley bent over and began kissing her and forcing her tongue down Jill's throat. I fucked Jill so hard that she couldn't hold still, so she and her daughter often broke the connection. Because of this, their French kissing was disrupted, and they would end up licking each other's faces and covering each other in saliva.

"Ashley, come sit on mama's face!" Jill moaned. Ashley eagerly obeyed, climbing on top of her and in the 69 position. She pushed her pussy down on her mom's face and buried her own face in Jill's cunt, trying to give me room to move. Both women began eating each other out while I fucked Jill in the ass. After every dozen or so thrusts, I would pull out and rub my cock against Ashley's face, prompting her to take it in her mouth.

She sucked gluttonously, relishing the kinky taste of her mom's ass, then she would manually guide me back in, licking her lips as she watched me sodomize Jill. After a few minutes, Jill screamed and had a massive orgasm. Pussy juice and my sperm from before gushed out of her pussy and Ashley hungrily lapped it up. "Zach, fuck her, fuck my daughter." I pulled my cock out of her asshole and climbed onto the bed as she moved to the headboard.

Ashley got on her hands and knees, facing her mom and I got behind her. With one hand on her hip and the other on my tireless manhood, I pressed the head of my dick against her pussy and pushed it in. She was already so hot and wet that there was absolutely no resistance. Ashley gave a soft moan as I pushed it in all the way to the base, pulled it out, and slammed it back in.

Her low moan turned into an endless whine as I took my regular fast-paced rhythm of hammering her cunt. As I gripped her hips and thrust my manhood deep inside her, Jill was a few feet in front of us, rubbing her pussy as she watched us.

"How do you like watching me fuck your little girl?" I asked as both women touched themselves. "Fuck her harder, make my daughter cum and moan. Watching you fuck her wet pussy is making me so hot!" she moaned.

"Yes ma'am." I picked up speed, causing Ashley to scream in bliss as I ravaged her sweet cunt, only stopping when she came. "I'm not done yet," I said as pressed the head against her asshole. "Zach, no!" I ignored her cries and rammed it in, robbing her of her black cherry. Ashley released a shrill scream ass I began to pummel her tight ass. The fact that I was raping her asshole just like I had done her mom made me grin.

"Oh god, it hurts!" she screamed as I picked up speed. "How about it, Jill? How do you like watching me ravage your daughter's virgin ass? How do you like your daughter being defiled and violated right in front of you?" "I love it. Fuck her asshole; fuck it hard! How do you like it, baby? He raped me just like this and I loved it." "Oh god, it hurts! It hurts so bad!" she screamed. "But it feels good, doesn't it? Having that cock stuffed up inside you? You love it." "Oh god yes!

It hurts, but it feels so good! Fuck my ass! Fill my ass with cum!" Ashley screamed. It seemed being an anal whore ran in the family. She wasn't able to say another word, for Jill had gotten on her hands and knees and had pushed her daughter's face into her perfect ass. The only sounds now were my grunts, Jill's moan, Ashley's stifled whine of kinky ecstasy, and the squishing sound of my cock punishing her asshole. After several minutes of sexual nirvana, I shot a massive load of sperm up into Ashley, causing her to cum.

Exhausted, Ashley collapsed on the bed. Sensing this, Jill pulled her daughter's face out from between her perfect firm ass cheeks and climbed on top of her but without putting her weight on Ashley. With the mother and daughter spooning, Jill turned to me. "Put that fat cock back in my pussy and fuck me!" I looked down at my cock. Frankly, it was a miracle that I could still maintain the erection after all the fucking I had done.

I had shot so much cum that my dick was seriously aching, but my nuts were still rearing to go. The ammo was ready, but the cannon was overheating. I had a few more shots in me before even I would reach my limit. "Come on old buddy, don't fail me now," I said to myself as I gripped my cock.

I spread Jill's ass cheeks, revealing her eager pussy. I pushed it in past the soft lips and began to hammer her cunt, while still slick from her daughter's asshole.

Supposedly this caused infections in women, but that wasn't my problem. Jill moaned as I picked up speed and reached my regular rhythm. "Oh fuck yeah, fuck my mom!" Ashley moaned as she fingered herself.

With their smooth thighs rubbing against each other and Jill's bouncing tits against her back, Ashley couldn't think of any words to describe the kinky forbidden horniness she was feeling. Jill also reached under her, feeling Ashley's tits and then helping her daughter finger herself. "Cum in my cunt! Fill my womb with your seed!" the milf moaned, reaching back and forcing her fingers up her asshole. I grunted as I shot one massive load of cum into her pussy.

As I pulled my cock out of my girlfriend's mom's sloppy wet cunt, I felt a second wind arrive. Mounting her like a dog, I rammed my cock into Ashley's cunt so hard that she almost screamed. I began fucking her faster than ever before, ignoring the soreness of my cock and riding Ashley as hard as possible.

"Fuck my daughter! Fuck her hard and make her cum!" Jill said as she began fingering Ashley's semen-filled asshole. "Oh god, I can't take it! He's fucking me way to hard, but it feels so good!" her daughter moaned in both pain and bliss.


Finally she had a seismic orgasm and pussy juice and cum erupted from her cunt as I shot jet after jet of sperm up inside her. After ten seconds of filling her up until she was overflowing, I dismounted her. From there we fucked like rabbits, always changing positions.

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At one point, I was on my back with Jill bouncing on my lap and Ashley riding my face, the two women tongue-kissing above me. Soon after, I was mounting Ashley like a dog, sodomizing her to my heart's content, while Jill and I made out. At one point, Ashley was sucking me off while Jill smothered my face with her tits, then the two women pressed their chests together and gave me a double tit fuck.

After an hour, I stood up and tried to catch my breath. My dick ached as blood rushed in and out of the exhausted veins, keeping the sore flesh inflated. I watched as the mother and daughter got back into the 69 position and sucked my cum out of each other's pussies. They climbed off each other and Ashley licked the cum out of Jill's anus, and Jill did the same to her daughter. If you think you've seen the sexiest thing in the history of the world, you've obviously never seen your blonde busty girlfriend and her blonde busty mom drink your cum out of each other's assholes like wineglasses.

They both turned to me and I knew what was next. 'Come on, old buddy, just stay strong for one more minute,' I mentally said to my penis as the two women climbed off the bed and got on their knees.

Jill was the first to suck my cock.

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She wrapped her hand around it and jacked it back to its full erect size. She licked the shaft, savoring the accumulated taste of her pussy and ass juice, the pussy and ass juice of her daughter, and my cum. She took the whole cock in her mouth and her head began to bob back and forth.

As she blew me, her daughter was working her pussy with her fingers and sucking on her tits. I put my hand on the back of her head and forced my cock down her throat. She choked and gagged on my dick, but I didn't stop. I kept pushing it in further until I forced my balls (which had sufficiently shriveled up and from all the work it had done) into her mouth.

With her throat completely filled with my cock and her tongue lapping at the underside of my balls, Jill's eyes rolled back into her head as saliva overflowed from her mouth, caused by her agitated gag reflex. After ten seconds, Jill released my cock, but first she left a thick coating of saliva all over the shaft, head, and my ball sack. Now it was Ashley's turn, and she lapped up the saliva with gusto, savoring the taste of the delicious taboo.

Like her mom, she began to deep throat me, and often times, she would take my cock out of her mouth so that she could suck on my balls. Jill and Ashley began working together, sucking and licking my cock at the same time and letting their tongues wrap around it and touch each other. While one was blowing me, the other would roll my balls around in her mouth. After thirty seconds, they released my cock, pressed the sides of their faces together, and looked up at me with their mouths wide open and their tongues sticking out.

I gripped my cock and began rubbing it furiously while forming every last blob of sperm in my body into one last load. Finally, I aimed the head of my dick at them and shot four streams. The first two globs completely covered their faces and the second pair of blasts filled their mouths until they were overflowing.

I stepped back as the sperm-filled sluts began French kissing, cumswapping the mouthfuls over and over again. They didn't swallow it; they wanted to savor the taste while they mixed it with each other's saliva and stirred it with their tongues.

Once they swallowed it and began to lick the cum off of each other's faces, a wave of throbbing pain struck my manhood.

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With the two nymphomaniacs preoccupied, I rushed into the kitchen, flung open the freezer, grabbed a bag of frozen peas, and held them against my dick and nuts. I exhaled a gasp as I felt instant relief. I almost expected my junk to emit the same sound as red-hot metal being dipped in water. "Are you ok?" I turned around and saw Ashley standing in the doorway. Her body and face had been licked clean of my cum by her mom.

"Yeah, but I'm worn out. In the words of a wise man, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised." "Yeah, I guess we were all a little too rough," she giggled. "It's ok, but I'll be out of commission for a few days. If I tried to go for another round, my dick would either fall off or the only thing that would come out would be a flag with the word BANG on it." "Well, I suppose me and my mom can keep each other entertained." "Zach, come back to bed!

You can't hog my daughter and not leave me out of the fun!" "I got to go. If I let her near my junk again, it will turn into an all-girl threesome." I grabbed my clothes off of the kitchen floor and ran towards the door with the bag of frozen peas still held against my sore dick. "Zach, where are you going?" Jill hollered from the bedroom. "I have to go to the college, sorry I can't stay!" I replied as I ran out the door.

"Are you sure you don't want a blowjob for the road?" she asked as she stepped out of the bedroom. I was already at my car.

"Why is he going to the college?" Jill asked Ashley. "He's going to try and find some of the local drug dealers to see if he can buy some Vicodin.

We rode him a little too hard." "Damn." "What are you complaining about? Do you honestly think I've had enough of your pussy? Your going to have your legs spread all night long. Get back to the bedroom!" Ashley barked. The threesome had more than altered the dynamics of their mother-daughter relationship and she was trying to figure out how much authority her mom still had over her.

Jill licked her lips and turned around. As Ashley followed her to the bedroom, she slapped her mom on the ass. "Honey, if I don't wake up tomorrow with your tongue up my ass, consider yourself grounded," Jill laughed as they stepped into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.