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When I awoke the next morning I dragged myself from the bed and took a good long shower. My appointment was at two pm and since it was about eleven I had time to pamper myself and relax. I could smell ham and eggs and after I dried myself, put on a bathrobe and opened the food receptacle.

It was located on the front wall next to the entrance and had two sliding doors, one opening from the outside, and one on the inside. The food was placed there for the patient's convenience, and I must admit the flavor of the delicious food was much better than I'd experienced for a long time. Eggs, ham, hash browns, orange juice, buttered toast. It was a wonderful meal and I enjoyed every bite of it while watching TV. I felt something inside that I couldn't identify, like some kind of revelation that my whole world was changing.

Dr. La Chote was unlike any woman I'd ever met, and I was so intoxicated with her beauty and sophistication that I could barely wait for my next session. In twenty-nine days I would have a whole new start sexually, in addition to my payment. In a sense I think that this was almost as valuable to me as the money. When I got my nuts off in front of the doctor and her nurse it was the most erotic experience I could remember, but I dreamed of enjoying a good hot piece of ass at the first opportunity.

I knew it would take time to heal and renew, however, and I was filled with a special kind of patience and trust in the extraordinary abilities of the staff here, blissfully knowing what the end result would be. I slid open another small door on the opposite wall, and placed the tray on the conveyor belt inside. When I closed the stainless steel cover I could hear the belt moving, taking my tray to wherever the kitchen was.

I looked out of the window and at the woods nearby. It was actually quite peaceful, but I was sure I would become tired of the view by the time I left here. The tall electrified fence gave a definite sense of security, but also was a bit intimidating, giving one the feeling of being a prisoner. Considering where I was, however, I was more than glad to have good security while here, I really didn't care to wander around Tijuana, Mexico anyway. It was hard telling what one would run into there.

I would be more than glad to return to the US when I'd finished here. By one forty in the afternoon I was becoming a little bored and when I left the room and headed down the hallway I felt the tingling of butterflies deep in the pit of my stomach, like that experienced before some sordid and highly erotic event.

I went to the reception desk and checked in, and sat on one of the many comfortable waiting room chairs not far from the counter.

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I was trying to suppress a deeply erotic sense of pleasure, and wondered what would transpire today in the packed waiting room.

I couldn't believe the traffic flow through here. I had passed many patients in the hallway coming over to the other side, some of whom were nude, but they all seemed happy and eager in whatever direction their particular therapy was taking them. I once again availed myself of the extensive collection of magazines and periodicals in the well stocked book racks, and became engrossed in an interesting article about celebrities.

It was one fifty now, and soon I would be called for my next strange adventure with Dr. Emily. My dick was already becoming hard, and I had to do a bit of mental blocking to keep it from becoming obvious to the crowd of patients.

I looked at the front of the reception desk, wondering if anything would take place there today, but no one appeared, and I read on, engrossed in the magazine story. Also, as I glanced around the large reception area I spotted the pretty woman who had masturbated for the crowd yesterday.

She was sitting there, head down, hiding in a magazine, and I could tell she had no desire to look at the other patients. She looked quite embarrassed and reclusive. Some of the other patients noticed her also, and looked down smiling, not wanting to embarrass her further. Then a few minutes later I glanced at the side door next to the second reception area, and saw it open slowly.

I was a bit shocked when I saw a nude male coming slowly into the room, looking in obvious embarrassment at the large group of people. He clutched a small towel in one hand but had nothing on whatever.

Most of the women looked curiously at him, and some of the men. I was amazed that such a thing was part of the therapy here, and wondered what could be the possible reason for it. The man was about in his late thirties, and had a strong erection. I turned away initially, and tried to concentrate on my article, but my curiosity got the better of me in the next few minutes, and I sheepishly watched the unfortunate soul who was standing there quite mortified, at the far end of the reception desk.

Most of the males were not comfortable watching the man, including myself, but it was interesting to look at the women in the area who were gawking intently at him.

He stood there and slowly began stroking off, glancing furtively at the engrossed women. He was dripping a bit and held the small towel so as to catch the drainage. He began jacking off rapidly, plainly humiliated very deeply, and as the decadent women watched him, grinning unmercifully, he moved his hand rapidly, gasping and grunting with the effort. The pretty nurses at the reception desk looked at him from time to time, obviously enjoying the show, but also it was obvious that they had seen it, and many others like it many times.

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He suddenly jerked awkwardly and groaned as he ejaculated onto the thick towel. He continued pumping his hips and groaning as he emptied out and finally stood there looking drained and subdued. Having finished his onerous duty, he looked straight at the amused women as he wiped off his hand and his penis.

Then he quickly exited into the same door and disappeared. It was over in a few minutes and once again I was profoundly stunned by the antics that went on here at the clinic. I had accepted this whole situation by now, though, and braced myself to be prepared for most anything. "Mr. Fanner!" I jumped up and followed the nurse into the second reception room.

After waiting a few minutes, I was given my 'medication', and instructed to go to the same room that I had gone to the day before. The sweet liquid was quite enjoyable, and I wondered if it had any genuinely addictive ingredients. At this point I suspected that it had, and that I would find many surprises and unusual events here besides the effects of the tasty medication. I entered the long hallway and walked to the end, rounding the corner and headed toward the far door of the second hallway.

There were no windows inside the building that I could detect, and it appeared to be a sealed enclosure.

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I passed the back security door and there appeared to be two separate doors, one outside and an inner anteroom door. Both appeared to be controlled by an electronic lock requiring a card of some kind.

I opened the last door and started down the hallway, and was met by a man and a woman walking in the opposite direction. It would have been uncomfortable to speak to them and I averted my eyes and continued on. I walked to Dr. Emily's area and went in. The two delicious nurses were there, one of them doing paperwork, and the other working on the computer.

They barely smiled as I entered, but got up and came over to me. My hardon was raging by now and stuck out noticeably at the front of my pants. They stood looking curiously at me, their arms folded in front of them. The one named Eleanor, a dark haired beauty with a perfect ass, spoke first.

"Remove your clothing please, doctor's orders." I hesitated for just a moment, a little puzzled at this change in procedure but removed my shoes, socks, and shirt, and handed them to the two serious nurses.

I took my pants off and as they watched closely, my shorts. Once again my hard cock jumped out, springing up and down in a painful way. Whatever was in the medication was having a very serious effect on my dick, and I was experiencing the most intense erections that I had ever known.

The nurse named Cindy looked at the door to Dr. La Chote's office. "Go on in, the doctor is waiting for you." She handed me a small towel."Don't drip on the doctor's rug," she said quietly, "Move!" I was a little irritated at this rude treatment, but opened the door and went inside.

After I closed the door I could see Dr. La Chote sitting on her couch. I started to walk over to her and was stopped by her words. She had a serious tone in her voice. "Jim I really would appreciate your being courteous during our sessions, please ask me first before you come to sit with me." I was a bit bewildered and my feelings just a bit hurt, but she was right, I must exercise good manners and courtesy while here, after all, I was a guest, and I sure didn't want to antagonize them.

"Yes mam," I said in a low voice, "I apologize." "Good," she whispered, as she straightened her skirt, "Please sit down." I sat down carefully on the opposite easy chair again.

It had an absorbent towel covering as before. She looked intensely at me, moving forward a little. "Jim, did you jackoff last night or today?" The medication was hitting me again and I felt a little groggy but still fully awake. "No mam." "Excellent Jim, when you obey my requests you make me happy, and you also serve the interests of your therapy. Play with yourself gently, and make your penis totally erect for me." This was no problem, I couldn't control my raging hardon at this point, and it was literally taking over my whole sense of awareness.

I looked at her absently, feeling more at ease doing this in front of her, and she looked at my privates with a clinical interest. She got closer to me and stared directly into my eyes. "What do you want me to say Jim?" I was puzzled by her question but was feeling very good by now and licked my dry lips as I gazed at her with my full attention. Her dark hair was shiny and silky, and her bangs hung perfectly over her forehead.

She wore glasses and her pretty face was beginning to consume me even as I sat there. "I.I'm sorry mam.I.don't know quite what you mean." She shifted slightly, her penetrating and beautiful eyes piercing mine. "Yes you do." I paused for a few moments, trying desperately to choose the correct response. The situation here was becoming more demanding with each session, and our dialogue more poignant. I suddenly discovered that this was not going to be the hot fun and games that I had envisioned originally.

"Tell me what you want me to say Jim." I was becoming very uncomfortable now and looked at her plaintively, trying to convey to her that I was trying very hard to please her but that her meaning was escaping me now. She moved close to my face now, her hand up to her chin, as in thought. "I'll tell you this time, but next time you must tell me what to say." I was completely baffled now, and looked into her deep blue eyes helplessly, my stone erection dribbling cum on the towel.

"You are my slave Jim. The moment she said this my mind did a flip flop, and I felt my whole being sucked down a deep tunnel into nothingness. I could see her face but that was all, and nothing else in the room was obvious to me. It was a place that had no description, only her wonderful and commanding voice, and the incredible and exotic fragrance of her expensive perfume. "Deep sleep Jim.deeper and voice is the center of your hear only my obey only my voice.

Every fiber of your being listens to what I say, you can do nothing but obey me.totally, completely, absolutely, you are my slave." "Yes.I obey.only you." Dr. La Chote brought out the secondary hypnotic device, designed by her experts to induce truly deep and consummate hypnotic emersion, the second phase of the hypnotic locking process. Emily knew that she owned the patient, even at this early stage, but also knew that serious preparation must precede the more drastic phases of the hypnotic conversion technique.

She was feeling her wetness by now, the dampness in her genital area that always accompanied these methods, and let her mind wander briefly into the more carnal aspects of her complete dominion over this slave. But that would come later. This patient slave would be doing positively atrocious things to her and others and to himself in the coming weeks and months, and would never be aware unless she opened his consciousness to it.

When an entranced slave was suddenly brought to full consciousness, while in a completely bound and obedient state, during a particularly humiliating or disgusting act, the mortification they felt was severe and profound. Her sadistic needs were endless and incredibly erotic to her, and she felt no remorse, having developed a very solid rationale inside her compartmentalized mind, that allowed her to victimize others, with emotional impunity.

She knew somewhere inside her though, that this was patently wrong.she was a bad girl, as her parents had often told her, but this mattered little now, she had become absorbed in her trans erotic life, and nothing would change that. Her colleagues here were out of the same mold, and they reinforced her passionate and nasty techniques and habits.

Some were far worse than her.


Dr. Samantha was in a class by herself.even Emily was awed by her, and her other executive assistant, Dr. Sabrina Sydney. She had chosen them for their cruelty, and exceptional talent in reducing normal men to pets. She sat the device in front of Mr. Fander, and turned it on. The hypnotic transducer sparkled with bursts of soft light, millions of needles of soothing, almost translucent radiance, and she watched his muscles loosen noticeably.

The intense subliminal audio accompanying this visual display could not be heard but was extremely powerful in itself.and the two packed a double whammy that virtually sealed the unsuspecting victim's fate. Once past this session, it was all over for the patient. "Look at the light.the wonderful glistening light.soft soothing, sparkling light. You are now going to enter an even deeper trance than before, a much much deeper sleep. You cannot stop rules you.completely.body and soul.and you must sink into the light.

Deep deep sleep.deep deep sleep.into the light.the deepest part of the light.flowing inside.deeper and hear and obey only my must obey my commands completely.absolutely.unchangeably.for all must do my bidding no matter what I command you to do." "Tell me.what you must do." "I must obey you always.must do anything.always." I was completely enveloped in the soft sparkling light now.down, down, down into the light.I had no mind of my own mind was her voice and her commands.

There was no world here.I was not aware of my existence.only the intense need to obey her voice. There was nothing left of me.nothing but obedience to her voice.

"I want you to open your eyes now Jim." Slowly my eyes parted and opened and I stared at her in complete supplication. She was my only world. "Now Jim.Eleanor and Cindy are going to take you across the hall to one of our special treatment rooms. You must obey them exactly as you would obey me, completely and without you understand?" "Yes.I must obey them." Her words were perfectly clear to me, and I was bound to do exactly as she said.

Exactly and completely. "Get on your knees like a dog," she murmured. I stood and dropped down at once, kneeling in complete obedience to her.

She took a dog collar from her end table and pushed it into my mouth. "Crawl over to the door and wait," she said silently. I began to walk on all fours toward the door, the collar in my mouth, and it seemed perfectly normal to me, and I had no reservations about it. She pushed the button and the door opened and the two nurses stood over me. "Give him the once over," Dr.

Emily said, "I want you to have fun with him, enjoy yourselves. Special treatment room three." She knew that the two cruel nurses would victimize Jim, and that's what she wanted.

She needed to break his will completely while under hypnosis. All this was very real to Jim at the moment, but once the session was over, he would remember nothing.

That thought was highly erotic to Emily, and her juices began to flow more vigorously, and she required a trip to the bathroom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eleanor took the dog collar from my mouth and put it around my neck attaching it firmly.

She attached a leash to the collar and pulled me along with her out into the hallway. There were two female patients coming down the hallway and they stopped and stared. Cindy slapped my ass as we were moving across the hall to another door.

"Move your butt!," she grunted, and Eleanor yanked my leash hard to pull me into the room. I was aware of the other women and it was quite humiliating. They closed and locked the door and pulled me to the center of the room and each sat on comfortable chairs on either side of me.

Eleanor removed the leash and gripped my balls tightly. I jumped from the pain and she pinched my dick and made me yell again. "Walk around the room on your hands and knees and come back here!," she yelled. I was completely at their mercy, still in a deep state of emersion and obedience, and quickly padded around the room on the hard, tiled floor. I came back and stopped in front of Eleanor, looking meekly at her. Eleanor yelled loudly, making me jump in fright."Did I tell you to stop?, get your fucking ass moving!" I slipped and almost fell as I headed around the room again, and moved quickly so as not to displease the irritable nurses.

I went around twice and each time I passed them they smacked my ass or tweaked my dick or balls. I was becoming winded now, but desperately continued my shameful trek around the floor. Cindy shrieked as I came near again. "Stop, and get your fucking face down to the floor!" I almost ran into her as I skidded to a halt and put my forehead next to the floor surface, leaving my ass in the air and my balls dangling precariously behind me. She grabbed my hair and held my head down as Eleanor gripped my hanging nuts and squeezed painfully.

I grunted in pain and trembled as Cindy pushed down on my head. "Lick the fucking floor you worthless bastard, lick the whole floor!" I was so afraid that I began to lap eagerly at the linoleum surface. As Eleanor tweaked my balls I licked the floor up and down again lapping every inch that I possibly could. I could taste the floor wax and pieces of dirt and grit collected on my tongue. A deep sense of shame gripped me but I could do nothing. "Swallow it!", Cindy spat, "swallow the fucking dirt!" I did exactly as she said and gulped the dusty residue and ate it down as I looked up in fear at Cindy.

I was terrified now and felt that Dr. La Chote would punish me because of my poor performance. "Lick my fucking shoe clean!", you chickenshit bastard, eat the dirt off the bottom of my shoe!" She stuck the bottom surface of her shoes in my face and I eagerly licked every inch clean and ate the gritty covering.

After I had cleaned her shoe soles Eleanor held my balls and allowed me to clean the bottom of her shoes also. My face was a bit dirty now and my mouth full of grit and grime but I ate it all and kneeled in shame as the two laughed at me. Eleanor and Cindy felt contempt for each patient slave, they lived to torment subservient men, and became quite aroused while doing this.

She got up and pulled a small saddle from a bench nearby.

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She put it on me and fastened the cinch so that it clung tightly. She sat on my back in the saddle and Cindy put a bridle in my mouth. Her weight pushed down heavily on me and she pulled upward on the bridle causing a sharp pain in my jaws. "Giddy up you worthless piece of shit!, get moving!" I strained heavily and managed to carry her around the room a few times as she pulled painfully on the stirrups.

I was completely out of breath and she whipped my ass with the straps. I yelled as she lashed me and stumbled around on all fours trying desperately not to fall. "Now whiny like a horse you ignorant cocksucker, let me hear you!" I tried but couldn't make a sound at first, and she lashed me again and I screamed in pain. I began to neigh loudly and continued until I could barely make a sound.

Again and again they forced me around the room as they laughed at me. Their laughter was genuine, they were truly enjoying this. Finally they stopped and took the saddle off. They removed the bridle and put the leash back on, and opened the door, leading me out into the hallway again.

We crossed over to the other side and went into the small reception area to Dr. La Chote's office. I was sweating and panting as they opened Dr. La Chote's door. They led me inside and Dr. Emily stood there with her hands on her hips looking down at me with a satisfied look on her face. "Take his leash and collar off and leave us," she said, barely moving her lips. When the door closed I knelt there with my head hanging down, still winded from my treatment.

I looked up briefly and saw another woman sitting in the easy chair that I had been using. "Follow me," she said, walking over to her couch. She sat down and I padded over and stopped in front of them, still panting. "This is Dr. Samantha Jones, she is my associate partner, and we need to talk to you for a few moments." "Did you learn something from your session with Eleanor and Cindy?," she said, looking at Dr.

Jones, and then to me. "Yes mam.I.I.licked the floor." "You licked the floor?" "Yes mam!" Dr. Samantha Jones smiled mischievously at Dr. La Chote. "You should lick the floor because that is what you're suited for Jim. Come over and kneel in front of Dr. Samantha facing me, and spread your legs." I got down and crawled on my sore knees and positioned myself in front of the very pretty Dr.

Samantha, my rear open to her and legs spread. She had a pair of surgical gloves on and lubricated her finger.

She slowly rubbed her finger around my asshole and forced it all the way in to the hilt. She slid it in and out slowly, speaking to me. Dr. Samantha's voice was low and sexy. "Jack off for us Jim.jack off but don't ejaculate yet." As Dr. Samantha slowly worked her finger around inside me and massaged my balls Dr. Emily questioned me. "Do not ejaculate Jim until we tell you to, is that clear?" "Yes." "You will pay total attention to what I am about to say and will absorb and believe every word completely.

Is that clear Jim?" She pulled up lightly on my hair looking into my eyes. "You are a worthless slave you understand?" "Yes mam." "Look at me." "You are good only for serving other people." "Yes." I stroked off, moving my hand evenly up and down my rock hard penis as she spoke.

"You are a lowlife Jim." "Yes." "You were born to be a dirty groveling scum Jim." "Yes." My sense of self esteem dropped abysmally at that point, and I let her words rule me, feeling a hopeless emotion that is hard to describe.

"You are absurd and ridiculous and people should make fun of you Jim." "Yes." "You stink and need a bath Jim." "Yes." "You are a joke and must serve everyone around you." "Yes mam." "You smell and are disgusting to be around Jim." "Yes." "Dr. Samantha and I laugh when we talk about you." "Yes." "You are a living pile of shit Jim." "Yes mam." I sank to the lowest level I had ever experienced.nothing could describe my consummate shame and degradation.

Dr. Samantha pulled on my swollen balls and massaged my prostate gland expertly. Dr. Emily leaned in and held my nose closed. "Masturbate and ejaculate now Jim." I began to move my hand rapidly as Dr. La Chote spoke to me, and Dr. Samantha's overpowering ministrations forced me over the edge very soon.


I was gasping for breath as I jerked off and snorted loudly as I squirted a thick, viscous wad of seminal fluid all over the large towel. Dr. Emily continued to hold my nose as I looked at her and ejaculated, humping my hips in and out, and snorting for breath.

Just as I began to slow my jerking motion, spitting less fluid with each grunt, Dr. Emily forced her finger in my mouth and touched the back of my throat gagging me. I was still oozing cum as Dr. Emily held me by the ear. "You pathetic enjoyed what we were doing to you while you jacked off didn't you?

I am disgusted by you Jim. She looked deeply into my eyes with total contempt, and my inner feelings were wounded in a very real way that I had never imagined possible. I was completely devastated. "Yes mam." I was almost in tears as Dr.

Samantha wiped my dick and balls off and I knelt on my haunches looking pathetically at Dr. La Chote. Dr. Jones slapped my ass and grabbed my hair. She pulled me around so that I was still kneeling and facing her.

"You seem to be uncooperative Mr. Fander.I am not pleased by that. The beautiful and curvacious doctor put her face close to mine. I am going to have to teach you true humility when you come into my area.

You are going to meet my good nursing assistants, and they, and I, will make you very sorry for your disobedience. I was crushed, and just kneeled there looking at her in complete supplication. "Please, I want to serve you." She slapped me lightly. "Don't lie to me Mr. Fander.I have ways to make you regret it." I was terrified. Anything I said or did meant nothing. Mentally I had nowhere to go. Dr. Jones got up to leave."Emily I have two patients I need to discuss with you at your earliest convenience." "Dr.

La Chote stood and they walked to the door between their offices. Alright I'll meet with you tomorrow morning about ten." Dr. Jones left and Emily sat again. "Sit down on the chair Jim." I flopped down from exhaustion and looked at her in shame. "Now Jim.I'm going to count backwards from ten, and when I reach one you will be fully awake. You will remember absolutely nothing of your hypnotic session today and will feel very refreshed and renewed.

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Each time I put you into a trance it will be stronger and deeper. You are totally unable to disobey me now, and that is irreversible. You will obey absolutely any command I give to you, anytime.

Do you understand me? "Yes, yes, yes.oh I want to please you." When you awaken you will feel deep shame inside your mind, deep unconscious shame, but you will not understand why or remember anything about your hypnotic sessions. Is that clear?" "Yes mam." "You will always be able to produce an extreme erection in my presence, is that clear?" "You will be able to have sexual intercourse normally during our future meetings.

You will be able to fuck normally, is that clear." "Yes mam." "Ten, nine, you're beginning to wake up.eight seven.slowly coming awake.six five.more and more awake.four three.almost awake.two are completely awake now." I opened my eyes and looked at the severely pretty woman and felt an intense emotion toward her.

I was convinced that I would do absolutely anything for her.I couldn't really comprehend what was happening to me but.I knew it was far beyond my control. I wanted to fuck Dr. Emily but such a thought was absurd, she was my.master.why did I think that.I.didn't know, but I couldn't control myself in her presence and was fawning and obsequious in my manner toward her.

"Tomorrow.same time Jim.I don't have to tell you not masturbate between now and then. You're progressing very well, and I was able to take you into a very deep trance today.

You're healing quite well." "Yes mam." I had no recollection at all of a hypnotic trance, and was beginning to think the whole thing was a farce.

Why would they lie to me. And why did I have dirt in my mouth? My feelings toward Dr. Emily were becoming obsessive, oh how I wanted to eat her cunt. But such a thing was ridiculous. I retrieved my clothing from the nurses, dressed, and walked back to the reception area and went to the other building. I felt very well, but there were peculiar feelings inside me when I was in the presence of women now. Deep sinking feelings of dread. I put it out of my mind and was consumed with thinking about fucking Dr.

Emily and her nurses, Eleanor and Cindy. Oh how I wanted to fuck them all. I wondered if they would consider me worthy of them, professionals and all. I wondered if I could ever actually fuck them. Probably not. My problem was not something that could change quickly. My fantasy life took off like a rocket, and it was becoming more and more difficult not to jack off while in my room. I went into my quarters and lay down for a nap. I'd learned that there were group meetings of various kinds for the patients here.

To learn more about medical procedures and other things concerning sexual mental health, but I was simply exhausted now, and as I drifted off to sleep I wondered how I had developed several welts on my ass. Some kind of rash or skin eruption I supposed.

Around here one had to expect anything. It was a strange world indeed. I looked forward to my next session, where I could look at Dr. Emily's ass again, and Eleanor, and Cindy, and dream.