Taking dick from the back

Taking dick from the back
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"Are you fucking kidding me? Dove you know I'm allergic to cats." Dove held the cat protectively against her chest. "You know I'm allergic to cats," Carter pointed at Hunter, who shrugged and looked amused. "You aren't even here most of the time, why does it even matter?" "She has a point," Hunter kicked off his boots and laid back against the couch, this could get interesting. "Shut up Hunter." "Look I'm keeping the cat. End of story. Take a pill for your allergies. Goodnight." Dove walked away, she felt awesome.

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"Did little red just have the last word?" Hunter chuckled, for once she should up to him. "You are grounded for a week for lying to me," Carter yelled. "I always have the last word." "The hell you do, you know she curses you out after you think you have the last word. She just doesn't say it to your face." Carter plopped down onto the other couch, "Yeah I know.

What the fuck was she thinking tonight?" "Your guess is as good as mine." Hunter didn't really want to guess and he was confused as hell. She had been after him for years and tonight she was trying to get naked with some boy.


Had she finally given up? "Are you ever going to do anything about it?" Carter asked then. "What?" He wasn't going to bring up Dovey again was he? "Dove, I didn't think she was going to quit on you until tonight. Don't wait till it's too late." "She's too young for me.

Tonight proved just how immature she really is and I don't want that. I need a woman." Dovey wasn't right for him on so many levels.

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"Like I said don't wait till it's too late." Carter got up and headed upstairs and found Dove crying and heading to her room. She had been ease dropping. He wanted to comfort her but chose not to and headed to his room. Dove wiped her tears, she was so done and tired of loving him and after all this time he still didn't want her.

Time to move on, she told herself. Dove got into bed and made a little spot for her new kitten and laid there. She couldn't sleep and sure as hell wasn't going to stay up and think about Hunter. Her phone vibrated just then, she debated on whether or not to look at it and figured it was just Alex, it vibrated again so she picked it up.

Hunter: Are you awake? Hunter: I'm sorry Dove wondered what he was sorry for. Dove: I am now.

Hunter: I'm sorry, good night. Dove: &hellip. Was he sorry for waking her even though it was a lie? She decided she didn't care. Instead she snuggled up and fell fast asleep. Her phone went off again, she slapped her nightstand trying to feel for it and by time she got to it the phone stopped ringing. She let go of it and turned over onto her side to go back to sleep, her phone vibrated then. Who was bugging her at this time of the night? She reached for her phone and snuggled back underneath the covers, it was freaking cold.

Hunter: I can't sleep. Do you mind? Did she mind? Yes she did because earlier tonight she promised she was quitting Hunter like cold turkey. Yet her heart raced at the thought and her body warmed. Dove: Hurry up. Dove put her phone back on the nightstand just as her door opened and closed, she turned onto her side as she felt the bed dip behind her.

She heard a thud and knew what he brought, "Is the safety on?" "Yeah Dove." Did he truly need that to feel safe at night? Did what he did haunt him in his dreams, is that why he couldn't sleep? As kids when he spent the night and she had nightmares he slid into her bed to comfort her after checking underneath the bed and the closet, in the process he fell asleep.

Things felt different now, they weren't little kids anymore.

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Dove felt more with him lying in bed next to her. It felt weird to but she didn't know why. "Why couldn't you sleep," she whispered as she pulled the blanket higher. "Things keep me up at night and when I fall asleep it becomes real to me." That's all he could tell her. He was in her bed for more than one reason. He had fought it for hours and agreed that he was going to ignore the urge and right after that he called her to wake her up. "I'm sorry Hunter," Dove wondered if her brother dealt with the same thing.

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"What helps you sleep?" You. He wasn't going to tell her that though. This was reason number one as to why he was in bed with her. He thought the comfort of being in bed next to her would help him sleep instead of thinking about her.

"It eventually hits me and by that point I pass out." Dove felt sorry for him, she didn't know how he lived with what he did. "Try and get some sleep, okay?" "Yeah." Sleep wasn't coming anytime soon, he was turned on. "Where's the cat?" he asked then. "In a ball on the floor, I was afraid of smashing it." She almost did smash it so Dove had moved it sometime during the night. He could have smashed it for all he knew.

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The room grew quite, he heard the howling of the wind outside and the slow breathing of Dove. Dove's phone vibrated again, this time she knew it wasn't Hunter since he was in bed, "Can you check my phone?" Hunter grabbed Doves phone from the nightstand and pushed the small button.

What a little fucker. Dove do you want to hang out tomorrow night? "Who was it?" Dove yawned. "Just Alex, what's your passcode?" "There isn't one, just slide the arrow. What'd she want?" "Just wanted to know what happened after you got home, I'm telling her you'll tell her tomorrow," he whispered. Dove: I told you to leave her the fuck alone. Hunter turned the phone to silent and he was thankful because the little fucker texted her back.

"Thanks," she murmured. Joey: Why the fuck do you have her phone? Dove: She told me to check her phone, she's too tired to talk to you. Joey: Wdy have her phone? Dove: Because she's in bed with me. Hunter didn't get a reply after that. He really shouldn't be doing this but Joey was a punk ass who wanted some ass from Dovey. Joey: You'll be gone soon, I'll wait it out. The fuck? Was this kid really doing this?

Hunter took a picture of his gun, Dove: Try it and see what happens. Joey: Is that a threat? Dove: I'm merely warning you.

Stay away from Dove. "Why do you still have my phone?" Hunter deleted the thread as Dove turned around and gave him a suspicious look. "I was just looking at your pictures, I know you take pictures of a lot of different things." The moonlight coming through the window made Dove's blush visible. He could only guess why, now he really wished he had looked at her roll of pictures on her phone. "Why do you have nudes on your phone Dove?" "That's none of your business," he saw her nudes?

So she did have nudes, it pissed him off to think about who she's sent them too. "You send them to Joey?" "What? No? Why would I?" "You tell me." Dove turned around and stared at her wall, she watched the tree branches hit her window. "I'm going to bed." "Why do you do that?" "Do what?" "Avoid confrontation with me, it's annoying." "I don't want to argue with you, simple." It wasn't simple.

Dovey had giving him mixed signs over the past few years, on his tail, not on his tail, running up stairs as soon as he came over or if he spent the night she stayed in her room and wouldn't come out the whole night.

"What changed little red?" "Me, I'm not that little girl anymore Hunter. What I thought then isn't how things turned out, now have they? No. I was stupid and young and you were this cool older brother to me that I had a crush on. I'm not open with you anymore, I've learned from my mistakes." Dove tugged the blanket. "You realize you have all of the blanket?" "You better snuggle up then, right?" Dove knew he wouldn't.

"Come here then," dumbass. "What?" Dove didn't hear him right or did she? Hunter grabbed her by her hip and turned her over, Dovey looked up at him confused and yeah he was pretty damn confused himself.

"Come here Dovey." Dove snuggled up against him, her heart raced as she put her hand on his chest and nuzzled his neck. "Just like old times," Hunter chuckled at that thought. "No it's not Hunter. We haven't done this since I was like twelve and I never wanted you. I just wanted your comfort." She wasn't turned on as a kid and her heart never raced like this.

She never got butterflies from seeing him, just excited and giddy, Hunter did that to her. "Don't want me Dove." He stopped getting into her bed when he started to actually have feelings for her and not seeing her as a little sister anymore. "It's hard not to, I mean have you seen yourself? All my friends want you, even Alex." Which was annoying when Alex came over because she had to act like she didn't feel the same way, Alex had said, "He's practically your brother." Which she couldn't argue, she just wished she felt that way and saw him strictly as a brother.

"Doesn't mean anything Dovey." "Why don't you want me?" Dove should have kept that question to herself but she always wondered and maybe she'd get an answer. "That's the problem little red, I do want you." "Age never mattered, I've seen you with girls my age or at least close to my age. What's the problem now?" "They aren't you Dovey, that's the difference." So he wanted nothing to do with her, period.

She wondered if she could change his mind somehow. Dove kissed his neck just because and she found that she liked it, especially the little sound he made. "But I want you, can't you just accept that?" Be brave Dove. She moved the blanket back and straddled his hips, the look on his face was everything in that moment and a little flutter of hope surfaced in her but as soon as she saw that look it was gone and he was trying to get her off of him.

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"Dove get off." Hunter wanted to groan, he had pictured her straddling him a millions times and here she was, it felt so wrong and so right.

The way she looked at him made him want her even more. He watched Dove reach for the bottom hem of her shirt and lift, god almighty she wasn't wearing a bra, her breasts bounced when she tossed the shirt and her eyes laid on his.


He loved the color and every time he saw them it reminded him of the Caribbean Sea, the green was beautiful. "You don't want these?" Dove grabbed both of his hands and placed them on her breasts, her breath hitched as he gently squeezed. "You know I do Dovey," mesmerized he watched his fingers brush against her soft pink nipples.

He watched her eyes drift close and her head fall to the side as he continued. He wanted her so bad. Needed her. "Then fuck me, please." "No Dove." Fuck no he wouldn't do that. The balls in your court then, she thought. "Fine," she simple said. She looked down at him and laughed, he was giving her a suspicious look. Suspicious she was. She grabbed the hem of his brown shirt and lifted it, he helped and watched her at the same time.

"Relax," she whispered. "I just wanna play," she ignored the look he gave her. She smoothed her hands up his chest and back down and over the ridges of his stomach. It was obvious he worked out but Dove never knew he looked this good without a shirt.

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She loved his smooth tan skin, loved touching him and having him watch where her hands were going. She leaned forward and gently kissed his chest, before she knew what was happening she was on her back and Hunter was on top of her, kissing her.

He couldn't resist anymore, that gentle kiss, he lost his resolve. Hunter groaned as he kissed her for the first time, moving his lips against hers, sliding his hand into her hair and fisting it.

He nipped and licked as he savored her mouth, her moaning was torture to his cock.

He just wanted to fuck her already and get it over with. Dove pulled back panting, he stared at her with such want in his eyes he didn't wait for her to catch her breath. He muffled her moan, slid his hand down caressing her throat and then her breast and cupped it. Gently he rubbed her nipple with his thumb, circling it. Dove broke the kiss and moaned as he continued to kiss down her neck to the hollow of her throat, "Shouldn't we-" "Shut up Dove." Okay, "Shutting up," god this felt amazing.

This was totally different then Joey Anderson. "Don't wanna play anymore?" he breathed as he gently kissed her nipple, it beaded and he decided to torture her here. Oh god, why'd he have to do that?

Hunter licked and teased her before sucking and then stopping again only to flick her with his tongue and kiss her. "You know I do." Dove moved away from him and lifted her hips to get her shorts off, she wiggled out of them and struggled, with an irritated growl Hunter helped her out.

She immediately closed her legs and maneuvered them back underneath him. "What did you say?" "Nothing, kiss me, please." She pulled him back down to her and kissed him, she hoped that her kissing wasn't bad because she hadn't kissed many boys, Hunter was the experienced one and she hated to think about that. "God Dovey, I wanna fuck the shit outta you," he had never been so hard before, never wanted anybody the way he wanted Dovey.

"Then fuck me, please," she moaned as he went back to her breasts, kissing, licking. She felt every stroke of his tongue, every brush with his lips, the gentleness as he pressed them to her. "I can't Dovey, fuck me if I take your virginity." She was so wet and aching. Dove moved her leg and lifted her hips and moaned as she rubbed her clit against his thigh, she blushed.

"I'm not a virgin, don't worry." "What did you say?" Hunter got off of her and just stared at her. She's joking. "I'm not a virgin," she emphasized on the word "Virgin" as she closed her eyes, he was going to flip. "Since when?" Dove knew the minute he got up, she was cold now so she grabbed the blanket to cover herself up and sat up to face him. "Since&hellip.I don't know." "Do you even know who it was?" Really Hunter?

She looked at him in disbelief, "What are you trying to say?" That she was a slut? Was he implying that? "You know exactly what I'm fucking saying," Hunter pulled on his shirt, "Tonight, in the truck. That wasn't the first time was it? You giving it to the whole football team Dovey? Or just Joey Anderson?" Wait what?

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"It was only one person. Just because I'm not a virgin doesn't mean I spread my legs for everyone." Oh that pissed her off. "I wouldn't be surprised if you did. What are you thinking?" "How are you any different? We were going to have sex t." "Naw, sorry. It wasn't going there Dove, we were fooling around. Unlike you I know how to keep my pants on." Dove's jaw dropped and she abruptly shut it.

"I can't believe you just said that." "Which part? You so eagerly taking your shorts off or the part where I wasn't going to fuck you?" "Both, you son of a bitch." "I told you I wasn't going there.

No one told you to think otherwise. I'm not stupid Dove, I played along but it wasn't ever going to get there." As much as he wanted to fuck her he wasn't going to.

He couldn't stop seeing little Dovey even though that girl didn't exist anymore apparently. "I didn't think anything," Oh he was going to pay for this. "Bullshit.

I can tell when you lie or did you forget?" Hunter watched her narrow her eyes and work her jaw, she was pissed. Hunter's phone went off then, he pulled it out and answered it. "King." "Yes sir. Okay I understand." Hunter closed his phone and opened his mouth but didn't get anything out. Dove's eyes watered, "What do you mean ever?" "Take that word however you want to, I meant it.

I gotta go Dovey." Hunter looked at her one last time before heading to her bedroom door. "Where are you going Hunter?" Dove got up and ran, she almost tripped over the blanket but Hunter caught her and pulled her into his arms. "I have new orders." He was leaving then which meant her brother was leaving too.

"Run along then, Uncle Sam is calling." Dove felt for his face with her hands and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. "Come back safe but don't you ever come back here again." Dove let go of him and stepped back, Hunter reached for her, "Don't," she told him, she closed her eyes but a tear escaped.

"Get out and don't ever come back here." Hunter was going to argue with her but didn't, he was too hurt by what she had told him. She gave it up to someone else, maybe she didn't want him after all. "I promise, I won't ever come back here again."