Cute cowgirl Tina Hot flashes her tits and banged for money

Cute cowgirl Tina Hot flashes her tits and banged for money
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Still a virgin I am now 15. Of course I have fantasies and have watched porn on the computer. But it still wasn't like the real thing. Talking to guys older than me kinda did the trick. It was a day around summer. Like any other day I was horny and fantasizing about my first time.

Well I got onto the computer and went into the chat room. There was a lot of people there. But I noticed that someone had typed 32 year old buff male looking for younger male. Me being slim waying in around 120 always fantisized about an older man with muscles to fuck me. So I responded to him and he imed me. A/S/L? He typed> 15/M/FL. I typed He then asked where in Florida. And I said Orlando. He responded that he was in Jacksonville which is an hour away from Orlando.

Of course I got a little nervous. He asked if I wanted to meet up with him in person. I started to think about maybe this could happen. So I agreed. But suggested that we should talk first. I started out the conversation by asking him how big his cock was. Of course that Is not a good way to start up a conversation but hay I was horny. He told me that it was an 8 inch 2 inches wide and cut. He asked how big was mine and I was a little imbarrased to say that it was a 6 1/2 inch.

He then asked me to describe myself to him so he knew who I was. I told him that I was 5 feet 7 skinny, short hair, and cute so says most people. Without me having to return the question he responded that he was 6 foot 2 built short hair blue eyes and would be wearing blue jeans and a white shirt.

That was really all I needed. I told him to meet me at walmart. We said I goodbyes and then I logged off the computer, put on some clothes, and walked out of the house. Walmart wasnt that far from my house about 30 minutes on foot. As soon as I got out of the house I noticed a man enter the neighbors house. I already knew he was gay but this is the first time that a cut man not really that muscular but noticably in shape knock on his door.

Now he lived by himself and it looked like their meeting was mutual. I just sat down on a chair on the porch and I noticed the guy answered the door. He gave my neighbor a hi and entered the house. Me being already horny I had to think of some excuse to go over and join them in their evening. Heres a thought! I said to myself Why dont I just go and ask him for a ride to walmart. It sounded stupid but I guessed that anything could have happened at the time.

So I went over and knocked at the door. He answered and was wearing an unbuttoned shirt, with his jeans also unzipped. I automatically knew what was going on. What do you want Kev? He said Just to come in and sit with you for a while. I said Im busy at the moment. He said Well Im home by myself. I said He said that this wouldnt be the first time I would be home bymyself and closed the door. I stood there for a minute then walked back to my house.

When I got inside of my house I went out through the back door because our back yards were connected with not fences.

I snuck into his back yard and peeked into his back window and saw him and the guy that visited him on the floor. He was sucking the guy off while the guy was on the other end sucking him off. 69 basically. It made me so horny thinking that they actually were in there having sex. I went to the back door of his house and tried to open the door, but of course it was locked, so I started to search for a spared key.

I found one under a door mat in front of the door. I Unlocked the door and went into the house. Then snuck into the front room where they were. My neighbor jumped up and acted like he was startled that I was in his house. He might have been. What are u doing in here? He asked Enjoying what I am seeing.

I said Not for long go home. He said Wait. the guy said It might be better with three. Whats your name? Kevin. I said Im John. He said Why dont you let him stay we might be able to show him something. My neighbor agreed but said that I would only watch. So I watched as they went back into what they were doing but now instead of then doing 69 my nieghbor had started to suck John off.

His cock was sooo huge.

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I think it was about a 7 1/2 but thick. He swallowed all of it. I started to get harder so I unzipped my pants and started to jerk my cock slowly and he sucked him harder. John was watching me as I stroked my cock and told me to come over and put my cock in his mouth. So I did and the moment I did my knees started to buckle. He swallowed my whole cock. It felt soo good. He was going in a slow motion while my neighbor was sucking him off. I started to moan.

I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to know how it felt to have man dick in me for the first time. My neighbor stopped sucking Johns dick and went behind me while I moaned. I found myself melting in his arms as he rubbed his hard cock up and down my ass crack. It felt good already and it wasnt even in yet. He bent me over and kissed all the way down my back and started to lick my asshole. John was now jerking off as my neighbor ate me out. My moans got louder.

I started to go crazy as he stuck his tongue in my asswhole getting me ready for his cock. He started to play with my ass with his finger and then started to finger me. 1 finger first then 2. Harder!! I said He started to force his two fingers in and out of my asshole.

He continued this while John stood and watched. After he thought I was ready he took some lube that he already had out and rubbed it on his bareback cock.

Then forced his cock into my ass. I trembled a little bit as he started to fuck me. You wanted it didnt you. Now you have it kid. It felt like he was touching my rectum as he fucked me slowly. After a little while it started to feel better. and John came over and kissed me. I told him to go faster.


He did, but I wanted it harder. He said that if he went any harder that he would fuck my insides up. I said well I guess that Ill be in a wheel chair then. You need to stop acting like a pussy and fuck me. I said He then started to trust me harder and harder. Saying youll regret what you just said.

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I started to moan some more as he trusted me. He fucked me until he filled my little now red virgin hole with cum. You think your ready for big daddy. John said Theres no way to know unless your fuck me. I said He told me to lye on my stomach and I did. He got on top of me and started to fuck me. For some reason it felt better this way. He really went in deeper than my neighbor did. It felt better. He started to trust me and I started to moan because of how good it felt and he put his finger in my mouth and I started to suck it.

So my neighbor came over and put his clean dick into my mouth and I started to suck his cock while John fucked me. It felt soo good. I started to think that this may be the best sex i ever have. John Stopped and sat up then told me to come and sit on his cock. I did and I automatically knew to start jumping on it. I started to jump on it. My neighbor then stuck his cock in with Johns and they both started to fuck me. I started to moan louder now and my neighbor started to jerk me off while John put his finger back into my mouth to quiet me down.

They were both fucking me soo hard. I felt myself cumming all over Johns stomach then they took out. I started to suck on both of their cocks while they jerked off. Then together they came all over my face. Since it was my first time I couldnt help but to want more. Or just think it because of that after cumming feeling you get. Little did I know was that this would start my life down a road of nothing but pleasure.

How was it? My neighbor said Aside from me having to get you mad before you really fucke me it was great. I said I myself didnt even know I could take two dicks. My ass was really sore. John told me that after about 3 weeks that my whole would tighten again if I didnt have sex.

I had almost forgotten about the guy I met on the internet.

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I wonder if he was already there. Hey take me to walmart Jace. I said to my next door neighbor. Why? Whats at walmart.

He said Something a little extra for me. I said John announced that he had to got to work at 9 so he was going to go home and get ready. I dont know what made me do it but before he left I kissed him with a deep sentuality. He stuck his tongue all the way into my mouth and messaged my tongue with his. It felt soo good. I got horny again, and I could feel Johns hard throb up against mine. Jace broke us up and said goodbye to John.

You little freak! he said. Come on We both got into his car and went to wal mart.

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On the way there I wanted him to take advantage of me soo bad. But I knew he probobly wasnt. A whole bunch of wild thoughts about what if started to pop up in my mind and there it went again.

I started to get horny, again. I dont think that he noticed though. After a whle it just went down. When we got to walmart I got out and told him to wait for me because he might not be there. So I went looking around for anybody that would be looking at me. I saw no one. Maybe this guy was a fluke or maybe he already came.

I know one thing is for sure though. Im still horny. Now after 2 times of cumming that day you would think I would be exausted but I wasnt I wanted more. After a little more of looking for him I was thinking that I would exept anybodies proposal for sex, so I went to the bathroom.

I really did have to go. So I went to a stand up toilet and unzipped my pants then started to piss. This guy came next to me. Damn he was big I noticed. His arms were like guns and I could see an imprint of his chest through his shirt. I tried to get a good look at his cock out of the corner of my eye but I started again to get horny.

He noticedl. Wow kid your exited hugh. He said Soon as he said that I looked an noticed his cock. Damn was it just me or was I on this day meeting up with a bunch of older guys with huge and I mean huge cocks. This guy had to be 5 1/2 inches and very fat and he wasnt even erect. I got nervous and said the first thing that came to my mind.

Your hung. I said Yeah. He said Then he zipped up and so did I. Youll be there in no big as yours is for your age. He said Then he walked out of the bathroom and I was right behind him. I figured out I probobly wasnt going to find the guy I was looking for so I walked out to look for Jace. I went to the spot where he had parked but he wasnt there.

I guess he thought I was already gone. I did not feel like walking back home so I started to walk back into the store when I noticed the guy from the bathroom coming out. Excuse me sir. I said Whats up kid. He said I asked if he could give me a ride home. And he agreed. We started to walk back to his car and a lady was in the car waiting for him. Dammit. I thought We got into his car and I got into the back seat and spoke to the lady up front.

She spoke back and asked him what had taken him soo long. He said he had to use the bathroom. Then we started to pull out of the parking lot.

How old are u kid? She asked This lady was from what I saw very beautiful with blond hair. Of course what other kind of girl would a guy his size choose. She was not very thin, but a little chunky with medium size boobs b cup I think. 17. I said Of course she probobly knew I wasnt 17 because I myself knew I didnt look it.

But we started to go and she asked me my name. I told her that it was Kev. She said her name was Ramona and that his was Brad. Brad was about 6 feet 7 as I saw very muscular with long died blond hair because I could see that his natural hair was growing back in.

He asked if it was ok if I went to their house for a minute. I didnt care. They could of killed me but I still didnt care. So we arrived at their house and when we got inside his girl friend or what ever she was went up stairs and he asked if I wanted something to drink. His house was like 2 blocks away from mine. I said no. He then said that he noticed that I was looking at him in the bathroom and also noticed that I got horny. After that comment I noticed that he started to get horny because I could see the bulge in his pants start to grow.

He asked if I wanted to touch it and I said yeah. I unzipped his pants and out jumped the monster. I started to suck it fuck touching it. He moaned I guess because he was startled. Then his girl friend came down. I thought that she would freak but she didnt. She joined. First she started to kiss him then she started to undress him and so did he for her. I was still trying to swallow his cock and now jerk mine at the same time. We laid down on the floor and he started to eat her out while she was sucking my cock and I was sucking his.

This was totally different because it felt much better when she sucked my cock. I guess she really knew what she was doing. The feeling is unexplainable. It wasnt a minute before I started to explode in her mouth. She swallowed all of it and I started to pant after it because it drained me.

I stopped sucking him off and sat on the sofa. Then she got ontop of him and he and her stared to do 69. It looked so great.

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I saw her pussy becoming wet and him licking her clit. Every time his tongue touched it she would moan and suck his cock faster in the up and down motion. I wanted to give her the same pleasure she gave me so I started to lick her pussy with him. She was not going crazy with moans as we kissed and licked her pussy. It had turned hot pink then she had started to move back and forth.

After a minute she got off of his face and we stopped licking her pussy. She then started to jump on his cock. It just slid right in with no lube. I noticed that she was dripping wet.

She just started to jump very fast as if she was fucking him. Strangly enough this made me horny again so I stood up and put my cock back into her mouth. She started to suck me even harder and had stopped jumping but he was not fucking her while she was on top of him.

The moans while her mouth was on my dick maid me feel soo good I felt like I was going to cum again but I didnt. He turned her over and got ontop of her and started to fuck her soo hard. She was not moaning very loudly I thought the neighbors were going to call the police so I put my cock back in her mouth. She sucked but was still moaning. I dont know if it was the vibrations or what but it made me feel really good.

I was hard as a rock. Then he started to suck me too, while still fucking her in the missionary position. It was like they were kissing but they were doing it with my cock in between them.

He got off of her after a while and she got on the sofa and opened her legs. I started to eat her out. I was in a bent over position. I felt him rubbing a smooth substance on my ass then fingering it.

I had gotten better at the eating out thing because I noticed that she was not only moaning now but telling me all sorts of things like eat my pussy. And saying yeah. and also do u like this pussy. After a minute she started to cum. I didnt even knew women could cum. The juices went into my mouth and I swallowed them. He took his finger out of my hole and I was still eating her out.

He put the head of his cock up against my asswhole and pushed it in. It went halfway in and was hurting a lot. So I moaned and when I did while eating her out so did she.

He took out some and went back in. He continued the back and forth motion until it just slid in and out. He started to fuck me and It felt good. I told him deeper and he shoved it in hard and went in deeper. He was fucking me soo hard and it felt so good. She was moaning loudly again and still saying stuff like fuck his little ass. I squeezed her breast and played with her tits I could feel his cock touching my intestins and it made my cock harder.

He reached around and jerked me off while He was fucking me. And I came again but nothing came out. He continued to fuck me and she came again in my mouth. He got more into it and I felt him trembling as he fucked me hard and he started to moan and I heard him say like 3 times here it comes. And I felt some warm stuff shoot into my ass. He then took it out and it just slid out. He then started to lick his own cum out of my ass. It felt soo good. The girl got up and walked back up stairs into the bathroom.

He cleaned my hole out and then went and got me a towel. After that I put back on my clothes and so did he. Then he took me home. On the way I noticed his hardness grew again and so did mine so I leaned over in the car and started to fuck his cock taking all that I could take into my mouth. I gagged a couple of times and right in from of my house he shot his load into my mouth and I swallowed it. Damn your freaky kid. He said I got out and shut the door and he drove off I would walk back around there sometimes and things would change.

Until they moved we would fuck a lot of times during the weekend. My next door neighbor would fuck me sometimes in my room or at his house. It really didnt matter but I think that this is what started my addiction to sex. When I got into the house though my mom was already home and my step dad was outside still trying to clean the pool.

I just walked to my room and went to bed. While falling asleep though I couldn't help thinking about fucking that Ramona's pussy. It looked like it felt good when Brad was fucking her, but it felt good when Brad was fucking me. I also started to think about feeling his muscles again against my body.


I didn't know which way to go with my sexuality. Both were great. There was a good side and a bad side. I liked both of them. I was trapped. When I fell asleep I started to dream about an orgy though with me and 5 other guys.

Well not an orgy more like a gangbang. We were at some orgy house if thats what you would call it and it was very wet and sweaty but very hot on the sexy side. I was already getting fucked in the dream and I was sucking some other guy off while another guy was under me suckin me.

I guess thats what it means when they take advantage. I was loving it. They were really handling me. The guy behind me was fucking me really hard and I was enjoying everyminute of it when I was sucking the guys dick.

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I felt like I was about to cum in the guys mouth. It was too much for me. After I came in the guys mouth under me the guy fucking me turned me over so that I would be lying on my back and wrapped my legs around his waste and started to fuck me somemore. I wanted more dick in my mouth soo bad because he was kissing my chest and my kneck while he was fucking me. I need someone to transfer the feeling to.

Because I was about to explode. But the guys just stood over me jerking off and I started to moan very loudly because my kneck had always been my point. One of the guys came on the guy who was fucking me's back and another guy put his cock in between us while he was fucking me and we sucked his cock and connected our tongues sometimes. This was the most sexual experience I would ever have. I don't really know how big the guy who was fucking me's dick was but he was in deep.

The guy who's dick we were jointly sucking had cam all over us and the guy who was fucking me fucked me until he took out and came all over me. Then 3 other guys came over and cam all over me. I woke up the next morning very wet and sweating. That was my first wet dream. I got up off the wet sheets and went into the bathroom to wash off.

But even now I wanted sex. I got into the shower and started to jerk off. I put one of my legs up and started to finger myself while I did so. In about 5 minutes or so I came and whipped the cum all over my ass whole so my finger would slip in more faster. The feeling wasn't there though so I took out and washed then I went out of the bathroom and took the sheets off my bed and washed them myself because I didn't want my mom to see them and definitely didn't want my step dad to see them.

When I got back into my room it was around 8:30 Saturday morning. I had nothing else to do so I just laid there to anticipate what would happen today. But thats for the next story.