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Desfile de lingeries com gatinhas
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She entered the pub at the exact same time she had every Friday, she arrived at the same time left at the same time and had the same amount of the same drink every Friday for the last month. She sat at the same table and stared at the door, waiting for someone, talked to no one except to say that she wasn't interested. She was beautiful, tall, slender, long blonde curly hair, dark blue eyes and nice big full tits.

I had tried to talk to her last Friday and she blew me off the same way she had done with everyone else that had tried to talk to her. I tried to tell her that anyone that would keep her waiting this long wasn't worth her time, she just giggled and turned her attention back to the door.

I had thought about her every night for the past three weeks. Late at night when I was alone. I had decided that tonight was going to be the night I would have her.

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She would be mine. I watched her shoot down the advances of 2 men, both winked at me as they walked back to their seats, they knew I had a plan and they knew they needed to be patient. The time was coming close for her to leave, I walked out the exit and went to her car, I had watched her leave the week before so I knew which one was hers. I stood next to it and waited. It wasn't more than 5 minutes before she walked out and started towards me and her car. She saw me leaning against it and hesitated, looked back at the pub to make sure we weren't completely alone outside and kept walking reaching for her keys as she went.

As she reached the car she asked what I was doing, I told her I had a problem I needed help with, she looked at me puzzled, I told her I couldn't understand how someone so beautiful was alone waiting for someone every week.

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She rolled her eyes unlocked her car and went to get in, I grabbed her wrist and told her she was being very rude. She tried to pull her arm away from me but I grabbed her other wrist put them behind her back and pulled her close. She asked me what I wanted from her and I told her she can't be that dumb as I pushed against the car and started kissing her hard. I managed to hold both her wrists in one hand as I held her body against her car with mine, I brought my other hand around and started fondling her breasts.

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They were rising and falling quickly. As I kept kissing her I slipped my hand under her top and was surprised to find she wasn't wearing a bra. I took my hand from under her top and opened the back door to her car. I pushed her in and as I did she started screaming. I climbed in to the back seat after her and pulled the door shut. She was trying to scramble out the other side and I pulled her back.

I locked all the doors and slapped her hard across the face and told her to be quiet. I looked around to make sure no one had heard her screams, I couldn't see anyone that wasn't supposed to hear. I pulled her top off and stared at her naked breasts.

I leaned in and started to suck on her nipple when she hit me on the top of the head with something hard. I was a little dazed and before I knew it she was out of the car screaming for help. I dragged her back in and locked the door again. I slapped her hard again, when I did she hit her head against the head rest of the driver's seat.

By the time she came to I had her fully naked and her panties stuffed in her mouth so she couldn't scream. I was biting and sucking her nipples, as I did she started to wake up.


She tried to struggle but I pushed her down into the seat and warned her that if she didn't stop struggling I would call my friends out of the pub and she would get it worse then. She thought about it and started crying. I grabbed her breasts hard and she flinched away from me. I started sliding my hand down her stomach to her pussy, which was to my surprise very wet. I slid my fingers between her pussy lips and up into her, she moaned.

I started fucking her wet pussy with my fingers and she moaned and writhed. As I did this I moved down and started sucking her clit as she moaned louder and louder I went faster and faster. Before I knew it she was cumming, I didn't stop, I went as hard and fast as I could.

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Her hands shot down to me to try and tried to make me stop, this just made me more determined as she had another orgasm her juices went everywhere. I took her panties out of her mouth and stuck my fingers in, she tried to push me away again, I grabbed her by the throat and told her to lick my fingers clean. She did as she was told.


I pulled my pants off and told her it was my turn. Once she made me cum she was free to go. She looked at me, not sure what to do. I grabbed her face and pulled it to mine and kissed her again, then shoved it to my crotch. She started licking and sucking, she either didn't know what she was doing or she didn't care. So I grabbed her head again and started moving it up and down.

I grabbed her hand and told her to use her fingers as well. After a couple of minutes she wasn't doing any better and I was getting frustrated. I grabbed her throat and started to squeeze, I showed her the time on my phone and told her that she had 10 minutes to make me orgasm or my friends were going to use her for whatever they wanted. She looked up at me frightened, I told her to just do to me what she liked having done to her.

She started to lick and slightly nibble my clit and she pushed two fingers into my dripping wet pussy, she was slow and tender.


I grabbed my tits and started to squeeze my nipples through my top, pulling and twisting it to the point where is started to hurt. She started fingering me harder and nibbling harder and licking faster. I could feel my orgasm building and getting closer, I knew the deal though, I had to make it wait, had to wait out those 10 minutes.

I pinched my nipples and twisted them as hard as I could. I heard footsteps around the car and knew it was time, I let out a loud moan and told her I was going to cum.

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She sucked and licked my clit and fingered me hard and fast as I started to cum, she didn't stop until I pulled her up. I showed her the time on my phone kissed her on the forehead and told her that her time was up.

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I got out of the car and smiled at my friends, I told them that she was all there's as I walked away I turned back to see her face one last time, and she looked at me and smiled.