Yo interracial nailed big dick and teen

Yo interracial nailed big dick and teen
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As before reads parts one and two. Liz Part Three I wanted to touch her again, taste her and watch the exquisite look of pain on her face as she orgasmed. I decided to let her sleep until I was ready to start again. I roughly towelled myself dry and returned to the bedroom, I picked up our things and carefully laid them across a chair I looked at her, naked except for the black stockings and the butterfly, the room had a subtle smell of sex, female arousal, which was in itself stimulating.

I wondered what to do; cuddle up and go to sleep with her or wake her and start again, I decided on the former, dimmed the lights, lay down next to her and cuddled up. I closed my eyes, the smell of her perfume reaching my nostrils and lightly kissed her neck, put my arms around her waist and ran my fingers across her stomach, I stopped when I felt my stiffening penis push against her body. I tried to keep still and willed myself to go to sleep, hopeing to wake early enough to make love before I had to leave.

15 minutes later I put the phone down an early morning call booked for 6 am, I still couldn't sleep I was tired, had an energetic night preceded by a long day. I thought about what we had done, the deal we had struck, a very bad move but as I saw it the only way I'd have got to make love to her.

Then it struck me I wanted to "make love" to her, that was something I normally reserved for more serious partners, "having sex" was how I usually viewed torrid, passionate affairs with lovers, both stimulating and fulfilling, the sex satisfying a mutual need, what was it that made me think in terms of love? Good looks, sure as hell hadn't affected me before !

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I thought about what it was about her, I couldn't put my finger on any one thing but my feelings toward her were anything but casual, this worried me a little I didn't want ties and had managed to stay out of serious relationships for well over 2 years now, still she was married so it didn't matter how I felt anyway. I woke to the sound of the telephone ringing, I quickly reached for it and realised we were the wrong way up on the bed, rolling over I grabbed the phone, made all the right responses to the operator and hung up.

I lay back on the bed my head next to her feet looking up at her, slender legs wrapped in dark nylon accentuating the pale flesh at the top of her thighs, her small bush of pubic hair on pale white skin, the pink plastic vibrator still strapped to her, flat stomach, breasts rising and falling gently, slender neck, long dark hair and her face, she looked so peaceful. God she turned me on without doing anything. I could have continued watching her for hours, she was so beautiful and looked so content as she slept, away from the everyday humdrum of life, I tried to think about getting up, starting the day, but just a glance at her took my resolve away and I continued to watch her.

I smiled, some domineering blackmailer I was !

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More like a love sick puppy. It reminded me of last night and I wondered how she'd feel in the cold light of day.

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I had a thought; if I could get her feeling turned on before she woke up we could make love and she'd be more accepting about last night, if the worst came to the worst I could always call on the conditions of our deal, but I really wanted her to want to make love with me not accepting it to gain her commission. I stroked her lower leg with a featherlite touch of my fingers, kissed her toes and slid further up the bed to caress her thighs I switched the butterfly onto it's lowest setting and started to kiss my way up her legs, I could here the humming as I got nearer her thighs, paying extra attention to the area of skin where the stockings ended, I eased her legs apart, kissing and licking the soft warm skin, I could detect the slight aroma of her love juice as I kissed higher up her thigh getting nearer and nearer to her vagina, I could see her outer lips, and I couldn't resist running the tip of my tongue over them, lightly touching them tracing the soft skin up until my nose touched the butterfly, I continued back down gently pushed my tongue inside and was rewarded with the exquisite taste of her.

She stirred, I froze, not wanting to wake her before her body had time to respond, I wanted her to wake feeling ready to make love, she settled and after a moment I increased slightly the speed of the butterfly and licked a finger before slipping it inside her, she was beginning to get wet, I pulled out my finger licked it and again tasted her love juice. I moved up to her breasts and gently held a nipple between my lips running my tongue over it, it began to harden growing in my mouth, I took the other nipple and repeated the treatment, she moaned quietly and I pulled my mouth away waiting to feel again her nipple between my lips, I again increased the speed of the butterfly, as I returned to the task of stimulating her nipples, once both were erect I eased back down the bed to concentrate on her vagina.

I slid my finger into the entrance of her pussy, noticing the increased moistness, sucked her juice from it and repeated it until I was happy that she was ready, then sliding two fingers into her I slowly started to fuck her with them feeling her ribbed moist walls relaxing to accept the invading fingers.

I was rock hard and found the act of violating the sanctity of her sleep incredibly horny, another increase in the butterfly's speed and the constant stimulation from my fingers of her depths started to cause an increase in her breathing, I new her body was ready to accept my throbbing penis, her hips swayed gently in time with my fingers, she moaned gently and I watched her face, her eyes were flickering and I guessed she was dreaming, her mind providing her with some erotic scene, that suited the stimulation her body felt, her hips rose up, her pussy clenched firmly around my fingers and an extended groan escaped her lips, then moistness enveloped my fingers, I withdrew them sucked them free of her juices and slid my tongue inside to taste the result of her apparent orgasm.

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Her hips rose again allowing me to push my tongue deeper into her warm moist tunnel, her arm touched my head, I stopped but felt pressure pushing me on quickly followed by a warm moisture enveloping the head of my penis, I pushed into her until my tongue ached, she was sliding her tongue around the head sucking firmly I withdrew from her mouth climbed between her legs and rubbed the head of my prick along the entrance to her pussy, her hips rose from the bed causing the butterfly to touch my glans, it was electric and I thought about continuing enjoying the sensation, but I wanted to be inside her, not just be stimulated by a piece of plastic, I picked up the control turned it off and undid the clips dropped the device on the floor and eased the tip of my prick inside her, she looked at me and lifted her arms offering herself to me I lay down on top of her and buried my prick deep inside her well lubricated pussy.

She sighed as I entered her, although short lived as my mouth covered hers and my tongue pushed passed her lips, her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer to her, her arms found there way to my back and she dragged her nails from top to bottom sending shivers throughout my body, I put my arms under hers held her face and broke the kiss to look at her, I felt like this was were I belonged, our bodies joined, lost in each other, I smiled and eased deeper into her, establishing a slow rhythm that had me rocking my hips rather than thrusting them, I could feel the top of my penis touching her cervix as I pushed fully into her, I started withdrawing from her more and soon I was fucking her with long slow strokes, she gasped occasionally as my prick pushed against her insides, we kissed again, hungry for the closeness of each other.

She broke the kiss, "Let me get on top." I withdrew my prick feeling abandoned, lay on my back and sighed as she guided my penis back into her vagina, she sat up and I ran my hands over her stomach and up to her breasts, the erect nipples showing her state of arousal, I teased them with my fingers, she covered my hands with hers, guiding me, I covered her entire breasts and squeezed, she slowly rocked her hips rubbing her clit against my pubic bone and bit her lip, she looked devine, I wanted to come with her, feel my release as she felt hers but at that moment I wanted nothing else than to watch her face as an orgasm ripped her control from her, she surprised me by getting off and turning around guiding me back inside her but facing away from me, I could feel my prick touching her cervix again and wondered if it hurt her, I was watching her arse rise and fall, would pushing first one then a second finger into her rectum distract her ?

She leant forward doubling up at her waist bending my prick at, to me anyway, a previously unknown angle, she used the springs of the bed to establish a bouncing movement that made her moan each time my prick reached deep into her, I started thrusting my hips in time with her feeling every touch of the tip deep inside her pussy, although very nice there was no way I was going to come like this, so not wanting to spoil her pleasure I let her continue, her arse looked inviting and I would have given anything to run my tongue over her and thrust in past her sphincter, I licked my forefinger and touched the anus letting my thrusts just apply pressure, gauging her reaction, I licked it again and put it nearer to let her decide if she wanted it inside her, she felt it and stopped then eased back against it letting just the tip into her, then up to the first knuckle, "Fuck me again." I realised I had stopped thrusting into her and resumed my rhythm, sliding the finger deeper into her arse, she was moaning gently the sound muffled by the sheets, without warning she grabbed my ankles and I felt her vagina spasm around my prick, she pushed herself up until her arms were locked, causing my finger to bury itself deep in her arse, her back arched, she tossed her head back and groaned, another spasm clenched my prick, I continued fucking her arse with my finger pushing it against my penis as much as I could, after a moment her head fell forward, and she looked at me and smiled "It's your turn.

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How do you want me" "Kneel down." I knelt behind her and slid the tip of my prick inside her, held her hips and pushed into her, I pumped into her, some hard fast thrusts some gently sliding until I was deep in her, I settled into a slow pace nearly pulling out then deep thrusts back into her, I slid her knees forward and sat back on my heels pulling her down with me, she sat up and twisted her head around, our tongues met and I felt her squeezing me with her cunt muscles, she leant forward again and I held her hips tight as I pushed into her with short strokes, it felt devine, a moist velvet glove holding me as I thrust into her.

I felt the familiar tingling deep in my groin and knew that I couldn't postpone the inevitable, I pulled out rolled her onto her back and slid inside her, covering her mouth with mine I thrust hard and deep, my tongue pushing into her mouth as my penis invaded the depths of her vagina, the tingling in my groin building into a pressure with only one way of release.


A few more thrusts and I felt the rush of my sperm forced down the length of my prick, as my seed was sent deep inside her, her nails dug into my back encouraging me, another thrust and another wad of my sperm burst from my prick into her vagina, she squeezed my prick and I thrust again hard and as deep as I could, as I sent more sperm into her pussy I felt her tense then shudder, her cunt spasmed around my shaft and I sent a final load into her, my head felt light, I gasped for breath, my heart pounding in my ears, I fell forward onto her my now softening prick sliding from her as I rolled to her side, she was drawing deep breaths into her lungs, and she cuddled up to me her back against my chest.

When I'd calmed down enough to breath normally I kissed her cheek "You're incredible." she smiled and squeezed my hand, I looked at the clock, nearly seven, I had to get home, showered, changed and be at work for 8, but I wanted to stay with her.

"I've got an appointment at nine." I groaned and sat up, "I should be in work by 8, I'd best go." I dressed quickly and headed for the door neither of us said anything, I bent to kiss her, I intended only a light kiss but it instantly turned into a deep passionate one, I broke away short of breath, I walked to the door, as I opened it I turned, "See you tonight at about 6." Part Four's soon