Intense Bareback Sex By Two Hot Gays

Intense Bareback Sex By Two Hot Gays
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. MISS BEE'S HOME FOR WAYWARD TEENS 2 A sixteen year old young woman takes a seat in the office of the manager/owner of Miss Bee's Home for Wayward Teens. She sits quietly and attentive to the proprietress of this institution. No fidgeting, nor any glancing about. Her eyes look directly forward awaiting her superior's attentions in return. "In looking over your file, Alicia, I find that you have a virtually spotless record here over your first two years of sojourn.

Very commendable on your part. I also see no mention of you volunteering for any additional duties, either. I was wondering why that might be, young lady?" "Miss Bee, I have adjusted to my presence here, I think. And my grades in my schooling are adequate. I am not extraordinarily attractive, nor sociable. So, I have held back from activities here that I feel that I am unqualified for. I hope that this is not disturbing to you, nor to the Home." "First of all, your grades are much more than adequate.

If you continue at the same level of progress as you have maintained so far, you will qualify for the scholarship program instituted by this institution's backers, for an acceptable program at a fine college. I hope that you do, I think that you have much to share for other's benefits. Second, you are very attractive, not a common beauty, but very special in your own way.

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I take it that you have no difficulty in relating to the boys here at the Home?" "No, I get along with them very well, actually." "Just as I thought. And, there are several programs here that you are more than adequately qualified to share in, such as the mentoring programs. We have a new boy here, Tyler ……&hellip.who needs this very much and immediately.

I can't think of another female here that would be better suited to help him. He has been very wild in his sexual demeanor in the past, but is showing evidence of seeking a more refined manner already here." "Yes, I am becoming familiar with him.

We have already slept together twice. He is starting to see the benefit of allowing the female to enjoy sexual relations for her and him, too. And he has taken to anal, very enjoyably.

That is one of my specialties, you know." "Yes, I see that in your file. I think that we have played with that on occasion, too.


Haven't we? Me with my false prick, up your ass, dumping the fake cum into your intestines?" "Yes, Mistress. We have enjoyed that a number of times. Last time, you let me dump up into your bottom, if you remember." "Oh, I do.

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Fondly! Can't wait for the next time, either." "Now???" "No, not now. As wonderful as that is to think of." "But, what I am thinking of, is having you do some of the finishing work with the more mature boys to get them ready for the bigger world. Like your anal lessons and role play ones, too.

You are so very good at them, you know." "So, I have been told. Matthew, the dumb boy, particularly loves doing them with me. Especially when I do the sexy nurse one." "Yes, I have seen the tapes. Very imaginative of you, and your interaction is superb, too." "Thank you Mistress." "So, I am volunteering you (smarmy smile with this) to follow-up with the boys that are just about to graduate to finish them up.

I will make a roster of your appointments with them. I will, of course, still leave you plenty of time for your other intimate interests, too." "Thank you, Mistress!" "No problem, I will get you a copy of the roster as soon as it is done. You can go now, precious one." And with that, Alicia left the office to reconvene with her day. Let's see. First of all, Victor.


Miss Bee gave Alicia permission to access Victor's picture window aerie by means of the secret elevator. This allowed her to service him, without everyone on her floor knowing about it. Part of the benefits package for him, was regular intimacies by means of young ladies selected by him, and Alicia was his favorite.

So, as she exited the elevator doors in his office, he called down to the common's floor for Andy, one of the monitors to come up and take over his perch for a while. Andy, knew, of course, what was up, but not with whom. And he was as discrete of an employee as the home had. As soon as Andy showed up, he moved the earphones that helped monitor activities on this floor to Andy's head and then moved back to his private office for some privacies to be enjoyed.

When he entered and closed the door, he found her primly sitting on his interviewee chair facing his desk, with her back to the door. Just like he liked her. Some of the others he had appear to him nude or in some kind of sexual pose, but for Alicia it was to be as a prim and proper young lady that he would then gently beguile and tenderly seduce.

"Alicia, how nice it is to see you again. I am going to make this short, it is your weekly compliance interview to make sure that all of your responsibilities are being cared for. As I look at your file, I find notations of very substantial changes in your responsibilities. I am grateful to see no change in your responsibilities to me, however." At this she nodded.

"How do you feel about your status here at the home?" "I am accommodated to it. I feel that I am coping very well. And my schooling is being so very successful, that I have high hopes for my future." "I am so glad to hear about that. How about your medications? Are you keeping up with them?" "Yes, I receive them regularly each day." "I notice that you didn't say that you take them every day.

Is there a problem here?" "No, no problem at all!" "Are you actually taking them, each day?" At this she balked from discussing this at all. So, Victor asked for her arm and skillfully drew a sample of her blood to be sent to a very secret lab, for analysis. And then told her, "I guess we will have to test out your obedience in other matters, then. So, please stand and move over to me, to engage me in our regular intimacies." So, she moved into his arms with a very low level groan and shrug.

It was noticed by Victor, but not addressed by him at this time. When she was in his arms, he moved his one hand up to move her mouth up to his, to receive his kisses and tongue probing. She didn't really mind this, because Victor was a very fine lover. She just objected to it being mandatory and not just with him. She had been chosen to service Tyler's father and on another time his mother. Thankfully, they were a lot of fun, though.

But now, she lowers herself to address more immediate issues. She takes his belt and pants loose, to expose his dick and ass. She first moves to behind him and with her hands guides him to lean over so that she can play with his ass. She uses a sanitary wipe to cleanse the area and then moves up to kiss hiss ass cheeks working her way up and into his ass crack.

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And then when this area was highly excited she probed his anus with first her finger and then her lips and tongue. At this Victor began to shake and shimmy. Then she used her hands to guide him to turn around and to move his cock into her mouth for further intimate attentions.

She quickly got it up to full mast and then rose up and leaned over the desk. He moved up and lifted up her very proper skirt and lowered her panties, to install his member up into her pussy vault. She actually very much enjoyed the feelings associated with this and began to moan and vibrate herself.

Her pussy got very sodden with both of their cum productions and then simultaneously they both came up in to her upper vault. With this, he moved to his back on the rug and had her face sit him, so that she could dump their productions down into his open and expectant mouth. She could hear him slurping up the escaping liquids from her pussy vault and then felt his lips and tongue finishing the job right up to inside of her.

She shivered with this. With this accomplished he rose and took her into his arms, and with his hands inside of her bodice, he kissed her deeply and pronounced his deep affections for her before letting her rearrange her clothing to move back to the elevator and down through Miss Bee's office out to the common for the rest of her day.

She looked around to find some kids playing cards, since she loved several games that were commonly played here, like hearts, spades, cribbage and pinochle. She was studying Bridge as a lesson in logic, but was having a hard time to get others to learn the difficult game.

It is not hard to play, just hard to play well. But, before she could engage any of the other kids, Tyler had noticed her and was making a beeline to her. She knew what that would mean, he was still in the introductory phase of the psychotropic drugs therapies. Where they would find out which of them would help him the most. And she as one of the more senior girls was responsible to help him, by damping off his prodigious sexual needs, until he was balanced out.

There were signs appearing that the medical staff was getting close to success with him, but not quite yet. So, when he walked up to her and took her by the arm to hide behind the dressing screen by the stage for some oral attentions, she didn't fight it, but moved right along with him. Actually, none of the teens were supposed to play intimately in the commons, it was supposed to be a safe place to avoid intimacies that made up so much of the time and curriculum here.

But, especially with a new patient, the staff just ignored it unless it spilled out to the sight of the others.

In this case, Alicia, immediately pulled sown his pants and shorts and moved right up to him to take in his modest sized penis into her mouth. She was very active in her sucking and tonguing and Tyler came very quickly, too quickly as far as he was concerned, but she forestalled any attempts at a rerun, by getting up and leaving him to readjust his clothing on his own.

Since she was one of the most desired and asked for sex partners in the home, she started for the stairs to avoid further contact with any possible further sex partners. And walked right into Tyler's father waiting for her in her room. She bending to the inevitable, locked the room's door and undressed to service him, too. He was very respectful to the girls and so it wasn't at all unpleasant for her, even with his outsized dick up in her ass pounding away.

He didn't have a lot of time for this and wanted to spend some of his visiting time with his son, too. So, he grabbed her hips, pulled her up against him and then very quickly loosed a torrent of his red hot cum up into her back alley.

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This actually felt really good to her and so she came too. They then rose and hugged very tenderly and he then went off to find Tyler to spend some time with him. Now, she was really desperate to escape all of this attention and so she sneaked up the stairs to the boy's level and moved with Elaine the current third level monitor's wave to Matthew's room.

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Since Matthew was dumb, but not deaf, he was the perfect friend for this moment. And when he saw her, he opened up his arms and welcomed her into his bed, the only one in this room. She didn't even undress, but got under the covers fully dressed and feeling well taken care of in his arms.

Matthew, since he couldn't speak, but was very well equipped with his ears, was one of the ladies favorite bedtime partners. What female could resist a male who listened and didn't interrupt her heart felt vocal sharing's. None, that I know of. And since he was the least aggressive of all of the males in the house in regard to sexual advances, he got as much or even more pussy, mouth and ass than any other male there. And because of the girls chattering about with him he knew just about everything that occurred in the house, too.

As Alicia cuddled up to him, she began to review her day with the very sympathetic male heart holding her dear form in his arms. She turned her body so that while he was on his back, she had one leg laying between his two slightly separated ones and her belly up on his side, with her head braced up on a pillow draped over his shoulder.

Then she began her low volume litany of the day in his very patient and quietly interested ear. His free arm was slung down along her back and lightly caressed her bottom as he listened. "Oh, Matt. What a hectic day I have had!" This was a very common introduction to her daily 'events dump' on her best friend in the house.

(He just nodded and let her go on.) Nothing much happened until the interview with Miss Bee. She is moving to make me even more busy than before, but don't worry, I cherish these times with you and will resist giving them up. And following that I went up to service Mr. Victor, who is quite respectful to me and the other girls as he gets one of his 'bennies' for taking this dull and boring job. He got suspicious that I was avoiding taking the required 'psycho pills' assigned to me.

But, I don't feel that I need them. I know that I was a mild and well-adjusted young teen when I got here. I was just evidently a bother to my parents, who have never contacted or visited me here. A bother in their lives and so not wanting to leave me with any of my pervy relatives, they left me in a totally pervy institution. You already know what I do with the pills, I feed them to Mr. Potty for his enjoyment. We probably now have the least psycho toilet on the planet!

After giving Mr. Victor his sex session, I escaped to find some other kind of fun in the commons, but there ran into Tyler, the newest sex freak here. He was insistent on some immediate attentions, so we moved to behind the actor's gilded screen and I relieved him of some stress through his dick.

And then I escaped him, too. Only to run into his father in my room awaiting my playing with him also. Thank goodness he was satisfied with a very brief excursion up my blind alley with a resultant explosion. He actually was very sweet about it, and then left in a hurry to spend some quality time with his son, before he had to leave. I am expecting his mother, as you are too, in about three days for her intimate needs, also. I hope that she will take some time with him, too. Maybe even behind the screen.

I know he would be delirious to get oral from good old mom." At this she felt his member begin to respond to her presence and probably her litany too. So, she moved her free arm to down inside of his jammies to coddle his member and then picked up what was left of her oration.

"And so to escape any other intimacy responsibilities, I came to be with my best EAR, Matthew!" At that, she quieted down and gently and rhythmically grasped his dick as he lightly probed it into her hand that was lubed by his generously supplied precum. She felt his heart beating rather hardly against the inside of his chest and his breathing taking on a sense of stress in its activity.

Even with all of the activity of the afternoon, she knew that she needed to take of this dear friend, and so she shifted her body more to being on him and fed his dick up into her pussy for it to do its assigned work.

In this time, he came rather quickly and with his abundant cum leaking out of her pussy onto their legs, they again returned to their relaxed positioning and quickly fell asleep.

In her light sleep she could hear him lightly humming into her ear, and the comfort of that caused her to consider if she and he could make it as a regular couple. She was pretty sure that they could, since she was fixed to not have any children. So, that stress would be avoided even with the regular fucking that would occur between them. If they became family desperate, they could always adopt nieces or nephews of their family that were in need.

The only thing that she could think of that would be a 'fly in the ointment' would be if he couldn't find a job and would feel worthless as a man. But, with his painting and music talents and his fine massage talents, she thought that he would probably manage to make a fine offering to the couple's finances. She mused that he could always call his massage business, SILENT MOUTH, BUSY HANDS.


What woman could avoid the services of a man with affectionate hands and a silent tongue! She laughed herself to deeper sleep over that. And they settled into a very comfy night together.