Teen boys undress ea h other for fucking gay Jamie amp_ Tony

Teen boys undress ea h other for fucking gay Jamie amp_ Tony
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Friends and Fun Meeting at Jonathan's was a good idea. We decide that meeting in a place that neither of our respective others would ever go was a good plan. I decide to grab a table n the corner in one of the booths. You call my cell when you arrive in the parking lot. You meet me and to your surprise I have someone else there.

"hey sweetie," I say as I grab you and kiss you before you sit down.

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"This is my friend Jennifer from work," As I sit back down and pull you onto my side of the booth. "Nice to meet you," you both say. "I've been telling Jennifer all about you Maria," I say as Jennifer grins widely at you as you check her out. "It is really great to meet you," she says as she sits down and leans forward to expose her cleavage even more to you.

Jennifer stands about 5'10" tall with blonde and reddish hair with C cup tits that squeeze together nicely through the lacy op of her trendy short and jean jacket. "John has been sharing his story with me over email and I must say that I get hotter and hotter each time I hear about your escapades." She says as she notices you looking down her shirt. "My boyfriend and my roommate have wanted to try some things that you guys have already tried and I have been dying to meet you." She says.

"well thank you very much, the experience at the beach was certainly fun. Wait, did you say roommate," you ask trying to understand what was going on. "Yeah, I've got a boyfriend and my roommate is also my lover too. She is an awesome girl, very small and petite and I am so much larger than her, I love to be with her.

She stands about 4'11 and she has the most amazing tits I've ever seen." She says as she winks at you and begins to check you out as well. You feel the stirring in your loins as we continue the conversation. "Anything I can get for you," the waitress says as she swings by the table. "I'll have a Newcastle and a shot of silver Patron," I say. "And for you ladies," she says as she looks at both of you. "I'll take a Bud Light and a shot of Jack," Jennifer says.

"I'll have a shot of Patron and a Margarita," you say. "Sweet! Shots for everyone," I shout happily. "how about some chips and queso, too, while you're at it," I add at a lower tone.

"No problem sweety," our waitress says. "My name is Mandy, I'll be your server, so if you need anything, just give a shout," she says as she turns to walk away. "I need a better view of that sweet booty," you say with as mile on your face. Mandy stops and turns, grins widely at you and says, "That could be arranged. That all depends on the tip," she says looking more serious. "I tip well," I shout back at her with a wink.

"Okay, later sweetie, I'm working for the next hour," as she walks away. The grin on my face widens as you look at me with a knowing look. We both turn to Jennifer and she says in a very matter of fact way "The more the merrier, if you ask me. I say she joins us when her shift is over. She sure is cute." "My night is getting better by the minute," I say with a laugh and a grin. My hand moves to your thigh to rub your sweet upper leg and you twitch with anticipation of what's to come.

Your head shoots to look at me and plops a very wet kiss on the side of my face as I look to Jennifer for approval. "Jim and Sara ought to be here by now," she says.

"The fun has already started and we don't have any drinks yet and my lover boy and roommate are nowhere to be found." I look around to see if can spot them as you whisper in my ear.

"My, my, my, the crowd is growing! I like the way you think," you add as you grab my crotch to stir my already semi-rigid cock. We laugh for a minute or so waiting on the others to arrive when Mandy returns with our drinks. "Here y'all go," she says in her sweet southern voice as she distributes the drinks for her tray and plops the chips and queso in the middle.

"Here's to you Mandy," I say as I raise my shot glass for everyone to drink up with me. We all down the shots and Mandy just giggles right about the time that Jim and Sara arrive. Jim stands about six fee tall with a muscular build.

Trendy but not to loose, not too tight jeans a black t-shirt covered by a leather coat while Sara stands at an amazing 4'11" tall with sweet red hair, crystal blue eyes and I think what had to be D Cup tits.

I'm sure they weren't that big but her frame is so small, that her tits seem to protrude out. She uses those assets to accentuate her clothes with a slim fit shirt and tight jeans that show off her petite but ample ass. "Hey chickens," Sara says as she plops down next to Jennifer and Jim pulls up a chair from a neighboring table.

"What did we miss," she adds looking at Jennifer and smacking a kiss right on her lips. "Nothin' yet, just had our first shot and as you can see, we've just started sweetie," Jennifer says and kisses her back.

"My, what a nice outfit that is Sara," you say across the table and "you're not so bad yourself there Jim," you adds. "I'm Maria and I think you know John," you say. "Yeah, we know John," they all say in unison. "Never really officially met though. So, it's great to meet you guys," Jim says as he pats your exposed arm. "I'm really looking forward to getting to know you guys," he says a little knowingly of the events to come as he shoots a very serious look at you checking you out from the side.

"You look pretty hot to me. Sara and Jenn were telling me about you from what John had told them. So, its cool to finally meet you." He adds leaving his hand on your skin a bit to long.

"Well thanks, I'm looking forwarding to getting to know you as well," you say as you look between his legs to see if you can detect how big his member is through his jeans. "My, she sure is a hotty," Sara says to Jenn as they kiss lightly again.

"yeah, and such nice tits too.

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I can't wait to taste…errr, ummm see them for myself," Jennifer adds as she gropes her short little friends large breasts. At that point Mandy returns and catches the end of Sara and Jenn's kiss. A lick of each other's tongues so everyone could see punctuated the moment as Mandy says, "Gosh, y'all sure don't' waste anytime. "You guys, this is Mandy," as I introduce the table to our waitress.

She's been takin' care of us and I think it's about time for another round her Mandy. "Isn't it about time for you to get off," I ask. "You should so join us. We're gonna hang here for awhile get some drinks and then who knows, we may all just go next door to the hotel and see what kind of trouble we can get into.

You game," I ask as the rest of you egg her on to hang out. "Okay. So order yourself a drink and come back here so we can hang out with you. Don't worry, we don't bite," I plead with her. "We lick and suck though," Jenn says as everyone explodes into laughter at the table. "Alright y'all," Mandy says with great excitement. "I wasn't gonna do anything tonight anyway and y'all seem like a lot of fun." As she leaves to gather the latest round of drinks.

I wink at Jim as if to say that we're in for a treat tonight. He nods in agreement. At last count it was four girls and two guys surrounding the table. The night went on as Jenn and Sara continued to flirt, kiss and grope each other as Maria and Jim got acquainted and I moved myself around to rub Mandy's shoulders while we all say around and drank way more than we should have.

As Jim fondled your pussy under the table and I rubbed Mandy's tight shoulders and copped a few feels, we all got more and more comfortable with each other. "Jen and Sara, excused themselves to the bathroom and were there for way too long.

"You and Mandy decided to check on them and left me and Jim to talk about what our plans were next. "Alright dude, I can't fuckin' believe this," Jim says to me. I laugh and laugh as he's about to go completely nuts. "Maria is so fuckin' hot.

I can't believe the tits on her man! Seriously, she is beautiful," he continues. "Three words my friend&hellip.animal in bed,": I say as I continue to laugh and suck the last gulp out of my beer bottle. His eyes open wide as I see the girls emerge all together arm in arm. "Hey guys, we're ready to go," Jen says as Mandy giggles with anticipation.

I flip them the hotel key as we make our way out of the restaurant and to the hotel next door. "I got two adjoining rooms, ladies," I shout into the air as you all scamper across the lot. "Whewwww. Two rooms&hellip.more room for fun and games," one of them shout as back. We make our way through the lobby and into the elevator. "It's on level five," I say as I push the button. The doors shut as I turn around to see Jim kissing you as Mandy as Sara moves her hands up your shirt and them move to the zipper on Jim's pants.

She barely has to stoop down as she pulls the huge rod through the fly and sucks the head in her mouth as Jenn and Mandy grope each other and look on with approval. "Do you wanna suck that big dick Mandy," Jenn says.

"Oh yeah, look at that big cock," she says as Sara works on the 7 inch pole that protrudes from Jim's pants. You look down to Sara and you grab Jim's dick at it's base and kiss him so more as the doors open. "Good thing I asked for a basically unoccupied floor.

We might be a little unruly" I say as I scurry out of the elevator and open the door to our rooms, flip on some low level lights and order up some porn on the in house pay per view to help set the mood. To my amazement&hellip.Jim has hoisted Sara up over her shoulders as you begin to take her clothing off her removing her shirt and throwing against the wall as you enter the room.

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Mandy and Jenn follow behind arm in arm as I open a few beers and pass them around to Jenn and Sara. "Thankfully I got to this room and got it all cozy before we got here.

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"I've stocked the mini fridges with beer and other items we can use." I say with a grin as Mandy and Jenn head towards me. You strip off your shirt and begin to undo your jeans and strip them to the floor and fling your bra off as Jenn, Sara and I watch the frenzy going on before our eyes. I take a seat on the couch with Jenn on one side and Sara on the other as Jim lays Sara down on the bed and you and he begin to strip her clothing from her body while she just laughs from pleasure and I think from having too much to drink as well.

"Oh yes&hellip.strip me down, I want to be naked for your both. Jenn leans over and begins to kiss me, I turn to meet her lips as Mandy begins to play with my cock and un zip me. I turn to kiss Sara as well and she pulls my now rock hard cock from me and holds it out for Jenn to suck.


Mandy then begins to whisper. ""Oh yeah, look at them," she says. "All of that exposed skin and look at Maria's tits, swaying as she strips Sara. You rip Sara's panties from her and climb on top as Jim removes his pants. You straddle her naked body as you flip your bra off and she begins to play with each of your breasts. You both kiss and slip your tongues from one mouth to another. Jim kneels on the bed completely naked with his huge cock protruding between you both.

You sick the tip in and then begin to work on the shaft as you guide the head towards Sara's petite little mouth not sure if she can fit the hole thing inside. You play with Jim's balls as you continue t offer more cock to Sara.

She sucks the head and a good part of the shaft down as you lick the side of her lips as they glide across his shaft. As you can see, she can handle this cock, but you want to give her more pleasure. You then kiss your way down Sara's body sucking at each one of her amazingly huge tits as they separate from her small frame as she lies on the bed.

She spreads her legs wide to offer her self to you. You suckle gently at each inner thigh tasting it all the while your gaze is fixed on Jim's prick now being sucked in and out of Sara's tiny but agile mouth. You smell Sara's sweet aroma as her neatly trimmed pussy comes into your full view. Your spread her legs as wide as possible as you begin to tongue, kiss and taste her fully arousing her senses. She gasps a time or two to suck more of Jim's cock in and out of your mouth as you begin to explore the insides of the gentle folds in between her legs.

Jenn is know completely devouring my cock as Mandy holds the base and continues to whisper naughty things to me and pumping my cock into Jenn's open and sweet mouth. She gags a bit as she completely takes me into her throat a bit and then swallows heavily around it closing the muscles in her throat around the head of my penis.

My hand moves to Jenn's head to help her set a steady motion as I kiss and breathe heavily against Mandy's sweet neck. My other hand moves to pull Jenn's short from her and she releases her mouth from my swollen cock o allow me to help her our of her shirt. She quickly undoes her bra and also my hands to explore her back and moves around to feel the sides of her sweet and full tits.

Mandy follows suit and takes her shirt off and them quickly kicks her pants of. She is wearing no bra so now I have two mostly naked women clawing at my pants trying to get them off of me as I kick my shoes to the floor. They work as a team and soon I'm completely naked and exposed to their every desire as I continue to watch you devour sweet little Sara.

Sara continues to shove the cock in and out of her mouth. Jim begins to moan with pleasure. "yeah baby, that's it&hellip.suck that hard cock&hellip.do you want to taste my sweet cum," he says. "Uhmmmm hmmmmmm, she replies taking more of him inside her mouth. You continue working on Sara's sweet folds with your tongue and then begin to stick it in and out of her hole.

One time in and then you lick down to her sweet ass and twirl your tongue around the opening. Then it's back up to suck the little pearl in your mouth as her juices become more predominant in her your moth. You lean up to kiss Jim as he gets the most amazing blowjob from this sweet innocent little Sara. You touch the base of the shaft one more time and lean down to get a mouthful again. Sara begins to suck at your tit as you work Jim's thick cock into your mouth.

You find yourself grinding your pussy against Sara's and somehow its reached a very sensitive place. Your juices begin to mingle together as your hips grind and you continue to thrust the cock as Jim begins to move his hips so you'll take more of him inside your sweet tongue. Jenn and Mandy have stopped their attention to my rigid pole to look at he spectacle that's on the bed.

On the tv screen two girls are also going at it with a strap on as Jenn rises, goes to get her purse and pulls a contraption from it. I think I know what it is as I begin to play with the sweet lips of Mandy's pussy with my hand.


I suck spit into my hand as I begin to lather and mix my saliva with her completely bare shaven pussy and she opens to my advances. Jenn moves around behind you and twitches your pussy with one of her hands, She then begins to strap the contraption she had in her purse onto you and you realize it's a strap on. Just like the one on the TV screen behind you, you know have a dick of your own to fuck this little slut below you.

Jenn reaches around and adjust it so the dick is now at the entrance of Sara's sweet hole. You feel to make sure as Sara reaches down and now pulls the 9-inch dildo inside of her.

You release your mouth's grip on Jim's throbbing member and you look up and say to him. "Fuck me, while I fuck her," Jim moves around to see that most of the huge dildo is inside of Sara as she raises her legs with gymnast type skill with her arms to take more of it inside.


You force your hips down to increase the tension between you as sinking it deeper and deeper inside. You realize that the other side of the dildo is a clit stimulator that begins to tickle your sweet clit as you increase the motion.

A look of lust and passion comes across Sara's face as she pulls her legs further and further down to her abdomen as Jim begins to mount you from behind.

He matches the pace that you've begun with Sara as you both let out screams of lust into the tiny room. Jenn helps Jim enter you from behind by holding his cock at your entrance and then guiding it ever so gently inside of you as you begin to increase the pace. Mandy and I are in pure heaven watching the spectacle before us as I continue to work the lips of her sweet pussy with my hand pushing one and then a second finger inside. She spreads her legs to open herself to me and I finally get a view of the most deliciously tempting tits I've ever seen.

I caress one of them with my free hand as I move around on the couch to get better access. I drop to the floor to taste her sweet pussy for myself as the fingers that were just in her pussy offer them now to her mouth. She sucks them both in and expertly grabs them with her hand and pulls them deeper inside her mouth as I get a whiff of the sweet aroma being emitted from her essence.

"Wanna join in the fun over there I say," as Mandy continues to suck the sweet nectar from her pussy into her mouth from my fingers. "She only nods as we walk toward the entagled mess of bodies strewn about before us. Jenn is now sitting across the face of Sara as she laps at te entranceof her moist hole. II leap onto the bed and stand on it to offer my cock again to to Jenn and she say "I want you to fuck me from behind while Sara sucks on my clitty." She says with lust.

"I get to eat Mandy's sweet pussy and I want her all to myself," she adds. Not wanting to crush poor Sara who's at the bottom of this pile of sex crazed lunatics, Jenn moves to grant me access to her hole from behind by position her body as far up from Sara as possible while still allowing access of her tongue to her sweet sticky hole. I look down at Sara and spit between her ample tits as you continue to give her the fuck of her young life with that nine inch dildo, I place my dick between her huge tits and pump a few times as Jenn motions me to fuck her and to do it now.

You grab my balls from behind as I begin to mount Jenn as you fuck Sara and Jim fucks you. Mandy then jumps up on the bed, turns around and offers her sweet pussy from behind to Jenn as I now force my cock into Jenn as Sara begins to lap at the fat cock as it enters her. You play with my balls and begin to rub the spit into Sara's sweet titties. Jim then yells, "You gusy better hurry up, I'm about to explode." You turn around and say, "Hold on big Jim, we're all going to cum together and I want you to cum in my mouth first or come on me and Sara.

I begin to pound away at Jenn as she sucks the hell out of Mandy's sweet pussy. Her tongue protrudes from her mouth and in and out of Sara. I try to match the motion as my cock slams in and out of her while Sara sucks on Jenn's sweet clit. The mess of bodies must be an awesome sight to behold.

If a passer by wandered upon our orgy he would think that he had entered a porn shoot. Moans and yells of "Fuck me, yes that's it fuck me" continue to fill the room. "Okay," Jim yells…… I'm gonna cum," he strains his cock as he pull sit our of you and you position yourself to take his seed as Sara slinks from underneath Jenn and goes to your side to await the shower if jizm getting ready to erupt from his penis.

Mandy is about to cum as well as Jenn continue to tongue her in and out and then directly sucks the nub inside of her mouth and sucks hard on it as she is close.

My balls well up and I say to Jenn, "Do you want me to cum inside you." She turns to me and says, "No, cum all over me and Mandy…we want to taste it as well." I pull out and stand above them as Mandy drops to Jenn as I hear Jim's moans and he releases his sperm.

"Watch, I say to Mandy and Jenn. "We all look at Jim and the hungry mouths of you and Sara as spurt after spurt of warm cum splashes against your faces. You get as close together opening both of your mouths to take as much of Jim's seed inside your mouths as he place the head between you both and squirts one glob, then two into your mouth, then one more into Sara's.

You both gobble the sticky liquid and them suck on his head. I begin to pound my cock hard to force the jiz from it. Jenn takes the base of it as Mandy takes her position beside her to await my seed.

"Watch, " I say to Jim, you and Sara. And with that, I explode splashing Jenn in the eye as she laughs and gobbles it up and turns to direct my shots at Mandy.

Offering glob after glob of sweet pearl jam to her and then back to her own mouth. "Ahhh&hellip.yes…that's it." You say looking gleefully as Sara begins to lick the remains of Jim's seed from your cheek and mouth. You return the favor as Jim prepares to reload and collapses over to the couch grabbing a beer on the way over. "Ahhh&hellip.yes.

Amazing girls…suck that dick and take every drop," I say as they continue to suckle to get every drop of my seed into their hungry mouths. You move over to embrace Jenn and lick her as Sara does the same with Mandy. The nine inch dildo flopping around and slapping Jenn in the stomach as you begin to kiss, tongue each other and prepare for the next round with our new friends.

Jenn opens her mouth widely sucking your tongue in along with offering hers to you. Sara then joins in on the fun while Mandy begins to tickle her pussy with her fingers. Mandy glides along the soft folds and then exposes the nub using her index and middle fingers. She then begins to lightly tongue it gleefully. She giggles with glee as she tongues you while Sara's petite little body shudders.

Jenn and you continue to embrace and kiss. Your fingers circle her sweet breasts and toy with each nipple. Jenn then makes a bold step and begins to fiddle with the large dildo.

She wraps her entire hand around it and looks at you as if to say that she's ready for you to penetrate her. Sara continues to gyrate as Mandy continues to toy with her little clitty. She squeezes her breasts together as she begins to enjoy the heat generated by Mandy's soft touch. Mandy then moves to get another surprise as I move over to hang with Jim on the couch to watch the playful sweetness of these amazing looking women before us.

I grab another beer and pour Jim a shot as we continue our intent gaze. Mandy then removes a huge double-ended dildo from her purse. I'm amazed that she could even fit it in there.


Sara's eyes open wide and she begins to laugh uncontrollably. Hah, I'm not sure I can take that all in Mandy." You catch from the corner of your eye the huge dildo that Mandy holds in her hands and say, "We'll fit it in," with a giggle. more to come.or cum.