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A curly oriental pussy offering japanese hardcore
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MY LITTLE HITCHHIKER Part 1 I was slowly driving in the center of town — the traffic was always dense at this time of the day. All of a sudden my passenger door was opened, all the news reports of car jacking came into my mind as a bullet in the shape of a young girl entered the car and crouched down, closing the door behind her.

"Don't stop!" She hissed at me. "Look I'm the one driving, and I can't go any faster." I retorted wondering why I did not demand that she get out of my car? Looking in my mirror I could see a couple of men running through the line of slow moving cars, they were obviously looking for the girl. I could have opened my window and called out to them. . I could have. But I didn't, instead I reached behind me and pulled my coat from the back seat and covered the crouching form with it, I also locked the doors I didn't want anyone else to come in.

Just before the two men caught up with us the light, or whatever the hold-up was cleared and I started to move with the flow, picking up speed — leaving the two behind. I watched them in my mirror gesticulating with their hands and blaming each other for the loss of their target.

I drove further away from them seeing their forms grow smaller and then they were lost in the distance. "You can come out now." I said. "No! I can't be seen by anyone." She said panicking and pulling the coat in around her. "So where can I drop you?" I asked her. "Are you going near Rushmore Street?" She asked me.

Now I've lived here for some time and I'd never heard of the road, "Where?" I asked her "You know! Just off 112th Street." She said as if stating an obvious fact. "No such place darling." I said in my friendliest fashion. The coat moved and an eye looked at me. "You don't know where 112th Street is. But there's a Mall they're everyone knows it!" She said and this time there was a twang in her voice. "Where are you from?" I asked her. She mumbled something, so I took a chance and said, "Never heard of it, where about in England is it?" This time the coat moved.

"What do you mean England? It is not in England its in America. Why are you driving on the wrong side of the road?" She added as she looked around. Yes she was not from around here I decided. "Because that's the way we drive around here, left is right. . or its right to drive on the left either way that's the law." I said. "No this is wrong I couldn't have been out that long could I?" She looked at me as if I had the answers.

"Look love all I know is that you suddenly get into my car and told me to drive, look I'm nearly home, do you want to come with me or should I take you to a police station?" However, at the word police she seemed to shrink into herself. "No. . not the police, they'd only send me back to him!" She said in a frightened tone.

"Why would they do that, if you've been kidnapped and taken to a foreign country. . ." I started to say. "But he's my dad, he and mum separated and she's the one I should be living with." She interrupted me.

So she would be taken away by her father and brought to England, but she obviously wanted to say with her mother. . what could I do? I had been in this situation myself.

In the end I drove home and parked my car in the garage, which luckily for me had an entrance to the house so that I could close the garage door and enter my kitchen without my nosy neighbors seeing me okay I'm exaggerating that, most of the neighbors keep to themselves, but you never know who's watching from behind their lace curtains.

I held the back door open and the girl ran from my car to the safety of the kitchen. I drew the blinds so that she would feel safe.

I pulled two chairs over and sat down in it, she also sat down, but on my lap! "Should you be sitting here like this?" I asked her. "But I like you!" She said simply and started to hug me. Now I was concerned. . I mean I am. . over thirty, and single and here was this young girl, I could judge her age as between eleven and twelve. "I don't mean that. . you don't even know me, I could be a nasty person." I tried to scowl at her but only made her laugh instead.

"Oh you're not a bad man, I can tell. I'm Tania by the way." She said and held out her right hand to me. How was it we were only introducing ourselves at this late stage. "How do you do Tania, I'm John." I said as I shook her hand, "Now Tania what are we going to do?" I asked her. She bit her lip and looked up at me, "Do you mind if I use your telephone?" She said, "I've got a number I can call." I smiled at her and lifted her off from my lap and placed her on the floor, she took my hand as I led her over to my, only, phone.

She picked up the handset and looked at it in wonder, "You're still using one like this?" She asked me. I shrugged my shoulders, "Hey it works. You should never mess with perfection." I said smiling at her. "Shish haven't you heard of cordless." She then started to dial a number.

Her brow wrinkling as she listened to the bleeping tone. "What does that mean?" She asked me passing the handset over. "The number is not available." I told her, where were you dialing." I asked her "Home!" was the simple reply.

"So you need to dial the international code and then the number." I said smiling. Then I spent some time looking for the telephone directory. . I did not know the code either! Finally, I managed to get the number (+1) would you believe! I started the number off and left Tania to carry on with her dialing, her smile told me that she had been connected.

"Hello, 60! Tania Williams. . yes I'm fine. . can you let mummy know. . His name's John. . no I don't. . he's with me now. . okay!" She handed the phone to me, "Can you talk to them." "Hello, can I help you?" It was a stupid thing to say but I did not know how else to begin. "Mr. John Archer?" The female voice asked me, I agreed that was who I was, "Is Tania in any serious danger?" She asked. "I don't understand. . how do you mean serious danger. I don't think her father knows where she is at the moment." I was really puzzled by this.

"I mean are you going to be a danger to Tania?" the woman persisted. "How dare you ask such a question!"? I said outraged, "Just who do you think you're talking to?" "From the records I have here, you are John Archer, 38, you've been questioned by your police for loitering near schools and talking to some of the children there, released without charge." They did have the right person but not the reason why I had been arrested.

"Nothing about how my former wife had taken my daughter from me — moved to some god forsaken part of the country and then married some pervert who was also a magistrate and managed to list me as a molester?" I said aggrieved. "The social service report did report some abuse but nothing was followed up about it!" The woman said.

"Because the son-of-a-bitch told me that if I gave up my daughter then he'd stop the actions! I had no choice!" The memories of the time came back to me, my lost daughter Wendy thanks to that bitch. "Very well Mr. Archer, Tania has reported to us and we are starting retrieval actions for her, but it will take a day before we can get a team to you.

I'll ask you again, will Tania be safe with you." I looked at the young girl standing in front of me … her face was watching mine, could I hurt this child? Hell, I could not even think about it. The woman in the earpiece was waiting for my answer.

"Hold on a moment." I said to her. "Tania, it's up to you. . do you want to stay here until these people come for you? Or do you want to go elsewhere?" I asked her. She did not hesitate, "I want to stay here!" She said with conviction, "You're not meaning like daddy is.

I like you!" "She'll be safe with me!" I told the woman "Very well, let me talk to Tania again please." She asked me I handed the phone back to my young charge and went back to my kitchen. I opened a drawer and removed a picture, the smiling face of my daughter Wendy, aged 4, wearing a yellow dress and being held by 'the bitch from hell' as I've come to think of her, even in the picture her eyes were cold and unforgiving.

All because I had a fling with a girl in a pub. . Wendy would be. . yes she would be the about eleven, the same age as Tania. I looked at the picture again, there seemed to be something wrong with it, it was blurred. . I realized that it was my eyes that were blurring not the photograph. I went to pick up the bottle that I had in the cupboard.

. it was one way to numb the pain. I have even started to pour out a glass when I heard the phone 'ping' as it was hung up. I looked at the glass and then tipped it into the sink. I had a guest to look after; I could not be drunk with her in the house. Tania entered the kitchen and sniffed the air she looked in the sink at the liquid that had not yet gone down the drain.

She sat on my lap again and then pulled my head down. She sniffed at my breath, smiling at the lack of alcohol there and then kissed me.

. it wasn't the kiss of a child but of a woman(?) She then looked at me directly in the eyes. "I'm glad you said yes. You're a good man, I know that!" She said and then she noticed the picture in my hand, "Is that your daughter? She looks very lovely." She looked back at me. "While I'm here will you be my daddy?" I am sorry to say that I broke down and started to cry. Part 2 "Don't cry Daddy John." I realized that Tania was back in my lap and had her arms around my neck and was hugging me.

I wiped the tears from my face and tried to smile at her. "I'm sorry Tania, it's just that I miss my daughter so much." I managed to say after I had pulled myself together. She rested her head down on my chest, "I know daddy John, I miss mummy so much." She said. We sat in silence for a few minutes when I heard a noise from her stomach, she giggled. "Sorry!" she said.

"When did you last eat anything?" I asked her, but she just shook her head. "Okay then I'll start cooking something and I think you'd better wash yourself. I gave her directions to my bathroom, (upstairs, third door on the left), and looked in the fridge for food. Found some rashers of bacon, sausages and eggs. Therefore, I started to fry the mess in my only frying pan. A scream from upstairs made me drop the pan and start running up to where Tania was running from the bathroom, she was completely soaked in water.

"What happened?" I asked her. I turned on the faucet and it sprayed me with cold water!" She said sobbing. I held onto her, I did not really understand what she meant so I gently took her back to the bathroom and asked her to show me; she pointed to the cold tap and went to turn it on.

I stopped her. "Okay I see now, look you'd better take those clothes off and I'll get them dry." She nodded and started to unzip her skirt, dropping it to the floor before I could stop her. "Err, Tania, don't you think I'd better leave while you're doing that?" I asked her. "But you're my daddy at the moment, so there's nothing wrong!" She said and started to undo her blouse, shrugging it off revealing a vest beneath it, also wet.

I could not understand how she could have got so damp. . then I saw the shower was dripping away. Then I notice the wet shoe prints leading from the shower to the door. I did not say anything at that time, she wanted something from me. . I did not know what, but it was important for her, or so it seemed. Therefore, I kept quiet. At this time, she was down to her panties and socks, the shoes already being removed and put to one side.

She watched me as she put her thumbs on ether side of her panties and bent down to remove them. Awkwardly lifting one leg up before doing the same with the other to remove the damp garment from her. Then she sat down on the toilet to remove her socks. I will not say the view was entrancing, I did not even look honest I just picked up the discarded clothing and took the pair of socks from her. I then handed her a towel to wrap around her body and then carried the clothing downstairs to the kitchen where my washing machine and tumble dryer were.

I followed the wash codes and put the skirt, blouse and panties into the washing machine selected quick wash and started it off; I did not wash the socks as I thought they would stain the other clothes. I have learnt one thing about washing clothes! I returned my attention to the food, the eggs were starting to overcook and the sausages had split from their skins, but it was not too disastrous.

I managed to pull the eggs out and placed them under the hotplate to keep warm while I cooked another two, they would be for Tania I promised myself. The rashers I was cooking under the grill and they were sizzling away merrily.

The kitchen door opened to reveal Tania, with the towel tied around her waist, a smile on her face, as she smelt the food cooking. She looked around for something, "What are you after Tania?" I asked her. "Where do you keep the plates and cutlery?" she asked me. I pointed out the cupboard and drawer and she went to them and picked out two plates and two sets of knives and forks.

Taking them to the table and placing them there. I finished cooking her eggs and checked the rashers were ready to eat, and then taking the plates from the table, I dished up the meal, placing the food back onto the table. "Can I have some milk please?" Tania asked. I took out the plastic 2-pint container and grabbed a glass, poured the contents of one into the other; I was going to need some more milk soon along with more food! Tania quickly cleared her plate and was reaching for the glass when she tipped it over, spilling the milk over the table.

"Oh no!" She exclaimed and started to pull her towel off to start mopping up the milk. I quickly got some kitchen paper and was using that to surround and herd the liquid as it absorbed the milk. I looked at Tania closely. "I think you're being clumsy on purpose young lady!" I said questioningly. She looked up at me a faint smile on her face, "Why do you say that daddy John?" She asked me.

I looked at her standing there naked in front of me, this time I took the whole of her body in my glance, her face with a mass of small freckles surrounded by light brown hair, a slender neck leading to her chest with the small breast-buds pointing towards me.

I gazed down to her hips noting the hairless slit between her legs. "Let's see. . you use the shower to soak yourself, so that you'd have to get naked. Now you have tipped over the milk, just so you can use the towel to wipe up the mess, which means you are naked again. So, young lady, just what are you trying to do to me?" I said.

"Daddy John! That's a horrid thing to say!" Tania said. . but she did not say I was wrong! "Yes it is, isn't it? But that is what happened wasn't it?" I persisted She hung her head and nodded. . then she raised her head slightly so that she could watch me slyly. "So what should I do with you?" I asked her. "Well. . mummy would spank me if I was too naughty.

. that was after she'd tied me up of course." She said quietly. "Your mother would tie you up? But why?" I was surprised at her words. "Oh I liked it, it was a game we'd play, mummy would tie me up and if I could get free then she wouldn't spank me, if I couldn't then she'd tell me I wasn't trying and I'd get more spanks." She was looking at me now and her eyes were sparkling.

I had an idea, "You liked being spanked didn't you?" I asked her she nodded, "And sometimes you would stay tied up just to be spanked, and other things?" I asked her.

She smiled dreamily, "Yes, mummy would spank me and then rub me, I liked being rubbed." She said. I reached out to her and pulled to me. "Why do you want me to spank you?" I asked her. "Because I was naughty, and I like you! Mummy said that I should trust my feelings and myself. You are not like daddy, he did not understand what I liked, but you do. And you miss your daughter so much!

If she was naughty what would you do to her?" Tania was watching my face as she said this last. Yes, what would I have done if Wendy had been naughty? I smiled slightly as I pulled Tania over my lap and gave her three smacks with my hand, not hard ones, but enough to let her know she had been hit.

Then, I could not help it, I rubbed her smooth skin, feeling the softness of her body, and she squirmed beneath my hand and said, "No, not there!" I suddenly stopped scared that I was frightening her but then she said, "turn me over and then rub me!" "Do you know what you're asking me to do?" I said, slightly scared whether at the fact that she did or that I wanted to, I do not know.

"Please daddy John, I want to feel you!" She said, while trying to turn her body. I relented and allowed her to adjust herself so that I was now resting my hand on her tummy.

"Please daddy John." She said sweetly, I moved my hand up and touched her breasts; rubbing them and feeling them start to harden under my touch. Realization struck me and I pulled my hand away as if it had been burnt. "I'm sorry Tania, I shouldn't have done that." I put her on her feet in front of me. "It's wrong of me to do that." "But daddy John! I wanted you to touch me. It wasn't wrong." She protested.

I held her lightly; "It's illegal, and its child abuse, even when you ask me to do it." I told her. She cocked her head, "Well that's daft! It's not like that at home, at least there we know we're loved and safe!" "Even when you're being punished?" I must admit this was interesting me.

"Of course! How else can we know that we're loved!" She said in a matter of fact tone. "Do you enjoy being tied up?" I asked her "Oh yes, mummy would tie me up and then rub me until I felt really good" She folded her arms behind her and looked at me coyly again, "Would you do that for me daddy John?" She asked me. I was in a quandary, part of me wanted to do it, but then another more rational part was saying 'don't do it!' However, I was looking into Tania's eyes and could see the pleading that was in them.

"Stay here!" I said firmly and went into the garage. . I knew I had some. . somewhere. . found it! A long coil of washing line, not the plastic zed stuff, so it was really about 200 ft of rope. I returned to Tania and showed her the rope, she checked it over and pronounced it as okay to use. She then instructed me in cutting the rope into lengths which left a very long piece left over. The noise of the washing spinning made me wait so that I could move her damp clothes into the tumble dryer to dry off.

"Where would you like to be tied?" I asked her. "How about your bedroom?" Tania said smiling at me, happy that she had won. I took her hand and we walked upstairs. I opened my bedroom door. "Shish! It's a trash heap in here!" She said wrinkling up her nose.

"Well. . I live alone, so there's no need for me to waste time cleaning up after myself. I take it that madam doesn't agree with her choice," Tania shook her head, "Well there's always room number two!" I said in my best game show host voice.

Now I had not been in this room for years. To be honest I did not want to enter it now, but somehow with Tania I had the courage to enter Wendy's room. It was dusty, and there were cobwebs, not as bad as I'd expected, the bedclothes, however, were another matter, six years of. . well no use I suppose, meant that as I moved the bedspread it ripped in my hands.

"Whose room is this?" Tania asked, taking in the dolls sitting on the dressing table and the overall pinkness of the room. "Wendy's, I've never been in here since she was taken from me by her mother." I said sadly. "You loved her didn't you?

Did she want to leave you?" Tania asked me. . I could still see the tearful face of Wendy as my wife dragged her away to the car, hear her voice as she screamed to stay with her daddy, and the voice of that bitch of a woman saying 'come on you brat, let's leave the worthless thing behind!' I was brought back to the present by the touch of Tania's hand on mine, "Don't be sad daddy John!" She said to me as if sensing my mood.

I smiled at her sadly, "It's alright Wendy, Tania" I quickly corrected myself, "It was just a memory" She hugged my waist, but did not say anything more.

We spent a few minutes removing the cobwebs and the ruined sheet from the bed. "Leave the mattress, it'll be better like that!" She said as she placed herself face down on the mattress with her hand folded behind her. I took some of the rope and lashed her wrists together, somehow she managed to bring her elbows close to each other and said, "Them too!" "I should have gagged you first!" I said as I quickly followed her lead, hearing her squeal in pain I stopped and looked at her face.

She smiled, "Gotcha!" She said and kicked her feet. "Why you. . ." I said in my best Homer Simpson impression as I crossed her ankles and then tied them up. I then reached her knees, which I tickled unmercifully just to hear her laugh, and then I tied her legs closed. Taking a longer piece of rope I which I tied to the piece holding her ankles and then wrapped it around the one attached to her wrists, making a hogtie of it. Finally, I took the longest piece of rope and wrapped it around her chest, brought an end down between her legs and then behind her back and tied it tight, so that any movement she made would pull the rope tight along her body.

I did remember a television programme about erotic knot tying, making a brassier from rope, but to be honest there was not that much to surround on Tania. I had just finished tying it off when there was a ring on the front door bell; I looked out of the window to the ground below. I could see the top of a white car with large black numbers on it along with a blue light. I turned to Tania. "It's the police!" I said. Part 3 I started to panic, what could I do?

Here I was in my daughter's bedroom with a naked, bound 10-year-old girl on the bed! What could I do? I glanced around in fear.

"Lift me up!" Said Tania, I looked at her in shock; she nodded her head at the door where there was a hook. I could see what she was aiming at, and quickly wrapped more of the rope around her body and then lifted her up to the door so that she hung from the hook. I then covered her with the remnants of the bedspread, checked that she was okay and left the room to go downstairs. A thought struck me and I quickly went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet, then I went downstairs and opened the front door.

"You John Archer?" The officer asked me severely, I agreed that I was, "You took your time answering the door!" He stated. "It's not my fault you rang while I was sitting on the loo, was it?" I countered, "Anyway I'm here now, so what can I do for you?" "Can we come in, I'm sure you don't want us standing out here in front of your neighbors do you?" The second officer asked — he had obviously had the good cop role.

"Well. . I suppose so, but what's this all about?" I said as I stood away from the door to allow them in, "Where were you at 17:45 today?" The nice one asked. "Driving home of course, do you have any idea what the traffic is like at that time?" I said with a straight face. "Did you happen to notice a young girl running through the traffic at that time?" He asked me. "No, to tell you the truth I was more concerned about not hitting the car in front to worry about other things!" this was true and when I noticed that Tania was there it was too late, she was already in my car and not running outside.

"Listen we had a report of a girl getting into a car, we searched out files for creeps who'd take advantage of kids and your name came up!" The first officer said. I went to a cupboard and took out a tape recorder, put a new tape into in and started it recording. "Would you care to repeat your last statement officer. . your number is 355 isn't it." "Can I ask you why you've brought out that recorder sir?" The second officer asked me. "Well if I'm going to face verbal abuse from a police officer I'd prefer it on tape so that my solicitor can take the correct legal action.

I do understand that my name is erroneously on your database thanks to my divorced wife's husband's accusations and as such should any child go missing I'm one of the first people you will check on. However I am taking legal steps to clear this up, but I will be dammed if I am going to allow cheap cracks at my expense.

Now what questions do you have to ask me officers." "I'm sure my colleague didn't mean anything by his remark sir, it's just that a girl has been reported missing and following normal routine we have to check that you haven't seen her, I'm sure you understand sir." The second cop was doing his best to sound nice for the tape. "No officer I haven't, but I'm sure you don't want to take my word for that." I said sounding tired. "Well if we could just have a look around?" He asked me smiling as if he was a good old buddy of mine he wasn't!

"I'm not sure, I'm certain that my solicitor would insist on receipt of a search warrant first," I said before being cut off by the first officer again, "Why? You haven't anything to hide have you.

. Sir?" he asked "Of course not, we'll got together shall we officers, I wouldn't want to be able to say that evidence was planted against me." I said with a bland face, "Where do you want to search first the garage, or the kitchen?" "Do you mind if we check upstairs first sir?" The second officer asked me.

"If you have to officers, this way." I took them up the stairs and then to my bedroom. "If she's in here I'm not sure where she'll be." I said as they took in the mess of my room. The officers took turns looking in the door way at the room, the second one shook his head, "I thought my daughter's room was bad enough, at least you can see the floor there!" "Don't you want to search it then?" I asked them but they shook their heads.

I took my heart into my hands as I opened the door to my daughter's room, the officers looked inside at the dressing table with its dolls and the denuded bed and mattress. "That was my daughter's bedroom until my wife decided I wasn't earning enough money and went to live with some magistrate, he decided that I couldn't see my daughter and so made up a cock-and-bull story that I was molesting her.

That is why my solicitor is fighting the case. The officers decided that I was not hiding anyone in the room and then checked the bathroom and the airing cupboard. Then the first one decided to check the attic. "Fine, I'll just get the ladder from the garage, I'll have to bring it through the front door as it won't fit around the corners from the kitchen to here." I said and started to walk downstairs.

"Err, that's okay sir, there's too much paint around the door anyway, if it had been opened recently there would be a mark there." The second one said, we all walked downstairs to the living room. "Are you sure you don't want to check out the kitchen, I've still got my breakfast and supper plates in there yet to be washed." I said to them the first one shuddered.

"No thanks, if it's anything like your bedroom. . ." and then silenced him self as he realized the tape was still recording. "No, that's fine sir, I'm sorry we disturbed you, but we have to go through these procedures, I'm sure you understand." The second one said. "I hope you find her, I know what it's like to have your child taken away, and who did she run away from." I asked as a concerned member of the public. "Her dad, he reported her missing from his hotel room." The second officer said.

"Hotel room, why weren't they at home, I mean this isn't the place to have a holiday? Maybe she is missing her mother, although if it was anything like my old missus I wouldn't stay with her. Then she has legal custody. I take it her father still lives with her mother?" I asked them sounding morose "I don't know sir, but it's something I'm sure they're looking into." They left the house and entered their car; the second officer looked thoughtfully at me and then spoke into his radio, the car pulled away.

I watched them as they drove away, then I causally re-entered my house and made a show of sitting down in my living room, after turning off the tape recorder, switching on the television and sitting down to watch it.

I do not know what was on, some inane soap opera I think, but I sat there for at least half an hour. Then I went into the kitchen and put the plates into the sink, checked the tumble dryer to make sure the clothes were dry and took them out, I would have ironed them.

. but I'd probably burn holes in them if I tried. Hey, I wear easy care clothes, means I do not have to try to iron them! I was glad that the two officers didn't look in the kitchen, they would have asked some awkward questions, like why did I have girl's clothes in my tumble dryer and why were the two plates still warm if one was from breakfast, but normally if you try to drag people's attention to something it's normally the last place they'd look, as the magicians say, 'miss-direction is the key.' I returned upstairs to release Tania from her position, she was smiling dreamily away as she hung from the door hook, I could see her squirming in her bonds.

When I touched her, she opened up her eyes in shock and then relaxed. "Oh it's you daddy John, I was scared that the copper's had taken you away." She said as I lifted her off the hook.

"What would you have done if they had?" I asked her. "Oh just hung around until my folks came for me, it would only be a few more hours!" She said. "But they said that they couldn't get her for a couple of days!" I exclaimed in surprise, "How are they going to get here so soon?" "I asked them to stay away and find daddy, he's not going to leave the town until he's found me, and so they've got days to search for him. They already know where I am!" She said sweetly.

I almost dropped her, "So you could have been rescued and away from her by now, why did you take the chance to stay with me?" I asked her, starting to untie the ropes. "I wasn't taking any risk at all, I knew you wouldn't hurt me, but they will be phoning soon to make sure I'm okay, so there's no problem." She said I was looking at the way the rope had been pulled into her slit; the area of skin around it was red and raw. "I'm sorry Tania, I didn't mean to leave you up there so long." I told her as I gently eased the rope out of her.

"Oh that was nothing, one night mummy kept me tied up until it was morning, she had to massage my legs to get them working, but the butterfly she'd attached to my clit had kept me awake more that the ropes did." She smiled and giggled in her memory. This really struck me as strange, I knew that some children had weird ideas about fun, but this masochistic view was not what I'd considered normal, I think Tania realized this. "She wasn't being mean to me, honest daddy John, it's just the way we've been brought up, daddy didn't understand some of it and he was away from home so much anyway.

Therefore, it was just mummy and me. One day, when I was in bed, daddy came home and he started to argue with mummy. I could hear words like 'not right' and 'abominable' and 'nasty' he called mummy a 'whore' and 'Jezebel' he told her he found someone else who would be better for him and for me.

Mum phoned the police and had him thrown out of the house and that was the last we heard from him." "But he came back for you?" I said to her softly. "It wasn't him, it was a man I didn't know before, he drove up to me when I was walking to school, he asked me if I was Tania. I did not answer him as mummy said I was not to talk to strangers. Then he stopped his car and pulled me into it. I tried to defend myself like they taught me at school, but I could only get a few kicks in before he used a needle on me.

. I don't remember much after that, I know I was on a plane, but before I could say anything that man would prick me again." She paused for a moment before she carried on. "When I woke up I was in a room, I think it was a hotel room, daddy was there with that man.

They were talking about deprogramming me or something like that. I got out of the bed and quickly ran for the door before they could stop me. I was so frightened when I got onto the sidewalk, the cars and people I just ran, until I saw your car, I opened the door and quickly got in.

I was so scared!" She finished. "YOU WERE SCARED, how do you think I felt? I'm stuck in slow moving traffic when all of a sudden my door is opened. . I was expecting some burly, thick necked guy with a knife or gun, trying to rob me or even kill me! You very nearly gave me a heart attack, young lady." I said but found she was just smiling at me, "What's so funny." I asked her.

"Nothing, I'm just enjoying what you're doing to me." She looked down to where my hand was gently rubbing her skin at the join of her thighs. She moved her body to allow me more access to her. I pulled my hand away from her as if she had burnt me.

"No please, don't stop." She said, although I heard it as 'No. Please. Do not. Stop!' "I'm sorry Tania. It's wrong of me to do that." However, a part of me was screaming in my ear to continue! * * * I removed all the pieces of rope from the girl and looked at the marks that had been produced by the tightness of the bonds.

I was surprised that she was not aching more than she admitted to. I went into the bathroom and started to run a bath for her, I did not have any of the kid's type of bubble bath, but I had some Radox, which I poured into the flow of the hot tap.

I returned to the bedroom, to find that Tania was no longer in it. Where could she have gone? A noise from my bedroom told me the answer; I found her picking up items of clothing and placing them in piles on the floor. "You know daddy John, you really need someone to look after you!" She said. "They wouldn't put up with me.

I'm a boring old sod." I said. She paused and smiled at me, "You're not old. . but I don't know about the sod part." She added.

"Right young lady, for that. . ." I chased after her, falling over a couple of piles of clothing as I did so, before catching her and throwing her over my shoulder, she was giggling as I walked into the bathroom and then, almost, throwing her into the warm bath. I turned to leave the room but she called out to me. "Daddy John, can you wash me?

Pleeaaassee." She said. I turned around and found myself looking into those eyes again, I don't know what it was about them, but I found myself walking back to the bath and picking up the soap, she held her hair away from her back as I rubbed the soap into her skin, bringing up a lather that covered her, I then rinsed the suds off with a flannel, she then turned around so that her front was within easy reach, my hand was shaking as I performed the same duty, making her giggle as I ran circles around her stomach, and gasp slightly when I touched her forming breasts, she leant back with her eyes closed and smiled at my touch, the flannel touching her skin made her frown slightly.

"With your hand please." She whispered to me. I found some shampoo and, after wetting her hair with the shower spray (warm this time and close to her head), I liberally covered her head with the shampoo, massaging it into her scalp and along the length of her hair. She kept her eyes tightly closed during this time and allowed me to pass a soapy flannel over her face to ensure it was clean.

I used the shower spray to rinse out her hair, making sure all the shampoo was washed out. Then she stood up, I almost lifted her out of the bath but she protested. "You've got to do my legs as well you know!" Therefore, I got out the soap again and started on her legs, from mid thigh to the level of the water. "No, no, daddy John, all of my legs and above!" She told me. I sighed, and began the arduous task of soaping up the flannel and was about to apply to her body again when she said, "With your hand please, daddy John." So I transferred the soap to my hands and built up a lather with them before I touched her skin, one hand in front of her and the other behind her, she sighed again as I passed over her small slit and clit.

She moved her hips to ensure full contact; I smacked her sharply on her ass with my hand spraying lather all over me as I did so. "You're being very naughty making me do this to you!" I told her in a low voice, the fact was I was the one being naughty in taking advantage of this young girl. I felt her hand on my shoulder, as if seeking support. "That's nice daddy John, I always wanted my daddy to do that to me, but he wouldn't." Now she was the one sounded sad.

I pulled her close to me, resting my head on her stomach. "Don't cry Tania. Remember he did not really understand how you felt. He was conditioned just as I am." "But you're not like him. He would not wash me like this!

He would not even come into my bedroom! Why didn't he love me?" She asked me as I rinsed off her body and legs, lifting her up out of the bath and surrounding her with a towel. I gently rubbed her dry as I thought of an answer. "It's difficult to say Tania, in his way he did love you, to him he was rescuing you from what he sees as an awful life. . ." Tania tried to protest but I carried on speaking, "He was seeing you as he wanted to.

You are his daughter being made into someone else!" "But that's stupid! I'm me, I've always been me!" She protested as I was rubbing her dry. "Well yes and no! As you grow you gradually change, you gain more knowledge and mannerisms, he could not face up to this, and he most probably wants to keep you as if you were six again, but you cannot do that!

You have to change. You will always change until you are comfortable with how you are." I finished drying herself off while I took clean sheets and a bedspread into Wendy's room. However, I still had a problem, what could she wear for the night? I did not think that a blouse and skirt would be the right attire. I looked into my bedroom, it was a bit tidier than I had known it, I found a large tee shirt in a drawer, I returned to the bathroom where Tania was still drying her hair.

"Here you are, they're one of my favorites," I said holding up the garment, she inspected it closely "Who's ELO?" She asked.

"Oh fame, you are so fickle!" I said as I gather Tania's hair into a bun so that her head would go through the open neck of the tee shirt. From below, I heard the phone start to ring. Part 4 "That will be for me." Tania said. "It might be, but it could be the police trying to catch me out!" I said as I carried her down stairs. I picked up the handset in the Kitchen. "Can I speak to Tania please?" It was a woman's voice, one that I had never heard before.

"I'm sorry, Tania who? I'm afraid there's no-one here except for me." I said cautiously, and I held the phone so that Tania could hear. "Mr. Archer! I know my daughter is there! Tell me is she still being an exhibitionist?" The woman asked. "Mummy!" Tania exclaimed, blushing slightly. With the identity of the woman caller confirmed by Tania I left the young girl talking on the phone with her mother while I went upstairs to make my bed.

I glanced outside the window to see two women getting into a car and driving away, I did not really take any notice of them. I drew the curtains and then went into Wendy's room. I did not even think about what I was doing.

I continued to clean up the room, it could really do with a hovering, but that could be done tomorrow. I sat down on the bed, Wendy really did love this room, she would pick out a dolly to sleep with her during the night. . I would carry her upstairs to the bedroom and make out that I was going to drop her onto the bed.

She was going through a phase of making me check the wardrobe and under the bed for monsters. . I do not know where she got the idea from.

I would read to her from a book. . what was the title now? My eyes fell on the bedside table; there it was still 'The folk of the faraway tree'. I picked it up and started turning the pages, glancing through the stories and lost in my thoughts.

". . Daddy john." I looked up to see Tania watching me, "Mummy says she wants to talk to you daddy john." She repeated. I got up from the bed, somehow the pages of the book in my hand were damp, must have been something in the room I suppose. I held out my hand to Tania and she pulled me down the stairs to the phone, I picked up the handset. "Hello?" I said. "Thank you for looking after my little girl." Tania's mother said, "I'm glad she's found a good man like you to help her!" "I am sorry Mrs.

. err," I realized I did not know her surname. "I'm Janet." She said, which cracked me up. "What's so funny?" She asked me. "Hello Janet, my name is John." Which made her none the wiser, "There's a series of pre-school books called the Janet and John stories, I guess I'm in a childish mood at the moment." "Yes, Tania does have that effect on people." Janet said.

"Now John, I know she can be a bit forward for her age, but she is a good girl really." "Except when she's clumsy." I said and at the enquiring tone at the other end went on to explain about the wet clothes and the spilt milk. "Oh I wouldn't worry about that, she's just playing with you I understand you tied her up earlier." Janet said calmly. I was having visions of policemen hammering down my front door and dragging me away to some dark pit when she finished, "Well. . err. . you.

. I mean. . ." I stammered but was surprised when Janet then said. "Good for you! She's wanted her father to control her properly for years, you know you'll going to have to tie her up tonight, or I won't be responsible for her actions." Janet said ominously.

"Janet I'd better tell you that I'm not comfortable with this, from what Tania said I'm just a little more relaxed than her father was. And if people find out how I've treated her. . ." "John, I give you full permission to tie her up and to punish her. She has brought up to realize that if people do the wrong things they will be punished. She wants you to be strong and to punish her without feeling guilty yourself. She's already told me how you've looked after her, and you're the first man to have given her a bath in over 6 years." She paused, "Look I'll be there tomorrow, no it will be your Sunday, just keep her safe until then.

I understand that arrangements have been made so that you do not have to worry about groceries and the like, so take it easy and I will see you face to face.

Kiss Tania goodnight for me won't you." And with that Janet hung up I was slightly in a daze as I hung up the phone and looked at Tania who was gazing up at me with a smile on her face. "Well?" She asked. "Your mother will be here the day after tomorrow and you're to stay with me until then." She stared to jump up and down in pleasure, "HOWEVER! You are to behave yourself, no more soaking you clothes just to get naked, and no spilling of milk. Okay?" she smiled sweetly at me.

"Okay daddy John." Then she yawned I looked at my watch, nearly ten o'clock, where had the time gone to? "Bedtime I think young lady." I said to her, she held up her hands to me.

"Carry me daddy." She said, I reached down to her and lifted her up in my arms, holding onto her as I walked upstairs to Wendy's room and lowered her onto the bed. "Tell me a story daddy John." She asked me. I picked up the book and began to read from the first chapter, after a few minutes she closed her eyes and fell asleep. * * * I went downstairs to the living room and turned on the television, switching to the news always depressing.

The local news was a surprise. 'Two men have been arrested charged with the kidnapping of an American girl — one man is believed to be the girl's father. The local constabulary reports that they had been contacted by the FBI regarding a ward of court order that had been placed on the unnamed girl.

The men gave themselves up voluntarily." I noticed that the report failed to mention that Tania herself was missing. I shook my head at the news report and did not really hear the rest of the news. So Tania didn't have to worry about being caught by her father for the time being. I found that the events of the day were catching up with me and so I went to bed, switching off the television as I did.

I looked in at Tania sleeping peacefully in the bed. I tiptoed to the bathroom and did the necessary ablutions, wincing as I flushed the toilet, hoping the noise did not wake my 'guest'. I undressed and fell into bed, I do not even remember trying to sleep something that I have had to do since I lost my family (no since I lost Wendy, the wife was no loss at all!). I faintly remember a noise during the night and a feeling of warmth behind me, but it did not wake me.

What did awake me was not the noise of the dawn chorus, people starting cars or lawnmowers. However, the touch of lips on my ears, and the feeling of flesh on my arms. I opened my eyes to find Tania was on top of me.


"Good morning daddy John." She said as I rolled over, she draped her body over my chest as if to try to hold me onto the bed, it was then I noticed that the tee shirt was missing. "What happened to the tee-shirt?" I asked her She shrugged, "I prefer Nickel back, at least I've heard of them!" she said. "I'm sorry. Is that some kind of change machine?" I asked her.

She raised herself up and put her arms on her hips. "They're a pop-group!" She exclaimed. Nevertheless, I was conscious of the fact that she was now straddling my body and displaying to me all of hers. I shook my head. "Yes they are!" She insisted misinterpreting my actions. "I believe you, but why are you in my bedroom like that?" I asked her. "I couldn't sleep last night, and so I crept in here, I did ask you if you minded, but you didn't answer me." She giggled, "Your ass looks funny you know." "Not as funny as yours is going to be in a moment." I said menacingly.

She gave a small scream and jumped up, but I managed to move my legs to catch her. I pulled her arms and held onto her as I turned myself around to sit on the edge of my bed, I positioned her over my lap and started to spank her. Instead of hearing her cry in pain she started to laugh, "What's so funny?" I asked her, "You're supposed to be crying!" "It's your. . your. . thingy, it's poking into me. Now I was embarrassed. "I'm sorry Tania, I didn't mean to.

. ." I started to say but she laughed. "It's okay, mummy said that men can't help what their thingies do!" and she ignored it, which was more than I could do. I pushed her back so that she was standing on the floor.

"You know Tania; you're making this very hard for me. . ." It was completely the wrong thing to say as Tania started to laugh aloud. "That wasn't what I meant" I said and went to the bathroom. I was sitting on the toilet, doing what everyone does on there, when there was a knock on the door.

"Daddy John. . you're not. . angry with me are you?" Tania asked, her voice was so sad and tearful. "No Tania, I'm not angry with you, it's me that's the problem. I'm embarrassed and didn't want you to see me like that." I said, realizing that I was telling her the truth. "But mummy says it's normal for a man's. . ." She started to explain. "Yes, yes it is. But I shouldn't let a young girl like you see me like that, it's not right." I tried to explain.

"But you've seen me. . it isn't fair." Tania said. "No Tania, life isn't always fair." I said as I flushed the toilet. I opened the door, finding out I hadn't locked it when you live alone you don't think about such things Tania could have opened the door at any time!

I went to the sink and quickly washed my hands before I opened the door. Tania was leaning on the doorpost swinging on one foot her head down. I crouched down in front of her and held her hands. "I'm sorry Tania; I'm not used to having pretty young girls standing naked in front of me.

I get flustered and confused. I find my self all tide tongued and mix my worms up completely." She giggled at that then she hugged me, very disconcerting to be hugged by a naked girl, even one as young as Tania, you never know where to put your own hands, I settled for wrapping them around her back and hugging her as well. "Now young lady, I think you'd better use the toilet and wash your hands. I have got you clothes from yesterday in your bedroom; I suggest you put them on.

Then I'll cook you breakfast." I told her she smiled at me and nodded. I went to my bedroom and dressed. * * * When I got downstairs and checked the larder I found I was in trouble, no eggs! No rashers of bacon. I had cereal but not milk Tania had taken the last of it yesterday!

I was thinking about going to the corner shop to buy something, but that would leave Tania in the house alone, and she would not know where I had gone! There was a knock on the back door! However, the garage was locked and closed, I did that yesterday! I opened the door to find myself looking at a woman. She handed me a large box. Then she looked around the kitchen. "You live here all alone?" She said. When I numbly nodded, she shook her head. "No wonder you don't have much to eat!

Now take this, both of you will need it and it should keep you until Monday!" She shook her head again and then left! It was done so fast I did not even have time to ask, "Who the hell are you!" I carried the box to the kitchen table and opened it.

There was a chiller container, quite large, several items of clothing, fit for a 10 year old including socks and knickers. And a Video camera with batteries and tape! I understood the clothes but why a camera? In the chiller, I found 12 eggs, a quantity of rashers and bacon, several prepared meals. Fizzy drinks in small plastic bottles. And 4 pints of milk (semi-skimmed). It was more like a care package than supplies. Then I noticed something else in the bottom of the box.

Several pieces of leather with buckles on them, handcuffs and keys! The food I put away in the fridge, and the freezer. The clothes I left on the table. The Camera and others I also left on the table, it was all very mysterious indeed.

[Part 5 ] Tania came down to the kitchen, looked at me and smiled; I cocked an eye at her naked form. "And what was wrong with your clothes?" I asked her. "They weren't ironed!" She said simply. "Oh wow! It came then." She added seeing the video camera, "Mummy said she wanted to see how you worked." "Worked?" I asked uncomprehendingly. "You know!" Tania said as she put the battery into the camera and then inserted the tape. "Smile please!" She said pointing the lens at me.

"Mummy this is daddy John, he's such a nice man." I shook my head. "I'm not. I'm a dirty old man who's trying hard not to ensure that your daughter can't sit down for a week." I tried to growl into the camera.

"Oh you wouldn't do that to me! Mummy, guess what. Daddy John does not wear anything to bed. He's just liked you." Tania said smiling away. "I woke up this morning to find her in bed with me, you're most probably already know how she was dressed! Much as she is now!" I said, "I had given her a tee-shirt to wear but she didn't like it." "Well I don't know the group!" She defended herself; "anyway he didn't iron my clothes for today." She said accusingly.

I held up the new clothing that had been supplied, "Well this is new clothes, are you going to wear these?" I asked her. "Maybe. . ." She said smiling at me. I made a grab for her and managed to snag the camera; I watched the view screen and filmed Tania in her glowing nakedness. "This is what woke me up this morning! Now I know why you suggested that I should tie her down at night." I said to the sound of Tania's giggling.

"You see she thinks it's funny. I had hoped she'd be better mannered than this!" She stood still with her fists on her hips and a determined expression on her face. "I am well behaved when I'm with strangers, but you're not! You're daddy John!" She explained logically. "You see what I have to fight against. And when she turns those eyes on me. I just seem to do what she asks. I need help and reinforcements!" I said. "Daddy John can I see what else was sent!" Tania asked.

I stood away from the items on the table. "Oh goody!" She looked at me, "Daddy John, you won't mind leaving me for a few minutes. . Oh and can I have the camera please?" She fluttered her eyes at me, which made me smile.

"Oh yes! Firmly around her little finger!" I said as I placed the camera into her hands. I left her alone and sat in the living room, I tried to watch television but on a Saturday, morning there is only children's programs on. So I put on a CD instead — Secret Messages by ELO (Tania's comments had made my choice for me) — and then I sat back to listen to it.

---- "Daddy John!" The call came from the Kitchen. I got up and walked to the door. In the kitchen, on the floor, knelt Tania, her body folded forward and her arms spread out behind her. I could see on her wrists that she wore bands of leather. "Greetings master, your slave welcomes you.

Your slave apologizes for her manners to you and offers herself for punishment." She kept her head down while she spoke these lines. I must admit the change in her was amazing.

I almost spoilt things by laughing, but realized it was not right. "You may stand slave and let me inspect you!" I said, in what I hoped was an imperialistic tone. Tania gracefully got to her feet, brought her hands down in front of her, one foot slightly extended in front of the other.

I noticed that she also had leather around her ankles as well. "Raise your head slave and bring your hands to your sides. Tania obeyed me and looked into my eyes. I could see a twinkle of anticipation in them as she fought to hide the smile her face was trying to make. I could see she was now wearing a leather collar around her neck and, to my surprise; a loincloth was around her waist.

"Good grief you're actually wearing clothes!" I found myself saying before I could stop myself. This time she did smile a small, almost secretive smile. "Of course master.

You had ordered me to!" She said. "And a good slave like you always obeys her master?" I asked her. "Of course master, do you wish to inspect your slave closely?" She said I walked nearer to her, seeing the rings on the collar and hooks on her cuffs. I also saw the flashing red light of the camera and realized that Tania had placed herself into the center of the frame.

I walked around Tania, resting my hand on her shoulder. "Now slave how do you think I should punish you?" I asked her. "If your slave may be permitted to move master?" She asked me seriously. I nodded and she got a straight-backed chair and carefully placed it in position.

"If my master will sit please. He can then continue what he started this morning." She said, I sat down, conscious that I was in full view of the camera. Tania draped herself over my lap. I lifted up the flap of the loincloth to be 'faced' with the sight of her bare ass. "Where's your underwear slave?" I asked her, bringing my hand down — hard — onto her skin.

The force surprised her — and me — and she moved her hands to cover the afflicted area. "What are you doing slave?" I asked her mildly. "I'm sorry master, it's just that I wasn't prepared for that," She said, her voice catching slightly.

"But you were the one who asked to be punished. . have you changed your mind?" I asked her still in the same tone of voice. "Oh no master. Please punish me. I'll try not to move my hands again." She said moving back into position. 'Thwack!' my second strike was just as hard.

"OW. Master!" Tania cried out and her hands moved again. "TANIA, STAND UP!" I ordered her. She got to her feet and wiped her eyes. "I'm sorry daddy John. I couldn't stop myself." She said sniffling away. I smiled at her, "I know Tania, and I'm hitting you too hard. I'm sorry that I'm. . ." I started to say but she stopped me. "No daddy John, mummy said I needed to be properly punished, I shouldn't be stopping you, you shouldn't listen to me." Tania said tears running her face.

I held her hands lightly, remembering what Janet had said last night, "You want your daddy to punish you?" I asked her softly so that the camera could not catch it. "Yes daddy John, my schoolmates always say how their dads have a firm hand, and how they then hug and comfort them afterwards." Tania said in an equally soft voice. "Well then I'll have to do something then!" I said and before she could stop me, I quickly attached her wrists to the collar. "Now back into position!" I ordered her while helping her to lie across my lap.

"Ready now?" I asked her softly while raising my hand. She nodded; I brought my hand down onto her naked ass, although not as hard as I had done before. This time I did not listen to her cries. . Well I say I did not listen, I felt bad with each moment as my hand touched her flesh. After 20 strikes I could not continue.

I lowered the scrap of cloth back into position and gently lifted her back onto her feet — and then I had to hug her! "I'm sorry Tania. I didn't mean to be so hard on you," I was saying to her, and then I heard her also speaking.

"Oh daddy John, thank you, thank you." She was saying softly. I kissed her forehead. She raised her face, kissed me on my lips, and then went down on her knees again, folding herself down so that her face touched the floor.

"This slave thanks her master for punishing her." She said formally, I got up from my chair and spoke to the camera. "Janet, when you play this I want you to know that I think you've done a wonderful thing when you produced Tania, how you can ever bring yourself to punish her I don't know, I've found it hard enough. . Now if you'll pardon us we've got breakfast to eat!" I turned of the tape and put the camera to one side. "TANIA! Get up and come here!" I said to the recumbent form on the floor.

The young girl struggled to her feet and walked to me. "Put on some clothes and get the table ready for breakfast." I said and started to get out the bowls for cereal. I was pouring it out when I heard a 'Hump' from Tania. I looked at her; she still had her wrists connected to her collar. I smiled at her. "Well? Why haven't you got dressed yet?" I asked her before reaching to her and unclipping her form the bondage.

"Thank you!" Tania said and then picked up a yellow pair of knickers, she stepped into them and pulled them up, the yellow fabric disappearing under the loin cloth giving me tantalizing glimpses of yellow at her sides. I dragged my eyes away from the view and concentrated on the food. Tania pulled the chair back to the table and sat down on it, and then quickly she got up. "Own! My ass hurts!" She complained. "I wonder why?" I said smiling, which earned me a dirty look from her.

"You did ask for it didn't you." I asked her. She nodded and smiled again, "Yes daddy John." I went to the living room and took a cushion from the settee, placing it on her chair. She sat down on it and started to wriggle in an effort tot find an easy spot. "I hope you like this cereal Tania, it's the best I can do at the moment." I said to her. "That's okay daddy John, I'll eat nearly anything." She said and proved her words right by clearing the bowl within minutes.

I asked her if she wanted more but she shook her head. "No thanks daddy John. What are we going to do today?" She then asked me. This did stump me. I mean I could not take her out around town, although there was nothing about her missing in the news I was sure that if I was seen with a young girl I would end up in a cell next to her father. "Well you see Tania, I think it's safer for me if we stay here, I'm sorry if that sounds. . ." I tried to explain but Tania stopped me. "I understand daddy John, people wouldn't understand." She said.

"So. . what do you want to do?" I asked her, almost dreading her answer. "I could help you to clean up your room." She said getting up from her chair, sounding slightly like my mother when I was fourteen! "First things first, we've got he washing up to do." I said snagging hold of her arm. I washed and she dried. . or started to dry as I helped her when the washing was done. Part 6 You know it's amazing how much junk can accumulate over several years, I had letters from 5 years ago still gathering dust, and clothing.

. well let's just say I had filled a few black bags with stuff that couldn't fit me. "What's this?" Tania asked holding up a piece of paper.

I sat down on the bed and tried not to cry. "It's. . it's a drawing. Wendy did. It was only a couple of days before her. . her mother. . took her away." Tania studied it with the eyes of a child. "Oh I see, that's your house, there's you and this must be Wendy. . but why is that woman so far apart from you two. . as if she wasn't really a part of you. And there's a shape behind the house?" I must admit that I had never noticed these things before, she was separate from Wendy and me, and that shape.

. I had to look hard to see it, but it was there. Then I realized that this was a warning from Wendy. She knew that there was a split developing and this was her way of telling me.

"I should have listened to her." I said softly. Tania was watching me; her gaze had a worried look about it, and "Daddy John it's all right to miss her you know." She said wisely "I don't miss my wife, she was no real loss," I said looking at the drawing. "No silly, Wendy. She's the one you've really missed!" As always, the child could see behind the fog, not that I really tried to hide it. I nodded, "Yes Tania, I do miss Wendy.

I suppose I want slightly crazy when they left. I tried finding Wendy, even hanging around schools when she would have been six.

That's when she got a court injunction against me. . turns out the man she left me for was the magistrate who signed the order." "So you got screwed!" Tania said. I looked at her sharply. "Well you did, didn't you?" She said ignoring my look. I had to smile at her words, "Yes Tania, I was royally 'screwed' as you said, then I found that the woman I'd married had reported me to the social services, said she didn't like the way I was bringing up Wendy, 'inappropriate touching' she said, I still have no idea what she meant by that." Tania climbed into my lap and wrapped her arms around me.

"But she was wrong wasn't she daddy John. I have always said you were a good man, and you are! You wouldn't hurt Wendy.

. or anyone else!" I smiled at her, "You'd say that! Even after I beat you." I said. "But daddy John, you didn't want to do it, but I asked you to. I heard what you said to the camera afterwards." She sniffled and held me closer, "I love you daddy John." I kissed the top of her head. "And I love you Tania." I said and was amazed to realize that it was true. "If that's so daddy John can you promise you'll do something for me?" She asked sweetly, baiting the trap.

"I suppose so. . what is it?" I asked, falling neatly into it. "Let's finish here first!" She said jumping up and pulling me to my feet. I did notice that she carefully took Wendy's picture and put it out of harms way before whizzing through the work.

An hour later, I was looking at a new room, I must admit I had forgotten what color the carpet was. . And I did not realize there was a mat in the room at all! ---- There was still some time before dinner and Tania knew how she wanted to spend it! My first clue was when she came out of the toilet and appeared in the kitchen, she was dressed in her slave girl costume. The leather cuffs and collar all in place.

I glanced at the loincloth and could not see any sign of yellow at the side. "Daddy John, could you take me up to the bedroom please, and bring the rope with you!" she said picking up the camera and walking away with it. I followed her upstairs noticing how the flashes of skin showed from under the loincloth. I certain she was doing it on purpose! We arrived at Wendy's bedroom and Tania carefully place the camera so that it took in all of the bed.

"Hello mummy, I've asked daddy John if he will do anything I ask. So here I am asking daddy John if he would tie me up as he did yesterday." She as looking at me with those eyes again. I sighed, "Alright Tania, I did promise. . now exactly the same as yesterday or something different?" Her eyes sparkled, "How different?" She asked.

I did not reply but picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. She squealed as her loincloth flew up into the air showing her naked lower body, she flipped it down with her hand and smiled back at me. "Kneel on the bed slave!" I ordered her; she moved into position and faced me, her eyes watching me all the time.

"Those are nice strips! Hooks on the cuffs and eyes on the ankles. Make's it very easy to do this!" I pulled on her left arm, crossed her legs over and, using the hook and eye, attached her left arm to her right leg.

I then did the same to her right arm and left leg. Tania was now balancing on her knees. "Comfortable Tania?" I asked her, she nodded her head in answer. "Good! Now how would a rope bra look on you?" I asked rhetorically. I touched her breast buds making her squirm; I bent close to her and whispered, "Am I hurting you?" "No! I was just enjoying the feel of your hand, you know that's the first time you've done that when you meant to." Tania said equally as quietly, and she moved her chest into my hands as if to encourage me.

After a few minutes of manipulations her budding breasts were as rigid as they could be, I began to wrap them in the clothesline, going in a figure of eight around the mounds and then behind her back. I then showed her how much rope was left over. "Shall I continue?" I asked her looking down to her loincloth. "Yes please," Tania said, "I enjoyed it yesterday." "Very well, then you won't be needing this!" I started to untie the loincloth and removed it completely from her body.

I threaded the rope through the front of her brassier and then brought it down between her legs. Looped it back using the bra rope behind her, and then back through her legs again and tied it off at the front. I stepped back to admire my handiwork, but Tania overbalanced and fell forward onto her face. I brought her back upright and considered her situation. If I had some more rope I could anchor her back upright, but with the small bundles I had I would be spending time tying them together, I found myself looking at the door where the remains of Wendy's bedspread hung.

"Don't move!" I instructed Tania as I released her and went to the door. I ignored the muffled squawk as I tore the bedspread into lengths of cloth. I then turned back to Tania, who was again lying face down with her feet in the air.

I found two places on the headboard where I could fix the two sheets. "You know Tania, I thought you had a more balanced personality than this?" I said to her, ignoring the dagger she was sending my way. I righted her again and started to attach the strips of fabric to her arms.

"Okay Tania, I want you to really throw yourself forward." I instructed her; again, she just looked at me with an exasperated expression on her face. Then she moved her body and tried to fall forward, but failed. I had to smile at her. I checked the view screen to ensure that Tania was in full view; I could see that one of the ropes going between her legs had started to enter her slit; the colors of her cheeks came out nicely.

"Now do you want me to stay and watch you?" I asked her. She looked shyly at me, "You don't mind if I say no, do you daddy John." She asked me. I shook my head, "Of course not, I'll be back later." I brushed her hair and left the room, closing the door. ---- I sat down in the living room and started playing the CD again; I relaxed and started to nap. I woke to the strains of '4 little diamonds' or rather to the last few lines 'I still hear her calling out to me, I still listen for her endlessly, but it never even crossed my mind she was a cheater.

I've gotta find out where she hides, 'cos if the law don't get her, then I will, Four little diamonds.' I came awake instantly; it was as if that song had opened my mind. I did still want to hear Wendy. I did still miss her and I did want to get her back. However, I was completely dependant on my solicitor to do his best, but I did not really have a chance.

To me Wendy would be my little diamond. I stretched, I had been asleep for only 20 minutes, but I felt ready for nearly anything. A rumble from my stomach reminded of what the first thing would be, I went to the kitchen and turned on the oven. There was a pile of clothing to be washed, this time I put Tania's socks in to the machine as well and started it working. I picked up the new clothing that had been delivered and to take them upstairs. Halfway up the stairs I could hear moans coming from Wendy's room.

I ran to the door and opened it. Tania was writhing on the bed, her hips moving as if trying to remove the ropes running through her legs. Her face was bright red and so was the rest of her body, except for her breast buds, they were darkening with the trapped blood.

I rushed to Tania's side, "Are you alright Tania? I didn't mean to tie it so tight, let me loosen it for you." "NO! Please. . leave it. . ." She managed to gasp out before she seemed to flex her whole body and she almost screamed out.

"Oh yeeesss, yes so gooood!" Then I understood, she was not crying out in pain. . but pleasure! I waited for her to calm down before I touched her. "Are you alright Tania?" I asked her she did not answer but just nodded dreamily. "I'm going to untie you now." I said to her.

"Daddy John, do you have to? Can't you leave me like this a bit longer?" She asked me. I realized that I had only turned the oven on; I had not put the food in it yet.

"Alright, but just 15 minutes more." I told her, she smiled at me. "Thank you. . daddddy Johnnnn!" Her voice started to alter as her bonds started to work their magic on her. I moved to the side of her — so that I did not block the camera's view — and gently stroked her engorged breasts. The effect was amazing as it threw her completely over the edge. "Oh yes. . yes. . daddy! Yes. . Oh yes. . yes.

. yeesss" And her whole body went limp. I held her upright so that she did not dislocate her arms. I quickly untied the cloth supports from the arms and laid her down gently onto her side. I went to the bathroom and soaked a flannel in cold water, thinking about it I also filled a beaker with cold water, taking both into Wendy's room.

I gently bathed her forehead with the flannel, the coolness of the cloth helping to bring her to. "Oh that was sooo nice daddy John, it's never felt like that before! What happened? And why am I lying down?" I caressed her hair, "You fainted my dear Tania, your orgasm was so strong that it overwhelmed your senses." I helped her to the kneeling position. "Are you thirsty?" I asked her, she nodded. I picked up the beaker and held it to her lips, she drank slowly, and taking sips of the water.

"Thank you daddy John, I did need that!" she said gratefully. "How much longer can I stay tied up?" She added. "Well I've got to get the dinner into the oven, and it should take about half an hour after that, but you'll need to recover from this during that time. Let me put the food in first and I'll be back to release you, Okay?" She nodded her head; I gently lowered her back down on the bed and left the bedroom. I was nearly to the bottom of the stairs when I heard sounds from upstairs.

I smiled. Part 7 I had put the dinners into the oven and walked up the stairs. As I approached Wendy's room, I started to speak aloud. "Fee, Fie, Foo, Fum I smell the blood of an American!" I said and I opened the door "You see mummy he's a very nice man." I realized she was addressing the camera still.

"Time to untie you now Tania, I'll try to be gentle with it." I said as I straightened her up. I loosened the crotch rope first. Both had worked their way into the young girl's slit. I managed to work the first without much problem, gently pulling it out from the loop of ropes on her back.

I then noticed that the rope had worked itself tightly into her ass-crack, I tried to move it gently away from her but could hear her gasp as I touched her. It was now that I had a problem. "Tania, I'm going to work this rope out of you, it means I'm going to have to touch you deeply in front, I'm sorry." I said softly.

"That's great daddy, I want you to!" She said. For a moment I hesitated, she had called me daddy — not daddy John, but daddy! I swallowed and then gently worked my finger into Tania's little slit behind the rope. I could swear she lifted her hips in an effort to help me, the moistness I encountered surprised me, I did not think girls this young could get so wet.

I wriggled my finger hearing Tania sigh as the rope moved; I gradually eased the rope up and out of her slit. I could see her clit, red and taw from the agitation that the ropes had made on it. I passed my finger over it a couple of times and felt her shudder again as her body was overwhelmed once more.

I resisted the urge to kiss that small nubbin, I still felt it would not be right to do that to her. I now started to release her small buds from their confinement. Again, gently releasing the mounds from the rope.

I had thought that once she was free that would be the finish of her problems. However, she started to moan — in pain — as the blood returned to her skin. "Oh daddy. It hurts, it hurts so bad. . please kiss it better." She said in her pain. . what else could I do? I bent down and started to kiss and then suck on her breasts feeling her pull in closer to me.

Somehow, what I was doing was having some effect on Tania, without even thinking about it my hands started moving on her body. One holding her backside, the other, I could feel her smooth slit beneath my fingers, she shifted again, not to escape but to bring me closer to her body.

I touched her again, sliding my hand over her clit, which I now found to be a hard nubbin. Causing her to whisper in her excitement. "Yes daddy, please daddy please, I've always wanted you to do this to me." I almost did not hear her but then she exploded in her orgasm — which nearly deafened me. "OH DADDY, DADDY, YES, YES, YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSssssssssss!" The last sounding like air rushing out of a balloon.

This time she did collapse falling backwards like a rag doll. I am not sure how many orgasms she had had during her time in bondage but I think each one was better than the last. I laid her back on the bed and went to the bathroom again, this time to get a bath towel to wipe over her body, I found some cream in the bathroom cabinet — it was over 6 years old but should still help her.

I returned to Wendy's room to find that Tania was still unconscious, but her breathing was strong so I was not worried — I did have pictures of having to rush her to hospital 'and how did she get into this state sir?' 'Well doctor after I untied her from her bondage and fingered her slit she collapsed!' added with the sounds of police sirens and clanging of cell doors!

— I was glad that that scenario was not going to happen. I surrounded her body with the bath sheet and gently rubbed her dry, I looked at her breasts — they were still red both from the rough rope and my administering to them, I took the cream and started to cover them in the stuff, then massaged it into her flesh, feeling them harden under my touch again, maybe that wasn't a good idea after all!

I picked up a blouse from the new clothing, put her arms through the sleeves, and buttoned it up. I then found her yellow knickers, threaded her feet through the holes, and drew the garment up her legs to cover her properly. Then I picked up a pair of jeans, which I also managed to dress her in "Thank you daddy John." Tania said when I had finished. I looked into her smiling face, "You were awake all the time?" I asked her.

"Oh yes daddy John, it felt so good when you were rubbing my tits, I nearly came again. And then when you dressed me it made me feel so young again, I could almost picture my dad doing that for me." She moved to get up.

"OW! That hurts!" She said clutching at her chest. "What's wrong?" I asked her concerned. "My tits, they're rubbing on the blouse and they're so sensitive that it hurts me!" She said her hands going to the buttons on the blouse. "Oh no you don't!" I told her holding her hands, "that's part of your punishment, you've got to remain fully clothed during dinner, I'm starting to get distracted by your lack of clothing." "You mean that." She asked me and then looked down at her blouse, "But I've hardly anything there at the moment." I smiled at her, "Don't rush yourself Tania, they'll soon grow and then you'll be beating the boys away with a whip." I said.

"Will you buy me one please daddy John." She asked me a pleading tone in her voice. However, I shook my head, "No way that's for your mother to do; she's fully responsible for you." "Pleaseeee, daddy John." She started to look at me with those eyes again.

Something inside me melted, "We'll see. I don't really earn that much you know." I picked her up off the bed seeing her face wince slightly as the fabric of her blouse brushed against her breasts. "I'm going to turn this tape off now mummy. I'll replace it with a new one." She said to the camera and picked it up as I passed by holding her in my arms. "So where do you work daddy John?" Tania asked me as I started to walk down the stairs. So I found myself telling Tania that I worked for a computer company that was a branch of some American conglomerate, how it was my job to anticipate the next generation of chips that would be needed, how my boss was siphoning off some of the budget for his own little nest-egg and blaming problems on his staff.

She did seem interested when I told her the name of the company — no, I am not going to mention it here. Then she went back to moaning about her blouse. "No buts Tania, you are wearing that and that's final!" I told her as I dropped her into her, padded, chair.

The oven gave a 'ping' telling me that if I left the food in any longer it would be charcoal. I removed the trays and started putting them onto plates. "Hey daddy John, you can eat them from the trays you know." Tania said, I just looked at her and tilted my head.

"I've heard that as well. But this way it seems like a proper meal!" and continued arranging the food on the plate. I put the two plates on the table and then got out the cutlery. Tania quickly aimed the camera at her dinner, "There you are mummy, that's how he wants to eat his meals" and then she quietly added, "That's if you want to stay with him!" "Tania, it's not right for you to try to be a matchmaker. Your mother was already married once as was I.

Do you think we want to make the same mistake again." "But daddy John. . ." Tania started to say but I just looked at her and shook my head. "Okay daddy John… I tried mummy." She then turned off the camera and I heard the whiz of the tape as it rewound in the transport. We ate the meal in silence; actually, it was not too bad, not as much cardboard as I normally expect to eat.

I took the plates away and found some ice cream in the freezer — it was still edible and quickly vanished. Tania looked expectantly at me. "Daddy John, has dinner finished?" She asked me. I sensed a trap but like a blind fool said, "Apart from the washing up, yes." "Goody!" Tania said and started to unbutton her blouse.

"What are you doing?" I asked her, but that was a daft question in itself. "You said that I had to wear this for dinner. . well dinners over so I can take it off. You did say that!" She said watching me.

I counted to 10 — slowly. Then I mentally went over what I had said. She was right I did only say dinner, I never mentioned afterwards.

Therefore, I nodded. "Yes Tania that was what I said, but what if someone visits us, how's it going to look with a half naked girl in the house?" I tried to appeal to her better nature — more fool me! "Well I could always take everything off as well." She compromised (!) "That would be even worse!

What if you had a tee shirt handy? Would that be easier for you?" I asked her. She regarded my face and agreed that it might be better for us both if she kept it handy "So. . what do you want to do now?" I then asked her. "Well I'll help you with the drying up and then can we just sit down and relax? I'm feeling kind of tired for some reason." She asked me. I nodded and put the plates in the sink.

---- It was 15 minutes later and we were sitting in the living room. The television was on, but we both agreed that it was not very good. "Do you want to watch a film?" I asked her. She had a thoughtful look on her face so I tipped my head to one side and added, "Pleeeaaasssee?" She giggled and then nodded her head. I got up and picked out a Carry On film — Carry on Camping. I started the film running and sat back in my chair.

Immediately Tania decided to sit with me — or rather on me — and leant back onto my chest, giggling at the film it was about a girl at Paradise camp (a nudist camping club — please note camping means under canvas) Tania looked up at me, "Mummy goes to a place like that, but not in tents we have an apartment.

All those people without clothes and everything bouncing about!" She giggled and then sighed, "And that feels nice as well." I looked at her and realized that my hands had started to roam over her small form as she rested against me. I went to pull them away but Tania help onto them and pressed them against her chest. "But Tania. . ." I started to say. "Please daddy John, I like you doing that to me, I don't think there's anything wrong in it, and I want you to do it!" she said forcibly.

I did not answer but gently moved my hands over her chest. ---- I came to. . the film was showing the girls exercising and Barbara Windsor's bra had just flown into Kenneth William's face when the phone rang. Tania jumped in my arms and then looked at me sheepishly. I held onto her and got up from my chair, I then put her down on the floor and went into the kitchen. "Hello?" I said into the handset. "John? Did I dial the right number?" It was Janet, and from the noise on the line, she was on a mobile.

"Hello Janet, where are you?" I asked her as Tania came running from the living room. "I'm at 30,000 feet but don't know exactly where I am, how's Tania?" There was not anything threatening in her voice, just a general enquiry.

"She's fine, in fact she's right here trying to grab the phone." I said and passed the handset to Tania. "Hello mummy. . Great! Daddy John's just wonderful, he makes me go all, sorry mummy I forgot. . yes mummy. . no mummy. . we got the supplies and we have used some of them. . oh you'll see. Okay mummy, bye." and she handed the phone back to me, but her head was down.

"John?" "Yes Janet?" "I want to thank you for looking after Tania for me, I don't know what I would have done. . We both owe you." Janet said. "Hey now Janet, it's something anyone would have done, and Tania is no trouble at all." A comment, which got me a smile and a hug from Tania.

"We're watching an old video film at the moment." "Oh? I would have thought you'd be doing something else." Was Janet's comment? "Oh no, for some reason Tania's all tuckered out and wanted to relax for a bit, but from the way she looking at me I think she's recovered enough for some more." I said looking at Tania's smiling face. "That's good, she needs lots of exercise. . Sorry John, I have to go, someone else wants to use this phone, I'll see you tomorrow, have fun both of you." "Well I think Tania will but I'm not sure about me though," I said "Just throw yourself into the part, you might find it fun, bye." Janet finished, I found myself saying 'bye' into a silent phone.

I turned to see Tania watching me closely. "So! What do you want to do? See the end of the film or. . ." I didn't finish the question as Tania had dashed off to the kitchen and then returned with the camera, she was slotting a new battery into it and had a wrapped tape in her mouth. "Well. . I suppose that's answered that question.

I'll have to watch the end of the film myself. . just later!" I said as I started to walk upstairs. Part 8 I looked at Tania in surprise, "You want me to what?" I asked her. She sighed, "I want you to spank me while I'm tied up." She said simply.

"But why? I mean I've already hurt you when I tied your small tits the way I did, why do you want me to punish you when you're tied up." I was trying to understand her needs. She took my hand and led me to Wendy's bed. I sat down on it and she took my hands in hers. "Mummy explained it to me once. She thinks I'm a Messer Schmitt or something," At my confused look she expanded on this, "I like to feel some pain when I'm tied up." I smiled at her, "You don't feel like flying around the room or anything like that?" I said, at her confused look I continued, "Messer Schmitt built aero planes, I think the word you want is masochist.

That's a person who enjoys pain." Tania nodded, "Oh yes that was the name, I knew it began with an M." I shook my head, "But Tania some masochists don't know where to stop, they crave more pain until it kills them, it's like a drug to them." I looked to the camera where the red light showed that it was recording everything we were doing. "Janet, I'm not going to cause untold pain to Tania just because she asks me to. I'll tie her up but that's it." "Please daddy John?

Pleeaasseee?" She looked at me in her way, but this time I shook my head, there were some boundaries I would not cross no matter what. "No Tania, and if you carry on like this I won't even tie you down and we'll spend the rest of the day watching the television." I could see her face drop and then she turned to the camera again.

"There you are mummy, I told you he wouldn't do that, he's not the type of man that people think he is." I looked at her as she said this. "Hold on. You don't want me to spank you when you're tied down?" I was getting confused now. "Oh I do! But I knew you wouldn't want to, but I had to show mummy!

I'm sorry daddy John." She did look so unhappy that I had to hug her. "That's okay Tania, I'm sorry I'm so weak." I told her she pulled away from me.

"But daddy John you're not weak! If you were, you would have given up and spanked me as I asked you. I do wish you were my daddy. 'Cos you'd punish me when I really deserved it, not just because I asked for it." Her face was so determined that I almost gave in.

"Thank you Tania, now I will be weak enough to tie you down, but first I think you'd better use the toilet. I'm not sure how long you're going to be here." I said to her. She smiled her thanks and ran from the room. I looked at the camera, which was still watching me. "Janet, I hope you realize that if I had been the type of person that the social services think I am then Tania would been in serious trouble, she's too trusting for one thing.

Undressing in front of me like that. . well, she could have been raped, several times over. The sooner you are here the better. She deserves to be with her mother, not with me." After a few minutes, the bedroom door opened and Tania walked in. I looked at her "Did something happen?" I asked her. She blushed, all over her naked body.

"Well I thought I'd save some time undressing in the bathroom and I found I'd left these in there!" She held up her hands to show me the leather cuffs on her wrists, and then extended a foot to reveal the cuffs around her ankles.

I looked at her, "And what happened to your collar?" I asked her. She looked uncomfortable, "I've lost it. I think it was in your bedroom." She dropped her eyes and studied the floor. "That was very naughty of you." I said, noticing how she raised her head to show her sparkling eyes. "Yes, it was. You'll have to punish me.

. why don't you spank me after you've tied me up?" She asked me smiling. I shook my head, "Nice try Tania. . I'll think about that after I've untied you." I pointed to the bed. Tania sighed and knelt on the bed again, crossing her hands behind her back, bringing her — all right then — breasts into show.

I looked at her breasts closely they were a little red from this morning's actions, but I thought she could take bit more — although this suddenly struck me as hypocritical. I would not spank her while she was tied up but I would tightly bind up her forming breasts, which would cause her pain!

Boy was I getting messed up. Tania could sense that I was wavering. "What's wrong daddy John, why are you looking at me like that?" She asked me. "I'm sorry Tania, I was just thinking. . Are you sure you want me to do this?" I asked her again, she sighed and kept position. "Alright I was just asking, let's try something different." I made her lie back on the bed and, using the short pieces of rope, tied her hands to the headboard, where the board had lengths of wood that were screwed onto the bed.

I then pulled her legs out to either side of the bed and tied them to the castors of the bed — it was a bit of a reach for me, but Tania did not complain about her legs hurting, even though I did ask her to tell me.

I went to leave her when she called out. "Hey what about the other bits?" I turned to her and then asked "What other bits?

Can you point them out to me?" Tania tried to, but with her wrists tied, as they were she could only point upwards, she did try to nod her head to indicate her torso, but I decided not to understand. "What about my tits and. . and. . ." She looked to the camera and then said, "What about my tits and pussy?

Are you not going to tie them as well?" I scratched my chin in thought, "Well I don't know. I mean your breasts are still red from the last time, and as for your. . pussy? I think you've had too much attention paid to that so far." She played her trump card, "Daddy John, if you don't tie me properly I'll call out and then what would happen?" I slumped my shoulders in apparent defeat. "Alright, alright. . I'll just need to get something from downstairs." I left the room and quickly went to the bathroom; in there, I found her jeans and underwear twisted together.

'When she got undressed she was certainly in a hurry' I thought to myself. I gathered up her knickers and put them into my pocket. I then went downstairs and picked up a fan — you know the electrical, large bladed type — and then went back to Wendy's room.

I knocked on the door. "Are you decent in there?" I asked before opening it. Tania had a look on her face that was hard to describe, she was debating whether to laugh or shout out she looked at the fan and was puzzled.

"I'm sorry Tania, but I think that I've made you too hot and bothered to really concentrate on things properly. That's why I've got this fan here -it will help cool you off." I said as I plugged in the fan, I aimed the force of the wind towards Tania's body where it brushed against her slit and then her chest. "Oh wow! That feels so strange, what's it going to feel like when you tie me properly, I'll be heating up and cooling off at the same time!" She said and then saw my face at the duplicity that I was hiding in it.

She was not scared, just apprehensive. I approached her head and produced her knickers. "I don't want you to call out for no reason, think of this as part of the punishment you're going to get when I untie you!" I told her.

She opened her mouth to protest but found that the fabric of her knickers was already in place. She started to shake her head but found that she could not dislodge the cloth. She tried to bounce her body, but was too tightly tied to the bed so that it would not move.

Her eyes threatened trouble when she was released! I positioned the camera so that it had a full view of both Tania and her predicament. "As I was saying Janet, I don't agree with child abuse, but thinking about it I'm guilty of doing it even at Tania's request. I've decided that she needs a cooling off period to think about her manipulations and what their effects might be." I then turned to Tania herself. "Now just imagine what could happen if I wasn't a nice person.

While you're doing that, I'm going downstairs and I'm going to watch that film again. . from the beginning." I checked my watch; "I'll see you in 90 minutes." She tried to say something but it was all mumbles to me, I smiled at her and kissed her stomach, she tried to raise her hips to entice me to kiss her elsewhere, but I shook my head and walked out of the room, closing the door behind me.

---- I glanced out of my living room window and noticed a car was 'watching' me, well not the car itself of course but the woman occupier, she was the same one who had delivered the box earlier. . either I was being paranoid or I was being watched.

I decided to ignore her. I turned on the video again and started watching the film, losing myself in the fantasy world of Sid James, Joan Simms, Kenneth William, Barbara Windsor and the rest of the Carry On crew.

---- Well the film ended with the goat chasing the mother, Kenneth Williams chasing after his school on a tandem and Sid James taking Joan Simms into his tent. I got up from my seat and pressed the rewind on the video. I was going to walk upstairs but the telephone rang, almost as if they knew I was near it!

I picked up the phone in the Kitchen, "John, can I speak to Tania please." It was Janet's voice. "I'm sorry Janet, I'm afraid she's tied up at the moment." I said which made Janet laugh. "I think we need to have a talk when you get here Janet." I added she caught the tone of my voice. "John, whatever it is I wouldn't worry about it, I'm certain that Tania is in good hands. I wouldn't worry about what you think is right or wrong, she needs a firm hand, and you're providing it, even gagged she knows that you are caring for her." Janet said in an even voice.

"Yes but. . ." I paused, how did Janet know that Tania was gagged. I'd only just done that this afternoon." "John?

Are you still there? John?" Janet asked quickly. "That's not just a video camera is it?" I asked slowly "Not as such, I mean the recorder part works as it should do," She said. "Who else is watching it?" I asked her knowing that I might not like the answer. "John, I did trust you. However, my security people did not like the idea of Tania being alone with you overnight. This was the compromise they suggested." Janet said I could feel that she was waiting for me to explode.

"And they're watching my house as well?" I asked her. "John. . yes, they are." She sounded concerned. "Good!" "What? But I thought you'd be annoyed. . ." Janet was now the one confused. "You don't realize that it's very tempting to have Tania here, half naked most of the time and fully naked the rest of the time. I need the safety net." I said. "John, I was going to wait until tomorrow night to get to you, but do you mind if I turn up earlier?" Janet asked me. "Of course not!

I have already said that Tania needs you here more than me. By the way was it all a set up?" I had to ask her. "No John, not at all. Tania was kidnapped by her father and taken to your town to hide. Our people were close behind but Tania escaped from them, She does not know why she chose your car, but we are glad she did. Her phone call to our police gave us your address but she insisted that she would be fine with you, even after we warned her about your record.

John, I'd better tell you that we're investigating you. . you're not mad with us are you?" She did sound concerned. "Janet, I'm not mad at all. I am glad that you are concerned for Tania safety. I am going to release her now and then I am going to smack her for losing the collar, but I think she already knows where it is!

She is quiet the masochist isn't she." I said. Janet laughed, "Yes she is, I'm afraid she takes after me, it was something that her father liked about me but couldn't face in his daughter, we've had meetings with psychiatrists and they've tried to help him, but it seems that they failed.

That's why he did that ridiculous stunt." "What's going to happen to him?" I asked, slightly concerned about him for some reason. "Well, I did get Tania assigned as a ward of court so technically he's guilty of kidnapping, we're working on a extradition order for both him and the private detective that actually took Tania.

If they both agree never to come to America again we'll ensure that the case fails." She told me. "And, of course, should they enter America the computers will have the case still on record." I added knowing what the answer would be.

"Of course! The new security routines in operations nowadays will give us their fingerprints almost instantly." She paused for a second, "I think you'd better see to Tania, she's showing signs of panic." This made me worry.

"Janet, goodbye!" I said and hung up, I quickly ran up the stairs and went to Wendy's room. "I'm sorry Tania, I was talking to your mother." I turned to the camera. "If you want to come in from the car I don't mind, you'll be able to ask Tania herself how she feels!" I said. I removed the gag from Tania who just stared at me. "You know." She asked and then nodded. "Mummy told you! I suppose you want me to go now." She asked and I could see tears in her eyes.

"No Tania, not unless you want to go with her?" I asked her quickly untying her and hugging her close to me, I could feel the coolness of her body. "Oh no daddy John, Even after this I still want to stay here." She said muffled. "You know your daddy is under arrest, you don't have to fear him anymore." I gently said. "But daddy John I didn't fear him, not when I'm with you!" She said I heard a car horn hoot twice, for some reason it disturbed me I looked to the camera, "Trouble?" I asked to hear another honk of the car horn.

"Tania, get dressed, now!" She did not ask questions but ran to the toilet catching hold of a tee shirt as she did so. I went to my window to see a police car pulling up outside, I did not have time to hide Tania. What was I going to do now? Part 9 I opened the door before the officer outside could ring the bell, he was not happy.

"YOU HAVE BEEN GIVING US THE RUNAROUND!" He started to say. "One moment officer while I set up the tape recorder." I said and turned to walk away from the door. He grabbed hold of my arm "Oh no, we're not going through that again! I'm going to arrest you. . ." He began but then was interrupted himself. "Special Agent Sonja Jones, FBI.

This gentleman is under my protection, he's guarding a kidnap victim!" It was the woman from the car she produced a badge which she showed the police officer. "So what? You have no jurisdiction here! So, buzz off Yank. This is England!" He was certainly belligerent about something. "On the contrary, your chief constable has agreed to our presence here, I think you'd better check on that now.

Mr. Archer is acting on our behalf." She looked at me, "I think our cover is blown John. Can you call Tania down while this officer checks with his base."? "If you think that's wise Sonja." I said, at her nod I turned to the stairs. "Tania, will you come down, it's safe at the moment." I could hear the officer talking on his radio, "But Sergeant! It that Archer bloke, you know the one that we had a warning about!

He is a known pet file Well, no. Not proven, it is just on. . how do they know about him? What! But Sergeant! Sergeant! Alright Sergeant." He returned to me a defeated man. "Well officer?" Sonja asked him. "In this case you're in control. . but you know that this man's a. . ." The officer was saying but Sonja interrupted "What evidence do you have against him?" She asked him. "Well it's well known, we had a special report sent to us." He told her, I pricked up my ears at that.

"Where from officer?" At his blank look I persisted, "From where did the special report come from? It wouldn't have been from a certain magistrate's office would it." He was very uncomfortable, "Well … yes, it did. It said that you were known to social services and should be monitored closely.

A few of the boys wanted to teach you a lesson, we don't want your type in the area." "So you decided to believe a message from the man with whom my wife moved in with after taking my daughter with her. A daughter that I've been refused contact with even up to the point where my former wife decided to lie to social services against me and a court order from her lover to restrain me from seeing her." I said, the bitterness in my voice was obvious.

"I didn't know that! All I was told. . ." The officer said. "Were the lies that were passed on, and without evidence you decided to judge me! Believe me officer I'm not the person that I've been painted." I finished for him. Tania hugged me tightly. "He isn't, all the time I've been here and he hasn't abused me once! I don't know what you think he is, but to me he's a lot better than my daddy, in fact I call him daddy John." She told the surprised officer.

He looked from Tania to me and then to Sonja. "I don't understand. . I mean a magistrate wouldn't tell lies, would he." Sonja shook her head, "You should know by now that everyone lies about things, why should his position mean that he's any different. Now why did you come back here?" Sonja was interested in his answer, as was I.

"We got a call to the station, an anonymous caller said that she saw a young girl in your house and that we should do something about it." The officer was looking at Tania, still holding tight to my waist. "Uh! Honey, has this man tried to do anything with you?" He asked the young girl. Tania looked puzzled, "What do you mean? He made me eat my dinner off a plate, is that what you meant?" she asked him. "No, darling, what I mean is has he tried to touch you.

. you know down there." He pointed to Tania's crouch. Tania put a disgusted look on her face, "NO daddy John's never tried anything like that, that's naughty!" She sounded like a very disgusted 10 year old. The officer looked closely at Tania, "You sure about that darling, this man is supposed to be very bad with children." Tania shook her head, "Not daddy John, he's been very nice to me. You're the one who's being nasty, calling daddy John names" And then she turned back to me.

"Daddy John, take me away from this nasty man." I turned to the officer, "You heard the young lady, now is there anything else you need to know?" "Just one thing sir," — the sir had a touch of respect in it now — "When we called on Friday evening, the girl was in the house. Where was she?" He asked me. "She was in the kitchen, why do you think I kept on suggesting that you look there!" I said.

He just shook his head in wonderment. "And Rob said you were trying to mislead us, and that's why we didn't bother! Sod it!" He added, but now he was grinning.

"I must remember that sometime. He nodded to Sonja and then me. "Thank you Mr. Archer, if you need help just call I'll ensure you'll get immediate action." "Thank you officer." I shook his hand, it seemed strange to do that since only a few minutes ago he was going to arrest me and now he appeared to be on my side, it would be nice to know exactly who is was that reported me.

I let the police officer out of the house and returned to the living room where Tania and Sonja seemed to be talking in code. A glance from Tania told me to leave them alone. I abandoned myself to the kitchen, I debated opening a bottle of whisky, but decided against it — I did once allow myself to dive into a bottle after Wendy and her mother left, but finally decided to pull myself out, I don't want to do it again!

Looking at the time I decided to make some coffee — I know we English are supposed to drink tea, but sometime you need the beans to help as well. Well I cheated, it was instant coffee instead. I was seated at the table and was drinking a cup of coffee when the woman Sonja entered the room she sniffed the air — I indicated the kettle, cups and instant coffee jar, she looked at the label and shuddered but made herself a cup — black and joined me at the table.

"How can you stand her?" Sonja asked me. I smiled, "Why do you think I keep her tied up like that." Sonja laughed, "I know, it looked really hot you know." I looked at her in surprise she held up her hands, "I know, I should be more straight laced! But that wasn't how I was raised, I supposed that I'd be like her if my parents stayed in Funiculaireville, but dad got moved around to everywhere and mom just managed to keep me in the picture." I frowned, "Where?

I don't think I've heard of it." I said, although thinking about it that was where Tania had said she was from, it just had not registered. Sonja looked at me in surprise. "Sorry, from the way you trussed her up this morning I thought you'd already been contacted. I must admit our briefing was a bit sparse. From the conversation with that policeman I take it there's a problem in your background." The kitchen door opened and Tania walked in, she looked at me and extended her arms, I gave up and moved the chair back, picked her up and placed her on my lap, she smiled at me and then tasted my coffee, made a face and added more sugar to it.

"Tell her daddy John, she might be able to help you." Tania said and so I found myself telling this complete stranger the story of my marriage, my subsequent life and how I met with Tania. ---- When I finished, Sonja looked thoughtful, "So this man's been running a vendetta against you, and because of his position you have little chance of defending yourself.

Why didn't you move to another town?" She asked me. "Because that would be tantamount to admitting they're right, I'm not going to do that!" I told her seriously, "I'm here to fight them no matter what they say." She did not smile at my words or my attitude; I now turned my attention to Tania.

"As for you, young lady, why did you lie to that police officer?" I asked her. "I didn't lie to anyone!" She said. "But you did, we both heard you." I said. "I didn't." Her voice was shrill at this point. "He asked me if you tried to touch me down there. . and you didn't." She told me. "But Tania I did touch you there. And also here." I tickled her breasts making her laugh. "Yes I know you did, so you didn't try to touch me because you did touch me. So I didn't lie to anyone." She finished showing her logic at work.

I turned to Sonja, "So what am I supposed to do with her?" I asked. However, Sonja shook her head, "Don't bring me into this! I'm only here to observe you." She said smiling. Tania now vied for my attention by pulling on my arm — I looked down at her and cocked an eye at her. "Daddy John you said I had to be punished." "But after they way you saved me from that policeman do you think you still deserve it?" I asked her.

"But I told him a lie!" She said, "I shouldn't lie to anyone. And I was very naughty, I did lose the collar." She added. I looked at Sonja, "I don't know. . should I punish her?" She again shook her head, "I've already said that I'm an observer. It's up to you." I set Tania on the floor and then said, "Go and get the camera, I'm sure your mother will enjoy the view." Tania laughed as she ran out of the room. Sonja also got up. "I'd better return to my post, Angie will be taking over soon." I rose and escorted her to the door, "Thank you for your help Sonja, I'm not sure what would have happened if you hadn't." She looked embarrassed.

"I had to John, Tania wouldn't have had any protection, and she is my main concern." I smiled at her. "I know that. I'll do my best to make sure she doesn't come into any harm." "Daddy John, I'm waiting" Came a call from upstairs. We both looked in that direction and smiled, "Well any more than necessary that is!" I finished.

Sonja went to her car and settled down, I then started up the stairs to Tania. Part 10 Tania was sitting on Wendy's bed, her hands in her lap and her head bowed, she was, again, quite naked. "So, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?" I said seating myself beside her.

"I'm sorry daddy John, I know you're not really angry with me, but mummy says that if I'm naughty I should be punished." She looked up at me, "And you did say that I was naughty didn't you?" She had snuggled up to me while she was speaking and I found I had my arm around her shoulder. "Yes, I did. But you did help me downstairs didn't you?" I could feel her nod her head, "You do know I feel awkward about this.

Before I met you I've never though about striking a child. . a certain woman perhaps, but never a kid." "That's stupid daddy John." Tania said pulling away from me. "It isn't a matter of striking a child, it's punishing a wayward child who knows they've done wrong. If there were no punishment then children would run amok, without punishment, they would be uncontrollable.

Just think what would happen if that kept on?" I did not have to imagine this; there is too much evidence around already. "So you're telling me that I should punish you to preserve mankind." She giggled at that, so I sighed, "Okay Tania, you have been very naughty. Now if I was to smack you do you think you'd be able to control your hands?" She looked at me and slowly shook her head.

"I don't think so daddy John." She said. "Okay, now go and get your collar." I said to her and she turned to go out of the room, before stopping and slowly turning back to me. "Uh, daddy John. I've got something to confess." She said softly "I'm not a priest Tania, but you can tell me anything." I said smiling. She seemed to be close to tears, but she managed to control herself. "Daddy John, I lied to you earlier. . I hadn't, haven't, lost the collar.

I left it in your room." She ran to me and hid her face in my chest. "I'm sorry daddy John." She started to sob.

What could I do with her? I held her close and patted her back saying, "That's alright Tania, I knew you hadn't, you liked it too much to lose it. Now go on, run and get it because now I have another reason to punish you." She looked up at me and then shook her head. "Daddy John! You tricked me!" She accused me. I put an expression of astonishment on my face. "I did? Really! Well I do not know! Now go and get your collar, you'll be needing it!" I turned her around and sent her to the door with a swat on her backside.

I swear she gave a giggle as she ran away from me. She returned a few minutes later with her collar firmly placed around her neck. I nodded to her, pleased at the way she held herself — thinking about it, with the collar placed, as it was she could not help but keep her head upright.

"Now Tania, place yourself over my lap please." I said to the girl, she did so and then looked back at me. "Aren't you going to tie my hands together?" She asked me.

"No! You're going to promise not to move your hands while I'm spanking you!" I told her gently. "But what if I do?" She asked me, "Will you punish me for that?" I smiled, "No, I'll stop tying you up!" And sharply brought my hand down on her behind.

She gave a small gasp and then a sigh as I gently rubbed it for her; she started to push her bottom up into my hand I quickly pulled back and delivered another two sharp smacks onto her flesh, before rubbing her again. She had started to move her hands but was able to stop herself before they progressed too far. I bent down and whispered into her ear, "Well done Tania, I'm proud of you." "Thank you daddy." She said softly I started to alternate between hitting her and lightly stroking her, hearing her mew with pleasure.

I lost count of the number of times I hit her, I eventually came back to my senses and stopped. Her backside was red and hot to the touch, but then so was my hand. I stood her, unsteadily, to her feet and supported me. This time her hands did go to her backside and rub it.

She looked at my trouser leg and blushed. I followed her glance and then touched the damp fabric. I brought my fingers up to my nose and smelt them. "So, it got you excited did it." I asked her rhetorically, she nodded her head slowly, keeping her eyes down. "Did you really like it?" I asked her, I was truly curious about that.

She raised her head, her eyes were sparkling. "Oh yes daddy John, it was wonderful. Thank you, thank you so much." And she wrapped her arms around my neck, covering my face with kisses. I held onto her body, allowing her to continue, when she stopped to gather breath I gently disentangled her from me. "Why is it I think you like being punished?" I asked her.

"Oh daddy John. . how could you say that?" She asked coyly smiling at me. "I can't imagine. Now get dressed, there's still some more of the day left." I told her, handing her a skirt and tee shirt.

I then handed her the pair of knickers she had worn earlier, she held them between her thumb and forefinger and wrinkled her nose. "Daddy John! I can't wear these, they're all. . yucky and wet!" She complained, which was true, as she had worn them earlier.

. as a gag. I contemplated her for a few minutes and then smiled, "Well I don't think you would have worn them anyway." At her smile, I held up a hand. "Just don't make it obvious, just in case we have more visitors." "Of course not daddy John, I do understand." She said slipping the tee shirt over her head and then stepping into her skirt. She twirled around when she was 'dressed', the skirt billowing up to reveal the naked skin beneath.

---- We returned back downstairs, taking the camera with us, 'just in case' as Tania said. We sat down again in the living room — the television had a rugby match showing. Tania turned to me and asked. "What's on the other satellite channels daddy John?" I shook my head, "Sorry Tania, I don't have the money to waste on satellite television." "Well, do we have to watch this, I mean where's their padding?

Where are the cheerleaders? And when does the special teams come on?" She was a mass of questions. "First of all, No we don't have to watch it. Rugby players don't wear padding. .

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. except possibly in their jockstraps." Causing her to laugh, "Cheerleaders are just starting to appear on the scene here. And the team plays with only a few substitutes, they mostly have to play for all of the game!" "But that's daft!" She said amazed. "No. . that's Rugby." I turned down the volume on the television and we started to watch the action in silence. Finally, I could not stand the silence and started the CD playing again, I sat back in my chair, immediately Tania placed herself on my lap and snuggled back onto me.

The music started to play, going into a quick beat. "What's that daddy John?" She asked me, "It sounds quiet good." She added as she started rocking to the beat.

"Just some old group. . I did have a tee-shirt of their once, but I let a young girl wear it!" I said trying to sound ironic. "No way! Any group that you'll have a tee-shirt for can't be that good!" She said smiling up at me.

"If you want I'll put on some Enya! See how you like her!" I jokingly said, at her look I added, "Maybe I'll leave you tied up with a record of hers playing." "Daddy John! You wouldn't dare!" She said, but her eyes were shining at the thought of being tied up again. "Are you daring me young lady? Because I might point out that I'm a lot bigger and stronger than you!" I told her. "Oh yes! I'm so scared!" She held up a steady hand.

"Look how much I'm shaking!" She giggled away. "Right then, if you're going to laugh at me. . ." I said and suddenly dug my fingers into her sides causing her to squirm and giggle away.

I wished she was my Wendy, just to be able to hear her laugh again. . I stopped tickling Tania as my mood changed. I felt her hand holding mine, "Don't be sad daddy John, I'm sure something will happen and you will see your daughter again." Her voice echoed my melancholy mood, matching the music of 'loser gone wild' I managed to smile at her, "You sound very sure of yourself, why?" She studied me for a moment as the beat of the music changed as it went to the refrain. To be honest I had not realized how depressing the songs were on this album, I was going to change it, but to do so would have dislodged Tania from her perch, and to be honest I was beginning to like this sensation.

"I've told you daddy John, you're a nice man, and you deserve help." She said returning to her position of snuggling with me. We stayed like that for a some time, until a thought struck me. "Tania? What's going to happen when your mother comes to pick you up?" But I received no reply, looking down at her I could see her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. I wondered to myself, 'how did I get into this position?' Part 11 The sound of 'Rock and Roll is King' was coming from the speakers, bringing us out of our nap.

The rugby had finished and the news was on the television. Then a picture of Tania showed on the screen, I turned up the sound to hear what was being said. ". . was abducted from her home in America with the report Charlotte Mitchell." The screen changed to show a woman standing outside a hotel in the town. "Tania Jones had been smuggled into England by Mr. John Anderton, who had been employed by her father who was divorced from Tania's mother.

She was brought to this Hotel where the two men met.


Whilst here Tania managed to escape from them, she was able to contact a friend of the family who then contacted the police, In the meantime, by a strange twist of fate, her father David Jones was in the police station reporting Tania as missing, a subsequent check to the FBI revealed that a search for Tania, who had been made a ward of court in her home town, was underway.

The two men were arrested on behalf of the FBI on a warrant of kidnap and contempt of court. Tania is reported as well and staying with the family friend under supervision of the American FBI. Both Mr. David Jones and Mr. John Anderton are now in custody pending an extradition hearing to be held some time next week. Back to the studio. . ." I turned the sound down and looked at the smiling girl.

"So I'm a friend of the family am I?" I asked her. She nodded her head, "Of course you are daddy John, the best friend our family has!" and she hugged me again. "Doesn't it make you feel sad that your father in behind bars?" I asked her. She shook her head, "Not really, he knew that I didn't want to stay with him, but he wouldn't listen to mummy or me which was why we asked for the town's protection." She looked puzzled for a moment, "I don't know why they didn't stop that man from taking me.

. they should have done." She stopped talking and looked at me, "What shall we do now daddy John?" She asked me. I looked at the time and then said, "Well I think you need something to eat now, you are still a growing girl." I said smiling. She cocked her head onto one side and then a crafty thought seemed to pass her eyes, and she then lifted up her tee shirt to reveal her forming breasts.

"Yes I am, aren't I daddy John?" She said laughing. I shook my head before grabbing hold of her and pulling her over my lap.

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"Young ladies do not uncover their chests in front of elder people." I told her and gave her three smacks onto her backside, which was nicely uncovered for my attention.

She stood back up and smiled at me — she still had the cheek to smile! — "Alright daddy John, I'll be careful of the oldsters!" She said and dodged backwards out of my reach. "You know Tania, you'll be the death of me!" I said also smiling. "Will I daddy John?

But I don't want you to die." She said, the smile fading from her face. "I mean that after chasing you so much I'm going to have a heart attack." I said smiling to show I was not serious. She thought for a minute and then nodded her head, "Alright then daddy John, I'll make sure I'll walk instead of running away." She smiled also then.

---- We went into the kitchen and I made some sandwiches and tea, yes I do drink it occasionally, Tania asked for, and got, a soda from the fridge — part of the care package that had been delivered. Tania helped me again with the washing up and then sorted through the clothes that needed ironing — something that I have never got to grips with which I mentioned to Tania. She shook her head in amazement and started sorting out the clean washing, before turning to me and asking me where I hid the ironing board and iron.

I bemusedly pointed them out and helped her set up the board to her height. She plugged in the iron, after moaning about how old it was. And then said, "I've forgotten something." She ran out of the room, after ordering me to sit down at to stay where I was. I waited for some time before she reappeared, dressed again — if dressed was the right word — in her loincloth and collar. "If I'm going to slave away with your ironing I might as well dress for it." She said and then began pressing the clothes.

She was very expert in her work, a fact I commented on. "It's all mummy's doing, she said I couldn't rely on a maid to be on hand to do everything." Tania explained, "And she also said that when I get older I might find it useful." I smiled, "Well you'll always have something to fall back on then, and you do seem an expert on ironing." She nodded, "Oh yes, I could do this blindfolded." She said as she started on another tee shirt.

I rubbed my chin, "What about with one arm tied behind your back?" I asked her. She started to nod but then carefully put the iron down before turning back to face me. "Daddy John that's stupid!" She said, "If my arm's behind my back I couldn't iron anything, how would I keep the clothes on the table?" She said watching me.

I nodded in defeat, but mentally made plans, Tania returned to the ironing, I could hear her starting to hum, I was surprised to make out the tune of '4 Little Diamonds' it seems that something did stick.

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---- Finally, she announced that she had finished the ironing and indeed there were two piles of clothes, she directed me to pick up my clothes and take them to my bedroom, while she took hers to Wendy's room. I quickly put the necessary items in the drawers and cupboards and left the room, I found Tania kneeling before my door, again her head was down and her arms extended behind her.

"Master, this slave requests that you tie her up as you did on the first day." She said, just loud enough for me to hear her. "I suppose you do deserve some reward for your arduous duties." I said, she glanced up and I caught a smile on her face. "I suppose you also want to be suspended again." I asked her. "If my master doesn't mind, I have managed to find some twine that my master may find useful." She said, where she would have found twine I do not know, but I would go along with her.

"I might. Now go and prepare yourself slave, I suggest that you make use of the facilities before you wet yourself during the session." She giggled and quickly got up and ran to the bathroom, when Tania came out she was busy tying up the loincloth. I stopped her. "Is there any point in doing that?" I asked her; she shook her head and released the leather in her hands, the loincloth fluttered to the ground.

I tapped my foot. "Young lady, that is still an item of clothing, I suggest you retrieve it and hold onto it." I directed her she blushed and quickly bent down to pick it up. She then followed me into Wendy's bedroom. ---- The camera was positioned, focused on the bed, and the tape was running. I placed Tania near the bed, I had just thought of how I would tie this girl up, if she could stand it. I altered the camera so that she was completely in the frame.

"Tania I want to try something different." I began, "How supple are you?" I asked her. "Well at school we've been doing ballet and gymnastics, I'm able to do a backward bridge and hold it for 5 minutes.

And I can bring my head down between my legs." She blushed again when she said that as if there was another interpretation of her abilities. "Are you able to see into the future?" I asked her, she seemed puzzled by this and shook her hear, "Pity with your contortionist ability you'd be able to foresee you own end!" she took a few moments before the joke "That was terrible!" She groaned "Don't blame me, that's from the Two Ronnie's." I told her and then had to explain that they were a pair of comedians — I wished I had not even started that!

"Okay then, bend your right leg back and hold it with your right hand." I instructed her. She did that and I used the clip on her wrist strap to attach it to the ring on the ankle strap. I then tied her leg to her thigh so that it was immobilized. Holding her, I got her to do the same with her left leg and wrist. I now had her on the bed, face down; I tied her left leg to match her right leg. This would have to be a short session, as I knew her muscles would start to ache after about 15 minutes.

I then found the twine that she had mentioned. I reached beneath her body and massaged her breasts to firm them up, and from her moans, she was enjoying my attention, 'so much for not wanting to abuse this young girl' the thought came into my mind but I ignored it. I turned her over and showed her the twine, this I started to wind around one tit, and then crossed it over and started on the other. I could see the flesh start to change color as I did this. "Does that feel okay?" I asked her concerned that I was hurting her.

"It tingles at the moment daddy John, but its okay." She said, bravely I thought. With her breasts now tightly bound I worked with the larger rope, remembering her request I tied a couple of bands around her upper body, just below her armpits, then from the center of her back I brought one length of rope between her legs and up to the rope around her chest.

I debated on whether to include the twine, but decided that she did not need more pressure on her forming breasts just yet. I looped the rope around her chest restraint and then back down between her legs before tying it off on her back.

I then tested the bonds by pulling her up at the back, her whole body raised up and she wriggled slightly as the rope worked its way deep between her legs and into her slit and ass-cheeks. I then carried her like that to the door and hung her on the hook there — it had already held her once so I hoped it would still hold her again.

I moved the camera so that it had full view of Tania's position. I tweaked her breasts noticing how red they had got. "Are you alright like that Tania?" I asked her. "Oh yeesss daddy John, but there's something I need you to do" She said and at her instructions I found myself rubbing her immature slit, working the two strands of rope deeper into her, and also teasing out her small clitoris to enable it to rub against the rope.

She gave a gasp and a small shudder as an orgasm worked its way through her system. She gave a small smile, "Thank you daddy John." "Don't thank me just yet. . now I'm going to have a shower. I'll see you later." I said closing the door behind me. ---- I left the bathroom some time later, feeling refreshed and relaxed. It is amazing how a shower can have that effect on people. I slipped on a pair of trousers and a tee shirt and debated whether to check on Tania or to watch television for a bit, but a knocking on Wendy's door aroused my interest.

I gently opened it. "Tania, are you alright?" I asked her. "My legs are beginning to hurt me daddy John." She said through clenched teeth, which show me that they must have been agonizing. I didn't bother with getting her down from the door, but quickly untied the ropes twisted around her legs, unclipping her arms from her ankles and then pulling her body away from the door to allow her legs to return to their normal position, but I had to pull them down causing Tania to gasp in pain.

I immediately began to massage each thigh, feeling the knots beneath my fingers, and then Tania crying as I managed to relax her muscles. "Thank you daddy John, I didn't want to make a fuss but they were starting to hurt me." She said when I was finished.

"I'm sorry Tania; I didn't think about that, do you want me to let you down?" I asked her but she shook her head. "Please don't daddy John. I could hang here all night." She said moving her body to agitate the ropes running down her torso. I decided to release her breasts though, as I did not want to cause her any more problems with them. "Daddy John what are you doing, can't you keep them tied up?" Tania asked me as she noticed what was happening.

"Not like this Tania, they have to have time to recover." As I was speaking her, breasts started to feel the effects of the returning blood causing her to squeeze her eyes closed as the pain hit her. "Oooohhhhhh! That hurts daddy John, please kiss it better." She asked me bringing her hands to cover her chest.

I could not help but I brought my mouth to her forming breasts and gently sucked on each one. She started to shiver as I continued my oral assault on her breasts and began moving her hips. Then she stiffened completely as her senses were overwhelmed once more. I pulled away from her body and out of the camera's view to allow her state to be filmed. Finally, she looked languidly at me and gave a smile, "Oh daddy John that was so intense." And she moved her hands to her loins.

"Oh no little one, you're not going to do that!" I said and quickly took her hands and attached them to her collar.

"That's not fair!" She complained, "I wanted to touch it and bring myself off again." I shook my head, "Sorry Tania, but you can't use your hands." I looked at her and smiled, "I'll just leave you hanging around while I watch television.

I looked to the lens on the camera, "If there's any problem I'm sure someone will let me know" I left the room, closing the door behind me. I heard the bang of a foot against the door as Tania tried to run herself to another orgasm, and I smiled, 'she could stand that for another hour or so' I thought to myself and went down the stairs to the living room. Part 12 I fixed a light supper for the two of us, I also found out some lotions that had been left behind, I knew from the way she had been acting that Tania would be very sore between her legs.

I picked up a large towel and took it with me up the stairs to Wendy's room. I could hear a slight knocking on the door as Tania kept on moving her body, trying to achieve another orgasm from the ropes. I knocked on the door, in out of respect for her privacy, but to warn her that I was going to open the door. I gently pushed the door open and entered the room.

Tania was, unsurprisingly, in the same position on the door. Her arms up by her neck and her legs hanging down. . limply? I raised her up and away from the hook. I placed her on the bed, her eyes were closed, and I checked her pulse. Strong but fast.

She was all right. I moved away from the bed and repositioned the camera to give a good view of the bed and Tania 's reclined body. I then quickly untied the rope around her chest; this allowed the double ropes to loosen. Again I found that both had been tightly held inside her little slit. Placing lotion on her skin, and my hands, I began to remove them.

This time her state helped me as I quickly took out the top rope. As I had though, her pelvic area was greatly red from the chafing of the ropes. The next problem was to retrieve the second piece of rope without hurting her.

But I had to resort to near brute force, quickly pulling it away from her body, I heard her give a slight whimper as I did this. I took some lotion and covered her slit with it, I then allowed my fingers to shallowly enter her to massage the sore patched within, while I was doing this I noticed her hips began moving towards me as if encouraging me to go deeper, but I pulled away before I could hurt her. Satisfied that I'd done everything possible to help her I turned her over, again the ropes had affected her here as well, I poured lotion into her ass-cheeks, she sighed again when I stopped my ministrations.

I then checked Tania 's body for any marks, except where the rope was tightly drawn into her body by the hooks, but these marks were faint and fading. But I started to work the lotion into her back before turning her over again.

Her eyes were open now and she was smiling at me. "That feels so nice daddy." She said, "Touch me again, please daddy." She asked me, grabbing hold of my hand and pulling closer to her body, she made it focus on her immature clit and slit, "Please daddy!" She begged.

I couldn't help myself, her pleas touched me somewhere, my hand passed over her clit and then my fingers entered her slit, I rubbed my thumb over the small raised bump of her clit. I watched as her hips raised themselves up to meet me, her hands went down to keep mine in place as if she didn't want me ever to stop. Three times, she shook and went rigid as her orgasms hit her. Then she weakly cried out "enough please no more." So I pulled my hand away from her, she again grabbed for it, this time she brought my hand to her mouth, kissing it and then sucking on it tasting her juices still on them.


She licked her lips and smiled again, "I do like that daddy John." She said weakly. I smiled at her, "Well if you're ready I've got some food read downstairs, after that I thin you'd better have a shower to remove your sweat, then bed, alright?" She pouted when I said bed, but then nodded her head, "Yes daddy John." She then got up from her back and then kissed me on my lips.

"I love you daddy John." She told me. ---- She quickly ate her meal, as well as most of mine, she was so hungry after all that time. . I was going to say 'just hanging there!' but of course she'd been doing a lot more than that! She went upstairs without question and I heard the sound of the shower starting up, then I heard her call out. "DADDY JOHN! There's someone watching me!" I quickly ran up the stairs to where Tania was standing to the side of the window.

"Where are they honey?" I asked her, but then I caught the flash of a lens or something from the house across from me. I ran to Wendy's room and turned on the camera. "We've a peeping tom. They're at number 5, can you deal with them?" I felt stupid just talking to the camera, but was relieved when I was answered by a car horn. I returned to the bathroom and closed the curtains tightly, taking a quick glance out of the window. I saw a young woman walking to the house opposite, a radio in her hands.

Tania stayed beside the window, still scared. "It's alright Tania; now carry on with your shower." I said gently taking her hand and leading her to the shower. I lifted her up and onto the floor of the shower. "Please daddy John?" She asked me holding out the soap and pouting again. I sighed; I could not resist her eyes.

I took the soap and nodded; Tania smiled and stepped back into the flow of water. I started to soap up my hand and started to move them over her body.

She giggled as my hands passed over her ribs and stomach, there was nothing sexual in this, at least not on my part, but Tania started to push herself against my touch. "No Tania! I'm afraid we haven't got time." She tilted her head at that but allowed me to continue to clean her off.

When she was satisfied, I turned off the water and lifted her out of the shower, quickly drying her off and sending her to Wendy's room to dress. "Wear underwear this time, we're going to be facing some questions!" I told her, I had noticed the blue flashing lights pulling up earlier. I quickly changed my clothes and went downstairs, I looked out of my living room window, a crowd had gathered around the police cars and the open door where an officer was standing.

Beside him was a young woman in plain clothes. Mrs. Wilson then appeared in the doorway along with a WPC and a camera. "Why are you treating me like this?

It's HIM. . that bastard over there. . Diana told me about HIM!" Diana, that was my former wife's name. Thinking about it the Wilson's used to be friends of ours, but when my wife left they went cold on me. . now I know why! "HE'S A PERVERT.

. HAVING A NAKED KID IN HIS HOUSE! WHY DIDN'T YOU ARREST HIM EARLIER WHEN I CALLED?" So that was the answer for the caller I had earlier. The policewoman bundled Mrs. Wilson into the car along with the strange woman. I saw Sonja also leaving the house and I beckoned her over. She went to knock on the door but I opened it before she could do so. "Thanks Sonja, I didn't know what to do." I said as she entered the house. "You should have seen her room, stacks of books detailing your life.

Did you know you had a stalker?" Sonja asked me as she closed the front door. She then placed her fingers under my jaw and closed my mouth for me. "I take it that's a no!" She said. "But why?" I voiced my thoughts. "We'll have to find that out later, when Jodie sits in on her interview." Sonja told me. "Jodie was the one in the car." I asked. "Yes, she said the action beforehand was quite good, she especially liked the way you soothed Tania afterwards." I hung my head, "So when do you hand me over to the police?" I asked her.

"For what? I mean that's what my daddy did for me, and look where I am!" Sonja said smiling. I am afraid my mouth was open again. Sonja laughed at my reaction. "You'll have to remember people are brought up differently in different places. Where I grew up people are stricter, but we know we're loved by our families." I gave a small smile, "Yes, it's good to know you're loved." I said softly. The look she gave me was a strange one, not pity exactly, but close enough.

A noise from the stairs made us both look up. There was Tania in a skirt and blouse, white socks and, after I got a brief glimpse, pale blue knickers. "Daddy John said I have to be dressed in case there were questions." Tania said to us both.

"15!" Was all Sonja said, at which Tania pouted again? "It's only you and daddy John here! I made sure of that!" Tania argued. I thought I knew what was meant, "But Tania, what if someone was listening?" I said to her gently She looked at me and then back at Sonja, "I'm sorry, but I did check, honest!" She said.

Sonja nodded slightly. "Alright Tania, but try to be more careful, okay?" Tania dropped her head and nodded, just then there was a knock on the front door, Tania looked at me in shock. " Tania into the living room! Don't even open the door until either Sonja or I call you." She quickly obeyed me.

I opened the front door; it was the same police officer who had accosted me earlier.

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"Mr. Archer, do you mind if I come in?" He asked. "I have to ask you and Tania some questions regarding the problem across the way there." He said as I allowed him in and closed the door behind him. We went into the living room where Tania was watching the television. The officer sat down on a chair, I sat on the sofa and Tania sat beside me. Sonja sat to the side of the officer and reached into her bag. "Mr. Archer I have to ask you these questions, please understand I mean nothing by them." He produced a notebook and read from it.

"Can you tell me why Tania was undressed when she entered that room?" "That particular room happens to be a bathroom." I said evenly "Yes, Daddy John told me to take a shower after my nap, he was downstairs and I didn't want to get my clothes wet, anyway when I'm at home I often run around naked. . it's just this square won't allow me to here!" She added looking at me.

The officer looked up at her words but I stepped in. " Tania I've already told you, I'm not related to you and while you're under my roof I expect you to remain dressed!" Tania thumped me on the arm and turned to the officer, "I mean how can I stay with him if all he does is make me stay dressed all the time?" The officer started to stutter a reply when I looked at him, "If you want she can stay with you!" I said seriously, but he shook his head.

"No way. . I've enough trouble with my two year old." He then gathered his thoughts. "We have a report that you entered the room while the young lady," Tania preened herself when she heard that, "was still in there naked.

Any comments on that?" Tania spoke up at that point, "I was about to get into the shower when there was a flicker of light from across the road. I could see somebody looking at me and I called for daddy John." The officer's eyes looked up at her name for me, but I carried on from that point.

"When I heard her call I immediately went to help her, what she was or wasn't wearing didn't register to me. I went to help her as I would anyone in trouble. As soon as she told me the problem I closed the curtain and contacted Sonja's partner." "And then what?" The officer prompted. "Well Tania took her shower and I went downstairs." I told him - well it was near the truth.

Sonja then broke in, "Officer I understand that this Mrs. Wilson made a statement in which she said she called the police earlier, may I ask if any action is being made by the police in regards to this malicious call?" The officer shook his head, "I'm afraid I can't answer that at the moment, it will be up to my superintendent." Sonja nodded her head and made a note on her pad, I had not noticed before but she also had a note of his questions and our answers, it seems that the officer also had not noticed that either.

"Was there anything else officer? Because it's quite late and I'd like Tania to go to bed now!" I asked. "That's not fair!" Tania pouted, "When I'm at home on a Saturday I'm allowed to stay up late!" I turned to her, "And your mother is coming here tomorrow to pick you up, she wants you to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when she arrives. Now bed!" I told her she looked to Sonja who held up her hands.

"I've told you already, don't bring me into your arguments." She said smiling. The officer stood up as Tania did, she looked expectantly at him, "Hey, don't bring me into this." He turned to me, "No, Mr.

Archer, that's all I had to ask. You may be called to give evidence, but to tell you the truth I don't think that'll happen." Sonja shook her head, "Well officer, I afraid that Tania will be out of the country in a few days time." "Well yes, so I understand, but Mr.

Archer may be interested in what Mrs. Wilson has to say, that's if what she was shouting at the station is admissible." He added before reaching for the front door.

"I'll see you later possibly, goodbye." I wished him goodnight and went back to the living room, I looked at Tania and raised an eyebrow, and she glared at me. "I thought you were joking!" She exclaimed, I pointed to the door and she stomped out of the room and up the stairs.

"Did she have a nice shower?" Sonja asked me. "I believe she did, she was smiling anyway." I said with a straight face. "Did you lie to that policeman?" She asked me, I just kept quiet. "You're going to have to be careful about that!" She said and checked her watch, "I'd better be going as well.

. You wouldn't happen to have a spare key I could borrow, would you?" I did not question her, but handed over a key from the mantelpiece, "Here you are, it hasn't been used for some time, but should still work." I told her, she smiled her thanks and left. I remained downstairs, trying to watch a film on BBC1, but I just was not interested. I decided to call it a night.

I looked in to Wendy's room; Tania was in the bed, her back to me, I supposed she was still miffed at me. I crept in, kissed her goodnight, and heard a mumbled 'night'. Then I went to my own bedroom, undressed and went to bed. ---- I was woken by a crying noise coming from my doorway, I turned to face Tania, dressed in a nightdress and tears in her eyes, "Daddy John, I'm sorry.

. mummy told I had to do what you told me. . and I was going to disobey you. . I'm really sorry." She was sobbing as she said this. I smiled, although she could not see it. "That's okay Tania, part of being you is arguing with adults, I did understand, now go back to bed." "Daddy John. . I'm scared, can I sleep with you?" She asked, it took me all of three seconds.

"Okay, but no funny stuff, understands." I said to her. "Thanks Daddy!" She said and went to remove her nightdress, until I stopped her. "Keep it on, it's a cold night." She did not answer but climbed into the bed with me. I made sure she was asleep before I could safely sleep myself. ---- Some time later, I was greeted with the sound of my bedroom door opening, and a female voice saying.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY DAUGHTER?" Part 13 I could not move! I was frozen in my bed; beside me, the naked form of Tania was stirring. In my mind, I was hearing the howling as they arrived to castrate me and then rip my body to pieces.

I literally went cold as I watched this Valkyrie approach me. Her face a mask of fury. I felt movement on the bed and then "MUMMY!" as Tania sprung from behind me, "You're here! Daddy John's been so good to me!" She wrapped her arms around Janet's waist. Janet's mask cracked and she hugged her daughter. "Oh Tania I have missed you." She held her daughter at arms length, "Let me look at you." She turned her daughter and critically checked the young girl's body, and then she looked at me and smiled.

"I'm sorry John, when I saw Tania sleeping so peacefully next to you I just couldn't help it. I do thank you John, for taking care of my daughter, I don't think she could have found anyone better." She shook her head, "You can breath you know." She added laughing. I exhaled and then looked around the room, "Are you sure it's safe?" I asked, making my voice tremble.

I could see, now, that Janet was not angry, but I was not going to take any chances. Tania jumped up onto the bed. "Oh come on daddy John! Mummy's only fooling with you, she knows you're okay or she wouldn't have let me stay here." She took my hand and started to pull me from the bed.

"But I'm naked under here Tania." I hissed to her. "So? Do you think mummy's never seen a naked man before?" Tania asked me with a grin on her face. "She's never seen me before!" I stated defensively. "Oh! Are you different from other men?" Janet asked while arching her eyebrows at me.

My reply was cut short as Tania pulled the bedclothes off from me, leaving me lying on the bed nude. Janet just shook her head, "All that fuss over such a little thing!" She said smiling. "Well it might be little to you, but it means a lot to me." I said which made her laugh aloud. "Do you watch the Carry-On films?" I asked her, I had recognized the line she had given. "I've seen quite a few." She confided, "But if you're feeling uncomfortable. . ." She said and before I could say anything she began to undress.

Tania sat on the bed with me watching. Janet stood before me and posed for me, I was just sitting with my mouth open; Tania was sitting with me but giggling.

Janet shook her head at me, "So you're practicing to be a fly catcher?" She asked me and then looked down at my crotch, "Well at least part of you is please to see me." "I can't help it, I'm sitting her with two lovely ladies. . and I dare not touch either of you as I want to." I said Janet sat beside me slowly shaking her head, "John you don't understand us do you?" She nodded to her daughter and then said, "Tania why haven't you satisfied John as you would do with your father?" Tania shook her head.

"He didn't ask me to mother, and anyway he's still waiting for his own daughter to be happy first. It wouldn't have been right for me to do anything, it's all I can do to sleep with him, I have to wait until he's nice and drowsy before I can get into the bed. . and then he never notices me until the morning." This was not my morning! I was back in fly-catching mode! Janet took pity on me, "Tania was quite young, just over seven, when she handed me her pendant it's a declaration that she felt that she was ready for sex.

But I only allowed her to use her mouth on pre-teenagers." I shook my head, "Janet I don't understand why you're telling me all that, it's illegal for children to be involved in sex!" My mind was spinning here Janet was talking about things that I'd be accused of, Janet noticed a certain motion and took Tania's hand.

"I see, you've found one darling. And you're right we are going to have to help him." She said softly to her daughter. Mother and daughter got off the bed and went to the door, Janet picking up her clothes as she went, "John, I'll see you downstairs in 15 minutes for breakfast. . We have a church service to attend." She exited the room with Tania following her, I just sat there not moving, the past few minutes were going through my head. .

and then I looked up at the door. Church service? I would had not been to church since my wedding, and look how that turned out! ---- I arrived downstairs, having shaved and washed and dressed in Jeans and tee shirt.

Janet looked and me and shook her head. "No John, Sunday best dress. There is a reason for this." She added. Therefore, I came back down a few minutes later, wearing dark trouser and a jacket; Tania looked at me and nodded, "Much better!" She said. I looked at her and she was wearing a dark suit like dress, while I was watching she quickly raised up the skirt and revealed.

. no underwear, she smiled at me and placed a finger to her lips and nodded to her mother. I smiled back at her and presented myself to Janet how nodded her approval, "Much better, now I don't know if you like pancakes for breakfast but I've done some anyway, and Tania's cooked the bacon and sausage for us." I looked at Tania who smiled.

"You didn't ask if I could help in the meals, but mummy always made sure I was able to cook." She said softly. "Why?" I asked her, trying to sort out things in my mind.

"You mean why did I learn to cook? Well it's always better to be able to cook." Tania said not understanding my question. "No, I mean why were you prepared to offer sex? To a person you didn't know?" There I had managed to say it without sounding like a prude! "Oh that! Well several girls at school said how nice it was; although Rachael said it hurt her when she tried it. So I talked it over with mummy." Tania said simply. "John you must understand that in our society we allow our children to experiment with sexual things, we never force them to do anything in fact we have rather strict rules about such things, all children have a pendant that they wear, it indicates that they are not to be touched.

It is their decision when they want to remove it, but they do have to discuss this with their family." Janet told me while putting the plates on the table. "Except daddy wasn't at home anymore, he'd left when mummy had said I wanted to talk." Tania said sadly. Janet hugged her daughter and then looked at me, "David didn't really understand us, I mean the town. He was raised in Salt Lake City and, although the Mormons were more towards Polygamy and taking wives at a young age, it appears the practice of allowing children to engage in sexual activities." She looked at me, "he said, 'Children should be better controlled than that!' as if it would change anything!" She added with a snort.

"So you think that children know when they want to take part in sex?" I asked her casually, spearing a pancake with my fork. Janet nodded her head, "Well I know I did, but I allowed my parents to decide who should be my first.

. I always did have a thing for older men." She finished with a small smile of remembrance on her lips. ---- I did not pursue the matter but concentrated on the breakfast, it was unusual to have pancakes with bacon and sausage meat, but Janet and Tania seemed to thrive on it.

After breakfast was completed, Janet looked at her daughter, "I hope you did dress correctly this time! Remember how Father Taylor almost choked when you attended lessons and flashed him?" Tania giggled and nodded her head, but Janet did not take her word for it and suddenly grabbed hold of her daughter and pushed her hand up the skirt. "But mummy who's going to look there?" Tania protested.

"That doesn't matter, you were told to dress properly, you have disobeyed me, and you do realize what that means?" Janet asked her daughter. Tania dropped her head, "Yes mummy." She said softly, but I could see her eyes were sparkling when she raised her head. "Well we'll see to that when we get back." Janet said, putting the dishes to soak. She looked at the clock and then gestured to us both. "Well we'd better be going; Sonja's driving us to the church." We left the house, which I was careful to lock up, I saw the curtain twitch in a couple of the houses, but ignored them.

We got into the waiting car, Janet sat in the front with Tania and myself in the back, "Good morning Sonja, I see you put my key to good use." I said to the driver. "Mrs. Jones asked if I could get one for her, I didn't think you'd needed to know why." She said flatly.

"I suppose not, I mean Tania was your concern, not me." I said smiling to show that I did not really mind. She gave a brief smile, "I'm glad you understand, it amazing how many people don't." Janet gave a cough to remind Sonja why we were there. Sonja started the car and drove away. ---- We went to the other side of town, I knew there were churches closer but for some reason Janet did not want to go to them. We pulled up away from the church. "I don't want to be obvious!" Janet said as she got out of the car, I also disembarked and went round to open Tania's door.

Tania giggled as she turned to get out of the car, and I saw a flash of flesh as her legs parted to show that she still had left her underwear off. Tania held onto my hand and reached to Janet for hers positioning herself between myself and her mother, she started to swing as any nine year-old would do and then settled for skipping along with us. Once we were inside the church Janet sat in a pew at the back of the church there was plenty of room nearer the front but she did not move any further, Tania and I sat with her.

The church, as I said was sparsely attended, and after a few minutes of the sermon I could understand why, but then Janet began to speak softly. "Isn't it amazing the people who attend church nowadays, I mean look at that couple with the young girl in the front.

I think they are there just out of appearance sake; they don't want to be here either." I looked towards where she was pointing, an older man with graying hair was looking at the vicar in the pulpit with such a hawk like stare that I think the poor vicar was scared of him, beside him was.



Diana! I looked again, yes it was! How could she have even set foot in this church without alarms ringing I do not know. But if Diana was there then the young girl could only be. . Wendy! She had changed, of course she had!

It had been so long ago that I had seen her. I went to get up but Janet was ready for me. "No, now is not the time!" She said, I must admit I did not know what she meant by that. For the rest of the service I kept my eyes on my daughter, then when the service ended I watched as my wife and her partner rose from their seat, Wendy slowly got up as well.

My wife took Wendy's hand and started to walk towards the exit, I notice that Wendy tried to keep away from that man, almost as if she did not want him to touch her. Janet waited until everyone else had left before she rose, "Wasn't that interesting." She said and led us out where the vicar was standing saying goodbye to his parishioners. "That was a lovely sermon Reverend. I do hope you don't mind a visiting American being in your church." Janet said gushingly.

"Oh not at all madam, we welcome everyone in the church." The vicar said smiling; he patted Tania on the head and shook my hand, "Are you staying in England long?" He asked. "I'm afraid not, but I wanted my husband to attend at least one service while we're here." Janet said smiling sweetly at me. My thoughts were slightly darker. Part 14 I sat back in the car, Tania hung onto my arm, and she did not say anything as Sonja drove us in the car.

Janet, however, was busy. "Donald. . I know what you've been told about him, now forget it! I have met the man; he is a victim of negative PR. . Well find the source of that and investigate it! I want a report tomorrow!" She listened for a few seconds, "So? It's what I'm paying for, now get on with it!" She closed the clam-type phone and placed it in her handbag.

She glanced back at Tania and myself and smiled, "How did I get a reputation for being a bitch? I just don't know." Tania giggled. "Mummy said she couldn't be a boss without making people annoyed at her." She told me quietly. "And I'm afraid that's the persona that I've given the world.

It makes it hard to relax." She added, then she looked at me, "We need to discuss things, I thought it would be better after lunch." Sonja nodded her head and turned the wheel.

We stopped at a restaurant and ordered meals, Tania was slightly put out when she had to order from the children's menu, and so I allowed her to add to her meal from my plate.

Janet allowed me to do that and then spoke, "Your daughter is very pretty John, it must have been a wrench to leave her." "I didn't! Her mother took her away from me. . I tried to get her back but that's when her mother started to make up her lies about me, with no way to prove my innocence they believed her, and so I not only lost my child, I was also branded as some kind of pervert!" I said starting to get angry with myself.

"Didn't you try to clear your name?" Janet asked me. "I almost went bankrupt doing so, nearly lost my job and then ended up arrested for loitering near a school." I told her. "That was some time later, wasn't it?" Janet asked. I nodded, "Yes, I waited until she would have been six and then I tried checking all the infant schools for her, I think I almost found her when I was arrested and taken to the police station. While I was there I was served with a restraining order, stay away from my former wife and daughter.

I haven't seen either of them until today." I said starting to feel miserable. "I don't think Wendy's happy." Tania said. Janet and I both put down our forks, Janet looked at her daughter, "What makes you say that honey?" She asked.

"I don no, it was the way she looked as she walked with them two. . and I didn't like the way he was looking at her!" Tania said simply and then returned her attention to her meal. "I've got to do something!" I said to Janet. "No John, you've done everything that you can do. I owe you for helping Tania, I must admit that I'm not too happy with.

. ." She broke off as if uncertain of what she could say. "Go on." I prompted her. She shook her head and then smiled at me. "Oh. . I'm not happy with the way Tania has decided to dress, or rather not dressed, today." She said brightly, "I wonder if you'll allow me to direct her punishment later, before we have to go." Tania looked up at that, "Oh mummy, can't we stay with daddy John for another day?

I'll be good, honest!" She said gazing at her mother. Janet regarded her daughter, "I'm sorry Tania, but John has to go back to work tomorrow, and I have a mess of paperwork for the state department just to get you back home." "But muuuuummmmy, do I have to stay with you?" Tania whined, "I get so bored while you're not with me." Janet shook her head. "I'm sorry darling but you have to be with me, how else can the Embassy prove you're with me?" At which logic Tania grew silent again.

I was still thinking back to Wendy in the church, "Tania's right, Wendy isn't happy. . but why?" I said aloud. "You'll have to ask her that if you see her again!" Janet said softly, and then looked down, "I'm sorry I can't get out of that cold-hearted bitch mode. But time will tell. .

it always has!" ---- After the meal we went back to my home, Janet and Tania accompanied me and we went into the living room. I found a suitcase was also in the room. "Oh goody, you brought them!" Tania said springing to the case. "Not so fast young lady! Haven't you forgotten something?" Janet said. "What mummy?" Tania said looking at Janet. "A little matter of your clothing? I told you to dress, and what did you do?" Janet asked.

"Well, nobody could see!" Tania said defensively. "I did! When you got out of the car at the church, and I'm sure you flashed that vicar while you were at the church." I accused her. "I didn't!" She exclaimed and then gave a small smile, "Well he might have." She admitted. Janet put her arms on her hips and shook her head, she pointed to the door, "Tania prepare yourself, I will be up in a few minutes to attend to you, and then when I call John will come up and start your punishment." Tania smiled at Janet and myself and licked her lips, and then she practically ran from the room.

Janet looked at me seriously. "John, do you trust me?" She asked. I shook my head and smiled at her look, "I'm sorry Janet, but I've only just met you, how can I build up a picture of trust from just a few hours?" I asked her.

She nodded her head in understanding, "Alright John. Can you at least pretend to trust me?" she said. "Well, it would be an effort, but I think I can do that." I said closing my eyes in what I hoped was an expression of concentration. For which I received a blow on my shoulder. "Ow! How could you do that to me! I trusted you!" I said. "Okay then, now listen to me.

All her life Tania has wanted her father to take care of her, as she would have liked him to. David was unable to do that and it made her so sad. Did you notice when you punished her how she would call you Daddy. . not daddy John?" I nodded, I had heard her but it didn't really take my notice, Janet continued, "Well it's because she wanted her father to do that to her, when you did it she just imagined that her dreams were coming true." "Well that's all well and good, but what does it have to do with me now?" I asked her.

Janet did not smile but was still serious. "Her greatest dream is that her father would treat her as a woman after her punishment. . do you know what this means?" She asked me as she opened the suitcase; she looked up at me and my shocked face. "She knows what it means! Why do you think she was so happy to get ready for you?

I'm just going upstairs to prepare her for you." She pulled out a plastic bag and tubing, some Vaseline and clothing of some description. "What's that for?" I asked her, I suppose I was being dense.

"Just preparing the way!" Janet said and left the room I sat still, in shock I suppose. As I tried to organize my thoughts. I noticed that a certain part of me was anticipating the event ahead, I looked down at my trousers, and "So what are you all happy about?" I asked it.

. but received no reply. ---- It was half an hour later that I was called upstairs. I entered Wendy's bedroom, where I found Tania 'dressed' in her slave girl uniform, that is wrists and ankle cuffs, collar and loin-cloth.

She was kneeling on one knee with her head bowed down by her other knee. Standing beside her was her mother, also wearing a loincloth but with a halter-top. Janet kept her eyes down as she spoke, "Master, this unworthy one," She indicated Tania, "Willfully disobeyed your command, she deserves your attention." I stood in front of the pair of them and put my hand under Tania's chin, raising her head up.

"And what do you have to say slave?" I asked her. "Master, I'm sorry but I found the clothes were too tight." Tania said finally looking up at me. "But Slave, you know I like you in tight clothing?" I said fully into the part.

"Yes Master," Tania said quietly, "I'm ready for my punishment Master." She added. I looked at Janet, "And what is the proscribed punishment?" I asked her. "Master, an ass warming then strict bondage. . trust me and follow my words." Janet had bent forward and whispered the last to me. I then bent down and quietly spoke into Tania's ear, "Do you know what you're mother's planned?" She nodded, "Do you want it?" I had to know. "Yes please daddy." She lisped like a very young girl, I looked at Janet and tilted my head.

"She need you to do this John, she's been waiting for this for a long time." Janet told me quietly. I picked up a chair and placed it before the two of them, when I sat down Janet was shaking her head, I looked at her enquiringly, and she glanced down at my trousers, mouthing 'lose them' I stood up again and undid my trousers, removing them and sitting down in my boxer shorts, shirt and tie it did seem incongruous I admit but Janet was nodding her head.

"Now unworthy one approach your master!" Janet directed her daughter. Tania got to her feet and walked to me, she moved her hands to the loincloth and removed it showing that she was naked beneath it. She raised her eyes to me and I could see. . pleading?Within them. I gestured for her to lie across my lap. Janet clucked her tongue and repositioned Tania so that her backside was inline with my right leg. I took a deep breath; I could feel her skin on my leg, the warmth of her body, and the softness of her.

I looked at Janet who nodded her head. I raised my hand. 'Thwack!' I felt the blow land on her, she gasped with the blow but then she said, "Thank you master." I rubbed her backside with my hand to sooth her. 'Thwack thwack!' followed by soothing motions, each blow being answered with a 'thank you daddy' I had heard correctly DADDY not Master. I glanced at Janet who was smiling and nodding at me. I smacked her for another 4 times, giving her seven in all I didn't realize it at the time, she was seven when she wanted her father to.

. to, you know ( damn I couldn't even say the words in my mind). I made the last strike and then rubbed Tania's backside, almost marveling at the heat that had been generated, but now my hand followed the path of her ass-crack to her front, feeling the wetness that was drenching my flesh, she had liked it! I then continued moving my hand up along her slit, feeling the small wisps of hair just lightly covering her mound, so fine that they couldn't been seen.

But I could feel her clit, peeking out from its home, my fingers brushed against it causing her to coo in pleasure and feeling her move her hips to prolong the sensation, she began to hump to my fingers trying to achieve her orgasm, which I was inclined to allow her to do.

Janet was the one who interfered with Tania's pleasure; she roughly removed my hand and dragged her daughter to her feet. "You know it is not your time for this, you have to help your master!" She admonished her daughter. Tania turned to me, her cheeks red with excitement, "I'm sorry Master, I forgot myself." She said. I told her that was ok and then Tania then got on her knees and took my cock out of my jockey-shorts them put it in her mouth and got me as hard as a rock in less then 5 min.

I all most shot my load down her throat but I was able to keep my self from that and she keep on sucking my cock for about 15 min. more and I tolled her I was about to cum and she just keep on sucking me and I felt my ball tinted and them I shot my down her throat I keep on cumming for what seamed like 5 min. before I was done. Janet smiled at her daughter and then produced a coil of rope, "Now for part two." She said. Part 15 Tania was lying on the bed, her arms outstretched and tied to the headboard, Janet stayed by Tania's head, talking softly to her daughter.

"Are you sure? I know you've been preparing yourself for it, now it's your choice?" Tania looked at her mother and nodded, and then she allowed her mother to pull her legs over her head and, using the hooks and eyes on the leather cuffs, attached her ankles to her wrists. Janet then turned to me, "Master, the sacrifice is ready for you, if you will prepare yourself. . ." She looked at me suggestively; I swallowed and regarded the picture that was in front of me.

Tania, folded over double, her eyes open and looking at me, her soft lips, parted with her tongue licking her lips. Her chest, with its small mounds of immature breasts, moving up and down with her breathing, along with the backs of her thighs, both of which led to her small slit.

Janet had placed a pillow under the girl's hips raising the target for me. I removed my tie and shirt before pulling down my jockey-shorts. I looked at Janet for a moment in mute appeal but then I heard Tania speaking again. "Please daddy, don't run away again, please help me become a woman, please daddy." I looked at Tania and her eyes were closed tightly shut, in fact, they were screwed up. Janet was pointing to her daughter and encouraging me to approach the girl.

I tentatively reached out and touched Tania's little slit, feeling the slickness of the Vaseline there, I started to massage Tania's slit and passage to prepare her for me but found that she was trying to force her body up against my finger, I added another and felt her hymen.

I pulled away from that fragile barricade; I thought she deserved the real thing instead of my fingers. Talking of which I found myself at full erection aging at the thought of being the first to enter Tania. I positioned myself, making sure that I did not touch her but supported myself just above the bound child.

Janet, however, had other thoughts. "Master! That is not the way to treat a woman, she needs to know that you are there and be prepared to support you in all things." And indeed Janet was pushing on my body as if trying to establish contact between her daughter and myself. I turned to look at Janet, "Slave if you persist in telling me how to deflower a woman, I will show you the ropes and restrain you in a similar position!" I told her in an even voice.

Janet's eyes sparkled, not with anger as I expected, but with excitement. "Of course Master, I won't interfere again Master." She said and bowed to me. I lowered my body so that my cock was positioned at Tania slit and just knocking at the portal. I could see Tania biting her lip so that she would not cry out, so I held still and spoke to her.

"Tania, I could stop now if you want." I asked her. She shook her head, "No please daddy, I don't want you to stop, please make me a woman as you promised mummy." She said so quietly I almost missed it. I looked at Janet in confusion but she shook her head and indicated that I should continue, I placed my hands behind Tania's buttocks and squeezed them.

Tania gave a gasp and looked at me, I raised her up and slowly entered her body. I allowed her time to accept the intrusion into her most private of places, and I stopped just short of her hymen. Then I started to shallowly move inside her.

I was able to use one hand on her ass, which freed the other one. That one I used to touch her breasts, to give her another source of distraction, or of pleasure. I moved my hand down to where our bodies met, finding its way between our bodies to touch her little clit where it was trying to keep contact with my cock as I pushed back and forth in Tania's slit. I started to rub her clit, forcing her to feel the excitement as her body came to its first climax with a cock inside it. I was waiting for this there are two thoughts about the deflowering of virgins, The first one is to forcing your cock into the unwilling body of the victim and hearing her scream with the pain of a blunt battering ram ripping through the hymen.

The second and, in my opinion, the better way is to allow the girl to climax just as you take her virginity away from her, in this case there may be pain, but the pleasure of the climax overwhelms the feeling. I must admit I am no expert in this but that is how I feel. So as Tania started to go rigid with the pleasure of her climax I gave a mighty push forward, feeling her hymen tear and part to allow my cock to fully enter her body.

She gave a brief cry of pain. I waited for her to come back down from whereever she had placed herself. She looked at me, her forehead plastered with sweat and smiled at me. "Thank you daddy." She said and moved her face forward to kiss me. I pushed my face to hers and sought out her lips, slipping my tongue into her mouth as we met. As I did this, I pulled my hips back slightly, feeling her wince as my flesh rubbed the ragged remains of her hymen.

Then I slid back into her. "Do you want to feel what it should really be like?" I asked her Tania's eyes opened in wonderment and she nodded her head. And so I started to pulled almost completely out of her body, only to push myself back into her, she tried to move back at first as I passed over the remnants of her hymen, but soon she discovered that by pushing back at me as I entered her caused me to touch places that she didn't know about, soon she was an active partner in our lovemaking and shuddering again and then once more before I came inside her.

I had not noticed that Janet had disconnected her daughter's bonds, until I found that Tania's legs were trying to wrap themselves around my neck. I unwound them and got up from the young girl, seeing the pink emission trickling from her wounded slit. "One moment master." Janet said and wiped her daughter's slit of the liquid, and then attended to my cock with a white cloth, carefully removing all the blood and fluids that had accumulated there. She looked at me and smiled, "Normally master I would have cleaned you with my mouth, but for this first offering of my daughter's I need to keep a memento of her achievement." I must admit my cock gave a lurch at the thought of Janet's mouth wrapped around it but then I was brought back to my senses.

"Master, your unworthy slave deserves a tighter bondage does she not?" I looked for a moment at Janet, remembering my words to her earlier but she was nodding towards Tania, I turned and looked down at my victim, she was smiling in post orgasmic bliss.

"Your words are true, and now she's been opened there is an area that may need attention do you not think?" I said in a 'Lord and Master' tone. Janet gave a wicked smile and quickly left the room, I untied Tania's arms from the headboard and managed to coax her into a kneeling position. Using the leather cuffs I connected her arms together at the back and roughly tied then to her body using the ropes, I debated whether to use them as crotch ties when Janet returned with a medium sized dildo, well she told me it was medium sized when I asked her later, I watched as she carefully inserted it inside her daughter, and then she flicked a switch on the base of the unit.

I do not know what it was doing but it made Tania moan with pleasure. To my surprise, Janet then produced a pair of knickers; well they were bikini-briefs, which she pulled onto her daughter, "That's to hold the dildo in place!" She told me. Then she directed me to tie Tania's legs tight together, attached at the thigh and calves.

Using another piece of rope, I tied her ankles together and then attached it to her arms, bringing her backwards as if in a modified hog-tie. I then threaded a piece of rope into the eyes on her collar and then down over her chest, between her legs and then back up to her collar.

Janet looked on with approval and smiled. I rubbed my hand on Tania's breasts and debated whether to add a rope bra to her mounds but Janet pulled on my hand, "I think that's enough for the moment, she's too weak from the exertions earlier. Let's go downstairs for a few minutes." "You will stay on your knees until we return, understand?" I told Tania who nodded and then gasped as the movement made the crotch rope rub her.

---- We returned to the living room where Janet sat opposite me, she smiled at me. "Thank you John, that was exactly how it should have been done, I'm glad that Tania found someone who knows how to treat a young girl." She said. I shook my head, "No I'm not, I enjoyed doing that. . I think I'm exactly what my wife called me. . A pervert!" I said hanging my head. Janet moved so that she was sitting next to me, "No you're not John! You were a caring man; you asked Tania if she really wanted to go through with this, even though I had already told you she did.

You did not go charging through for your own gratification you made sure that Tania was already cumming before you penetrated her properly. I have seen many girls put off sex all because the boy could not wait to get his rocks off. However, you made sure that she came several times before you did. That was the sign of a caring lover, not a heartless pervert!" She told me.

I shook my head, "That's easy for you to say, but what about Tania? She wanted a father figure to take her, not just anyone." I said Again Janet shook her head, "No John, you forget I was watching when you tired her up in the last few days, when you were away from the room, Tania would talk to me.

She knew what the camera was and that I would always be at the other end watching her, anyway she told me about how you talked and behaved, just after the first day she told me that she wanted you to be the one, she wanted to be Wendy just for you but she also wanted you to be the father she should have had, one who wasn't afraid to pick her virginity from her." I remembered her words, "He ran out of the room didn't he?

She was waiting for him and he left her alone." Janet nodded her head, "That was the day he left home, I tried to talk him out of it but he said it was an abomination and shouldn't be allowed in a modern home." She sighed, "It seems his upbringing was more than he could withstand." "So he tried to rescue Tania from her life as she knew it?" I said, "Much as my wife did with Wendy." "Not as such, Tania was happy with me, she wouldn't have liked the life David would have given her.

And you saw Wendy was she happy with her life now?" Janet asked me. I just sat there thinking, and finding tears flowing down my cheeks, I heard Janet saying something, but I'm not sure what although I thought I heard, ". Won't be for much longer anyway.

. ." But I could not be sure. When I came to my senses I was being held by Janet, I pulled back, "I'm sorry, it's the English who're supposed to have the stiff upper lips." I said smiling. "And I'm making your leather wet." I added looking at her halter-top, "You'd better take care it doesn't shrink." Janet looked down at it and then smiled, "Well I could always take it off, but I don't think we have time for that now." We both laughed and then Janet went serious again, "John, thank you.

I was so worried when the guards reported that Tania had vanished, we did trace her to England but then lost her when they changed her clothing. I was almost at my wits end until her message came through. And then when she told us that she was safe with you and what the police had on record.

. I'm just glad the stories are wrong." "Yes how did Tania tell you that she was safe with me, how did you find out who I was so quickly? And why wasn't she looked after properly in the first place?" I asked her. "It was a code phrase, remember when she spoke on the phone she gave a number?" Janet said, I thought back '60' was the number and nodded my head.

"That a code to tell us that she is safe and there's no need to rescue her. If she had said 50 our agents would have stormed the house and removed her immediately, How we found your name so quickly, we have the best computers in the world, I'm not boasting by the way, and they traced your number, from that we were able to pull off your name and check your country's police files.

As to how she was taken, that was our fault, we knew that she was in danger and so allowed her to be taken she wasn't in any real harm as we had her bugged, but as I said they changed her clothes at London, so that's where our agents had go to, when Tania phoned in they came straight here and have been watching the house ever since." "Sonja and the other one?" I asked Janet nodded. "Yes, I got them to buy the supplies for you as we didn't think you'd have anything suitable for Tania, and you couldn't just take her shopping with you, could you?" I had to shake my head at that, "And we also sent in the special camera so that we could monitor your actions when tying Tania up, I must say we were impressed you know." Janet looked at her watch and then stood up.

"I must start to pack. John I want you to know that things will improve, I promise you, only it will take time. . how long I'm not sure. But we owe you for looking after Tania and.

. everything." She looked very serious now, "And we always, I mean always, repay a debt." She took a dress from the case; a blue dress with a white pinafore on it, white socks and blue shoes, and a white ribbon. "All I've got to do now is to get Tania to wear this." She said smiling at me. We went upstairs to Wendy's room, Tania was lying on her side on the bed, her head moving back and forth and her eyes closed as she worked herself to another climax. Janet put her hand to Tania's head causing the girl to stop.

"Oh mummy I was just enjoying that." She complained. "So I could see." Janet said simply. "Now we've got to go, you will dress in these and then we'll be off." "I want to stay here!" Tania complained. "Not now! You will do as I tell you!" Janet said in her best 'Mother Knows Best' tone. I was untying Tania's bonds at that point, I went to remove her knickers but was stopped by Janet, "They can stay on, she'll enjoy that." I was told.

Therefore, I unclipped her arms and untied her legs, rubbing them to get the circulation going properly while Janet looked on approvingly. Tania allowed us to put her dress on and then bent down to put on her shoes, only to stop and hold her stomach, "Oh, I can't do that!" She giggled and sat down instead. Janet had gone to the bathroom and returned dressed in her normal clothes, she helped putting on Tania's socks and shoes; she tied Tania's hair up with the white ribbon.

"Now Tania, thank John for looking after you. . We will see you again John, don't you fret about that." Janet added to me. Tania looked at me with tears in her eyes, "Thank you for having me daddy John, I'll never forget you." She said and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. "Good bye Tania, if you ever need me you know where I am." I said to her and I found that her tears were catching. I carried the suitcase to the waiting car and put it in the boot, Sonja smiled at me as she closed the lid.

"Thank you Mr. Archer, I'm sure that something will turn up." She said and went to the driver's door. My last view of Tania was of her face looking at me through the back window as she waved to me, and I said goodbye to my little hitchhiker.